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t Sfd-., I tY% 

















Sesta ISdizione 





1, 3, and 5 BOND STREET 


/ 5 V ì 







A, ah, 

B, bee, 

C, chee (before e, i) 

C, kay (before a, o, u), 

D, dee, 

E, e (open, as in met), 

E, e (close, as in great), 

F, ef-fey, 

G» jee (before e, i), 

6, gay (before a, o, u), 

H, acca, 

I* ee, 

J» yay (yi, in yield), 

L, eP-lay, 

M, em'-may, 

N, en'-nay, 

0, o (open, as in pot), 

0, o (close, as in bone), 

P> pee, 

Q, coo, 

R, er'-ray, 

S, es'-say (s sharp), 

8, es-say (s soft), 

T, tee, 

U, oo (u in nafe) 

V, vee, 

Z, zeta, ds (in bids), 

Z, „ ts (* in chintz), 


fama, casa 


cencio, ceffo 

camera, conto, curvo 


erba, erto 

cena, seno 

fino, filo 

gemma, giro 

gara, goffo, gufo 


pira, pino 

noja, studj 




notte, morte 












Di*. Hai. Jngl. . Edit. VI. Voi. II.» 

8 — 


A has but one sound in Italian! that of the English a in far; 
as, fato, fate, caro, dear. 

E as two sounds, the open and the close ; the open is that 
of the English e in met; as, fèbbre, fever, and the close 
that of the English a in fame; as, séno, toonib. 

I is always pronunced like e in be; as, vino, wine. 

like e has two sounds, one open, the other close. The first 
is that heard in the English word, not, nor; as, nòtte, 
night, forte, strong; and the second is that the of English o 
in the words, note, pore; as, amóre, love, pómo, apple. — 
E and 0, in these volumes, with the circumflex accent, 
are to be pronunced open; unaccented or with the acute 
accent, they are pronounced close; as, eterno, eternal, 
mòrte, death, péna, pain, sono, am. 

U has invariably the sound of oo in the English word eoo; 
as, cubo, a cube. 

J is considered as a vowel in Italian. At the end of a word it 
sounds like ee in the English word, bee, each vowel pro- 
nounced separately be-e ; as, téinpj, temples, sp&zj, spaces. 
In the beginning or middle of a word it is pronounced 
like y in the words yield, year, young; as jéna, hyena, 
nòja, annoyance. 

CONSONANTS. — The Italian consonants are pronounced 
like the English, except c, g, h, s, z. 

C before e or i is pronounced like ch in the words chess, chief; 
as, céna (pronounced chay'-na) supper, cibo (cheé-bó) food. 
— In Italian as in English c followed by a, o, u is pro- 
nounced like h ; as, carta, paper, còno, cone, cupo, sombre. 

CG preceding e or i, sounds like ch in the word achieve, that 
is, the former c pronounced like t, and the latter retains 
its ordinary sound; as, accénto (pronounce atchèn4o) accent, 
fàccia (fàt-che-a), face. 

— 3 — 

CE before e or % is pronounced like Tt, or like ch in the En- 
glish words a chemist, chyle „ ; as, chéto, chino, pronounce 
lay'-to, kée-no. 

G before e or i has the sound of j in jest or g in gin ; as, gèlo 
(pron. jay-lo) frost ; giro, (jee'*ro) turn ; giórno, (jee-or>-no) 
day; gèmma, gem. 

G followed by a, o, ft, is pronounced as in English ; thus, 
gatto, cai, gólfo, gulf, gusto, forfè. — If ## comes before 
the vowel i, or t, the former g sounds like d and the 
latter like ,; in jest ; as* Òggi, to-day. 

GH is pronounced like g in give or gh in £%o$< ; as, ghétto, 
Jewry, ghirlanda, garland. 

Gh before a, <?, o, m, is pronounced hard as in English; as, 
glàdio, sword, glèba, glebe, glòbo, ^Zofe, glùtine, ^Zui. 

GL has a liquid sound like that of I in pavilion or ZI in 6riZ- 
liant, whenever it is followed by the vowel i; as, égli, 
gli, (pronounce ayV-yee, Veyee') he, to him. It has always 
the same sound when gli precedes another vowel; as, 
bigli&rdo, billiard, voglia, will, wish, móglie, wife, ciglio, 
eye-brow, cigliuto, heavy browed. 

GL is pronounced hard as in English when it precedes the 
vowel i followed by a consonant; as, negligènte, Angli- 
cano, negligent, Anglican. 

GN in the syllables gna, gne, gni, gno, gnu has a liquid sound 
similar to th^t of ni in the words companion, pinion, 
onion ; as, compagno, companion, bagno, lath, sógno, 
dream, agnèllo, lamb, ignudo, naked, incognito, inco- 

GUA, GTJE, QUI, are pronounced like gwa, gway, gwee in 
English; as guància, cheék, guèrra, war, guida, guide 

H in Italian is never sounded. 

S in Italian as in English has two sounds, the hard an the soft, 
or the sharp and the flat. Between two vowels it has gener- 
ally the flat or soft sound as heard it the English word 
ease; thus, viso, visage, rósa, rose, arnése, harness. Ac- 
companied by a consonant or at the beginning of a word, 

— 4 — 

it is always pronounced sharp as in pulse, search, class ; 
examples, sarto, tailor, frésco, fresh, asse, plank. 

SC before e or i sounds like sh in the English words, shake, 
shell, sheer; as, scélta, choice, scèna, scene, scirro, 

SC followed by a, o, u is pronounced sh, as in English; thus 
scàndalo, scandal. 

SCH is always pronounced like sk, or like sch in the English 
words school, scholar; as, schèletro, skeleton, schérma, 
fencing, schiavo, slave, schifo, skiff, schièna, back, schiòp- 
po, gun. 

Z in the beginning or body of a word, has generally its soft 
sound, that of às ; as, L&zaro, Lazarus, Zodiaco, the Zo- 
diac. — Exception ; Z is pronounced sharp like * in the 
English word chinta or like is in benefits, when it precedes 
% followed by another yowel; as, zio, uncle, grazia, grace, 
spèzie, species. 

ZZib generally pronounced hard like ts; as, fazzolétto, hand- 
kerchief, bellézza, beauty. 

Observations. — In orthography and pronunciation, as in 
many other respects, the Italian language approaches nearer to 
perfection than any other idiom in Europe. In it there are no 
silent letters and no diphthongs; every letter is pronounced, 
end each letter, however it may be combined with others, is 
always articulated distinctly with the sound that is peculiarly 
its own. Thus the two letters that form a double consonant are 
each pronounced separately, and two or more vowels coming 
in succession are articulated one after the other as they come 
under the eye. Examples: Bòrea (pronounce bo-ray-ah) Boreas, 
fióre (fee-6ray) flower, vói (vó-ee) you, tuoi (too-ó-ee) thy, ter 
róre (terró-ray) terror, immènso (im-mén-so) immense. 


There are two accents in Italian, the grave ( v ) and the acute ('). 
The GRAVE ACCENT is placed: 

_ 6 — 

1. On nouns ending in tà and tu which have the singular 
and plural alike; as, libertà, virtù (contracted from libertdde, 
virtùde), liberty, virtue. 

2. On the first and third person singular of the future 
of all verbs ; as, amerò, I will love, amerà, he will love. 

3. On the third person singular of the perfect-definite of 
all those verbs in which the first person of the same tense ends 
with two vowels; as, cantai, I sang; cantò, he sang] credei, 
I believed; credè, he hdieved; finii, I finished; fini, he finished. 

4. To distinguish between words alike in orthography, but 
different in signification; as, di, day, di, of; sì, yes, so, si, one's 
self; è, is, e f and; là, there, la, her, the; lì, there, li, the, them; 
dà, gives, da, from; però, therefore, péro, a pear-tree; pie, foot, 
pie, pious ; nò, né, neither nor, ne, of it, of them ; teste, heads, 
teste, just now; Cola, abbrev. of Nicola, Nicholas, cglà, there; 
costa, coast, costà, there. 

5. To signify that the vowels thus marked are shortened 
and pronounced in one syllable with the preceding vowel ; as, 
rid, this, that, già, already, giù, bélow, più, more, può, may, 
can, qua, qui, here. 

The following words are always written with the grave ac- 
cent; caffè, coffee, così, so, thus, orsù, come, come on, oibò, fie. 

Observations. — A final vowel bearing the grave accent 
has alwayB a much quicker and sharper sound than when it 
is not thus designated. 

ACUTE ACCENT. — This accent is used only on the 
letter i in the terminations ia, io, to indicate that the two 
vowels are pronounced in two distinct syllables, as: magia, 
magic, desio, desire. 

These few cases are the only ones in which the accent is 
used in Italian. In this volume however the emphatic syllable 
of every Italian word of two or more syllables will be found 
accented. When the stress of the voice falls upon the vowels 
a, i, u, it is marked, except in the above cases, with the acute 
accent. E and close are marked in the same manner; but 


— 6 — 
when these letters are open, the circumflex accent is employed 
(è, ó) to indicate at once the pause of the voice and the open 
sound of the vowel. 


There are hut two genders in Italian ; all nouns, whether 
they relate to persons, things or abstract qualities, are either 
masculine or feminine. 

Nouns ending in o are of the masculine gender, and form 
their plural in i: as, libro, libri, book, books, fanciullo, fan- 
ciulli, boy, boys. 

Nouns ending in a are feminine, and form their plural in e ; 
thus, dònna, woman, dònne, women, casa, house, case, houses. 

Nouns in e are some masculine others feminine, and all 
have their plural in i ; as, padre, padri, father, fathers, madre, 
madri, mother, mothers. 

Nouns ending in a or w with the accent, as also those end- 
ing in ie, are feminine, and are the same in the singular as 
in the plural; as, città, city, città, cities', virtù, virtue, virtù, 
virtues; effigie, effigy, effigie, effigies. 

Nouns ending in tare part masculine part feminine, and have 
no distinction of number, as, eclissi, eclipse, eclissi, eclipses. 

Words ending in ca, ga have che, ghe in the plural ; as, 
mònaca, mònache, nun, nuns, vérga, vérghe, rod, rods. 

Dissyllables in co and go (except, pòrco, hog, Greco, 
Greek), take chi, ghi in the plural ; as, fuòco, fire, fuòchi, fires, 
luògo, place, luòghi, places (pòrci, hogs). 

Nouns in co, go of more than two syllables, if preceded by a 
consonant take h in the plural; as, senisc&lco, seneschal, sene- 
scalchi, seneschals, albèrgo, hotd, albèrghi, hotels. — Preceded 
by a vowel they are mostly written without the h ; as, amico, 
friend, amici, friends, teòlogo, a divine, teòlogi, divines. 

Nouns ending in do, gio, pronounced in one syllable form 
their plural by suppressing the o, or by changing to into j; as, 
bàcio, kiss, bàci, kisses, stùdio, study, studj (or studi), studies. 
— When to is accented and forms two distinct syllables, tho o 
is in the plural changed into i: as, desio, desire, desìi, desires. 

— 7 — 


A considerable number of Italian nouns, adjectives and 
verbs, admit certain post-fixes or changes of termination, which 
modify in a variety of ways the idea expressed by the primitive 
term. Thus one added to a word annexes to it the idea of 
largeness, etto, that of smallness, uzzo, uccio, pettiness, paltri- 
ness, accio > ugliness, odiousness,' ino, etto, prettiness, slender- 
aess, sightliness, otto, sturdiness, stoutness, vigour; ame, u*ne, 
quantity, number; eggiare, acchiare, erellare, repetition, conti- 
nuity. Examples: 

Libro, a book, libretto, a little book, librettino, a pretty little 
Look, librone, a large book, libraccio, a great ugly book. Fan- 
ciullo, a boy, fanciullétto, a little boy, fanciullfno, a lovely child, 
charming boy, nice little fellow. Ruscello, a brook, ruscellétto, a 
rivnlet, a stream, ruscelletti, a Btreamlet, a rill. Sapiènte, 
saccènte, a savant, a wise-acre, saccenttino, a would-be-wise 
man, a smatterer, witling, sapientóne, a Solomon, an ark of 
wisdom. Védova, a widow, vedovina, a large or fat widow, an 
old or respectable widow, vedovèlla, a tidy little widow, a smart 
or pretty widow; vedovala, a buxom widow ; vedovéBa, a youug 
or interesting widow, a poor dear little widow. Vècchio, an old 
man, vecchióne, a fine large old man, a hearty, grave or vener- 
able old man; vecchiétto, a little old man ; vecchiòtto, a sturdy, 
stout old fellow; vecchiuiio, vecchtóicio, a shabby, mean little 
old man; vecchieréRo, a poor little old man, a much to be pitied 
old man; vecchidcceo, a bad or odious old man, an old wretch. 
Vecchiume, a heap, mass or quantity of old things, a lot of 
lumber. Giovine, a young man, a youth ; giovinétto, a lad, a boy; 
giovinetto, a stripling, a slender, lithe, graceful youth ; giovi- 
netto, a strapping youth, a fine young man, a good looking or 
gentlemanly looking young fellow; giovinastro, a wild or wicked 
youth, a scamp. Mano, a hand; manina, a soft, white, delicate 
little hand, an aristocratic hand; minàccia, a coarse, ugly hand, 
a ploughman's hand, a great mutton fist. Vóce, a voice ; vociane, 
a strong, manly voice ; vocfna, a soft voice, a sweet, low lady- 

— 8 — 

like voice. Béstia, a beast, bestióne, a great beast, a brute; be- 
stionaccio, a brute beast, a great, ugly, nasty beast, bestiwoZo, 
bestiola, a small animal, a little creature; bestiolino, a beautiful 
little creature, a pigmy animal, an insect. Cane, a dog ; cagnll/o, 
cagnwóJo, a little dog; cagnolino, a pretty little dog, a lapdog; 
cagnaccio, a villanous dog, an ugly cur; cagnòtto, a strong or 
powerful dog; a bully, a paid or hired bully. Dònna, a woman; 
donnaccia, a wicked woman ; donicciuofa, a silly woman, an old 
wife. Uòmo, a man ; omicciuolo, a puny, weak or paltry fellow. 
Còrpo, a body; corpùscolo, a small or diminutive body. Gènte, 
people, folks; gentaccia, low people; gen té me, a lot of people. 
Plèbe, plebeians, lower orders ; plebàglia, the mob, rabble, pop- 
ulace, dregs of the people. Poèta, a poet; poetano, a rhy Ul- 
ster, a paltry poet; poeterò, a poetaster. Canzóne, 'a song; 
canzoncina, a little song. Lome, a light; lumicino, a little light, 
rushlight taper. Cagióne, an occasion, a cause; cagionerà, a 
slight cause. Pòvero, a poor man; poverino, poverèllo, poor little 
fellow, poor little man. Bene, well ; benino, pretty well ; benóne, 
quite well, perfectly well: (benissimo, very well). Rischióso, 
dangerous, hazardous ; rischiosa, somewhat dangerous, rather 
hazardous. Rósso, red, rossigno, rossiccio, inclining to red, red- 
dish. Bianco, white; biancastro, whitish, of a dirty white; bian- 
colino, a delicate white. Vérde, green; verdógnolo, greenish. 
Abruciàto, burnt; abbruciaticelo, superficially burnt; abbru- 
cisicchiàto, burnt here and there, broiled. Radunato, met, as- 
sembled; radunaticelo, mustered by chance, picked up here 
and there, chance-medley. 

Baciare, to hiss; baciwccAidrc, to give rapidly many little kisses 
one after the other, to pour a shower of kisses. Saltare, to jump, 
leap ; saltellare, ssXticchiàre, salterellare, to skip here and there, 
to frisk about, to trip it on the light fantastic toe, to trip or go 
tripping along. Mòrdere, to bite; morseggidre, morsecchidre, to 
bite often or gently, to champ, gnaw, nibble. Cantare, to sing; 
canterellare, to sing in a low voice, to sing by fits and starts, 
to warble, chant, hum, keep humming. Rubare, to rob ; rubac- 
chidre, to steal by little and little, to pilfer; to continue pilfering. 

— 9 — 

Observation. — Previous to entering upon the study of the 
Mowing pages, the student will do well to copy out and commit 
to memory at least one example of each of the above inflec- 
tions. Acting thus he will have learnt before hand, and before 
he passes the threshold, the exact import of more than eight 
thousand Italian words. 


Italian verbs are divided into three different conjugations, 
which are distinguished by the termination of the infinitive. 

The first conjugation comprehends all those verbs which, 
in the infinitive, end in are ; as, amare, to love; the second com- 
prehends those which end in ère or ere\ as temere, to fear, 
crédere^ to believe ; and the third includes those ending in Ire, 
as sentire, to feel. 

The verbs of these three conjugations are varied or conjuga- 
ted with the auxiliary verbs avere, to have, and èssere, to be. 





to hire. 


to bé. 



Aréado, avente, hiring. 





Arato, «a, -i, 

-o, hid. 

Stilo, -a, -i, 

■e, been. 





Io ho, 

I hare. 


I am. 

la hai, 

thA hist. 

to sèi, 

thffl art. 


he hai. 

égli, élla é. 

he, shé iè. 

élla ha, 

sbé hai. 

eéi abbiano, 

rré hire. 

nói siamo, 

rré ire. 

tèi aréte, 

706 hire. 

vói siete, 

70a ire. 

torn baaao. 

they (thiy) hire. 

èssi sono, 

they ire. 

«s» bAaao, 

they hire. 

esse sono. 

they ire. 



le aveva, 

1 hid. 

Io èra, 

I vis. 

ta averi, 

the! hidst. 

tn èri, 

thóù wast. 

égli arerà, 

he hid. 

élla èra, 

she vrii. 

eoi «Teramo, 

vré bid. 

nói eravamo, 

vré wèr«. 

rei arerete, 

706 hid. 

vói eravate, 

yon -were. 

■ eri aréraoo, 

they hid. 

essi èrano. 

they vrère. 

— 10 — 



Io èbbi, 

I hàd. 

io fui, 


tu iresti, 

thtfu hàdst. 

in fosti, 

thtfu watt. 

égli ebbe, 

he hàd. 

égli fa, 

he wài. 

nói avemmo, 

ire hàd. 

nói fummo, 

wé wère. 

vói aveste, 

you hàd. 

vói foste, 

yon wère. 

èssi ebbero. 

they had. 

èsse furono, 

they were. 



Io avrò, 

I shall have. 

io sarò, 

I shàU bé. 

tu avrai, 

thfò wilt have. 

tn sarai, 

then wilt bé. 

ella avrà, 

shé ìrUl have. 

égli sarà, 

he will bé. 

nói avremo, 

-we shall have. 

nói saremo, 

wé shàll bé. 

vói avrete, 

yon will have. 

vói sarete, 

yon will bé. 

èssi avranno, 

they wUl have. 

èsse saranno, 

they will bé. 




Io avrei, 

I should have. 

io sarei, 

I should bé. 

tu avresti, 

thdù woùldst have. 

tn saresti, 

then woùldst bé. 

égli avrebbe, 

he would have. 

égli sarebbe, 

he would bé. ' 

nói avremmo, 

wé should have. 

nói saremmo, 

wé should bé. 

vói avreste, 

yon would have. 

vói sareste, 

yon woùld bé. 

colóro avrebbero, 

they would have. 

colóro sarebbero, 

they would bé. 



abbi, abbia to, 

have (thft)- 

sii, sfa tn, 

bé (ihA). 

abbia égli, 

. let him have. 

sfa égli, 

lèt him bé. 

abbia élla, 

let her have. 

sfa élla, 

lèt her bé. 

abbiamo nói, 

lèt ùs have. 

siamo nói, 

lèt us bé. 

abbiate (vói), 

have (yé). 

siate vói, 

bé (ye). 

abbiano èssi, 

let them have. 

siano èsse, 

lèt thém bé. 





ohe io abbia, 

that 1 may have. 

cho lo sfa, 

that I may bé. 

cbe ta abbia, 

— theik màyst have. 

che tn sfa, sii, 

- thtfu màyst bé. 

ch'egli abbia, 

— he may have. 

ch'egli, élla sfa, 

— he, she mày bé. 

che nói abbiamo, 

— wé may have. 

che nói siamo, 

— wé mày bé. 

che vói abbiate, 

— you may have. 

che vói siate, 

— yofi mày bé. 

ch'eglino abbiano 

, — they may have. 

ch'eglino siano, 

— they mày bé. 



che io avessi, 

that I might have. 

che io fòssi, 

that I might bé. 

che tu avessi, 

— tbfiu miyÀtst hàv« 

. che tn fòssi,- 

— theD mfyAtst bé. 

ch'ella avesse, 

— shé might have. 

ch'egli fòsse, 

— he might bé. 

che nói avessimo, 

— wé might have. 

che nói fossimo, 

— wé mfyAt bé. 

che vói aveste, 

— yon might have. 

che vói foste, 

— you might bé. 

ch'elle avessero, 

— they might have. 

ch'elle fossero, 

— they might be. 



ho avuto, -a, 

I have had. 

tòno stato, -a, 

I have been. 

avevo avuto, -a, 

I had had. 

èra stato, -a, 

I bad been. ; 

èbbi avuto, -a, 

I had had. 

fui stato, -a, 

I had been. 

avrò avuto, -a, 

I shall have had. 

sarò stato, -a, 

I shall have been. 

avrei avuto, -a, 

I should have had. 

sarei stato, -a, 

1 should have been. 

abbia avuto, -a, 

I may have had. 

che sfa stato, -a, 

ecc. that I may have been 

^ 11 — 


o g 


« S 


05 ^? 

p* a 







SS 1? 




s ° 

U 03 <S 

a s g 






. § fl o 

«s a 

» 05 • »•* 

oa ^ 
S ^ 

5*® § 

OB ^ 


9 . 

o o 
2 a 

3 50 O O tt> 


^HW5z«>^ £hw;I 



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05 <S 

^ 2 






~ a 








S DO o 

Zlj •*« .-I •=» 

: > 

.8 & a > 


• 03 

S g 











es p 









— 12 — 


!** J 


-TE3 o 

2 • a 

•^ 5 -^ 
fl s « 









i, thou lovedst. 
he loved. 





• SS 

© ^ 


CO i.R CD h 

«cs o *^ <«d >e3 

a a a 


a a 




Sri •$ 


•O *08 *o8 
M M U 
G> « « 

a a a 

<* <j <j 

a a a 

a a a 

-13 ~ ► «0 

.^ :S *c8 q 

— 13 — 


.• ■*• *• *> 
5 S §5 



1 o 



^3 <ts «■■£ 

« .&*• s -se 

II O *fl 

_r S *£ & a 

OB °° ^ 

• «■* •«■« 

. ^^ «^4 »r* ^H 

S3 be o o bo 

- - - <p 



2y oca w 
*** ® a *■ 

•g*.^ CD .9 Q CD 

2 °o JQ J™ jn oo 
*rt *i-« *** N-* *»-« »^* 

a a a a a a 


oo 2 co CD 2 2 

1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 








I I I I l 

* ^ s 





•8 * 

.^.^ a 'a "a * 

"*» "• .^* •© 

J I I I I I 





S-3 S-i If 

^ 3 — « « .s> 

S ? E * * 5* 

■*» 5 •** I ^ j 

S 9 

"S. * aT ° © S 

*5$ «3 «c8 4« ««* •« 

i §9 s a a 

co co co 5j co oo 

| I I I I I 

Il I 

*»»» «to 
























'. of 



,>* V 






C Q 



■2 - „ 

m » a 

§ g «, 

00 »g 

«v* »»o 

». v •» 


14 — 

Conjugation of the reflective verb LUSINGARSI. 




Io mi lusingo, 
tu ti lusinghi, 
égli si lusinga, 
élla si lusinga, 
noi ci lusinghiamo, 
voi vi lusingate, 
èssi si lusingano, 

Io mi lusingava, 
tu ti lusingavi, 
élla si lusingava, 
noi ci lusingavamo, 
voi vi lusingavate, 
èsse si lusingavano, 

Io mi lusingai, 
tu ti lusingasti, 
égli si lusingò, 
nói ci lusingammo, 
vói vi lusingaste, 
colóro si lusingarono, 


to flatter one's self. 

present participle. 

flattering fine's self. 


flattered one's self 


I flatter mjrsèlf 
thóu flàtterest thyself 
he flatters himself 
she flatters herself 
wé flatter óòrsèlveà 
you flatter yoùrsèlveà 
they flatter themselves 


I flattered myself 

thóu flàtteredst thyself 

she flattered herself 

wó flattered óursélveft 

you flattered yoùrsèlv«à 

they (fir. thày) flattered thèmsél veà 


I flattered myself 
thóu flatteredst thyself 
he flattered himself 
* wé flattered óùrsèlveè 
you flattered yourself 
they (fir. th Ay) flattered themselves 

Io mi lusingherò, 
tu ti lusingherai, 
egli si lusingherà, 
noi ci lusingheremo, 
voi vi lusingherete, 
colóro si lusingheranno; 


I shall flatter myself 

thóu wilt flatter etc. 

he will flatter etc. 

wé shall flatter etc. 

you will flatter etc. 

they (fir. thày) will flatter etc. 

15 — 

Conjugation op the reflective verb LUSINGARSI. 


Io mi lusingherei, 
vj ti lusingheresti, 
ella si lusingherebbe, 
loì ci lusingheremmo, 
tóì vi lusinghereste, 
alóro sì lusingherebbero. 

should flatter mysèlf 

thoù woAJdst flatter - 

she woù/d flatter - 

we should flatter - 

you woù/d flatter - 

they (pr. thày) woùJd flatter 


". xq'ngati, 
! aunghisi, 

flatter thyself 

lét him flatter himself 

let her flatter herself 

let us flatter ourselves 

flatter yourselves 

let them flatter themselves 



che io mi lusinghi, 

— ta ti lusinghi, 

— égli si lusinghi, 

— noi ci lusinghiamo, 

— vói vi lusinghiate, 

— èsse 1 Bi tokg * 110 » 

-:ie io mi lusingassi, 

- tu ti lusingassi, 

- égli si lusingasse, 

- nói ci lusingassimo, 

- vói vi lusingaste, 

- colóro si lusingassero 

that I may flatter - 

— thou raàyst flatter - 

— ho m&y flatter - 

— wé m&y flatter - 

— yod m&y flatter - 

— they (pr. thai/) m&y flatter 


that I migftt flatter m. 

— thóu mighi&t - - 

— ho might - - 

— wé mi^ràt - - 

— you might - - 

— they (pr. thày) might 


3i sono lusingato, -a, 
2' èro lusingato, -a, 
^i fui lusingato, -a, 
ai sarò lusingato, -a, 
- :i sarei lusingato, -a, 

I have flattered mysèlf 
I hàd flattered mysèlf 
I hàd flattered myself 
I shall have flattered m. 
I should have flattered - 

iomisia, fòssi lusingatola, ecc. That I may, might have flattered - 

— 16 — 

/ * 




=> a 

a S 



BS g 





- ° hi 

._-«:§ a is:© 


M E U L* U U 

•T *r -T *T 'T T 


S CD a 

•O sa *w «CD SD SB 
»* u u u L* .£* 

I I I I I ( 




*• d © 2 

8 è .*r <a sa sa a 

«• ^ > > > ^ * 

3 .^U98 

8 m ao co eg •+£ co 

am oo » eg oo ao 


| g" © 

S -'■§ lis 

»*- oo _#• a ao l* 










° a- • 

of of of .*S .*S 3 
i i i T T T 

r «rf -^ © 
.^» oS .7? sp 08 


O .^T © rs «cd O 
» i _i i_ i i 

3 -£ _2 

§ -J J8 i JfJS 

m <Q) «CD «cP SD SD «cd 

O Lu Là L^ Là L* La 



_ - *CD 
^ —, ^ ^ M 

« 9 © ? ? © 

A' © 

« «© «o3 •03 SD SD saj 

g »* »-. I-, lM *4 |H 

b CD CD CP CD CJ) © 



© -r 

f rS2 § 

©.*r of sa sa 3 

► > > 






g ©e? 

g .^.^ g .§ CD* fe 

® S S S "** 



«CD' «CD «CD SD 

oo oo 





G o - 

| .' S S ò 

i-» s •• •» **sa sa o 

CQ S •» > H *^< «p^ «^4 «r* «^4 






I I 

o - 

a .2 6 

jr _j»sa sa o 

09 •»•* »r^ *»^ •»*< 
I ■ I I I 

•" - "«S *i o 

O .JT 08 .72 sfl 08 






*? ° 
•^ <$ »a n oo ^o 


b «-»* fa * fa E 
T i i i i i 


_._- r. a -S fl 
M <p q^ <p q^ q) <p 




S • 2 

.«r 08 sa sa es 

>■ > > p> >. > 

.„ .„ w .^ CD CD 

so sa sa sa sa *S 



i 2 © 

i •« a * S 

S.^T 09 •» D CO La 
«08 S35 *o S3 sa S* 

^ • i i I i • 

£ -UIH 





Di*. RaL Iugl. • Ediz. VL Voi. II. 




1. verb of the first conjaga tin n 

2. verb of the second conjugat. 

3. verb of the third coojogat. 
a. adjective 

abb. abbreviation 
adv. adverb; adv. exp. ad- 
verbial ex pre*» ion 
adverb, adverbial. y 
agr. agriculture 
alg. algebra 
anat. anatomy 
ant, antiquated 
arch, architecture 
aetr. astronomy 
hot. .botany 
eonj. conjunction 
chem. chemistry 
dff. art. definito article 
ent. entomology 
/. noon feminine 
fig. in the fignratlrc sense 
j p. feminine plural 
fort, fortification 

gtogt. geography 

geom. geometry 

gr. grammar 

her. heraldry 

inter, interjection 

iron, ironical 

frr. verb irregular 

m. noun masculine 

mp. masculine plural 

mar. marine 

mech. mechanics 

med. medicine 

mil. military science 

min. mineralogy 

mus. music 

myth, mythology 

orn. ornithology • 

part, participle* 

patt. past timo, pot foci tense 

pharm. pharmacy 

phil. philosophy 

phyt. physics 

pr. pronounce 

prep, preposition 

prov. exp. proverbial cxpross- 

pron. pronoun {ion 

poet poetical 

rh, rhetoric 

$f. substantive feminine 

tfm 1st. substantive lumi- 
nine. 2d. taastuline 

sm. substanlivo masculino 

tra/. 1st. substantive onasca- 
line. 2d. feminine 

9. p. singular plural 

$nrg. surgery 

V. Vide, see 

va. verb active regular 

vet. veterinary art 

vn. verb neuter regular 

vrf. verb reflective 

vulg. vulgar 

— marks the repetition of the 
Italian word or of its por- 
tion preceding the accent. 
Thus, under the word «Abb- 
iosciate », —irsi repre- 
sents «Abbiosciarsi». 

Fattf, méte, bite, note, tabe; - fàt, met, bit, not, tub; - far, pique, 
tt&Q, Tino, 1*1, romi, florae; • patto-patto, petto. «, i, notto, o*tf * nano, vino, 



A, #/ fnt lottar of the alphabet ; prep, at, 
la, la, on. by, for, of; è a casa il vòstro 
padróna? U your matter at home? è an- 
data a Còno, he it gone to Como ; vi è 
udito a cavillo, he went on horseback ; 
urterà di qui a «n'ora, he will be back 
io aa hèwr; battèllo a vapore, steamboat; 
le Tèndo a péso, I «ell it by weight; a 
dee franchi la libbra, at two franca a 
ptfànd; a buon mercato, cheap; a con- 
taste, for ea*h, for ready money; ome- 
ri ilo a mòrto , vexed to death ; imparitelo 
a ménta, Itera it by heart; a che pro? of 
«hit wee? èssere all* A, to hive scarcely 
A babóceio, adv. inconsiderately, Incautious- 

It, tho«f*tt«4ly, headlong 
iMca, «/. Indian hemp 
Abiebiéra,, t/. woman skilled in arithmetic 
.U.aebiér», abaefaista, «m. àbaeist, arith- 
metician, accèdo tan t, calculator 
abaca, emu the irt of com potation, arithme- 
tic; (arc*.) abacas, plinth 
A bado, «eTw. northward, toward the north 
-«baia, j». {tool.) ànicorn, a sort of rblaoc- 
s bada, «4*. V. Bada (eros 

Abadéssa, better Badessa, gf. abbess 
<s antico, «do. (fai.) from the òldeniime, 

flroen tiene Immemorial, anciently 
* tardétto, «afe. F. Bardòsso 
Aaastàaaa, òefter Abbastioxa, ode. enongb, 

Aiate, abbàio, ««i. Abbot, the prior or head 

of an abbey; an abbè, a romito priest 
Ataiino, te», little abbè, spruce abbè 
elètto, osi. flat abbè; stately abbot 
àa*»a, if. great-great grind-mother 
liaTO, imi. greit-greàt grand-f&thor 
Asazia badia, #/. ibbey 
limale, a, belonging to an àbbey 
Ufcacara, »*% 1 *• poni* ène*s head, get 

bewildered; va. to look carefully into, 
examine closely 

Abbacchiare, va. 4 to beat down (fruit) with 
a pole 

Abbacchiatura, «/. (Ihe operation or the 
result of) beating down with a pole 

Abbacchièro, abbacchiata, sui. V. Abachiére, 

Abbacioaménto, ant. blinding, dazzling, 
glare, hallucination 

Ab baci «Are, va. 1. to blind (by keeping 
another's eyes open on a red-hot basin); 
to dazzle, offuscate, hallucinate, bewilder 

Abbacinato, a. blinded, daisied, dimmed, 

Abbacinatòre -trice, twf. he or she who 
blinds, dazzles, hallucinates, bewilders 

abbaco, em. V. Abaco 

Abbadàre, better Badare, vn. 1. to mind, 
tike care, pay attention 

AbbadAssa, better Badéssa, */. abbess 

Abbadia, better Badia, if. abbey 

Abbagliaggino, if. V. Abbagliaménto 

Abbagliaménto, am. blindness, mental error 

Abbagliante, a. dazzling, glaring, bewild- 

Abbagliare, va. 1. to dazzle, overpower with 
lipAt; vn. to be daisied, get bewildered; 
lasciarsi —, to let one's self be blinded, 
beguiled, imposed on 

Abbagliatòro -trice, am/, one or something 
dazzling, efe dazzling, transplendent, 

Abbàglio, am. dazzling, error, mistake 

Abbaino, em. dòrmer windxJw, sty light 

Abbajaméoto am. barking, baying, grum- 

Abbajàre, vn. i. to berk, bay, yelp; carp; 
— alla Iona, to bay the moon, utter vain 

Abbaiatóre -trice, $mf. barker; Ira pòrta- 
nate or clamorous person, detractor, carp- 
er, don (pack ftp 

Abballare, V imballare, va. 1. to embile, 

— 10 — 



Jo èbbi, 

I hàd. 

io fui, 

I wàs. 

in avesti, 

thdu hàdst. 

to fosti, 

thòu wist. 

Agli ebbe, 

he hàd. 

égli fa. 

he wàs. 

nói avemmo, 

wé hàd. 

nói fummo, 

wé were. 

vói aveste, 

yoù hàd. 

vói foste, 

you were. 

étti ebbero» 

they hàd. 

èsse furono, 

they were. 



Io avrò, 

I shall have. 

io sarò, 

I shall bé. 

lo avrai, 

then wilt hàve. 

tu tarai, 

thou wilt bé. 

•Ila avrà, 

shé will hàve. 

égli sarà, 

he will bé. 

nói avremo, 

wé shall hàve. 

nói saremo. 

wé shall bé. 

vói avrete, 

yon will hàve. 

tóì sarete, 

you will bé. 

étti avranno, 

they vili hàve. 

èsse saranno, 

they will bé. 



Io avrei, 

I «hontd hàve. 

io sarei, 

I should bé. 

tn avresti, 

then woùldst hàve. 

tu saresti, 

then woùldst bé. 

égli avrebbe, 

he would hàve. 

égli sarebbe, 

he would be. 

nói avremmo, 

ve should hàve. 

nói saremmo, 

wé should bé. 

vói avreste, 

yoù would hàve. 

vói sareste, 

yoù would bé. 

colóro avrebbero, 

ihey woùld hàve. 

colóro sarebbero, 

they would bé. 



abbi, abbia io, 

hàve (th£)). 

sii, tla tu, 

bé (thA). 

abbia égli, 

. lot him hàve. 

sia égli, 

lèt him bé. 

Abbia élla, 

lèt her have. 

aia élla, 

lèt her bé. 

abbiamo nói, 

lèt ùs have. 

siamo nói. 

lét us bé. 

abbiate (vói), 

hàve (yé). 

siate vói, 

bé (ye). 

abbiano èssi, 

lét ihém hàve. 

siano òsso, 

lèt thém bé. 





che io abbia, 

that 1 may have. 

cbo io sfa, 

that I mày bé. 

che to abbia, 

— then màyst have. 

che tu sia, sii, 

— then màyst bé. 

cb'égli Abbia, 

— he may have. 

ch'egli, élla sfa, 

— he, she mày bé 

cbe nói abbiamo, 

— wé may have. 

che nói siamo, 

— wé mày bé. 

che vói abbiate, 

— you may have. 

che vói siate, 

— yoù mày bé. 

ch'eglino Abbiano 

, — they may have. 

ch'eglino siano, 

— they mày bé. 



che lo avessi, 

that I might have. 

che io fòssi, 

that I might bé. 

che tu avessi, 

— then mightit nan 

!. che tu fòssi, 

— then mfyfttst bé 

ch'ella avesse, 

— shé might hàve. 

ch'egli fòsse, 

— he might bé. 

che nói avessimo, 

— wé might hàve. 

che nói fossimo, 

— wé might bé. 

che vói aveste. 

— yon might hàve. 

che vói foste. 

— yoù might hi. 

ch'elle avessero, 

— they mfyM have. 

ch'elle fossero, 

— they might be. 



ho avuto, -a, 

I have had. 

tòno stato, -a, 

I have been. 

avevo arato, -a, 

I had had. 

èra stato, -a, 

I bad been. 

èbbi avuto, -a, 

I had had. 

fui stato, -a, 

I had been» 

avrò avuto, -a, 

I shall have had. 

sarò stato, -a, 

I shall have been. 

avrei arato, -a, 

I should have had. 

sarei stato, -a, 

1 should have been 

Abbia avuto, -a, 

I may have had. 

che sfa stato, -a, 

ecc. that I may have bi 

— il- 


JG 3 <g. 

2 2 

2 «r « 
04 fl ** 

«© &• 






< w 


2 E-| 


5*5 A 



i •§ 

t=> ca 

OS <© 

o ca 





5 & 

£ * § 

E © E 

« a 5 

04 *Q 



CO •• 

os # «j> 




,S g e 

• mm ™ +S 


CO ^ 

■*^ tri «r» 





<S^ 8 

<© OJ 

^ »i-4 

a w> o 

9 - 
o o 

* © 


«H <© 

-*» m 






S3 tDJO 



^ - 04 


OS 4 © 
M *© 

« 8 




hh Eh 

w> © © 3 



*? # S •£ *S 

2 > 

© S5 





.5 ^ 
5 2 

© 04 


g g e 
2 1 2 


a > 
s 2 








• 1 




r as 










bo O 

~ o 


o a 









oo ~ 


•pT oe «o8 

> > > 

^ *c8 08 

<$ *3 << 

*c8 o3 
o3 *o3 

a a 

— 12 — 





© *o3 »cfi *CD *CD *w <CD %CD *CD *CD *CD »CD 

u * u u I* u U U t-4 ^ u u 

m+ »rm »p* *** *-4 •fS mr 3 ••* **3 •■* •** ,p i 

»<>^>^>«9<4^*^ ^j ^» 4a ^a ««-• ^» 

• ** GO 

- >* p cu 

a sa 

*d) *<!} ^m stO 

h L li ^ 

« fe "Si"" 

ifS e 

d too 

« fl g g fl 

O 9 9 9 CD CD 


te JS 5 S ^ 

a a a ca c 

vjj *cd cd cd *$ 

•"© fcè S 
PS ?2 O 

g $ ^ S 

§ § -•* g 
B-S a 

«CD *CD <5 
M ki I* 
CD CD d> 

TJ nd *0 

2 CD CD 
u u 





















*c8 *c8 O 

a a a 

S US «* 
#-T •** -T 

a ©-g 

co u 

^ *cq «icS 

a a a 

<< ^ <j 

•O *o8 <cC 
h h h 

a a a 


a a a 
^ ^ ■< 




** M M 

a a a 

^5 ^j ^j 



a a 

.*» « a 

OS *^2 rS 

a a a 



^5 < 

— 13 — 





• c5 <cd "*8 a 

^* «>H **^ *"~< 

Sa tdoo p 6o 
"♦* © (3 k © 

J 1 1 1 1 1 

te ,_ te ^> -V» 

^s <u- «■■£ 

« M a E ^ 

te te 











-2 i? ^ 2 3 ^ 
2 S T' li 

* I ' g«r§ 

JS of ^ *fi -S "9 


e 08 ,_4 •** *S 

m +* « > 8 
6 I I I I I 





■2 --d ? ss 3? "-p «S'SsS 









a tì a a a tì 

CD <Q © d} m m 


j I I I I I 

• 3> 

te ft 

s s 

*> ft £ 

ft te g 

te >5* .2 

** «♦* "*± 




5» © te 

O I I 

si's 8 

it 2. Q 3R 

T* *5i "S © 

61 I I I I 

I* li 

•^ s" 

12 •« 

o ° 

© -^ 








. ft 

^* « *• < ^ & 

g ** S te *" te 

««* S •** I >> 1 

.8 S li 8 5 

'« « «<4 >M ^ 

g a a a a 

«8 cd o8 o3 c8 


I I I I I 




kS ,te 

«. g 

te ^ 
te » © 







co »5 

•s aS 


. & « 





te a 

•^* te 



ft .te o 

i^ te © 

te •© 

«O te «J 

te ft • 

^n *"*« # a 

<? -S ' 











'P «© 

H ^ © 

te te jt 

^ S o 




























atS* te S? o8 

CS f>A »«** »^ H 

13 2 3J 

Ss I §« 

S * * 2 

> .* *o O '** 

'g'S ^ &: © 


— 24 — 


Accanitamente, adv. rabidly, furiously, dog- 

Accennare, va. lo séise, to tike by tUe 

Accannellare, va. 1. to wind upon bobbin* 
or spools 

Accinto, (a) prep. adv. beside, bf, near 

Accantonaménto, $m. cantonment, canton- 

Accantonarsi, vrf. to be cantoned 

Accantonato, part. a. cornered, having 

Accapacciaménto, em. heaviness (of bead); 
the wrapping in a mantle, muffling op 

Accapacciirsi, vrf.; to grow heavy-beaded; 
to wrap fine's self io a mantle 

Accapacciàto, -a, a., heavy-headed, dulled, 
stunned with thinking 

Accaparrare, va. lo gire a person earnest, 
to engage with earnest, to hire 

Accappiarti, vrf. V. Accapigliarsi 

Accapezzare, va. i. to bring to a close, wind 
up, end 

Accapigliarsi, vfr. to take one another bf 
the hair, to fill together by the ears 

Accapitolire, va. {book binding) to stitch 
the head bands 

Accapp&cciito, a. wrapped in a mantle, 
màffled ùp, hooded 

Accappi™, va. to sever; to pluck or cot 
the wool of a hat 

Accappatóio, em. combing cloth, dressing- 
gown, bathing-dress, go"v>n 

Accappiare, va. i. to catch with a sliding 
or running knot, to noose, to ensnare 

Accappiatura, e/, noose, gin, running knot 

Accapponare, va. i. to capon, make cipons 

Accappucciaro, va. to dress in a hood or 
cówl, to put on a hood, to hòod 

Accaprcttire, va. to tie (an animal) bj the 
four legs 

Accapricciire, vn 1. —àrsi, vrf. to shudder, 
bé horrified 

Accareszaméoto, em. caress, caressing, (whee- 

Accarezzare, va. i. to caress, fondle, coax 

Accarezzatole, -trice, em/, flatterer; one 
who fondles, caresses 

Accarezzévole, a. fond, endearing, flattering, 

Accarnire, 4., —ire, 3., va. to flesh, to 
dash deep into the flesh 

Accagionare, va. to pickle carp or other 

Accartocciaménto, em. the wrapping ùp in 
a cornet; the pulling in a paper cup 

Accartocciare, va. 1. to twist dp in a conic 
form ; to pùt in a paper cup, to dog's ear 

Accartocciarsi, vrf. 1. to shrivel ùp like a 
paper cup, to take a conic or cartridge 

Accasaménto, em. a taking ùp house, mar- 

Accasare, van. I. to build houses; to lake 

a house or a wife, to settle in life; — le 
figliuole, to marry dàtffAters, so settle 
them in life 
Accasarsi, vrf. to settle, begin Wusc-kéep- 

ing, marry 
Accasilo, a. married, settled ; full of holbes 
Accalcare, vn. 1. to chance, V. Accadere 
Accasciaménto, em. despondence, despond- 
ency; sinking of heart and limb (conse- 
quent on old age or illness) 
Accasciare, tm. i. —irsi, vrf. to become feeble 
or dejected throng* age or infirmity, to 
■ink, decay, decline, fill off 
Accasermare, va. to pùt Into barracks 
Accastellaménto, ivi. (mar.) fore-eistle, 

Accastellato, -a, a. hiving a fore-cisAe and 

Accatarraménto, em. the catching 4 cold or 

Accatarratura, tf. a bad cóld, rheum, catarrh 
Accatarrire, vn. la catch a cold or catirrh 
Accatastare, va. to pile op wood, to heap 

Accattabrighe, em. quarrelsome fèllo» 
Accatlaldde, em. seeker or fisher for praise 
Accasaménto, sm. Vt Accogliènza; begging, 

bègyary, mendicancy, mendicity 
Accattarne», */. harlot, whore 
Accattapane, em. beggar 
Accattare, van. 1. to borrow, to beg, to ask 
aims; to procure, seek for, impetrate; — 
lòde, to seek or fish for praise; — pino, 
to beg one's br^od 
Accattato, -a, a. borrowed; procured 
Accattatóre, em. beggar, seeker, borrower, 

Accattatòzzi, em. beggar 
Acca tu tura, e/, begging, Asking alms; beg- 
gary, bèggarliness, Irish, rubbish 
Aceatteria, V. Accattatola 
Accatto, ttnf. loan, 41ms, collections, father- 
ing, sum collected ; andire all' —, cam- 
pire d'— , to beg one's livelihood, to live 
by begging 
Accattòlica, e/. (burUtque) beggary, beg» 
garlineas; andire, vivere all'—, to go 
begging, to live by beggary 
Accattone, ess. big beggar, impostor, rógne 
Acca vai ciré, va. to get upon, mfònt. ride; 

— i tèmpi, to mike anachronisms, to 
misplace or misdate events 

Accavalciare, va. to ride or sit astraddle 

upon, to bé astride upon, to back 
Accavalcióni, ado. astraddle, astride 
Accavallare, va. 1. to pile One upon another 
Accavigliare, va. i. to wiod on bobbins 
Accecaménto, em. blindness, error, eversici 
Accecare, va. 41. to blind; to obliterile; 

— una (ossa, {fort.) to (ill up a dUth, a 
moat; — uno spècchio, to dim a mirror; 

— uno del giudizio, to blind one's judg- 
ment, one's reason : — una finèstra, to 
build up, stop up a window; — una pianta, 


25 — 


te spell a plant of its budding; vn. to 
toeiae blind 

A credito, -a, a. blinded, beguiled» deceived 

Accecatore, -trice, mi/ he or she who blinds 

ÀTiéden, vn. i. to approach, to accede 

1 {-cenare, va. 1. {from, cèffo, snout)» to 
cidh with the teeth, to seize, snatch 

Arc'rgia, a/- (oris.) woodcock; pigliar 1*—, to 
àiace attendance 

Acceleraménto, &m. celerity, swiftness, speed 

Ucelerare, va. i. to accelerate, speed, des- 

Accelerarsi, vfr. to hurry one's self, hasten, 
sake haste; to become accelerated 

A^celeraUntènto, adv. expèdi lively, speedily 

veritativo, a. eipèditive, accelerating 

Accelerato, part* and a. accelerated, quick- 
ea?d, hastened; mòto — , accelerated, mo- 

Acce) e raid re, -trie**, amf. one who acceler- 
ala; what hastens, expedites, quickuns 

AtcelerazJoae, af. acceleration, hastening, 

Acccllaaa, »f. linsey-woolsey 

A tendènte, a. inflaming, kindling 

Aetéadere, va. irr. 2. to kindle^ Ughi, set 
co Are; — una partita, to open an ac- 
etant; accendete il fnóco, la candéla, Ughi 
the fire, the candle; mi permettete che 
accènda il sigaro» allow mo to Ughi, my 

A céndarsi, vrf. to begin to barn, catch fire, 

Accenderete, — ibile, a. inflammable, com- 

Accendibilissimo, -a, a. aup. very combust- 

A-^cdilampane, am. limp-lip; Ater 

Accadimento, mi. setting on fire, burning 

A:cenditojo, em. lifting- stick, kindling 

Accenditóre, em. kindler, ligAter; he, she 
that inflames 

Aeeennsunento, em. nod, heck, wink, hint, 

Accennante, a. that hints, beckons, indi- 

Accennare, va» i. to beckon, nod, wink, 
hint. Indicate, point out 

Aeceanatore, -trice, emf. he, she who bèck- 
gqs, nods, hints 

Acc«nnatflra, #/. nod, sign, indication, hint 

Ac enao, am. V. Accennatola 

A'ceasaxe, va. to let (a property) on a 

Arceasfbile, a. inflammable, combustible 

Ac emione, a/, horning, fire, V. Accendi- 

Arce oso, -a, (poet.) a. kindled, inflamed F. 

Accentare, va. to accent, to mark with the 

Accénto, am. accent, pease of the voice; 
accent {mark or point indicating the 

pauae of the voice); accent, tùne, strain, 
note, voice, accord 

Accentrarsi, vrf. to concentrate, to centre 
in, to be united in a centre 

Accentualo, a. accentual, pertaining to ac- 

Accen taire, va. to accentuale, place tbe 
accent, to lay tho stress on the accented 

Accentuilo, Accontato, -a, a. accentuated, 

Accerchiaménto, am. a hooping, encircling, 

Accerchiare, va. to enclose, encompass, hoop 

Accerchiollire, va. to hoop, bind with hoops 

Aceerchiellito, -a, a. hooped, bound with 
hoops; round 

Accercinito-a, {from cércine), a. with many 

Accerrire, va. to wind, reel into skeins, to 
unite, join 

Accertaménto, accertinza, amf. a confirm- 
ing, conflrmition, assurance, certainly 

Accertare, va. 1. to confirm, assure, certify, 
ascertain; -irsi, vrf. to assure one's 
self, to be or become assured 

Accertatamene, adv. suroly, with certainty 

Accertazióne, if. ascertaining; confirming, 
assuring, establishing, conflrmition 

Accerléllo, am. {orn.) kestrel, «mill hawk 

Accerto, am. V. Accertaménto 

Accesamente^ aw* ardently, eagerly, fer- 

Accéso {from, accèndere), part, and a. 
lfpAted, Ut, burning, boated, inflamed, red 
hot, flashing; (com.) not extinguished, 
not paid, open; fuòco —, lfpAted fire; co- 
lóre —, lively or flashy colour 

Accessiro, vn. i. (ant.) to cease, stop, desist 

Accessibile, a. accessible, approachable 

Accessióne, if. accession, addition, access, At 

Accèssit (a Latin word), am. accèssit (dia* 
Unction granted to him who not having 
obtained a price, hoe approached the 

. nearer to it) 

Accèsso, sm. access, admittance; fit, paro- 

Accessoriamente, adv. accessorily 

Accessòrio, -a, a. accessory 

Accestire, vn, (agr.) to spnflH, shoot, grow 
busby; to cabbage 

Accétta, af. nàtene:, axe; dirsi 1'— sui 
piedi, to injure one's Own eluse; fatto 
con r— , clumsily, roughly done 

Accettabile, a. acceptable, agreeable, wel- 

Àcccttagióne, tf. accettaménto, em. V. Ac- 

Accettinte, a. mf, accepting, approving, 
receiving; — am. accepter (of a bill of 
Accettare, va. 1. to accept, approve, receive; 
— una tratta, una lèttera di càmbio, to 
accept a draft, a bill of exchange 


— 26 — 


Accoltatene, -trfee, smf. accepter 

Accettazione, sf. acceptance, receiving, *c- 
ceptàlioD; acceptance, draft accepted 

Accettévole, better accettàbile, a. accept- 

Accettcvolménte, adv. with pleasure, will- 

Accètto, -a, a. acceptable, pleasing, agree- 
able, grateful, welcome; hailed with plea- 

Accètto, sm. acceptance, acceptation 

Acceii6oe, sf. acceptation 

Acchetare, va. i. to hùsh, quiet, still, tran- 
quillize, calm, appease; —arsi» vrf. to 
tranquillize one's self, become calmed, 
hashed, appeased, tranquil; — arsi a una 
còsa, to be satisfied with or reconciled to 
a thing 

Acchetato -a, a. hushed, quiet, appeased, 

Acchiappare, va. i. to catch, seize; to trick 

Acchiappato, -a, a. ciught, tricked, gùlloa 

Acchiocciolare, va. 1. (from chiocciola, a 
snail) to force a person down, into a 
squatting posture; —irsi, vrf. to shrink 
like a snail, to dodge or cower down, to 
sit brooding, moping 

Acchitàrsi, vrf. 1. (at billiards) to tike 
the lead ' 

Acchito, em. (at billiard ») lead, first slroko; 
di primo — , at first, at first tight, from 
the first moment, from the very outset 

Acchiudere, va, %. irr . (preterit, acchiusi; 
part, acchiùso) to enclose; vi acchiùdo la 
mia accettazione a due mési, I enclose 
you my acceptance at two months 

Acchiusola, a. enclosed (included) 

àccia, sf. thread, flax; axe 

Accia battamèn to, em. botching, bungling 

Acciabattare, va. 1. to botch, bungle, cob- 
ble up 

Acciaccare, va. 1. to crush, squash, bruise, 

Acciacco, sm. infirmity, illness; outrage, a • 

Acciaccóso, -a, a. sickly, unhealthy, in firm, 

Acciaino, sm. steel (to sharpen kntvss) 

Acciajito, -a, a. steeled, tipped with steel 

Acciajo, $m. stéel ; pènna d*— , steel pen 

Acciajudlo, em. stéel (to strike a lip At) 

Acciapinàre, va. i. to de hastily (get angry 

Acciaro, va. 1. (almost obsolete) to mince, 

Acciarino, sm. stéel (to strike a light, etc.) 
bàttere V — , to strike the flint (with the 
steel); (vulg.) to pander 

Acciaro, sm. stéel; (poet.) sword, poniard 

Acciarpare, va. 1. to cobble, botch, bun- 

Acciarpatóre, -trice, smf. cobbler, botcher, 

Acciarcinàto,-a, a. clumsy,- bungling, dine 
or written hastily and wllhdut care 

Accidentale, a. accidental, fortuitous, ca- 

Accidentalmente, adv. accidentally, b$ 

Accidentàrio, -a, a. accidental, contingent, 

Accidènte, em. accident, chance, hap; acci- 
dent (philos.); misfortune, stroke, paraly- 
sis, sudden attack of illness, apoplectic fit, 
death; —1 gli venga un — I death to niml 
Devil to himi 

Accideotuccio, sm. trifling accident 

Accidénza, sf. V. Accidènte 

Accidia, sf. idleness, sloth, indolence 

Accidiàre, vrf. to indùlge sloth, to bé slug- 

Accidióso, -a, a. idle, listloss, slothful ; s: 
sluggard, drone 

A criccare, va. 1. better accecare, to Mind 

Accigliamene, em. contraction, knitting ot 
the brows, frown 

Accigliàre, va. i. to time down a bird o 
prey bf sewing i«p its efelide; —àrsi, to 
knit one's brow*, look sullon 

Accigliato, -a, a. gloomy, austere, sullen 

Acclgliùlo, -a, a. having long and bristly 

Accfcnere, va. J. (pass, accinsi, part, ac- 
cinto) to gird up 

Accfgnerst, accingersi, vrf. tor. to gird up 
one's loins, prepare one's self; — a fare 
una còsa, to set about doing a thiog 

Accigniménlo, sm. the preparing one's sèi. 

Accileecàre* va. to tantalize, bàlk, trick, 

Accincigliato. -a, a. fringed; ornamented, 
bordered with fringes 

Accincignare, va. to gird up, to luck up 
one's dress 

Accingere, va. V. Accfgnere 

Accinto, -a, a. girded, girt; prepared, ready 

Acciò, conj. that, to the end that 

Acciocché, conj. that, in order that 

Acciocchito, -a, a. drowsy, dòli, slargish 

Acciottolare, va. i. to pive with pebbles 

Acciottolato, sm. place paved with peb- 

Acciottolio, em. the sdlnd made by plates, etc 
struck together 

Accipigliarsi, vrf. to scowl, frown, to put 
on a frowning look 

Accipigliato, -a, a. scowling, lowering 

Accircondàre, V. 1. V. Circondare 

Accismàro, va. i. (from, cisma) to càt 
asunder, sever 

Acciuffare, va 1. to tike by the hair, to 
catch, seize; —irsi, to tike each other by 
the hàir 

Accinga, better alice, sf. anchovy 

Acciugata, sf. anchóvy-sàttee 

Acclvanzare, V. Civansiro 

Accivettare, va. to coquet, dece?, entice, 
•Hare, tempt, seduco (rieoce 

Accivettato, -a, a. cautious, wise bj expé- 


— 27 — 


iedviaénio, em. a furnishing «Uh every 

ttcivire, va. 3. {little need) to protide, 
diamante, a. who applauds, claps, hurra» 
Sdamare, row. I. to applaud, clap, ac- 
ciaia^ to elect by acclamation 
Acdamatore, -trice, jmf.'ooe «ho applauds, 

A:clamatioao, a/, acclamation, applause 
Adelino, *. (osi.) inclined, addicted; F. 

Acci ire, a. aechvioos, declivous, sloping 
*viiriii, #/. acclivity, declivity, slope 
4 celadon, acclùso, V. Includere, inelùso 
Scoccare, *• i. to notch the bowstring, 
place the arrow ; accoccarla ad uno, to 
play 006 a trick 
Accoccati, empi, réglots (of eilk «laftft/ac- 

-^coccolare, veu 1. —àrsi, vrf. to seat a 

pérsoa squat, to sit or bé seated squat 
Accodare, *«. 4. —irsi, vrf. to follow, or 
cease to follow each other head to lift 
ia a striaf (at beasts of burden, etc.) 
Accodato, -a» a. accompanied, followed 
Actogiiéaza, a/, welcome, kind reception; 
fare ad bbo bwona o mala —, to receive 
one kiadiy or unkindly 
Accògliere, «a. 1. err. (accòlgo, accògli, 
accòglie; pagi, accòlsi, part, accòlto), 
to welcome, mike welcome, receive, eoi* 
ertala to assemble, {bettor raccògliere); 
— ògliarii, (better Radunarti, raccògliersi), 
to meet 
Ac coglimen taccio, em. cool reoèption 
Accogliménto, em. welcome; kiod or favour- 
able reception; assemblage, Anion 
Atcogllticeio, -a, a. ehince-mòdloy. mas- 
tered bf chance, picked Ap here and there 
Accoglitoro, -trice, ewtf. receiver; gitberer 
A ce oli lato, am. the order or onice of acol- 
Accòlito, fa*, ieolyte (ites 

Accollare, va. I. to yoke; —irsi, vrf. to 
tike charge of, undertake, become respon- 
sible for 
Accollatario, ews. undertaker; one who takes 

c barge of» or becomes responsible for 
Accollilo, -a, a. yoked, nndertiken ; vestito 
—, a dross that covers op the bosom and 
aeck, a wrapper 
Accollo, ews. jut, jetty, projection in a 
building (supported by consoles and 
cortei*) (pito 

Accolpare, accolpato, V. Io colpire, incol- 
Aecòlta, e/, githeriog, muster ; V. Raccòlta 
Accoltelliate, em. V. Accoltellatóre 
Accoltellare, va. i. to stab with a knife 
AeeoUollila, coltellata, </. stab with a knife 
Accoltellatóre, em, knife-man, cut-thróat 
Accòlto, -a, a. welcomed, received, gfttbered 
A ceo m i nda, ef. trust, properly confided, 
deposit, som plico 1 in a tridlng concern, 

Accomandagióne, if. protection, ittspices, 
care, trust, charge, keeping, guirdianship 

Accomandine, en», sleeping pirtner in a 
commercial concern, shire-hòlder in a 

Accomandare, va. 1. to recommend, to con- 
fide (a thing) to the keeping of, to hand 
over, give in charge, deposit, consign, re- 
mit; to beliy, to brace with a rope, to 

Accomandarsi, vrf. to recommend one's self, 
to entreat the protection or solicit the 
kind offices of a person 

Accomandatario, jot. Acting pàrtner in a 
joint-stock company; trustee, igent 

Accomandato, -a, a. recommended, hindod 
over, confided, remitted, depòsitod, given 
in charge or in trust; referred to 

Accomandigia, ef. {ant.) V- Accomanda- 

Accomandila, «/. partnership or joint stock 
company (consisting of active and sleeping 
extent of their engagements) 

Accomandolare, va. to re -unite broken 
threads in weaving 

Accomenda, ef. money or goods confided to 
the mister of a Tèssei to tride with 

Acco menarsi, vrf. to unite bf the middle 

Accomignolire, va. to form in the shape of 
a roof, to acó minate 

Accomiatare, accommiatare, va. to dismiss 
(in a polite or friendly manner), to let 
(owe go, give leave to go; —irsi, vrf. 
to tike one's leave, tike leave of, bid 
good bye, say farewell 

Accommiatilo, -a, a. dismissed 

Accomroiatatòro -trice, emf. he, she that 
gives leave, dismisses, sends awsa, bows 

Accommiatatùra, ef. V. Commiato 

Accomodibile, a. tbit may bé settled, ad- 
justed, bròuoAt to an accomodation 

Accomodaménto, tin. adjustment, compo- 

Accomodare, va. i. to soil, to mike commo- 
dious, or convenient, to accomodate, to 
put In order, adapt, adjust; to adjust a 
dlflerence, to arrange, compound, compro- 
mise; — irsi, vrf. to còme to a compro- 
mise or composition, to got reconciled, to 
accommodate one's self, to sit down; 
accommodilevi, sit down, bé sealed; la 
s'accomodi, (respectful) please to be 
seated, prty, sit down, do me the favour 
to sit down 

Accomodatamente, adv. suitably, just, exact- 
ly, a propòs 

Accomodativo, -a, a. so it able, that can ac- 

Accommodito, -a, a. fitted, adiptod; conve- 

Accomodatrice, acconci a tri ce, ef. tire- woman 

Accomodatura, ef. adjustment, agreement 

Accomodazióne, ef. Accomodaménto 


— 28 — 


Accompagnaménto, am. accompanying, mu- 
sical accompaniment; suit*, retinue 

Accompagnante, a. accompanying, attendant 

Accompagnare, va. I. to accompany, attend, 
escort; to accompany on a musical Instru- 
ment ; to join with, unite, match ; —arsi, 
vrf. to accompany one's self, to play 
(one'a stff) the accompaniments, to take 
a companion or helpmate, to get married; 
Dfo t'accompagni, God be with you, God 
bless yon 

Accompagnato, -a, a. accompanied 

Accompagnatóre, -trice, $mf. he, she who 
accompanies; companion; he, she that 
plays the accompaniments 

Accompagnatura, af. accompaniment, sntte, 

Accomunagióne, af. accomunaménto, am. 
the putting, having or enjoying all things 
in common; community 

Accomunare, tran. i. to put ill things in 
common, to enjoy 1 in common; to lire in 
a community; —àrsi, vrf. to treat each 
ether as comrades, to lire on a common 
fooling of equality, to be Socialists 

Acconcézza, if. suitableness, ornament, 

Acconciaménte, ado. befittingly, becomin- 

Acconciaménto, am. arranging, adjusting 

AcconclapadèUe, am. one who repairs frying- 

Acconciare, va. 1. to m&ke fitting or befit- 
ting, to make comely or becoming, to fit, 
adjust, set to rloAts; to set in order, deck, 
adorn ; to prepare, preserve (cook) ; — i 
capélli, to dress or deck one's hàir; — 
no glorine, to find a yfòng man a situa- 
tion or a wife; — lo ragióni, to settle 
disputed accettata ; quésto rino vi accon- 
cerà lo stomaco, this wine will pùt your 
stomach to rights; — uno pel di delle 
fèste, to give one a thrashing, to dress 
him; —àrsi, vrf. to deck one's self dot, 
to prepare, settle or place one's self; 
—irsi dell'ini ma, to settle one's spiritual 
concerns, prepare for death 

Acconcialaménte, adv. better acconcia- 

Acconciato, -a, a. fitted, adjusted, decked 

Aceoociatóre, am. one who sets to righto; 
peace maker, reconciler, adjuster; hair- 
dresser, attirer, decker out 

Acconciatrice, «/. tire-woman, milliner 

Acconciatura, af. ornamented head of hair; 
ornament for the head; pèrdere 1'—, to 
miss one's aim, bé bilked 

Acconcime, em. the act or expense of putting 
in order a fdrm-hftse and farm 

Accóncio, am. beflttingness, convenience, 

Accóncio, -a, a. fitted, adjusted, dressed; 
befitting, becoming; suitable, apt, dis- 
posed; in —, a propós; discórso che cade in 

—, a seasonable or suitable discourse, a 
word in season 
Accondiscéndere, V. Condiscéndere 
Accóne, «m. {mar.) flal-bóltomed IfoAter 
Acconfàrsi, vrf. i. batter confarsi 
AccooigTiare, va. (mar.) to draw ùp the Òan 

into the galley 
Acconsentiménto, sm. consent, assent 
Acconsentire, va. 3. to consent, agree to; 
to assent, to cede; chi lice acconsente, 
prov. exp. silence gives consent 
Acconsentilo, -a, a. consented, approved 
Acconsenziénte, a. consenting, assenting 
Accontire, V. Annoverare, informare, ecc. 
Accontentare, V. Contentare 
Acconto, am. account, instilment, sum in 
pirt payment; cònfldaut, trustworthy 
friend, correspondent (obsolete) 
Accoovenfrsi, tm. to become, be proper, re- 
quisite, fit, convenient, expedient 
Accoppare, va. 4. to knock dotta (a bull) 
Accoppiàbile, a. susceptible of being cou- 
pled, paired, yoked or matched 
Accoppiaménto, am, act of coupling or 
placing in pairs ; slate of being matched 
or arranged in pairs ; pairing, coupling, 
Accoppiente, a. that unites, pairs, couples 
Accoppiare, tra. 1. to coèple, yoke, pair, 
match, unit*, —si, vrf. to bé or join in 
Accoppiato, -a, a. coupled, matched, paired 
Accoppiatolo, em. leash, leather- strap, 

Accoppiatóre -trice, $mf. one that couples ; 

Accoppiatura, e/, coupling, pairing, union 
Accoraménto, em. (from cuora), heart sorrow, 

grief; taking to heart, grieving 
Accorare, va. 1. to prióre, to afflict deeply, 
to pierce to the heart; —si, vrf. to be 
deeply afflicted, grieved to the heart, 
Accorato, -a, a. deeply grieved, afflicted 
Aecoratojo, am. any thlog heirt-rénding ; 
sharp instrument used for killing pigs, etc. 
Accoratone, a/, deep grief, sorrowing, 

Accorciaménto, tin. shortening, contraction 
Accorciare, va. I. to shorten, cut short; to 
contract, abridge; — àrsi, vrf. to shorten, 
shrink, shrivel ùp, become short 
Accordatamente, adv. in a word, briefly 
Accorciativo, -a, a. shortening, contracting 
Accorciato, -a, a. shortened, abridged 
Accorciala, af. short cat 
Accordatóre, -trice, amf. shòrtener, abbre* 

viator, abridger 
Accordatura, «/. shortening, abridgement 
Accorciò vole, a. that mày bé shòrteoed 
Accordabile, a. that can bé made to agree ; 
reconcilable, gràntable, admissible, allow- 
able; (music.) tenable 
Accordaménto, am. accordance, consonance, 


— 29 — 


énisos, leeóni; harmony of parts, in- keep- 

Accordante, a. Agreeing, harmonising, ac- 
cordio t; em. peace-maker, mediator 
Accordaasa, if. agreement, V. Accordaménto 
Accordare, va. I to tine (a musical instnt- 
meat), to put io tùne; to cause to stfuod 
to toison, to reconcile, bring to an agree- 
nent; to make agree {gram.) ; to concede, 
accord, grant; vn. to bèlo unison, to ac- 
cord, agree; — àrsi, vrf. to concur, agree, 
cime to an agreement, nftrmoofze; Assi 
non possono accordarsi fra lóro, they 
eiaool agree among themselves; le virtù 
s'accordano fra loro, the virtues agree or 
airaeofze with each other 
Accordatamente, ovv. unanimously 
Accordilo, tm. hlrmony, V. Accordaménto 
—, -a, a. agreed» toned, reconciled ■ 
Accordatóre, *m. toner (of musical instru- 
«tento) ; blrmoniser, peace maker, recon- 
ciler, promoter of concord 
Aceordatriee, e/, she who reconciles, tones 

(a musical instrument) 
Accordatura, «/. toning; harmony, conson- 
ane/; finire, andarsene in, —óre, io con- 
eìade nothing after long debating 
Accordellare, va. to twist into a cord 
Accordellati**, #m. cloth wÓTea in narro» 

Accordellare, «m. sort of woollen cloth 
Accordévole, a. rèconcfleable, compatible 
Accordo, em. agreement, compact; consent, 
hiroony, accord, keeping {/Ine arts); 
d'amóre e d'— , by mutual agreement, by 
common consent; méttere d'— , to make 
friends, reconcile; siamo d'— , ire are 
agreed; mèglio un magro — che ana 
rrtaa sentéma, prov. exp. better lose 
something (bf an amicable accomodation) 
than go to late 
Accordonare, «a. to trim with braid 
Arrorellàto, -a, a. [probably from giosta- 
eoere, a tort of waistcoat or eortet) 
fprùce; trim, foppish; looking as if coming 
out of a band-box 
Accòrgersi, vrf. 1. trr. (mi accòrgo, s'ac- 
còrge, poet, m'accórsi, part, accòrto) to 
p«rcét>e, to be sensible of; io m'accòrgo, 
1 perceive; sui tòno accòrto, I hare 
V:corgéTOle, a. V. Accòrto 
v^orgiméato, $m\ shrewdness, circumspec- 
Scorre, y. Accòglierò 
v correre, vis. t. frr. (io accórro, pati. 
égli accòrto, part» accórso) to ran up, to 
crrvd to; to pursue 
Scorriménto, V. Concórso 
Arrorr'uòmo (excl.) help! help! 
t-fórso. -a, a. mi to, followed, ctóte 
»' -«riaménto, V. Accorciaménto . 
.'ortiro, V. Accorciare (tact 

A cortéua, e/, wariness, finesse, canning, 

Accortinàre, va. (from cortina), to cartata; 

to inclose or furnish with curtains 
Accòrto, -a, a. wary, subtle, shrowd, cir- 
cumspect, prudent, knowing, wise; fare 
— , to advise, warn; male —, indiscreet, 
Accosciarsi, vrf. i. to squat, sit dolrn coh- 
Accostaménto, em. approaching, approach 
Accostante, a. pliant, sop pie, conformable, 
approaching, nearly like; Tino —, stoma- 
chic wine, bracing wine; argoménto —, 
stringent argument 
Accostare, va. i. (from còsta, rib, coast), 
to approach, to bring near; —órsi, vrf. to 
approach, to go near; —àrsi ad uno, to 
step dp to à person, to go close op 'to him; 
quéste dóe opinióni ei accostano, these 
two opinions almost touch each other 
Accostalora, a/, ónion, joint, jaooture 
Accostévole, a. of easy approach, accessible 
Accòsto, aw. beside, dòte to, bird bf 
Aceostolàto, a. ribbed 
Accostumànza, if. castoro, hibft, practice 
Accostumare, va. i. to accosto m, intire; to 
train, train Ap;vsi. to be dsed, accus- 
tpmed, in the habit of; -arsi, vrf. to inure 
one's self, become accustomed, get prac- 
Accostumatamente, adv. usually, as usual 
Accostumato, -a, a. accustomed, customary; 
usual; trained, well bred, distinguished; 
virtuous, moral 
Accotonare, t»a. 1. to make silky, raise 

the nap 
Accotonato™, em. he who naps cloth 
Accovacciarsi, accorigliàrsi, vrf. to slick 
one's self io a cóve, to lie down in a 
hollow or lair, to dodge, cróuch, córrer 
d<nrn, burrow 
Accovacciolarsi, V. Accovacciarsi 
Accovonare, va. 1. to bind up in sheaves 
Accovonato», if. the binding up in sheaves 
Accozzaménto, sm. a striking together, clash ; 
gathering, assemblage, odd meeting, om- 
nium gatherum; heterogeneous mass 
Accostare, «a. t. to unite oddly, log together 
rake up, get togcthor, amia; -àrsi, vrf. 
to clash; butt; meet, encdunter 
Accreditare, va. i. to give credit to, bring 

into repute 
Accreditarsi, vrf. to get a nóme, bring one's 

self into re pò te 
Accreditato, -a, a. accredited, legally au- 
thorised, creditable, estimable, cried up 
Accrescere, va. %. irr. (accrésco, -esci, -esce, 

post, accrébbi), to increase, augment 
Accrescénto, a. increasing, augmenting 
Acereseénza, if. V. Accrescimento 
Accresciménto, sm, increase» growth, ad- 
Accrescitivo, -a, a. increasing, augmenting 
Accrescere, -trice, em/, incréosor 
Accresciuto, -a, a. augmented; grown 


— 30 — 


Accrospàre, aecrespatùra, V. Increspare, in- 
Accezióne, tf. accretion 
Aecruscagliàre, va. to mix heterogénious 

things together 
Acciaiarsi, vrf. (of dogi) to crfòcb, to lie 

Accucciolarsi, vrf. Accucciàrsi 
Accùbito, tm. discombency 
Accudire, on. 3. to look after, take ciré 

of, mind 
Acculare, va. to drive (one) to a place from 
which there is no escape; te drive {one) 
Into a corner; to bring (one) to a stand 
Accularsi, vtf. 1. to sit on one's rump as 
dogs, eangaroos, etc. ; to squat down ; bó a 
squillar; to tike up one's lodgings (wig.) 
Acculatlire, va» to make one strike the 
ground with the rump (a childith play) ; 
— le panche, to be an Idle fellow; —arsi, 
vrf. to sit down like a dog, etc. 
Accumulaménto, accumulante, tmf» accu- 
Accumulare, va. 1. to accumulate, heap up 
Accnmulataménte, adv. abundantly, in lots 
Accumulato, -a, a. heaped ùp, acca mala ted 
Accumulatóre, -trice, si»/, accumulator 
Accumulazióne, a/. V. Accumulaménto 
Accoorare, V. Accorare 
Acca parti, vrf. to become gloomy, sullen, 

Accoratamente, adv. accurately, with care 
Accuratézza, tf. accuracy, care, attention 
Accurato, -a, a. accurate, done with care 
Accusa, e/, accusation, accasai , charge 
Accusabile, a. that may be accused 
Accasaménto, em. accusation* charge 
Accusante, a. accusing; sin/, accuser 
Accusare, va. 1. to accuse (of), charge (with); 
to indict, arraign, impeach; to tax, blame, 
reproach; - un ministro, to impeach a 
minister; — un fatto, to avow, or own a 
fact; — ricevuta d'una lèttera, to ack- 
nowledge the recélt ol a letter; —àrsi, 
vrf. to tax, blame or accuse one's self; 
to confess one's sins (to a pr<ést) ; —arsi 
mòrto or persóna mòrta, to give one's sell 
up for dead 
Accusativo, em. (gram.) accasa li ve (case) 
Accusate, «a, a. accused, accused of, charged 

with, ecc. 
Accusatóre, -trice, am/, accuser, plaintiff, 

Accusatorio, -a, a. accusatory, accusing, 

containing an accusation 
Accusations, tf. accusation, charge, blame 
Accusasioncélla, tf. slioAt accusation, charge 
Acehlitt, $mpl (hittory) AcAphall, Acépha- 
lites (sects who refuted to follow tome 
noted leader) 
Acéfalo, -a, a. acephalous, head leu 
Aceraia, tf. wood of maple-trees 
Acerbamente, a. prematurely, crudely, un- 
seasonably, tartly, with acerbity, bitterly, 

acridly, harshly, austerely, pertinaciously, 

doggedly (co? 

Acerbétto, -a, a. tirtish, green, seUr, crude, 
Acorbétta, */. acerbity, tartness, asperity 
Acerbfre, va. 3. —are, va. I. to exacerbate 
Acerbità, -ade,— ate, e/. acerbity, tartness, 

Acèrbo, -a, a. "tour, unripe, Urt, trade, 

Aceréta, Aceréto, i/m. ground planted with 

àcero, tm. (bot) maple-tree 
Acérra, tf. scórra (weasel in tchich Incense 

hat been burned) 
Acerrimamente, adv. very harshly, teurly, 


Acèrrimo, -a, a. very iomr, Urt, harsh 
AcorMlIo, em* (oris.) kestrel 
Acervale, a. sillogismo —, sorites 
Acervire, va. to heap up, to pile 
Acèrvo, ens. (poet.) heap, pile, F. Mucchio 
Acetabolo, tm. vinegar cruet; acetabulum 
Acetare, va. (cAens.) to acetate; to mike 

acid, to sour (with vinegar) 
Acetario, em. any Aerb eaten in salad 
Acet&lo, -a, a. acid, acidulated, séùr, tart 
Acètico, -a, a. (cAcns.) acétic; acido — , 

acetic Acid 
Acelino, tm. (oof.) sort of Aostern pène- 
granate of a lioAt colour 
Acetfre, wis. S. (acetisco, etc.), to sour, be- 
come acid 
Acéto, em. vinegar 
Acetósa, tf. (bot.) sòrrel 
Acetosèlla, tf. (bot.) wild sorrel, dock 
Acetosiià, —ade, —ite, tf. acidity, séurness 
Acetóso, «a, a. acetous, acid, sourish 
Acetume, em. subacid 
Achille, em. (ana*.) tendon of Achilles; 

strongest argument 
Achillea, tf. (bot.) milfoil. 
Achi tirsi, vrf. i. to tike the lead lot bil- 
liard*) V. Accbitirsi 
Acuito, tm. lead (at billiardt), first stroke 

V. Acchito 
Aciculare, a. (bot.) acieular 
Achsulito, a. (bot.) aciculile 
Acldiro, em. sort of indent hat 
Addétto, a. sliaAtly sour, somewhat Acid 
Acidézza, acidità, #/. acidity, Urtaecs 
Acidificare, va. to mike acid 
Acidificazióne, e/, (c Asm.) acidification 
Addire, tm. to grow aèùr» sharp, acid 
icido, tm. ieid; a. acid, sour, Urt, pungent, 
Acidulire, va. to acidulate (bitter 

Acidulo, -a, a. addulated 
Acidi me, tm. idds in general, acétam 
Acifórme, a. iciform, needle-shaped 
Acinìfórme, a. aciniform, having clusters 

like gripe-stones 
àcino, tm, kernel of a gripe, ritsia atone 
Acinóso, «a, a. tùli or gripe-stónes 
Aelrologla, tf. impropriety, ioàccoraoy in 


— 31 — 

tau, sf. crisis (med.); acme, height, pitch 
Acòlito, tin. V. Accòlito 
Aconito, «in. (bot ) aconite, wolf's bin» 
Aeonxia, em. (too<.) acòntias, dart snake, 

toguis jiculi 
icore, àcoro, am. running ulcer on tho foce 
fcqua, */. viler; — piovana, ràin water; 

- dolca, fresh water; — di mare, marina, 
tilt witer, séa water ; (min) beryl ; — 
frésca, eéld water ; acque minerali, mineral 
waters; — di latte, buttermilk, whey; 

- ninfa, orange- flòirer water ; — ròsa, 
rosata, rosé water; — della regina, Hungary 
water; —cedrata, lima water, lemonade; 

- mòrta, stagnant water; andare per —, 
to to by water ; attignere —, to draw 
water; provvedérsi d'— (mar.)* to tike 
ia witer; cascata d' — , water- fall; linee 
a'—, witer lines; meno pièno d*— (mar.), 
▼iter-logged; molino ad — , witer- mill; 
tisóchi d'— , witer works; trómba turbi- 
nola d'— , witer spdut; impermeàbile 
all'-, witer-tigAt; corridóio dell'—, witer 
wis {mar.)i a pròra d*— , witer- proof; 

- Tira, spring witer; living witer; a flór 
d— , on a lerel with the witer; — cóncia, 
•òfired, sweetened or acidulated witer; 
far un baco nelT— , pestar 1'— , to boat 
the witer, beat the ito; lavorar sott'— , 
lo wirk under ground, stealthily; la nave 
cominciava a far — , the ship begin to 
léak; vàglio far —, spànder —, I will 
make witer, pump ship, piss; voglio veder 
1- chiara, I wilt see out, see to the 
bottom; lasciate l v — andare alla china, 
let tilings tike thèir course; avremo del- 
l'-, we shall hive ràin; T— mi veniva 
alla bócca, mf tec th begin to witer; égli 
itftte tra le due àeqne, he wavered, re- 
mained nndeefded; diamintedi prima - 
diamond of the first witer; camerière' 
dell'- frésca, waiter, sòme cóld water- 
Samuele, — per la birha, shaving water,' 

Aeqaaeehiare, vn. i. to lose vigour, strength 
Acqsaeehiàrsi, vrf. to stoop or If e close to 

«tape obserrition 
A '.pacchiato, -a, a. fàint, lów-spiriled 
Arsiccia, sf. bid, corrò pted, muddy witer 
Ac;oacedratàjo, sm. dealer in lime water 

and lemonade 

Aqoafòrte, sf. acquafòrti* 

Aqoagiiàre, va. 1. to cardie, tarn into whey 
aad cords 

^«ijo, sm. witerer, sprinkler, irrigator • 

t^doit, sewer, drain, wiler-itìbe 
-,«. draining; sólco -, drain, séwer, deep 



'-IMjalo, am. he who waters meadows, 
cola, etc 

A ^aj«*lo, -a, a. aqnitic, aqueous, wit- 

i Ittpendénto, «n. ^ 6 pe (o/ a hill or 
*mtaln) towards a like or a river 

Acqnapéndere, vn. 3. (of hills or mountains) 

to slope towards a lake or a river 
Acquire, va. i. to inondate, bàthe (ant.); 

to provide (a ship) with water, to tike 

in witer 
Acqairio, sm. K Aquàrio 
Acquarono, sm. ràfny weather 
Acquartierare, va. 4. to quarter, to station 

soldiers) for lodging; —àrsi, vrf. I. to 

take up one's quarters 
Acquanàuta, sf. brandy 
Acquastrino, am. marsh, swimp 
Acquata, sf. supplf of frosh water (on board); 

watering- place for ships 
Acqoitico, -a, acquàtile, «cqaatiro , a. 

acquatto • 

Acquato, -a, a. mixed with witer, watered 
Acquattarsi, vrf. I.tosquit.sitsqnit, cower 
Acquattilo, -a, a. sqnit, crouching 
Acqoavttijo, am. dealer in brandy 
Acquavite, sf. brandy 
Acquazzóne, sm. sodden aud heavy summer 

shower, clashing down rifa 
Acquazsóso, -a, a. pluvious, rainy 
Acquedótto, sm. àcquedoct, water-conduit 
àcqueo, a. watery, aqueous 
Acquerécda, sf. éwer, basin 
Acquerella, e/, small or soft rà»n, Ughi ràin 
Acquarellare, va. i. to pàint in wàtor-cò- 

Acquarèllo, acquerèllo, ewt. prepared witer- 
colours; thin watery wine, hog-wish; V. 
Acquerùggiola, *f drizzling càin, Scotch 

Acquetare, va. i. to appease, parity, tran- 
quillize, quiet 
Acquétta, if. «mill ràin, .Ughi pleasant 
summer shower; wine and witer; poison 
Acquicèlla, sf. rivulet, drizzling rata 
Aeqoedóccio, sm. V» Acquedótto 
Acquidóso, -a, a. hùmid, moist, wet 
Acquietciènza, sf. acquiescence, compliance 
Acquiéscere, vn. 2. to acquiesce, yield 
Acquietaménto, 8m. quiet, rest, tranquillity 
Acquietare, go* 1. to quiet, V. Acchetare, 

Acquirènte, sm. acquirer, purchaser, bnfer; 

—, a. acquiring, purchasing 
Acquisire, va V. Acquistare 
Acquisitivo, -a, a acquisitive 
Acquisitizio, -a,«*a. acquired extrlnsically, 

adventitious, not essentially inherent 
Acquisito, -a, a. V. Acquistato 
Acquisitóre, -trice, V. Acqulstatóre, -trice 
Acquisizióne, sf. acquisition, purchase 
Acquistabile, a. acquirable, obtainable 
Acquistamene, sm. purchase, acquiring 
Acquistare, va. I. to acquire, purchase 
Acquistato, -a, a. purchased, acquired 
Acqulstatóre, -trice, smf. purchaser 
Acquistò vole, a. acquirable, attainable 
Acquisto, sm. purchase, acquisition 
Acquitrino, sm. marsh, swimp, bog 


— 32 — 


Acquitrinóso, -a, a. marshy, swàmpy 
Acquolina, if. small ràfa, «iter; mi viéno 

lft — in bócca, my mouth waters 
Acquosità, e/, aqaòsily, wàteriness 
Acquóso, -a, a. aqueous, wàtery 
acre, a. sharp, sfar, pungent, acrid, harsh 
Acrèdine, sf. acrimony, sharpness 
Acremente, adv. sharply, severely, harshly 
Acrézza, Agrézza, tf. tir In ess, sharpness 
Acrigno, -a, a. sóltrish, tàrlish 
Acrimònia, sf. acrimony, severity' 
Acrimònico, -a, a. acrimonious, corrosive 
Acrimonióso, -a a. acrimonious, sharp, sit- 
ter, corrosive 
Acrità, sf. sharpness, tartness, pungency 
acro, -a, a. (poet.) sharp, biting, pungent 
Acròbata, am. rope-dàncer 
Acromàtico, -a, a. acromàtie 
Acròmio, am. (anat.) acromion, top of tbe 

Acrdnico, em. (astr.) the acrònicsl rising 

or setting of a star 
Acròstico, em. acrostic 
Acrolério, em. acróter (pi. acrotéria), small 

Acofre, .va. 3. to sharpen, give sharpness 

to ; — T intellètto, to sharpen the wit 
Acuità, e/, acùteness, sharpness, acumen, wit 
Acuieàto, -a, a. aculeated, pointed, pricked 
Acùleo, em. sting, prickle, gòad, stimulus 
Acume, em. sharp point ; acumen, sharpness 

of wit 
Acuminare, va. to sharpen, edge, point 
Acuminato, -a, a. acuminated 
Acùstica, sf. acoustics 
Acùstico, -a, a. ocfòstic, auditory; nèrvo 
— , acoustic, auditory nerve; cornétta acù- 
stica, éar-trùmpet, hearing-trumpet 
Acutamente, adv. acutely, sharply (men 
Acutézza, a/, acnteness, sharpness, wit, acù- 
Acuto, -a, a. acute, sharp, pointed ; àngolo 
—, acute angle; accénto —, acute accent; 
vóce acuta, shrill voice; fèbbre acuta, 
acute (ever 
Acmi angolo, em. acute angle 
Ad, prep, used before a vowel for A, to, at ; 
— uno — uno, one at a time, one by one 
Adacquatile, a. that can bé watered, Irri- 
ta led, sprinkled 
Adacquaménto, em. watering, irrigation 
Adacquare, va. I. to witcr, wash, bathe 
Adacquato, -a, a. watered, mixed with water 
Adacquatùra, sf. watering, sprinkling 
Adagiare, va. 4. to set a thing down slowly 
and carefully; to place a person in a reclin- 
ing or easy posture, to set him d<Swn at 
bis east; to accommodate, to make snùg 
or comfortable; —àrsi, vrf. to sit down at 
one's ease, to recline, to bé in any easy 
posture; to take one's east; to act slowly, 
and lolteringly 

Adagiato, -a, a. seated in an easy posture, 
at one's ease, snug, comfortable, well off, 
in easy circumstances 
Adagino, adv. softly, not so fast, gently 
Adagio, em. àdage; {mui.) adagio; — 
adv. slowly, softly, at one/s ease; — , —, 
gently; voi andato tanto —, you go so 
slowly, so leisurely 
Adagfssimo, adv. (superlative of adagio) 

very slowly 
Adamante, em. adamant, diamond 
Adamantino, -a, adamantine, bird 
Adàmica, a. tèrra — , land won from the 

Adamfti, em. pi. [church history) Adamites 
Adamo, m. Adam; pòrno di —, Adam's ap- 
ple; quel di —, (poet.) the (human) body 
Adàrce, a/, adàrce 
Adasperàre, adasprire, V. Inasprire 
Adastàrsi, vrf. i. (ant.) to loiter, amuse 

one's self 
Adescaménto,, em. spite, ènvy, jealous} 
Adastiàre, va. 4. (httU steed), to ènvy, ha te 
Adattàbile, a. that can bé adapted, appli- 
cable, apposite, suitable, fit 
Adattabilità, e/, aptitude, fitness suitable- 
Adattacchiàre, va. 4. to adapt, or adjust 

ill; to missaplf, misarrànge 
Adattaménto, em. j adaptation, fitness, 
Adatlànza, sf. ( aptness, application 
Adattante, a. who adapts, applies 
Adattare, va. 1. to adapt, fit, suit, adjust 
—àrsi, vrf. to accomodate one's self to 
Adattazióne, sf. (little used) adaptation 
Adattato, -a, I a adapted, suited, fitted. 
Adàito,-a I fit, proper, suitable, ca- 
pable, apt 
Adattévole, a. V. Adattàbile 
Addanajàto, better danajdso,-a, a. móni ed 
Addarsi, vrf. i. irr. (V. darsi) to addict 

or give one's self to 
Addaziare, va. (customs) to lay a doty on 
AddebiKre, addebolire, V. Indebolirà 
Addebitare, va. 4. (com.) to debit, chàrere, 
to one's debt; to lay to one's dóor; adde- 
bitatene la mia partita, carry it to my 
debit J 

Addebollménlo, V. Indeboliménto 
Addecimare, decimare, va. 4. to tithe 
Addecimatóre, -trice, em/, ttihar, one who 

collects tithes; tithing-man 
Addensare, va. 4. to make dense; —si, vrf % 

to become dense, get thick 
Addensaménto, etc., V. Condensaménto, etc 
Addentare, va. 4. to seize with the teeth" 
dàsh one's téeth iato, to pinch, bite * 

Addentato, -a, a. bitten, seized with ah» 

Addentellàro, va. 1. (archit.) to leave pro- 
) joctiog bricks or toothing- stones at còr> 

Fate, méte, bite, nHe. lube; - fàt, met, bit, not, tab ;- far, pique. 

9*ao, viao, ai, roma, flam»; . pttte-petto, petto, •, I, notte, *euf; . auao, Tine, 


— 33 — 


■eis; to denticolate, dovetail, notch, in- 

Addentellato, aw*, toothing-stone, projecting 
brick, dentil, indentation; a. indented 

Addentrarsi, vrf. to penetrate deep, to go 
•r plunge far into 

Addéntro, indéntro, adv., within, inwardly 

Addestire, von. 4. to awake, roUse, stir up 

A iù«3 trasento, «si. training, preparing 

Addestrare, va. 4. to train, téach, form, in» 
«tract; io prepare, discipline, drill; to 
break in, manage; to squire, hold the 
stirrup; —ini, vrf. to prepare one's self, 
to get prepared, need, trained, to exercise, 

Addestratóre, em. gentleman usher, sqofre, 
room ; — -trice, em/, one who teaches, 
trains, disciplines 

Addettola, a. dedicated, destined, employed, 
occupied, engaged, attached 

Addi, adv. on the... day; — sette Luglio, 
on ine seventh Jnfy 

Adiacènte, a. adjacent, contiguous, Ifing 

Addiètro, adv. behind, back, behind-hand, 
backwards ; tornar nn passo — , to step 
bici, return; lasciare — , to leave be- 
hind; ne' temp! —, in the past; per lo 
—, heretofore, hitherto; essere — con, 
to bé behind hand with, ignorant of 

A idi duramente, adv. adjeciively, as an 

AddieUivare, va, to use idjectively, in tho 
manner of nn adjective 

Addiettfvo, en», adjective 

Addimaada, Addimandinia, a/. F. Diman- 
da, etc. 

Addimandiro, va, 4. to Ask, question 

Addinundatórn, -trice, em/, questioner 

Adlimandtta, if. {ant.) demand, question 

Addimesticare, va. 4. to Urne; —irsi, vrf., 
to familiarize one's self, grow umiliar 

Addimesticato,*, a. timed, tame; familiar 

Addimeatscntora, e/. timing, intimacy 

Addimofltrare, F. Dimostrare 

Addio, eri*, adieo, good bje, farewell; dire 
— a, to bid adieu to ; costui , colèi vuol 
dirci —, bo, she is dangerously ill, is 
near dying 

Addire, va. to destine, assign 

Addirimpétlo, prep, over against, opposite 

Aidtnzzasnento, em. direction, reformation 

Addirizzare, va. 4. to mike strai^At, 
itraioJtt«n, to correct, put in the rloat 
vip; to decide, determine; —irsi, vrj. to 
direct one's steps to 

Afdiriaatojo , sm. bòdkin (to dress the 

iddiriszaldre, -tries, em/. striioAtener 
Addirizzatela, #/. the parting line of tho 


| Addirizio, em. ornament, trimming 
Addirsi, vrf. 3. to sóit, befit, become 
Addisciplinare, F., Disciplinare 
Additaménto, em. pointing eòt; addition 
Additante, a. that points Out, indicates 
Additare, va. 4. to point at with the finger; 
to indicate; additatemelo, point him out 
to me 
Additato, -a, a. pointed out, indicated 
Addi latóre, -trice, em/, pointer out, indicator 
Additto,-a, a. obliged, bound; V. Addétto 
Addivenire, tm. 3. to hippen, to còme bf 

Addizionile, a. additional 
Addizióne, »f. addition, increase, supple- 
Addobbaménto, em. ornament, finery, attire 
Addobbire, va. 1. to deck, decorate, adorn 
Addobbato, -a, a. adorned, decked, decor- 
Addòbbo, em. ornamentai furniture, decora- 
Addogato, -a, a. (from dóga) striped 
Addogliire, van, i. V. Addolorare 
Addolcire, addolciire, ant. F. Addolcire, 

Addolciménto, em. softening; mitigation, 


Addolcire, va. 3. to sweeten, milden, soften; 

ease, mitigate, alleviate; il sugo di cèrte 

èrbe addolcisce il singue, the joice of 

sòme fterbs sweetens the blóod 

Addolcitivo, em. lenitive, sedative, softening 

Addolcito, -a, a. sweetened, softened, eased 

Addolorare, va. 4. to afflict; —arsi, vrf. to 

Addolorita, sf. miter dolorósa 
Addolorato, -a, a. afflicted, igonized, sad 
Addomanda, $f. F. Diminda, domanda 
Addomaodinte, em/, demandant, petitioner 
Addomandire, va. 4. to call, send for, ask 
Addomandito, -a, a. sent for, requested 
— em. the person sent for, called 
Addomandatóre, -trice, smf. questioner 
Addomire, va. 4. F. domare 
Addomesticaménto, em. the act of timing 
Addomesticare, va, i. to time, familiarize 
—cirsi, vrf. to grow familiar 
Addomesticato, -a, a. timed, time, familiar 
Addomesticatóre, -trice, smf. he, she who 

Addomestichévole, a. tameable 
Addominale, a, abdominal, abdominous 
Addómine, em. abdomen, lower belly 
Addopirsi, vrf. 1. to hide one' self behind 
Addoppia men to, em, a doubling, redoubling 
Addoppiare, va. 1. to double, double op, 
fold, redouble; — irsi, vrf. to be or 
become redoubled 
Addoppiato, -a, a. doubled, folded, redou- 

sir, rude; - Oil, son, bull; - fire, do; - by, tymph; pfflie, b6?s, foùl, fowl; gem, as 

ne»; • fart* 04*f, eolU; - «ri», rogai - lai ». 1; poi, fiutato; gtmnu, rosa, 

IH*. IUO. JngL . Xdia. VL Voi. il.* 3 


— 84 — 


Addoppiatila, §f. doubling lip, redoubling 

Addoppio, adv. doàbly, V. Doppiamente 

Addormen laménto» *m. filling asleep; drow- 

Addormentare, va. 1. to lùll, pùt to sleep, 
close to All asleep ; —àrsi, vrf. to All 
asleep; to get benumbed, to sleep; —arsi 
in una còsa, to be satisfied with some- 
thing, to depend upon something 

Addormentaticelo, -a, a. a little dropsy, 

Addormentato, -a, a. sleepy, asleep; dropsy, 
lfay. lagging; stilled, lulled; far 1' — , to 
play the simpleton 

Addormen tatóre, -trice, t m/.ó piate; drawling, 
droning, tiresome person, cajóler, toady 

Addormirò, va. 3. V. Addormentare; —irsi, 
vrf. to fall asléep 

Addossamento, *m. charging with; charge 

Addossare, va. i. {from dòsso back) to pùt 
on a back load, to load, lide, charge; — 
an negòzio ad uno, to charge a person 
frith a business, to confide it to him; — 
la cólpa ad tino, to lay the blame upon 
i person; —irsi, vrf. to unterkike; — an 
impégno, to lake upon one's self an aflsir 
or obligation 

Addossato, -a, a. loaded, charged» under- 

Addòsso, adv. upon one's back; se io 
tì métto la mini —, if I lày taf hands 
upon yon; andare, venire — ad tino, to 
fall npòn a person, to pitch into him; il 
fréddo mi si ciccia —, the cóld begins to 
seize me; non ho danaro —, 1 have no 
money abtfut me; recarsi —, to bring npòn 
one's self; far l'uòmo — ad Ano, to menace 
or bully a person ; pórre gli òcchi —, to 
cist an efe npòn ; abbajàre —, to bark 
at; gridar la cróce — a uno, to defame a 
person, to sày ill the ill ve can ol him ; 
aver il diàvolo — , to bé in a terrible 
humour; serrarsi — ad nno, to fill upon 
one, to assail one 

Addotto, -a, a. {from addurre) bròu^Al, 

Addottoraménto, $m. the act of giving a di- 
plòma, or conferring a degree ; the giving 
or taking a Doctor's degree 

Addottorare, va. i. to admit to the degree 
of a doctor; —arsi, vrf. to become a doctor 

Addottorato, -a, a. entered doctor, learned 

Addottrinaménto, un. the act of instructing 
or lecturing, the miking erudite; tuition, 
instruction, erudition 

Addottrinante, ero/, teacher, lecturer, pro- 

Addottriniro, va. i. to instruct, teach, en- 
HyAten ; to mike erudite or wise ; —irsi, 
vrf. to acquire knowledge, improve one's 

Addottrinatamente» adv. learnedly, eruditely 

Addottrinatissimo, -a, a. very learned, erudite 

Addottrinilo, -a, a. learned, well informed 

Addottrinatira, tf. learning, tuition, erudi- 

Addrappato, -a, a. adorned with splendid 
drapery, or hingings 

Addrféto, addréto, adv. (vulg.) behind; V. 

Adduire, van. t. {ant.) V. Addoppiare 

Adducénte, a. addicasi {of thè tnttf- 
clee); adducing 

Adducere, va. t. {ant.) to addAce; F. Ad* 

Addueibile, a. adducible, that mày bé ad- 

Addacitòre, -trice, *n\f. alléger, addócer 

Addurre, va. 1. irr. (addico, addici, adduce ; 
pati, addissi, pari, addotto) to bring, 
convey; to addice, allege 

Addotto, -a, addotto, -a, a. adduced, alleged 

Adduttóre, #m. abducent muscle, abductor 

Abdutióne, «/. (anaU) abduction 

Adeguaménto, am. equalising, miking alike 

Adeguare, va. i. to equalise, to mike equal 
or alike, to bring to a par or balance; to 
appraise, estimate 

Adeguatamente, adv. equally, proportion- 
ately, adequately 

Adétlo, adéno, tm. (ichl.) fish somewhat re- 
sembling the sturgeon 

Adempibile, a. that can bé fulfilled, executed 

Adémpiere, adempire; va. 1. irr. to fulfil, 
perform, execute, accomplish; — un co- 
miudo, to execute an order 

Adempiménto, em. fulfilling, performing, 
executing, accomplishing 

Adempire, va. 3. to fulfil, execute, F. Adém- 

Adempitóre, -trice, $mf. fulflller, performer, 

Adempiuto, -a, a. fulfilled, executed 

Adono grafìa, if. adenography (that part of 
anatomy which treats of the glands) 

Adenotdéo, -a, a. {anat) glandular 

Adenologia, «/. adenòlogy (doctrine of the 

Adenotomfa, e/, adenòtomy, a cutting or in- 
cision of a gland 

Adenxióne, e/, ademption, revocation (of 

Adèpto, adétto, am. adept {to ill) 

Adequare, V Adeguare 

Adequatamene, aw. equally, exactly, ade- 

Adequato, V> Adeguato, ecc. 

Adequazióne, e/, equality, equalitition, pro- 
portion, suppuration, calculation 

Aderbare, va. L to feed with griss, put dui 
to griss 

Aderènte, a. adherent; tmf. adherent 

Aderènza, tf. adherence, attachment, coin- 
ciding; agreeing with; accepting, accept- 

Adèrgere, va. (poet.) V. Ergere 

Aderiménto, $m. adherence, accepting, ac- 


— 35 — 


kitrin, va. 3. io adhere, stick to a party, 

m opinion, to coincide, agree, appròre, 


4i<iu>, -a, a. attached to a party or opin- 
io, eetocided with, consented to 
Arpicare, va. to eli db 6, to etimo ùp, to 

climber; (of piante) to creep 
ìJfsoioéato.em. bait, allurement, seduction 
Aprire, vo. i. to bitt (a book) ; to attract, 

mice, altère, egg on, inveigle 
4i«scito, -a, a. allured, enticed, inveigled 
Ueiatore, -trice, em/- hé » * né tnAt biilf, 

illóret, entices, invéiglee 
iJniòoe, $f adhesion, adherence, uniting, 

eùociding, coincidence, agreement, appro- 

T»i, consent 

iVsfro, -a, a. (med.) adhesive 
1 bipolo, a. without a mister 
A >«o, adv. now, at present, at this instant; 

»?ta' —, directly, presently, just now 
A distri, adv. «pp. on the riff At hand 
A:étto, adèpto, em. adept, proficient 
A Urtato, a, adjacent, contiguous, near 
Aìuciou, «jr. nearness, Vicinity; adjacent 

Agiato, fm. (6ot) maiden-hair, fern 
tiiettivo, aggettivo, em. (gram.) adjective 
A •hloofo, F. Dilungo (down 

A iioire, «a. to cist down; —àrsi, «r/. to go 
Aiiioinfa, s/. (med.i ad^namy, weakness 

ottiiioned by disease 
A 'mimico, -a, a. (med.) adynamic, weak, 

Stuoie of strength (good of e 

A Dio, iddio, em. inter, adieu, farewell, 
idip*. tat. fit, F. Lardo, grasso, ping nédioe 
AJipfao, -e, a. adipose, plump, full of fat 
Miriaéate, tm. a getting angry, inger 
Aprire, va. 1. to irritate, mike angry; — 

•irci, vrf. to get angry, fill into a passion, 

et ìDfry; si adirò fieramente, he got very 

àapy, he flew out into a terrible passion 
Almamente, adv. angrily, in a passion 
Scinto, .a, a. angry, irritated, writbfnl 
Altre, va. 1 to tike possession of an inhèr- 


iiirerolo, a. irrititing, miking angry 
\ dirimpètto, adv. exp. opposite, facing 
A diruto, ado. exp. directly, strict; desér- 

A jiritiara, aw. instantly, Immediately, di- 
"city, at Ance 

t t.-òto, .a, a. irascible, hasty, Irritable 
t ^«mtsara, adv. beyond measure 
A tipétto, adv. in spite of, in despite of 
* ite. m. portal, entry, access, ingress 
l cifat, «/. the entering upon an inherit- 

Viators, tm. coadjótor, assistant, protector 

glorio, tm. V. Ajoto 

*i.Btrtce. tf. protectress, helper 

*!»**, F. Giovare 

v '"Are, adistinte, F. Aiuire, etc. 

M - il *. •/. (anaU) adniU 

Aiuto, . a , a. (boi.) idnate 

Adobbire, F. Addobbare, etc 

Adocchiaménto, em. the looking; look, 

Adocchiare, va. 1. to efe, gàie upon, stire at 

Adolescènte, a. adolescent; em. youth 

Adolescènte, a. adolescence, early youth 

Adombratale, a. that miy be triced, deli- 

Adombraménto, $m. shiding, shadoteing, 
overshà lowing, sbade, trice, hmbrage 

Adombrante, a. casting a shadow? upon, 
overshadowing, offusca ting, dirkening 

Adombrare, va. i. to cast a shadow? upon, 
to darken; (Jig.) to offuscate, blind; to 
trice, shadow, delineate, sketch; to fancy, 
imagine; to tike hmbrage at; to start, shy 

Adombrato, -a, a. shided, dirkened, ob- 
scured; shidoteed, foreshadowed; triced, 
designed, sketched, stir tied, astonished 

Adombratole, -trice, sin/, he, she who sha- 
dow s, trices, delineates, draws 

Adombrasene, e/, adambrition; F. Adom- 

Adonire, va. Abbassare, domire, ecc. 

Adonestare, better coonestire, va. 1. to 
palliate, veil, disguise, to give an air of 
decency and justice to 

Addnico, -a, a. (verity.) addnic 

Adònide, if. (bot.) adónis 

Ad ónta, adv. exp. in spite of, in despite of, 
notwithstinding ; — delle preghière pa- 
tèrne, notwithstanding (or in spite of) 
his filher's prayers 

Adontare, va. i. to put to shime, to affront 

— irsi, vrf. to féel hurt; get ingry 
Adontato, -a, a. affronted, offended, vexed 
Ado n tóso, -a, a. insulting, offensive 
Adoperabile, a. employable, capable of being 

used, fit or proper for use 
Adoperaménto, em. the using, miking use of 
Adoperare, va. i. to use, employ, mike 

use of 

— irsi, vrf. to exert one's self, mike every 
effort; to work, fag, trj, endeavour; to 
contribute; a colóro che intano Iddio 
tótte le còse s'adoperano in bène, ili 
things work together for good to them who 
love God 

Adoperilo, -a, a. used, employed, exerted 
Adoperatore, -trice, mf. he, she that uses, 

employs, mikes use of 
Adoperatone, tf. F. Adoperaménto, opera- 
Adoppiamene, em. the giving opium ; sleep 
Adoppiare, va. I. to administer opium, lull 
Adoppiito, -a, a. lulled to sleep with opium 
Adoprire, va. I. to use, employ ; F. Ado- 
Adorihile, a. adorable, worthy of adorition 
Adorabiliti, tf. adórableness 
Adoraménto, em. adirition, worship 
Adorando, -a, F. Adoribile 
Adorinte, a. adoring; stnf. worshipper 
Adorare, va. I. to adore, worship [to pray) 


— 36 — 


Adorilo, -a, a, adore 1, worshipped 
Adoratóre, -trice, emf. adorer, worshipper 
Adoratório, em. (ant.) heathen temple 
Adorazióne, ef. adora tioD, worship 
Adurdinàrgi, vrf. {ant.) to prepare One's self 
Adoratole, a. better adoràbile 
Adorezzàre, v. uniper. {poet.) to bé or get 

Adornaménto, em. ornament, finery, attire 
Adornare, va. i. to adorn, deck, embellish, 

set off 
Adornalaménte, adv. elegantly, with grace 
Adornato, -a, a. adorned, decked, set off 
Adorna tore, -trice, emf. he, she who decks, 

(Ad ornatura) / s/. dress, embellishment, deco- 
Adornézza ( ration, ornament, elegance 
Adórno, sin. ornament, finery, attira 
— -a, a. adorned, set off, docked out 
Adotare, F. Dotare 
Adottaménto, tm. adopting, adoption 
Adottare, va. I. to adopt 
Adattatóre -trice, am/, adopter 
Adottazióne, $f. adottaménto, em. adoption 
Adottivo, -a, a. adoptive» adopted 
Ado vare, va. i. to make oval, egg-shaped 
Adovràre, va. 1. F. Adoperare 
Adozióne, sf. adoption; V. Adottazióne 
Adràcne, Adràcna, Andràcne, ef. {tot.) a 

shrub resembling the Arbutus 
Adragànti, a. (bot.) t rag a cant; (pAam.) 

idraganth ; ef. {pharm.) idraganth 
Adrénlo, aw. (poet.) within, inwardly 
Adriéto, {poet. F. addiètro), adv. behind, 

àdre, -a, {for Atro, -a), a. black, dismal 
A dóe a dóe, adv. exp. two by two 
Adàggere, va. 1. (used only in the third 

pereon eing. Pre*. Indie; adugge), V. 

Adagiamento, tm. damp or bltyetlng 

Adaggiànte, a. that casts a bleating shade; 

damping, bltyAting, withering 
Aduggiàre, va. i. to cast a b luting shade 

upon ; to damp, blight, wither, dispirit 
Aduggiato, -a, a. shaded, blighlod, damped 
Adnggiatóre, -trice, tmf. that darken», damps 
Adugliàre, va. (mar.) to cóli ùp a cable, etc. 
Adognàre, va. F. Adoughiàre 
Adalànte, a. flattering, adulatory 
Adulare, va. 1. to addiate, flatter 
Adulatóre, -trice, emf. flatterer, adulator 
Adulatoriamente, adv. flatteringly, in a flat- 
tering manner 
Adulatòrio, -a, a. Adulatory, flattering 
Adulazióne, ef. adulation, excessive flattery 
Adùltera, if. adulteress 
Adulteramente, adv. in an adulterous manner 
Adultera men to, em. adulterating, adulter- 
Adulterare, tm. to commit adultery; va. to 

adulterate, doctor, mix 
Ad i Her A to, -a, a. adulterated, mixed 

Adulteratóre, •trice, emf. adulterer, adul- 

Adulterazióne, ef. adulteration, forgery 

Adultérico, -a, a. adulterous 

Adulterino, -a, a. adulterine, begotten in 
adultery; spurious, counterfeit, adul- 

Adultèrio, —Irò, am. adultery 

Adùltero, em. adulterer, one guilty of adul- 
tery; a. adulterous 

Adulto, -a, a. adult, grown up; a. adult; 
•cuòia per gli additi, adult schools 

Adnnaménto, tm. the aet of uniting or bring- 
ing together; the assembling, meeting; 
assembly, meeting (parliament) 

Adunanza, ef. meeting, assembly, convo- 

Adunare, va. I. assemble, bring together» 
convoke; —àrsi, to cóme together, assemble, 
meet (nàuza 

Adunata, ef. assembly, meeting; F. Adn- 

Adunatóre, -trice, em/, collector, convokes* 

Adunazióne, ef F. Adottaménto 

Adoncare, va. to make aduncous, to curve, 
crook, bend ; —irei, to become adòncoua, 
to get curved, hooked, bent 

Adunco, -a, a. crooked, hooked, adoncoua 

Adunghiare, va. i. to seise with the claws, 
to lay hold with the talons or nails 

Adunque, eonj. then, therefore 

Adusare, va. 1. —àrsi, vrf. F. Assuefare, As- 

Adustàre, va. to pàrch, scorch, crisp, char ; 
to dry up, burn dp, to make arid, adust 

Adustéxsa ) ef. addition, aridity, dryness, 

Adustióne ) drought, parching, scorching 

Ad us ti va ménte, adv. in a dry, bum io g 

Adustfvo, -a, a. parching, scorching, dry 

Adusto, -a, a. adust, parched, scorched, 
burnt up, dry ; campi adusti, burnt dp 

àer, aere, em. kit, wind; F. ària/ 

Aerato, aereàto -a, a. tired; aerated 

Aèreo, -a, a. aerial, of the kir 

Aereòlito, F. Aeròlito - 

Aereonàuta, em. aeronaut, aóreal navigator 

Aeronàutica, e. aeronautics 

Aerostàtica, t. aerostatics 

Aerostàtico, -a, a. aerostatic 

Aeriftcaztóne, ef. aeriQcAUon 

Aerifórme, a. aeriform 

Aerimànte, em. deviner by the air 

Aerimanzla, if. àeromaocy 

Aerimetrfa, ef. aeròmetry, pneumàtica 

Aerino, -a, a, F. Celestino 

Aerodinàmica, ef. aerodynamics 

Acòlito, em. aerolite, aerolites, atmospheric, 
meteoric, falling stone 

Aeromanzia, ef. V. Aerimanzla 

Aerómetro, tm. aerometer 

Aeronàuta, em. V. Aereonàuta 

Aeróso, -a, a. airy, sprioAtly, ray, light, 
polite, civil, off handed; V. Disinvòlto . 


**rutitiea, y, Aerostatica 

Aitato, am. aerostat, iir balloon 

Aucanéato, am. V. Adescaménto 

Arcare, Adescare, va. 4. to "baft; allure, 

ik,tf. the sèffbcitinff or stifling feeling 

proddeed bf close air or sultry beat; 

riltrfaess; closeness, hoi stifling air; far 

-, to anno?; bé tiresome, to damp one's 

Aftca, Allea, a/. <oot\) wild retch 
Afaticcìo, V. Afataccio 
Aiì:o, a, a. withered, dried up, blfaAted, 

driopisg; sickly, pony, meagre, thia 
Amerio, -a, a. sickly, languid, féeble, 

AV 'ilo, -a. a. languid, tired ffit, exhausted 
t^iis. m. (p/ttr. afèlj), oeir. aphelion 
A 'fresi, #/. (prans.) aphèresis 
Affabile, a. affable, civil, polite 
filiti, -ade, -ite. */. affability, courtesy 
abilmente, adv. Affably, condescendingly 
ASieceodirsi, vrf. to bùsae abtfut, make a 

f*«, to occupi one's self 
AfLccendito, -a, a. bustling ab<$ut; òccu- 

pfed, hurried, fassy, Tory Easy, over head 

and éars ia business 
Affaccettare, «a. L to cat (a diamond) facci 


Affacchinare, tm. i. (/rom facchino, porter) 
to tal, lag, drudge, to work like a slàre 
Afarciara, *a. 1. to smooth, plane, level 
A S2 -riàrsi, vrf. to step up to, còme close 
tip to, to present or show one's self; to 
fi« ; —iteri, còme up, còme bére ; —iteri 
a quésta finèstra, còme np to this window, 
lkk Al; -àrsi, vrf. to offer one's self, bó 
ao aspirane —Arsi in alcuno, to meet with 
a person ; —irsi incóntro al nemico, to 
p and meet the eoèmy; —irsi a dignità, 
sfai, to claim, pretend dignities, Offices, 
V. Offrirsi 

taciataainte, adv. boldly; F. Sfacciata- 

bollire, infagottare, va. to bhndle ftp 
Aitarsi, affaitito (ant.) V. Abbellire 
Andare, va. to plàft, fold, double 
iHildeilire, va. i. to pack up, wrap dp, 

l ^'jire, va. 1. to lilsiff, adulterate 
Aiiaire, tra. i. to famish, slirve; to excite 
as appetite, cinse hunger; — una città, 
to sUrve «lot a town ; tm. to bé dying with 
bearer, to be stirring 
^naticcie, -a, a. half stirred, famished 
Afcaito, -a, a. famished, stirred; voracious 
Aliailàuo, -a, a. stirved-lòoking, mean 
A T ABifìurisxire, tm. 4. Y. Addimesticare 
Rimiro, vn, 3. to be rery hungry, fain- 
ted ; to starve, die with hunger 
AJanfire, vn. 4. {from fingo, mùd, mire), 
t> Set anddy, or muddied, to become 
Bin; va . to muddy, soil ; to splash with 

37 — 


Affanna mento, tm. V. Affanno 
Affanniate, a. grievous, disquieting; suf- 
Affannare, vn. 4. to breathe with difficulty, 
to be suffocated, stifled; to féel that li ghi- 
nea of breast or difficulty of breathing 
which is consequent on shirp bodily pain 
or intènse mental agony; to bé grieved, 
agitated, Anxious, agonized ; va. to grieve, 
pian, disquiet, agitate; afflict, igonfze 
— arsi, vrf. to fret, grieve, Tex one's self, 
to bé uneasy, Anxious, agitated ; to strive, 
striin, trj, gag, endeavour 
Affannilo, -a, a. suffocated, agitated, an- 
xious (causes anxiety 
A danna tore,- trice, sm/. wbo is anxious, whit 
Affannévole, a. V. Affannóso, ansióso 
Affanno, em. breathing gispingly, shórto*»* 
of breath, agitation of mind, intense an- 
xiety, mental agony; anguish, sorrow, af- 
Affannóne, sm. fussy fellow ; meddling person 
Affannooeria, «/. eagerness, ciré, trouble 
Affannosamente, adv. with anxiety, restlessly 
Affannóso, -a, a. suffocating, stiffing, sultry; 
painful, distressing, grievous, vexatious, 
Affardellare, va. 4. to mike up into a bundle 
Affare, tm. affair, business, station; cóme 
vanno gli affari? how is business? uòmo 
d'alto —, a great, or high-born man 
Affarétto, sm. small matter, slit/At affair 
Affarsi, vn. irr. to suit, become, F. Con- 
Affaruccio, sm. trifling business, potty affair 
Affasciire, va. Ì. to bind àp in fagots, tie 'up 
Affascinaménto, am. fiscinition, bewitchery 
Affascinante, a. fascinating, bewitching 
Affascinare, va. 4. to fascinile, chirm, en- 
chant, stnpify, bewitch; {mostly used in 
this last tenti) 
Affascinatóre, em, bewltcher, magician, 

A trascinatrice, sf. she who fascinates, fas- 
cinating lady, charmer; she who be- 
witches; female magician; old bag 
Affascinazióne, sf. fascinition, bewitching 
Affastellare, va» 4. {from, fastèllo, a fàscioe 
or fàgot) to mike up into fagots, to bundle 
ùp, to huddle or jumble together 
Affastidfre, va. 3. V. Infastidire 
Affatire, V. Fatire 

Affa tato, «a, a. chirm ed against bills, ar- 
rows, etc., filed, invulnerable 
Affaticaménto, tm. fatigue, tiredness; toil 
Affaticante, a. bird working, indefatigable 
Affaticare, va. i. to tire, fatigue, weary, 
harass, tease, pligue, importune; vn. and 
—irsi, vrf. to strive, irf , endeavour 
Affaticato, -a, a. weary, fatigued, harassed 
Affaticatóre, -trice, tmf. bin! working man; 

painstaking woman ; drùdge, slive 
Affatichévole, a. laborious, painstaking 
Aualicóso, a. laborious, indefatigable 


— 38 — 


Affitto, adv. quite, entirely, thòrotraAly, 

perfectly; niènte — , nothing at all 
Affattoramènto, em. sorcery, witchcraft, spell 
Affatturare, va. i. to bewitch, charm, east 
a spell órer; — Tino, to adulterate or 
doctor vine 
Affatturato, -a, a. spell Wand; adulterated 
Affatturato™, -trice, tmf. sorcerer, sorceress 
Affattnrasióne, e/, witchery, sorcery 
Affazzonamènto, am. ornament, embellish- 
Affa si on are, va. 4. to ad dm, sot off» deck fòt 
Affé, adv. bf mf iàfth, in faith; on my 

word, upon mf honour 
Affegatàre, vn. 1. V. Accorarsi 
Affermameli to, to», affirmation, confirmation, 

Affermante, a. who afllrms, confirms 
Affermare, va, 1. to affirm, maintain, assert 
Affermarsi, vrf. to strengthen or establish 
one's self; to become firm, get consóli' 
Affermataménte, affermativamente, adv. af 
firmalively, assuredly, positively; rispón- 
dere —, to replj in the affirmative 
Affermatfra, a/, affirmative 
Affermativo, -a, a. affirmative, positive 
Affermato, -a, a. affirmed, averred, confirmed 
Affermalóre, -trice, tmf. that affirms, asserts 
Affermazióne, e/, affirmation, assurance 
Afferraménto, em. the act of grasping, clutch- 
Afferrante, a. who grasps; grasping 
Afferrare, va. 1. to gràsp, grapple, clutch, 
gripe, lay hold of; to seize, catch, com- 
prehend ; to còme to soundings, cast àncAor 
Afferrato, -a, a. grasped, seized; landed 
Afferralójo, tm. grappling iron, hold-fast, etc. 
Affertilire, va. 3. to fertilise, mike fruitful, 

Affettamènto, tm. affecting; affectation 
Affettapólpe, em. or a/, (ludierout), sabre, 

scimitar, falchion 
Affé l taro, va. (with the first e close, from 
fétta, a slice), to slice, to mince; to fold 
or plait cloth ; (with the first e open) to 
affect desire, covet ; pretend to ; wit. to be 
affected (in one's manners, dress, etc.) 
Affettatamente, adv. most eagerly; very af- 
Affettato, -a, a. sliced; affected, artificial 
Allettatóre, -trice, em/, affected person; fold- 
er; one who slices, cots in slices 
Affettazióne, em. affectation, studied man- 
ners, mannerism 
Affettivo, -a, a. affecting, touching, pathetic 
Affètto, em. affection, passion, movement of 
the sótil; affection, inclination, emotion 
of the heart; liking, attachment, affection, 
tenderness, love; desire, wish 
— -a, a. disposed, affected, inclined, well 

or ill disposed (food) 
Affetto aro, va. 1. to dispóse of, impress 
AffettuÓYOle, a. V. Affettuòso 

Affollo osamente, adv. affectionately, hearti- 
ly, tenderly 

Affettuòso, -a, a. affectionate, fónd, kind 

Affezionare, va. i. to ereate an affection for, 
eicitea fondness of, to enamour, to attach; 
—arsi, vrf. to get fond of, to like, to tak* 
a liking to, to become attached to 

Affezionatamente, adv. afléctionately 

Affezionato, -a, a. affectionate, attached, 
fond ; Inclined 

Affezióne, e/, affection, attachment, tènder* 

Affezionévole, a. fond; affectionate, living 

Affiaccàre, va. i. V. Fiaccare 

Affiatare, vn. i. to pay tribute or rent aa 
a feudatory; —Arsi, vrf. to bold converse, 
to familiarise one's self; — con uno, to 
hold converse, to groio familiar with a 

Allieto, em. a. feudatory; tributary 

Affibbi aglio, fermaglio, tm. buckle, clasp 

Affibbiamene), am. buckling, clasping, fasten- 

Affibbiare, va. 4. to buckle, clasp, button, 
hinge; - ària ad ano, to play one a trick; 
— bottóni sènza occhièlli, to tradùce, 
defame, disparage one; —irsi le scarpetta, 
to hasten awày, to flee 

Affibbiato, -a, a. buckled, fastened, buttoned 

Affibbiato jo, em. button -nòie, eje, hook, 
tag, etc. 

Affibbiatura, a/, buckling, hooks and efes 

Affienare, va. I. V. Ficcare 

Affidare, va. 1. to assure, give confidence, 
secure; —àrsi di, to have affiance in, to 
rety upon, trust to, confide in ; non tì 
— àte all'uòmo di cui tutti parlano bène, 
dón't trust (to) the man of whom every 
one speaks well 

Affidato, «a, a. confided, entrusted, trusty, 
trust-worthy, true; em/, trusty friend 

Affi da tó re, -trice, tmf. one who assures, con- 
fides, entrusts 

Afflo vol are, van. i. V. Affievolire 

Affienire, vn. 3. to bè stunted 

Affiovolimènto, em. F. Indeboliménto 

Affievolire, va. 3. to weaken, enfeeble, mike 
weak; vn. to weaken, get feeble, become* 

Affievolito, -a, a. weakened, enfeebled, 

Affiggere, tm. S. irr. (past affissi, pari 
affisso,) to slick, fasten, to stick up, 
nail to; to tie, bind; to fasten one's ejet 
upon, to gaze or stare at; to stimulate, 
stir up; — un fòglio o cartèllo al mnro, 
to stick ùp a bill, post up a placard; 
— iggersl, vrf. to stand still, atop 

Affiguramènto, tm. recognizing, recollect, 

Affigurare, va. i. to recognize or recollect 
a person, etc., bj the Agore or external 
form ; to imagine ; —àrsi, to figure to one's 
self, conceive, imagine 


— 39 — 


'* ir?, to, 1. to whet, sharpen, make sharp 
lUrii, vrf. to bé io a row, march in file 
'iiu, *a, a. shArp, pointed, sharp set, 
n.o —, long thin face 
i'uiira, ^. edge, sharp edge 
ù-fUire, vo. i. to lày snàres, catch in a 


^tutors, «. the laying snares (in the 

siaoer of a spider) 
V'.uto, -a, tmf. person affiliated; a. af- 

! bated, adopted, associated 
UiUre, va. I. to affiliate; to receive into 

noddy, and initiate in 1U mysteries, 

Mas or iatrignes 
'Sianone, tf. affiliation 
tfJe, i-filo, adv. in a strict line, rfoM 


^3 aménto, sm. per Action, refinement 
Aiaire, m. 4. to refine, to parity bf fire; 

tovhet, point, shArp-set, sharpen; —àrsi, 

vrf. to became refined, purified 
l'aito, -a, a. refined, purified; elegant 
Msaojo, sat. crucible, melting-pot 
tf nuore, j«. purifier of gold, refiner 
•ù«hé, coni, to the end that, in order to 
lT hf, a. near, akin, kindred, analogous 
liciti, -ade, —ite, a/, affinity, nearness, 

elheness, kindred, alliance, relation, si- 

ailuode, resemblance 
Alfccameiilo, am. becoming hoarse, hoarse- 


Af-ccire, su. to get hoarse, (to become 


i^xàto, -», «. hoarse 
lutare, t/. oetter afflocamónto, am. 


^vhiri, va. 3. F. Afflocire 
• s *^e,s«. (pkarrn.) opiate prepared wkh 

iaber and saffron 
irrito, -a, a. dimasked; ornamented with 

Affirraire, setter affermare, «a. 1. to affirm 
Al4r«, affissare, va. 4. to fix one's efes 

■pea, to look at steadfastly or intently : 

t° tue at; to post ùp a bill or placard, 

tossii; -àrsi, vrf. to fix one's attention, 

b suèsd to, mind, be intent 
ASmaésto, sm. gating, stare; affixing 
t&iiiòoe, tf. affixing, application ; the act 

" «pence of sticking up or posting up 

» bill or placard 
***», m. (gram.) affix; affixture, placard, 

bui posted ùp, playbill; the ancient 

urns of a corporation of tradesmen io 

Create); a. affixed, fastened, attached; 

*wi or posted ùp 

&u*JBólo, tm. tenant, lease-holder, farmer 
«■little, affittanzière, tm. landlord, he 

ito Uli At (land, etc) on a lease 
»lUi«, •*. 4. to i 6t ftt on a lease, etc ; 

•° we, rest, to take on a lease, to farm; 

-**«, tolet, to bé let; casa, podére, 

«i»«n ad -, ad -àrsi, hfòse, farm, 

*>», to let 

Affittalo, -a, a. let. lot fòt; taken, rented, 
hired; ho — on appartaménto, I hare 
let or taken an apartment 
Adulatóre, -trice, tmf. he, she who lets fòt 
a farm, etc.; he who charters a ship, the 
chartering party, freioAtor 
Affltlérole, a. that can bé let fòt, taken, 

Affittirsi, vrf. to thicken, to become thick 

or dense 
Affitto, tm. the letting or renting; the rent 
or hire; F. Pitto; dare —, to let, lease; 
tórre —, to rent (as a lessee or tenant) 
— -a, a. affixed, fastened, stock ùp 
Affi tinàie, em. tenant, renter, lodger, farmer 
Affittuàrio (fato), V. AffltUjuòlo 
Afflare, «a. 4. tm. V Soffiare, spirare 
Afflato, sto. {poet.) breath, inspiration, af- 
Affliggente, a. afflicting, painful, sad 
Affliggere, va. S. irr. (affliggo, pait, afflissi, 
part, afflitto) to afflict; — iggersi, vrf. 
to grieve 
Affliti iro, -a, a. afflicting, afflictive, grievous 
Afflitto, -a, a. afflicted, sad, melancholy 
Afflizióne, a/, affliction, sorrow, pàio, grief 
Affloscire, va. 3. to make flaccid, flabby 
Affluènte, a. abundant, affluent, flowing; 

sm. affluent 
Affluentemente, adv. abundantly, richly 
Affluènza, tf. crowding or flowing in, con- 
course, throng, rush; affluence, great 
abundance; — di vènto, d* idèe, di pòpolo, 
a rush of wind, throng of ideas, crowd of 
people, influx of visitors 
Affinerò, va. {ant.) V. Abbondare, soprab- 
Affluire, «n. 8. {pret. —Iseo, — isci, «-(see) 

to flow; to throng, crowd, flock 
Afflnssionàto, -a, a. (med.) having an in- 
flammation of the ehéek, or on the chest; 
having a catarrhal inflammation 
Afflusso, tm. afflux, flow, rush of humours 
Affocalistiàre, va. 4. to shade with dark 

Affocare, va. i. to set on fire, inflame 
Affocaticelo, -a, a. rather inflamed 
Affocato, -a, a. of a fiery flashy colour, 

Affogàggine, if. j stifling suffocation, dlf- 
A (Toga men to, em. | ficulty of breathing 
Affogare, va. 4. to stifle, suffocate; —, tm. 
-arsi, vrf. to be stiffed, get suffocated, 
choked, drowned; — uno, to stifle a person; 
— ón a fanciulla, to marry a girl ill; — in 
un bicchier d'acqua, to get drowned in 
one's own spittle; — di séte, to be stifled, 
choked with thirst 
Affogato, -a, a. stifled, suffocated, choked; 

close; uova affogate, poached éggs 
Affollaménto, tm. crowd, throng, concourse 
Affollare, va. 4. to crowd or huddle together ; 
—àrsi, vrf. to crowd or rush together, 
to press, to throng 


— 40 — 


AffoHataménte, adv. in a crovrd, tumùlt- 

Affollalo, -i, a. eroded, thròoged 

Affollaménto, ant. óver-biste, precipitation 

Affo I tare, va. 4. to rush opòo. oppress ; vn. 
—àrsi, vrf. to dàsh forward, rush, hurry; 
to Rùssie, èai greedily, bolt 

Affollala, «/. fuss, great eagerness 

Affondaménto, am. going or sending to the 
bottom, sinking, flfcn dering 

Affondare, va. i. to sink, send to the bot- 
tom; vii. to sink, (Ander, go to the bot- 
tom ; — una fòssa, to sink a ditch, deepen 
a drain 

Affondato, -a, a. sunk, foundered, wrecked, 

Affondatura, «/. sinking, digging into, deep- 

Affóndo, -a, a. deep, low 

— tm. irretrievable failure, bankruptcy 

Affóndo, a fóndo, adv. thoroughly; at bottom 

Afforcare, 00. I. {mar.) to móor across; to 
hang, gibbet 

Afforestierire, tan. to gire, hire or assume 
the appearance of a foreigner; to make 
or become quite a stranger (oars 

Affornellire, va. to suspend or hold up the 

Afforticaménto, am. (ItttU used), F. Forti- 

Afforlire, va. 3. (ant) F. Fortificare 

Affortunato, -a, a. V. Fortunato 

Affòrsa, better a fórca, adv. by dint of 

Afforzamene, em. F. addition of strength, 

Afforxare, va. i. to strénflAten, V. Forti- 

Affonlflcàre, va.i. V. Fortificare 

Affoscire, va. i. F. Offuscare 

Affossaménto, am. entrenching; trench, móat, 

Affossare, va. 1. to entrench, surround with 

Affossato, -a,*a. entrenched, surrounded with 
trenches; òcchi affossati, hollow eyes 

Affossatura, if. V. Affossaménto 

Affrignere, affràngere, va. 1. (affringo, poet. 
affrinsi, part, affranto) to break, smash, 
splinter, fracture, beat down ; to violate 

Affralire,— (re, va. 1. 3. to weaken, enervate, 
mike frati; -irsi, vrf. to become enfeebled 

Affraliménto, am. weakness, enféeblement, 
enervation, fritlty, infirmity 

Affrancatole, a. that may be freed, set free, 
emancipated; relè as able 

Affrancante, a. liberating, exempting 

Affrancare, va. i. to free, set free, emanci- 
pate; to liberile, exempt; to mike lithe 
and vigorous; —àrsi, vrf. to get freed, 
obtain one's liberty, become vigorous 

Affrancato, -a, a. freed; sm. freed man 

Affrancazióne, if. enfranchisement, libera- 
tion, discharge, release 

Affràngere, va. 1. irr. V. Aftrignere 

Affranto, -a, a. broken, worn down, used up 

A (Trap pare, va. 1. to cut, mince, cabbage* 

Ì fraternization , fami- 
liarity, intimacy, fel- 
lowship , brotherly 
love, common foot of 
Affratellarsi, vrf. 1. to fraternise, become 
comrades or chums; to live together like 

Affreddare, va. 1. to cool, mike cold; vn.. 
—irsi, vrf. to cóol, get cold, to become 
lukewarm; to slacken, flag 
Affinaménto, em. check, restraint, curb 
Affrenire, va. 4. to curb, check, bridle, 

Affrenatóre, -trice, §n\f. restra/ner; one 

who curbs, checks, bridles 
Affrescare, vii. i. {mar.) to Mote fresh (of 
the wind) 

Affrettaménlo, tm. affrettanta, if. basic, 

hurry, fuss 
Affrettare, va. 1. to hasten, speed, despatch ; 

—irsi, vrf. to mike haste, to harry 
Affrettatamente, adv. in a harry, hastily 
Affrettato™, -trice, tmf. histener, ùrger on 
Affrettóso, -a, a. hasty, hurried, fussy 
affrico, Affricino, m. sduth-wind 
Affrittellare, va. 1. to fry eggs; (fig.) to kill 
Affrontamene, §m. affront, attica, assault 
Affrontare, va. i. to affront; to fice, to 
attack the enemy in front; to affront or 
insult a person, to pitch into him ; —irsi, 
vrf. to altick each Other in front, to elisi) , 
to meet face to fice, to encounter 
Affrontato, -a, a. affronted, assaulted, en- 
countered ; fice to fice ; battaglia —ila, 
pitched battle, general engagement 
Affrontatóre, em. affronter, aggressor, as- 
Affrónto, am. affront, Insult; (rencounter) 
Affamare, va. 4. V. Affumicire 
Affamilo, -a, a. smoked, smoky; abject 
Affumicaménto, $m, famigiliog, fumigitioQ 
Affumicire, va. 1. to fumigate, smóke dry 
Affumicata, if. (ant.) V. Affumicaménto 
Affumicato, -a, a. smoked, fumigited 
Affuocare, va. 1. F. Affocare 

1X5" I -* «■*"»•«••* 

Affusilo, -a, a. tipering 

Affusellire, va. 4. to mike spindle-sniped 

or fusiform ' 

Affusolire, va. i. to mike fusiform, spindle. 

sniped ; to adorn, embellish ; — rimbròtti , 

to cist reproaches 
Affusolato, -a, a. bedecked, whirled 
Affusto, tm. {artillery) carriage (of a gun) 
Afobfa, if. V. Intrepidézza 
Afonia, i. iphony, loss of voice or speech 
Aforfsmo, im. Aphorism 
Aforisticamente, adv. aphoristieally 
Aforistico, -a, a. aphorislical 
Afrétte, -a, sourish, lirtish, acrid (sdoro ess 
Afréxsa, tf. icrilnde, icridness, Urtness, 


— 41 — 


A/riatto, tf. {min.) àphrisite (a variety of 

black totsnaalin) 
i f r% -a, o. tour, sharp, bàrsh, biting 
Alrodissaeo, -a, a. (merf.) aphrodisiac, aphro- 

dtsfaeal; aw*, aphrodisiac 
Afrodite, tf. {myth.) aphrodite (a name of 

Affogala, tf. (the Lombards call il latte- 

sete) whipped cream 
Afronitro, fm. saltpetre, volatile silt, soda 
afta, #/. (fsied.) thrush, ulceration, sóre; 

aft*, pi. apbtrn 
Agì, «fu, aga, Turkish commander 
Afalasafa, agalattfa, agalaaia, tf. (me4.) 

▼int of milk 
Agalloco, 9m. {boU) àgalloch, agallo chum, 

aloes wood 
if amo, -a, a. {bot.) agamous 
agape, a/, lève feast (of the primitive Oiris- 

Agapéti, $fp. virgins Hvlng in sisterhood 
Agàrico, ana. àgarick, mftshinom, drng 
affala, if. (min.) àgate (precious stone) 
Agata, a/, needle Mil (of twine for netting) 
Agaiato, -a, a. {min,) àgaty 
Affavano, am. {bot.) if are 
A gassa, agiata, tf. {om.) magpie, V. Gassa 
Agazxaiw, vn. i. F. Arrovellare, acciappàre 
Agoràio. 9m. {bot.) V. Achillèa 
Agiato, ft*, agent, steward, factor, manager 
— a. acting, that acts ; active 
Accatta, a/, agency office; (agency) 
Agevolaménto, em. the act of facilitating 
A carolare, va. 1. to facilitate, make easy 
Agevolato, -a, a. facilitated, made easy 
A fèrole, a. easy, very easy; without any 

difiealty, facile, manageable; conquerable 
Agevolézza, #/. facility, ease; mildness; fa* 

cfl esosa 
Agevolmente, adv. easily, with ease 
Ajgaffire, vo. i. lo catch, snatch, lay hold of 
Areaag aerare, va. 1. to hook (into an cje), 

to clasp 
Azgavignàre, va. I. to grfpe, grà*p, seize 
Aggecelifre, vn. 3. {ant.) V. Umiliarsi, ab- 
Aggrgoare, V. Andare a gènio 
Aggelare, va. I. to congeal, freeze 
Aggelato, -a, a. frozen, congealed, leed 
A {gelazióne, a/, congéalment, frdst, jelly 
Aggentilire, va. 3. to rènder gentéel, èlegant 
Affettare,* vn. 1. to project, jut fòt 
Aggettivo, ate. adjective 
Aggètto, awe, projection, jutting fòt 
Agghermigliire, va. 1. to clùtch, grisp, 

hold fist 
Aggberoaito, -a, a. (her.) barred, crossed, 

vUh stripes' of a different coi or 
Agghiacciamento, tm. frost, extreme cold 
Agghiacciare, va. 1. to freeze, to turn into 

ice; to congeal, fee, chill; —, vn., —irsi. 

vrf. to get frozen, become feed, chilled ; 

— di froddo r to freeze, be frozen, starve 
Agghiacciato, -a, a. frozen, chilled; folded 

Agghiaccio, em, sheep cote; V. Ovile 
Agghiadamene), em. numbness, chill 
Agghiadare, vn, 1., — fre, vn. 3. to be 
benumoed with cold, to bé chilled, frozen, 
Agghiadato, -a, a. benumbed, frozen, chilled 
Aggiacénza, a/, appurtenance, appendage 
Aggiacére {ant.) t vn. 9. irr. to suit, become, 

Aggiardinito, -a, a. glrdened; dressed and 

cultivated as a garden, with gardens 
Agginoccniarsi, vrf. 1. V. Inginocchiarsi 
àggio, em. Agio, exchange discount 
Aggiogare, va. 1. to yoke, put on the yoke 
Aggiogito, -a, a. yoked 
AggiogatÓre, -trice, tmf one who yokes 
Agglogliàto, -a, a. mixed with tares, darnel 
Aggiornare, van. 1. to fix a day, to adjourn ; 
to mAke a day of night; —Arsi, to bé 
day, to dawn; aggiorna, s'aggiorna, si fa 
giórno, day breaks, mom appears 
Aggiornato, -a, a. adjourned, appointed 
Aggiotàggio, em. agiotage, stock-jobbing, 

AggiogatÓre, -trice, tmf. stock-jobber, money 

jobber, jobber 
Aggiraménto, am. circumventing fraud 
Aggirandola, e/. V. Giràndola 
Aggirare, van. i. to surround, to cóme or go 
round, to enclose, hem in, beset, circum- 
vent; — uno, to cóme réand or deceive 
a person, to make a nóse of wax of him; 
—àrsi, vrf. to róam, ramble, straggle; 
to get bewildered, lost 
Aggirata, a/, turning round, swindling 
Aggiratóre, -trfce, em/, rambler, scamp ; 
circumvènter, parasite, chlrmer, bewitchor 
Aggiudicare, va, 1. to adjudge, adjudicate, 

Aggiudicatàrio, -a, tmf. {of tale» by ave* 
tton) purchaser; {adminittration) con- 
Aggiudicato, -a, a. adjhdged, awarded 
Aggiudicazióne, tf. adjudication, award 
Aggiùgnere, aggiùngere, vn. *. (aggiungo, 
aggiùnge, patì, aggiùnsi, part, aggiùnto) 
to add; to overtake, join, unite, V. Rag- 
giùngere, congiùngersi 
Agglugniménto, em. the act of adding, F. 

Aggingnilóre, -trfce, tmf. he, she that adds 
Aggiùnta, tf. addition, increase, augmenta- 
tion; sòsta edizióne con aggiùnte, sixth 
edition with additions 
Aggiuntivo, -a, a. V. Addiettfvo 
Aggiùnto, -a, a. added, joined, united; tm. 
epithet, adjunctive, adjective; adjunct col- 
league, surrogate, assistant 
Agginzióne,s/. addition, adjunction, pendant 
Aggiuràre, va. i. {ant.) to adjure 
Aggiustàbile, a. that mày bé adjusted 
Aggiustaménto, em. adjustment, agreement 
Aggiustare, va. 1. to adjust, arrange, settle. 


— 42 — 


•et to righi ; —àrsi, vrf. to agree, còme 
to a settlement; — i cannóni, lo pSìnl 
the cànnoo; — un cónto» to adjust or 
settle an account 
Aggiustatamente, adv. properly, fitly, rtyAtly 
Aggiustatézza, «/. justness, exactness, pro- 
priety, accuracy, correctness; — di ménte, 
ngAt-mindedness, clear-headedness 
Aggiustato, -a, a. adjusted, settled; shrewd 
Aggiustatóre, tm. adjuster, settler; minter, 

he that weighs and sixes the money 
Agginstévole, a. that can be adjusted 
Aggio hire, va. i. to conglobate, conglóbe, 
to gather into a bill, to collect into a 
round miss 
Agglomerare, va. i. to conglomerate, to 

gather into a bai or round body 
Agglutinare, va. i. to conglutinato 
Aggobbire, vis. 2. (aggobbisco, -foci, -(see) to 
become bump-backed, get hunch- backed 
Aggolpacchiarsi, vrf. V. Avvolpacchiare 
(Aggomicciolàre) ( va. I. to coll dp, wind up; 
Agffgraitolare | to make into a clew or 
coil ; —àrsi, vrf. to coll or gather one's 
self op; to master in plotòons, form into 
Aggomitolato, -a, a. colled, wound up 
Aggottare, va. to pùmp ship, to empty the 

water ways 
Aggottare, va. i. F. Strozzare 
Aggradévole, a. agreeable; to one's liking, 

to one's mind, acceptable, pleasing 
Aggradevolménte, adv. aggréeably 
Aggradiménto, am. pleasure, consent, liking 
Aggradire, va. 3. irr. (aggradisco, -isci, 
«isce) to receive with pleasure, accept 
willingly, to like, bé pleased with; to 
please, to be acceptable 
Aggradito, -a, a. received with pleasure, 
accepted willingly, acceptable, agreeable 
Aggradarsi, vrf. 3. to mike one's self agree- 
able to, to worm one's self into the good 
graces of (hook 

Aggraflire, va. i. to clutch, clasp, snatch, 
Aggrampire, va. i. to hook, séive; F. Ag- 
Aggranàre, tm. (ant) V. Granire 
Aggranchiarsi, vrf. I. {from grànchio, crab) 
to get stiff, cramped or crooked from cold 
Aggranchiato, -a, a. cramped, stiff with 
cóld; dita — ate, fingers cramped or crooked 
from cóld 
Aggrancfre, va. 3. V. Grancire 
Àg gradimento, em. aggrandizement, in- 
Aggrandire, va. 3. to enlarge, Aggrandize, 
make great; —irsi, vrf. to become large or 
Aggrandito, -a a. enlarged, raised 
Aggranditóre.-trice, tmf. magnifier, amplifier 
Aggrappamene, em. the act of grappling 
Aggrappare, va. 1. to grapple, grasp, hook; 
—àrsi, vrf. to cling to ; —àrsi ad una 
rupe, to cling to a rock 

Aggrappato, -a, a grappled, stuck to 

Aggrappolàre, va. 1. to cluster; to collect 
into a bunch 

Aggrappolàto, -a, a. clustered, collected 
into a bunch 

Aggraticciare, va. 1. to entwine, interpene- 
trate, embrace; —irsi, to become inter* 
wówen, get intertwined 

Aggratigliire, va. i. V. Incatenare, impri- 

Aggravaménto, tm. surcharge, aggravation 

Aggravante, a. Aggravating 

Aggravare, va. i. to mike onerous or griev- 
ous; to lay too heavy a load open, to 
wefo h npòn, weioA down, oppréss.aggriéve, 
aggravate ; le màndorle aggrivano il capo, 
almonds eluse a feeling of heaviness in 
the head; —irsi, vrf. to grow heavy. 
Onerous, griévons; to féel aggrieved, ag- 
gravated, angry 

Aggravato, -a, a. Aggravated, aggrieved; 

Aggravazióne, */. aggravation, heavier wetyAt 

Aggravezzire, va. i. (ant.) to aggrieve, to 
bear hard upon, to oppress, to impóse 
hardships on 

Aggrivio, $m. pilnfnlly onerous -weight, 
oppressive load, grievous or unjust im- 
position; aggravation, grievance» injury, 

Aggraziare, va. 1. F. Graziare 

Aggraziatamente, adv. with a good grace 

Aggraziito, -a, a. pardoned, graceful, genteel 

Aggredire, va. 3. to aggréss, assault felo- 

S£V"- 1 * *•"•—• 

Aggregare, va. 1. to aggregate 
Aggregato, -a, a. Aggregated 
— tm. aggregate, assemblage, mist 
Aggregazióne, #/. aggregation, association 
Aggreggiare, va. i. to gather together, to 
form into a herd or flock; —arsi. vff. to 
herd together, to become gregarious 
Aggressióne, a/, felonious assault; aggression 
Aggressóre, em. assaulter, aggressor, felon 
Aggrevire, va. t. {poet.) V. Aggravare 
Aggreszare, tm. I. (ani.) V. Agghiadare 
Aggrezzfre, vn. 3. V. Intirizzire 
Aggricciare, vn. I. to be stiff or cramped 

with cóld 
Aggricciarsi, vrf. to bé struck, overpowered 
with horror, to shake with fear; to hive 
one's hiir stand on end from terror 
Aggricciato, -a, a. V. Aggranchiato 
Aggrinzire, —ire, vn. i. 3. to wrinkle, g?t 
wrinkled (ted 

Aggrinzato, -a, a. torlnkled, shrivelled, rot- 
Aggriszirsi, vrf. V. Intirizzire, irrigidire 
Aggrizzito, -a, a. stiff with cold; F. Inti- 
Aggrommire, vn. i. to get covered with tAr- 

tar-crost or wine-lees 
Aggroppamene, em. a knotting, knot, group 


— 43 — 


Attrappire, va. I. Aggrappare 

Affrature, va. i. to open a ditch, raise a 
diieh-baok or ridge; — le ciglia, to knit 
«^«'j brevi 

Atfrottescare, va. 1. to paint, caro, orna- 
oésl grotesquely 

Ae?roues<-ito, sm. grotesque; a figure Ìd 

Vrrorigliare, aggrovigliolare, va. 1. to en- 
title, twist; -Arsi, vrf. to curl up, shrink 
òp, become twisted, entangled 

AfrroTtgliito, aggrovigliolito, -a, a. en- 
tingled, twisted 

Afrramimento, am* clot, concretion, card, 
e if a lam, coagulation 

Afjmmire, vn. to dot, concréte, curdle, 

Annusato, -a, a. curdled, coagulated 

A&mmolare, va. i. to collect, heap, put 

Aft rapiménto, $m. the forming a knot; 
withering into a bunch, grouping together 

Attrappire, aggroppare, va. i. to knot; 
fora a knot, tie; to make ùp a packet, 
parcel, or rouleau; to gróap, gather into 
a group 

Arrotolare, va. i to hoard, heap, pile 
op little b* little 

A;fQagliainento, am. a making equal, tal- 

A^ciglian», «/. equality, conformity 

Atgoagliire, «a. to equalise, tally, balance, 
make equal; to mike even or smooth 

AgKtugliataménte, adv. equally, proportio- 

A^.igliatóre, -trice, amf. that equalises, 

Ac,aagluii6ne, a/, conformity, equality 

•Wioigijo, sm. (poet.) touch-stone, com- 

Assuan tire^ va. {from, guanto, glove) to 
lay one's hands upon, to catch, to seize 
aod hold bj fores; {mar.) to réef 

Acroardaménto, am. a looking at, revolving 

Acgaaroaro, va. 4. (aal.) to consider, exam- 

Az;natare, va. i. to wait for, spf ; —irsi, 
vrf. to lie in ambush 

AftaatéTole, a. V. Insidióso 

Adotto, tisi. larking place, àmbush, imbus- 
eade; èssere in — , to lie in wist; mét- 
tere —, to lay snares; ordinare agguiii, 
{ fa > to trt to deceive 

Airntffire, va. V. Aggiùngere (war 

Argaerrire, va. 3. to train dp or inure to 

Atterrito, -a, a. disciplined - inured to wir 

Afifliodolaméiito, em. the act of reeling off; 
artifice, deceit, imposture 

Afioifldolire, va. to reel off, wind up ; {fig.) 
to lead by the nose, V. Aggirare, —irsi 

Afniodolo, em. V Guindolo 
Attuare, va. I. to please, give pleasure 
At icrbino, sm. {ant.) V. Garbino, libéccio 
4 aero, sm. a. V. Agro 

Aghétta, af. litharge, vitrified lead 
Aghétto, sm. string; {mar.) helm, rudder, 
tiller; va. bocchino da sciòrre aghétti, 
a pursed up móuth; non dire quanto un 
puntai d' —, to give absolutely nothing 
Aghifórme, a. needle-shaped 
Aghiróne, am. {orn.) heron 
Agiaméoto, am. ease, convéniency; easing 
Agiamina, af. barbaric work, insertion of 

Agiire, va. I. Adagiare 
Agiatamente, adv. with ease, commódiously 
Agiatézza, af, easy circumstances, the state 
of enjoying or means of procuring the con- 
veniences and comforts of life; wealth, 
comfort; respectable competency 
Agiito, -a, a. at one's ease, in easy cir- 
cumstances, well off, wealthy; còmfprtable, 
snùg, commodious, ample; slow 
Agibile, a. feasible, practicable 
àgile, a. Agile, ltthe, nimble, quick 
Agilità, -ade, *ite, af. agility, nimbleness, 

Agililare, va. I. to mike àgile, lithe, nim- 
ble, quick 
Agilmente, adv. nimbly, 1 finely, actively 
àgio, em. convenience, leisure, ease; com- 
fort (house, water-closet); gli igi, the 
conveniences and comforts of life; prèn- 
der —, to tike one's ease; dar —, to give 
time to pay; fire una cosa a bell'—, to 
do a thing at one's leisure, at one's ease; 
a vòstro bell'—, at your leisure, when 
convenience will permit, at your perfect 
convenience; fire i sudi agi, to ease one's 
Agire, van. 3. (agisco, agisci, agisce), to 
act, operate, perform; to act as an agent 

or ictor 

Agitaménto, em. agitation, shake, shock, stir 

Agitire, va. 4. to agitate, move, stir, sbike, 
jog, stimulate, òxclts; — una questióne, 
to à. ita t« a question; — una lite, un ne- 
gòzio, to carry on a law-suit, a tride 

Agitatóre, am. agitator, inciter, stimulates 
exciter, cabillcr, one who stirs up and 
keeps alive political excitement 

Agitazioncélla, af. flight agitition 

Agitazióne, af. agitition ; political excite- 

àgli, prep, and def. ari mot. pi. (before 
a vowel) to the, at the 

Agliija, af. Ghiija 

Asliijo, am. plice planted with girlie 

Agliata, af. girlie sauce; (prite, balder- 

Agliétto, $m. young girlie ; confortarsi con 
gli —étti, to feed upon viin hopes 

Aglio, am. {bot.) girlie 

igoa, af. {poet.) V. Agnélla; she lamb 

Agnascenxa, af. first derivition 

Agnatizie, -a, a. agnatic, pertiining to de- 
scent by the mile line (side 

Agnato, -a, smf. kinsman by tho father's 


— 44 — 


Agnazióne, sf. relationship by the father's 
tide, agnation 

Agnélla, agnollétta, agnellina, sf. little she 
lamb, Umb kin; panno agnellino, flan- 
nel, etc, made of lamb's wool 

Agnellàio, in», butcher; one «ho sells 

Agnellatura, sf. the bringing forth lambs 

Agnèllo, agnelletto, agnellino, em. lambkin,, 
little ho lamb 

Agnellino, -a, agnino, -a, a* of a lamb 

Agnollòlto, sm. sort of diminutive dumplings 
staffed with lamb 

Agnellnccio, em. better agnelletto 

Agnizióne, e/, recognition, recognising(tfteaf.) 

Agno, em. {poet.) lamb; swelling in the 
groin, bubo 

Agnocisto, em. (hot.) àgnns castas 

àgnolo, 'sm. V. angelo; ignei (old French 
gold coin) 

Agnórao, m. agnomen 

Agnus-dèi, sm. Agnus Dei; wax image of 
the lamb, etc. 

Ago, em. (agócchia ant.) needle ; the (mag- 
netic) needle; the hand of a clock; the 
gnomon or side of a sundial, the tongue 
of a balance, sting of a bee, etc. ; infilar 
gli aghi al bójo, to spéak of whit one 
does not know; egli ha sempre — e filo, 
he is always ready; non mónta nn —, it 
does not matter at ill 

Agognante, a. gréedy after (agóg for, vulg.) 

Agognare, vn. i. to be in an agony of de- 
stre; — a, to covet eagerly, long for greed- 
ily, to barn for, sue for, aspire to 
strenuously, straggle to possess 

Agognato, -a, a. longed for, passionately 

Agognatóre, em. he who longs or sues for ; 

Agonale, a. agonistic, of wrestling, of the 
agonists; of the Agonàlia; gli agonali, empi. 
the Agonàlia 

Agóne, em. large néedle; packing needle; 
aréna or list of the agonists, or athletes, 
bóxing-ring, wrèstling-grfònd; fight, com- 
bat, wrestling-match 

Agonia, sf. agony, anguish; struggle, last 

Agonista, em. athlete, wrestler, boxer, Agon- 
ist, gladiator 

Agonistico, -a, a. agonistic, agonistical 

Agonizzante, a. agonizing, dfing, at the 
point of death 

Agonizzare, vn. i. to be agonized, torn with 
anguish; to bé in tbe list Agonies 

Agonotóta, em. agonoihéte, an officer who 
presided over the games in Greece 

Agorà jo, sm. néedle-màker, sellor; needle 

Agostire, vn. i. to ripen, to grò to ripe, to 
bé matured 

Agostàro, em. old gólj coin of tho Emperor 

Agostino, -a, a. born in August 
Agósto, em. august (month); ferrare —, to 
get ftp a picnic pirty on the first of 
august; ferie d*— (ferragósto) feasting in 
Agòti, | em. (mam.) agouti, little pig of 
Agouti, ( Surinam • 
Agramente, ado. hirshly, sharply, severely 
A grin pèzza, adverb, by far 
Agràrio, -a, a. agrarian, relating to fields 
Agrestire, va. I. fig. (little used) to embitter, 
exasperate; to mike lean; vn. to grò* 
lean, thin 
Agrestemente, agrestemente, adv. coarsely, 
roughly, rudely, un politely, uncouthly, 
boorishly, churlishly, clown ishly 
Agresti ta, «/. drink made of edur gripes 

and sugar 
Agrèste, -a, a. agrestic, rustic, rural, rude 
Agrestézza, sf. rusticity; tartness, sourness 
Agrestino, -a, a. sourish, sharp, tirtish 
Agrèsto, em. sdnr grapes; the juice of sour 
gripes, verjuice; fire — , to put by, hoard 
Agrestume, em. sourness, acids 
Agrétto, em. girden cresses, Indian cresses 

in general 
Agrétto, -a, a. sourish, somewhat acid 
Agrézza, if. ) sourness, acidity, sharp- 
Agresto me, em. I ness, tartness, icids 
Agricolo, -a, a. agricultural; indùstria agri- 
cola, agriculture, husbandry 
(Agricola, em.) ) husbandman, firmer, culti- 
Agricoltóre, em. j vàtor, tiller; countryman 
Agricoltura, sf. agriculture, firming, tillage 
Agrifòglio, allòro spinóso, em. (oof.) holly 
Agrigno, -a, a. sourish sharp, harsh 
Agrimensóre, em. land surveyor 
Agrimensura, sf. mensuration, land-surréytng 
Agrimònia, sf. {bot.) agrimony, liverwort 
Agriótta, sf. egriot, wild black cherry 
Agrtpém, sf. (bot.) mirjoram 
agro, em. sour juice, lime juice ; tirtnets 
— , -a, a. sour, acid, tilt, sharp, bitter, hirsh, 
hard, rough, rude, cribbed, ill-nàtured, 
acrimonious, cross-grained, cross 
Agrodólce, a. sweet and soUr, shirp and 

Agronomia, sf. agronomy, agriculturism 
Agronòmico, -a, a. agricultural, of agro- 
Agrònomo, sm. agriculturist scientific cult- 
Agrostémma, em, (bot.) róse-cimpion, cim- 

pion-ròse; còrn-cockle 
A gr ds tide, sf. (bot.) bent-grass 
Agrume, sm. icid fruits in general, lemons, 
oranges, limes, etc. ; pot-herbs; Jtjp. bitter- 
ness, crosses, vexation 
Aguagliinsa, V. Agguagliami 
Aguardire, va. 1. (ant.) to look a head, tp£, 

Agnastire, va. i. to spoil, V. Guastare 
Agualàre, va. 1. to witch, apf, wad for 


— 45 — 


Agaatatóre, tm. hé * no P*«P«» spies, lies 

il wait 
Agnato, en. lurking-plàce, àmbush 
Afócchia, if. needle 
Agscehiàre, «a. i. to sew, stitch 
Agacebiatóre, -trice, #m/. «éomster, seam- 
stress, sewer, stitcher 
Agnglia, gnglia, #/. steeple, obelisk, needle, 
(éogie, ani.); aguglie, pt {mar.) pintles 
of a rudder, sentile hinges, góogins 
Ag*gliàia, «/. néedle-fùil 
A*oglióne, better pungiglióne, em, «ting 
Agognare, va. i. to caret, aim at; F. Ago- 
Agoaeniare, va. 1. F. Aumentare 
Agarire, agurarsi, van. L F. Augurare 
Agatiioe, em. niils, tick, points, (in gen- 
Agnèllo, em. tàck, point, very small nàil 
Arotétto, -a, a. rather panted, sharp 
Aguttaa, ef. aguto, tin. F. Aeutéisa, chiòdo 
Aguzzamento, em. sharpening, pointing 
Aguzzare, «a. 4. to whet, sharpen, edge, 
sharp set; point, give point or poignancy 
to; — i suoi ferrassi, to sharpen one's 
Uois, prepare one's self, strive ; — l'ap- 
petito, to sharpen one's appetite 
Aguzzato, -a, a. whetted, sharpened, pointed 
Aruzzàtnre, em whètter, sharpener, grinder 
Aguzzatura, ef. whetting, sharpening 
Agozxetto, em. (ant.) chief favourite, fac- 
iótom, bravo, bully, confidant, lóad-éater, 
Aguzzino, em. lose officer over convicts 
Aguzzo, -a, a. sharp, pointed ; acute 
Ani ahi! inter, oh! ah! alas! 
Ah i bò I oibd! inter, fiughi He I humph! 
Airnnèt oimél inter, alas! 
Ai, prep. and def. m. of, at, to the 
- tm. {tool.) tgnàras, tardus, the sloth 
Aimo! inter. V. Ahimè! 
Airóne, em. (om.) heron 
Aitare, «a. L irritate, provoke, anger, set on 
Aita, aitare, etc. F. Ajóto, ajutàre, etc. 
Aizzaménto, am. a chafing, irritating, an- 
Amare, va. i. to stir up or sting (a per- 
son or animal) to anger, good to fury, 
irritate, chafe, enrage; to provoke, Insti- 
gate, eoi on 
lizzato, -a, a. enraged, chafed, set on 
Aizzatóre, -trice, fin/, he, she who provokes, 

chafes, instigates, sets on 
Anzóso. -•, a. provoking, vexing, stinging, 

Mi tf. threehing-flóor; garden plot, par- 
tane, àrea ; governess ; menare il can por 
1' —, to Mot about the bùsh, to protract 
Ajare, va. 1. F. inajare 
Ajala, if. threshing-floor roll of sheaves, 
>;Ho, «. róvingly, leisurely, idly about; 

andare —, to ramble idly about 
Ajétta, $f. amali tbrèshing-flóor, hot-bed 

àjo, em. preceptor, (young gentleman's), 

tutor, (youug prince's) governor 
Ajólfo; cantare d'— , to say ali one knows 
Ajóne, adv. idly ab<Sut, róvingly; andare — , 
to stroll, rove, lounge, ramble idly or 
A jòsa, adv. abundantly, in lots 
Ajudtcare, va. 1. F. Aggiudicare 
Ajuóla, if. small barn, floor, furrow, trench; 

— di fióri, flower-bed 

Ajuólo, em. net to catch small birds in a 

barn yard ; tirar 1'—, to be covetous, near 

gathering, thrifty 
Ajutaménto, ajnto, em. help, assistance, 

Ajulinte, a. sturdy, helpful, powerful 
— em. helper, assistant; — di campo, Aid 

de-camp ; — generale, Adjutant-general ; 

— maggióre, adjutant; — chirurgo, assi- 
stant Surgeon 

Ajutàre, va. 1. to help, aid, assist, succour, 
be helpful to ; — àrsi, vrf. to be helpful 
to one's self, to avail one's self of, make 
use of; chi s'ajota Iddio (il cielo) l'ajula, 
prov. txp. help yourself and Heaven will 
help you 
Ajutaréllo, tm. little help, slight assistance 
Ajutatfvo, -a, a. helpful, serviceable, useful 
Ajutito, -a, a. assisted, helped, relieved 
Aiutatóre, -trice, emf. helper, assistant 
•Mutévole, a. favourable, kind, propitious 
Ajóto, em. help, aid, assistance, succour; 

ajuli, e. pi. auxiliary troops, supplies 
Ajutório, em. (anat.) adjulórinm, humerus 
Al, prep, and def. art. mat. sing, (before 

a consonant) to the, at the 
Ala, ef. wing; yard ; wing of a building or 
army; bàtter le ali, to flutter, to bait; 
far — , to make room, ópon the wt.y'; àia 
basso {mar.) the down bin* of the stay- 
sail ; — a bórdo, boat rope or guess rope 
of a boat's moorings 
Alabarda, ef. halberd 
Alabardata, ef. a thrust with a halberd 
Alabardière, em. halberdier 
Alabastrino, -a, a. of alabaster, alabaster 
Alabastro, em. {min.) alabaster 
Alàccia, if. a large ugly wing 
Alacrità, if. alacrity, gaiety 
Alacremente, adv. cheerfully, with alacrity 
Aladinisti, epl. Alàdinists, free thinkers 

among the Mahómedans 
Alàggio, am. {mar.) towage (action); towage 
(price) ; (of canale) tracking ; strada di 
—, tów-pàth, tówing pith, track-róad ; (of 
canale) horse-pith ; còrda di —, tow-line, 
tow-rope, towing-rope 
Alamanna, ef. kind of sweet white grapes 
Alamanno, -a, emf. and a. German 
Alamaro, em. ornamental lacing in the 

form of a button -hole, frogs 
Alamirè, tm. (mue.) alamlre, the lowest 

note but one in Guido's scale 
Alano, em. butt-dog, mastiff 



— 46 — 


Alapissa, sf, V. Lapazza 
▲lire, tm, andiron 

— va. 4. to haul, pull, drag, tów; alarsi, 
vrf. to put on wings, become winged 

Alatérna or alatèrno, tm. {bot.) privet 
Alito, -a, a, winged 
Alatóre, sm. hauler, puller, tower 
iiba, tf. break of day, diwn, aurora 
Albagia, tf. vanity, ambllfon, self conceit 
Albagióso, -a, a. conceited, hittoAty, vitfn 
Albina, tf. kind of white grapes 
Albanélla, tf. {om ) sort of bird of prey 
Albardéola, a/, torn.) spoon-bill (a water- 
Alberèllo, tu». V. Alberèllo 
Albitico, am. variety of black gripes (used 

to redden white wine) 
albatra, tf. V. Corbézzola 
albatro, am. V. Corbézzolo 

— sm. (om.) albatross, (tke largest of tea 

(Albèdine), a/. I whiteness, brightness 

Albeggiaménto, sm. \ lustre, splendour 
Albeggiante, a. whitish, somewhat while 
Albeggiare, tm. i. to become or be whitish; 

to diwn 
Alberire, va. 1. to rito the stindard, hflst 

the flag; to plant trees 
Alberato, -a, a. b&lsted, set up, unfurled; 

planted with trees 
Alberatura, sf. {mar.) mists, misting, mist- 

Albercócca, albicòcca, a/, {bot.) apricot 
Albercócco, am. (bot.) aprico t-tree 
Alborèlla, $f. {bot.) aspen-tree 
Alberèllo, am. small-vase, phial 
Alberése, a/, {min ) lime-stóne 
beréta, sf. alberéto, tm. grove of aspens 
Alborèlla, tm. little tree, dwàrf tré*, shrub 
Albergamene, albergagióne, sm. V. Albèrgo 
Albergare, va. i. to lodge, to receive into 
one's house or hotel, to accomodate with 
lodgings, to hirbonr; tm. to lodge, tike 
up one'» lodgings, to stop, reside, dwell, 
Albergato, -a, a. lodged, birbo ured; resided, 

dwolt; full of hotels or mansions 
Albergatóre, tm. proprietor or landlord of 

a hotel, innkeeper, hotel-keeper 
Albefgatrice, sf. liodlady 
Albergheria, tf. V. Albèrgo 
Alberghélto, tm. little hotel, Inn 
Albèrgo, tm. hotel, lirge inn; lodging, 
dwelling; prèndere -, to stop or put up 
at a hotel ; stire ad — , to be at a hotel, 
to be staying -at an inn 
Alberino, sm. dwarfish tree; {min.) den- 
drite; (mushroom) 
albero, tm. tree; {mar.) ship's mast; — ge- 
neoldgico, family-tree; — nino, dwarf 
trie; far salire sur un —, {hunting) to 
tree; al primo cólpo non cide r— , prov. 
t»p, at one stroke falls not the Oak 

Albicante, albiccio, -a, a. whitish 
Albicòcca, tf. {bot.) ipricot 
Albicòcco, tm. {bot.) aprico t-trée 
Albigési, ampi, {church history) Albigènses, 

Albilignstre, a. as white as the privet-flower 
I Albinaggio, tm. {law) escheat to the crown 
| (of the property of an alien deceased); 

aubifne, prize, God send; wind-fill 
Albino, -a, a. whitish; tm Albino 
Albióne, tf. {poet.) Albion (England) 
Albis; Doménica in — , Sunday after Easter 
Albo, -a, a. (poel.) white; turbid, tipsy 
Albinito, sm. V. Albiniggto 
Albóne, tm. kneading-trough 
Albera, tf. a species of leprosy, albóra 
A I bora re, va. V. Inalberare, eco. 
Alborotlirsi, vrf. {little used) to become 

tumultuous, to mutiny, re vòlt 
Albóre, tm auròra, diwn; ai primi albóri, 

at the breik of day 
ilbore, am. tree ; V. àrbore 
Alboròtto, am. {little used) commotion, in- 
Albógine, tf. albugo, white spot (on the 

Albugtaeo, a. {anat.) albnginous, albugin- 

Albuminóso, -a, a. albuglneous, whiU 
ilbum, tm. Album, scrap-book 
Albume, sm. while of an egg, albómen 
Albumina, tf albumen 
Albuminóso, -a, a- albuminous 
Alburno, em. {bot,) while hazel-tree; sap 
ileade, aleildo, tm. Alcade, Aleaid, Spanish 

Alciico, a. (Greefc and Lai. vers.) al caie 
Alcalescènte, a. (cftem.) alkalescent, al- 
ilcaU, tm {chem.) alkali 
Alcalino, aleatico, -a, a. {chtm.) alkaline 
Alcalizzire, va. 1. {chem.) to alkalis», mike 

Alcalizzazióne , tf. {chtm.) alkalixition, 

Alcanna, tf. ilkanet, red Aft, hènna. 
Alcinso, tm. courier, postman 
ilee, tm. (tool.) èlk, moots 
Alcéa, tf. \bot.) vervain, mallow, alee* 
Alchénna, sf. V. Alcanna 
Alchèrmes, sm. (pharm.) alkèrmea 
Alchimia, sf. Alchemy, ilehymy 
Alchimico, -a, a. alchemical, of alchemy 
Alchimista, sm. alchemist 
Alchimistico, a. alchemtatic, alchemlati&al, 

Alchimissire, vn. i. to practise alchemy ; 

to sophisticate 
Alcióne, sm, {om.) king fisher, halcyon, 

AlclÒnio,am.aÌcyónium (family of zoophytes); 

a. halcyon ; giórni alciónii, halcyon diys 
àlcool, sm. (chem.) alcohol 
Alcoolizzàro, va. 1. (chtm.) to alcoholize 


— 47 — 


Aleoriao, tm. àlcoran 
Altèra, */. tm. alcove 
Alctnaaente, ado. (.seldom uted) by no 

Aitano, -a, pron. and* a. somebody, tòme; 

»lebna Tòlta, sometimes; non ne ho — , 

I Mt# sène 
AMibaram, tm. lastr.) aldebàran, the 

bóU't tje 
Aldermanoo, tm. ilderman 
Aldino, -a, a. aldine (by Aldus Manuttut); 

•diiióae aldina, aldine edition 
AlaàUco, tm. V. Leàtico 
Alése, m. àleph, the first letter of the 

Hebrew alphabet ; dire -* t to begin 
Aleggiare, m. i. to flutter, flap, try to flf 
Aléna, tf. breath, respiration 
Aleoanéato, $m. breathing, respiration 
Alenare, e*, A. to breathe ; sm. breathing 
Alesò», -a, a. better ansante 
Alepirdo, tm. V. Leopardo 
Aleppo I inter, (ant.) ohi alasi (Dante) 
Alehdne, tm. {heraldry) spread eagle 

vithAt feet or beak 
Alemfarnaco, alessitério, $m edunterpSUon 
Alétta, tf. «mall wing, pinion, fin (of a fish) 
AleUromanzfa, tf. alèetromaney (foretelling 

event, bj means of a eock) 
Al«aroniaoi(a, tf. aleuromancy (divination 

by meal) 

Al/a, tf. alpha, first letter of the Greek 

Alphabet, beginning 
Alfabeticamente, adv. alphabetically 
Alfabètico, -a, a . alphabetic 
Alfabèto, tm. alphabet, A, fi, G (horn-book) 
Alfiia, tf. {pott.) mare 
Alfière, tm. ensign bearer; (chttt) bishop 
AifiJo, ( m {.) V. alfière, tm. (chest) bishop 
AiSioDftufa, tf. alpbilomancy (divination 

by barley-meal) 
Ufo, tm. alphas, vitiligo (a specks of 

Alfoufoe, a. fpL (attr.) alphdnsine tables 
Alfa, àliga, tf. (hot.) séa-wóed, séa-grass 
iìfebra, tf. àlgebra 
AÌ|ebriico, -a, algèbrico, -a, a. algebraic, 

Alfrbrieamènto, adv. algebraically 
Algebrista, tm. algebraist (ing 

Aliate, a. (poet.) àlgid, cóld, chill, fròdi- 
libere, vn. 1 irr. to be cóld, frétte, shiver 
Algore, tm. àlgor, extreme cóld, chlllness 
Algoritmo, tm. algorithm, the art of numbers 
Algoso, -a, a. full of séo-wéed 
AlfMifle, tm. iigoatil 
Aiia, tf. wing (of a building) 
Aliare, vn. i. to fit. flutter about, turn 
ititi, tm. (law) àlibi; provar 1'—, to 

prove ao àlibi 

Ali», tf. better acciuga, tf. anchóvy 
Alidada, tf. alhidade, cross-staff, quadrant 
A 'lire. va. 3. V. Disseccare 
* >'i5, alidore, etc. V. àrido, disseccare, etc. 
Aderito, -a, a. gólden-wioged 

Alidóre, tm. V. Aridità 
Alleggiare, tm. 1. V. Aleggiare 
Alienàbile, a. alienable, transferable 
Allenaménto, tm. alienation, separation 
Alienante, a. who alienates, sells 
Alienare, va. i. to alienate, transfer, part 
with, make over, deliver up ; to estrange, 
tnrn awày; — gli affètti, to alienate the 
affections;— àrsi, vrf. to become estranged, 
parted, severed 
AUenataménte, adv. giddily, thoughtlessly 
Alienatàrio, tm. (law) alienee 
Alienato, -a, a. alienated, parted with, sold; 
alienated, estranged ; ont of one's righi 
mind, deranged, distracted, eràcy 
Allenatóre, -trice, tmf. who estranges, alien- 
ates, tarns awày 
Alienazióne, tf. alienation, transfer, mak- 
ing over, sale; alienation, estrangement, 
aversion ; alienation of mind, distraction, 
mental derangement, temporary madness 
Alièno, -a, a. alien, foreign, far from, 
averse; non sono — da far ciò, I don't 
féel disinclined to do that; sarebbe còsa 
dal nòstro propósto tròppo —, it would 
be too foreign to dùr subject 
Aligero, -a, a. winged, bearing wings 
Alimentaménto, tm. aliment, alimenting 
Alimentare, va. 1. to aliment, nourish, 

Alimentare, a. alimentary, nutritive; sughi 

alimentàri, nutritive jóices 
Alimentàrio, -a, a. alimentary; dótto, ca- 
nale — , alimentary duct; pensióne ali- 
mentària, maintenance, alimony, provi- 
Alimentato, -a, a. alimented, nourished, 

Aliménto, sm. aliment, food, nourishment 
Alimentóso, a, a. alimentai, nutritive 
Alimo, tm. (hot.) alimos, common liquorice 
Alina, tf. small wing 
Alinéro, -a, a. blàck-wìoged 
Alinevóso, -a, a. having snów-whfte wings 
Aliósso, tm, small bòne, ossicle, cockle 
Allotto, tm. end of a slèeve, cuff, ruffle 
Alipede, a. wing-footed, swift, fleet 
Aiiqnànto, -a, a. aliquant, unequal part of 
Allqnoto, -a, a. aliquot; tmf. aliquot part 
Alisèi; vénti —, tmpl. trade-winds 
Alisi, tf. hàlo (round the sun, etc.) 
Al (s mo, sm. (bot.) alisma, water plantain 
Alitare, tm. 1. to pant, puff, blow, breathe 

— tm. panting, puffing, breathing short 
àlito, am. breath, light breath, breathing; 
slight smóke, light vapour; — di vènto, 
a breath of wind ; riaver 1'— to breathe, 
to recover one' self 
Alituóso, alitóso, -a, a. odorous, incense- 
Alirelóee, a. swift-winged, swift 
Alia, prep, and def. arUftm. ting, before 
conson. to the, at the 






— a/, ell; yard; (bill, squire) 

— buòna, adverb, certainly, truly, in truth 

— carlóna, adverb, carelessly, coarsely 

— francése, — fiorentina, etc., adverb. 
after the French manner, after the Flo- 
rentine manner, etc. 

AllaccéTole, a. attractive, V. Allettévole 
Allacciamènto, am. lacing, nòose; allure- 

Allacciare, va. i. to lice; to tie or lash 

together ; to bind, noose, allure, inveigle, 

entànglt; —àrsela, to be presuming, to 

make believe 
Allaccialo, -a, a. adapted to lace, tie, 

Allacciatóre, -trice, tmf. he, she who licet, 

ties, binds 
Allacciatile, if. alluring woman, sfren 
Allacciatura, if. tf ing, fastening, buttoning 
Alla cièca, adverb, blindly 

— distésa, adverb, at length, at full length 
Allagamènto, am. inundation, overflow 
Allagare, va. I. to owerflów, inondate, 

flood, submerge; (Jig.) to cèrne like a 

Allagazióne, «/. overflowing, submerging, 

Alla larga, adverb, aloof, at a distance 

— lunga, adverb, at the long run 

— mino, adverb, of easy access, tractable, 

Allampanare, vn. 1. V. ardere, (jig.) to be 

Allampanato, -a, a. emaciated, meagre, 

Alla pazzésca, adverb, foolishly, like a 


— pèggio, adverb, at the worst 
Allappare, va. 1. to prick the tongue, sting 

the pilate 
Allanlòide, if. (anat.) allantóìd, allintGb 
Allargaménto, em* enlarging, extending 
Allargare, va. 1. to enlarge, widen, broad- 
en ; amplify, extend ; — la mino, to be- 
come ópen-hinded, generous ; —arsi, vrf. 
con uno, to open one's mind to a person, 
V. Parlar distesamente 
Allargatola, a. enlarged, abundant, copious 
Allargatóre, -trice, smf. enlirger, amplifier 
Alla rinfusa, adverb, confusedly 
Allarmare, va. i. to alarm; —irsi, vrf. to 

become alarmed 
Allarmato, -a, a. alarmed 
Allarme, am. {from alle irmi I to arms!) 

alirm; fright; — falso, false alirm 
Alla scapestrata, adverb, dissolutely, loosely 

— sfilata, adverb, one after another, in 

— «fuggiasca, adverb, stealthily, furtively 

— sfuggita, adverb, by the way 

— spicciolata, adverb, apirt from the main 

body, dotichedly, dlspèrsedly, in a scat- 
tered manner, one bf one 

— sprovvista, adverb, unawares, unexpect- 
edly, without previous preparation 

Allassaménto, am. (ant.) V. Rilassasene 
Allassare, va. i. (ant.) to tire, fatigue 
AUatinare, va. i. to translite into Latin 
Allato, adv. beside, by; — — , close by 
Alla trista, adverb, coldly, in a cold manner 
Allatinire, va. i. to translite into Latin 
Allattaménto, am. suckling, giving suck to 
Allattante, if. nurse, wet nurse 
Allattare, va. i. to suckle; vn. to rack 
Allattatrice, if. nurse, wet nurse 
Alla ventura, 'adverb, at random, without 
settled aim or purpose, at hazard 

- vòlta, V. Vòlta 

AUavorire, vn. I. to work; V. Lavorare 

Alle, prep, and def. art, fern, pi , at the, 
to the 

Alleanza, if. alliance, league; 1'— di gra- 
zia, the covenant of grace; far —, to 
form an alliance, to league 

Alleato, -a, a. allied; am. allf 

Allebbiare, va. i. to contaminate, defile, 
soil, stifn 

Allecornire, vn. 3. to make or render dilnty; 
(fig.) to allure, entice 

Alleficire, vn. I. —arsi, vrf. to tike root; 
V. Allignare 

Allegibile, a. that may or can be alleged 

Allegacciare, va. i. to tie tight, hard; to 
fasten, to bind fist 

Allegaménto, tm. allegation; setting on 

Allegare, va. 1 . to allege, cite ; to set the 
teeth on edge; to alley; wis. to unite io 
a league; to knit, set, form 

Allegato, -a, a. alleged, allied, alloyed 

Allogatóre, -trice, imf. allèger, qooter 

Allegazióne, if. allegation, qnotition 

Alleggeriménto, tm. lightening, easing, 

Alleggerire, va. 3. to lighten, soften, miti- 
gite, ease, relieve,; — ini, vrf. to put on 
lioWer clothes 

Alleggerito, -a, a. lightened, unloaded, 
eased (boat 

Alleggerito», am. (mar.) lighter, tender» flat 

Alleggi aménto, am. lightening, easing, al- 

Alleggiare, va. I. V. -Alleggerire; — una 
nive, to ease a ship, lighten a vessel ; — 
la gómena, to ease the cible 

Alleggiato, -a, a. lightened, eased, alle- 

Alloggiatóre, -trice, tmf. he, she who eases, 

Allegoria, if. allegory 

Allegoricamente, adv. allegòrically 

Allegòrico, -a, a. allegorical, figurative 

Fate, méte, bite, note, tabs; - fit, 

met, bit, not, tab ; • fir, plqss, 

Baio, vino, ai, roma, figma ; . patto-patta, patte, a, i, natta, oéufi • nano, vino. 


— 49 — 


Al'erorfita, em. àlh'gmst 

Allegorizzare, va. 1. lo allegorize 

AliCgranéote, adv. gaily, cheerily, sturdily 

Ai>granénto, tm. V. Allegrézza 

Allegrai»!*, a. joyous, mirthful, cheery 

Ail«trire, allegri re, va. 1. to rejoice, glad- 
den, cheer, make joyous; —àrsi, vrf. V. 

Allettativo, -a, a. gladdening, diverting, 

Allegraióre, -trice, tmf. chéerer; he, she 
who gladdens, makes joyous 

Allegrétto, -a, a. rather lively, gay, merry 

Ailegréua, tf. rejoicing, }bj ousness, cheer- 

Allegrìa, tf. mirth, gladness, merriment, 

Allégro, -a, a. chéerfal, lirely, gay, mirth- 
fol. Berry, blithe; cheery, sprightly, brisk, 
quick, smart; am. (mut.) allégro 

Allegracelo, -a, a. good humoured, sprightly 

Aileluja, tm. Hallelujah; Ticchio quanto 
r-, Tèry 61d; parére on —, to look 
blithe and mirth fai 

Allenaménto, tm. breathing time, breath- 
iog, respite 

Allenare, vn. I. to get fòt of breath, to 
become breathless or short winded; to 
taint away, languish; va. to put in 
breath; to gire heart, courage, buoyancy; 
to strengthen, nerve, invigorate; — an 
cavallo, to breathe a horse, to make him 
(by exercise) long wind ed and strong; 

-arsi, vtf. to take breath, to stop, pause, 

Allenato, -a, a, 6*Ut of breath, blown, un- 
nerved, heartless; in breath, nerved, vig- 
orous, hearty 

AUeok», va. 3. to soften, mollify, mitigate, 

Alltnitftre, -trice, tmf. softener; he, she 
vho softens» mollifies, alleviates 

Allentaménto, alien tanta, tmf. relaxation 

Allentare, va. i. to slacken, relax; —arsi, 
erf. to slacken, get slack, give way, be- 
come relàied, softened; allentate il fréno, 
•lichen the rein; la corda s'allenta, the 
cord is getting slack 

Allentato, -a, a. slackened, relaxed 

Allentatura, */. relaxation of the intestines, 
incipient rapture 

Allenaménto, em. V. Legatura, fasciatura 

Allentare, va. i. to bandage, swathe; V. 

Alle prése, adverb. V. Présa 

All'èrta, adverb, upon one's gnard; stato 
—, beware, be upon your guard, keep a 
sharp look out 

Ailessaménto, em. lessatura^ tf. boiling; 
itéwisf («tow 

Allrssare, va. i. {better lessare), to bai, to 

Allòro, -a, a. boiled; ero. boiled meat; 
V. Lésso 

Allestire, —tire, va. 3 i. (allestisco, -tisci, 
-Usee, etc.), to prepare, to mako or get 
lèady; —tirsi, vrf. to prepare one's 
self, get one's self ready 

Allestito, -a, a. prepared, ready 

AUetamàre, va. 1. V. Letamare 

Allettatolo, tm. decoy bird 

Allettaménto, am. allurement, attraction, 
lore, charm 

Allettante, a. attractive, fascinating 

Allettare, va. 1. to entice, allure, attract, 
decoy; —àrsi, vrf. to take to one's bed 
(as a sick person); to nestle, find a couch- 
ing place; to become bedded or lodged 
(as standing corn beaten down by a hail- 

Allettativa, $f. allurement, attraction, lore, 

Allettato, -a, a. allured, enticed, doc&yed; 

taken to his or her bed, bed-ridden 
Allettatóre, -trice, en\f. tf. enticer ; allurer, 

Alletterato, -a, (ant) a. lettered, learned 
Allettévole, a. attractive, alluring, seductive 
Allevaménto, $m. bringing up, education 
Allevante, smf. he, she who rears, brings up 
Allevare, va. I. to rear, breed, bring up, 

educate; — un figliuòlo, to rear a child; 

— le pècore, to breed sheep 
Allevata, tf. (rural economy) breeding, 

the raising of a breed or breeds 
Allevato, -a, a. brought np; bred, educated 
- tm. V. Allièvo 
Allevatóre, $m. foster-falher; — di cavalli, 

hórse-bréeder ; — di b ostia me, cattle- 

breeder, V. Nutritóre 
Allevatrice, tf. fóster mother, nurse, V. 

Bàlia, nutrice, levatrice 
Allevaturàccia, tf. neglected education, bad 

Alleviagióne, tf. alleviaménto, tm. allevia- 
tion, éase 
Alleviare, va. i. to alleviate, lighten, ease 
Allenatóre, em. reliever, alleviator 
Alleviasene, tf. alleviation, éase, relief 
Allenare, vn. better pattare, V. Lezzo 
Alii, prep, and def. art. mate. pi. at the, 

to the 
Alliànza, tf. family alliance, kin, kindred 
Allibbire, va. 3. to be dismayed, pale 
Allibraménto, tm. booking, registry (census) 
Allibrare, va. i. (better registrare) to book 
Aliicenziàre, va. i. V. Licenziare 
AlHcere, va. t. V. Allottare 
Allidere, va. (uted only in the 3 perton 

ting, of the pretent and patt, allide, 

alllse, and in the. part, allfso) to 

Allietare, va. to gladden, rejoice, please 

nér, ràde; - fill, son, bull; - Are, do; - bf, ljmpb; poise, boys, fóul; fowl; gem a* 
- fort» —nf, eolia, . erba, n»f»; - lai •» i; V* Uiuto; 

Liz. ItaL Jngl. - Edi*. VI. VoL U. 


— 50 — 



Allievàrsi, vrf. I. to shoot up; get buoyant 
Allieto, -a, tmf. pupil, scholar; foster-child 
Allegaménto, tm. the taking root, settle- 
Alligato, tm. encl6snre; V. Inelùso 
Alligatóre, tm. (tool.) alligator; crocodile 
Alligazióne, t. ,(arith.) alligation; règola 

d'— , role of alligation 
Allignare, cm. I. lo take root; grow 
Allignato, -a, a. rooted, growing, thriving 
All'impanata, adverb, headlong, rashly, 

heedlessly, thoughtlessly 
AU' imp rovista, adverb, suddenly, unex- 
pectedly ; impromptu, off-hand 
Allindare, 1. —ire, 3. va. to make spruce, 

néat, clean, terse ; to set off; —irsi, vrf. 

to deck one's self 6*ut 
Allindato, -a, a. made dapper, néat; terse 
Allindatòre,-trfee,f m/. embellisher, polisher 
Allineaménto, ens. line, straight line; (mil.) 

dressing line 
Allineare, va. 1. to draw out in line of 

Allìnguàto, -a, a. talkative, chatty 
Alliquidire, vn. 3. (better liquidfre) to 

Allisciare, va. I. (better Uscière) to smooth, 

Allistàre, va. 4. V. Listare 
Alterazióne, tf. alliteration 
Allivellare, va. V. Livellare 
Allividaménto, sm. the getting livid, lirldity 
Allividire, (allividisco, — taci, —fsce, etc.) 

vn. 3. to become pale and livid, to get 

pale as death 
aio, alii, àgli, alla, èlle, de/, art. and 
. — ^prep. at the, lo the; alle sei, at six; àgli 
"^ scolari, to the scholars 

Allóbrogo, sui. clown, country bumpkin 
Allocare, va. i. to place, to locate 
Allocca, e/, dull, stupid, moping woman 
Atioccàccio, em. great ùgly owl, (solitary) 
Alloccàre, va. i. to spf, watch, lie in 

wait for 
AUoccherfa, «/.owl's awkward flight, moping 
Allòcco, em. (om.) owl; moping fellow, 

Alloccóne, tm. stop id fellow 
Allocuzióne, tf. allocution, address 
Allodiale, -a. a. (lato) allodial, allódian, 

freehold; tèrre allodiali, allodial lands, 

Allòdio, tm. (law) allodial tenure, freehold, 

freehold estate 
Allòdola, tf. (om.) sky lark; allodolétU, 

little lark 

Allogaménto, sm. allogaglóne, tf,, (the) let- 
ting; at lease 

Allogare, va. 4. to place, locate, settle; — 
danari, to put money dut to interest; — 
tèrre, to let lands, etc., on a lease; — 
una figlia, to marry a daughter, settle 
her in life 

Allogato, -a, a. placed located, settled, let 

Allogatóre, -trice, tmf. he, she who places, 
lets; landlord, landlay 

Allogazióne, if. lease 

Alloggerfa, if. V. Allòggio, alloggiaménto 

Alloggiaménto, sm. lodgings ; rooms, quart- 
ers; cantonments; lodgment, entrench- 
ment; — d'inverno, winter quarters; 
pórre gli alloggiaménti, to eocàmp 

Alloggiente, tmf. he, she who gives a lodging; 
landlord, host, landlady, hostess 

Alloggiare, va. to lodge, accomodate with 
lodgings; vn. to lodge, take ftp one's 
lodgings ; l'alloggiano gratuitamente, they 
lodge him gratis ; chi tardi arriva mile 
alloggia, prov. exp. he is ill lodged who 
arrives late, last còme last served ; —àrsi, 
vrf. (mil.) to open an intrènchment, ef- 
fect a lodgement 

Alloggiato, -a, a. lodged, quartered, in- 
trenched; dóve siete — ? where are you 
lodged J 

Alloggiatóre, -trice, $mf. he, she who gives 
a lodging; host, hostess, innkeeper, land- 
lord, landlady, lodging-house keeper 

Allòggio, em. lodging; lodgi ng-h«ise, lodg- 
ings; cattivo —, bad lodgings; bell'—, 
splendid rooms, comfortable lodgings 

Allogliàto, -a, a. stupid, dull 

AUongaménto, sm. Allungaménto - 

Allontanaménto, tm. allontanànsa, sf. the 
act of sending or state of being far away, 
the going or being off and away ; removal, 
absence, distance, remoteness 

Allontanare, va. 4. to remove, to send far 
away ; —àrsi, vrf. to go or bé a great 
wa# off; to withdraw, to keep off or away 

Allontanato, -a, a. remòte, off, far off 

Allopatia, if. (med.) allopathy 

Allopàtico, sm. (med.) allòpathist ; a. al- 

Allopaticamente, adv. allopàthically 

Alloppiare, va. 1. to drag with opium; to 

Allòppio, sm. Y. òppio; pigliar r—, to die 

Allóra, adv. then; at that time; d'— in 
qua, since that time; — quando, allor- 
quando, when, whilst 

Allóra, tf. sort of peach; (a qui», mask) 

Allorché, adv. when, whilst 

Allorino, -a, a. of laurel; sm. (hot.) litlle 

Allòro, em. (hot.) làurei; — spinóso, v. 

Allòtta, adv. (pott, ant.) then, at that 

Alluciàre, va. 4. (poet.) to efe, gaxe oo, 
stare at 

Allucignolàro, va, 4. to mike wicks; twist 

Allocignolàto, -a, a. twisted like a wick 

Allucinare, va. 4. to dazile, impose on, 
deceive, delùde 

Allucinarsi, vrf. i. to bé hallucinated, to err 

Allucinazióne, tf. hallucination 

Allùda, tm. soft leather, sheep's skin 


— 51 — 


Allentilo, ««. (cftem.) àludel 
Alludente, a. allusive, hinting at 
AllMere, va. S. irr. to allùde, bint at, 

rtflr to 

Allunare, va. i. to ignite, Ughi ; to set Are 
to (a train, etc.) ; V. Accendere, ilia mi- 

AlramatÓre, -trice, $mf. he, the who ignites, 

Allume. #•%. (min.) àlum 
Allumièra, «/. àlum-pit 
Alluminare, (ant) V. Illuminare, etc {dy- 
ing) to alani 
Alluminatura, s/. (dying) iloming 
Alluminosétto, -a, a. slightly aluminous 
Alluminóso, -a, a. aluminous, of àlnm 
Alluaaméato, sm. the curvity of the deck 

of ships 
Allunatola, a. {mar.) curved like a crescent 
Allungaménto, #m. lengthening; distance 
Allungare, va. 1. to lengthen, stretch; pro- 
long ; — un Testito, to lengthen a coat ; 
— i liquóri, to dilute liquor ; far — il 
collo, to tantalise, keep in expectation; 
—àrsi, vrf. V. Dilungarsi («way 

Allungato, -*, a. lengthened, diluted, off, 
Allungature, -trice, sn\f. ho, she who length- 
ens; (mar.) fottock 
Allungatura, «/. lènghtening, stretching 
Allupare, v*. 4. to have a wolfs appetite 
Allupato, -a, a. as hungry as a wòlf 
Allusióne,' */. allusion, hint; implication 
Allusivo, -a, a. allusive, hinting at 
Alleviare, va. V. Allagare 
Alluvióne, e/, alluvion 
alma, (poet) (anima), e/, soul 
Almadfa, a/, ilmadie (bark canoe used b£ 
the Africans) ; (long boat used at Calient) 
Almagesto, am. Almagest 
Alsnaaaeeare, va. 1. to write Almanacks; 
to vender, pussle one's brains, trf to 
find «ut 
Almaststeeo, #m. almanac, calendar; far 
almanacchi, to build cissies in the air; 
to fancy, wonder 
Alfltàexso, fretter alméno, adv. at least 
Alairàflio, almirante, ammiràglio, $m. 

adsviral; admiral's ship 
alma, am* («si») V. ànimo; —, -a, a. 

fsaeC) excellent, great 
Alraesuitaro, sm. (attr.) àlmncantar 
Alawziax, $f. amice, àmlct 
Alno, am. (bet.) V. Ontano 
Alòoa, of. (orn.) V. Lodola 
aloe. «m. [bat.) àloes, àloe-trée 
Aloetico, -a, a. aloètica!, like àloes 
àlóae, am. hàlo (round the son or moon) 
Alopecia, alopésia, «/. filling of the hair 
àtósa, a/, (icht) shad 
Aleacia, s/. hfdromei, honey and water 
alpe, of. high mountain 
Alpestre, a. like the Alps; rough, wild, 
péctavasqne; — deserto, wild, wilderness 
», alpigtoo, -a, tin/, inhabitant of 

the Alps; a. of an alpine mountaineer 
Alpino, alpigno, -a, a. alpine, of tho Alps 
Alquanto, adv. somewhat, in sòme degree, 
rather; a. and pron. some, some little, 
sòme few; ne ho — , I have sòme 
(of it); ne ho alquanti, 1 hare a few 
Alsl (ant.), altresì, adv. also; likewise, too 
Alsfna, sf. (bot.) V. Centónchio 
Altaléna, «/. swing, nee-saw (bascule) 
Altalenare, van. 1. to swing, sée-sàw, send 
dp and down (swàpe 

Altaleno, sm. swing-gate or bridge, lever, 
Altamente, adv. hfgly, greatly, remarkably 
Altana, t/. small light tower (on a building) 
Altare, »m. altar; scoprir gli altari, to 

betray secrets 
Altaréllo, sm. little altar; lecturn 
Altarino, $m. little altar, V. Inginocchia- 
to jo 
Al lanóso, -a, a. V. Altezsóso 
Altèa (bismàlva) */. (bot.) màrsh-màllows 
Alteràbile, a. alterable, changeable 
Alterabilità, */. changeableness 
Alteramente, adv. hiughtily, disdainfully 
Alteramente, tm. V. Alterazióne 
Alterare, va. i. to alter; change, deteriorate; 
—àrsi, vrf. to become perturbed, get 
angry, fty into a passion 
Alteratamente, adv. angrily, furiously 
Alterativo, -a, a. (med.) alterative 
Alterato, -a, a. altered, changed, irritated 
Alteratóre, -trice, sm/. he, she who alters, 

changes » 

Alterazioneélla, f/. slfyAt alteration; per- 
Alterazióne, s/. change, alteration, adult- 
Altercare, va. 4. to dispole, quarrel, wrangle 
Altercativo, -a, a. contentions, quarrelsome, 

Alterazióne, a/, altercation; dispute, briwl 
A torèllo, -a, a. rather tall, somewhat high 
Alterézza I s/. haughtiness, stàteliness,pride, 
Alterigia | insolence, arrogance 
Alternamente, adv. bf turns, alternately 
Alternare, van. i. to alternate, change in 

Alternatamente, alternativamente, adv. al- 
Alternativa, s/. alternative, option ; — cru- 
dèle, cruel, dire alternative, dilemma 
Alternativo, alternato, «a, a. alternate, by 

Alternazióne, t/. altérnateness, alternation 
Altèrno, -a, a. (geom.) altera, successive, 

Altèro, alteróso, -a, a. haughty; lofty, 

Alletto, -a, a. V. Alteréllo, alticcio 
Altézza, </. height, elevation; highness; a 
sua — Reale il principe di Galles, to bis 
Royal Highness the Prince of Wales 
Altezzóso, -a, a. hàn^Aty, proud 
Altezzosamente, adv. hauflrMily, proudly 


— 52 — 


Alticcio, -a, a. hilf seas over, tipsy 
Altieraménto, adv. haughtily, loftily 
Alterézza, e/, pride, loftiness, haughtiness 
Altièro, -a, a. hiughly, stately, lòfly 
Altifreménte, a. boiling, boisterous, roaring, 

violent, stormy 
Allifrondoso, -a, a. léafy or taftei at top 
AHimetria, a/, altlmetry 
Aitino, am. V. Zefiro 
Altipos<ènte, a. very powerful 
Altisonante, altisono, -a, a. léud-sòunding 
Altissimo, a. very high ; am. the Móst High 
Altitonante, a. lòud or high thundering 
Altitonanza, a/. Mod or high thundering 
Altitùdine, e/, altitude, height 
AltiTolànte, a, soaring, high-fixing 
alto, -a, a. high, till, lofty, elevated, sub- 
lime, loììd ; casa Alta, high hduae ; la Cà- 
mera alta, the House of Lords or Peers, 
the high hóUse, upper hfòse ; nomo —, 
UH man ; un nomo — sei palmi, a man 
six feet high ; leggete ad alta vóce, read 
Mùd or al (Sud; in — mare, on the high 
seas, on the open séa; dire alte còse, to 
draw the long bów, to romance ; — sónno, 
deep sleep; 1'—, am. the great deep; 
V. Alteua; far — e basso, to do as ono 
— adv. high op; altfud, ltfodly; — {miL) 
hilt, stop, stand ; fare — {mil.) to hilt, 
to* mike a hilt, to stand, to mike or tike 
a stand 
Aljóre.-trice, un/, {poet.) noùrisher, nhrser, 

.Altramente, adv. otherwise, in other res- 
Altresì, adv. also, likewise, too (pècts 
Altrettale, a. such, similar, such like; bal- 
lerine,' modiste ed altrettali, dancing girls 
and milliners and each like persons 
Altrettanto, proti, a., and adv. as much, 
•as mnch again, as much more; gli disto 
una libbra, ditemene —, yon give him 
a ptfund, give me as much; gliene déste 
tre, ditemene altrettante, you gire her 
three, give me as many 
il tri, pron. ting, {altr'uomo) any body; 
né da voi nò da —, neither by yon nor 
bf any one ; io non ho acensito — che 
voi, 1 hive not accused any one but you ; 
—, (instead of chi, quale), — ride, — 
piànge, one laughs another wéeps, sòme 
laugh others wéep; — (the plural of 
altro) others 
Altrice, a/, (poet) nurse 
Altrièri, em. the day before yesterday 
Altriménti, al tramenìi, adv. otherwise 
altro,-a, pron, a. and adv. other, quite ano- 
ther, quite different; something else, anoth- 
er thing; éccone un —, there is another ; 
parliimo d'— , let as talk of something 
else; volete — ? do yon wint any thing 
else? non siete da —, you are good for 
nothing else; tutt' — che, quite different 
from; per -, yet, however, in other re- 

spects; é égli ricco? —, is he rich? very 

Altroché, conj. {teldom used) except, unless 

Altrónde, adv. élsewhire, in or from anoth- 
er part; on the other hand, besides, how- 
ever; V. D'altrónde 

Altróve, adv. somewhere else, to or in 
another place 

Altrui, pron. others, other people ; perchè 
volete crocciare voi stésso ed — ? why 
will yon torment yonrsMf and others? — 
{di un altro other people' s); non bi- 
sógna bramare l 1 — , we must not covet 
other people's property, etc 

Altura, §/. height, eminence; sulle altare, 
apin the heights 

AltnrétU, </. small eminence, knoll 

Alturièri, a. f. {mar.) of the high seas; 
navigazióne —, proper navigation 

Alturière, a. m. {mar.) of the high teas; 
piloto —, séa pilot 

Allotto, adv. wholly ; quite, entirely 

Aladéllo, em. V. AiladéUo 

Aloma, a/. V. Aliarne 

Alunno, -a, em/, pupil, scholar (foster- 

Alveare, Alveirio, em. bee-hive (child) 

àlveo, am. channel or bed of a river, etc 

Alveolare, a. Alveolar, iiveolary 

Alveolito, -a, a. alveolate, resembling a 

Alvèolo, am. nirrow bed of a river; gli al- 
vèoli dei dènti, the sockets of the teeth 

Alvino, -a, a. (med.) alvine, belonging to 
the lower belly 

Alvo, am. {poet) billy, womb 

Alsija, t/. tówing rope, cible 

Alzaménto, tm. raising, lifting, rising, rtae 

Alzana, $f. V. Alsija 

Alzare, va. i. to raise, hoist, lift dp, exalt; 
— la bandièra, to hoist the flag, raise the 
standard, commence; — le corna, to get 
prdud, become presumptuous; — le m Az- 
ze, — i mazzi, to go awiy; — a marino, 
to leave, to go away; {Jig.) to seta-going, 
to begin something ; — il gómito, to drink 
too mnch ; — il fianco, to éat with lux- 
ury; — la vóce, to riise the voice, erf 
aloud; — un'opera, to cry ùp a work; — 
il prèzzo, to riise the price; — est. to 
rise ; ove ti terréno- piò alzi va, where the 
ground wis or rose highest; —irai, «vjf. io 
get Ap, rise ; mi alzo alle cinque, 1 He* 
at fire; si alza il sóle, the sun is riling 

Alzila, ef. V. Alzaménto; — di tèrra (en- 
gineertng) enbinkment, bank 

Alzato, -a, a. raised, lifted; risen, gol 
up, ap 

— tm. {geom.) front, ortogriphic projection 

Alsàtara, alzila, a/, raising, elevation ; ris- 
ing, rise 

Amabile, a. imiable, lóvely, agréeavble; 
swéet; palatable; persóna —, inaiatalo 
person ; vino —, wine of a rotM agréoable 

Amabilità, ef. imiablencss, miUncss 


— 53 — 


Amabilmente, adv. in an amiable manner, 

Aaaea, ef. hammock, cot, suspended bed 
Amadore, em, Amadrice, ef. V. Amatóre, 

A patrie* 
Amadriade, ef. {myth.) Hamadryad, wood- 
A mala péna, adverb, hardly, scarcely 
Amalgama, if. amalgam 
Amalgamare, im, 1. to amalgamata 
Amalgamations, a/, amalgamation 
A mal grido, adverb, in ipito of; against 

one's will 
A malincuòre adverb, grudgingly, reluctant- 
ly, unwillingly 
A mal ponto, adverb, nnfòrtanately, unluck- 
ily, unseasonably 
Amandolata, a/, amjgdolate, milk of alm- 
Amàndorla, a/. V. Mandorla 
Amandorliao» em. small almond 
A mini giùnte, adverb, with dosed or 
clasped hands, in a supplicating postare 
A mino, a mino, adverb, bf degrees, at 
A man salva, adverb, without risk, with 

Amante, a. loving; emf. lover, lived one, 

sweet-heart, gallant 
Amantemente, adv. lovingly, tenderly, with 

Amanuènse, em. amanuensis, copier, scribe 
Amanza, ef. mistress, swèet-heart; wish 
Amariccio, -a, a. very bitter, disagreeable 
Amine*, am. {boi.) marjoram 
Amarane, am. refuse, dregs, trtih 
Amaramente, adv. bitterly, painfully 
Amaranto, $m. {bot.) Amaranth; flower 
gentle; wine made of marasca cherries; 
d'— , amaranthine 
Amarasca, ef. (àot.) égriot, black hard 

Amaraachfno, tm. màrasquin, liqueur made 

of aaarisoa cherries 

Amaraaeo, am. (bot.) black hard cherry-tree 

Amirav vo. t. to lore, bé in love with; to 

bé fond, of, to like; io imo Maria Brano, 

1 Uva Mary Brown; non si ima di èsser 

maltrattato, one dónt't like to be ill 

treated; — per amóre o d'amóre, to love in 

the lowest sense of the expression; — 

maglio, to like better, to prefer ; mèglio 

amarono di morfr alla battaglia, che 

viver in servaggio, they preferred dying 

hi tma tented field to living in slavery 

VmaraggiamAnto, em. bitterness, embitter- 

Amareggiare, va. i. to imbitter (ing 

— tea. A- {seldom need) to grow bitter 

Amareggiato, -a, a. imbittered, rendered 

Amareggio!*, amarélla, if. (bot.) mother- 
Asaritt*, -a, a. Uri; $m. tirt, crackers, 

, a/, bitterness, affliction, grief 

Amaress&re, va. 1. V. Amareggiare, ma* 

Amaricire, va. 1. V. Amareggiare 
Amariccio, -a, a. sourish, tart, rilher bitter 
Amariflcire, va. 1. {fig.) to imbitter 
Amarilli, amarlllide,.*/. {bot.) amartllis, 

daffodil lily 
Amarfre, va. 3. V. Amareggiare 
Amaritudine, §f. bitterness, affliction, griéf 
A marinare, va. V. Amarezzare 
Amiro, tm. V. Amarèna 
— -a, a. bitter, gnévous, sad, cruel 
Amarógnolo, -a, a. rither bitter, embittered 
Amarène, em. bitter stomachic wine 
Amaróre, am. V. Amarezza, amaritudine 
Amaróso, tm. V. Maróso 
Amirra, a/, (mar.) mooring, seizing bridle 
Amarrare, va. i. {mar.) to mike fist, to 
lash; to hold fist; to hitch; belay; nip 
Amarulènto, -a, a. bitter, rAther bitter, 

Amasio, em. (Lat.) wèoer, suitor, gallint 
Amata, ef. sweet-heart, mistress, kept mis- 
Amatissimo, -a, a. very much loved 
Amatista, ef. {min.) Amethyst 
Amatila, better matita, ef. black lead 

Amativo, -a, a. imiable, lovely, ldvesome 
Am ito, -a, a. loved, dear 
Amatóre, em. lover; admirer, amateur 
Amatòrio, -a, a. Amatory, loving, amorous 
Amatrice, ef. sweetheart; mistress 
Amattamènto, em. (mar.) signalizing (for 

Amattare, va. L (mar.) to signalize (for 

Amanrósi, ef. (med.) amaurosis, gutta seréna 
Amazzone, ef. Amazon 
Ammònio, -a, a. amazónian, pertaining to 

or resembling an Amazon 
Ambige, ef. ambages, circumlocution 
Ambasceria, ef. embassy; deputation 
Ambascia, ef shortness of breath, pain, 

Ambasciadóre, -drice, -trice, am/. V. Am- 
Ambasciire, vn. i. to pant, palpitate; 

Ambasciata, tf. embassy; negotiation, com- 
mission, errand 
Ambasciatóre, -trice, emf. ambAssador, am- 
bassadress; — non porta péna prov. 
exp. the ambAssador is sicred (howover 
unwelcome his embassy) 
Ambascióso, -a, a. steeped in grief, sor- 
Ambissi, am», imbsace, double ace, two 
ices; aver fatto —in fóndo, to bo entirely 
and totally ruined 
imbe, pron. and, a. p\f. both 
Ambedue, am bed ài, ambeduo, pron. pi. 
mf. both, a. pi. both, V. Ambo, imbo 
Ambiadura, ef. V. Ambio 


— 54 — T AMM 



Ambiente, a. ambling 
Ambiare, tm. 1. to Amble, pace (hands 
Ambidèstro, -a, a. ambidexter, using both 
Aoibidùe, ambidùi, ambiduo, pron. pi. 

mf. both 
Ambiente, a. Ambient; sm. Ambient Air 
Ambigua mento, adv. ambiguosly 
ArabiguitA. (ant.) -ade, —Ale, if. ambiguity 
Ambiguo, -a, a. ambiguous; doubtful 
Ambio, tm. Amble, easy pace; andare all' 

— to Amble 
Ambire, (—Iseo, fact, -foce) va. 3. to desfro 

Ardently, wish for eagerly 
Ambito, tm. Ambit, periphery, circle, cir- 
cumference; intrigue, cab Al 
Arabixioncèlla, if. slight degree of ambition 
Am bilióne, tf. ambition (desire, eagerness) 
Ambiziosamente, adv. ambitiously 
Ambizióso, -a, a. ambitious, aspiring, de- 
Ambliopia, sf. (med.) Ambliopy, dullness 

or obscurity of sight 
ambo, mf. both; ambodae; V. 

Ambóne, tm. ambo (sort of pulpit In the 

early churches) 
Ambra, tf. Amber; — grigio-cino, Am- 
Ambracane, sw. odoriferous Amber 
Anibràre, va. i. to perfume with Ambergris 
Ambrétta, if. purple sweet, sultan, mask- 
Ambrogétte, tfpL little squares of marble 
ifor checkered work or tèsselAted pave- 
Ambrogina, ambrosina, a/, best sort of 

Ambrosia, tf. ambrosia 
Ambrosiano, -a, a. of St. Ambrose; Ambro- 
siana un buon — , a good Milanése 
Ambròsio, -a, a. ambrosial; fragrant 
Ambulacro, am. ambulatory, place to walk 

in (as an arcade or portico) 
Ambulante, a. itinerant, walking; Tendi- 
tóre —, itinerant merchant; è una biblio- 
tèca —, he is a prodigy of learning; è 
un mòrto —, he is and looks past recovery 
Ambulanza, tf. ambulance (movable hos- 
pital for the wounded in battle) 
Ambulare, tm. 1. (vulg.) V. Fuggire 
Ambulatòrio, -a, a. ambulatory 
Ambustióne, tf. ambùstion, burn, scald 
Amedàoo, tm. {boi.) Aldor 
àmen, V. Ammen 
Amenamente, ado. agreeably, pleasantly, 

Amcndoe, —one, —uni, V. Ambedue 
Amenità; {ant.) —Ade, —àie, a/, amenity, 

Amenizxàre, va. I. to make agreeable, 
pleasant, charming; — l'argoménto, to 
enliven the subject, to treat il in a lively, 
witty or humorous manner 
Amèno, -a, a. pleasing, sweet, charming 

Aménto, amènza, V. demènza 
Aménto, sm. (bot.) Ameni, amentum 
àmeos, Ammi, sm. {bot.) ammi, Ammios, 
bishop's worth ; (pharm.) Ammi, Ammios 
Ametista, tf. Ametisto, tm. (min.) Amethyst 
A metis 1 ino, -a, a. amethystine 
Amfibio, anfibio, -a, a. amphibious 
Amianto, sm. (min.) amianthus, asbestos 
Amica, if. female friend; mistress 
Amicàbile, a. Amicable; accomodaménto, 

— , amicable arrangement 
Amicabilita, sf. friendliness 
Amicamente, adv. V. Amichevolmente 
Amicare, va. i. to reconcile, bring to an 
agreement, make understand each ether; 
—Arsi (uno), to gain the friends hip of 
(a person) (fable 

Amichévole, a. Amiable, gentle, polite, af- 
Amichevolmente, adv. Amicably, like a 

Amicissimo, -a, a. rery friendly; greAt 

friend of 
Amicizia, tf. friendship, Amity, good will; 
appiccare —, restringersi in —, to knit 
up friendship 
Amico, -a, tmf. friend, well-wisher; com- 
panion; egli è un ino —, he is a friend 
of hors ; égli é II suo —, he's her cicisbeo 
— , -a, a. friendly, propitious, favourable 
Amidàceo, -a, a. starchy, consisting of 

àmido, tut. starch 
Amidóso, -a, a. containing starch 
Amigdale, if. (anat.) tonsil, amygdale al- 
mond-like gland in tbe throat 
Amiss! bile, a. that may bé lost 
AmtssibililA, tf. tho possibility of being lost 
Amissióne, if. loss 
Amistà; (ant.) —Ade, —Ate, if. Amity: 

Am istanza, if. sadden and light friendship 
Amitto, am. Amice, amiet 
Ammaccaménto, sm. the act of braising, 

bruise, contusion 
Ammaccare, va. 1. to braise; — , vis. 

-àrsi, vrf. to get bruised 
Ammaccato, -a, a. bruised, crushed 
Ammaccatura, if. bruise, contagion 
Ammacchiarsi, vrf. to dodge into a jonglo 

or bush, to lurk, skulk 
AmmacchiAto, -a, a. hid in a eopso or 

Ammaestràbile, a. teachable, apt to learn 
Ammaestraménto, adv. in a masterly manner 
Ammaestraménto, ammaestrànaa, tmf. teach- 
ing, training 
Ammaestrante, tmf. teacher, instructor, 

màster, mistress 
Ammaestrare, va. (from, maèstro, mister) 
to teach, tutor, instruct; to train, form, 
discipline, drill 
Am maestrali vo, -a, a. ins tra eli ve, informing 
Ammaestrato, -a, a. taught, trained, la* 



— 65 — 


Aamaeetratóre,-triee, at»/, teacher, instruct- 
or, governess 
Aaaaes tratara, ammaestraziòne, a/. F. Am- 

Aamaestrévole, a, tractable, teachable, 

Aomaestrevolménte, adv. in a masterly 

Aamagliàre, va. I. (from maglia) to cord 

(a bile), to bind op as bf netting 
Aamagrire, vn. 1. Ammagrlre, (ammagrf- 

seo, — faci, —lice) vn. 3. lo get thin (o/ 

persons); to become loan (of animals) 
Am m a i na r e, va. 1. {mar.) to take in sail, to 

brace the yards 
Anmajarsi, vrf. {ant.) to deck one's self 

with flowers; to be covered with green 

Ammalare, vn. 1. to fall sick: va. to make 


Amsalasfeelo, -a, a. sickly, weakly, infirm 
Ammalato» -a, a, sick, ill, unwell; dis- 
Ammalalaedo, ammalazzato, -a, a. sickly 
Anmaliaménlo, am. bewHchiog, witch raft 
Ammaliante, a. bewitching, fascinating; 

persóna — , fascinating lady 
Ammaliare, va* A. to cist a spéli updo, 

Ammaliato, -a, a. bewitched, fascinated 
Ammaliatele, sm. enchanter, wizard, ma- 
Ammaliatrice, e/, witch, sorceress; charmer 
AamaJiatnra, if. witchcraft, fascination 
Ab maliziare, va. to mike mischievous, 

arch, sly, malicious 
Ammalialo, -a, a. grown malicious 
Ammandorlato, -a, a. lòzenged, mide Idl- 
es ge-wise 

Ammanettile, va. 1. to handcuff, manacle, 

Ammanettilo, -a, a. handcuffed; shackled 

Ammaaieraméato, em. mannerism, affected 

Ammaeieràre, va. i. to embellish with stu- 
died, aflécted or far-fetched ornaments 

AmsBAnJoralo,*a, a. mannered, ornamented 

Imaaaieratura, «/. mannerism, embellish- 

Ammaaioconire, (ammaninconlsco, —faci, 
—Iseo) vn. 3. to become melancholy 

Ammaanajire, ea. i. to behead with an Axe 

Aamaanajalo, -a, a. beheaded 

Ammaaaaménto,«m. a preparing, getting up 

Atamaaaare, va. i. — nire, va. 3. to pre- 
pere, get op 

Aaaaaeire, va. I, —ire, va. 3. to time, 
miloVa, make gentle; — , vn. t —arsi, 
—Irsi, vrf. to grow mild or gentle, to 

Asmaaaito, -a, —ito, -a, a. mfldened, 

tamed; softened, appeased 
Isaaaatare, va. to throw a cloak upon, to 
«rip ap la a mantle; to cloak, palliato, 

disguise; -irsi, vrf. to cloak or disguise 

one's self 
Amraanlalùre, */. «. cloaking, covering, 

Ammantellare, va. i. V. Ammantare 
Ammanto, sm. clóak, mantle; covering 
Ammarciménlo, sm. putrefaction 
Ammarefre, (ammarcisco, — isci, — isce), 

vn. 3. V. Marcire 
Ammarczzire, va. V. Marezzare 
Am marginarsi, vrf. i. to héal up, become 


Am mancare, van. i. V. Rammariciro 

Ammarinare, va. I. {mar.) to man (a prize); 
to inure to the nival service 

Ammartellire, va. 1. to torment, mike 

Ammascherire, va. 4. V. Mascherare 

Ammassaménto, em. heap, miss, accumu- 

Ammassire, va. i. to amass, heap up, ac- 
cumulate; —irsi, vrf. to muster, còme 
together, meet 

Ammassilo, -a, a. heaped up; crowded; 

Ammassatóre,-trf ce, «fof. accumulator; héap- 
er up 

Ammassicciare, va. 4. to heap up, accumu- 
late; to mike missy, massive, solid 

Ammassicciarsi, vrf. 4. to harden, get com- 
pact, become missive 

Ammasso, sm. heap, miss, bulk, accumu- 

Ammatassare, va. 4. to wind into skéins 

Ammattaménto, sm. {mar.) the miking 
signals {bj means of flags, etc.) 

Ammattire, va. i. (war.) to signalize (to 
mike signals to by means of flags, etc.) 

Ammattire, vn. 3. to go mad, become de- 
ringed; va. to drive mad; district 

Ammattito, -a, a. driven mad; become in- 

Ammaltonaménto, em. piving with bricks 

Ammattonare, va. i. to pive or floor with 

Ammattonito, -a, a. pived with bricks, 
floored with I lies; em. floor, pivement, 
square (sacre 

Ammazzaménto, sm. killing, murder, mas- 
Am maiz are, va. I. to kill, murder, mas- 
sacre; (to mike nosegays); — con le pa- 
ròle, to bo a wearisome talker; — il 
tempo, la noja, to beguile time, the 
ennui; —irsi, vrf. to kill one's self; 11 
pòpolo, la gènte vi si ammazza, there is 
an immènse crowd 
Ammazzasètte, em. bully, briggart, swig- 

Ammazzatóio, sm. slioghter-mfflse 
Ammazzatóre, -trice, smf. he, she who 

kills, murderer, murderess 
Ammazzo! aro, Y. Maizerare 
Ammazzerilo, -a, a. hardened, dried up, 



— 56 — 


Ammazzolire, va. L to mike nosegays, 

Ammelmare J vn. 1. to sink in the rafre, 

Ammemmare | stick in the mud, get en- 

Ammonire, va. to strike 

Ammenazióno, sf. stroke, blow 

àmmcD, Amménne, sm. àmen, so be it; 
in un — , in a moment; il tròppo — - 
guasta la fèsta, prov. exp. too much of 
a thing is good for nothing 

Ammencire, va. 3. to make thin, flaccid, 
flabby; vn. to bocòme, get, grow thin, 
flaccid, flabby 

Ammènda, sf. amends, compensation, re- 

Ammendàbile, a. that may be repaired 

Ammendaménto, sm. amendment, belter* 

Ammendare, va. 1. to amend, correct, re- 

' form, meliorate, better; to indemnify for, 
repair; —irsi, vrf. to mènd, improve, got 

Ammendazióne, sf. reformation, correction 

Ammondùe, pron. both 

Ammansare {from, mènsa), va* I. to add 
or annex to the income of a bishop 

Ammésso, -a, a. admitted, received 

Amméttere, va. 2. irr. (ammétto past am- 
. misi, part, ammésso) to admit, receive 

Àminezzaménto, sm. middle, division, half 

Ammezzare, va. 1. to divide in two, halve 

Ammezzalóre, sm. mediator; —, -trice, smf. 
divider in two equal parts 

Ammezzirsi, vrf. 3. to grow over -ripe, 
faded, withered 

Ammiccamento, sm. wink, hint given by 
shutting the eje (with a significant cast) 

Ammiccare, va. i. to wink, beckon with 
the eye 

Ammiccato™, -trice, sm. he, she who winks 

Ammigliorire, va. 1. V. Migliorare 

Auminicolire, va. 1. to prop, aid, further 

Ammiuicolàto, -a, a. propped, aided, fur- 

Amminicolo, sm. adminicle, help, further- 

Amministragióne , {ant.) V. Amministra- 

Amministrare, va. to administer, rule; to 

administer, furnish, afford, distribute 
Amministrativo, -a, a. administrative, ad- 

Amministratóre, -trice, smf. administrator, 

administratrix; trustee, agent 
Amministrazióne, sf. administration, gov- 
Amminuire, va. 3. V, Diminuire 
Ant minutare, va. 1. V. Sminuzzare 
Ammiràbile, a. admirable, wonderful 
Amuj ir abilità, sf. admirability, wonderful- 

Ammirabilmente, adv. admirably, wonder- 

Ammiràglia, sf. {mar.) admiral's ship 

Ammiragliato, tf. admiralty, àdmiralship 

Ammiràglio, sm. admiral; (ani.) looking- 

Ammiranti, sf. the whole body of nival 
officers, V. Ammiragliato 

Ammaraménto, sm. V. Ammirazióne 

Ammirando, -a, a. most admirable, wòn- 

Ammira nsa, sf. V. Maraviglia 

Ammirare, va. i. to admire, —irsi, vrf. to 

Am m iratissimo, -a, a. very mach admired 

Ammirativamente, adv. admiringly, with 

Ammirativo, -a, a. ammirative, of admira- 
tion or wonder; wdnderstrack, enrap- 
tured ; pùnto — (I), note of admira- 

Ammiratóre, -trice, smf. admirer 

Ammirazióne, sf. admiration, surprise; ave- 
re —, to wonder ; dare —, levaro in —, 
to astonish ; méttere — in uno, to mike 
one wonder; tenére in —, to keep in con- 
stant admiration 

Ammiriére, sm. {little used) admirer 

Ammiserire, va. to mike miserable; to 
bring lóto; vn. to become miserable; to 
be brought loco 

Ammissibile, a. admissible; receivable 

Ammissibilità, sf. admissibility 

Ammissióne, sf. admission, reception 

Ammistióne, sf. mixture, mixtion, medley 

Ammisurare, va. i. V. Misurare 

Ammitto, sm. imice, imicil, V. Amitto 

Ammobiliare, va. 1. V. Mobiliare 

A mm od are, va. to moderate, to keep or 
confine within due bounds 

Ammodorito, -a, a. V. Moderato, etc. 

Ammodernare, va. 1. to modernize, new/ 

Ammodernato,- a, a. modernized 

Ammodestare, va. 1. {ant.) to render mod- 

Ammodulito, -a, a. (tittle used) tuned (of 
musical instruments) 

Ammoggiire {from moggio, a bushel), vn. 
i. to grow exuberantly; to yiold abun- 
dant crops; to grow or increase in 

Ammogliaménto, sm. taking a wife, mv- 

Ammogliare, va. i. to marry (a son); —irsi, 
vrf. to tike a wife, to marry , get mar- 

Ammogliato, sm. married, hiving a wife 

Ammogliatóre, sm. match-maker 

Ammoinaménto , sm, dalliance, fondling 

Ammoinire, va. i. to caress, fòndle, cóax; 
— gli òcchi d'ai còno, to lull one's ejes 
to sleep ; — la ménte, l'inimo, il cuòre 
d'alcuno, to bewitch one out of hi» 
strength (of mind), courage, darln? 


— 67 — 


Asaoiliménto, am. steeping, «(Salting, soft- 

Aamollare, «a. i. to soak; saturate, sleep, 
vet, aSblen, mollify, «often; — il ventre, 
to J nericale, or open the bowels; tra. to 
be soaked, steeped, moistened, mollified, 
rifooed, calmed 

Smollato, -a, a. steeped, softened, mol- 
liti ed 

emolliènte, a. emollient, softening; em. 

Ammolliménto, «m. mollification, the mak- 
ing soft 

ammollire, va. 3. to open, relax, soften, 

Ammollitivo, -a, a. laxative, moistening, 

Ammollito, -a» a. relaxed, softened, lubri- 

Ammolsalo, a. mixed with marrow 

Aimoncellare, va. i. to heap up, to pile 

Aamoniaea, $f. (them.) ammonia (volatile 

Ammoniacale, a. ammoniac, ammoniaca! 

Ammoniaco, am. ammoniac 

Ammonigióne, t/. V. Ammonizióne 

Ammoniménto, ero. admonition, warning, 
gentle reproof 

Ammonire, (ammonisco, — faci, —esce), va. 
3. to admonish, warn, counsel; advise 

Ammonito, -a. a. warned, admonished, 

Ammonitóre, trice, $mf. admònisher, mòn- 

Ammonitòrio, -a, o. admònitive, admoni- 

AmaoDÌxioneélla, a/, light admonition 

Ammonizióne, a/, admonition, advice 

AmmoDtaménto, em. heap, hoard, mass 

Ammontare, va. i. to heap or pile up; vn. 
to meant, ascend, come to 

Ammontalaménte, adv. pèll-mell, confus- 

Ammontato, -a, a. amassed, heaped op 

Aauaontteaxe, va. i. to heap np confus- 

Ammonticchiare, va, i. to heap np, —irsi, 
vrf. to crowd together (heaps 

A&aootieellamento, em. the making small 

Aunontonàre, va* 1. V. Ammontare 

Ammorbaménto* am. illness; contagion, 

Ammorbiate, a. sickening, contagions, stink- 

tmmorbire, vn. to fill sick; smell strong 

AmmorbateUo, -a, a. a little spoiled, stink- 

àmmorbidaménto, ami. softness, effeminacy 

Ammorbidare, va. 1. -^trt. (ammorbidisco, 
—bei, — isce, etc.) 3. to soften, to mike 
downy and soft, to rènder delicate or ef- 
frminato ; —irai, vrf. to become nice, 
•elìcale, to gei soft and effeminate 

Ammorsire, va. V. Moraecchiàre 
Ammorsellato, $m. minced meat and eggs 
Ammortaménto, am. extinguishing, extinc- 
Ammortire, va. i. to deaden, allay, mod- 
erate, to quench, extinguish, stifle 
Ammortiménto, tm. (med.) mortiflcition, 

V. Ammortaménto 
Ammortire, (ammortisco, — fsci, - isce), vn. 
3. to . become languid, to fall into a 
swoon, to fall off or awiy, to deciy ; 
sink; — irsi, vrf. to go dut, be extin- 
guished, to sink or fide awiy 
Ammortizzare, va. i. (tate; to redeem, buy 

up (an annuity) 
Ammortizzazióne, */. extinguishing, sinking; 

càusa di —, sinking fund 
Ammorzare, va. i. to put dut; extinguish, 
smother; to allay, lay. déaden; la piòg- 
gia ha ammorsilo la pólvere, the rain 
has laid the dust 
Ammorsatóre, -trice, imf. he, she who 

quenches, extinguishes, allays 
Ammoscile, vn. 3. to rade, languish; fall 

Ammostante, tm. grape-prèsser, vintager 
Ammostare, va. i. to tread the wine-press; 
to press or tread dut the juice of the 
Ammostatójo, $m. wine-press, large trough 
Ammostature, -trice, tmf. he, she, who 

treads the wine-press 
Ammostatura, a/, trampling, pressing of 

Ammo i inaménto, V. Ammutinaménto 
Ammotinire, V. Ammutinare 
Ammottaménto, tm. tumbling down of clods 

and earth, mouldering, crumbling 
Ammottàre, vn. L to crumble down, roll 

Ammovere, va. 3. irr. V. Tògliere 
Ammoviménto, $m. V. Avvicinaménto 
Ammozzamènto, tm. clot, concretion (of 
earth) into bird lumps (from want of 
Ammozzire, va. 1. to harden, to form into 
a mass {of earth) cohering, to form into 
bard lumps 
Ammozzicire, va. i. to cut to pieces, mas- 
Ammucchiare, va- 1. to heap, or pile op 
Ammuffire, vn. i. to get mouldy or 

Ammuinire , ammuinaménto, V. Ammoi- 

nire, etc. 
Am munire, ammoniménto, V. Ammoni- 
re, etc. 
Ammusirsi, vrf. to meet face to face 
Ammutire, vn. 1. -ire (ammutisco, «lsci, 

-isce) vn. 3. to become dumb 
Ammutinaménto, am. mutiny, sedition, 

Ammulinarsi, vrf. to motiny, revolt 
Ammutinato, -a, a. seditions, mutinous 



— 58 — 


Ammutinato™, sm. mutineer, revolter, de- 

Ammutinazióne, sf. y. Ammutinaménto 

Ammutire, Ammutolire, (ammutolisco, -isci, 
isce) v». 3. to bo mate, become dumb, 

Ammutolito, -a, a. dumb, mate, speechless 

Amnesia, sf. loss of memory 

Amnistia, a/, amnesty, general pardon 

Amnistiare, va. 1. to pardon by amnesty, 
to pardon 

Amnistiato, -a, srnf. person pardoned by am- 

Amo, <m. fish-hook ; andare a pesca coll'— 
d'oro o d'argènto, to ventare much on 
the hope of little gain; invan si pesca 
sei'— non ha l'esca, prov. txp. honors 
and dignities are vainly sought for without 

Amòmo, am. (hot.) am 6m urn; aromatic drug 

A mónte, adverb* nigh up, upwards, V. 

Amorino, am. Irregular or Illicit lite 

Amóre, sm. love; 1' — divino, the love of 
God ; 1'— amino, the lore of man, human 
love; — fratèrno, brotherly lóro; — car- 
nale, sènsaal lóro ; — sentimentale, sen- 
timental or Platonic lóro; cinto, can- 
tóne d'— , lòve-ditty; conrito d'— , (agape, 
a/.), lóve-féast; stòria d' — , raccónto 
d'— , love-tale; istruito dall'—, lore- 
taught ; pégno d*— , lore-tóken ; — di sé, 
Belfióre; — pròprio, selfishness; — miot 

my lore 1 my dear ! per amor mio, for 

my sake; per l'amor di Dio, for Gods'» 
sake; far all'— con una damigèlla, to 
pay one's adrèsses to a yoùng lady; an- 
dare in — (said of animals), to be proUd, 
hot, in hèat ; un' òpera fatta eon —, a 
•work of lore ; languire di —, to be lòre- 
sick; languènte d*— , lóre-sick; Amóre 
(myth.) Love, Cupid 

Amoreggiaménto, am. lore affair, courting 

Amoreggiare, va. 1. to court, mike lore to; 
egli amoreggia quella signorina, he's 
courting that yoùng lidy 

Amorétto, sm. slight attachment, little lore 

Amorévole, a. kind, obbliging, bland, benign 

Amorevoleggiire, va. i. to shew kindness, 
treat with kind and delicate attentions, 
to caress, fondle 

Amorerolézia , t/. kindness; blindness; 
kfnd and delicate attentions 

Amornroleuina, sf. kind words, fond endear- 

Amoreroleudccia, sf. hug, rough embrice, 
rùilic kindness 

Amorevolissimo, -a, a. very kind, most gra- 

Amorevolmente, adv. with kindness, lov- 

Amorevolóne (all') adverb. In a very kind 
or gricioos manner 

Amòrfo, -a, a. (statural history) amorph- 
Amorino, sm. little lore ; small Cupid 
— d'Egitto, am. (6o£.) reseda, mignonette 
Amorosamente, adv. lovingly, amorously 
Amoroséllo, -a ) «• *~|f J«. Pr/Possès«ng. 

Amorosétlo -a « enléel - P léa,I0 «» 16?e ~ 
' J some 

Amoróso, -a, a loving, imoarous ; padre — , 
loving or affectionate father; sguardo — „ 
amorous regard, look of love; —, ant. 
lover (thtat.), sweetheart, gallant. K. 
Amorétto, sm. rising lève, fondness 
Amoscina, $f. damson, damascene (plum) 
Amoscino, am. {hot.) damson-tree 
Amostinte, almostinte, sm. (from the Arab 

Musteem) pachi, governor, vice-roy 
Amovibile, a. movable, removable 
Amovibilità, sf. movableoess, removability 
Ampérlo, sm. (bot.) white-thorn, hawthorn 
Ampiamente, adv. imply, fully, widely 
Ampiire, va. T- Ampliare 
Ampiézza, sf. extension, lirgeness, ampli- 
ampio, -a, a. ample, Urge, wide, spacious 
Ampiogiovinte, a. fit for many things 
Ampioregninte, a. ruling a vast empire 
Amplèsso, Sin. emb.ace, clasp, fond pres- 
Ampliaménto, sm* V. Ampliazióne 
Ampliire, va. 1. to enlirge, extend, impliff 
— arsi, vrf. to dilite; amplify, enlirge 
Ampliatilo, -a, a. enlirging, impliittng 
Ampliazióne, sf. enlargement, ampliation 
Amplificare, va. to amplify (exaggerate) 
Amplificativo, -a, a. exaggeratory 
Amplificai», -a, a. amplified, en Urged 
Am pliGcatóre, -trice, srnf. amplifier, magni- 
Amplificazióne, sf. amplification, enlarge- 
Amplitudine, sf. amplitude 
àmpio, -a, a. V ampio 
Ampólla, sf. phial, rial, glass vessel; avere 
il diivolo neir— , to go sidy to work; 
to be a sly-bòots; ampólle, sf. oil and 
vinegar cruets 
Ampollétta, sf. small bottle, sand-glass, 

Ampollina, sf. small phial, babble in 

Ampollosamente, adv. in a bombastic 

Ampollosità sf. bombast, fustian, turgidity 
Ampollóso, -a, a. bombastic 
Ampolluzza, sf. small vial, hfòr-gliss 
Amputiro, va. i. (surg.) to imputate; — 

un mèmbro ad alcuno, to amputate a 

person's limb ; farsi —, to hive a limb' 


Amputilo, -a, srnf. person who hat had a 
limb amputated 



— 69 — 


Amputazióne, a/, (surg.) amputation; fire 
da'—, to perform an amputation; fare 
T— di un mèmbro, to amputate, to cot 
eta limb 
Aaaléto, am. amulet, charm, talisman 
Aaaafre, »«• 3. (little used) to dismiss 
(public functionaries) ; to remove (from 
Isa, tf. (ned.) mixture, equal mixture ; 
ad — ad — , adverb, by or in equal 
Anabattista, am/. Anabaptist, Baptist 
Anacardiao, -a, a. (boi.) of anacirdiom 
Aaaeànto, sm, [pot.) olshew-nut, anacAr- 

anace, am. better ànice 
Ajueoréta, am. anchorite, hermit, recluse 
Anacorètico, -a, a. of an anchorite or 

Aaaeoretixslre, ins. 1. to lite like a hermit 
Anacreóntica, #. anacreontic 
Anacreóntico» -a, a. anacreontic 
Anacronismo, aw. anachronism, error of 

Anadiplósi, a/, (risei.) anadiplósia, redu- 
Anafora, a/, (rkct.) anaphora, repetition 
AoagAUide, sf (bot.) chick-weed 
Anaglifo, a. Anaglyph, chased or embossed 

Anagllflco, -a, a. anagtyphic, of chased or 

emhoaaed work 
Anagaósta, am. anagnóstes, reader at meals 
Anagogia, a/, mistical sense; ecstasy 
Anagogicamente, adv. mystically 
Anagògico, -a, aaagórico, -a, a. mistical 
Anagrafe, a/, eénsoa (of the population) 
Anagramma, am. anagram 
AnagrammAtieo, -a, a. anagramniàtic, ana- 
AjugrassmalfsU, am. anagràmmaUit, maker 

of ioagrama 
Anagrammatiiiàre, va. 1. to make ana- 

Aeaia, a. Anal 

Aaalaemma, am. (geom.) Analemma, ortho- 
graphic projection of the sphere on the 
plane of the meridian 

Calassi, a/, (med.) analépsia 

Aaalétti, *mp. fragments, select pieces, 

AsaietUc* -a, a. (med.) analeptic 

i: alfabèto, a. ignorant of the Alphabet, 

a*t knowing B from a bull's foot 
Analisi, a/, analysis; far 1'—, to Analyse, 

te pine 
Analista» «m. Analyser, resolver, critic 
'.iihdeaménU, a, analytically 
isalitieo, -a, adv. analytical 
iLaliaaare, «a. i. to Analyse, decompóse 
analogamente, adv. analogously 
fealogfa, a/, analogy 
Alogicamente, adv. analogically 
analògico), -a, a. Analogical 

Analogismo, am. analogism 

Anàlogo, -a, a. analogous 

Anamorfosi, a/, {perspective and bot.) 

Ananas, am. (bot.) pfne-Apple, ananas 

Anapèsto, «m. (vera.) Anapest, poetical 
foot composed of two short syllables And 
a long one 

Anapéstico, a. (vers.) anapèstio 

Anarchia, if. Anarchy 

Anàrchico, -a, a. anarchical 

Anarchists, a. V. Anàrchico; sm. Anarchist, 

Anargiro, a. (Qruk) moneyless, pènnyless 

Anasarca, anassàrca, if. (med.) anasarca 
universal dropsy 

Anastomizxàrsi , vrf. to anastomose, to 
communicate with each other (ae the 
arteries and veins) 

Anastomòsi, a/, (anat.) anastomosis (the 
inosculation of vessels) 

Anatema, am. person anathematized, excom- 
municated with curses ; sfa — , let him 
be accursed; excommunication, anAtheraa 

Anatematizzare, va. i. V. Scomunicare 

Anatocismo, «m. interest upon interest 

Anatomia, sf. anAtomy 

Anatomicamente, ado. anatomically 

Anatòmico, -a, a. anatomical; sm. anat- 

Anatomista, sm. anatomist, dissector 

Anatomizzare, va. 1. to ana torn fie, dissect 

Anatra, sf. better Anitra (zool.) sf. duck 

Anatrare, vn. to cackle {a as duck or 

Anca, sf. (anat.) hip-bóne, hip; ad ogni 
muòver d' — , at every alternate step; 
bàttersi V — , to give dotward evid- 
ence of grief or despair (by beating one's 
haunches) ; dare d'anche, to flee, to take 
to one's heels 

Ancajòne (from anca, hip), adv. lfmpingly, 
haltingly; andare —, lo limp, halt 

Ancèlla, if. hAnd-màid, màid servant, 

anche, ado. Also, too, likewise, even ; quan- 
d'— , even if; né — (neppure), not even 

Ancheggiare, vn. i. to wag one's legs, hips 

Anehiiosàto, ancilosàto, -a, a, (med.) An- 
chylosed, immovably united or fixed (as 
joints of bones) 

Anchilòsi, a/. V. Ancilòsi 

Anchina, sf. better nanchina, sf. nanchéen 
(a Chinese cloth of a permanently yel- 
lowish cotton) 

Ancidere, va. 1. irr. V. Uccidere 

Anciie, sm. (Roman antiquities) ancile, 
sàcred buckler 

Ancilòsi, sf. (med.) anchylosis (stiffness of 
a joint naturally movable) 

Ancino, sm. V. Uncino, riccio marino 

Ancipite, a. amphibious; middle; twò-édgod 

Anciso, -a, a. (poet.) better ucciso, killed 

Anctsòre, snu V- Uccisóre, ammauatóre 






— 60 — 


Anco, adv. ilso, yet; per — , as yet 

Ancòi, better òggi, am. to-dày 

Ancora, a/, (mar.) Anchor; — di marèa, 
flood Anchor; — secónda, beat bòwer 
Anchor, host bower; — al tèrgo, séa An- 
chor, — afforzata, amili Anchor; — di 
speranza, da rispètto, sheet Anchor; get- 
tare 1'— , to cast Anchor; sciògliere 1'— , 
to weigh Anchor; stare, èssere all'—, to 
lie or ride at Anchor 

Ancóra, adv. yet, stai, ilso, éven, agAin ; 
égli è qui —, he's yet here 

Ancorato, -a, a. of the shape of an Anchor; 
Anchored, tying or riding at Anchor 

Ancoràggio, am. anchoring, Anchorage 

Ancoramónto, tin. Anchorage 

Ancorare, tm» 1. to Anchor, cist Anchor 

Ancorché, con}, although, even though 

Ancorétta, sf. small Anchor 

Ancoròtto, am. (mar.) kòdge, kedger 

Ancrója, af. cróne, hag, ugly, old woman 

Ancùdine, incùdine, a/. Anvil 

Ancòsa, s/. {bot.) òrohanet (drag and dye) 

Andamenticcio, tm. bad gait, walk, pro- 

Andaménto, em. gait, cArriage; mode of 

walking, proceeding, Acting 
Andante, a. going;- am. (mua.) andante, mod* 

erate movement 

Andantemente, adv. without interruption; 

Andantino, am. (mua.) andantino, a some- 
what slower movement than andante 

.Andare, (pre*, vado, tìì, va, vanno; tubj. 
che io vada, etc.) tm. 1. irr. to go ; — a 
piedi, a pie, to walk, go on foot; — a 
cavillo, to ride, go on horseback; — a 
véla, to sail; — a galla, to be buoyant, 

go adrift ; — per mire, to go by séa; 

all'incóntro, to go to meet; — in còllera, 
to fill into a passion; — di còrpo, to go 
to stool; a lungo —, at the long ran; al 
pèggio —, at the worst; quésto non mi 
va, that don't so it me ; còme va (la sa- 
nità) ? hòw goes it? ne va il còllo, life it 
at stake; far — un negòzio, to carry on 
a business; — a mónta, to break off, 
interrupt; — a gènio, — a sangue, to be 
to one's mind, to please; — tra qne' più, 

— a bibbo rivéggioli, to die; — a ciaa 
bollita, to go to hell ; — a bastonerò i 
pesci, to go to work at the óar (as a gal- 
ley-slave); — a ripóni, to hide, to ab- 
scond; — a Róma per Mugello, to go the 
wrong way; — a Scio, to be lost; — dove 
se ne vénde, to go to law ; — tra fia- 
jinta e Ferrante, to be nearly the same; 

— a Badalóne, to be deceived; — di 
buòna gimba, to go in haste; — col cal- 
zare del piómbo, to be cintious, wiry; 

— cóme la biscia all'incinto, to go most 
unwillingly; — cóntro alla corrènte, to 
go against the stream; — a male, (of 
portone) to grow thin, to decay, decline 

(in health); (of things) to fail, miss, 

miscarry, not to succeed ; {of fruit) to 

rot; la pòrta va chiùsa, yon must shut 

the dóor, the dòor must be kept shut; 

-irtene, to go awiy; to decline, fade, fill 

off, to wear out, disappear ; me ne vido, 

I'm going, I'm off; tutto vi va a secónda, 

every thing pròspere with you 

— am. step, walking; giit, pace; di quel- 

1'— , so, at that rate, just so; a grinde 

—, with long stride; andari, girden-wilks 

Andata, a/, step, walk, pice; (me*.) stool 

Andaticela, a/, copious stool, evacuation 

Andito, -a, a. gone, by-gone, elapsed, past; 

— a mile, gone to the bad, cast down, 


Andatóre, -trice, tmf. walker, trAveller; — 

di nòtte, night-walker 
Andatura, af. giit, carriage, manner of 

Andazsiccio, em. violent epidemical dis- 
Andino, am. newfangled mode or affair, 
passing or ephemeral fashion; influenza 
Andirivièni, tm. a going up and down (of 
. people); amp. meanders, windings 
Andito, em. passage, gallery, corridor, en- 
Andriénne, a/, sort of gown formely worn 

by ladies 
Andrdfobo, $m. misanthrope, misanthropist 
Androfobia, if. misanthropy, hatred to man- 
Andrògino, em. androgynous, hermaphrodite 
Andròide, am. andròide*, wooden man 
Andromeda, a/, (aetr.) Andromeda (a north- 
ern constellation) 
Andróne, am. portal, long-covered gallery, 
corridor, entry, lobby; hill ; Alley, avenue, 
Andropògono, am. (bot.) andropogon, ca- 
mel's hay 
Andro to mi a, af. dissection of a man's body 
Aneddotista, amf. relator of Anecdotes 
Anèddoto, am. Anecdote 
Anelante, a. panting, out of breath, breath- 
Anelare, tm. 1. to pant, be At of breath, 
breathless; va. to desire Ardently, wish 
eagerly, long for impatiently, to burn for, 
bo athirst for; anelo al riposa» 1 long 
for rest 
Anelazióne, af. difficulty of breathing, 

Anelettrico, -a, a. without electricity 
Anelito, tm. criving, longing for; V. An- 

Anellétto, Anellino, am. smeli ring 
Anello, am. ring, link, ringlet (thimble)* 
— della caténa, link ; dar 1'—. to give 
the ring, affiance, betroth 
Aoellóne, am. lirge ring, long link 
Anelo, -a, a. (poet.) V. Anelante 
Ansióso, -a, a. asthinAtical, short -breathed 



— 61 — 


isfsografla, tf. aocmògraphy, description 

•f the winds 
Aaeaologfa, tf. anemòlogy, the doctrine 

•f winds 
JLvmometro, m. anemometer, winl-gauge 
AaeoiAiie, t/. anémolo, tin. (tot) anemone, 

Aaemoscòpio, tm. anemoscope, wind-dial 
Attéte, «a», (boi.) Anise, dill 
Anearfsma, a/, aneurism, dilation of an 

Antansmitfeo, -a, a. (mtd.) aneurisms!. 
AeCinaméato, tm. rambling, incoherent 

i perch; prate, nonsense, balderdash 
Anfanar*» tm. 1. to beat about the bùsh ; 

V> Ulk at random; — a secco, to talk like 

a drunken person 
Infamatóre, -trice, tm. one who talks bal- 
Anfaneggiare, tm. 7. Anfanare 
Anfanfa, #/. balderdash, trifles, wild non- 

Anfdsibéna, a/, amphisbaéna (a genua of 

amphibious serpents) 
Anfibio, -a, a. amphibious 
Anóbiolite, tm. (mfo.) amphibiolite, the 

fos«il remains of amphibia 
Anfibola, a/, (min.) àmphibole 
Anfibolo, ens. ambiguous phrase 
Aanbvlogfa» tf. amphibology 
Aaabologieainént*, adv. ambiguously 
Anfibologico, «a, a. amblgaooj, doubtful, 

Aaibraco, «m. (cert.) Amphibrach 
AnAgeaa, «/. (min.) impbigéne, leucite, 

Anfimaero, s«*. (vers.) amphimacer 
Aatproetflo, tm. amp hi prostyle, an edifice 

with columns in front and behind 
Anftbéna, #/. V. Anfesibéna 
Aafisci, tmp. (feoo/r.) amphiteii, am phis- 

eia**, inhabitants of the torrid sone 
Anftaatro, tm. amphitheatre 
Anitrfu, a/. imphitrite (a genus of marine 

Aafissoni, ajwn. ((Trecfon hittory) am phi c- 
Anfodfllo, tm. V. Asfodtllo s (tyons 

Anfora, a/. Amphora (Greek or Roman Tèssei 

containing seven gallons); measure contain- 
ing three bushels 
Anfratto, tm. narrow, dark, intricate plico 
iclrattnoeiti, |/. V. Andirivieni 
Aafrattaoao, -a, a. meindrian, winding, 

aiviof many tnrns 
tifarla» a/, angariition, forced sèrrice 
Angariare, va. i. to tax vexitiously, extort 

tyrisuiieally, task nnmércifally, oppress 

Angariato, -a, a. vexed, oppressed, over- 
angariatore, tm. wanton oppressor; extòr- 

iagola, a/. Angel (speaking of a woman); 
tva —, a tort of white grapes 

Angelélta, t/. Mulo angel (of a woman) 
Angelica, t/. (boi.) angelica 
Angelicale, a. V. Angelico 
Angelicamente, adv. like on Angel 
Angeliehéna, tf. (ant) angelical beauty, 

Angelico, -a, a. angelical 
angelo, tm. Angel; — decaduto, fallen 
Angel; — custòde, guardian, tutelary 
Angelolatria, tf. Angel-wòrship 
Angelnecio, tm. little ingoi 
insere, va. ingerii, vrf. (poet.) to griéve 
Angheria, tf. a taxing vexitiously, a grind- 
ing impost; high-handed injustice, wanton 
oppression; per — , dot of spite or ran- 
cour; vindictively, oppressively 
Angheriare, va. 1. V. Angariare 
Angina, tf. betUr schinansia, tf. (med.) 

angina, a quinsy 
Anginóso, -a, a. (med.) attended with angina 
Angiolo, angiolétto, V. Angelo, angelo c- 

Angiograffa, tf. (anat.) angiography (de- 
scription of the vessels in the human body) 
Ingioia, tf. V. Angela 
Angioléssa, a/, (painting) female angel 
Angiologia, tf. angidlogy (treatise on the 

vessels of the human body) 
Angiotomfa, tf. (turg.) angidtomy, the 
opening of a vessel (as in bleeding); 
(anat.) dissection of the vessels of the 
Angioscdpo, tm. ingioscope (instrument for 

examining the capillary vessels) 
Angiospérme, tf. (bot.) tngiosperm (plant 

having its seeds inclosed in a pericarp) 
Angipòrto, tm. blind-it ley 
Anglicanismo, tm. Anglicanism, doctrines of 

the Church of England 
Angiicino, -a, a. Anglican; la chiesa —, 

the Church of England 
Anglicismo, tm. Anglicism 
Anglo, -a, %mf. (poet.) Englishman, English 

Anglomania, «/. anglominia 
Anglomano, -a, a. infected with anglominia 
Angolare, a. ingoiar, hiving corners 
Angolarmente, adv. Angularly, with ingles 
Angolato, -a, a. ingulited, hiving angles 
Angolétto, tm. small ingle; nook, corner 
ingoio, tm. Angle; corner; — acuto, acute 
ingle ; — ottùso, obtùie ingle ; — rètto, 
right ingle; in un —, in a corner 
Angolóso, -a, a. angui ons, full of Angles 
Angore, tm. (poet.) ingoish, grief, pangs 
Angoscévole, a. pikiful, afflictive, grievous 
Angòscia, angoscianza, j/ 1 . J Anguish, pain, af- 
Angosciamento, tm. i fllction, anxiety 
Angosciare, va. 1. to grieve, vex, torment 
—irsi, vrf. to grieve, frel, be uneasy 
Angosciito, a, a. torn with ingoish, die* 

Angosciosamente, adv. painfully, with grief 


— 62 — 


Angoscióso , -a , a. sorrowful , anxious , 
àngue, aro, (poet ) snàke (griéred 

Angnicrinfto. -a, a. {poet) hiring serpents 

instead of hair 
AngoQla, «/. (tool.) eel; tenére 1'— perla 
coda, to bo engaged in a difficult enter- 
prise; pigliare anguille, to sport, indùlge 
in sport; arer la Tàglia dell'-, to be 
restless, to stir continually (either from 
disease or habit) 
Anguillàia, */. eel-pond 
AngoiUàre, am. long espalier of propped 

Angoillétta, angnillfna, if. small eel 
AngninAglia, anguinija, if. the grQn 
Angùria, •/. V. Cocòmero 
Angustaraénto, em. V. Restringimento 
Angastire, va. 1. to narrow, pinch, hamper 
Angostirsi, or/, to become strait, narrow, 

Angùstia, tf. striitness, narrowness; strait- 
ness of circamstances, narrowness of means, 
pecuniary distress; want, indigence, pain, 
Angustiare, va. I. to pinch, press, hamper, 
distress, oppress, Tex ; —Arsi, \vrf. to be 
griéred, chagrined, distressed 
Angustiato, -a, a. distressed, harassed, 

Angustióso, -a, a. afflicted, tèi ed, anxious 
Angusto, -a, a. narrow, pinched, hampered 
Ani, ani, and ine, Ane, inttrj. sounds used 
' ' to call ducks 

Anice, tra. anise-seed; Anise- witer 
Anil, tm. [hot.) anil 

Anile, a. {pott.) Aged, (adranced), in years 
Anima, a/, soul; life; thought, mind, ima- 
gination; non ri era — nàta, there was 
not a soul ; 1'— umana A spirito, the sóul 
of man is a spirit; uòmo di —, a pious 
man; — bassa, rile, base, grò re I ling, 
mean soni; funèsto all'— sòul-destrojtng ; 
per 1'— mia, for the sAut of m» ; accon- 
ciarti dell'—, acconciare i fitti dell' — 
sua, to prepare to die (by receiving the 
sAcraments of the Church, by being re- 
conciled to God) : tener 1'— co' dènti, to 
be rèry weak, infirm, to be an inralid ; 
brillar 1'—, to be without one's self with 
Joy; fare una còsa con —, to dò some- 
thing amain, rlgonronsly; èssere — e còrpo 
d* uno, to be hand and giòve with a person; 
render 1'-, to gire ùp the ghost 
Animadrersiòne, tf, animadversion 
AnimaiAccio, tm, great ùgly animal ; {fig.) 
brute, beast, great Animal, stupid fellow 
Animal culo, cm. animalcule 
Animile, tm Animal ; \fig.) Animal, booby, 
stupid fellow; a. Animal, liring, sentient 
Animalésco, -a, o. of the nitore of Animals 
Animaletto, —ino, am. little créature, ani- 
Animalettacciicclo, tm. nisty little Animal 
Anjmalipiante, cmjpf. y. Zoòfiti 

AuimalilÀ, if. animility, Animal life 
Ammalizzire, va. I. to Animatile, to gire 
Animal life to ; to endow with the pro- 
perties of animals 
Animalizzasióne, if. animalitation 
Animalòne, am. Urge Animal, nnwéildy 
béast; hòary-faced man, clumsy fellow 
Antmalùceio, animalùsxo, tm. small Aoimal 
Animante, cm. sentient bélog, Animal 
Animare, va. 1. to Animite, encourage, 

Animilo, -a, a. animated, lively, spirited 
Animatóre, -trice, tmf. he, she who ani- 
Animarrersiòno, if. chastisement, reproof 
Animazióne, tmf. animilion, animating 
Anime, if. Anime, (rèsin of an Amber color) 
Animèlla, if. sweet-bread; sucker (of a 

Animèlla, if. anlmètta (the cloth which 

covers the cup of the eùcharist) 
Animismo, am. Animism (the doctrine that 
the phenomena of the animal system are 
produced by the soni) 
Animista, tm. Animisi, one who maintains 

the doctrines of Animism 
Animo, em. intellect, understanding, mind; 
acconciar r — a checbessia, to be recon- 
ciled to something; avere — addòsso a 
uno, to hate one ; aver l' — fermo a una 
persóna, to lore a person with constancy; 
cadére 1' —, to lose courage, to despond; 
abbiate 1' — scarico, be quite at your 
ease; dar — ad nno, to encourage one ; 
rólgere nell' —, to revolve in one's mind; 
furir gli Animi, to eapthrate the minds 
and hearts, to mike one's self pópu* 
lar; dirò 1'— mio, I' 11 speak mf mind; 
fatevi —, pluck up heirt; mi gode 1'—, 
I am delighted; non ri perdete d'— , 
dont lose your spirits; fatelo, se ri basta 
1*— , do it if you hire the courage, if 
you can ; fatelo, se ri dA 1' —, do it if 
yon can Bnd in your beirt (or bear) to 
dò it; grandézza d' , greitness of soul; 
di buon —, willingly, with All my he Art; 
animo 1 courage I — e cera ririnda rem, 
provi exp. (the entertainer's) good heart 
and good grice mike a poor cheer truly 
good; — risoluto non ha orécchi, prov* 
exp., a determined man listens to no 
advice; — risoluto non rudi consiglio, 
prov, exp. a resolute mind mènda no 
ad rice 
Animosamente, a. boldly, rincoronsly 
Animosità; {ant.) —ade,— Ate, a/, animosity; 
. rancour; boldness 
Animóso, -a, a. bold, spirited; orerbeixing; 

— -a, (bramóso), a. desirous, eager [Bocc.) 
Animùccia, if. pòor créature, little créa* 

àniso, Aniso {hot.) tm. V. Anice 
Anisétto, tm. Anise-water, Anise sésd 



— 63 — 


kitra, tf. [wool.) dock, drake; — mischia, 

drair, — fémmina, dock 
kmirieào, tm. —élla, tf.' duckling 
Aiitrfoa, tf. duck-wéed; duckling 
Uitrfao, un. duckling, young duck, drako 
Adirlo, aaitrire, tm. neighing of a horse 
A:ìirire, 3. better nitrire, vn. to neigh 
is i triecolo, tm. V. Ari trino 
Asaacqaasénto, am. watering, diluting 
Annacquare, va. I. to dilate, to mix with 

Titer, to witer; weaken, spoil; — il 

Tino, to nit water into wine, to baptize 

il; — un'idèa, to dilate or drown an 

idea la a deluge of words 
Auicqnstiecio, -a, a. mixed with a little 

Aaaacquato, -a, a. mixed with witer, weak* 

eaed, spelled ; sóle —, wàding san 
AoaaAuiénto, tm. V. Inafflamtato 
Aiiaaffiire, va. 4. to water; V, Inafflare, 

Aaaala, aanuo,-a, a. annual, yearly, of every 
AtBili, rap. ansala (year 

Annalista, ana. Annalist, writer of Annals, 


Aoaittsaéalo, tm. smelling, scenting 
A-nasàre, va. L to smell, còme to a trial 

Amtpare, va. 1. to wind, reel into skeins 
Annaspicarsi, xrf» to get pirnled, bewild- 

«r«4 (in one's thonghU) 
Ausala, tf. year, whole year ; year's profits 
As>bbiam«nto, am. cloudiness, gloominess 
Axarbbiire (from, nébbia, fog), va. 1. to 
rioàd, darken, dim, to blight, blist, mil- 
dew; t», to become mildewed; —àrsi, vrf. 
to |-t tùrbid, muddy, blighted, blinded 
Ataebbiato, -a, a. cldnded, foggy, mildewed 
Alzaménto, tisa. drowning, ruin (denial) 
Atvfir», «ass. I. to drown, to be drowned, 
get drowned, drown one's self; egli cadde 
c?l J 'acqua o s'annegò (or annegò), he fell 
iato the water and wis drowned ; quel 
p«catóre si A annegato, that gimbler has 
&tvned himsèlf. V. Negar» 
Assetilo, .a. a. drowned, soffoca ted ; denied 
1 ^azióne, tf. abnegation; self-denial 
Abbuiaménto, am. laxiness, poltroonery 
^gaiittro, ria. 3. —irsi, vrf. to grow 

* ^attuto, -a, a. grown lazy, cowardly 
'cfiire, va. i. V. Annerare 
i'a^M», am. (natural kUtory) Annelid, 
ttùlidan; anéllidi, pi, annéllida, an- 

'•vriaénto, tm. blAckness, blackening 
'--Tire, va. 4. to blAcken; blAckbAU; 

-'cifh. defame; —ire, vn., —irai, vrf. 

' • gei blAek, blAcken 
'aerato, -a, a. biAckened, disgraced 
' '** laénto, am. blAckness 
l 'rfre, va. 3. to blAcken, tlrnish, defime 
^•«ritira, «/. blAckness, black spot 
lc *»*, -a, a. annexed) conjoined 

Anncstaménto, am. pràling, inoculating 
Annestare, va. 1. V. Innestare 
Annestalura, $f. grafting, insertion 
Annèttere, va. 3. (pari, annèsso, -a) to 

annex, unite, join; to connect with 
Annevire, va. 1. to cAoi with snòw 
Annibbiàre, va. 1. to be included among, be 

placed, hAve a place {used jokingly) 
Annichilaménto, tm. annihilation 
Annichilare, va. i. to annihilate, destro?, 

Annichilirsi, vrf. to bo annihilated, to 

Annichilato, -a, a. annihilated, annulled 
Annichilazione, a/, annihilation, destruction 
Annichilire, va. 3. to annihilate 
Annidare, wis. i. to nest, build a nest, 

Annidarsi, vrf. 1. to nestle, settle one's 

Annidato, -a, a. nestled, niched, settled, 

Annientaménto, tm. annihilation, reduction 

to nothing 
Annientare, va. 1. to annihilate, destroy 
Annighittire , tm. 3. —irsi, vrf. to grow 

Anniversàrio, tm. anniversary 
Anno, tm. year, twelve-month ; — bisestile, 
leap year; — scolastico, academic year; 
— santo, jubilee; mesa'—, half a year; 
T— scòrso, list year; 1'— Tenterò, next 
year * di qui a un —, in a year; all'—, 
bj the year, a year; capo d*— , new 
year's day; animile di un — , yearling; 
grave o pièno d'inni, in years, full of 
years; vèr d'inni, prime of lire; sono inni 
e anni, many years ago ; ella ha dièci 
inni, she is ten years old ; andire in 1A 
con gli inni, to gròto old; èssere in 1A 
con gli inni, to be ad Anced fir in years; 
mi pire, mi sa mill'inni di rivederla, I 
long to see her agiin ; il mal — che Dio 
ti dia, (vulg.) a pligue upòn youl — di 
néve, — di bène, (prov. exp.) a snòwy 
year a plentiful year; buon cipo d*— , I 
wish you a hippy new yéar 
Annobiliménto, tm. nobilitation, the making 

Annobilitire, va. annobilire, V. Nobilitare 
Annodamento, annodatùra, tmf. tying, tie, 

Annodire, va. I. to tie, knot, join, conjoin 
Annodinia, tf. Absence or cessation of pain 
Annoiaménto, tm. ennui, weariness, disgust 
Annojire, va. i to annoy, weary, tease, 
importuno; —irsi, vrf. to féel annoyed, 
bé wearied, displeased, disgusted 
Annojito, -a, a. anno?ed, wearied, teased 
Annojosaménte, ado tediously 
Annojòso, *a, a. V. Nojóso 
Annoiare, va. i. V. Noleggiare 
Annomire, va. i. to name, call; V, Nomi* 



— 64 — 



Annòna, a/, victuals, provisions, stores 
Annonario, -a, av. of or belonging to pro- 


Annóso, -a, a. of miny years, old, indent 
Annotare, va. 1. to note, remark, annotile 
Annotatóre, em annotitor, who writes notes 
Annotazione, $f. annotation, remark, note 
Annotino» a. yearling, of a year 
Annottare, tm. i. —àrsi, —Irai, vrf. to grow 
dirk; annotta, better si fa nòtte, night 
Annottato, -a, a. benighted, flit asleep 
Anno veramente, am. enumeration, detail 
Annoverante, am. enumerating, computing 
Annoverare, va. i. to number, count, com- 
Annoverato, -a, a. reckoned, told, counted 
Annoveratóre, am. reckoner, teller, com- 
Annoverévole, a. that miy bé counted 
Annovero, em. reckoning, calculation, nam- 
Annoile, a, annual, yearly (ber 

— t Annuirio, am. year's allowance 
Annualità, •/. annuity 
Annualmente, odo. yearly, Annually 
Annuirio, -a, a. yearly, that returns every 

year, coming yearly 
Annobilire, va A. to overspread with clouds; 
—arsi, tm. to get cloudy, to become' gloomy 
Annugolare, «a. 1. —irsi, vrf. to grow 

Annuire, (—Iseo, -faci, -face) tm. 3. to nod 
approbition, to consent, accede, yield, 
Annulare, a. Annoiar, annulary, ringlike; 

eclissi — i Annoiar eel Ipso 1 
Annoiarmele, adv. like a ring 
Annullare, va. 1. to annul, suppress 
Annullato, -a, a. annulled, repealed, void 
Annttllatóre,-trtce, tm/. annullar, repealer, 

Annullatone, a/, annulling, repeal 
Annumerare, va. 1. V Annoverare 
Annunciare, ami derivaUvet, V. Annan- 

Annunziamene, am. prediction, announcing 
Annunziare, va. 1. to announce, etite, pre- 
Annunziato, -a, o. announced, stited, tóld 
Aununtiatóre, -trice, em/, announcer 
Annuntiasióne, a/, annunciition, Lid y- day 
Annunzio, am. announcement, news, prog- 
annuo, -a, a. annual, yearly 
Annusare, va. V. Annasare 
Annuvolare, va. 4. —ire, 3. to cloud, darken, 
overspread with clouds; tm. —arsi, vrf. 
to grow cloudy 
Annuvolato, -a, —Ito, -a, a. cloudy, dirk 
ino, «m. ions 

Anodino, -a, a. Anodine, lenitive 
Anomalia, a/, anomaly, irregularity 

AnomaUstico, -», a. V. Anòmalo 
Anòmalo, -a, e), aoómalons, irregular 
Anònide, if. {hot.) ononis, rest-harrow 
Anònimo, -a, a. anònimous 
Anoressia, a/, ànorexy (want of appetite 

without a loathing of food) 
Anormale, a. anòrmal, abnormal 
Anotomia, a/, anotomista, em. V. Anato- 
mia, etc. 
Ansa, tf. handle (round); {geogr.) creek, 
bay; vaso a due anse, two- bin died ves- 
sel; dire — a, to give a plausible hand- 
le for 
Ansaménto, ten* panting, shortness of 

Ansante, a. panting, out of breath 
Ansire, tm. i. to pant, bé out of breath* 

breathe short 
Ansito, -a, o. ansited, hating a handle or 

Anseatico, -a, a. (geog.) Hanseitic; Io eli- 
ti Ameitiche, the Baose Towns 
Anseréllo, em. young goose, green-goose 
inseri, smpl. chestnuts boiled and After- 
wards dried 
Aoserino, -a, a. Anserine, resembling the) 

skin of a goose, uneven 
ansia, e/, anxiety 
Ansiire, V. Ansire 

Ansietà, a/* anxiety, iniiousness, pang 
Ansietito, -a, a. (seldom u$ed) Anxious, 

anguished, distressed 
ànsima, tf. V. Asma 
Ansimare, V. Ansire 
Ansio, ansióso, -a, a. anxious, uneasy 
Ansiosamente, adv. anxiously 
ànsola, a/, ring (in the inside of a beli) 

on which hangs the clipper 
Antagonismo, em. antagonism 
Antagonista, tm. antagonist 
Antirie, tfp. crine, cible to raise weights 
Antàrtico, -a, a. [geogr.) antirclie 
ante, adv. and jprtp. {Latin) before, V. 

Antecedènte, $m. and a. antecedent; fore» 

Antecedentemente, adv. previously 
Antecedènza, a/, precedency priority 
Antecèdere, to. 1. irr. V. Precèdere 
Antecessóre, sm. (antecessor) predecessor 
Antedétto, -a, a. aforesiid; foremen Uooed 
An tedilo viino, -a, a. antedilurial, antedi- 
luvian; em. antediluvian; one who lived 
before the deluge 
Antelmintico, -a, a. anthelmintic, vernai- 

Antelucano, -a, a. before diy-breik 
Antemurale, tm. rampart, parapet, defence 
Antenato, tm. fore- father, inceator 
Antenitòrio. em. (chtm.) glia viae ùteéL 

in preparing sublimates 
Anténna, tf. {mar.) siil-yard; (e*L) féelea- 

Fàte, méte, bite, nòte, tube; - lit, met, bit, not, tub; • fir, pig**, 

▼tao, la!» roma. Sum; • p*tto-p«tU, petto, % L notte, Wt - bubo, tIao» 



— 65 — 


(of aa insect); long straight Ira ok of a tree, 

shift (lince); anténne, pi. (enL) anlcn- 

sae, filers; {mar.) sail -yards 

4st«ojiàio, -a, a. provided with antennae 

AatnueiU, ef. small sail yard; little feeler, 

Aattaòra, ef. (name given by Dante to a) 

place of punishment for traitors 
AclrneaAlUmo, -a, a. Antepenult, list but 

Antepórre, (.antepóngo, etc. V. Pórre) va. 

x trr- io prefer, pàt before 
ADteposixiÒQe, tf. preference, placing be- 
Antopaaeati, empi, forefathers, progenitors, 

dead ancestors 

lotopocto. -a, a. preferred, placed before 

calerà, ef. (bot.) anther, the top of the 

itamea (containing the fertilising dost) 

Astenere, a. first, prior; em. anterior, 

Anteriormente, ode. previously, before 
AaWeerttio, -a, a. above written, afores- 
Aoleserrifli, tm. fore-ioclósare, field-gate 
Aaletigaaao, Antesignano em. standard- 
lati (Greek prefix signifying against), ànti; 

(Latin prefix meaning before) ante 
InaaboLixionista, sei/, antiabolitionist, ono 

«ho opposes abolition 
Aotiandare, vn. I. irr. to go before, pre- 
Aotibaciueo, $m. (vers.) antibicchius 
Aatibagno, tm. place before the bath-room 
Aaubilia, a/, sàbstilote wèt-nùrse 
Antibécco, em. buttress of a bridge 
Antibraccio, Avambraccio, am. {anat.) 

Astici glia» a/, old musty matters, anti- 

qui Lies 
Aaiicagliiecia, ef. old st&O, lumber, rub- 
Anticamente, a. formerly, in the Olden 


t, a/, antechamber , entrance 
r t ball; fare —, to dance attend- 
ance» be kepi waiting; mi lece fare — 
ao'ora, an' ora d'— , he kept mo waiting 
an hear 

laticaaa. *f. covered spice before a house, 
V Atrio 

isUealo, -a, a, infired, used,- accustomed, 

Anticheggiare, vn. i. to follow old customs, 

■assets, etc. 
etichetto, -a, a. rither old, a little óld- 

utiehdzza, tf. antiquity 
xsbdaita; (ant.) —ade, —ile, ef. antiquity, 

jld times, indents; non èssere 1'— di 

Brescia, not to be very old 

Antichi, emp indents, ancestors 
Auticipaménto, em. V. Anticipatone 
Anticipare, va. I. to anticipile, forestall, 
be before hind with; — una sómma, to 
pày a som before hind, in advance 
Anticipatamente, adv. before hind, in ad- 
Anticipilo, -a, a. anticipated, been before 
Anticipatone, ef. anticipation 
Antico, -a, a. indent, very old; — quanto 
il brodétto, — quinto il Tin tarn èrgo, 
— quinto il Dies ir®, very old indeed; 
all* antica, adv. exp. according to the 
manner of the indents, according to the 
incient custom; am. V. Antenato 
Anticoncepire, va. 3. to preconceive, to 
conceive or form befóre-hand ; opinióne 
anticoncepita, better proconcétta, pre- 
conceived opinion 
Anticognisióne | a/, foresight, foreknów- 
Antlconoscònza j ledge, prescience 
Anticonóscere, va. 3. irr. to foresee, fore- 
Anticórrere, va. S. irr. to outrun, outstrip 
Anticorridre, better foriere, em. fore-runner 
Anticórte, tf. Outer court, fore-court 
Anticostituzionale, a. anticonslitntionial, 

opposed to or against the constitution 
Anticostituzionalmente, adv. in an anti- 
constitùtional minner 
Anticresi, tf. {law; of immovables) gage, 
plèd 20 

Anticristiano, -a, a. antichristian 
Anticristo, em. Antechrist, false prophet, 

the man of sin 
Anticuóre, em. (vet.) inticor 
Anticursóre, em. forerunner, precursor 
Antidita, tf. Antidate 
Antidatare, va. 1. to Antidate 
Antidemocràtico, -a, a. antidemocratic, 

Anlidétto, -a, a. forotóld, aforesiid 
Antidiciménto, em. prediction, foretelling 
Anlidire, va. 3. to predict, prognosticate 
Antidotirio, tm. dispensatory, pharma* 

Antidoto, tm. antidote, cóùnter-póìson 
Antiemètico, a. antiemetic, allaying vom- 
iting; em. antiemetic, a redemy to check 
Anticpiscopili, empi. (hiet. of England) 

Antiflogistico, -a, a. (med.) antiphlogistic; 

em. antiphlogistic 
Antifona, tf. in them; V — sari più lónga 
del silmo, prov. exp. (the anthem will 
be longer than the psiim;) no more pref- 
ace! còme to the subject 
Antifonario, tm. àothem-book; singer 
Antifòsso, em. (fort.) advance-fosse, van- 

air. rade; - fill, sin, ball; - fire, do; - by, lymph; poise; boys; ftful, fowl; gem, ai 

kvt^ ***** • torte, a**/, Mila; • erba, rag»; -lai a, fc pel; fenato; remata, rota, 

Vi*. ItaL Ingl. • Edi*. VI. Voi. !!•• 5 


— 66 — 


ANZ \ 

An l> fraii, */. antiphrasis 

Antig iudicire, va. to prejudge 

Antiguardire, va. to foresee 

Antiguàrdia, e/, vanguard 

An tig a àrdo, tm. (mil.) viu, vanguard 

An li gustare, va. I. V. Pregustare 

Antiliberile, a. opposed to or against the 

principles of liberals; illiberal 
Antiliberalismo, am. views or principles op- 
posed to liberalism 
Antilogia, </. antilogy, eontradietlon 
Antimeridiano, -a, a. antimerldian; alio 10 
antimeridiane, at ten before nòon, in the 
Aotimóllere, va, J. irr. to prefer, put be- 
Antimonàrchico, -a, a. antimonirchical, 

opposed to monarchy 
Antimoniale, a. antimònial, of antimony 
Antimonio, am. (min.) Antimony 
Antimnràre, va. i. to mike a parapet vail 
Antimo ro, $m. outward will, parapet 
Aotinito, -a, a. bdrn before- hind 
An tin ari o nàie, a. opposed to the national 

honor or welfare 
An Un azionai ita, tf. opposition to, or in* 

consistency with the national good 
Antinefrftico, -a, a. (mtd.) antinephritic, 

counteracting diseases of the kidneys 
Antiuome, am. first name 
Antinomia, a/, contradiction between two 

Antipapa, am. Antipòpe 
Jknlipapfsta, a. mf. antipipai, antipapist- 

ic, an tip apis ti cai 
Antipasto, tm. Antipast, foretaste, first 

Antipatia, tf. anUpathy, naturai aversion 
Antipitico, -a, a. antipathetical, repblsive 
Antipatiszàre, va. 1. to hire a dislike or 
an ti pa thy to, to feel an aversion for or to 
Antipensare, va. L to premeditate, con- 
Antipentito, -a, a. premeditated 
Antipenultimo, -a, a. an tl penultimate 
Antiperistasi, a/ an ti peris tails (the oppo- 
sition of a contrary quality bj which 
the quality opposed acquires itreogh) 
Antipodi, tmpl. (geogr.) antipodes 
Antipodfcola, tmf. Antipode, one who lives 

on the opposite side of the globe 
Antipolitico , -a, a. ill-advised, wrong- 
judged, not politic, contrary to the pub- 
lic welfare 
Antipórre, va. 3. irr. to prefer, put before 
Antipòrta, -o, sfrn. the entrance dóor of a 
vestibule, a portal, the first of two dou- 
ble doors, a room-dóor, gliss-dóor 
Antiprèndere, va. %. irr. to léiie before 

Antiquaria, «/. antiquarian study 
Antiquàrio, $m. Antiquary, antiquarian; a. 

Antiquato, -a, a. Antiquated, obsolete, old 

Antiquo, -a, a. V. Antico 
Antisàggio, tm. preliminary essay, foretaste 
An Usa pére, va. %. irr. to foreknow, foresee 
Anlisaprivole, a. progndslicable 
Anlisapnta, a/, foreknowledge, foresight 
Anlisapulo, -a, a. foreseen, foreknown 
Antiscorbutico, -a, a. antiscorbutic 
Antiserràglio, tm. Óùter-cóurt, piled en* 

Antisociale, a. Antisocial 
Anelispaei, a/, (med.) antispasis (revulsion 
of fluids from one part of the body to 
Antispasmòdico, -a, a. antispasmodic 
Autiste, tm. antistes, prelate, ruler, chief, 

Antistòrico, -a, a. anti-hystèric 
Antitesi, tf. antithesis 
AnlitetOj $m. (Gh'Uk) antitheton, an oppo- 
Antitrinltirii, tmpl. Antitrinitarians 
Antitrinitirio, -a, am/. Antitrinitirian; a. 

Antivedére, va. 1. irr. to foresee 
Antivedimene, am. foreboding, foreseeing 
Anliveditòre, -trice, Antiveggénte, $mf. one 

who foresees 
Antivedutamele, adv. with foresight 
Antiveduto, -a, a. foreseen, anticipated 
Antiveggénte, a. foreseeing, foreknowing 
Antiveggènza, a/, foresight, foreknowledge, 

Antivegnénle, a. forestalling, forecasting 
Antiveléno, tm. V. Antidoto 
Antivenèreo, -a, a. antivenèrea! 
Antivenire, vii. 3. to be beforehand with, 
to hive the start ol, to forestall, anti- 
Antivigilia, a/, the diy before an ève ' 
AntòQlo, tm. (Greek) lover of flowers 
Antologia, tf. anthology, elegant extract* 

in pròse and poetry, etc. 
Ant uumisia, tf. (rh.) antonomasia 
Anton om atticamente, adv. antonomistieall j 
Antràce, tm. anthrax, scab, blotch 
Antracite, tf. (min.) Anthracite 
Antro, tm. cave, cavern; (anat.) cAvity of 
the éar; antri dei cuòre, (anat.) À ventri- 
cles of the heart 
Antropofagia, a/, antropòphagy, the practice 

of eating human flesh 
Antropòfago, am. antropóphagns, cannibal 
Antropologia, tf. Antropòlogy 
Antropomorfismo, am» antropomòrphisa 
Antropomorfita, am. anthropomòrphist, an- 

Anulare, tm. ring-finger; a. Annular 
Ansare, tm. 4. to pant, palpitate, breathe 

Ansi, prep. adv. before; rather; even; also, 
niv, on the contrary; — la mia morte, 
before I die; mi trattava — da pidre che 
da padrone, he treated me rather like a 
father than a master; procurate d'emn* 



— 67 


lirlt, — di sorpassarli, trf to equal, này 
to surpass them; è ricco t — é pòvero, is 
se rich? od the contrary, he is póor 
Aamsato, tm. eldership, dignity, office of 

tbe elders 
iuiisaìia, $f. incientness, antiquity, se- 

K • uoJtieo, «ir. (ant.) V, Anzianito 
i:xiiB«. «ss. Ancient, senator, elder 
-, -a, a. ancient, very old, antique 
A.?ncbe f eon/, ado, before that; sooner 

icaa, rither than 
.Uuchenà, adv. rither than otherwise 
lui 'étto, -a, a. foresaid 
i»:caiar«, va. i. F. Adocchiare 
Afillo, -a, cu (teldom uted) oily, filed 
Ai ab rare, va. F. Adombrare 
A acuire, va. 1. to mike or become 

Assestare, va. F. Adonestare, coonestare 
A rtare, va* to strangle with a cord 
Acraare, va. 1. to track, scent, seek 
4?ru, if. {anat.) aòrta, the great artery 
Acrtare, vo. (©/ beattt) to miscArry, F. 

s perderà 
Antico, -a, a. aortal, aortic 
a -BÙ, a/, wrint of smell 
A furafóM, adverb, in comparison; — di, 

is comparison of, compared to 
4 sirt«, «vs. (tAeat.) aside; —, adverb. 

A passo a passo, adverb, step by step; 

slowly, regularly 
A; ilia, */. Apathy, insensibility 
a At'co, -a, a. insensible, apathetic 
a, iii*ta, ava/, ipatbist, one destitute of 

a&«. (apa, ossi.) «/. («»<.) bee 
a ^Uóta, Apaliote, em. east wind 
Vfwia, «/• dfspopsy, indigestion 
A^eire, va. 3. to open; F. Aprire 
A,*ntfTo, -a, a. {med.) aperitive, opening 
A T -.rtamé*l«, adv. openly, frankly, public- 

A;*rto, -a, a. opened, open, frank, clear, 
ti ideai, pLiio; a braccia apèrte, with 
>feo arma 
v-rtére, jas. opener, he who opens 
'-^ertara, a/, aperture, opening, hole, fin- 
care; (vista.) overture; far —, to give 
^z opportunity 

'-«are, apiario, «m. (ani) F. Alreire 
»-..:?, «ss. Apex, top, height, summit 
. -ile, av*. small peak, little eminence 
'.ressia, a/. {«tea*.) Apyreiy, intermission 

fa saver) 
■;>-'o, -a, a. incombustible, inconsumable 
i » * •*- «a^a ì adverb, with all one's 

^nSk** -0 »«ght. with might 
* ,a pour* j lnd mam 

1 talisav, Apocalissi, a/, apocalypse 
vksso, am. (tot.) apóeynon, apdcynom, 
fcgfcaaa, dog's bane 
i jwo a paco, adverb, little bf little 

Apòcopa, apòcope, «/. elision, apòcope 

Apòcrifo, -a, a. apocryphal, dftotful 

Apodittico, -a, a. apodictical 

Apodo, a. Apodal, féetless 

Apòfisi, tm. (anat) apophysis' (process 
protuberance of a bone) 

Apogèo, tm. Apogee 

Apògrafo, tm. Apograph, transcript, copy 

Apollinare a. pi. (from. Apollo); giuochi 
—, Apollinarian games 

Apollinaristi, tmpl., Apollinarians (heretics 
who denied Christ's humanity) 

Apollineo, -a, a. of Apòllo, of musio 

Apologètica, a/, apologetics 

Apologètico, -a, a. apologetic 

Apologia, if. defence, justification, apology 

Apologista, tm. apologist, defènder 

Apòlogo, tm. ipologoe, moral fible 

Aponeurosi, tin. (anat.) aponeurosis (ex- 
pansion of a tendon in the manner of a 

Apoplessia, «/. apoplexy 

Apoplètico, -a, a. apoplectic, of Apoplexy 

Aposiopèsi, tf. (rh.) aposiopésis, reticence, 

A posta, adverb, intentionally, on purpose 

Apostasia, a/, apostasy 

Apòstata, tm. apostate, renegade 

Apostatare, tm, to apostatise, become a ren- 

Apostatrfce, tf. female apostate, renegade, 

Apostèma, tf. tumour, Abscess, impòsthume ^ 

Apostemire, tm. I. to suppurate, draw to 
a head 

A postema to, -a, -òso, -a, a. festered, sup- 
purated, gangrenous 

Apostcmaziòne, */, a getting purulent, an 

Apostilla, tf. marginal nòte, F. Postilla 

Apostolato, tm. apòstleship, apostolato 

Apostolicamente, adv. apostdlically 

Apostòlico, -a, a. apostolic; all'apostolica, 
adv. exp. plainly, simply, with (apostolic) 
simplicity; sm. the Pope 

Apòstolo, tm. apostle; 1'— delle gènti, 
the Apòstle of the Gentiles (St. Pini) 

Apostrofa, apòstrofe, tf. apostrophe 

Apostrofare, va. i. to put an apostrophe 

Apostrofatamela, adv» with an apostrophe 

Apostrofatola, tf. the putting apòstrophos 

Apotègma, apoiìégma, un. Apophthegm, 

Apoteòsi, tf. apotheosis, deification 

Apoticario, tm. apothecary 

Appaiaménto, tm. V. Pacificaménto 

Appaeiire, va. i. to appease, pacify, re- 

Appacificare, va. i. to pacify; tm. to be- 
come pacified, reconciled 

Appadiglionire, va. t. to pitch a tent, 

Appadigliónito, -a, a. encamped", tented 

Appagabile, a. that miy bé sAUsfied 



Appagamento, am. contentment, salislac- 

Appagante, a. satisfying, thàt satisfies 

Appagare, (appago, appaghi, appaga), va. 
1. to sàUaty, content, gràtifj, pléate; 
appagarsi, to bé sAtisfied or contented 

Appagato, -a, a. contented, pleased, sat- 

Appagliajire, va. i. to collect «trito for 
the rick 

Appago, am. {ant) V. Appagamento 

Appajàre, va. to match, pair, join, coùple; 
to pair, match, range in pairs; to couple; 
—àrsi, vtf. to pair, to become ranged in 
pairs; Iddio fa gli nomini e e'e'appijano; 
Cristo fa le persone e poi l'appàja, prov. 
exp. like lores like; birds of a leather 
flock together 

Appajatójo, itn. place for doves and pigeons 
to couple 

Appaiaménto, am. appajatdra, tf. F. Ac- 

Appalesare, va, 1. to discover, declare, 
revéal; —àrsi, vrf. to discover one's self, 
throw off the mask 

Appallidire, vn. 3. Impallidire 

Appallottolare, va. 1. to form into amili 

Appaltare, va. 1. to let or lease dot (a 
public work, job, contract); — una strida 
ad ano, to confide the miking of a road 
to a person, to give him the job 

Appaltatóre, sm. contractor, undertaker of 
a public work 

Appallatone, tf. contract for letting or 
leasing At a public work or job 

Appalto, am. government or other public 
work, contract, undertaking, job ; tórre 
un —, to undertake a 'job, a public 

Appaitene, am. fussy busy fellow; who 
meddles with every thing; cheat, im- 

Appamóndo, am. (ani.) V. Mappamóndo 

Appancacciarsi, {from paneiccia) vrf. to 
sit idle on the benches of promenades, 
public squires or coffeehouses; to bé a 
cróny, a village Sólon, a chatty fellow 

Appaneiollarsl, (from panciòlle) vrf. to 
sit at one's ease, leaning back on one's 

Appannaggio, am. Appanage 

Appannaménto, em. dimness, offuscition, 

Appannare, va. I. to dim, offuscate, tarnish, 
dull; — uno spècchio, to dim a looking- 
glass; vn. to stick in the birdlime, 
to be caught; — nella sua ragna, to 

' fill into one's own snare 
Appannito, -a, a. dimmed,- Umished, offue- 
cated ; snared, cinghi (heary, massive) 

Appannatóio, am. that which dims, or 

Appannatoti, -a, a. chubby, fit, fleshy 



Apparaménto, am. ornament, attire; gli 
ap paraménti pontificali, the pontifical 

Apparire, van. t. to prepire; to adorn ; to 
learn (bitter imparare) 

Apparito, -a, a. learned, prepared, adorned 

— 8m. decoration, ornament; preparation; 

— di guèrra, the pomp of wir; grande 

— d'eloquènza, great paride Of eloquence 
Apparato™, if. V. Addòbbo 
Apparecchiamènto, s». preparation, goods 
Apparecchiare, va. i. to prepare, make 

ready; — bene, to mike good cheer; — 
male, to fire poorly, to mike sorry meals; 

— la tiyola, to liy tho cloth; — kni 9 vrf. 
to prepire one self, get ready 

Apparecchiito, -a, a. prepared, got ready 
Appa reechi a tójo, am. toilet, dressing-table 
Apparecchiatóre, -trice, smf. he, she who 

Apparecchiatura, a/ ) preparation, prepA- 
Apparécchio, am. < rative disposition 
Appareggiare, va. i. V. Pareggiare, etc. 
Apparentarsi, better imparentarsi 
Apparènte, a. apparent, visible, remarkable 
Apparentemente, adv. appirently, probably 
Apparènza, a/, appearance, Aspect, look; 
1'— inganna, we are deceived by fair 
appèarances; salvare 1*-, to save ap- 
pearances; lare — di checchessia, to 
mike a paride of something, to parade 
something; in —, adv. exp. apparently, 
b? ill appearance 
Apparerò, vn. J. irr. V. Apparire 
Apparigliare, va. i. to match (horsee) 
A p patiménto, $m. apparition, vision 
Apparire (apparisco, -isci, -isce, part ap- 
parso, apparito) vn. 3. to appear, cóme 
forth, shew itself, one's sill; comincia 
ad — l'auròra, the aurora begins to 

Appariscènte, a. visible, remarkable; showy, 

gindy, flashy, gorgeous 
Appariscènza, a/, splendid appearance, 

portly figure; stateliness, magnificence, 

Apparito, -a, a. appeared, become visible 
Apparitòre, am. (Bom. ant.) sèrgent, bailiff, 

Apparizióne, apparita, </. apparition, viaion 
Apparso, -a, a. appeared, erideat 
Appartaménto, $m. apartment, sulta of 

rooms, rooms, apartments; (large room; 


Appartare, va. i. to separate, to set aside* 
place apirt, segregate; —irsi, vrf. to 
withdrew one's self, retire from 
Appartatamente, adv. separately, aside, 

Appartato, -a, a. separated; apart, set 

Appartenente ) a. belòoging. pertaining, 
Appartenènte ) concerning, befitting 
Appartenènza, a/, appurtenance, pertinence) 


— 69 — 


Appartenére (appartengo,- Uè ni, -tiene, eie.)» 

tu. to belong, appertain, pertain, concern, 

befit, beeòme 

Appassire (far appassire), va. 4. to wither, 

mike fade 
Appasfiur, -a, a. withered, faded 
AppiKioiamtulo, «tit. ir door, love, passion 
.Appigionare, va. 1. to impassion 
Appuiioaarsi, vrf. 3. to Decorno hopes- 

liosffd; to be eager about, or passionately 

interested in a thing (gerly 

Appassionatamente, adv. passionately, éa- 
Appassiosaléssa, «/. passion, love, ardor, 

eager or vehement desire 
Appassionato, -a, a. V. Passionato 
Appassire, —(ni, (appassisco, -isci, -Iseo, 

•omo, -ite, -fseono), vn. vrf. 3. to fade, 


Appassito, -a, a. fided, withered 
Appusonire, va. L to shnt up citile in 
the fóld 

Appaltare, va. i. io knéad, paste, stick 
-ini, vr/. to stick to (as paste), to 


Appetito, -a, a. knéaded, pasted, stack 

Appedire, va. (mil) to mike soldiers alight 
from horseback 

Appellabile, a. appealable, susceptible of 
appeal, thit may bé appealed from 

Apc«liagi6ne, appellazióne, a/, appella- 
melo, tm. appellation, name, title, de- 
nomination; (loco) appeal 

Appellante, mf. {law) appellant, be, she 
vho appeals 

Appellare, van. t. to appeal to a higher 
court; to cite, to summon before a mag- 
istrate; {poet.) to cill, name, better chia- 
mare, nominare; —, appellarsi da una 
scottola, to appeal from a judgment 

Appellativo, -a, a. thàt miy bé appealed 
from; svi, appellative, generic name; la- 
sciare il pròprio per 1' — , to quit a cer- 
tainty for an uncertainty 

Appèllo, sin. call, cill in judgement, ap- 
peal, appealing ; calling At, challenge, 
defuses; tare —, to bring in an appeal, 
to appeal; far 1'— , to cill over the 
sanies; (legtsl.) to cill or eotnt the house; 
(nil) to cill the roll 

A PP*oa, a pina, adv. hardly, scarcely; a 
?raa péna, a mila péna, with great 
difficulty; — egli ebbe proferite quéste 
parole, che la vóce gli mance, e cadde 
«òrto, he had scarcely uttered these 
itrds, who* hit voice failed him, and he 
fell dead 

A;penire, vs. 4. to siller, be in pàin, bé 
Stressed; va. to pain, distress, tease 
A'/peoato, -a, a. afflicted, distressed, tired 
Austere, (appèndo, pott appèsi, etc.) 
'ft. 1 to hang up, affix to, append, sus- 
fid, annex; — alla croce, to niil to 
Us cross; — alla paréte, to hang upon 
« to the vili; V. Appiccare 

Appendice, f/. appendix, addition 
Appendizie, ifpl, better vantaggi, pitti, 
empi, conditions which the tenant is to 
perform, beside paying the rent; as to 
supply the owner with fowls, eggs, etc. 
Appennecchiire, va. 1. to Oil the distaff 
Apponsire, van. I. {little used) to premed- 
itate (pose 
Appensataménte, adv. designedly, on pur- 
Appéso, -a, a. appended, suspended 
Appestare, va. 1. to infect, bestink (vulg); 

bring the pest 
Appestilo, -a, a. infected, tainted; be- 

Appetente, a. desirous, greedy or eager 

Appetènza, sf slight appetite; ippetency 
Appetibile, a. desirable, to be wished for 
Appetire, vis. to desire earnestly, to long; 
il sugo di limóne m'appetisce mólto, 1 
am very fond of lèmon jùiee 
Appelitérole, a. ($eldom used) V. Appeti- 
Appetitivo, -a, a. V. Appetitóso 
Appetito, sm. appetite; — canino, eanfne 
ippetlte; —, fig. Ardent desire, impet- 
uous wish, sènso! passion; — disordinato, 
disordinile, disorderly or unruly pission; 
buon —, 1 wish you a good appetite; 
1'— non tuoi silsa, prov. exp. a good 
Appetite needs no since 
Appetito, -a, a. longed for, eagerly desfred 
Appetitóso, -a, a. appetizing, alluring, at- 

Appetizióne, a/, ippetency, Appetite; Appe- 
tency, wish 
Appettare, van. i. to hive at heart; tike 
an Interest in; (to put one thing for 
another); — una còsa ad uno, la lày a 
thing to one's dóor, to charge one with 
Appètto, adv. prep, opposite, facing; 
abreast; compared to; a pitto di vói 
égli non è che un bambino, he's but a 
biby to you 
Appozzare, va. 4. to cut in pieces 
Appiacére, va. 3. V. Piacére 
Appiacevolire, (appiacevolisco, -isci), va. 
3. to soften, appease; to mike mild, 
pleasing, aggréeable 
Appianamento, em. V. Spianaménto 
Appianare, va. i . to smooth, level, facilitate 
Appianato, -a, levelled, smoothed, faci- 

Appianatóio, $nu roller, garden roller 
Appiastrare, va. 4. to pi is ter, stick, diub; 
—irsi, vrf. to stick, adhere, become 
glued to 
Appiastrilo, -a, a. diubed over with any 

thing viscous 
Appiastriceiaménto, $m. conglutination 
Appiastricciare | va. 4. to plaster or stick 
Appiastriccicire ( together with any thing 
viscous or clammy 



— 70 — 


Appiattiménto, tm. the act of cowering 
doirn and hiding one's self, a hiding» 
Appiattire {from piatto, flat, squat) va. ft. 
to flatten, make flat, to squeeze down or 
in, to crush, mike squat; to secrete, to 
hide in a hole, corner, coto, etc*, to 
conceal ; —irsi, vrf. to sqoit down, dodge 
into a bush, hide one's self, skulk, lie 
Appiattatamene, adv. stealthily, underhand 
Appiattito, -a, a. flattened ; lying squat, 
concealed; come il serpènte sta — nel* 
l'èrba, as a serpent lies hid under the 
grass (hook 

Appiccagnolo, tm. hook, crook, peg, tenter- 
Appiccamene, ira. the act of hinging up 
Appiccinì©, a. sticky, viscous, glutinous 
Appiccare, va. A. to hang, hang op, suspend, 
attach, hook, to conjoin, stick together, 
unite, cement; — un cólpo, to strike a 
blow; —il fuòco, to kindle a fire; —irla 
a uno, to pliy, to serve one a trick; — 
una disputa, lo begin a dispute; —so- 
nàgli a uno, to defame, slander, tradùce 
one; — sina, to deceive; — un Brève, to 
put to shime; —ite il vòstro mantèllo, 
hang on your greit coat; le Ave s'appic- 
cano al tétto, the grapes are suspended 
to or from the roof; s'appicca it fuòco, 
the fire is kindling; hinno —ilo, il fuòco 
alla casa, they have set fire to the hfòse; 
— la zuffa, la battàglia, to còme to blows, 
give battle; — un lidro, to hang a rob- 
ber; V. Impiccare; —arsi, vrf. to become 
stock or hooked together, to meet, become 
attached ; to seise on; to hang one's self; 
i seccatóri s'appiccano come le mignatte 
e la gramigna, bòres stick to like dog's 
grass and leeches 
Appiccaticcio, -a, a. sticky, sticking, vis- 
cous, cleaving, catching; mile —, a con- 
tagious disease; un — , a dangler, an im- 
portunate fellow 
Appiccati vo, -a, a. contagious, catching 
Appiccato, -a, a. hooked, hung up, stuck 
Appiccatójo, a. V. Appiccàgnolo 
Appiccicaticcio, a. V. Appiccaticcio 
Appiccatura, tf. fastening, joining, union 
Appicciire, appiccicire, va. ft. to tack or 
stick to, to superidd; pini —iti, rolls 
or loaves stuck together; V. Piccia 
Appiccinire, va. 3. to make smaller, lessen, 
diminish; —irsi, vrf. to become (still) 
•miller, to get diminutive • 
Appiccinito, -a, a. made smaller, contracted 
Appiccolire, va. ft. —ire, 3. V. Appiccinire 
Appiccinirsi, vtf. (burl.) to become pigeon 
livered; (Jig.) to be duped, pigeoned, 
fleeced of money 
Appicco, tm. adhesion, union, junction; 
hook, means of attaching or sticking; 
dire —, to give a pretext 
App-ccolaménto, tm diminution, lessening 

Appiccolire, va. ft. appiccolire, va. 3. V. 

Appiè, appiedo, adv. at the foot, belów. 
at the bottom; — della pàgina, .at the 
bottom of the page 
Appièno, adv. fully, completely, quite 
Appigionaménto, sm. hire (of a house), 

Appigionare (dire a pigióne), va, ft. to let 
(rooms or houses) ; (pigliare a pigióne) to 
rent or hire (a house or apartment) 
Appigiónasi, tm. bill (of a house, rooms, 

to let) 

Appigionilo, -a, a. hired, let (root 

Appigliamene, mi. union, junction; tikiog 

Appigliire, va. to stick, cling, hold, adhere; 

V, Appiccare, attaccarsi; -irsi a, vrf. 

to betike one's self to, to stick to, 

abide by 

Appiglialùra, «/. onion, junction, connexion 

Appiglio, tm. pretext, pretense, color, show 

Applgrirsi (mi appigrisco), vrf. to grow 

Appillotlirsi, vrf. ft. to linger, later, be> 

wedded to (a plice) 
Appinzare, va. ft. to prick, sting, pique 
àppio, am. (bot.) parsley, smillage 
Appiòla, a/. F. Appioóla 
Appiolina, s/ {bot.) iothemis, camomile 
Appiómbo, adv. like a plummet, perpendi- 
Appioppare, va. ft. to plant with poplar» ; 

— le viti, to sustain vines on poplars 
Appisolarsi, vrf. to be drowsy, to nap 
Appiuóla, a/, (bot) golden pippin (apple) 
Appiuòlo, sm. (bot.) golden pippin-tree, 
Applaudente, a, applauding; tmf. ap- 

p lander 
Appliudere, va. f . irr. applaudire, 3. (ap- 
plaudo; applaudisco -fsci,-isce) to applaud, 
to clap; applaudirsi,!»/, to strut, look big, 
enact the swell, be on good terms with 
one's self 
Applaudimene, tm. applauding, applauso 
Applaudilo, -a, a. applauded, clipped 
Applauditòre, -trice, am/, he, she who 

applauds, clips, extols 
Applàuso, am. appliuse, pliudit, praise 
Applausóre, em. appliuder, approver 
Applicàbile, a. applicable, suitable 
Applicamene, tm. application, applying 
Applicare (ipplico, -ichl, -ica), va: ft. to 
appty, to lay on or Over, to adapt, to 
assign, appropriate, adopt; (mar.) to touch 
at, pit between; — la ménte a, to apply 
one 's mind to; —irsi. vrf. to apply 
one's self to, to set about, study; appli- 
catevi a' vòstri studj, appty yourself to 
your studies 
Applicatamente, adv. with application, 

Applicatela, tf. application, sèdulousnoss 
Applicato, -a, a. applied, addicted, prone 
Applicazióne, a/, application, care 



— 71 — 


ippa.prep. near, by, vitti, among; — i 

fiooanvwith or among the Romans; — 

b6I, with ot ; F. Apprètto ; — {for a 

«pitto di) In comparison of, compared to 

Appoderaménto, #». firming, cultivating 

Appoderare {from podére), va. 4. to firm, 

to catturate land 
Appodiasiòne, sf. {law) confiscation 
Appoffiaménto, rat. leaning, arm-rest 
Appoggiare, va. i. to lean (a thing against 
mother), to rest; to stay, prop, buttress, 
bolster op, support; to second ; — la la- 
blrda, to lean or rest the halberd against 
1st vili, to bùlly or spènge a dinner; 

— na miro, una persóna, to stay or prop 
•p a ▼ill, to back or stand by a person; 
-aia mozióne {legis.) to second a motion; 

— va colpo, nno schiaffo, to strike a 
blot, give a slap; —arsi, vrf. to lean or 
be leaned against, to depend, relj or or 
stay one's self upon 

Appoggiato, -a» o. propped, supported, sec- 

Appoggiatolo, «et. any thing to lean upon, 
the arm, or back of a chair or form, the 
irswests of a carriage; bannisters of a 
stair ea*e, etc. 

Appoggiatura, a/, leaning; rest; F. Appòg- 
gio; {mas.) appoggiatura 

Appoggio, em. prop, stay, support; favour, 
céeetenanee, auspices, protection 

AppoUajare, va. i. to roost; {Jig.) to lodge, 

Appomfeiire, va. f . to rub with pomice 

Appóaere, apponersi; F. Appórre, etc. 

Apponiaénto, tm. apponimene, sf. addition, 

Appostonire, va. I. F* Appuntellire 

Appopperò, sms. i. {mar.) to equipoise 

Apporre (appónere), va. S. irr. (appóngo, 
-oni, ~ooe, apponiamo, —etc, appón- 
gono; past» —òsi; future, apporrò; 
part —osto) to appóse , set , (applf ) 
sebjan, add, append, aRIx; to imputo 
le, tax vith, lay the blame upon; —órsi, 
vrf. to gneee, conjecture, divine; se io 
mi — ongo, if I conjecture right ; voi non 
vi apponeste, you did not guess, were 
net right; — al sóle, to find finlt with 
the sun 

Apportante, a. bringing, carrying, causing 

Apportare, va. 1. to bring, carry; report, 
aaeelaee l state; to land, bring to; F. 
Pigliar pòrto 

Apportato, -a, a. brought, carried, an- 

Appertatore. -trice, tmf. messenger 
Appofiiamòote, adv. Appositely, appro- 
Appofitfccio, -a, a. V. Posticcio 
ApposiilTO, -a, a. Apposite, iddible 
Appesito, -a, a, Appòsite, appropriate 
Appostatone, if. apposition, addition 

Appòsta, a pòsta, adv. on purpose, design- 

Appostaménto, $m. tying in wait, àmbush 

Appostare, va. !. to lie in wait for; — on 
cólpo, to placo or plant a hit; — la 
lòdola, la starna, to pit into the affairs 
of others, to cast one's eyes upon, to 
aim at something (ly 

Appostataménte, adv. designedly, purpose- 

Appostito, -a, a. witched; lurking, witch- 

Appostatóre, tin. one who lies in wait for; 
lurker, spf, insldiitor, assassin 

Apposticelo, -a, a. V. Posticcio 

Appósto, -a, a. set, pliced, affixed, imputed 

Appostolato, F. Apostolato, etc. 

Appozzare, va. i. to immèrge in a well, to 
mike sloDgray, miry 

Appratiménto, em. the work of reducing to 

Appratire, va. 3. to chinge into meadow 
ground, to appropriate land to the produc- 
tion of hay 
Apprendente, sm. learner, scholar, ap- 

Apprèndere, va. 3. irr. (apprèndo, etc. past, 

apprèsi, part, apprèso) to learn, study ; 

to tike hold; — óndersi, vrf. to hold, to 

become attached, tike root 

Apprenderle, a. apprehensible, fit to bo 

Apprendiménto, sm. learning, tho act of 

learning, study; apprehension, fear 
Apprendista, sm. learner, one who lèarns 
Apprenditòre, sm. F. Apprendente 
Apprensibile, a. concèirable, intelligible 
Apprensióne, sf. apprehension, fear 
Apprensiva, sf. Realty of conception, idea 
Apprentivo, -a, a. apprehèntire, fearful; 

apt at learning, sharp, intelligent 
Apprensòrio, -a, a. who learns; seizes, 

Appresenlire, va. 1. to show, exhibit, repre- 
Appresentirsi, vrf. to show one's self, ap- 
Apprèso, -a, a. learned, studied; seized, 

taken, tiken with; ignited, kindled 
Appressaménto, sm. approach, drawing near 
Appressante, a. proximate, that approaches 
Appressare, va. 1. to bring or put near; 
—arsi, vrf. to còme near, be very near, 
to approach 
Apprèsso, prèp. and adv. near, hird by, 
by, nigh, abdùt, nearly; at hand, with, 
after, (afterwards) ; — a pòco, nearly 
Appressoché, adv. almost, nearly, V. Pres- 
Apprestaménto, appresto, sm. preparation 
Apprestiate, a. prepiring, that prepiret 
Apprestare, va. I. to prepire, make ready, 
set in order, dispóse; —Arti, vrf. to 
prepire one's self, get ready 
Apprestilo, -a, a. prepared, ready, in order 



— 72 — 


Apprestatrico, if. she who prepares 
Appreziazióne, tf. appraisement, Tal nation 
Apprezzàbile, a. estimable, valuable 
Apprezzaménto, tm. estimate, appraising 
Apprezzare, va. 1. to value, estimate; rate; 
to prize, esteem; —irsi, vrf. to esteem 
or prize one's self 
Approvativo, «a, a. commendable, laud- 
Apprezzilo, -a, a. rated, estimated, valued, 

prized, esteemed, respected 
Apprezzalo™, -trice, tmf. he, she who rates 

or values; who prizes, esteems 
Approbàre, va. i. V. Approvare 
Approbazióne, if. approbation, approval 
Approcciamene, appròccio, tm. approach 
Approcciare, tm. i. —àrsi, vrf. {ant) to 

draw near 
Appròccio, «m. {fori.) approach; {mil) 

Approdare, vn. to còme to shore, còme 
into port, land ; to profit, be good or 
usefal, V. Far pro 
Appròdo, tm. landing; landing-place 
Approfittare, tm. i. to profit, derive advant- 
age; —àrsi, vrf. to avail one's self, to 
improve, to profit by; mi approfitto del- 
l'occasiono, I avàfl myself of, I profit by, 
I improve the opportunity 

) to dig to tho bottom, to 
Approfondare, va. 1. I deepen ; to examine 
Approfondire, va. 3. I to the bottom, search 

) out, scrutinize 
Approntare, va. 1. V. Apprestare, alle- 
Appropiàre, appropriare, va. i. to appfy, 
properly, to adapt, adjudge; —àrsi, vrf. 
to appropriate to one's self 
Appropinquarsi, vrf. {poet) V. Appres- 

-AfJpropó*ito, adv. a propòs, appositely 
Appropriarsi, vrf. to appropriate to one's 

Appropriato, -a, a. appropriated, fitted, 

Appropriatole, -trice, imf. one who appro- 
priates, appròpriàtor 

Appropriazióne, if. appropriation, adoption 

Appropriatamente, adv. with propriety, 
suitably, right 

Approssimaménto, tm. V. Appressaménto 

Approssimante, a. approximating, approach- 
ing, coming near; something like 

Approssimare, —àrsi, V. Accostare, —àrsi; 
il tèmpo si approssima, the time is ap- 

Approssimativamente, adv. by approxima- 
tion, by a rough guess 

Approssimativo, -a, a. approximative; roagh, 
not exact 

Approssimazióne, $f. approximation; per — ,, 
by approximation 

Approvàbile, a. approvabie, laudable 

Approvatone, $f. {ant,) approbation, ap- 
proval ; (proof) 

Approvamene, $m. approvànza {ant.) tf. 

Approvare, va. 1. to approve, consent, (con- 

Approvatamele, adv. with the approval 

Approvativo, -a, a. approving; of approba- 
tion, approval 

Approvato, -a, a. approved, confirmed 

Approvato™, -trice, $mf. approver 

Approvazióne, tf. approbation, approval, 
liking * 

Approvecciàrtt, vrf. to benefit, improve, 

Approvdccio, $m. profit, advantage, gain 

Approvvigionaménto, tm. victualling, «apply 
of provisions; supply 

Approvigionàre, va. i. to victual, to store, 
to sup pi J (with necessaries) 

Appulcràre, va. i. {Lat.) V. Abbellire 

Appólso, am. (attr.) apphlse 

Appuntàbile, a. that can be stitched, pointed, 
sharpened, worthy of remark, blamable, 
faulty, censurable 

Appuntaménto, adv. precisely, exactly \ 
just so 

Appuntaménto, tm. appointment, salary; 
appointment, assignation, agreement, con- 
vention, accord; restare in — di, to agree 
upon ; ho un — per le tre, I have an ap- 
pointment at three 

Appuntare, va. 1. to baste, tack with pins, 
sew with long stitches; to pòìut, sharpen; 
— una còsa, to note a thing, write it 
down; — uno, to blame or reprove a 
person ; — un cannóne, to point a cannon 

Appuntatamente, adv. V. Appuntaménto 

Appuntato, -a, a. stitched, pointed; formal 

Appuntato, tm. sum agreed upon; settled 
account; payment by appoint; adv. pre- 
cisely, exactly 

Appuntatóre, tm. nòter, critic, cènsurer 

Appuntatura, if. blame, censure, note, mark 

Appuntellare, va. i. {from puntèllo, prop) 
to prop, stay, support; bolster np 

Appuntellato, -a, a. propped, stayed 

Appuntino, precisamente, adv: just, exactly; 
ser —, Mr. Critic 

Appunto, sm. balance of an account, the 
balancing, settling or closing an account; 
blame, censure, note 

—, adv. precisely, exactly; per 1* —, just 
so ; méttersi in —, to get ready 

Appuntonàre, V. Appuntellare 

Appuraménto, tm. a purifying, clarifying, 

Appurare, va. to purify, clarify, elèanse; 
to ascertain, establish 

Appuzzamene, tm. stench (infection) 

Appuzzare, va. i. to infect with an offensive 
smell ; tm. to emit an offensive smell 

Appuzsolàre, va. i. V. Appuzzare 

Aprente, a, opening, that opens 

Apricàre, tm. 1. to be in the open air and 
exposed to the sun ; to bask in the sun 



73 — 


Aprico, -a, a. open and sunny; am. sunny 
spot sheltered from the wind 

Aprile, sm. April (a month); pésce, m. 
d'— , April-fool 

Aprùnénto, fm. opening, chink; commence- 

Apripòrta, sm. porter, door-keeper 

A priori (Latin), A prióri; ragionaménto, 
argoménto —, reasoning or argument 4 

Aprire, va. 3. (apro, past, aprii, part, 
apèrto) to open, throto open, disclose, 
ànelóse; —irsi, vrf. to open one's self 
or itself, to burst open, to gape, expand, 
erack, cléave 

Apritfvo, -a, a. apéritire 

Apritóro, -trice, smf. opener, porter, box- 

Apritora, apritióne, af. opening, disclosure 

apro, »wu (poet.) wild bóar 

Aptide, sf. {arch.) Apsis (of a chnrch) ; Ap- 
sidi, pL, (arch.) Apsides; (astr.) Ap- 

Apteri, rmpl. (ent.) Aptera . 

Aptero, -a, a. Apterous, destitute of wing 

Aqua, a/. wAt*r, V. Acqua 

Aquario, «as. Aquarius; (sign of the Zo- 
diac) ; acqnArium (for rearing acquatto 

Aquàtico, -s, a. acauAtic, pluvious, wAtery 

Aqueita; (ant,) —Ade, —Ate, V. Aquosìtà 

Aqoeo, -a. a. Aqueous, wAtery 

Aquidòecio, sm. V. Acquidótto 

Aquila, sf. (orn.) eagle 

Aquilina; pietra —, sf. (min.) aetftes, éagle- 

Aquilino, -a, a. Aquiline; nAso —, Aquiline 
nose; am. eaglet, youog eagle 

Aquilonare, a. northerly, boreal, stormy 

Aquilóne, am. north wind, cold wind, Aqnilon 

Aquilòtto, sm. eaglet 

Aquosita, acqnositA, $f. acquósi ty; witer- 

ara, #/. (poet) V. Altare, sm. Altar 

Arabescare, va. f . to adorn with arAbic work, 
with Arabesques 

Arabescato, arabésco, -a, a. V. Rabesca- 
to, etc. 

Arabieo, -a, a. Arabic; Arab 

Aràbile, a. Arable 

Arabo, -a, a. smf. ArAbian ; gli Arabi, pi. 
the ArAbians; 1'— , (language), Arabic; 
idiotismo —, arabism 
Arae, aracca, stn. Arack (spirituous liquor) 

Arraek, rack 
Arachide, em. (bot.) èarth-nnt 
Aracnide, sm. (ent.) arAchnidan; aracnidi, 

pU arAcnida 

Aracndide, arAcnea, sf. (anaL) arachnoid, 

arachnoid membrane, serous cóat of the 

brAiu l 

Aracnoidite, sf. (med.) inflammAtion of the 

arachnoid tonic (gno 

ArAfua, sf. arAgno, sm. (ent.) spider, V. RA- 

A ragióne, adverb, justly 

Aragnarsi, vrf. Azznfiarsi 

Aràldica, sf. heraldry 

Araldo, -a, smf. herald (lage 

Aramento, sm. . ploughing, husbandry, til- 

Araméo, -a, a. Aramaic, Araméan; 1'— , 

(language) Aramaic 
Arància, sf, orange 
Aranciata, sf. orangeade, drangs-lèmon&de; 

blóeo with an orange 
Aranciato, -a, a. orange-coloured 
Arancièra, sf. orangery, Órange-hóuse, orange 

Arancino, sm. small orange, chfna-drange 
Aràncio, sm. (bot.) orange- tree; a. orange- 
Arante, sm. and a. ploughman, ploughing 
Arare, va. i. to plrfigh; — dritto, to wAlk 
straight; — col bue e coll'Asino, to mis- 
place people; to do things foolishly, at 
random; to be given to all sort of lewd- 
Arativo, -a, a. plówable, tillable; terra —, 

plów-land, plough-land 
Aratóre, sm. ploughman-, husbandman 
Aratòrio, -a, a. of husbandry, of firming; 

terra —, Arable land, plough -land 
Aratro (arato, aratolo), am. plough 
Aratura, arazióne, sf. tillage, ploughing 
Arazzerla, af. tapestry manufactory 
Arazzière, sm. tApestry-wòrker;tApestry-man- 

ArAzzo, sm. tapestry, hangings, arras 
arbitra, sf. Arbitress, arbitrAtrix 
Arbitràggio, sf. arbitration 
Arbitrale, a. (fato) by arbitration 
Arbitrament, am. arbitrament, arbitration 
Arbitrante, smf. arbitrator, arbitrAtrix 
Arbitrare, va. 1. to Arbitrate, decide, judge 
Arbitrariamente, adv. Arbitrarily 
Arbitràrio, -a, a. Arbitrary, free, despotic 
Arbitrato, sm. umpirage (judgment); arbi- 
tration , 
Arbitrator, -trice, smf. arbitrAtor, Arbiter, 

umpire; arbitrAtrix, Arbitress 
Arbitrio, sm. arbitration, will, free will; 

Absolute power 
Arbitro, sm. bmpire, arbitrator. Arbiter 
Arborato, arboróso, -a, a. full of trees; 

àrbore, (poet.) V. Albero, sm. tree 
Arbòreo, -a, a. arboreous, of trees 
Arborescènte, a. arborescent 
Arboréto, sm. «rove, plantation, wood 
Arborifórme, a. arbòriform; having the form 

of a tree 
Arboritzazióne, sf. arborization (the figaro 

of a plant in minerals or fossils) 
Arboscèllo, arboscèllo, arbnscolo, arbusco, 

sm. Arboscle, dwarf tree, shrub, bush 
Arbuscélla, arboscola, sf. V. Arboscèllo 
Arbustfno, sm. wild vine (climbing np trees) 
Arbusto, sm. Arbule, shrub, dwarf tree 
Arbuto, (bot.) sm. Arbute, strAwberfy-tree 



— 74 — 



arci, •/. chest coffer; coflìn, sarcophagus, 
urn, tomb, irk; Ark of the covenant; 

- un'— di scienti, i very learned man, an 
eminent scholar; ad — apèrta il giusto 
pècca, prov. ezp. opportunity makes the 

Arcàccia, l/. old ehest, trunk 

àrcade, tmf. Arcadian; — , arcadico, -a, 
a. Arcadian 

Arcadóre, tm. Archer, bowman; knàve, 

Arcaismo, tm. Archaism, Ancient phràse 

Arcale, tm. Arch (of a door), semicircle, 

Arcalfffo, tm. calif, ciliph, kali/ 

Arcarne, carcame, tm. cArcass 

Arcanamente, adv. sécretely, mysteriously 

Arcàngelo, am. archangel 

Arcano; tm. arcanum, hidden mastery 

—, -a, a. hidden, mysterious 

Arcare, van. 1. to let off an arrow, to shoot; 
to Arch ; to cheat 

ArcAsso, tm. (mar.) stern-frame, bhttock of a 

Areata, tf. bow-shot; stroke with the bow 
of a fiddle ; {arctL) Arch; Arcade; tirare 
in —, to inquire, obliquely, to pump 

Arcato, -a, a. Arched, vaulted, curved; 

Arcatore, tm. bowman, Archer 

Arcàvola, tf. great great grand -mother 

Arcàvolo, tm. great great graod-fither 

àree, (Lat.) tf. rock 

Archeggiamelo, tm. the bending (anything) 
in the form of an arch; — di stomaco, 
rising in the stomaca, quAfm, nàusea 

Archeggiare, va. i. to bend (anything) in 
the form of an Arch ; tm. (mtct.) to ose 
the bote; to scrape, fiddle, strum 

Archeggiato, -a, a. bent, curred, vaulted 

Archeologia, t/. archaeology 

Archeològico, -a, a. archaeological, relating 
to archaeology 

Archeòlogo, tm. archaeologist, one versed in 

Archetipo, Am. Archetype 

Archétto, archettino, tm. small arch, little 
bòw; bòw of a violin, fiddle-stick 

Archiatra, tm. head physician to a sovereign 

Archibugiare, va. i. to shoot with an ar- 

Archibugiàta, a/. V. ArchibnsAta 

Archibugière, tm. V. Archibnsiére 

Archibugio, tm. V. Archi buso 

Archibnsàta, «/. gun-shot 

Archibusidra, tf. better ferìtòja, */. loop- 

Archibnsiére, tm. arquebusiér 

Archibuso, tm. hand-guo, Arquebuse 

Archidiàcono, tm. archdeacon 

Archiéra, arcièra, tf. loop-hole, bàrbacan 

Archiginnàsio, tm. chief Gymnasium 

Archimandrita, tm. archimandrite; bell- 
wether, leader or chief of the flock 

Archimiàre, va. 1. to transmute nàtali, etc. 
Archipenxolàre, va. i. to regulate bf the 

plummet • 

Archipéntolo, tm. lead plummet 
Archilémpio, tm. chief temple 
Architettar», va. i. to plan, build, to lay 
dut on architectural principles, to contrive 
Architettato, -a, a. planned, built; devised 
Architétto, tm. Architect, builder, contriver 
— , -a, a. of an Architect, belonging to 

Architecture, architectural 
Architettònico, -a, a. architectural 
Architettóre, -trice, tmf. better architétto, 
Architect; builder; founder, originator, 
Architettura, tf. Architecture (Artisan 

Architrave, tm. Architrave 
Architravato, -a, a. having an Architrave 
Architriclino, tm. high seneschal 
Archiviare, va. i. to register in the Archives 
Archiviato, -a, o. registered, authenticated 
Archivio, tm. Archives, old records office 
Archivista, tm. recorder, keeper of the rolls 
Archivòlto, tm. upper contour of an Arch 
Arci, a prefix from the Greek archi, Arch, 
extra, over, high, etc. as Arciduca, arch- 
duke, etc. 
Arcibéllo, -a, a. most beautiful, extra-fine 
Arcibenissimo, adv. exceedingly well 
Arcibeslióne, tm. great blockhead 
Arcibonisslmo, -a, a. super-excellent, per- 
Arcibràvo, -a, a. superlatively brave, skil- 
ful, learned 
Arcibriccóne, tm. Arch villain, arrant scoun- 
Arcibuffóne, $m. a very fool, Arch fòol, Ar- 
rant knave 
Arcicensolàto, $m. dignity of First Consul 
Arcicònsolo, tm. First Consul 
Arciconténto, -a, a. more than content, 

quite pleased, delighted, overjoyed 
Arcicorredàto, -a, a. extra-provided, richly 

Arcicrédere, va. 2. to believe most fully 
Arcidevotissimo, -a, a. most truly devoted 
Arcidevòto, -a, a. given wholly to devotion; 

superstitiously devdut 
Arcldiaconàto, tm. archdeacon ship 
Arcidiàcono, tm. archdeacon 
Areidiàvolo, tm. Arch-fiend, chief of the 

fallen angela 
Arciduca, tm. Arehdoke 
Arciducale, a. archducal, pertaining to an 

Arciducato, tm. archdukedom 
Arciduchéssa, «/. Archduchess 
Areieloquentissimo, -a, a. most eloquent, 

remarkably, or superlatively eloquent 
Areiepiscopàle, a. archiepiscopal 
Arcière, -o, -a, tmf. Archer, female Archer 
Arcifallito, -a, a. who was failed irretriev- 
Arcifànfano, -a, am/, braggart, romancer, 


— 75 


Arcifleaaitico.-a, a. phlegmatic, cold, dull, 
Aiary, sluggish in the highest degree 
Arcifoadatóre, em. the first or primitive 


Arcigiollare, tm. juggler, buffoon» quii 
Arcignamente, adv. gruffly, sdùrly, scowl iogly 
Afcipéna, e/, gruffness, crossness, asperity 
Arcigno, -a, a. sharp, crabbed, harsh, gruff; 

Uì tìm — , to look grim, to scowl 
ArciUeare, va. 4. to cry np, extol, magnify 
AreinijQteolo, -a, a. capital, extremely 

bar*, ridiculous 
AretaiUo, -a, a. riving mad, stirk mad 
Arcinistro, maestro, em. head master; most 

diJtiigfljshed mister, mister hf eminence 
ArciataUre, er. 3. to tell a most bare-faced 


Arcuferaale, a. more than hellish 
AraaobUUsimo, -a, a. most noble 
Areioaito, -a, a. saddled 
Arcióne, m. siddle-bòm (saddle); TOtire 
1'-, to fill from horseback; tenérsi agli 
-ini, to mind whit one is about; to 
stairs with eiulion; entrire in —, to 
o£nt on horseback (sea ' 

Arcipèlago, em. (gtog.) archipelago, JBgian- 
Arcipoehlssimo, -a, a. very little indeed, 

sat to nothing 
AreipoéU, m. prince of poets 
Arciprétso, bttttr ciprèsso, tm. c^press-trée 
Arctpresbiterito f en. dignity, office of an 
ArcipreUto ( arch-priést, irch-près- 

irciprttile, a. of an irch-prìésl, ircb-près- 

Arciprète, tm. arch priest, ireh-prètbyter 
Arcuarlo, -a, o. lupcrlatively vise 
Areisioagégo, arebisinagògo, em. chief of 

the rjnegogue 
Arcuoliaae, a. most sòlemm 
Arcispedale, «is. principal hospital 
ArciTeteovido, fm. archbishopric 
ArmetcoTile, — lie, a. archiepiscopal 
A'cirfecoTO, em. archbishop 
Arcifiela, if. violoncello 
ArdTòstre, -a, a. most truly yours 
tfce», em. bòv, arch, carré, semicircle; 
aprire 1*—, to bend one's bow ; avere 1'— 
lingo, to be astate, cloning; avere 1'— 
dell' intellètto teso a on a còsa, to mind 
ttaethiog; chi tròppo tira 1'— si spéssa 
{prov. exp.) a bòw too mnch bent breaks ; 

- celèste, rainbow; con 1'— dell'osso 
or della schièna, with ill one's might; 

— acéto, (ardi.) acute irch, ogive; — 
trioelale, triumphal irch; — da sera buon 
Mano si spera, prov. exp* a riinbow 
it atght is the shepherd's delight; — 
èa aattina riémpie la marina prov. exp. 
a rainbow io the morning is the «hep. 
bird's warning 

Arcobalèno, §m. rainbow; Iris; passir sotto 
1'—, to change one's sex 
Areobtgio, ens. F. Archibuso 

Arcolii, tmph castles in the kit, whims 
Areolajo, tm. reel, winder, yarn-blades; 
fire 1'—, to torn rdund ab 50 1; aggirerò 
nno come un —, to cèrne round one, to 
impòse upon one; girare come an —, to 
be expeditions; méttere in capo 1'—, to 
muse, be whimsical; é an —, be is a giddy 
odd fellow; 1'— quanto è più vècchio e 
più gira, prov. exp. old p*ople in love 
are apt to do more foolish things., than 
the young 
Arconcèllo, tm. small bòw 
Arcòne, tm, great bow 
Arcónte, #m. irchon, one of the nine cbiéi 

magistrates in indent Greece 
Amoreggiare, v*. i. to breik wind; (to 

Arcuato, -a, a. bent, crooked, arched, curved 
Arcuccio, em. cradle- tèster, cridling (of 

bedt)\ ad —, top-headed (of cradles) 
Ardeliòne, em. pènder 
Ardènte, a. ardent, burning, fiery, keen, 
eager, Amorous; òcchi ardènti, keen, pierc- 
ing efes; règgi ardènti, burning rays; ca- 
vallo —, spirited fiery horse 
Ardentemente, adv. ardently, passionately 
Ardènza, tf. beat, glow, intènse beat, fiery 
irdour, ardency, eagerness, burning desire; 
neir— dell'ira, in the beat of passion 
àrdere, vn. *. irr. (irdo, -i, -o, pa$t. arsi, 
irse, irsero, part, àrso) to burn, blize, 
glow, be irdent, shine; spirito da —, 
spirits to burn, spirits of wine; — d'a- 
móre, di sdégno, to glow with love, burn 
with rige; —, «a. to consume; il fuoco 
àrse mólte càie, the fire consumed (or 
burnt down) a number of houses 
Ardèsia, tf. slite 

Ardiglióne, tm. tòngue (of a buckle) 
Ardiménto, em. boldness, daring, hardihood 
Ardimentóso, -a, a. bold, daring, birdy 
Ardire, vn. 3. (ardisco, -isci, -isee, -limo, 
-ite, -iscono) to dire, to bé bold or 
adventurous, to tike the liberty; tm. dar- 
ing, hardihood, boldness, valour: pigliarsi 
— di fare qualche còsa, to dare to dò 
Arditamente, adv. boldly» daringly 
Arditécsa, tf. boldness, daring, hardihood 
Ardito, -a, a. bold, brive, daring, hirdy 
Ardóre, tm. irdour, warmth; fervour, glow, 
wirm desire; cavillo pièno d'— , mettle- 
some, spirited horse 
Arduamente, adv. Arduously, with difficulty 
Arduità, tf- irduousness, difficulty; steep- 
àrduo, -a, a. arduous, difficult, bird, toil- 
some, perilous; ardua intreprésa, arduous 
undertaking ; —, tm. V. Arduità 
Arderà, #/. V. Arsura, cocióre, brucióre 
irea, «/. irea, superficies (extent) 
Aréca, tf. (hot.) aree, aréca (a kind of 

I Arefitto, -a, a. dried bp, withered 



— 76 



Arcfasióne, a/, arefàction (drying) 

A r élla, a/, small wooden sty for swine 

àrem, arémme, am harem, (the division al- 
lotted to females in the East) 

Aréna, $f. sand, gravel, sand-bank; arena, 
amphitheatre; le bollènti aréne di Libia, 
the burning sands of L$bia 

Arenàceo, -a, a. sàndy, arenóse, arenaceous 

Arenàrio, sm. gladiator, prize-fighter 

Arenarsi, vrf. to stick in the sand, run 
agrfònd, get stranded 

Areoosità, a/, sàndiness 

Arenóso, -a, a. sàndy, full of sand 

Arénle, a. V. àrido 

Areola, a/, areola; K. Ajótta, ajuòla, 

Areòmetro, am. areometer 

Areonànta, em. V. Aeronàuta 

Areopagita, areopagito, em. Areòpagite, a 
member of the Areopagus 

Areopago, am. areopago* (a sovereign tribu- 
nal at Athens) 

Areostàtico -a, a àreostàtic; pallóne arco- 
stàtico, air balloon 

Areòstilo, em. {arch.) àreostyle 

Areottònica, a/, {mil.) areotochtónics (at- 
tack and defence of fortified places) 

Ardsta, if. V. Rèsta 

AriasaltéUo, arfaaàtto, am. a low-born fel- 

Arganàre, va. 1. to wire-draw, spin Into 

àrgano, am. windlass, capstan, crane ; fare 
una còsa tiratovi cogli àrgani, to dò 
something by force, constrainedly 

Argentóne, am. {pot.) àrgemone, prickly 


Argentàjo, argentière, am. silversmith 
Argentale, a. silver-coloured, silvery 
Argentare, va. !. V. Inargentare' 
Argentato, -a, a. overlaid with silver 
Argentatóre, am. one that plates, silvers 

Argentatura, a/, silvering 
Argènteo, -a, a. silvery, silver-coloured; 
vasi argèntei, silver vases; argèntea Iona, 
silvery móon 
Argenteria, a/, plate, silver-plate 
Argentièra, \f. silver-mine 
Argentière, -o, em. silver-smith 
Argentifero, -a, a. producing silver 
Argentina, •/. (bot.) silver- weed, wild tansy 
Argentino, -a, a. silver-cólonred, silvery; 

vóce argentina, clear silvery voice 
Argènto, am. silver; farsi d'— , {poetically 
if the hair) to grow white, hóary; mét- 
tere a — or d'— , to silver, deck with 
silver work 
— vivo, em. quicksilver, mercury; aver 
1'— vivo addòsso, lo bé always in motion 
Argéste, em. west wind 
(Argiglia) argilla, a/, argil, clay, potter's 
clay (ish 

Argiglióso, -a, argillóso, -a, a. clàyey, clày- 
Argillàceo, -a, a. argillaceous, clàyish 

Arginamento, em. the raising a dyke or 

Arginare, va. 1. to raise a dyke or rampart 

Arginato, -a, a, guarded bf a bank, mole, 

Arginatura, a/, embankment, diking 

àrgine, em. dike, bank, levee, mòle; mét- 
tere — a, to oppóse a barrier to 

Arginétto, am. little dike, bank ; rampart 

Arginóso, -a, a. full of banks, impediments 

Argnóne, am. V. Arnióne 

argo, em. (aarr.) Argo nàvis 

Argogliàrsi, vrf. i. (ant.) to grow pnftd, 

Argomentacelo, $m. bad argument 

Argomentare, van, 1. to argue, reason; to 
'prove bf syllogisms or arguments; to argue, 
tend to prove; —àrsi, vrf. to equip one's 
self, prepare, endeavour 

Argomentatore, -trice, ttnf. Arguer, dispu- 
tant, réasoner 

Argomentasene, e/, argument, dispute, dis- 
cussion, argumentation, reasoning 

Argoménto, em. reason, Argument, syllo- 
gism, proof, conjectural argument, sign, 
indication; reasoning, Argument, dispute; 
the argument or subject matter of a dis- 
course; tool, instrument; (injection); dar 
— , to give càuse; agitare un —, to treat 
a subject; fare — , to prove, demonstrate, 
infer; sguainare —ènti, to bring in. proofs; 
stringere 1'—, to conclude; — cornuto, 

Argomentóso, -a, a. persuasive, convincing, 
powerful; ingenious, skilled in Argument 

Argonàuta, em. Argonaut 

Arguire, va. 3. (arguisco, -isci, -isce, etc.) 
to infer, conclude, Argue, to blame, rep- 
rimand ; dal nomerò de' delitti si può — 
(0 argomentare) la civiltà d'un pòpolo, 
from che number of crimes we may Arguo 
or infer the degree of civilisation of a 

Argomentante, em. réasoner, disputant, 

Argomentare, argoménto, V. Argomen- 
tare, etc. 

Argutamente, ado. wittily, Artfully, sub- 

Argutézza, a/, finesse, sublility; wit, quibble, 
witty conceit 

Arguto, -a, a. witty, subtile, ingenious, 

Argùzia, tf. witticism, subtility, ingenuity, 
piquancy; quibble, bon-mot, joke; diro 
argùzie, to say good things, be piquant 

ària, tf. air, vital air; air, mién, look; 
(mus.) air, tone, song; favellare in — , 
to talk idly, talk to the winds; pigliar 
1*— , to take the air, to take a walk, a 
ride, an àiring; non venire per pigliar 
—, to còme on business; intèndere per 
—, to be quick of understanding; èsser 
còsa in —, to be air-built, chimerical; 



— 77 — 


fare castèlli in —, to build castles in tho 
iir; darsi — di letterato, di filòsofo, to 
ut op as, to pretend to be a literary 
sue, a philosopher ; — apèrta, the open 
air; bell'— di tèsta, a noble air, beautiful 
toro of the head, lofty mièa ; — infètta, 
futi air; fabbricato in — (chimèrico), 
lir-boill ; schiòppo da — , àir-gun ; im- 
permeabile all'-, air- tight; leggiero còrno 
1-, iirj-light 
Arunlsmo, tf. àrianism 
AniBo -a, sin/, a. Arian 
Ananas, af. (aatr.) Ariàdne (a constellation) 
Ariealco, ava. V. oricalco 
Aridamente, adv. dryly 
Ansima J if. aridity dryness» barrenness; 
Anditi ( tiresomeness 
irilo, -a, a. arid, dry ; fig. tiresome 
Aritggiàre. va. è. to resemble, look like 
Aries to, V. Argènto 
A'itiire, va. i. to beat down with a bàtter- 

Ariete, mi. (tool.) ram; [aatr.) Axles; (mil,) 

Ariétta, tf. little 4ir f ariétta, song, tune 
AnelUna, tf. short air, little song, sonila 
a riléoto, adverb. softly, cautiously 
Anmaae, $m. ArimAn, abriman, Arima (the 

nil genius of the Persiana) 
Ariosa, i/. harÀiague, speech; (icht) herring 
Anogaméato, $tn. harangue, long speech 
Ariogàrs, van. 1. to harangue, to mike a 

Aringito, -a, a. harangued, prepared, 

Ariagatòre, am. speaker, orator, haraoguer 
AriBgheria, tf. haringae, speech, discourse 
Ansfhisra, af. rostrum, bar, hustings 


$m. arèna, lists ; rostrum, bir, 

Aff«. M i Pulpit; haraagu*, tournament; 

™ g0 ) córrere 1'—, to joust, tilt 

Ahàlo, su». diviner, sooth-sàyer ; V. Indo- 

Ariana, tf. noble tir, majestic appearance 

Arroto, -a, a. airy; well 4ired, sùnny, 
light, giddy, gay, whimsical; prètty, grace- 
ful, charming; casa ariósa, well aired 
sAse, hvàse in an Open, sunny spot 

Anmética, arismètrica, tf. {ant.) arithm- 

tota, e/, chino of pork 

Arista, tf- {boi,) ear of corn 

Arvurcheggiare, vn. i. to criticise severely 

Arutarco, «va. Aristarch, merciless critic 

Aratocratkaticaméflte, adv. aristocratic- 

iròtecrttico, «a, a. aristocritical; — smf. 

AnjtocratU, tf. aristocracy 

Aristotelicamente, adv. according to Aris- 
tftle or to his philosophy 

ArutotèUoo, -a, a. of or belonging to Arist- 

Antotelismo, $m. Aristotilianism 

Arislula, tf. small Ush bono 
Aritmètica, tf. arithmetic 
Aritmeticamente, adv. arithmetically 
Aritmètico, am. arithmetician, accountant 
—, -a, a. arithmetic, arithmetical 
Arlecchinata, tf. harlequinade 
Arlecchino, sm. harlequin, buffoon, jèslor 
Arlòtto, st». dirty glutton ; slovenly fool 
arma, tf. poet. V. arme ; ant. V. alma 
Armacoia, tf. clumsy weapon, bad arms 
Armacòllo (ad), adv. across, (slung) over 

the shoulder, in a sling 
Armadiàccio, am, bad clothes-press, ugly 

Armàdio, am. press, clothes-press, cup- 
Arm ad óra, tf. armour (arms) 
Armad oretta, tf. light Armour 
Armajoòlo, armàjo, am. Armourer, gun- 
Armamentario, am. arsenal, Armoury 
Armaménto, am. the Arming, equipping, 

preparing for séa; Armament 
Armare, va. i. to arm; — arsi, vrf. to 

Armàrio, tm. clothes-press; press (book- 
Armata, tf. fleet, nary; army 
Armatamente, adv. bf main force; with 

Armatèlta, armatèlla, a/, small fleet, Army 
Armato, -a, a. Armed, fitted up provided 

Armatóre, am. privateer, captain 
Armatura, af. Armour, cuirass, breast-plate 
arme and arma, (piarmi and arme)*/. Arms, 
weapons, àrmour; Arme gentilizie, oóat 
of Arms, crest, Arms; muòver 1'— , to 
begin or declare a wir; all'— I to Arms! 
— da fuòco, firs arms; — blanche, swórds, 
daggers; all Arms except fire Arms; fatto 
d'- , exploit; piazza d'— , Mars-fiéld, Army 
square; lare il riso dell'—, to look dag- 
gers ; portar le —, to bear Arms ; presen- 
tare ie — (mil.), to present arms; aprirsi 
il passo colle —, to fight one's way ; 
levarsi ad — (córrere all'—), to rise in 
Arms; dar di piglio all'—, to take up 
Arms; deporre 1'—, to lay down one's 
Armeggeria, tf. V, Armeggiaménto 
(Arm« ggévole) armeggiente, a. fighting 
Armeggiaménto, am. joùst, mock-còmbat, 

Armeggiare, vn. 1. to joùst; run a till; 
slimmer, hesitate, to rummage like a 
silly person 
Armeggiato™, am. jouster, tilter, swords- 
Armeggieria, af. tilt, johst, mockencounter 
Armeggio, am, V. Armaménto 
Armeggio, am. rummaging (like a silly 

Armeggióne, int. fussy or meddling fellow 




— 78 — 



arrnel, $f. {hot.) hirmel, the wild African 

Armelif na, */. the fur of the èrmioe, ermine 
Armelltao, ermellino, tm. (mooU) ermine ; 
(bot.) àpricot-trée; quando gli — Ini sono 
in fióre il di e la notte son d'nn colóre, 
prov. exp. when àpricot-trées are bloom- 
ing the day and the night are of equal 
Armentàrio, un. herdsman, driver, cow- 

Armentario, -a, a. of cattle 
Arménto, em. drove, herd of càttle 
Armeria, tf. arsenal, Armoury; place for 

Armetreméndo, -a, a. poet, dreadful in 

Armicélla, a/, smill weapon, trifling arms 
Armiéro, -a, a. being in Arms ; am. esquire 

(knight's companion) irmiger 
Armifuro, -a, a- armigero», bearing arms 
Armigero, -a, a. warlike; em. irmiger 
Armflla (armélla), $/. bracelet, Armlet 
Armillare, a. Armillary, like a bracelet; la 

sfera —, the Armillary sphere 
Arminiano, -a, a. a. (UoL) Armlnian 
Armioianfsmo, a. (teol.) Armlnianism 
Armipotènte, a. mighty in Arms, warlike 
ArmisUsio, tm. Armistice, suspension of 

Armillare, va. I. (mar.) to cAst anchor, 

Armino, tm. (mar.) mooring 
Armoneggiare, vn. i. V. Armoninire 
Armonia, tf. bArmony, concord, onion 
Armoniaco, tm. ammoniac, gum ammoniac, 

salt ammoniacam, V. Ammoniaco 
Armoniàto, -a, a. harmonised, set In order 
Armònica, tf. (urna.) harmonics; musical 

Armonicamente, adv. harmonically, harm- 
Armònico, -a, a. harmónlcal, musical 
Armoniosamente, adv. harmoniously 
Armonióso, -a, a. harmonious, melodious 
Armonista, am. hArmonist, musician, com- 
poser of music 
Armonistaménto, sm. harmóniousness, mu- 
si&ilness, agreement, concord 
Armonizzante, a. hArmonising 
Armoniizire, en. 4. to harmonise, mike 

Armonizzato, -a, a. hArmonfsed; gióvane 

bene —, well made youth 
ArmorAceio, batter ramolaccio, tm. horse- 
Arnaglóssa, tf. (bot.) plantain 
Arnaldisti, tmpl. Arnoldists, disciples of 

Arnold of Brescia 
ArnesArio, am. called in Lombardy at- 
trezzista, «m. (theatre) manager (for the 
decoration, dressing, etc.) 
Arnése, $tn. gear, harness, utènsils, forni- 
ture, clothes; male in -, badly clothed 

Arn esótto, tm. light utensil, little inslru* 

àrnia, a/, bee-hire 

Arniajo, am. Apiary, stand or shed for bees 
àrnica, tf. (bot.) Arnica 
Arnióne (argnóne, rognóne) sm. kidney 
Arnomaosfa, tf. divination bf the inspection 

of lambs 
aro, tm (bot) Arum 
— d'Egitto, am. (bot.) Egtptian bean, 

Aròma, am. aroma, fragrance 
Aromatàrio, am. seller of spicca, grocer 
Aromalichéxxa I tf. aromatic», quality aro- 
Aromaticità | màtie 
Aromàtico, -a, a. aromatic, fragrant; spicy 
Aromàtico, tm. perfume, sweet odour, fra- 
Aromatfte, tm. (min.) murrhlne atone, fluor 

Aromatizzare, va. I. to arómatite, perfume 
Arómato, am, aromatic, sweet-smelling. 

A rompicollo, adverb, at the risk of break- 
ing one's neck, headlong, rashly, pre- 
cipitately r 
arpa, tf. hirp; — d'éolo, Eólian harp 
Arpagonàre, va. I. to harpoon; clutch, 

Arpagóne, tm. harpoon, harping Iron 
arpe, tf. V. Arpa 

Arpeggiamene, tm. harping, arpéggio 
Arpeggiare, vn. i. to play (on) the harp, 

sound the tyre; hArp; to arpeggiate 
Arpéggio, tm. (macs.) arpeggio 
Arpése, tm. (arch.) holdfast 
Arpia, tf. harpy; ravenous wretch 
Arpicare, va. 1. to climb, or scramble up; 

to meditate 
Arpicòrdo, buon accòrdo. tnu (mus.) harpei- 

Arpfno, em. hook, grappling-iron 
Arpionccllo, arpioncino, am amili hinge 
Arpione, am. dòor or windoco-hlnge, hook, 

Arpista, tm. harper, minstrel, harpist 
Arpóne, tm. harpoon, fish spéar, spear 
arra, a/, earnest, earnest money, pledge 
Arrabattarsi, vrf. i. to toll hard, endea- 
Arrabbiaménto, tm. rage, rabid Mry 
Arrabbiare, tm. 1. to become rabid set 
furious; —dalla fame, to hare a wolf's 
Arrabbiatamente, adv. rabidly, furiously 
Arrabbiatéllo, tm. furious little fallose 
Arrabbiaticcio, tm. (agr.) dlaéase in grifo 
hindering the strengthening of the roots 
Arrabbiato, -a, a. enraged, ràbid. tnéaare 
thin ^ ' 

Arraffare, arrafnàre, va. 1. to séiae with a 
grappling iron ; to grapple, hook, anaieh, 
wrest, wrench ^ 

Arraffato, -a, a. snitched, wrrèstod, seized 


— 79 — 


Ammaoeiàre, vo. i. to drive (one) in a 

A/rasjaedito, -a, a. drawn in a alèdge ; 

Amaaiare, va. 1. to catch birds by Are 

Ananpirit, vrf. K Arrampicarsi 
Ammpicire, tm. I. —arsi, »r/. to climb, 


Amacire, v*. 1. to go lame; limp; to roto 


Axraecito, -a, a. bird rowing 

Arnoeidire, v*. 3. (— iseo, -isci) to become 

riacid, musty, old 
Amaddito, -a, a. become rancid, musty, 


Arrasdsllire, va. i. to tie, bind fist, hurl; 

ArraaSire, va. 1. to snatch, catcb, gripe, 

Arraagslire, vis. I. to gróio angry, im- 
Arraagolito, -a, a. enraged, furious, bird 
Arruolato, -a, a. hoarse, hirsh, rough 
Amptaito, -a, a. passionate, hasty, tire- 

Arrappire, va. i. V. Arraffare 
Amppatóre, -trice, tm/. robber, rAvisher 
Arrupire, vo. 1. V. Raspare 
Anita, better arra, «/. earnest 
Arrecar», va. i. (arreco, —èchi, -éca), to 

briag; Y. Recare 
Arouiore, -trice, tmf. he, she who brings 
An-edire, va. 1. to rig oat, furnish, adorn 
Arredo, tm. rigging, furniture, ornament 
Arrcabaggio, em. the boarding a ship 
Arreabare, vo. i. to hoard, attack, chirgo 
A*TeaasMato,em. running agrftffid. sticking 
is the sand, stranding; jig. stoppage, 
Jnloess, deadness, stagnation of trade 
Areoire, ea. i. (from, arena, sand) to 
Aet ia the sand, ran ashore or aground, 
t) gst stranded; Jig. to he stopped, stock, 
rtràaded; vo. to rub with sand, polish 
vita sand-paper 

Antsste, -a, a. stranded, ran aground 
"rudiménto, $m. renting, lease, tenure 
Arrealatfre, -trice, ant/, renter 
iTtidtnt, vrf, % to surrender, to give in; 
*ct) te bend, yield, comply ; — eon ca- 
nuiazìóne, (mil.) to surrender upon 
tiieltt; — a discrezione, to surrender at 
tritio*; chi ha bisógno s'arrènda, 
rev. ezp. a man in need must stoop 
to seg, to recommend himself, etc.) 
Ridetele, a. pliant, flexible, supple 
^•Jeveléma, a/, flexibility, docility 
i^dtmlmetUe, adv. in a pliable manner 
'•"tadtatnto, am. snrrènderiaf, giving in 
--r^lùare, tm. I. poet. V. Riposare 
****•, -a, arrendalo, -a, a. surrendered 
"aitare, va. i. to arrest, stop, seise, detain; 
-sa ladro, to arrest a robber; — la 
^m, to pince the linee in rest, to 

couch the lànce; —àrsi, vrf. to slop, bé 
stopped; — a mezxo discórso, to slop in 
the middle of a speech 

Arrestatóre, tm. one who arrests, tipstaff, 

Arròsto, arrestaménto, am. arrest, the act 
of arresting or apprehending, caption; 
stoppage, delay; decree, decision, {little 

Arrotare, arreticire, va. i. to catch in the 
not, to insnàre 

Arreticàto, -a, a. ensnared, ciugbt in the 

Arretrarsi, vrf. l, (m'arretro, etc.), to go, 
fill or start back, to recede, flinch, 

Arretrato, -a, a. gone or drawn back ; left 
behind, left unpaid, in arréar; arretriti, 
am. pi. arrears 

Arretisio, «a, a. surprised, oppressed 

Arrossare, va. 1. to shade, shadow, screen 

arri! arri! hey! hey! go on (speaking to 
a beatt of burden) 

Arricchiménto, tm. the enriching, growing 

Arricchire, vn. 3. (arricchisco, -isci, -isce; 
•iamo, -ite, -fscono), to get or grow rich; 
va. to make rich, to enrich, to adorn; 
—irsi, vrf. to become rich, to prosper, 

Arricchito, -a, a. enriched, grown rich 

Arricciaménto, tm» bristling ùp of the hiir; 
a sadden horror, a fright which makes 
the hair stand on end ; curling, curl 

Arricciare, va. 1. (arriccio, etc.) to bristle 
bp, stand on end; to curl, frisile, friz, 
crisp; m'arricciarono i capelli, mf hàir 
stood on end ; — i capelli, to curl of friz 
the hiir; — il muso, il naso, to turn bp 
one's nose; — un muro, to roughcast a 

Arricciato, -a, a. curled, bristled àp, irri- 
ti ted 

Arricciatura, a/, curling, curls, frizzing, 
frizzling, crisping; first cóat of rough 

Arricciolare, va. i. to friz, frizzle, crisp; 
to form into smill curls or ringlets 

Arricciolato, -a, a. Iriszled, curled, crisped 

Arricciolinaménto, am. curls, frizzling, ring- 

Arricordire, va. 1. to remember, mention 

Arricordirsi, vrf. V. Ricordarsi 

Arridere, va. %. irr. (arrido, pott, arrisi, 
port, arriso) to smile upon, favour: la 
Fortuna arride alla nostra imprésa, For- 
tune smiles upon or favours our enterp- 

Arriffire, tm. to riffle; put to stake, jeop- 

Arringante, arringatóre, sm. haringuer, 

Arringare, van, i. arringo, V. Arrogare, 


— 80 — 



Arripàre, va. I. poet. F. Approdare 

Arriscbiaménto, tm. risking, risk 

Arri<chiànle, a. daring, adventurous, fool- 

Arrischiare, va. i. to risk, hazard, jeopard- 
lie; vn. —àrsi, vrf. to risk, run the risk, 
dare, venturo, bó bold 

Arrischiatamente, adv. daringly, adventur- 
ously, hazardously, rashly, with great 
risk ^ A 

Arrischiato; -a, a. risked, hazardous, per- 
ilous ; dangerous 

Arrischiévole , a. daring, resolute, fool- 
hardy, rash 

Arrischio, tm, V. Rischio 

Arrisicare, va. 1. V. Risicare, risicato, etc. 

Arrossarsi, vrf. to wrangle, quarrel, kick 
ùp a row 

Arrisicarsi, vrf. V. Arrischiarsi, cimentarsi 

Arrivàbile, a. that can be reached or at- 
tained to 

Arrivaménto, tm. arrival, coming (reach- 

Arrivare, vn. i. (from, rira, bank, shore), 
to make land, touch the bank, reach the 
shore ; to arrive, còme to ; to reach, còme 
up to, attain to ; va. to bring ashore, to 
help to, to reach a thing; da Yenéxia a 
Milano s'arriva in sédici ore, you cóme 
(or can còme) from Venice to Milan io 
sixteen hours ; ci sono arrivato alle tre, 1 
arrived at three ; io non arrivo con la 
mano quel ramo, I cannot reach that 
b/\|L; non ci arrivo, I cannot attain to 
5h it, understand it, it's beyond 
Vhènsion, above mf reach; arri- 
q nella cosa, reach me that; — 
to bé well received, to succeed; 
mal naviga mal arriva, j>rov. exp. 
t briogs rùin in the end 
to, -a, a. arrived, reached, attained 

Arrivo, tm. arrivato, a/, arrival, coming 
Arrizzire, van. i. to bristle; F. Arric- 
Arròba, «/. arobe, arroba, {weight meat- 

Arrabbiare, van. i. to dfe with madder 
Arrocàre, tm. i. to grow hoarse; F Afflo- 

Arroccare, va. i. to fill the distaff; to 

Arrocchiare, va. i. to cut in pieces, botch, 

Arrogan tàccio, -a, a. tory arrogant, over- 
bearing; tm. arrogant, insolent fellow 
Arrogante, a. arrogant, insolent, proud 
Arrogantemente, adv. arrogantly, insolently 
Arrogantóne, a. very arrogant, insolent 
Arroganza, if. Arrogance, presumption, 


Arrogare, van. 1. —àrsi, vrf. to arrogate, 

pretend to 
Arrogasene, t/. {law) adrogation, (a species 

of adoption in ancient Rome) 
Arrògere, va. 3. irr. So add, give to boot 
Arrogiméoto, tm. addition 
Arrotamènto, tm. {mil.) enlistment 
Arrotare, va. i. to enrol, enlist, register 
Arrolàrsi, vrf. i. to enrol one's self 
ArroHto, -a, a. enrolled enlisted, regis- 
Arrómpere, va. J. irr. V. Rompere, allon- 
tanarsi, dirómpersi 
Arroncàre, va. i. to weed, aberruncate 

root fòt 
Arroncàto, -a, a. weeded, rooted out 
Arroocigiiàre, va. i. F. Ronelgliàre 
Arroràre, va. 1. to bedew, moisten, sprinkle, 

Arrogare, va. 1. to bedew, to sprinkle or 

moisten gently (as with dew) 
Arrossiménto, tm. blushing, blush; shame 
Arrossfre, —are, vn. 8. (arrossisco, -isci), 
to blush, redden, become red, bé ashamed 
Arrostar*, va. i. {from, rosta) to drive 
awày with a leafy twig ; to shake the air 
(as with a leafy wig) ; to shake, agitate, 
stir; —àrsi, vrf. {from, ròsta, a leafy 
twig, palm, fan) to struggle, to bé vio- 
lently shaken; to toss one's Arms about, 
to lay abdut one lustily, to twist, flounder, 
strive . 
Arrosticciàna, bttttr braciuòla, tf. chop, 

Arrostiménto, tm. arrostitura, tf. roasting 
Arrostire, va. 3. to ròast; toast, broil 
Arrostito, -a, a. roasted, toasted, broiled; 

minio — , roast-béef 
Arròsto, tm. roast meat; fire un — , lo 
make a mistake, to commit an error; non 
curarsi che abbronzi 1'— che non ha ve- 
nire in tàvola, not to ciré for other people 
's troubles, sorrows; mólto fórno e pòco 
—, prov. exp. much erf and little wool 
Arrota, tf. addition, increase, overplus 
Arrotamènto, tm. sharpening, grinding, 

Arrotante, tm. grinder, knife-grinder 
Arrotare, va. i. to grind, sharpen; to polish, 
smooth; to stretch on the wheel, to rack; 
—àrsi, to roll about, get rubbed togeth- 
er; become polished 
Arrotato, -a, a. ground (sharpened on the 
wheel); racked, stretched on the wheel, 
tortured; dappled, dapple 
Arrotatòre, arrotino, tm. knife-grinder; near, 

greedy, interested man 
Arroto, -a, a. {from, arrogere) surplus, su- 
peradded, over-plus 
Arrotolare, va. 1. to roll ùp In the form of 
a rouleau 

Fate, méte, bite, nòte,- tube; - fat, mot, bit, not, tub; - ter, plqtse. 

Seno, vino, lai, nmu, flan»; - patto-prtto, petto, o, i, notte, ottfi . 




81 — 


arrovellare, vn. I. io get warm, angry, fu- 
rious; va. to make (one) mad with anger 
ArroTfllaUménte, ado. furiously, with rage 
impililo, -a, a. furious, bóKiug with 

^rroeolainénto, tm. the making red-hot 
impestare, va. i. to make red-hot, fiery 
Woieniìménto, tm. (the getting) red-hot 
ATiireotire, vn. 3. to grow red-hot, fiery 
'.-.*, ventilo, -a, a. red-hot, fiery, burning 
Arroresciaméolo, tm. overthrow, destruc- 

^ . -rovesciare, va. 1. to tarn the wrong side 
*ct. to tarn upside down, to upsét; over- 
throw, destroy; — le mani sai fianchi, to 
«et the bands on the hips (with the elbows 
projecting outward), to set one's arms a 
hmbo; —àrsi, vrf. to get upset 

tn-ovrseiatora, V. Arrovescia men to 

\ rovesciato, -a, a. overthrown, ruined, 

irrotéstio, adv. against the grain, on the 
wrong aide, wrong way, inside out 

».ro«fre, va. 3. —are, 1. to make rough, 
or ragged ; tm. to become rough, ragged, 
rn*tic, coarse, impolite 

irroizilo, -a, a. nudo or become rough, 
top »lite 

Ar'ibigHare, vn. 1. to become red; V. Ir- 

• '-ihtnire, va. 1. to rubify, mike red, All 
\ Tufiamatasje, tmf. meddling person; bawd, 

pi»p, pander (vulg.) 
•-ranare, va. to disorder, ruffle the hair; 

- le sa tasse, to pimp, pander (vulg.) 
aliarsi, vrf. to tike each other by the 

sarr; — co* bicchièri, to drink hard 
/-j£"-ito« «a, a. dishevelled, ruffled, loose 
"-alatore, tm. he who dishevels the hair 
\t- Panare, van. 1. to pimp, to pander 

• r j£anato, -a, a. of or inured to pimp- 

*-■ m 

» -wfinfr». tm. to rust, grow riisty, get cov- 
rii with rust; va. to rust, make rusty 
"Sfinito, -a, a. rusty, impaired 
.sviare, va. to bedew, sprinkle, moist- 
o vith drw 

- ■aménto, «m. sharpening, whet 

■a La/orbtei, am. knife or scissors-grinder 
retire, tus. 1. Arrotare 

- talare, va. i. V. Arrotolare 

1 ' » tiare, va. 1. —dire, 3. to grów cóarse, 
-dilato, -a, a. rude, rough, rugged. 

• • la, «/. muscle (shell-fish) 
•- --ale (arsaaale), tm. arsenal 

-salòtto, in. soldier or workman em- 
; ?e4 in the Arsenal 
'•-ieale, a» arsenical 
' *-%::o, am, arsenic, violent poison 
•**Le, •. combustible, inflammable 

Arsicciare, a. i. to scorch, parch, arj in 

the snn 
Arsicciato, arsiccio, -a, a. scorched, broiled 
Arsióne, tf. conflagration, excessive héta 
Arsivo, -a, a. parching, scorching, caustic, 

àrso, -a, a. burnt, consumed, poor, wretched 
Arsura, tf. burning héut, misery, groat 

Artanila, «/. (hot.) sow-bread, cyclamen 
Artataménte, adv. artfully, innéniouily, in 

a workmanlike manner, cleverly 
ArlAto, -a, a. straitened, hampered, cramp- 
ed, artificial; V. Strétto, ristretto, artifi- 
àrie. tf. tri, artifice, «kill, ability, craft, 
finesse, deceit; le àrtr liberali, the libera 
arts; le arti bèlle, the fine Arts; le arti 
meccàniche, the mechanical Arts; chi ha 
— ha parte, prov. exp. a man of art will 
live any where' 
Artefatto, -a, a. ni ad e, done or got up 
with art, artificial; còsa artefatta, a thing 
of art; stile —, forced, affected, meretri- 
cious style 
Artéfice, tm. artificer, artisan, mechanic; 

ArtcGciàto, -a, a. artificial, Artfal, fieli* 

Artoficèllo, arleficiuólo ) bungler, unskilful 
Arleficiuzzo, tm. j workman 

Arieggiare, vn. 1. to make use of Artifice 
Artemisia, tf-ibot.) mug-wort, moth-wort 
Artèria, if. artery 
Arteriale, arterióso, -a, a. arterial 
Arteriotomfa, tf. bleeding from the Artery 
Artorite, a/, {med.) inflammation of the ar- 
Arteriuzza, tf. small artery 
Artesiano, -a, a. artesian ; pózzo — ; arte- 
A r letica, a/, glut (sian well 

Artético, -a, a. ctfuty; tmf. gduly person 
Artézza, if. {ant.) V. Strettézza, etc. 
Art ice 11 a, if. little trade, poor business 
Articidcco, better carciofo, tm. Artichoke 
Articina, tf. industry, ingenuity, fin esso 
àrtico, a. Arctic; le regióni àrtiche, the 

Arctic regions 
Articolare, va. i. to articulate, pronounce 
— a. articular, of the articulation, or joints, 

of the Article {gram.) 
Articolatamente, a. articulately, distinctly 
Articolato, -a, a. articulate, distinct, clear 
Articolazióne, tf. articulation, juncture 
Articolo, tm. Article point, term, clause ; 
1' — definito, the definite Article; — di 
fède, Article of faith;*— di ragióne, clause; 
1' — di fóndo, the leading Article of a 
journal; in — di mòrte, near dying, going 
to die 
Artière, tm. tradesman, Artisan, mechanic; 

'-. rfcU; - Oil, sun, bull, - far*, di; - by, lymph; pois*, bóys, foul, fowl; gem, ai 
' ****: - forte, o*mf t cull*; - erb», rag*; • lai, e, i; poi, fa atto; gemma, r9M* 

•s lUkL Ingl. - Edi*. VI. Voi, II. 6 


— 82 — 






a. working, following a trade; genie ar- 
tièri, mechanics, ir titans, tradespeople 
Artificiale, a. artificial, fictitious, ftitful 
Artificialmente, adv. artificially, bf art 
ArtiGciare, artifisiire, artist are, va. 1. to 
produce J)f art, to do or make with tri ; 
vn. to be ordered, arranged with irt 
Artificiato, -a, a. produced bf art, artificial, 
affected; stile — , affected style, style 
that smells of the lamp; liquóri artificiati, 
medicated or adulterated liquors 
Artificio, sm. art, industry, artifice, fraud 
Artificiosamente, adv. cunningly, slily 
Artificiosità, sf. artifice, friad, canning 
Artificióso,*a, a. artificial; artful, malicious 
Artifisiato, -a, a. V. Artificiato 
Artifizio, sm. preparation of inflammable 
materials (the composition of fire works); 
fuòchi d'— , fire- works 
Artigianésco, -a, a. of an artisan, mechanic, 

Artigianèllo, sm. little artisan 
Artiglino, sm. artisan, workman, tradesman 
— -a, a. of a workman, tradesman 
Artigliare, va. i. to seise with the claws, 

Artigliatola, a. cliwed, armed with talons; 

seized with the claws, clutched 
Artiglière, artigliéro, am. cannoniér, gùnner 
Artiglieria, •/. artillery, cannon, ordnance; 
leggiera, horse flying artillery; — d'assè- 
dio, battering artillery; pèzzo d'— , piece 
of ordnance; inchiodare le —le , to spike 
Artiglio, sm. clàw, tàlon, nail, clutch 
Artiglióso, -a, a. clawed, Armed with tàlons 
Artimóne, sm. {mar.) mizsen sail ; l'Albero 

d'— , the missen-mast 
Artista, sm. artist 
Artisticamente, adv. skillfully, cleverly, with 

Artistico, -a, a. of an artist, artiiHike 
Arl(tico,-a, a. articular, belonging to the 

Arto, sm. {astr.) the heir; {anat.) limo, 
member ; — , -a, a. {post.) narrow, strait, 
hampered, cramped 
Artofilàce, sm. {a$tr.) Bootes (a nothern 

Artralgia, sf. arthritic pain 
Artrite, sf. {med.) arthritis (inflammation of 

the joints) 
Artritico, *a, a. arthritic, articular, of the 

Arlritide, «/, arthritic disease, gdut 
Artrodia, sf. {anat.) arthródla (a species of 

Arturo, tin. {astr.) Arc torus 
Aruspicare, va. i. to prognosticate as an 

Aruspice, sm. aruspex, augur, diviner 
Arospicina, sf. harùsplcy (divination bf 

the inspection of victims) 
Aruspicio, sm. divination, angary, omen 

Arzagógo, sm. {orn.) species of vùlture or 

Artagola, sf. {orn.) sort of waterfowl 

Arzanà, sm. Arsenale, sm. V. Arsenale 

Arzènte, a. ardènte; V. Acqaarxénte 

àrzica, sf. species of yèllow used in min- 
iature painting 

Arzigogolante, a. fanciful, fantastic; — 
smf. cunning person 

Arzigogolare, vn. to fancy, devise; V. Fan- 

Arzigògolo, sm. whim, fancy, chimera, 

Arzigogolóne, sm. deviser of expedients; 
sljf, cunning, malicious fellow 

Arzillo, -a, a. lively, sprightly, bold 

Arzinga, sf. sort of smith's tóngs (for grfpiog 
and holding fast round bodies) 

Arsinnia, sf. (hot.) stir-wort 

Asbestfno, -a, a. asbestine, incombustible 

Asbèsto, sm. (min.) asbestos, (amiaotbne) 

Ascaride, sm. ascitis {pi. ascarides), intes- 
tinal worm 

Ascaruóla, sf. {hot.) Roman succory, endive 

asce ascia, sf. ixe; bàttle-axe 

Ascèlla, sf. the Arm- pit 

Ascendènte, Ascedentale, a. ascending 

— , sm. ascendant, ascendency, influence; 
superiority; ascendènti, incesterà in a 
right line, forefathers 

Ascendènza, sf. rise, ascent, origin; ances- 

Ascéndere, va. S. irr. (ascéndo, etc., patt* 
ascési; part, ascéso) to ascend, rise, 
amount to; — una montagna, to ascend, 
climb or go up a mountain ; la somma 
ascénde a due milioni incirca, the som 
rises to about two millions 

Ascendimene, ascénso sm, ascent, going 


Ascensióne, sf. ascension, Ascension-day 
Ascénso, sm. the rising or ascending; acà to- 
nes*, sharpness or elevilion (of sound) 
Ascésa, sf. V. Salita 
Ascéso, -a, 0. ascended, risen, amounted 
Ascèsso, sm. abscess; V. Postèma 
Ascèta, sm. ascetic 
Asceticismo, sm. asceticism, the stale or 

practice of ascetics 
Ascético, -a, a. ascetic; sm, ascetic 
ischio, sm. V. astio 
ascia, sf. hatchet; ixe; battle-axe ' 
Asciatone, am. {arch.) tassel, hammer-beam 

bricket ' 

Asciire, va. i. to square with h Ite bet 

Asciita, sf. stroke or gish with a nàteti «>t 
ascii, smpl. (geogr.) ascii, isdans (pèrso ni 

who, at certain times of the year, hive o < 

shadow at nóon) 
Asciògliere, va. 1 irr. {V. sciògliere) t< 

absolve, acquit 
Asciòlto, -a, a. absolved, cleared, acereti t 


" T 


— 83 — 


Asciolvere, «m. bitter coleiióne, if. break- 
out (ut 

— «■. 1 tVr. frette? far eolesióne, io break- 
Asdro, am. (hot,) John's wòrt (hypericon) 
Aidssa, a/, (f com.) àbsciss, abscissa 
Atrismàro, «a. 1. (/irom «china) to sever, 

eléave, cat asunder 
Asetta, $f. ascites, common dropsy 
Asettico, -a, a. ascitic, ascilfeal, drdpsiod 
Ascitizio, -a, a, foreign, borrowed, false 
Asciugaberrèlte, m. (vulg.) eàpstéoler, 

xhief, cut- parse, pick-pocket 
Ainagàggioe, 4/. V. Asciugaménto 
Asciugaménto, am. ascfogaslóne, a/, drying, 

Asciugante, a. drying, wiping 
Ascingàre, ascia ti aro, va. 1. to drj, wipe 
Asciugato, -a, a. dried ftp, wiped 
Asciagaléjo, sm. tfwel (napkin) 
AseiaUaménfte, adv. drfìj 
Ascia ttéxxa, a/, dryness, drought, slccity 
Asciutto, em. aridity, siccity, dryness 

— -a, a. arid, drj; lean, emaciated, mea- 
gre, tain; penniless, flat, insipid; pane—, 
dry bread 

Ajclepiade, a/. (bo<.) asclépias, imillow- 

Asclepiadéo, *. (wert.) formed of asclepiads, 

sci. aselépiad 
Ascolta, a/, listening, witch, scent, sentinel; 

dire —, to lend an ear; to mind 
AtcolUbile, a. that can or may bé heard 
iscoì laménto, em. listening, hearing 
AteeltanU, «. hearing; am. listener 
Ascoltar», vo, 4. to listen, mind, attend to 
Ueòltatóra, -trice, em/, auditor, hearer 
A&celto (aacolUsiòoe), omf. earing , listen- 
ing; darà — • to give ear to ; star in —, 
to staad listening, bé an eve's dropper 
iKfadero» Aecondiménto ; V. Nascónde- 
re, etc 
Ceditóre, -trice, smf. concealer, hider 
tuttamente, ade. secretly, tader-hand 
tifósa, Ascòsto, -a, a. hidden, concealed 
i- rutizio, -a, am/, one engaged to go eUt 

» » colonial; a. adscri pillions 
*«^tlo, -a, a. enrolled, registered, counted 
Ktenren, va. 2. Or. (ascrivo, past, aseris- 
v. part, ascritto) ; to ascribe, attribute; 
t» reckon amongst ; — al nomerò di, to 
t* X dova or consider among, to number 
Janfversi, wrf. to rank one's self among 
A** liana, a. (a«at\) lacteal, cbyllferous ; 
r a*i aselliani, lacteal, chyliferons vessels 
<>" i-, jwa. (scat.) whiting 
i» *.;'ieo, -a, a. asphàltie, betuminous 

iltiu, a. asphaliite 
,» a-to, aw. asphalt, asphàltum, bitdmen 
I* '.uta, a/, asphyxia, asphyxy (suspended 

[' -aware, •«• 1. to bring on, close, occà- 
*'« asplr*zy 

•- a** asfissiato, -a, a. (meo?.) asphfiied; 
«V- asaefsied person 

Asfodèlo, Asfodelo, mn, {poi.) asphodel, 

Asiàtico, -a, 9mf. and a. Asiatic, of Asia 
Asilo, sin. asjrlnm, refuge, shelter 
àsima, if. aslmàto; V. Asma, asmàtico 
Asimàre, va. 1. to be asthmatic, to bé 

troubled with asthma 
Asimetro, -a, a. incommensurable | 

Asimmetria, a/, asymmetry, want of sym- 
àsina, if. (zooL) she ass 
Asinàcclo, am. great ass; dull stupid fellow 
Asinàggine, if. dulness, stupidity, silliness 
Asinàja, a/, stable for asses ^ 

Asinàjo, am. àss driver 
Asinàre, vn. to journey upon an ass 
Asinata, if. cavalcade upon asses, ride on 

Asindeto, am. (gram.) asyndeton (a figure 

which omits the connective) 
Asteggiare, «*. 1. to play the its, brày 

like an ass 
Asinélla, if. yoong she àss; fóal (of an ass) 
Asinèlio, 9m. little ass; yoùng àss; fóal 
Asineria, if, stubbornness, ignorance 
Asinescamente, adv. stupidly, foolishly 
Asinésco, a. stupid, doll 
Asinétto, asinino, im. little ass, young ass 
Asinino, -a, a. asinine, of the nature of an 
ass; brutal, stupid ; voci asinine, asinine 
Asinità, asineria, if. V, Asinàggine ; fig. 
brutality, clownishness, stupidity, silliness 
àsino, aat. (gool. ) ass; disputar dell'ombra del- 
l'— , to dispute aMilt trifles; andar diètro 
al suo —, to trùdge on, to pursue one's 
point without minding whit others say; 
legar 1'— , legar 1'— a buòna caviglia, to 
fail asléep; legar 1'— dóve vuole il pa- 
dróne, to obey him who hai got the power; 
lavare 11 capo all' —, to do good to the 
ungrateful; far cóme 1'— che pòrta il vino 
e beo V acqua, to drudge for the benefit 
of ether people; qui mi cascò 1'— , here is 
the rob, the difficulty; far come 1* — al 
corbèllo, che qoàndo ha mangiato lo 
strame gli dà un càlcio, to pay with in- 
gratitude; ràglio d'— non arriva in cielo, 
prov. exp. it is no use bàying the moon; 
— duro bastón duro, prov. exp. with the 
stubborn you must be stubborn 
Asinóne, asinàccio, em. great àss, blockhead 
Asintoto, if. assintoto, am. (geom.) asymp- 
asma, a. àsthma 

Asmàtico, asmóso, -a, a. aslhmàtie 
àsola, if. the hem of a bòtton-hole; ballon- 
asolare, vn. L (àsolo, etc.) to respfre or 
breathe fitfully as the air or bréese ; to 
take an airing, son one's self; — ^ pei con- 
tórni, to ramble about in the environs 
àsolo, am. breath, breathing ; air, the open 
air; dato — a quel vestito, air that coat 


— 84 — 


put it fill in the open air; dirsi — , to 
like the air a moment; to walk dtJl 

Aspilato, aspilatro, tm. (bot.) aspilathum, 
calambac, rose-wood 

Aspalto, tm. V. Asfilto 

Asparagéto, tm. bed-, plot of asparagus 

Asparago, am. asparagus, (sparrow-grass); 
quésti asparagi non sono còtti abbastanza, 
this asparagus is not sufficiently cooked 

aspe, tf. V. aspide 

Asperare, va. I. Inasprire 

Asperartéria, tf. {anat.) the windpipe, thròt- 

Asperèlla, «/. {hot) horse-tail 

Atperélto, -a, a. somewhat harsh, rather 

Aspèrge, aspèrges, m. V. Aspersòrio 

Aspèrgere, va. 9. frr. (aspèrgo, -i, «e, part, 
aspèrsi; part, aspèrso) to sprinkle; — 
eoU'acqna sinta, to sprinkle with holy 
witer; — di sale, di zùcchero, to sprinkle 
with salt, sugar 

Aspèrgine, a/, better aspersióne, a/, sprinkl- 

Aspergltòre, -trice, tmf. sprinkler, he, she 
who sprinkles 

Aspèrgolo, am. V. Aspersòrio 

Asperiti, —fidine, tf. V. Asprézza 

Aspérmia, */. want of seeds (in fruits) 

ispero, -a, a. V. aspro 

Aspersióne, tf. aspersion, sprinkling 

Aspèrso, a, a. besprinkled, bedewed 

Aspersòrio, tm. hòly-witer sprinkler, brush 

Aspettabile, riguardévole, a. remarkable 

Aspettaménlo, tm. aspettinia, tf. exped- 

Aspettante, am. waiting, expecting, stindlng 
by; V. Circostinte, spettinte, apparte- 

Aspettare, va. I. to wilt, expect, to wait 
for, look out for, awiit ; non posso —, I 
cannot wiit; aspetta (tanto) ch'Io tórni, 
wiit till I return; — le novèlle dal mòto, 
to wait in rain; — il pòrco alla quèrcia, 
— la pilla al balio, to wiit for a góod 
opportunity; — a glòria, to awiit im- 
patiently; tm. V. Aspettazióne 

Aapettirsi, v. imp to belong, concern, ap- 
portion, Y. Spettare 

Aspettativa, a/, expectation, expectance, 

Aspettito, -a, a. expected, waited for 

Aspettatóre , -trice , am/, he, she who 

Aspettazióne, aspettima, tf. expectation 

Aspètto, am. look, fico; appearance, aspect; 
deliy, retard ; nel primo —, at first blush 

ispide, ispido, tm. ispie, asp 

A spilussico, adverb, by degrees, little by 
little, bit by bit, slowly 

A spinapésce, adverb, in a wivy, meinder- 
ing or serpentine manner 

Aspiriate, a. aspiring to, aiming at; flack- 
ing àp; trómba —, suction pump; — , 

bet ter postnlinte, pi etendènte, tmf. aspir- 
ant, candidate 
Aspirare, (a), va. i. lo aspire to, wish for, iim 
at; be a candidate for; to aspirite {gram.) 
Aspiratamente, ado. with aspiration 
As pirati vo, -a, a. that requires to be aspi- 
Aspirito, -a, a. aspired to, desired; aspi- 
rite:!, aspirata (pram.) 
Aspirazióne, tf. aspiration, breathing ont, 
aspiring; aspiration {iheol.); aspiration 
aspo, nispo, tm. reel, winder, turning frame 
A» por ti bile, a. that may be or is to be carried 

off, ont, awiy (portable, transportable) 
Asportare, va. I. to export, transport, carry 

Asportazióne, V. Esportazióne 
Aspramente, adv. harshly, rudely, bitterly 
Aspreggiamene, tm. (state of) provoking 
provocation,; (state of) being provoked, 
irritation, exasperition 
Aspreggiale, a. embittering, exasperating 
Aspreggiare, va. to embitter, exasperate 
Aspreggiato, -a, a. provoked, exasperated 
Asprétto, -a, a. a little harsh, shirp, severe 
Asprézza, «/. harshness, tartness, bitterness; 
birshness, gruffness, icrimony, asperity; 
roughness, rfiggednest 
Asprigno, -a, a. sourish, tart, aseèacent 
Asprfno, am. a white neapòlltan wine 
Asprita, aspritfidine, tf. V. Asprézza 
aspro, -a, a. rough, hirsh, tart, shirp, sour; 
rough, rugged, uneven, rigid, violent, 
gruff, fierce; coarse, vulgar, rude 
Aspròne, am. sort pf black spongy tó fa 
Asprnme, em. sourness, tartness, acidity 
i<sa, issa-félida, $f. (pharm.) issa fetida 
Asticela, «/. bad board, plank, shelf 
Assaccomannire, va. i. V. Saccheggiare 
Assaettante, a. who dirts, lets off an Arroto 
Assaettire, va. 4. to dirt, let off arrows 
Assaggiamene), tm. (the act of) tasting 
Assaggiare, va. I. to taste, sivonr, trf, sound, 
assiy ; — Tòro, to assiy gold ; assaggiate 
quésto vino, tiste this wine 
Asseggiito, -a, a. tasted, tried, assayed 
Assaggiatóre, -trice, tmf. taster, wine tinier ; 

Assageiatura, tf. tasting, trfing, trial, prooi 
Assiggio, tm. trial, tasting or trying 
Assai, tm. considerable quantity, mncb 

somber, considerable number, many 
— adv. enough, (more than enough), in 1 
fully sufficient quantity, much; in a con 
slderable or great quintity, copio osi y 
lirgely, richly, greitly, in lots» in grei 
numbers; fir, very; - ricco, wèry r\ cn 
— piò, much more, many more ; — volte 
many times, often ; — per tempo, rtr 
early; — vicino, very near; — , <r— 
by much, by many, by fir; pio ricco d'~ 
richer by fir; uòmo d*— , a man of weigh 
talent, influence, a pówerfal genius 



— 85 — 


Ambiano, a. and adv. very mach, many, 
extremely ^ CE - 

Assahménto, nu assai Ita, if. assault, at- 
Assalire, va. 3. (assalisco, -Isci, -isce, past 
«salse, part, assalito) to assail, attack; 
«sfall, pitch into {familiar) 
Assalito, -a, a. assailed, assaulted, attacked 
Assalitóre, -trice, fro/, assillar, assaulter, 

Assai Ubile, a. assailable, that may be as- 
saulted, attacked or in faded 
Aisaltaméato, am. assaulting, attack, as- 
Assaltiate, *«/. and a. assailant, assailing 
Assaltare, va. 1. to assault, attack violently 
Asfaltatóre, -trice, $mf. assailant 
Assalto, m. assinlt, attack, onset; dare 1'— , 
te make the assiali; prèndere per —, to 
take by storm 
Assaooire, va. 1. to séixe with the teeth, 
dish one's tùsks into, to bite, lacerate, 
tear; to backbite, slander, calumniate 
Assaano, Axxiono, sm. biting, bite 
Aisapére, va. i. irr. V. Sapóre; Ore — , 

to inform, let know, advbe 

Assaporaménto, am. tasting, relishing, savour 

Assaporire, va. i. to savour, rèlish, tasto 

with pleasure, to éat with a gusto, drink 

with a seat; to enjoy 1 

Assaporito, -a, a. savoured, relished, on- 

Assaporazióne, %f. V. Assaporaménto 
Assaporire, va. 3. to give a relish, savour, 

taste, seat, flavor, V. Assaporire 
Asaaasare, vo. !. to throw stones at another 
Assassinaménto, am. assassination, felonious 
attack, highway robbery, destruction, rùin 
Assassinare, va. 1. to assassinile, murder, 
to commit a bbrglary or highway robbery; 
to nodo, rùin, destro?; eine assassino, 
mi avete —ito, villain, you hive rùined 
me; invéce di migliorarlo egli l'ha 
—ito, instead of bettering it, he has de- 
lifted it 
Assassinato, -a, a. assisinited; destroyed 
Assassinato™, -trice, $mf. V. Assassino 
■ A^sasMneria, asaassinatura, a/, assassin at ioo, 

| luassiaio, m. assacsinition, murder 
Astassteo, -a, em/, assassin, murderer, 

serderees; a- murdering, murderous 
Auarorire, va. 1. to Uste, relish, savour, 

Assaxiare. rts. 1. to sitiate, satisfy, fill, cloy 
inazióne, #/. {chem.) assition 
Ajs*, a/, board, plank, shelf, axis; — ere- 
ditario, {law) assets, pi. 
Ksseeclre, ski. i. V. Seccare 
insecchire, vss. 3. (—Iseo, —isci), to gróip 

thin, léasi 
Assecondare, tra. i. to second, V. Secon- 
Useccrire, va. 1. V. Assicurare (dire 

AsMcatore, am. V. Esecutóre 

tytt, X irr. V. Sedére, (o sit by 

or with one; —èrsi, vrf. to sit down, sit 
one's self down, be seated 
Assediamene, $m. siege, blockide 
Assediinte, a. besieging ; gli -anti, em. pi. 

the besiegers 
Assediare, vn. i. to besiege, beset 
Assedi a to re, assediarne, an. besieger 
Assèdio, asséggio, am. siége, blockide; por 
1'— , to liy siege, to importune; levar 1'—, 
to riise the siége; volére una còsa per 
—, to wish to have a thing by any means, 
by hook or by crook 
Assegnàbile, a. assignable, transferable 
Assegnamènto, asségno, am. assignment, 
consignment, transfer; allowance, sum 
allowed or assigned, income; rendez-vous, 
assignation, expectation, ei pec ted income; 
un piccolo — Annuo, a little yearly al- 
lowance; fire — sópra, to count, rely or 
depend upon 
Assegnare, va. 1. to assign, fix, settle, al- 
low; to "assign, commission, constitute; 
to assign adduce, allege; to consign; 
gli —il seicènto frinchi all'Anno, I al- 
lowed htm, or gave him an allowance of 
six hundred francs a year; — il tèmpo e 
il luògo, to fix the time and place, to 
give an assignation ; — ragióne, to assign 
a reason, give in an account 
Assegnatamele, adv. thriftily; specially 
Assegnatela, a/, thriftiness, spàringness, 
thrift, siving, economy; resérredness, re- 
serve; regularity, order 
Assegniti, smpl. assignats (piper money of 

the French republic) 
Assegnato, -a, a. thrifty, siving, economic- 
al, reserved, moderate, measured; as- 
signed; il pósto —Atogli, the post assigned 
to him 
Assegnasene, </. V, Assegnamènto 
Asségno, am. assignment, allowance; con- 
signment; trust; V. Assegnamènto 
Asseguiménto, am. V. Conseguiménto 
Asseguire, va. 3. V Eseguire, conseguire 
Asseguitire, va. i. to pursue, follow, per- 
Asseguitóre, em. V. Esecntóre 
Assembiire, assembiaménto, V. Assembra- 
re, etc. 
Assemblèa, «/. assembly, meeting ; 1* — ge- 
nerale, the general assembly 
Assembriglia, am/, clash, shock, Onset 
Assembraménto, am. meeting, assembling ; 

muster of troops mastered 
Assembrare, van. to muster and prepare for 
battio, to bring or còme together, to as- 
semble, meet; to couple; to resemble, 
better sembrare 
Assembrarsi, vrf. to assemble, meet together 
Assembrato, -a, a. assembled, collected, met 
Assennire, va. i. to teach sense, mike 

Assennatamente, adv. judiciously, wisely 
Ajsennateua, «/. sense, sound, solid sense 


— 86 — 



Assennilo, -a, a. wise, sensible, judicious 
Assonnirò, va. 3. to advise, counsel, warn 
Assensióoe, e/. V. Assènso 
Assènso (assento), am. assent, consent 
Assentamene, tm. bctUr assènza, a/, ab- 
Assentire, va. 1. to tend off, keep away 

(to fawn) 
Assentirsi, vrf. 1. to absent one's self, be 

ibsent (to sit down) 
Assentato™, .trice, tmf. assenterò, -trice, 

am/, flatterer, iiwner 
Assentasene, tf. mean flattery, fàwn, servile 

cringe or bow 
Assènte, a. absent 

Assentiménto, tm. assent, consent, sanction 
Assentire, vn. 3. (assento, etc ór — isco, 
— isci, — fsce) to assent, acquiesce, to con- 
sent, agree; va. to consent, admit, allow 
Assentito, -a, a. skilful, prudent, sensible; 

stire in — ; to beware 
Assènza (assénsia) a/, absence 
Assensiito, «a, a. vino — , wine medicated, 

mixed with wormwood or absynth 
Assènzio, am. wormwood, absynth; bitter- 
ness ; — marino, wòrm-seed, sintonia, te- 
men contra vermes* 
Asserirsi, vrf. 1. to grow towards evening, 

get lite 
Asserèlla, tf. little board, bed board 
Asserenire, va. 1. to clear up; to exhilarate, 
cheer, revive; —arsi, vrf. to get fair, to 
become clear and seréne 
Asserente, rat. assèrtor, maintainor, afllrmer 
Asseriménto, assèrto, «in. assertion, affirming 
Asserire, va. 3. (asserisco, -isci, -face) to 

assert, affirm, maintiin 
isserò, tm. board, little plink, small bèam, 

iòlst, rafter 
Asserragliare, va. 1. to barricade, obstruct 
Asserragliirsi, vrf. to barricade one's self 
Asserrire, va. I. to press; crowd together, 

Assertivamente, aw. V. Affermativamente 
Assortivo, assertòrio, -a, a. affirmative 
Assèrto, tm. V. Asserzióne; a. V. Asserito 
Assertóre, am. assèrtor, vindicator, defènder 
Assertòrio, -a, a. affirmative 
Asserzióne, if. assertion, deci ariti on 
Assessorato, am. office of assessor 
Assessóre, tm. assessor, judge, assistant 
Assestamènto, §m. adjustment, fitting, ar- 
rangement, regulation, settlement 
Assestare, va. i. to adjust, set to rights; 

(mar.) to stow 
Assestarsi, vrf. to agree, suit, fit together 
Assestatóre, am. (mar.) slower 
Assèsto, tm. V. Assestamènto 
Assalire, va. i. —ire, va. 3. to mike 

Assetito, -a, a. thirsty, drf, ir dent 
AssolUménto, tm. arrangement 
Assettare, va. 1. adjust, fit, put in order; 
to trim, thrash, dress, riin; vn. and 

—irsi, vrf. to sit dtfwn, settle, become 
consolidated, to set to, begin 

Assettatamente, aw. trimly, neatly, pro- 
perly, filly 

Assettilo, -a, a. adjusted, arranged; (seated) 

Assettatóre, -trice, tmf. regulator, attirar, 

Assettatura, «/. stiyedness, self-possession 

Asseltatuxso , -a, a. dressed with affecta- 

Assètto, tm. V. Accomodaménto ; arrange- 
ment ; little plank ; méttere in —, to set 
in order; tinto che le cose pigliassero —, 
till matters becime settled ; mile in —, 
in disorder, ill off, ill dressed 

Asserire, va. i. to congeal, thicken, long 

Asseveranteménte, adv. with asseveration 

Asseveranza, */. aaseveraménto, tm. assur- 
ance, certainty, aaseverition, assertion 

Asseverire, va. i. to aasèver, asseverate, 
assure, swear 

Asseverativo, -a, a. affirmative, positive 

Asseverazióne, tf. asseveritioo, assurance 

Assibiliro, van. i. V. Sibilare 

Assicèlla, -ina, tf. very small board, alive, 
thin shingle 

Assiculo, tm. smill pivot, hinge 

Assicuramento, tm. assuring, the act of as- 
suring, assurance, the state of feeling 
sure, certitude, assuredness 

Assicurarne, a/, assurance, certainty, con- 
fidence, boldness, affiance, trust 

Assicurire, va. i. to secure, ensure, make 
secare, guarantee, shield, protect; to as- 
sure, mike sore or assured, certify ; — 
la nive, la mercanzia, to ensure a ship, 
merchandise; — la vela, to lower the 
yards, tike in sail ; vi assicuro che, I 
assure you that, etc.; —irsi, vrf. to 
mike one 's self sore, to be, feel or be- 
come assured ; to tike courage, be confi- 
dent, bó persuidod, sère, certain 

Assicurilo, -a, a. secured, assured, insured; 
mercanzia —, goods insured; tm. insured, 
the insured person 

Assicuratóre,-triee, tmf. he, she who svasare*, 
secures or insures; he who insures a hftse, 
ship or wires, insurer, bailsman 

Assicurazione, tf. assuring, assurance, cer- 
tifying, certainty; security, guarantee, in- 
surance, insuring ; società d* —, insur- 
ance company; — marittima, marine in- 
surance, ship insurance; — generale, gen- 
eral insurance; — spedile, special insur- 
ance; — cóntro i danai degli incéndj, 
fire insurance; pòlizza d'— , policy of 
insurance; prèmio d'assicurazione, pre- 
mium of insurance ; fire un* —, to effect 
an insurance; — sulla vita, life insur- 

Assidénza, tf. {little tsaetf) assistance, fa- 
vour, presence 

Assiderare, va. i. to chill or benumb with 



— 87 — 


eòli; vsi. to gel chilled, froien, benumbed 
with cold, to bé starved 
Assideratola, 0. chilled, benumbed, stirred 

Aisideraxidne, */. ehlllness, numbness 
Assidero, van. 3. tir. (i>a«( t assiti, pari, 
assise) to besiege ; to seat ; to sit by; to 
set; to reside; — idersi, vrf. to sit 
Assiduamente, adv. assiduously, sedulously 
Aeiduita; {ant) —ade, —ate, a/, assiduity, 

A>;fdao, -a, a. assiduous 

Assieme, adv. F. Insième 

Assiepare, va. L to hedge in, surround with 

Assiepato, -a, a. hedged, enclosed, ob- 

A «i l l accio, «vs. (eat) Urge horse-fty, hornet 

Assillare, va. 1. to smart from the sting of 
a hornet; to chafe, rage, fnme 

Assillitela, a. stung, chafed, irritated 

assillo, «vs. (essi.) horse-fly, hornet, sting- 
ili* «t 

lacùBigliaméoto, em. assimigliansa, astimi- 
gliaxione, 4/. aasimilition, likeness 

Aisimigliare, va. I. F. Assomigliare 

Ajsimilare, va, to assimilate, ehjlify 

Aitimil «rióne, tf. the act of assimilating, 
chylifaetioB, aasimilition, digestion 

Aatimigliativo, -a, o. F. Assomigliatfvo 

Auwconare, va. i. to cut off, elide, re- 

A&siadacaro, va. F. Sindacare 

Astiatolo, «us. {atom.) asymptote; a. asymp- 

Assiolo, «vs. F. Assiuolo 

Ajtiema; (assi.) —ornate, em. axiom, maxim 

Asftosnatiee, -a, a. axiomatic, axiomatical. 

Assiomaticamente, odo. axiomatical!? 

Acikocchiarti, vrf. to become like sisters ; 

Assisa, «/. livery, device, motto; (mil.) uni- 
form, regimentals; tax, subsidy; le assise 
tor asolaie) */jp., the assises , court of 

its***, -a, a. sealed, situated, sitting 

Assistente, a. who stands by, backs, assists, 
attends; «vs/. attendant, a person present, 
by-etaadvr, looker-on 

itfiisteaaa, •/- (the) assisting, being present, 
standing hfi assisting, helping, assistance, 

Austera, va. S. irr. to stand nf, be pres- 
ent, assist, attend ; to help, assist, sue- 


'jsstito, -a, a. stood bf, assisted, helped 
Assalitore, «m. helper, assistant, adjùtor 

Unto. «vs. board-partition; weather-board 
Aitinolo, •«*. (ons.) owl, horn owl; Ignorant 

t*, «vs. àce (at-cards); — sèi, neck or 
tethinf ; lasciare in — in nisso, to 
taatjdoo, forsake; fare un —, to eat at 
'a expense; restare in — , to bé | 

forsaken, left alóne; —, em. better asse, 
, */. plank 
Assodamento, «m. partnership in cattle, 

lease of cattle for half the profits 
Associare, va. 1. to let or hire cattle on a 
lease ; fig. to leave a troublesome affair 
to a person 
Associare, va. 1. to join (accompany) ; to 
unite in a company; to lake into partner- 
ship, to associate; —arsi, vrf. to associato 
one's self, to become a pàrtner, member, 
subscriber; to form a company or society; 
—Arsi ad an giornale, to subscribe to a 
Associalo, -a, a. associated, subscribed; em. 
pàrtner; gli —Ali ad un giornale, the sub- 
scribers to a newspaper 
Associasióne, t/. association, society, com- 
pany, partnership, union, commercial 
union; funeral procession ; — delle idée, 
association of ideas, association 
Assodamento, sm. consolidating, hardening, 
(curdling), firmness, consistence, solidity 
Assodare, va. i. to mike hird, firm, solid; 
to consolidate, strengthen, fasten; —Arsi, 
vrf. to get firm, compiei, solid; to become 
confirmed, to persist 
AssodAto.-a, a. hardened, confirmed 
Assoggettare, va. i. to subject, subdue 
Assoggettamènto | sot. subjection , con- 
Assoggeltiménto | stralnt, obligition, su- 
Assolatio, -a, a. exposed to the south, 

Assolilo, -a, a. exposed to the sun, sunny 
Assolcare, va. i. to furrow, plough, trench 
Assolcalo, -a, a. furrowed, wrinkled 
Assoldamene, tm. the eurólling soldiers 
Assoldare, va. i. to enlist, recruit, raise 
troops; —arsi, vrf. to enlist, become a 
recruit, enter Iho Army 
Assoldilo, -a, a. enlisted, entered a soldier 
Assoldato», -trice, em/, one who enlists, 

recruits, raises troops 
Assolfonire, v*. 3. (ant.) to grow sulphu- 
Assolidire, va. i. F. Assodare 
Assòlto, -a, a. absolved, acquitted, re- 
Assolutaménte, adv. absolutely, positively 
Assolutismo, em. Absolutism, the principles 

of Absolute government 
Assolutista, $m. Absolutist 
Assolato, -a, a. Absolute, positive (absolved); 
arbitrary; potére —, Absolute power; prin- 
cipe —, Absolute prince 
Assolutòrio, -a, a. ibsolutory, clearing 
Assolutone, «/. absolution, acquittal; dire 

V — altrùi, to give absolution 
Assòlvere, va. I. irr. (assòlvo, past, as- 
so Is i, -e, -ero, pari, assòlto, assoluto) to 
absolve, acquit; to free, release; to absolve 
a penitent; to complete, finish; F# Sciò- 



— 88 



Assomire, va. 1. to load, put on a back- 
Assomigliaménto, im. resemblance, simila- 
Assomigliante, a. resembling, like 
Assomiglianza, assomigliagióne, tf. likeness, 

Assomigliare, vn. 1. to be like, similar, to 
resemble; va. to likon, compare; —àrsi, 
vrf. to make one's self similar, to become 

Assomiglialivo, -a, a. similitùdinary, tic- 
noting resemblance, similarity; compar- 

Assomigliazióne , */. conformity, resemblance 

Assomiglio, V. Ritratto 

Assommare, Va. 1. to bring to a conclusion; 
sum up, end 

Assonante, a. accordant, nearly rhyming 

Assonanza, tf. assonance 

Assonnamelo, tm. drowsiness, sleepiness, 

Assonnàro, va. 1. to make drowsy, lull to 
sleep; vn. to get sleepy, dull, slow; —arsi, 
vrf. to become drowsy, go to sleep; non 
— a far checchessia, not to fall asleep 
over a tbing 

Assopire, van. 3. to mike or become drowsy, 

Assopito, -a, a. sleepy, drowsy, lethargic 

Assorbènte, a. absorbent, sucking up 

Assòrbere, assorbire, va. 2. 3. irr. (assorbo, 
assorbisco, — isci, — isce, past, assorbii, 
parL assorbito) to absorb, swallow up, 
suck up ; Jig. to absorb, «wallow dp, 
take ùp 

Assorbiménto, tm. absorption, sucking ùp 

Assorbito, -a, a. absorbed, swallowed ùp 

Assorbitóre, -trice, tmf. that absorbs 

Assordàggine, */. V. Sordità 

Assordaménto , am. stunning , giddiness , 

Assordare, va. i. — ire, 3. va. to ttun, 
deafen; —ire, vn. —irsi, vrf. to become 

Assordito, —ito, —ita, a. stunned, deafened, 

Assorellare, va. 1. to unite, or mike to 
agree like sisters; —irsi, vrf. to live to* 
géther, to agréo like sisters; (JìgC) to be 
paired, suited, nearly related 

Assórgere, va. 2. irr. V. Sórgere 

Assortiménto, sm. lot, assortment, suit, set; 
grand o —, Urge assortment 

Assortire, va. 3. to sort, match, draw lots 

Assortito, -a, a. assorted, suited, matched 

Assortitóre, «trice, tmf. one who assorts, 
matches, draws lots 

Assórto, -a, a. absorbed, ingulfed; taken ùp 

Assottigliaménto, tm. fining down, thinning, 
sharpening; {Jig.) refining, refinement 

Assottigliare, va. 1. to fine down, mike 
thin, tiper otf, sharpen; to refine, rènder 
acute, téach finesse , mike subtile; — 

la vanga, lo sharpen a spado or mattock 
— l'ingégno, to sharpen the wit; — la 
bórsa, to lighten or wrinkle the purse; 
—irla, to bé too subtile, to be overrefino I ; 
la nòtte assottiglia il pensièro prov. exp. 
advise with your pillow; —irsi, vrf. to 
becÓmo sharpened, thinned, rolined, sharp, 
Assottigliativo, -a, a. attenuating, diluent 
Assottigliato, -a, a. sharpened, fined down, 
tapered ofl; {Jig.) attenuated, impoverished 
Assottigliature, -trice, smf. that makes thin, 
sharp, pointed; thinner, altènnitcr; — 
di bórse, purse-drainer 
Assottigliatura, tf. sharpening, thinning 
Assonare, va. 1. to dirty; —irsi, vrf. to 

get dirty, nasty 
Assuefare, va. 1. irr. {past, assuefeci, part 
assuefatto) to accustom, use, inure ; —àrsi. 
vrf. to accustom one's self; — alla fa- 
tica, to inure one's self to toll, to acquire 
a habit of industry 
Assuefatto, -a, a. accustomed, used, habit- 
uated, inured, practised ; — al fréddo, 
inured or hardened to cold 
Assuefazióne, a/, custom, hàbit, use 
Assuéto, -a, a. V. Assuefitto 
Assue lodine, tf. custom, hibit, practice 
Assuggetlire, va. 3. V. Assoggettare 
Assumente, tmf. he, she who assumes or 

Assumere, va. 2. irr. (past, assunsi, part. 
assunto) to assume, undertake; tike up, 
exalt; V. Esaltare 
Assùnta, tf. the assumption of the Virgin 

Assùnto, tro. tbing undertiken, task as- 
sumed; undertaking, charge, task; as- 
sumption, a taking for granted ; pigliano, 
tórre- l* — di fire checchessia, to tike 
upon one's self the charge or task of 
doing a thing 
—, -a, a. assumed, undertiken, exilted 
Assunzióne, tf. assumption, elevation, etal- 
tition ; the assumption of the Virgin Miry 
Assurdità, tf. absurdity 
Assurdo, -a, a. absurd 
Assùrgere, vn. 2. V. Sórgere 
Asta, aste, tf. pole, handle, staff, lànce; — 
di bandièra^ flag-staff; — del compass», 
lag of a pair of cóm p assess ; véndere al- 
l' — , to put up to the hammer, to sell by 
astaco, «in. {tool.) lobster 
Astallaménto, svi. plico of abode, home 
As tall irsi, vrf. i. to pnt up, to instil one's 

self, set up one's abode 
Astinte, tmf. sick nurse, attendant on the 
sick (in an hospital); by-stinder, specta- 
tor, looker on, assistant; —, a. present, 
slinding by, looking on 
Astire, vn. i. to stay, remain, perso vere 
Astarègia, tf. {bot.) asphodel, daffodil 
Astila, tf. thrust, stroke with i Unco. 



— 89 


Astato, -a, a. armed with a spear or lance 
Atteggiare, va. 1. to write heads (of letters), 

pot-hooks and hangers 
Astinènza, aslegnénte, V. Astenénza, etc. 
Astèmio, -a, a. abstemious, sober, àhstineu' 
Atteoéreì, vrf. 2. irr. (m astengo, t'astieni, 
s'astiéoe; past, m'astenni, t'astenesti, 
s'astenne; ci astenemmo, v'asteneste, so- 
stennero) to abstain from, to forbear; — 
dal vino, to abstain from wine; — dal 
ridere, to forbear laughing; sostenete ci 
-étevi, bear and forbear 
aiterò, asterò, am. (bot.) aster; stir-wdrl, 

Christmas daisy 
Astergente, •. cleansing, abstergent, ab- 
Astèrgere, va. 2. irr. (pott» astèrgi, part. 

astèrso) ; to absterge, cleanse, wish 
Astèria, sf. (min.) star-Stone; (zoophite) 

astèria», stir-fish, séa-star 
Asterisco, sm. àsterisc (in printing*) 
Asterismo, sm. asterisco, constellation 
Asteròide, su», (astr.) asteroid 
Astersióne, sf. abstersion, washing away 
Aitersivo, -a, a. abstersive, cleansing 
Astèrso, -a, a. cleansed, wished, abstergent 
Astetia, sf. small pole, staff, lànce, spear 
A* l iire, pass. 1. to envy, bear ill-will, be 

Assetinola, sf. little lànce, shaft, javelin; 

ih* handle of a brush 
Astfeulo, «m. {building) dowel; {technology) 

A? tiferò, jm. spearman, ensfgn-beàrer 
A.tile, «n». the staff of a lànce ; {Jig.) lànce, 

Astinènte, a. abstinent, temperate, sober 
A<tioénxa, aslinénzia, sf. abstinence 
àstio, 99i. invidiousness, ènvy, spite, rancour 
Astioso, -a, a. invidious, envious, rancorous 
Attivamente, adv. hastily; V. Prontamente 
àitdre, sm. (orn.) gos-hàwk 
A stórmo, adverb, in a crowd, multitude, 
in crowds, swarms; suonare —, to ring 
the tocsin 
Astràere, astrarre, va. 2. irr. (astraggo, -i, 
-e, past, astrassi, fut. astrarrò, part. 
astratta) to abstract, to detàch or segre- 
gate with the mind ; —aerai, vrf. to turn 
away one's attention from 
Astràgalo, sm. (arc A.) astragal; {anàt.) 

Astrile, a. Astrai, starry 
istranzia, sf. (bot.) black hellebore 
Astrai tingine, sf. abstraction, absence of 

Astrattamente, adv. abstractedly, abstractly 
Astrattézza, sf. abstractedness, abstraction 
istrattfTO, -a, a. taken in the abstract 
Astratto, -a, a. abstracted, absent in mind, 
absorbed in thought; eccentric, odd; nómi 
—itti, abstract nouns; sm. abstract (op- 
posed to concrete) 

>e, sf. abslràction t separation; that 

operation of the mind by which it forms 
abstract ideas 
Aslrèa, sf. (astr.) astréa 
Astrettivo, -a, a. V. Astringènte 
Astrétto, -a, a. constrained, forced 
Aslrignónte, astringènte, a. astringent, bind- 
ing; costive; stringent; argoménto — , 
stringent argument 
Aslrignere, astringere, va. 2. irr. (astringo, 

past, astrinsi, part, astrétto) to force 
Astringènte, a. astringent, binding, styptic, 

stringent, sm. astringent 
Astringénza, astringénzia, sf. force, violenco 
Astrizióne, sf. V. Astringénza 
Astrolatria, sf. astròlatry, the worship of 

the stars 
astro, sm. stir; — marino, (icht.) stir-fish, 

Astrette, sf. {min.) astróites, stir-stone 
Astrolàbio, em. astrolabe, cross-staff, qua- 
Astrolabismo, sm. the influence of the stars 
Astrologa, sf. woman versed in astrology 
Astrologare, vn. i. to astròlogize, foretell 
Astrologaste, $m. bad astrologer 
Astrologia, sf. astrology; — giudiziària, 

judicial astrology 
Astrologico, -a, a. astrological, of astrology 
Astròlogo, sm, astrologer 
Astronoma™, vn. (ant.) to profess astronomy 
Astronomia, sf. astronomy 
Astronòmico, -a, a. astronomical 
Astrònomo, astronòmico, sm. astronomer 
Astruseria, sf. abstruseness, abstruse notion 
Astruso, -a, a. abstruse, dark, obscure 
Astùccio, sm. case, box, leather box, shéath, 
needle-case; méttere cell'—, to encase] 
put in a case, etc 
Astuticcio, -a, crafty, sly; sm. old fox 
Astutamente, adv. craftily, silly, artfully 
Astutézza, sf. cunning, artifice, finesse; 

Astuto, -a, a. sly, canning, crafty, subtle 
Astùzia, sf. cunning, wiliness, finesse 
àsaro, sm. (ent.) vine-grub, migot 
Alante, a. powerful, robust, vigorous 
Atarassia, sf. àlaraxy, tranquillity of sóul 
A tare va. 1. (ant.) to help, V. Ajutàre 
Alatóre, -trice, tmf. v. Aiutatóre, etc. 
A tao to, sm. «coffin, bier 
àtavo, sm. poet. V. Arcàvolo 
Ateismo, sm. atheism 
Ateista, àteo, -a, smf. atheist 
Ateistico, -a, a. atheistical 
Atenèo, sm. athenéum 
Ateròma, sm. (turg.) atheroma, encysted 

àlide, sm. (myth.) fig. lover, gallant, sweet- 
Atlante, sm. (geog.) atlas; (arch.) atlànlcs 
Atlàntico, tm. (geog.) atlàntic; a. atlàntic 
Atlèta, sm. athlete, wrestler 
Atlètica, sf. athletics 
Atlètico, -a, a, athletic 



— 90 — 


Atmoscàfo, un. {Greek) stéam-beat, steamer 
Atmosfèra, a/, atmosphere 

Atmosfèrico, -a, a. atmospheric, atmospher- 

Atométto , tm. small atom , vdry minute 

Atòmico, -a, a. atomic, atom leal 
Atomismo, tm. atomism, the dòc trio e of 

Atomista, tm. àtomist, one who holds to 

loo atòmical philosophy 
àtomo, tm. atom, corpuscle, mote; in un — 

(o àttimo', in an instaot, immediately, 

at once 
Atoofa, t/. atony, relaxation of the solids 
Atònico, -a, a. atonic, debilitated, wanting 

vital energy 
A tòrto, adverb, unjustly, wrongfully 
Atrabile, «/. atrabiliary humour, black bile, 

Atrabiliàrio, -a, a. atrabiliary 
Alimentàrio, -a, a. black like ink, inky ; 

atrameotàrious, suitable for making ink- 
Atraménto, tm. V. Inchiòstro 
Atrebici, smpl. (mar.) the fore part of a 

ship's bow 

Atrepfce, ff. (bot.) orach, clenopòdium, 

Atrio, am. pòrch, vestibule, portal, atrium 
atro, -a, a, black, gloomy, dismal, dreadful 
Atróce, a. atrocious, terrible, enormous 
Atrocemente, adv. atrociously, horribly 
Atrocità; {ant.) -ade, —Ate, i/. atrocity, 

Atrofia, tm. atrophy, wasting consumption 
Atròfico, -a, a. (med.) atrophied 
Attaccàbile, a. assailable, liable to attack 
Attaccàbili, tm. cloak-peg ; peg or pin to 

hang on clothes 
Attaccàgnolo, tm. V. Appiccàgnolo 
Attaccamani, tm. (bot.) scratch-weed, clea- 
vers, goose-grass 
Attaccaménto, tm. union, connexion; attach- 
ment, passion 

Attaccapanni, altaccavesttti, mi. F. Attac- 

Attaccare, va. 4. (attacco, attacchi, attacca) 
to attach, stick, tie, unite, join; to attack, 
assault ; — uno, to attack t person, to 
pitch into him; —ària con uno, to pro yoke 
or insult a person, to pick a quarrel 
with him; —ària ad uno, to play one 
a trick; — lite, to wrangle, begin a dis- 
pute, còme to blows; — la zuffa, la bat- 
tàglia, to begin the fight; — in cróce, to 
nail to a cross; — (affiggere) un cartèllo, 
to stick up a bill or advertisement; — 
un'amicizia, to form a friendship; — i 
cavalli, to pit the horses to; —àrsi, vrf. 
to attach one's self, to become attached 
to, get fond of; —àrsi a' rasói, to catch 
. at straws (like a drowning man) 

Attaccaticcio, -a, a. viscous/ sticky; conta- 

Attaccassimo, -a, a. very much attached 
Attaccato, -a, a. stuck, attached, attacked 
Attaccatura, tf. V. Attaccaménto ; — del 

pane, the kissing crust; (painting) joint 
Attacco, tm. attack, assault, combat; attach- 
ment, platònic affection, love; union, con- 
nexion; cleaving to, uniting with; dare — , 
to give occasion, opportunity, hope 
Attagliare, van. I. to please; —àrsi, vrf. 
to suit, to be to one 's mind; ciò non mi 
attaglia, that don't suit me, it is not to 
my mind 
Attalentare, va. 4. to please, to be to one's 

Atlalianàto, -a, a. ita Hand ed 
Attamente, adv. Aptly, fitly, suitably 
Attanagliare, va. i. to tear off the flesh 

with rod-hot pincers, to torment 
Attanagliato, -a, a. tortured alive 
Attapinamene, m. dejection, extreme afflic- 
tion, wretchedness 
Attapinarsi, vrf. V. Tapinare, —àrsi 
Atlappezzàre, va. V. Tappezzare 
Attappezsàto, -a, a. V. Tappezzato 
Attarantàto, -a, a. bit by a Urèo tuia (*> 
venemons spider); tmf. one bit by a, 
tarantula; (Jig.) restless, furious, ràbid 
Attardàre, tm. 4. —àrsi, vrf. 4. to grow 

late, be late 
Altare, va. 4. to adapt, fit, apply, suit 
—àrsi, vrf. to suit one's self, compi? with 
Attaslàre, va. 4. V. Tastare 
Attàto, -a, a. adapted, suited, applied 
Allatto, 9m. (ant) touch, contact 
Attecchiménto, tm. growth, improvement 
Attecchire, tm. 3. to grow, strike root, im- 
prove, shoot up; non gli riusciva — due 
paròle, he could not put two words to- 
Attediare, va. 4. to tease, anno?, weary ; 
vn. t —àrsi, vrf to gréto wéary, annoyed 
Alteggiévole, a. gesticulated, posturing 
Atteggiaménto, tm. attitude, gesture, pos- 
Atteggiente, tm. posture-màster, pantomime, 

actor, mimic, buffoon 
Atteggiare, va. 4. to animate a stàtue) or 
painting; to represent (an action) by ges- 
ticulation and attitudes, to enact in pan- 
tomime, to mimic; vn. to plat antic tricks, 
to posture, to enact the buffoon or mimic; 
—arai, vrf to put one's self into attitudes, 
to be too gésticulàtive 
Alteggiataménte, adv. by attitudes sod 

Atteggiatóre, tm. one who throws himself 
into attitudes, or gives attitudes to a 
portrait or stàtue; gésticulàtive person 
Attegnénsa, «/. kindred, kin, relationship 
Atte lare, va. 4. to driw out in battle-array 
Attemparsi, va. 4* to grow old 
Altempalétto, -a, a. oldish, rather old 
Attempato, -a, a. elderly, aged, in years 
Attempalòtto, -a, a. old and sturdy, hearty 



— 91 — 


AUeaperaménto, «m. temperane©, modera- 
tion . 
Attemperiate, o% calming, soothing, as- 

Attemperare, «a. L to temper; F. Tem- 

- «m. to observe, folli, follow 
lUemperato, -a, a. moderate, dim, tem- 

Attendaménto, aws. tended field, encamp- 
AUeadare, van. I. to encamp ; pilch the 

Attendilo, -a, a. encamped, steady, settled 
Attendènte, em/, and, a. who waits, expec- 
Attèodere, van. J. irr. (attèndo, patU at- 
lèti, pari, attéso) td awàit, look fòt for; 
to mind; attend, pay attention to; to ex- 
pect, wait lor, better aspetterò; — il 
tèmpo, to awàit tbe moment, look tilt 
for the opportunity ; — la proméssa, to 
keep one's word 
Attendibile, a. to be attended to, worthy of 
remark, attention, notice, of seme import- 
Attendimèato, ero. attention, care, reflection 
Atteaditftre -trice, am/, who minds, attends 
to, awaits ; — delle promésse, a keeper 
of* his word 
Attenebrare, va. I. V. Ottenebrare 
Attenènte, a. belonging to, akin; tm. kins- 
man, hanger on (retainer) 
Attenènte, if. affinity, relationship, kindred, 

V. Appartenènza 
Attenére, vn. S. irr. (attengo, attieni, attie- 
ne, attingono; pott, attenni) to stick to, 
keep to, abide by; to keep one's word, 
maintain one's promise; —èrsi, vrf. to 
observe, follow, hold by, stay one's self 
epos; to belong; —èrsi al consiglio di al- 
còno, to follow a person's advice 
Attentamente, adv. atténtirely, diligently 
Allentare, em. 1. to attempt. Tentare 
Attenuto, -a, a. tried, attempted 

— am. a wicked or desperate attempt, a 
crime, ewtrage, misdeed 

Atteataiorio, -a, a. illegal, unlawful 
Atteatéasa, e/, the looking at steadfastly or 

intently. V. Attenzióne 
Attènto, attentfTO, -a, a. attentive, càrefnl 
— , am. {ant.) attempt, criminal attempt 
AUewaaiite, a. attenuating, thinning, dil- 
uent; */. extenuation; circostanze —ènti, 
extenuating circumstances 
AtteMiro, va. i. to attenuate, weaken 
Atuaaito, -a, a. attenuated, emaciated, 

luesuaxione, a/, attenuation, weakening 
Alienate, -a, a. held to; abode by 
Atteaxjoneella, a/, little attention, ciré 
àstanasono, e/, attention, care, application 
Attergare, va. 1. to* place behind, esteem 

Atterraménto, tm. overthrow, ruin 

Atterrire, va. i. to cast to the earth, to 
overthrow, prostrate, rùin, destrg; to cist 
doHn; —àrsi, vrf. to be cist down 

Àtterratóre, -trice, tm/. feller, destroyer, 
sub vèrter 

Atterrazióne, tf. V. Atterraménto 

Atterriménto, tm. terror, fright, dread 

Atterrire, va. 3. (atterlsco, -isci, -isce) to 
cist doirn, tèrrity, al Arm; —irsi, vrf. to 
be cist down, to despond 

Atterrito, -a, a. cist down, terrified, dis- 

Atterzare, van. i. (ant.) to be reduced to a 

Atterzato, -a, a. reduced to one third 

Attésa, tf. attention, expectation; in — della 
vòstra rispósta, in expectation of your 

Attéso, -a, a. cautious, prudent, careful; 
èssere — di fare una còsa, to be ready 
to de something; — il lóro valóre, seeing 
or in consideration of their value; — che, 
seeing that 

Attestare, tm. i. to attest, testify, to join 
end to end; —irsi, vrf. to press close, 
cóme near, close, cóme to blows ; ne at- 
testo il cielo, I call Heaven to witness 

Attestato, tm. attestation, certificate, proof; 
in — di slima, d' amicizia, etc., in token 
of esteem, of friendship, etc. 

Attestatóre, -trice, tmf. witness, attestor 

Attestazióne, a/, attestation, testimony 

Altézza, tf. V. Attitùdine 

Atticamente, adv. elegantly, like the Athe- 

Atticciato j -a, a. strong-limbed, squat, 

Atticismo, tf. atticism, perfect elegance 

Atticiszire, wi. i. to AUiciie, to use atti- 

àttico, -a, a. attic, elegant, delicate, just ; 
sale — , attic salt; (arch.) attic, attic 

Attiepidire, vn. to become, get lukewarm, 

to cóol 
Attignere, va. 9. irr. (attingo, pott, at- 
tinsi, -se, -ero, part, attinto) to drivr; la 
fónte ove egli attinse il suo sapere, the 
fountain whence he drew his knowledge 
Attignimene), tm. the act of drawing water, 

acquiring knowledge 
Attignitójo, tm. bucket, that with which 

one draws up water 
Attiguo, contiguo, -a, a. contiguous, adja- 
Attillire, va. to attire, to dress dot, to trim 
up; —àrsi, vrf. to dress or adorn one 's 
self in a studied, affected or dandyish 
Attillatamente, adv. very elegantly, like a 

dandy or lion, with affectation 
Attillatézza, tf. affectation in dress, dan* 
dyism ' ' ~" 



— 92 — 



Attillato, -a, a. drébsed out like a doll, 
dandyish, affected ; far 1' —, to play the 
exquisite, affect the lion, be a swell 

Attillatura, sf. studied or affected dress 

Atttllatuzzo, -a, a. very neat, rather af- 

àttimo, sm. moment, instant 

Attinènte, a. contiguous, close, belong- 
ing to 

Attinènza, etc., V. Attenènza, etc. 

Attingere, va. 1. irr. (attingo, -gi, ge, past» 
attinsi, part, attinto) to attain to, arrive 
at, reach, sfònd; touch, hit; to draw op; 
— cògli òcchi, to discern, perceive, see 

Attingi tore,- trice, smf. «ho draws wine, etc. 

Attinto, -a, a. drawn, derived from 

Atliraglio, sm. luggage, equipage, bag- 

Attirare, va. i. to draw; —arai, vrf. to 
attract; — addòsso, to bring upon ono's 

Attitare, va. 1. (law) to litigate, plead, 
sue; to engage in or carry on lawsuits 

Attuazióne, sf. (Iato) litigation, pleading 

Altitudine, sf aptitude, skill; attitude 

Attivamente, adv. actively 

Attivare, va. 1. to carry into action, effect 
oft execution 

Attività; (ant.) —ade, — ite, if. activity 

Attivo, -a, a. active, laborious; enterprising; 
active, lithe, sharp, prompt; vèrbo , ac- 
tive verb; vita attiva, life of activity; dé- 
bili attivi, dustàndiug credits; (débili pas- 
sivi, outstanding debts) 
, Attizzaménto, em. the act of poking or 
stirring up the fire; stirring up anger, 

Attizzare, va. 1. to stir up the fire; to ir- 

Attizzatóio, sm. a large fóundry pòker 

Attizzatóre, -trice, smf. he, she, who pokes 
(the) fire), (fig.) one who adds fuel to 
flame, or stirs up inger, provocation 

atto, sm. act, action, do ed, gesture, move- 
ment; un — d'eroismo, a heroic act; tra- 
gèdia In cinquenni, a tragedy in five acts; 
méttere in — , to carry into effect, put in 
execution; stare in — di partire, to be 
ready to go; pagàbile nell* — della con- 
ségna, payable on delivery, at the* mo- 
ment of consignment ; per — d' esémpio, 
by way of example ; per — di riverènza, 
in token of reverence 

—, -a, a. apt, lit, proper, adapted 

Atto-di-féde, sm. àuto da fé (a solemn day 
held by the Inquisition for the punishment 
of heretics) 

Attòllere, va. 3. (poet.) V. Innalzare 

Attondàre, va. to màke rfònd, full, plùmp 

Attonitàggine, sf. stupidity , dóltishuess, 

Attònito, -a, a. astonished, amazed 

Attopàto, -a, a. fuU of mice, rata 

Altorcàre, va. i. to pile op (wood) io a py- 
ramidal form 
Attòrcere, va. 8. irr. (attòrco, -ci, -ce, past, 
attòrsi, part, attòrto) lo twist, wring; 
V. Tòrcere 
Attorcigliare, va. to twist, wrap; twine 
Attorcigliaménto, sm. twisting, twining (up 
Attorcigliato, -a, a. twisted, twined, wtànd 
Attorciménto, sm. twisting, winding up 
Attóre, sm. àctor, player; àgent, broker, 

factor; (law) plaintiff 
Attoria, sf management, administration 
Attorni gl'iato, altorneàlo, -a, a. enclosed, 

encompassed, surrounded, besèt 
Attorniamènto, sm. enclosure, compass, 

Attorniare, va. 1. to surround, beset, en- 
close ' 
Attórno, prep. adv. aboljt, round, round 

— attórno, adv. round ab<Jut; ill round 
Attorràre, va. i. (from, tórre) to heap up 

towerlike, to pile up 
Attortigliare, va. 1. to twist, twine, wrap 

Attortigliato, -a, a. twisted, twined, entan- 
Attòrto, a. wrung, twisted, entangled ^ 

Attoscare, va. i. to poison, embitter, grieve 
Attoscanàre, va. I. to give a Tuscan desin- 
Attoscato, -a, a. poisoned 
Attéso, -a, a. childish, frolicsome, stirring, 

Attossicagióno, tf. I poisoning giving 
Attossicamene, sm. \ poison; emplólson- 

Attossicante, a. poisonous (venomous) 
Attossicare, va. 4. (attossico, -chi, -ca) to 

Allossicatóre , -trice, smf. poisoner, em- 

Attrabiccàto, -a, a. encamped, under tents 
Attraènte, a. attractive, prepossessing, 

Attràere, va. 2. irr. (attraggo, past, attras- 
si, part, attratto) to attract, entice, chirm 
Attraiménto, sm. attraction, allurement 
Attrappire, 1. va. to deceive, seduce, sur- 
Attrappirsi, —irsi, vrf. V. Rattrappirsi 
Attrappito, -a, a. deceived, «urprised, ta- 
ken in; cavallo —, foundered horse 
Attrappirla, sf. contraction of the nerves, 

Attrarre,* 903. 9. irr. (attraggo, past, at- 
trassi, part, attratto) to attract, draw, 
entice; vn. to be drawn bf, to be very 
fond of; gli órsi attraggono alle pére, 
bears are very fond of pears 
Atlrattàbiie, — évole, a. F. Trattàbile 
Attrattiva, sf. attraction, allurement, chirm; 
— ive personali, personal attractions, 



— 93 - 


Attrattività, »f. attractiveness, the power of 

Attrattivo, -a, a. attractive; prepossessing, 

Attratto, -a, a. attracted, drawn, enticed 
Attrattdrio, «a, V. Attratlfro 
AUrattrfce. «/. she who attract, allures ' 
Attraversaménto, #m. crossing, traversing; 

thwarting, impediment, obstacle 
Attraversare, va. 1. to cross, travèrse, to go 

threogh, to get through or across; to th*irt; 

— il campo nemico, to travèrse or pass 
tartagli the enemy's camp; — i diségni 
éi qualchedino, to thwart a person's plans, 
balle bis schemes; —arsi a un diségno, to 
oppóao one 's self to a plan, be opposed 
to a project 

Attraversato f -a, a. crossed, traversed, 

Attraversatóre, -trice, gmf. he, she who 

crosses, opposes, bars, thwarts, baffles 
Attravèrso, a travèrso, adv. across, through; 

— Us forèsta, across or through the 

Attrizióne, #/. attraction, drawing to; (med.) 
attraction; (physic*) attraction 

Altraiaire, va. i. {mar.) to rig a ship, to 
rig eat 

Attraaxat6re, tin {mar.) rigger (of a ship) 

(Attrizxo) attrezzo, un. tool, instrument ; 
attrézzi dS cucina, kitchen utensils; — di 
guèrra, war stores, implements of wir 

Attreeeiare, va. I. intrecciare 

Attrezzare, va. I. Attrezzare 

Atiriboimònto , am. attributing ; imputa- 

Attribuire, vn. 3. (attribuisco, -faci, -isce, 
•iaao, -Ite, -iscono) to attribute, ascribe, 
refer; assign; — isco la sua malattia al 
soverchio uso dell' òppio, I attribute her 
illneae to her eating too much opium 

Attribuirsi, vrf. to ascribe to one's self, 

Attribuito, -a, a. attributed, imputed 

Attributo, ens. attribute, property, essential 
quality; gli —òli divini, the attributes of 
the Divinity, the Divine attributes 

Attribuzióne, sf. attribution, attributing 

Attrice, «/. actress; {la») plaintiff 

Attrislasnénto, am. sadness, ahìetion, grief 

Attristante, a. afflicting, grievous, painful 

Attristare, va. i. attristire; 3. to grieve, 

Attristarsi, vrf. to afflict one's self, bé 

attristito, —Ito, -a, a. grieved, piined, 

Auristazióne, «/. grief, affliction, trouble 
attritaménto, f». grinding, poinding, min- 

Attritare, va. i. attritito ; V. Tritare, tri- 
Attrito, -a, a. compunctious, sorrowful for 
•in, repentant; **». (phvs.) attrition 

Attrizióne, sf. attrition, compunction; attri- 
tion, rubbing together; V. Tritaroénlo 
Attruppaménto, sm. mob, riotous mob 
Attrappirsi, vrf. to troop, to collect togeth- 
er, to collect in a mob, to gather; to 
get together in a mob 
Attnippato, -a, a. got together, gathered in 

crovrds, grouped 
Altoale, a. Actual, real; present, effective ; 

il moménto —, the present moment 
Attualità; {ant.) — ide, —Ate, sf. actuality, 
reality; le — ; present realities, things as 
they really ex Hi 
Attualmente, adv. actually, now, at this 
moment, at this very time, Actually, really, 
in effect, in fact, indeed ; egli é — in 
Roma, he is now in Rome 
Attuare, va. to actuate, fulfil, execute, per- 
Attuariito, am. tho office of a scrivener, 

registrar or notary 
Attuario, am. scrivener, registrar, notary 
Attuarsi, vrf. to applf one's self intently 
Atluito, -a, a. acted fòt, carried into act 
or execution, effected, performed, realized 
Attuazióne, sf. actuation, the state of being 

put in action; effectual operation 
Attnccio, sm, puerile act, childish action 
Attuffaménto, am. plunge, immersion, dive 
Allunare, va. 1. to plunge, dive, duck, dip, 
immèrse; —Arsi, vrf. to plunge, dive, dà*h 
into the water, to dock; —Arsi ne' vizj, 
to plunge headlong into vice 
Attuffàto, -a, a. plunged, dived, dipped 
Altuffatóra, attuffazióne, sf. V. Attuffa- 
Attuffévole, a. deep, fit for plunging, div- 
Attujire, va. 1. {ant.) to offuscate, darken 
Attuóso, -a, a. active, stirring, fussy 
Alturire, va. 1. V. Turire 
Atti tare, va. 1. to deaden, blunt, quench; 
to soften, ciltn, still, assuage; to com- 
póse, quiet, to beat into silence; — (smor- 
zare) La pólvere, to lay the dust 
Attutirsi, vrf. to grow cilm, bé appeased 
Attutilo, -a, a. appeased, calm, composed 
At tu tat óre, -trice, atlutitóre, trice, smf. ap- 

pèaser, pacifier 
Attutire, va. 3. to still, quiet, silence, to 
impóse silence; — un uomo irato, to ap- 
pease an ingry man 
A tati' uòmo, adverb, with All one's might, 
with might and main; bird, earnestly, 
Aublezia, sf. {hot.) sort of vervain 
Ancchiàre, va. 1. to sew, work with a 

Audice, a. audicious, bold, insolent, rash 
Audacemente, adv. audiciously, rashly 
Audicia, a/, audacity, rashness, temerity 
Audfbile, udibile, a. audible 
Audidnsa, audio nzia, sf. V. Udiènza 
Audfre, va. V. Udire 



— 94 — 

AUS \ 

Auditivo, -a, a. V. Uditivo 
Andito, sm. hearing (one of the five senses) 
A adi torà to, tm. iuditorship, auditor's of- 
Auditóre, sm. auditor, hearer, mister of 

the rolls 
Auditòrio, sm. auditory, iadience chamber 

V. Uditòrio 
Audizióne, sf. hearing; (law) — di testimò- 
ni, hearing of witnesses 
àuge, sm. (attr.) summit, apex, acme; és- 
• sere in —, to be thriving, improving 
Augellatóre, sm. {poet.) bird-catcher 
Augèllo, am. {poet.) bird; V. Uccèllo, uc- 
Auggiare, va. t. V. Aduggiàre 
Augnare, va. 1. to lay hold of by the elites; 
(tagliare a ugna) to cut or cut dut in the 
form of nàil or shell 
Angnatura, tf. the cutting or clipping a 
bù<h or tree in the form of a nail or 
Augumentàbile, a. (little used) that may 

be augmented 
Augumentare, va. t. F. Aumentare 
Augumcntàto, -a, a. (little used) augment- 
ed, increased 
Augumentativo, -a, a. (little used) augment- 
ative, increasing 
Augumentòre, -trice, tmf. aogm enter, in- 

Augumenlazióne, a/, auguménto, am. (little 

used) increase 
Auguralo, a. angariai, of an iugur 
Augurante, a. foretelling, presaging, wish- 
Augurare, van. i. to iugur, divine, foretell, 
wish; vi auguro buon appetito, buon viàg- 
gio, il buon anno, I wish you a good ap- 
petite, pleasant journey, happy new Jear 
Auguralo, -a, a. presaged, wished 
Auguratóre, àugure, sm. iugur, soothsayer 
Augurio, am. angary, omen, presage; gra- 
dite i miei augurj pel capo d'anno, accept 
my best wishes on new yéar-s dsy 
Augurióio, -a, a. ominous, superstitious 
Au garosamente, adv. ominously ; bone —, 
with good omens ; male — , with bad 
Auguróso, -a, a. ominous; bent — , good- 
ómened; male — , ill-omened 
Augnatalo, a. imperial, august 
Augustàno, -a, a. Augustan; confessióne 

—ina, Augustan confession 
An gustare, va. 1. to mike prosperous, happy 

(little used) 
Augusto, -a, a. august (grand, royal) 
àula, sf. ropal palace, hill, court 
Aulèdo, am. flnte-plà^er; F Flautista 
Aulènte, a. swéet smelling, fragrant 
àulico, -a, a. iulic; to, or of the court ; 

Consiglio — , Aulte Council 
Aolfre, van. 3. to perfume, F. Olire 
àulo, tm. sort of indent flute 

Aulolfa, sf. singing accompanied by the 

Aumentàbile, a. augménUble, incréasable 
Aumentaménto, am. increase, augmentation 
Aumentante, a. increasing, augmenting 
Aumentare, van. 1. to increase, grow extend 
Aumentativo, -a, a. augmentative 
Aumentato, -a, a. augmented, improved 
Aumentatóre, -trfeo, smf. incréaser 
Aumentasene, sf. augmentation, addition 
Auménto, tm. growth, increase 
Aumettàre, va. 1. to wet, damp; —irsi, vrf. 

to get wet, damp 
Anmiliàre , umiliare , va. to humiliate , 

àuoa, sf. yard (measure) 
Aunànza, V. adunanza, sf. meeting, assem- 

Aon are, F. adunare, va. 1. to assemble 
Auneicàro, va. I. to carry away, steal, 

Auncinàrsi, vrf. to heir, bend, turn crooked 
Aunghiare, augnare, va. 1. to clutch; to cut 

Aunghiatola, augnatura, sf. angular cut 
A un' ora, adverb, together, at the same 

Aura, i/. (poet.) géntle bréeie, iir, fi?or 
— popolare, sf. popular applause, favor; 

pigliare —, to acquire strength, to win 

Aurire, inaurire, va. 1. to gild, brighten 
Aurato, -a, a. gilded, bright, like gold 
Aurélia, sf. aurélia, chiosali*, second state 

of a maggot 
àureo, -a, a. golden, of gold, gilded 
Anreoeolorito, -a, a. of a gold color 
Aureogemmito, -a, a. of gold and gems 
Aureola, sf. glory, crown, blaze of light 
A oretta, sf. soft wind, zephyr 
inrico, -a, a. gilt, golden, F. dorato 
Auricola, ss. (anat.) lurido of the heart 
Auricolare, a. auricular, tòld in the ear; 

confessióne —, auricular confession 
Auricome, a. yèllow-hilred 
Auricolare, a. auricular, secret, 
Aurifero, -a, a. producing gold, auriferous 
Auriga, em. (poet.) charioteer 
Aurigire, vn. to drive or conduct a chariot 
Aurispieio, sm. divinition, foretelling 
Aurizzire, va. i. to turn into gold 
àuro, tm. (poet.) gold, riches 
Auròra, sf. auròra, break of day 
Ausare, va. 1. to òse ; accustom, Indro ; 
—àrsi, vrf. to bó or grow accustomed, 
used to 
Ausato, -a, accustomed, habituated 
Ausiliare, a. auxiliary, helping, reiiérable 
Ausiliario, -a, a. auxiliary (of troops) 
Ausiliatóre, -trice, tmf. helper, reliever, 

protector, protectress 
Ausilio, sm. (Lai.) help, relief, succor 
àuso, -a, a. (poet) bòlo, diring 
Ausònia, sf. (poet.) Italy, Ausònia 


— 95 


aspi», ra. pro lector, patron 
Aopicfaa, a/, àugury (the art of foretelling 
roots bj the flight or chàtteriog of 
Aupfeio, — ilio, tm. presage» favor, pro- 
tection, countenance, guidance, auspices 
Alteramente, adv. anstòrely, rigidly 
Alterila; (ani.) —ite, —ade, if. severity, 

Assisto, -a, a. severe, rigid, moróse, grave 
Aastràle, austrfno, -a, a. lustrai, southern 
miro, tm. (poet.) sdùth wind, àoster 
Autèntica, a/, authentic testimony 
Askiticaménto, adv. authentically 
Mesticare, va. 1. to anthén licite, prive 
Aateaticito, -a, a. authenticated, proved 
AotesUeasione, «/. authentication 
Asléolieo, -a, a. anthèntic, valid ; per —, 

adverb, authentically 
Autobiografia, t/. autobiography 
Anatrata, -e, tm. autocrat (a title assumed 

ty the Emperor .of Russia) 
Aatocratiee, -a, a. autocratic, autocratical 
Aatocrasia, tf. autocracy 
Aatagrafìa, tf. autography 
Autògrafo, -a, a. antògraphal, autographic, 

- m. autograph 

Antoni, autòmato, am. automaton 
Aatonatico, -a, a. automatic, automatical 
AatoButismo, tm. the system of automatic 

or involuntary animal motion 
Antosomfa, •/. (Greek) autonomy, the power 
or right of self-government 
isloBòaieo, -a, a. autonómian, portata- 
Aotoosao, -a, a. autonomous 
Autopsia, autoasta, a/, (med.) autopsy, ocu- 
lar demonstration 
Autori», -a, {little used), V. Autenticato 
tatto, fas. author, inventor, càuse 
Autorévole, a . accredited, authorized 
AntoreTol ménte, adv. authoritatively, with 

fall porer 
Autorità; (ant) -ite, -ade, a/, authority, 

legal power 
Aotoritativo, -a, a. authoritative, imperious 
Asloriisire, va. i. to authorize, empower 
Aiterixzito, -a, a. inthorized, empowered 
Astorinazwne, «/. authorization, the act of 
«powering; giving authority; legal power, 
PtranssioD, grant 
Autrice, #/. iothoress 
Aitueile, a. autumnal, of intumn 
Aitano, tvu autumn, the fall of the leaf 
AaoaaéBto, tm. whetting, sharpening 
«aire, tm. i. to whet, V. Aguzzare 
"Baton, •/. sharpening, provocition 
A»tw, -a, a. shlrp, keen 
■ T *. «A grandmother 

Aueeiare, «a. -ini, trf. i. (ant) V. A/- 

Artccio adv. soon; rilher; — o tirdi, sooner 

Arile, adv. (ant.) soon, presently, now, 

this moment 
A vii le, adv. below, down, downward 
Avallo, am. (com.) undertaking, guaranty 
Avambriccio, am. V. Antibràccio (of bills) 
Avanguardia, tf. (mil.) vanguard, front of 

tho irmy 
Avanfa, tf. molestation, exaction; affront, 

Avannòtto, $m. young ftf; novice, simpleton 
Arante, prep, and adv. poet, before, for- 
ward, farther; non leggemmo — , we read 
no further 
Avinti, prep, and adv. before, forward, 
sooner, rather; preceding; il giórno -, 
the day before; the preceding day; andito 
— > go on, speak on; non bisógna pia — , 
that suffices; —che, before that; venite 
—, còme forward, còme np , step in ; 
andito —, io vi seguirò, go before, I'll 
follow; non volli legger più. —, 1 would 
read no mòre 
Avanticimera, tf. V. Anticàmera 
Arantiche, adv. V. Avinti 
Avantiguirdia, tf. V. Avanguàrdia 
Avanzaménto, tm. advancement, progress 
Avanzante , a. surpassing , rising, super- 
Avansire, va. i. to 6U strip, outrun, tiutdó, 
surpass, excel; to advance, forward, dis- 
patch ; to remain ; il piò àgile avanza il 
piò fòrte, the swiftest outstrips the strong- 
est; talvòlta il discépolo avània il maè- 
stro, sometimes the scholar outstrips (or 
surpasses) his màster; — in mèrito, to 
surpass or exceed in merit ; Sfila avanzò 
Mario nell'arte della tirannide, Svila 
surpassed Marina in the art of tyranny ; 
ritenendo prigióni quelli che avanzirono 
alla loro crudeltà, holding as prisoners, 
those whom their cruelty had spared ; a 
me n' avanzano pòchi, I have but few 
remaining ; dopo di vói, se ne avinza, 
after you, should there remain any, should 
any be left 
—irsi, vrf. to advance, ptish forward, 
thrive, improve, to anticipate ; a' avanzò 
circa trénta pàssi vèrso lui, he advanced 
abdut thirty paces towards him; chi vuole 
— deve aliarsi alle cinque, he that would 
thrive must rise at ffre; che utilità é — 
il dolóre? why anticipate griétt of whit 
use is it to torment one's self before the 
Avanzaticelo, tm. remnant, bit, scrap, re- 
Avanzatile, avanzévole (ant.) V. Soprab- 

Avanzatola, a. advanced, forward, remiin ed, 
left; — in età, in years, old; — alia 
mòrte, escaped from death 
Avaozatóre, -trice, tmf. advancer, forwarder; 

he who advances or makes advances 
Avanzatolo, -a, a. of a green old age 


- 96 — 


Avanzéllo, am. amili remnant, trifling re- 
Avanzévole, a. superabundant 
Avanzo, $m. remainder, remains, residue, 
residuum, remnant, savings, clear gains, 
profit; ancient ruin, rélic; méttere ad 
avanzi, to carry to tbe account of profit 
(and loss); un prezióso —, a precious 
relic, valuable remains, venerable ruin ; 
gli aranti del tèmpio d'Apòllo, the re- 
mains or ruins of the temple of Apòllo; 
ne ho d'— , I have plenty and to spire, 
1 have more than enough 
Avanznglio, am. F. Aranzatfccio 
Avaricelo, -a, a. very avaricious , sordid, 

miserly; — tmf. niggard, odious mfser 
Avaramente, adv. sordidly, avariciously 
Avar étto, -a, sm. a little miser; a. rither 

Avaria, tf. average, dimage at séa; in- 
dennizzare d'un — , to make good an 
A varissimo;, -a, a. very avaricious, nig- 
Avarizia, tf. avarice, niggardliness 
Avarizzire, tm. 1. to save sordidly, be nig- 
Avaro, -a, a. avaricious, miserly, stingy 
—, -a, tmf. mfser, niggard, pinch-penny 
Avaróne, avaroniccio, -a, tmf. greit miser 
ave {Lat.) good day, ive! hiilt ill hail I 
Avelenire, va. V. Avvelenire 
Avellana, a/, (bot.) filbert, hazel-nut 
Avellino, tm. (bot.) Albert-tree, hizel*bùsh 
Avèllere, va. 2. irr. V. Svèllere 
Avèllo, tm. poet, sepoltura, tf. tomb, grave, 

Ave-Maria, Avemmaria, inter, hall, Mary! 
tf. a bell rung in the morning and even- 
ing twilight to announce the hdur of 
prayer; Angelus; beads of a rosary; vengo 
da vói stasera, all' —, I'll call this even- 
ing at the sound of the evening bell, at 
dusk; sapere una còsa come 1'—, to hive 
something on one's Angers' end; dall'una 
all'altra —, from nightfall to daybreak 
Avéna, a/, óats; oaten reed, pastoral pipe; 
avete dito 1'— a' cavalli? have you given 
the horses their oats? 
Avente, a. hiving, who has, possesses 
Av6ro7t>a. and aux. irr. 2. (ho, hii, ha, 
etc., V. Introduction), to hive, possess, 
hold; ógni cittadino che avesse sarebbe 
stato cacciilo, every citizen who had any 
property would hive bcon driven awiy ; 
avendolo per santissimo uòmo, believing 
him to be a very holy man; — fame, séte, 
freddo, to . be hungry, thirsty, cóld ; ho 
quindici anni, I'm fifteen years old; — 
vòglia, to hive a mind; — igio, to hive 
time, be at leisure; — in balia, to hive 

in one's póvrer; — in prègio, lo prfze, 
esteem; — in costume, to be accustomed; 
— per règola, to mike it a rule ; — a 
sdégno, to despise, disdiin ; avérla con 
uno, to be displeased or angry with a 
person; — per bnóno, to tike in good 
part; — a caro che, etc., to be glad that, 
etc.; ho di mestièri, I want; — da — (èsser 
creditóre)-, to bo entitled to hive, to be 
creditor; avvi, vi hinno, etc., better évvi, 
vi sono, there is, there ire; ébbevi di que- 
gli che, etc., there were sòme who, etc. 
— tm. property, estate, wealth, inherit- 
ance, possessions; ha scialacquato tutto 
il suo —, he has squindered ill his pro- 
perty ; il dire e 1*—, (com.) deotor and 
Avérla, Avérlia, tf. (orn.) sort of séa-gull 
Avèrno, em. {poet.) hell, avérnus 
Avulsione, avversióne, tf. aversion, hatred, 

Avérso, -a, o. averted, turned aside, re- 
Avèrtere, va. ì. irr. {part, avérso) to avert, 

turn aside, wird ofl 
Avertiménto, am. the averting, turning 

aside, warding off 
Avidamente, adv. greedily, eagerly 
Aviditi;(ant.) — ide, —ite, . gréediness,avid- 
Avidézza, $f. (tf. ) ity, eagerness, 

strong desire 
ivido, -a, a. gréedy, éagor, covetous 
avfna, tf. {om.) wood-lark, mcadow-lirk 
Avironire, va. I. V. Circondare 
A viro nàto, -a, a. surrounded, enclosed 
Avito, -a, a. (from avi, forefathers, in- 
cestar*) hereditary, inherited from one's 
ivo, -a, ivolo, -a, tmf. grand-father, grand- 
Avocare, va. i. to appeal, remove (a cinse) 
Avocazione, $f. appeal, removal (of a càuse) 
Avogadire, va. 1. (ant.) to bo an advocate, 

a liwyer 
Avogado, better avvocato, tm. advocate, 

la* yor 
Avogiro, 8m. sjctdic, defender 
àvola, tf. grand-mother 
ivolo, tm. grind-fdther 
Avolterire, va. (ant.) i. V. Adulterare 
Avoltójo, avoltòre, tm. (orn.) vùlture 
Avòrio, avòlio, sm. ivory; néro d'— , ivory* 

Avornéllo, avornièllo, avòrnio, tm. (bot) 

elm, V. ólmo 
Avosélta, tf. (orn.) hooded crów 
Avrire, va. V. Aprire 
Avulsióne, tf. avulsion; a rending or forci- 
ble separation 
Avulso, -a, a. ayùlscd, plàckod, pùllcd off 
Avon culo, tm. maternal uncle 

File, méte, bile, nòte, tube; - fit, mot, bit, nòt, tùb; - fir, pique» C? 

8*00, vino, hi, roma, ftam«; • patto-petto, p«tto, e, I, notte, otnf, - mano, vino, 


— 97 — 


ItcU, a/, receipt, reception 

irnlersi, vrf V. Valérsi 

trtiiiaaénfto, awt. depression, sinking, civi- 

:y, excavation 
ii. il lire, va. i. io lower, let down 
indiarsi, vrf. to descend, ruth loto, flow 
inaliate, -a, a. lowered, let dawn 
indonnente, #m. the heartening, f tréngth- 


iuiiorixe, va. 1. to strengthen, animate 
-irti, irr/. to take courage, grow strong 
intasaménto, vm. flame, Maze, Mixing 
iTiiapiate, a. blazing, burning, 
lampare, van. 1» to born, be on lire 
iTTimpito, -a, a. inflamed, consumed 
inasgire» s>o. 1. (ant.) to go on pròsper- 
63*ij, do well 
irraauggiamento, em. the gaining advant- 

Auaniaggiàre, «a. i. to advantage, benefit; 

tsi m'av van Uggia le in quésto, yon hive 

tat better of me in this 
— irti, vrf. to derive advantage 
ivraauggiàto, -a, a. favored, advantaged 
iraatigfio, am. advantage, gains, profit; 

dar dell* — , {at play) to give odds 
irraataggioaaménte, adv. advantageously 
irraataffioao, -a, a. advantageous 
ArTaatagsioazo, sm. small advantage, profit 
irriBiàrù, vrf. 1. to boast, to glory in 
At.edér&i, vrf. %. irr. to perceivo, remark, 

Auedimnoto, em. foresight, ciulion 
UTeJeUménte, adv. prudently, cautiously 
Arredntésa, a/, foresight, insight, sagacity 
Arredilo, -a, a. provident, cautious 
àrref nache, co*j. though, in as much 4s 
Arre^nadiocaè, covj. though 
Aireienamento, fa», empóìsonment 
Avvelenare, wo. i. to poison 
Allenato, avveneaito, -a, a. poisoned 
Avvelenatóre, -trice, sm/. empòìsoner; inibii- 

Avrdenfre, va. 3. to empSUon, iiint with 

venom, embitter / 
Avellutilo, -a, a. t'lvet, vòlveted, velvety 
Avveniate, J a. agreeable, pleasing, genteel, 
Avvenènte, | charming; prepossessing 
Avvenentemente, ado. elegantly, genteelly 
lneaénna, a/, elegance, grace 
Arvenevolaffine, a/, (iron.) grace, elegance 
Aneaévole, a. genteel, handsome 
Awenevolèsxa, a/, elegance, beauty, grace 
Aivenevelmeate, adv. gracefully, agreeably 
Avventaci», conj. since, whereas 
Avveniente, a. future, to còme, advénìent 
Avvéniménto, am. event, accident, coming 
Avvenire, vn. 3. irr, (avvengo; past, av- 
venni) to happen, cóme to piss, befall; 
—irsi, vrf. to light upon, to suit; m'av- 
venne d' incontrarlo, 1 happened to meet 

him; mi avvenni in nn amico, 1 fell in 
with a friend 
Avvenire, am. future, timo to còme 
Avveniticcio, -a, $mf. and a. now corner, 

AvvenUm6nto, em. rushing upon, hurling 
Avventare, va. 1. to shoot, fling, dirt 
—ani, vrf. to rush, fill upon, catch; se 
gli avventò addòsso come un cine arrab- 
biato, he rushed upon him like a mad dog; 
questo màio s'avventa, conversando, this 
disease is caught by conversing (with one 
Avventatàggine, tf. imprudence, rashness 
Avventatamente, adv. inconsiderately, rashly 
Avvenlaléllo,-a, a. hair-brained, giddy, wild 
Avvenialéua, a/, imprudonce, temerity 
Avventilo, -a, a. histy, ràsh, thoughtless 
Avventizio, -a, a. adventitious, extrinsic 
Avvènto, $m. Advent, accession, coming 
Avventóre, -trice, am/, customer, purchaser 
Avventrinire, vn. i. {of horses) to be seized 

wilh bèlly-frèlling 
Avventura, a/, accident, event, adventure; 

all 1 —, adverb, by chance, perhips 
Avventura™, va. 1. to hazard, venture, risk 
—irsi, vrf. to hazard, run the risk 
Avventuratamente, adv. fortunately, luckily 
Avventurilo, -a, a. lucky, fortunate 
Avvenlurevolmenle , adv. by good lùck, 

Avventuriera, a/, female adventurer; demi- 
Avventuriere, sm. adventurer, volunteer 
Avventurosaménto, adv. adventurously, by 

cbince, luckily 
Avventuróso, -a, a. adventurous, lucky, for- 
tunate ' 
Avvenuto, -a, a. hippened, bafallen, ar- 
Avveraménto, am. averment, confirmation 
Avverare, va. i. to aver, affirm, confirm 
Avverilo, -a, a. averred, aulrmed, proved 
Avveratóre, -trice, smf. verifier 
Avverbiale, a. adverbial 
Avverbialmente, adv. adverbially, in the 

manner of an idverb 
Avvèrbio, sm. idverb 
Avverdire, va. to mike green, verdant 
Avverilic&re, va. to verify, confirm, assure 
Avveritire, va. 4. to aver, declare positively 
Avversamente, adv. unfortuuaioly 
Awersire, van. i. to oppose, be against, 

Avversino, -a, smf. adversary, antagonist; 

r- d'ogni mile, {Dante), God 
—, -a, adverse, antagonist 
Avversativo, -a, a. adversative 
Avversatóre, -trice, smf. adversary 
Avversatone, sf. opposition, contrary 
Avversióne, sf. aversion; hatred, dislike 

ssr, rade; • fill, sód, bull; - Ore, do; - by, ljmph; pSUe, boyi, fdul, fowl; gem, ai 
Art», rasi» - fort», *mf\ calle; • tret, racv lai» •« il poi, austo; gemma, 

XWe. Ingl, liaU - Ediz. FI. Voi. 11. 7 


— 98 


Avversità; (ant.) —kl; —ade, tf. adversity 
Avvèrso, «a, a. adverse, contrary, inimical 

— prep, against, opposite to, facing 
ÀVTcrténte, a. prudent, circumspect 
Àvverienteménle, adv. needfully, advisedly 
Avvertènza, tf. héed, circumspection; avere 

— a, to givo héed, pay attention to 
Avvertibile, a. observable, noticeable 
Avvortiménto, em. advice, criming, counsel 
Avvertire, va. 3. to warn, advise, inform 

— tm. to take care, observe, mind 
Avvertitamente, adv. carefully, with eia lion 
Avvertito, -a, a. warned, informed; stare — , 

to bo upon one's guard 
Avvéniménto, em. use, habit, custom 
Avvezzare, va. i. to accustom, ose, inure 
—àrsi, vrjf. to accustom, use one's self to 
Avvezzato, avvézzo, -a, a. accustomed, used 
Avvezzàlùra, tf. habit, use, custom 
Avviaménto, am. setting tfut, beginning; un 
negòzio con buon —, a shop with a good 
Avviare, va. 4. to begin, set on foot, prepare 
—àrsi, vrf. to set out, advance, go forward 
Avvialo, -a, a. begun, advanced, getting on 
Avviatura, tf. beginning, setting on foot; 

selling on fire, kindling 
Avvicendaménto, am. alternation, alternate 

Avvicendare, va. 4. to alternate, do in turns 
—àrsi, vrf. to change bj turns 
Avvicendatolo, a. alternate, reciprocal 
Avvicendovoimènte, adv. by turns, alter- 
Avvicinaménto, em. approach, coming near 
Avvicinante, a. approaching, coming near 
Avvici nàn za, tf. V. Avvicinaménto 
Avvicinare, —àrsi, van. 4. to approach 
Avvicinato, -a, a. near, close 
Avvicinazióne, $f. V. Avvicinaménto 
Art ignaro, va. 4. to plant vinos 
Avvignato, -a, a. planted with vines 
Avviliménto, fin. abasement, humiliation 
Avvilire, va. 3. avvitare, i. to vilify, abase 
—irsi, vrf. to lose courage, despónd; s'av- 
vilisce alla minima disgràzia, the least 
misfortune dismays him 
Avvili tivo, -a, a. vilifying, debasing, deject- 
Avvilito; -a, a. humbled, dejected 
Avviluppaménto, em. entanglement, confu- 
Avviluppare, va. 4. to entangle, confuse, 
wrap up, involve; non voglio — alcuno 
sella mia disgràzia, I will not inveivo 
any one in my misfortune; —la Spagna, 
to disconcert, derange every thing; — 
frasche o viòle, to lie most impudently 
—àrsi, vrf. to get bewildered; — il cuòre, 

to be dismayed 
Avviluppatamente, adv. confusedly 
Avviluppalo, -a, a. entangled, wrapped up; 

all' —àia, adverb, heller skelter 
Aw il oppa tore, -trice, em/, cheat, shuffler 

Avviluppatola, e/, entanglement, knòttlne», 

Arvinaociàto, -a, a. V. Avvinazzato 
Avvinare, va. 4. to mix with wine 
Avvinato, -a, a. mixed with wine, drunk 
Avvinaxiaménto, am. tho getting tipsy, half- 

drunk, half seas over 
Avvinazzare, va. 4. to make one drink too 

much ; —àrsi, vrf. 4. to get tipsy, bffise 
Avvinazzato, -a, a. bilf drunk, half seas 

Avvincere, va. 9. irr. {pott, —inai, part. 

—into) to tie up; bind, listen 
Avvinchiàre, avvinghiare, va. 4. to tie, clasp 
—àrsi, —àrsi, vrf. to embrace one anòthor 
Avvinchiàto, avvinghiato, -a, a. intwlned 
Avvincigliare, va. %. to bind with twigs, 

Avvincolire, va. 4. to bind with a tie 
Avvinto, -a, a. tied, bound, twisted, fastened 
Avvìottolàre, va. 4. {ant.) to begin, set 

on foot 
Avvisàglia, tf. interview, parley, combat 
Avvitaménto, em. information, prudence 
Avvisare, va. 4. to advertise, advise 

— (avvertire), to warn 

— (riguardare), to look, observe 

— (mirare), to aim at, point 

— (instrulre), to instruct, teach 

— (pensare), vii. to think, to guess, imag- 

—àrsi, vrf. to foresee, perceive 

— (prepararsi), to prepare one's self 

— (rincontrare), to meet face to face 
Avvisatamente, adv. advisedly, cautiously, 

Avvisato, -a, a. advertised, well-advised; 
uòmo — mézzo salvato, prov. exp. fore- 
warned, forearmed 
Avvisatóre, -trice, smf. adviser, informer, 

busybody, valuer 

Avviso, em. advice, opinion, advertisement, 

news ; lèttera di —, letter of advice (to a 

banker, etc.); a mio — adv. exp. in my 

opinion; stare suiT— , to be upon one's 


Avvistare, va. 4. te examine, observe intently 

Avvistato, -a, a. sightly, pleasing the eye, 

striking to the view 
Avviticchiaménto, em. twisting, twist, knot 
Avviticchiare, va. 4. to in twine, twist, twine 
Avviticchiato, -a, a. twisted, intwlned 
Avviticciaménto, am. avviliceiare, tm. F» 

Avviticchiaménto, avviticchiare 
Avvilire, va. 3. to plant vines 
Avvitolàto, -a, a. tortuous, rough, knotty 
Avvivainénto, am. the enlivening, reviving 
Avvivare, va. 4. to brisk up, enliven, revive 
—àrsi, vrf. to recover strength, rekindle 
Avvivato, -a, a. revived, rekindled 
Awivatojo, am. burnisher (instrument used 

in gilding) 
Awivatóre, -trice, tmf. reviver, encouxager 
Avvizialo, va* 4. to make vicious 




— 99 — 


i^ air», -lie, v». 1. 3. to fade, glow 

». k red 

' uu% -a, a. faded, seared 
'" w«, to*, i. to follow tho law, to be 

?.i*»«l in a case* to plead 
'• 'irti, anecheria, */. (ant.) advocate's 


l- * tito, m. advocate, defènder; avvocata, 

i '' {Auoaess 

| imitar», -trice, am/, (ant.) defender, 

I rtectre» 
•fixator», #/. advocate's profession 
i <:uiÓDe, a/. V. Avvocatura 
" •telài», ta. 1. (ant.) to persuade, blind 
t -K .iaio, -a, a. (ant.) persuaded, blinded 
m udire, «a. 1. (out.) to plead, follow 

J :fitlòre, «m. procaritor-ftscal, solicitor 
«evirai, attorney general 
, ' 'cplirt, va. I. K. Avvoltolare 
l 'Oleate, «. winding abflH, rolling 
1 l^re.eo. t. to wrap round, bind, turn 
t '.ktni, vrf. to torn about, winder 
< « Uioéslo, am. turning round, twisting 
inflow, -trice, am/, twister, deceiver, 

v< ;<lare, to. i. to twist, roll up 
*•■• Lautamente, adv. (ant.) rashly, head- 

'.'untato, -a, a. (ant) rash, obstinate, 
•«Mroog (catch 

»"■! pacchiare, «a. 1. to cheat, beguile, 
wolpaàre, «a. i. to deceive, cheat, dope 
Mn!-.iB»tó,-a, a. deceived, cheated, doped 
*n,Uihii«, o. that my be twisted, wrap- 

pad Dp 
à^.ueckiirsi, vr/. I. to ramble, rove, 

t^oltare, ts. L to wrap op, bind, tie, 
tarn ratal 

A n* tab, avvòlto, -a, a. twisted, entangled 
Arx.nsebiare, va. t. to wrap (a thing) on 

ti*if; lo involve, to wrap op, to fold ap, 

tj i>iend or mingle together 
t ,r >iLo, -a, «. wrapped, wound, bound, 

f lied 
à utoìaiaaonte, adv. confusedly, io a 


*" ltwa,t/. perplexity, winding, confusion 
L ' »■», a/, agency office, management, 

'•: uccia, «/. scarry deed 

'u::ijta, azionario, am. shire-holder 

-'", </l action, deed, share, right; — 

a «trade ferrato, railway share; tórre 

- rtitread odo (law), to bring un action 

: &*u! ose, to sue one at liw 
1 • *», adverb, roviagly, ràmblingly, in 

« t*agiag, sauntering manner 
'' *, m. (dheus.) azote (nitrogen) 
ls *> «/. ads, battle-axe 
f4*,**. (WW.) shrimp (small craw-fish) 
****»©, -a, a. famished with cUws, 

Azzannamene, am. snap, catch; bite, seiz- 
ing with the teeth 
Azzannare, va. 1. to seize with the teeth, 

catch, snap 
Azzannato, -a, a. caught with the teeth, 

Azzardare, va. !. to hizari, ventare, risk 
Azzardo, em. hazard, risk, dinger, trial 
Azzardóso, -a, a. hazardous, dingerons, bold 
Aszeccire, va. i. to hit, hit the nail on tho 

Azzerndla, lazzcruòla, a/, (agr.) crab-apple 
Azzernólo, tin. (agr.) crab-àpple- tree 
Azzicire, «a. 1. iant.) to stir, shike, remove 
—irsi, vrf. to bustle, be bnsy, stir 
Azzieatore, -trice, em/, (ant) bustler, stir- 
rer, fritter 
àx ileo, tin. act 
izzigo, -a, a. (anat.) izygos 
Animare, va. 1. to adorn, deck, set off; 

—irsi, vrf. to adorn one's self, paint 
Azzinilo, -a, a. adorned, decked, set oil 
Assimélla, a/, unleavened bread 
Azzimfna, a/, coat of mail, cuirass 
àzzimo, -a, a. unleavened, unformènted 
Azzimulto, am. (aetr.) azimuth 
Azziróne, am. large spido 
Azzittarsi, -irsi, vrf. (azzitlfsco, -isci, 
—Iseo, — iscono) to stop, breik off, be 
AszoUire, va. I. to pelt, kill with clods 
Azzonzire, tm. 1. to rove, winder, roam 
Azzoppire, vis. 1. to limp, hilt, go lame, 

Azzoppito, -a, a. lame, hobbling, crippled 
Azzoppire, vn. to become lame, crippled 
Azzuffamento, am. strife, quirrel, scrape 
Aszuffire, va. 1. to set against; —irsi, vrf. 

to fight, còme to blows 
Azzuffatole, -trice, em/, quarreler, wrangler 
Azzufffno, am. bailiff, sirjeant 
Azzuòlo, em. dirk blue, deep blue 
Azzurrare, va. 1. to izore, colour blue 
Azzurrato, -a, a. izared, coloured blue 
Aszarreggiire, tm. to be bluish 
Azzurriccio, azzurrigno, -a j a. sky-còlored, 
Azzurrino, azzurrognolo, -a | blue-azure 
Azzurro, am. azure, ultramarine (color) 


B, am. (second Utter of the alphabet) b 
Babbiccio, babbaecióne, am. fool, dolt, 
Babbagigi, em. sort of rush (dunce 

Babball; alia —, adverb, (vulg) inconside- 
rately, blunderingly 
Babbile; alia —, adverb, {vulg.) carelessly; 

coarsely, clumsily 
Bàbbèo, babbióne, em. blockhead, dolt 
Bibbo, em. papi, dad (for father) 
Babborivéggoli; andare a —, to go to one's 

last home, to depirt this life 
Babbnaaaiggine, a/, stupidity, absurdity 



— 100 — 


Babbniato, •*• a. foolish, filly; stupid, 

Babbùccia, a/. papóoch; Turkish slipper 
Babbuino, %f. (tool.) baboon, monkey; ùgly 
Babbosco, -a, a. till and big (man 

Babélle, Babèle, $/. Bàbel 
Babilònia, #/. confusion, disorder, Bàbel ; 

una véra — , a regalar Babel 
Babórdo, fin. (mar.) larboard 
Baeàccio, em. dead silk-worm 
Bacajo, am. owner, proprietor of a silk-worm 

nursery, one who rears si Ik- worms 
Bacalare, am. (iron.) great doctor, great 

fiacalerfa, a/, bachelorship; vanity, conceit 
Bacaménto, am. maggotiaess; the being 

wórméaten, sickly 
Bacare, tm. to be wòrm-éaUn , full of 

Bacarono, em. small-worm, grab 
Baccaticcio, bacato, -a, a. worm-eaten, 
Bacca, «/. (tot) berry (sickly 

fiaccali, baccalare, am. stock -fish, dried 


ISS™ j «■■ bicht,or of •*• « ridni,e 

Baccalaureato, Jm. baccalaureate, the de- 
gree of bachelor of Iris 
Baccanale, am. drunken feast, bacchanals 
Baccanirio, -a, a. bacchanal, bacchanalian 
Baccanèlla, «/. ròHt, mob, tumultuous as- 
Baccanéllo, am. little bustle, noise, uproar 
Baccano, tm. great noise, uproar, tumult 
Baccante, tm/. bacchant, bacchante, priest, 

priestess of Bacchus 
Baccara, if. (bot.) fòxglore 
Bàccaro, tm. (bot.) blue bottle, foxglove 
Baccito, -a, a. drùnk, furious, raging 
Bàcce, tfp; aver le — , to bustle, be very 

Baccèlla, a/, pod, husk; (fig.) simple, silly 

Baccelliccio, m, big pod, hull; (fig.) great 

Baccellajo, am. podder, gatherer of pods 
Baccelleria, a/, bachelor's degree 
Baccellélto, em. small pod, oral edge 
Baccellière, baccelliéro, tm. bachelor of 

Baccellina, a/, (bot.) deer's broom, deer's 

weed, gréen-wéed 
Baccellino, -a, a. producing pods 
Baccèllo, tm. pod, hùsk, hull, shell 
Baccellóne, tm. hull; great dunce, bldckead 
Baccelloneria, a/, duncery; foolish thing, 

stupid thing 
Baccellonicaménte, adv. like a dunce 
Baccheggiare, tm. to riot, racket, play the 

Baccherà, a/, (bot.) foxglove, blue-bottle 
Bacchétta, «/. rod:, stick; — da fucile, 
ràmrod; — di tamburo, drumstick; (paint' 
ing) rest-stick, resting-sUck; — divinato- 

ria, divining wind; — magica, conjuring 

wind; comandare a —, to rule with a 

tight hand 
Bacchettare, va. I. (mil.) to flog through 

the line 
Bacchettata, a/, stroke with a switch, rod 
Bacchetlina, */. small switch; — fatata, 

fairy wind; non ho mica la — fatata, I 

am no conjurer, I hive no fairy wand 
Bacchettino, tm. V. Bacchetlina 
Bacchétto, tm. little Bacchus 
Bacchettona, tf. bigoted woman, female 

devotee, hypocrite 

SSKSS^ «»* *»«*• 

Bacchettóne, tm. bigot, hypocrite, devotee 
Bacchettoneria, a/. ) bigotry, hypocrisy, 
fiacchellonismo, em. > superstitions de- 
Bacchettona, a/, small switch, rod, alick 
Bacchévole, a. noting, playing the bac- 
Bacchiare, va. I. to knock down with a 

stick | 

Bacchiata, tf. blow with a stick, cudgelling 
Bàcchico, -a, a. of Bacchus, jovial, drunkei 
Bacchifero, -a, a. bacciferous, ^berry-bear 

ing j 

Bacchinone, tm. simpleton, bóoby, ninny 

Bacchio, tm. pole, staff, cudgel; faro al 

to act at random 
Bieco, am. Bacchus; (poet.) wine 
Bachèca, «/. gliss-case; fine man in appeal 

Bacherozzo, bacheròzzolo, baecheréllo, an 

smill worm, grub 
Bacherózsola, tf. (boi.) sort of liver-wort 
Bachiéra, tf. silk-worm nursery j 

Bachiócco, tm. dòli, ninny, dance, blocl 

Baciabasso, tm. bów cap in hand, rèvereuj 
Baciamino, tm. respect, service» compi 

Baciamente, tm. kissing, salute, kiss 
Baciinne, (pott.)\ (1. pert. plur. imperii 

ive of baciare), lot us kiss one aoèthea 
Badante, a. kissing, fond of kiaeing 
Baciapile, bacia -pólvere, sto. hypocrì 

Baciare, va. 1. to kifs, salute, touch wi 

the lips; — la scópa, (vulg.) lo bear, ha 

patience; — il chiavistèllo, to dep; 

hopeless of return 
Baciare, tin. to kiss, salute with the li 

buss; —arsi, vrf. to kiss one another 

exchange kisses 
Baciasanti, am. devotee, bigot 
Bacicchlare, va. i. P. Baciucc&re 
Bacicci, tm. (bot.) glass- wort; ail I- wort 
Baciatola, a. kissed, saluted writh the ] 
Baciatóre, -trice, tmf. kisser, one fond 

Baciguo, $m. kiss, salute 





— 101 


Pufl*, bacino, ant. basin, wish-hand baein I 
Emulila, bacinétta, tf. small bisin 
Bi -nello, m. hot mot, casket 
Icilio, m. baein, wish-hand bisin; (mar.) 
ioci, drj-dock 

'^'io, m. kiss, salate; north aspect 
ucetócee, sui. simpleton, dolt, blockhead 
i-iòuo, ni. hearty kiss, loving kiss 
kcwecire, cacciucchi ire., «a. i. to kiss 
rapidly and repeatedly, to be always kiss- 
ing aad billing 
(inocchio, mi. Y. Badacelo 
diàccio, am, little kiss 
bta>, m. silk worm, worm, maggot, mite; 
'wj/\) passage-boat, ferry-boat, nona- 
boat; avere i bachi, to bo sad, dejected, 
('taay; arerò il — in no a còsa» to bave 
i fancy for a thing; ha il — con tal, he 
einoot bear (suffer) him 
fcefeeo, tu. apricot, K Albicòcco 
' i-olfno, is. small worm, gTub 
**eolo, em. (jsoel.) staff, wilkiog-stick , 

Biologia, tf. treatise on sii k- worms 
Zi'olàgico, -a, a. of silk-worms 
Par ècco, as*, hood, capaehiD, cowl 
^keela, i/. (bot.) wild filbert, hizel-nut 
i'iJa, inter. tike care! stare a —, to stand 
Rifling; Unire a—, to amuse bj promises, 
k A «p at bay 
Frigio, am. beguiling look, fond glance 
t'i'iifebJo, ba4»l<sehio, V. Basilisco 
Baloccare, ris. 1. to lounge, lose one's 

ViHna, #/. plbmp, fat, beirty woman 
M-ìóse, asm. great idler, trifler; Urge flg 
tisialoceare, vn. i. to skirmish, dally, lounge 
- , m. skirmishing, diversion 
iValneeaJóre, -trice, tmf. skirmisher, Idler, 

i blòcco, aw», skirmish, pastime; stara a 

— , to Mie ono'a time 
Piatito, an», delay, postponing 
Li art, pa. i. to trifle one's time, stay, 

• "u#r 

-. to. to mind, observe, take care of, Ógle; 
*adiu a* fatti vòstri, mind yonr own 

• 'la, s/. filly conceited woman 
i-nta, a/, (mar.) plat 

«la, #/. abbaca, head of a nunnery 
-!-*,•/. abbey, monastery, nbnnery; casa 
•ia. casa snf a I per piccina che tn sia, tn 
".' tamari ana — , pro*, exp. home is 
tn*, bo It ever so little 
'vi*, «. (bstrl.) easy, commodious, large, 
**;!*; erróre —, great blunder 
;iiir«, im. to yawn, F. Sbadigliare 
e. sia. pick- aie, mittoek 
m. am. F. Spallièra 

• ma, a/, staili abbey, nbnnery 
•*,•/. F. Boria 

-'-* di bwCa hi —, adverb, worse and worse; 
•*i che vioo di ruffa in raffa se no va di 

buffa in —, pro*, exp. Ill-gotten goods 

Uerer prosper 
Baffi, tmp. mastiche*, muslichloes 
Baffo, svi. (generally «ted in the plural) 

mustache, mustlcbio 
Baffuto, a. mustachioed, having musUchioes 
Biga, a/. V. Giovilo 
BagigHa, tf. bag àgile, /j>. bagàglio, am. 

Bagagidle, bagagliccolo, sfp. small big- 

Bagagllòne, am. soldier's boy, blackguard 
Bagagliume, em. frail quantity of baggage 
bigaro, b*f hero, am. V. BagatUno 
Bagascia, tf. worthless woman, strumpet, 

Bagascio, bagascióne, am. whoremonger, 

Bagattèlla, «/. juggler's trick, trifle, bauble 
Bagattelliére, a». joggler, buffoon, trifler 
Qagattellóceia, a/, mere trifle 
Etagatlioo, tin, farthing 
Baggéa, tf. stópid, silly woman 
Baggéo, tin. simpleton 
Baggianicelo, tin. great blockhead, nam- 

Baggianata a/, silly act, word, or thing 
Baggiane, tfp. court-promises, fair words 
Baggianerfa, tf. silly thing, foolish speech 
Baggiano, tm. dunree, doit 
Baggfolare, va. 1. to lean, prop, support, 

Bàggiolo, am. prop, support stiy 
Bàghero, tin. farthing (an old Venetian 

Bagiina, tf. béans just shelled, joke, banter 
Bigio, tm. kiss, salate, V. bàcio 
Bagióla, tf. (bot.) myrtle-berry 
Bagnucchiare, va* i. to moisten, wet a 

Biglia, tf. large sea-tub, bucket 
Baglióre, tm. dazzling light, flash of light 
Bagnajuólo, am. bath-keeper, dipper, bather 
fiagnaménto, tm. bathing, sprinkling, wet- 
Bagnante, a. moistening, welting, bithing; 

tmf. bitber 
Bagnare, va. i. to moisten, wet, damp 
—irsi, vrf. to bathe, go Into the water 
Bagnito, -a, a. wet, moistened, washed; 

parére un pulcin —, to bo crest-fallen 
Bagnatóro, -trice, tmf. bitber, swimmer 
Bagnatura, tf. bithing, season for bitblng 
Bigno, tm. bith, bathing-tab, cistern, tank; 

bagm (convict-prison) 

— d'acqua fredda, tm. cóld-bilh 

— d'aequa calda, tm. hot- bith 

— maria, bagno marie, tm. balneom-maria; 
stabiliménto di bigni, bithing establish- 

Bigola, tf. (bot.) berry of the lole-trée 
Bagnuòlo, am. small bath, fomentation, 

Bagordiro, tm. 1. to rével, féast; tilt, johst 




— 102 — 




Bagórdo, tm. revelry, riot; pike, linee 
Bai; né ai né — , nothing; l'ha fatto sèma 
dire né ai né — , he has done it without 
saying anything 
Baila, t/. V. Bàlia 

Bailamme, am. great noise, tùmnlt, uproar; 
senti, che — chV fanno, bear! whit an 
uproar they are making 
Baili*, a/. V. Balta 
Bailire, va. V. Balfre 
Bailo, tm. city magistrate 
Bairam, tm. Biiram (Mahommedan fès tirai); 

tumult, uproar 
Baire, vis. 3. to grow pale, he confused, V. 

Bàja, •/. joke, derision, banter; bay, road- 
stead; Tolér la —, te sport, joke, rally ; 
dar la —, to linph at, mock 
Braccia, $f. great flam, story, trick, joke 
Bajànte; tra — e Ferrante, between two 

Bajardino; fire il —, to swagger, boast 
Bajire, tm. i. to bark, clamor at 
Bajita, */. joke, derision, raillery, ridicole 
Bàje; far le —, to sport, frolic, lop, to play 

the wag 
Bajétta, •/. bdmbasin, baite, cove, small 

Bajo, a. bay, chèsnut-coìor 
Bajócco, tm. papal penny 
Bajóso, «a, a. facetious, jocose, waggish 
Bajoniccio, bajóne, tm. great joker, bin- 

Bajonétta, a/, biyonel; caricare alla — , 
(mil.) to charge with the biyonet ; prèn- 
der (d* assalto) alla —, to carry at the 
point of the biyonet ; piantare in canna 
la —, to fix bayonets; — in cannai fix 
biyonels 1 
Bajùca, bajùcca, baiùccola, t/. trifle, bauble 
Bijnlo, tm. V. Facchino 
Bajoóla, bajéixa, tf. frivolous thing, gewgaw 
Salassa, V. Bardicca 

Balaùsta, balaùstra, */. {hot.) I flower of 
Balaùste, tm. ( hot.) \ the wild 

Balanstrita, «/. balustrade 
Balaùstro, tm. (arch.) baluster, banister 
Balbeggiire, tm. i. V. Balbettare 
Balbettante, tmf, stammerer, stutterer 
Balbettare, bai betti care, tm. 1. to stammer, 
stutter, spéak confusedly; (o/ children) 
to lisp (speak imperfectly); — on a scasa, 
to stammer tfut an apology 
Balbettare, balbutire, va. i. to stammer 
Bilbo, -a, a. tongue-tied, stammering 
Bai bo tire, balbutire, en. 3. to stammer, 

Balbùzie, t/. stammering, stotter 
Bai bollènte, a. stammering, stuttering 
Balbuiióne, tf. V. Balbùzie 
Bilco, tm. (ant.) V. Palco 
Balconata, if. small railed gallery 
Balcóne, tm. bilcony 

Baldacchino, tm. canopy; canopy of state 

Baldamente, adv. boldly, courageously 

Baldinta, a/, bóldnessjnirdihood 

Baldanseggiire, vn. i. to lead a merry 

Baldanzosamente, adv. in a bnld manner 

Baldansosetto, -a, a somewhat proud, bold I 

Baldanzóso, -a, a. bold, hinghty, coura- 

Baldetia, a/, baldiménto, (ant.) tm. bold- 
ness, courage 

Baldo, -a, a. bold, courageous, haughty 

BaldÓre, tm. (ant.) boldness, assurance 

Baldòria, a/, wild-fire, bonfire, feasting; fire 
—, to live sumptuously, riot 

Baldovino, tm* (ant) ass, donkey 

Baldricea, «/. harlot, woman of pleasure 

Balduino, -a, a. asinine 

Baléna, (tool.) */. while; (ottr.) ealut; osso 
di — ,whale-bóne; pésca della —, while- 

Balenaménto, tm. lightning, flash, bilie 

Balenire, tm. 1. lighten, stagger, reel 

Balenière, tm. whaler (fisherman) ; whaler, 

Baleniero, -a, a. of a whaler ; battèllo —, 
nive balenièra, whaler's boat, whale-ship, 

Baléno, tm. flash of lightning; in un —, 
adverb, in a trice, Instantly 

Balenilo, -a, a. abounding with whales 

Baléstra, a/. cross-b.ów, arbaliet 

Balestrilo, tm. bówman, ircher 

Balestrare, van. i. to shoot, dirt, vex 

Balestrila, «/. bów-shot, diatanoo of a bow- 

Balestrato re, -tricè, balealriére, —Ara, tm/. 
bowman, ircher, aroherees 

Balestrarla, a* company of archerà, bow- 

Balestriera, a/, (fort.) birbacan, loop-hole, 

Balestrfglia, if. Initramont for taking sound- 
ings at séa 

Balestro, tm. cross-bow, irbaliat; andare sul 
— , to go on spindle shanks 

Balestròoe, a. Urge cross-bow 

Balestrùccio, tm. <om.) king's-flsher, (arts] 
bów; aver le gambe a —, to be bandy 

Balia, a/, wot-nùrse, nurse; èssere a —, to 
be oat at nurse 

Balta, if. power, authority, command; esse 
re di sua —, to bo one *a own master 
dirsi in — ai piacéri, to give one's sèi 
ùp to pleasure 

Ballacela, «/. bid wret nurse 

Baliiggio, tm. baili wic 

Baliàtico, tm. nhrae 'a wig et, expense o 

Ballilo, tm. office, duration or a bailiff 

Balio, tm. foster-father; bailiff, magistrali 
Balióso, -a, a. p^werfhl 



— 103 — 


Balire, ea. 3. to suckle, rear dp, educale, 

févcro, role, command, handle, wield 
Balista, ballista, em. ballista, engine to 

east stones 
Balistica, a/, ballistics 
Balivo, «m. biilif, inferior judge, city-mag- 
Bills, tf. bale, pack; essere di — eon Ado, 
to agree with one underhand; andare di 
-, métterti di —, to carry underhand 
Ballàbile, a. soiled to dancing; tm. ballet 
Ballacela, a/, large ill made bale, hoary 

Ballaeòcea, a/, (oof.) ipricot 
Ballaeòeeo, a», (oof.) apricot-tree 
Ball adóre, am. (mar.) deck of a ship 
Biliare, wens. I. to dance, shake, bé un- 
steady; far — 1 dènti, to éat; — in pellic- 
cia, to do something iwkwardy ; — se- 
condo il vèrso e il suòno, to be a time- 
tèrree; — tutti a on suòno, to be all of 
ose accord; — io campo asiòrro, — nel 
paretajo di Nemi, to dance upon nothing; 
— sansa suòno, to do -something of one's 
owe accord; snòna por che io ballo, prov. 
cip. you begin, and I will follow 
Ballata, a/, bàllad; dancing-song, dance; tal 
sonila anal —, prov. tmp. like for like, 
tit for Utj guidar la —, to command, 
Ballatoio, a», gallery, flat-roof, platform 
Eil latore, -trice, at*/, dancer 
Balle; far le —, to pack off, decimp;a —, 

ad», exf. in plenty, in great quantity 
Balleria, tf. (ant) dancing, art of dancing 
Ballerina, «/. dancing girl, dancer; female 

Ballerino, em. òpera dancer; pirtner 
Ballerònsolo, am. skippiog, jumping about, 

little dance 
Balletta, «/. amili bale (terlode 

Ballétto, am. ballet, dramatic dance, in- 
fililo, awe. ball, dance, assembly of dancers; 
eatràr in — $ to undertake (a thing); 
oicir di — , to finish (a thing) 
Billònenio, em. country-dinee, round dance 
Bailòno, «m. large bale 
ta.looxire I vn. 1. to dance without òr- 
liltentolare ( der, skip, jump about 
foilònsolo, am. silly dince 
flotta, tf. boiled chestnut; rote, shffrage 
BalloUaaiéBto, tm. V. Ballottazióne 
{-allettare, va. 1. to tòte, ballot, toss, 

Ci iatuxiòtte, a/, ballo litio n, voting 
fciUòUo, tm. boiled chestnut 
Vacàbile, a. it for bathing 
kalneàrio, a. balneal; stabiliménto —, batti- 
la* establishment 
:*! -àrdo, am. bulwark, rim part, bastion 
biieenejiitte, a/, trifles, silliness, nonsense 
sboccaménto, am. amusement, diversion, 

Baloccare, van. I. to amuse, gape about 
Balloccatòre, -trice, am/, trifler, amuser, 

fialoccheria, tf. foolishness, absurdity 
Balòcco, am. booby, simpleton, ninny; top 
Baloccóne, em. great booby, numsknll 
— adv. foolishly, without thought 
Balògia, tf. boiled chestnut; Tòte, suffrago 
Balògio, -a, a. silly, foolish, weak 
Balordacrio, em. thickskull, dolt, simpleton 
Balordaggine, balorderia, if. stupidity 
Balordamente, adv. foolishly, stupidly 
Balórdo, tm. loggerhead, blockhead, down 
Balsàmico, -a, a. balsamic, mitigating 
Balsamina, a/. (6of.) balsam (annual plant) 
Balsamino, am. (bof.)bilsam, balsam apple 
Bilsame, balsamo, an. balm, ointment 
Balsimàre, va. i. to embalm 
Balta, a/, downward push, upset; dire la —, 
to upset, overthrow, overturn; jig. to 
waste, squinder 
Bilteo, em, bolt, baldric* 
Baluardo, tm. bulwark, rampart, bastion 
Baluginire, vn. i. to be short-sighted, una- 
ble to see far 
Balosinte, a. short-sigh led, unible to see 

Bàlia, */. rock, cliff, precipice, valance 
Balia n a, a/, fringe, furbelow 
Balzino, -a, a. while-spotted, giddy-headed 
Balsinte, a. bouncing, leaping 
Ballare, vn. i. to bound, leap skip, jump, 
jolt; vi balio la pilla in mino, you had 
the bill at your own foot 
Balia tore, -trice, tmf. jumper, léa por 
Balieggiare, va. i. to càuse to bound, leap, 

jump, rebound 
Bai sellare, va. I. to skip, leap, bound 

lightly; to overburden with tixes 
Saltellilo, -a, a. overburdened with taxes 
Balzèllo, tm. additional lax, subsidy 
Balxelloni, adv. in jumping, frisking, skip- 
ping; andir —, lo movo by skips 
Ballétto, tm. small bound, leap 
Bàlio, tm. bound, leap, jump, rebound 
Bambagéllo, tm. piint, rouge 
Bambàgia, «/. bambàgio, tm. còlton; tenére 

nella —, to pamper 
Bambagino, tm. dimity, fine cotton cloth 
Bambagióso, -a, a. soft as cotton 
Bambinàggine, bambineria, a/, childishness 
Bambinello, bamberòttolo, tm. little child 
Bambinésco, -a, a. childish, V. Puerile 
Bambino, -a, tmf. littlo boy, little girl, bàbe 
Bimbo, -a, a. simple, foolish, stòpid, dull 
Bambocccria, tf. childishness, child T s ac- 
Bambocciata, tf. babyish Ihing; (painting) 

picture of rustic low life 
Bambòccio I tm. baby, little child, sim- 
Bambòcciolo ( pleton, puppet 
Bamboccióne, tm. big, fit child 
Bimbola, a/, doll, puppet, looking-glass 
Bamboleggiaménto, tm. childish action 



— 104 — 



Bamboleggiare, vn. i. to act like a child 
Bamboleggiatóre, -trice, tmf. childish per- 
Bambolinàggine, tf. childishness, puerility 
Bambolino, -a, tmf. little bo^, girl, dirling 
Bamboliti; {ant.) —àte, —ade, «/. childish 

Bambolo, tm. babe, baby, infant 
Bambolone, tm. big, fat child, line child 
Bambù, sin. {hot.) bamboo, Indian cane 
Banca, tf. bank; soldiers' pay-office, V. 
Banco; scrivere nno alia —, to enlist one 
(as soldier); passare la —, to receive one's 
piy (of $oldier$); mandare gotto — nna 
còsa, not' to care for a thing; starsi bello 
in —, to sit comfortably 
Bancàrio, -a, a. of the bank, piyable at 

the bank 
Bancaròtta, a/, bankruptcy; far —, to become 

a bankrupt 
Bancate, -a, a. with benches 
Banchettacelo, tm. bad bench; low, Tùlgar 

Banchettare, va. i. to give a feast, enter- 
Banchétto, am. small bench, banquet, feast; 

fare —, to banquet, feast 
Banchière, -o, am. banker, cambist 
Banchina, a/, small bench; causeway; foot- 
Banco, am. bench, form, bank, cólta ter; — 
d'aréna, sand-bank; — di ghiàccio, a field 
of ice; ròba di sótto il —, choice goods, 
choice things; e'paga come nn —, he pays 
most punctually; far —, métter —, aprir 
—, to set up as a banker 
Banconeéllo, am. «mill bank, óak-plank 
Bancóne, m. great bench, plank 
Binda, tf. side, band, company, troop, 
gang; — di sottovènto (mar.), lée-sìde; 

— di sopravvènto, weather side ; bande 
della nave, sides, beams of a ship; binde 
della stiva, wings of the hóld; méttere da 
—, to pùt aside, reserve; andire alia —, 
to go to rnin; passare da — a —, to ran 
through; da —, adv. txp. aside, apart, bf 

Bandito, -a, a, girt, bdund 

Bandeggiire, va. 1. to banish, exile, drive 

Bandeggiito, -a, a. exiled, banished 
Bandèlla, #/. iron-w&rk, hinder of a dóor 
Banderàjo, tm. ensign bearer; church dress 

Banderése, tm. knight banneret 
Banderuòla, a/, bàadrol, wèather-cock, vane 
Bandièra, «/. banner, ensign, flag, colors 

far la —, to cabbage (of tailors) ; — di 

póppa, {mar.) ensign; — di pròra, jack; 

— di pice, flag of truce ; fare — di ri- 
catto, V. ricattarsi ; portir la —, to be 
the ensfgn-beàrer, to be foremost; voltar 
—, to chinge one's mind, to desert one's 
party; a — spiegata, with flying colours; 
a —, adv. exp. bf chance, heedlessly 

Bandinèlla, t/. lovfel, bed-curtain 

Bandini, tmj>. stanchions 

Bandire, uà. 3. to proclaim ; publish, cry, 

Bandita, a/, proclamation, privileged place 
Bandito, am. exile, outlaw, bandit, assassin 
— ,-a, a. exiled, proscribed, outlawed; tener 

córte —, to keep open house 
Banditóre, tm. public crier 
Bando, am. ban,, proclamation, banishment; 

-*- di tèsta, reward for arresting; tear dl -, 

to recall from exile 
Bandolièra, a/, shoulder-belt, bandolier 
Bàndolo, tm. head of the skéin; ritrovare il 

—, to find the way 
Bandóne, tm. large metal plate 
Ban dóno, tm. (ant.) abandonment, forsaking 
Baniàni, imp. Banians (Indian idolaters) 
Bàno, em. governor In Croatia, Wallachia, 

Bio, tm. (mar.) beam ; — maestro, mid- 
ship beam 
Bio Bào; fare il —, (low Tuscan) to boot 

after (a mask) 
Bara, tf. blér, coffin, litter; aver la bócca 

sulla —, to have one foot in the grave, 

bo old or infirm 
Barabuffa, «/. racket, riot, noise, fray, quarrel 
Baracàne, tm. barracan, strong thick camlet 
Baracca, a/, barrack, shed, hut ; la — dei 

burattini, the puppet-show 
Baraccarne, tm. kind of ribbed or figured 

Baraccare, va. i. to build barraci», quarter 
Baracchiére, tm. sutler, provider 
Baraccuzxa, tf. small barrack, tbed 
Baraónda, a/, bàbel, con fasto n, disorder 
Barare, tm. 1. to cheat, dùpe, orerréach 
Bararia, a/, fraud, deceit, rogue's trick 
Bàratro, barato, tm. ab^ss, bell, pit 
Baratta, «/. {ant.) contention, contrast 
Barattaménto, sm. exchange, truck, barter 
Barattare, va. 1. to exchange, barter, cheat; 

—àrsi d'opinióne, di gusto, to change 

one's opinion, taste ; —irsele, to fill to 

Barattato, -a, a. bartered, cheated 
Barattatóre, -trice, tmf. bàrterer, exchanger, 

Barattasene, tf. barter, truck 
Barali erta, a/, bartering, cheating 
Barattière, -ò, -a, tmf. bàrterer, cheat 
Baratto, tm. truck, exchange, cheat 
Baràttola, tf. (oris.) sort of witer-fowl 
Baràttolo, tm. inerii cioè pot 
fiàrha, tm. (ant.) ancle, (Lombard word) 
— a/, beard, root, origin, spring; avere la 

—, to be old news; farsi U —, to shive; 

fare - di stóppa, to play a trick; alia — 

di, adv. exp. in spite of 
Barbabiètola, a/, beet-root, beetrave 
Barbacane, tm. (fort.) birbacan: aqueduct, 

còndnit M 

Barbaccia, a/, égly beard, shaggy beard 



— 105 — 


Barbaehéppo, tm. simpleton, blockhead 
Barbagia, sf. rolbptuous place, stews 
Barbagianni, tm. {om.) owl; stépid man 
Barbagraaia, tf. (burl.) particular faror; 
aiére io — , to take (it) at a great faror 
Barbàglio, tm. dizziness, dimness, winder 
Barbalàccbio, sm. numskull, ninny, fool 
Barbaodròcco, sm. slftptd fellow, fool, silly 
Barbino, am. (ant) unele, V. Zio (man 
Barbaramente, ado. barbarously 
Barbarésco, -a, a. of Birbary 
Barbarico, -a, a, barbarous, sirage 
Barbarie, tf. barbarity, cruelty, inhuman- 

Barbarismo, sm. barbarism, imparo speech 
Barbarità, sf. barbarity, barbarism, impur- 
ity of speech 
Barbarizzare, «a. 1. to barbarize, 7. Bar- 
Barbarla a Ano, va. 1. to play one a trick 
Barbaro (barbero), -a, a. barbarous, cruel ; 
- t. barbarian; le ealita dei barbari, the 
Isroods of barbarians; fuòri i bàrbari! ènt 
viu barbarians t 
Barbaròssa, tf. kind of grapes; sort of vine 
Barbassòro, aw», wiseacre V. Bacalare 
Barbila, a/, roots, small roots 
Barbatèlla, tf. lirer, sprig, shoot, twig 
Barbitieo, am. (on*.) taking root, foun- 
Barbato, -a, a. rooted, iarèterate, bearded 
Barbazzale, tin. curb, restraint, check; 
parlare sènza — , to speak fréely; non 
portare il — , to be one's own master, to 
be lorded ora\r by no man 
Barberare, vn. I. to whirl abdttt, turn rtànd 
Barbarésco, awa. groom of the barbs, barb 
Barbero, J», barb, birbary horse 
Barbétta, tf. little beard; (icht.) barbel; 
«alii riots; fétlock; drag; barbe; birbet 
BarbetUao, sm. Tory {ichtS small Mr bel, 

Barbicija, sf. réoly stnmp (of a tree) 
Barbicaméato, sm. taking root, radicilion 
Barbicare, vn. I. to take root, strike far 

Barbicato, -a, a. rooted, inveterate, deep 
Barbicatone, a/, a striking or taking root; 

rioted aess 
Darbicélla, barbiccìnòla / ., . m ,„ i. 
Birbicina, barbicola { * ,mU1 ròoi 
Barbico, tf. {ant.) ewe, (female) sheep, V. 

Barbicane, hi. m |i D roo t 

Harbiéra, */. barber's wife, sharer 
Barbieraeeio, am. piltry blrber 
Barbière, am. barber, sharer, hair-dresser 
Barbieria, birberia, tf. barber's shop 
Barbificare,**. 1. (barbifico, - {fichi, -iflca) 
to spread and mbiliplf its roots (of a 
Bvbigi, t«tp. whiskers, mustaches 
Barbino, tm, miser, pinch-penny, grey- 

Bàrbio, birbo, am. (icht.) barbel, (fish 

found in rirers) 
Barbdcchio, am. (ùgr.) shoot, sucker of reed 
Barbògio, a. doling, in second childhood; 

tm. old dòtard 
Barbóne, tin. gray béard, dotard; water- 
Barbétta, a/, sort of old light galley 
Barbottire, tm. i. to make a noise like that 

of boiling water 
fiarbòxsa, tf. chin-band, còrer, horse's un- 
der jiw 
Barbaccia, sf. thin béard, V, Barbioélla 
Barbuecfnu, a. thin-bearded 
Barbugliaménto, tm. stutter, eon fused speech 
Barbugliare, va. i. to stutter, stammer 
Barbata, tf. helmet, casque; helmed soldier 
Barbuto, -a, a. bearded, grown np, rooted 
Barca, sf. bark, boat, ferry-boat 
Barcàccia, tf. old barge, large ugly boat, 

Barcaiuòlo, barcaròlo, barcaiuòlo, tm. boat- 
man, bargeman, waterman 
Barcaròla, tf. (matt.) barcarolle (boat-song) 
Barcata, sf. boat-load, boat-full 
Barcheggiare, va. to steer the boat, barge; 
to be at the helm; (Jig.) to manage one's 
affairs well 
Barcheréceio, tm. (mar.) boating 
Barcheréggio, tm. number of boats together 
Barchetta, barchettina, tf. I small bòat,skiff, 
Barchettino, barehé I whèrry 
Barchiao, tm. little boat 
Bàroo, sm. park, V. Pareo 
Barcollamento, tm. balancing, tottering 
Barcollante, a. tottering, watering, reclin- 
Barcollare, va. i. to warer, reel, stagger; 

(mar.) to pitch, roll, beare 
Barcollòne, adv. in staggering, reeling 
Barcóne, tm. large boat, birge, transport 
Barda, tf. horse steel-armor, caparison 
Bardicca, ♦/. earthen porous ressel (used in 
Egypt) for cooling water (by exposing it to 
the north wind) 
Bardamentàre, va. 1. to caparison, harness 
Bardamentito, bardato, -a, a. caparisoned 
Bardana, sf. (tot.) burdoc (medicinal plant) 
Bardare, va. I. Bardamentàre 
Bardassa, tm. bardish, whoremonger, sàucy 

boy, impertinent urchin 
Bardassoniccio, sm. most saucy, impertinent 

Arc bin 
Bardasjòne, tm. great urchin, most impu- 
dent boy 
Bardatura, bardaménto, tfm. horse-trap- 
Bardèlla, tf. pack- saddle, pànnel 
Bard el lare, va. to put on the pick-saddle 
Barzellétta, tf. small pick-saddle, pànnel 
Bardellòne, sm. soft saddle (to break in 

Bàrdico, -a, a. birdie, birdish, pertaining 
to birds or their poetry 

x -J 



— 106 — 


Nsrdlglio, *m. K. Bargiglio 
Bardo, tin. bird, poet and tinger among the 
ancient Celts; Bardi, amp. bird», poets, 
priests (of the Gauls) 
Bardocucullo, itn. sort of cloak with a hood 

-worn by Birds 
bardòsso; a — , adverb, without saddle, bare 
backed ; avere on' arte, ona sciénta a —, 
to hive a smattering, confused knowledge 
of an art or science 
Bardòtto, fm. small mòle, drf ter's mule; 

passar per — , to còme oft* scot-free 
Bareggiire, va. 1. V, Barare 
Barèlla, if. hand-barrow, litter, pórUble 

Barellare, va. 1. to carry on a litter, hand- 
Bararla, if. fraud, roguish trick, V. Ba- 
Bargagoire, va. 1. (ani.) to negotiate, treat, 

bargain; to civil 
Bargèllo, am. police ciplain, sheriff; dar nel 

— , to meet with a bad accident 
Bargia, if. dew-lap (of oxen) 
Bargiglio, im. (min.) bard bluish stone 
Bargigli, smp. > gills, flaps of acock, etc 
Bargigliòne, $m. I excrescence on the neck 
Bargigliulo, •*, a. that has gills, flaps 
Baricina, «/. little bier, litter 
Barigèllo, am. captain of the police, sharia 
Barfglia, «/• {tot.) barilla; (the alcali pro- 
cared from this plant) 
Bariglioncfno, im. small barrel, eask 
Bariglióne, fm. cash, barrel, pondering- tob 
Barile, em. hogshead, tan, ball, barrel, keg 
BarUétla, if. barilétto, am. \ smill barrel , 
Barilòtto, barilòzzo, am. / keg, flagon, 
Barlétta, barlétta, if. I rAndlet,caak; 

Bari òtto, barlétto, am. ) barrel (ol a 

Bario, sm. (min.) barium (the metallic basis 

or baryU 
Barite, if. (min.) baryta (the heaviest of 
the earths); solfato di barite, barbies, heavy 
Baritono, -a, a, imut.) barytone 
Barlicchio, -a, m. stupid, good for nith- 

Barlaccio, -a, a. spoiled (of grapet) 

Barlaventiire, vn. i. to wait for a favoura- 
ble wind 

Barlettijo, aim cooper 

Barlume, $m. glimmer, faint appearance, 
spatk; ne ho an — , 1 have a light, faint 
notion of it 

Barnabita, am. (religioni ordir) Barnabite 

Biro, barro, im. cheat, rógne, knave 

Baròcchio, baròcco, am. (from baro) V. 

Barocciajo, im. waggoner, carter 

Barocciita, a/, cirt-lóad 

Baròccio, biròccio, im. wiggon, cart, ba- 

aròcco, -a, a. (flm arti) odd, irregular; 

in the whimsical style of the a vii tad 

XVIII century 
Baròccolo, am. extortion, shirking 
Baromètrico, -a, a. barometrical 
Baròmetro, im. barometer 
Barooiccio, am. rogue, cheat, rascal 
Baronaggio, im. barony 
Baronale, a. baronial 
Baronalmente, adv. with Affected dignity 

like a biroa 
Baronire, vn. 1. to beg, mump; steal, 

Baronita, a/, roguery, cheat 
Baroncéllo, im. litUo baron, little rake, 

Baròncio, $m. little dirty boy, ragamuffin 
Baróne, im. baron; vigabond; — di Cam- 

pofiòre, pick-pocket 
Baronerfa, if. roguery, fraud, Imposture 
Baronescamente, adv. like a baron; rogu- 
ishly, like a scoundrel 
Baronésco, -a, a. biron-like, méta, vile, 

Baronéssa, if. baroness 
Baronétto, fm. baronet, knight-banneret 
Barone role, a. noble, greit, magnificent 
Baronevolménte, adv. nobly, like a lord 
Baronia, f/. birony 
Birra, if. bar; bank of sand; profession or 

the law 
Barrire, va. I. to bar, obstruct, prevent, 


Barrarla, if. friud, deceit, roguish trick 
Barrétta, «/. a little bar or metal, logot 
Barricare, va. i. to barricade, atop, ob- 
Barricata, a/, barricade, stop, obstruction 
Barrièra, if. barrier, bars, palisade 
Barrirò, vn. 3. to ròar u an elephant 
Barrito, am. the vQce of an elephant 
Barro, am. potter 's clay, china-jir, V. 

Baruffa, if. baruffo, fm. fray, altercation 
Barullire, va. i. to retail, buf and sell 

Bardilo, am. retailer, huckster, inn-keeper 
Barizsola, if. (om.) sort of water-fowl 
Barzellétta, if. joke, pleasantry, jest, ban- 
ter ; méttere in —, to mike jest of, to 
binter on 
Barzellettare, vn. 4. to jest, joke, rally 
Basa, «/., V. Baso 

Basalfscbio, basaliseo, fm, basilisk (ser- 
Basalto, Baasilte, am. (min.) baiai t 
Basàltico, -a, a. (min.) basaltic 
Basallino, -a, a. basil tine 
Basaménto, am. base, pedestal, basis 
Basire, va. I. to baso, ground 
Bascii, bassi, am. bashaw, pachi 
Bascialiggio, m. pashiwlic, the jurisdiction 

of a paahiw 
Baaciare, va. 1. to Us*, salite with tho 



— 107 — 


Bascto, mi. {ant.) kisi; north aspect 
Base, »/. base, basis, ground; trick (at 

Baseo, tm. simpleton, dance, blockhead 
Basetta, if. whisker, mostiofao ; basette 

della spada, trimmings of the ssoòrd 

Basettino, tm. small whisker, mustichlo 
Basettóne, tm. man who bas noe long 

Basilare, «. {amai.) basilar, bislary 
Basilica, •/. basilic, cathedral 
Basilico, sm. (hot.) sweet basil, basllicon 
Bui l ischio, better basilisco tm. basilisk 
Basiménto, sto. swoon, fainting fit 
Basimenlóccio, tm. slight fainting fit 
Basioa, tf. pottage, broth, soap 
Basire, sm. 3. to die, expire, breathe one's 

Basil", -a, a. dead, deceased, defunct 
Basòlla, */. slop, mean liquid food 
BasAso, -a» a. stupid, heavy, dull, slug- 
Bassa, if. sonata, dance, shallows 
Bassalto, basalto, un. {min.) basili, black 

Bassamente, adv. basely, lowly, humbly 
Bassamente, «ss. I abasement, fall, hu- 
Bassanza, t/. {ant.) \ miliition, disgrace, 

Bissar», van. to diminish, abate, lower, 

Bassaride, */. V. fiaccante 
Bassito, -a, a. lowered, brought down, 

h ambled 
Bassétta, if. basset (game at cards) 
Bassettare, va. 1. {ant.) to be the death 

of, kill 
Bassétto, tm. {min.) eeunter-tènor, middle 

— a. somewhat low, short 
Bissona. tf. meanness, 1 own ess 
Bassiliea, if. (anat.) basate, basilica, 

saddle vein of the Inn 
Bassftieo, em. (bot) swéet basil 
Basso, «ws. depth, bottom; {mut.) bass, 

— , -a, a. low, shallow, mean, base ; bissa 

gènte, 16w people; plebeians; marèa 

bassa, low witer, ebb tide; àcqna bissa, 

shallow witer ; panno — , nirrow cloth ; 

tenére il viso — , to look down; far man 

bassa, to give no qnirter; il di ò —, it 

Is getting late; a —, adv. below, down 

stair», yonder 
Bissone, tm. {mui.) bassoon 
Bassorilievo, tm. bas-relief 
Bassòtti, tmp. mess of macaroni 
Bassétto, tm. short stent man, terrier 
Basflotèntre, tm. {anat.) abdomen, Tenter 
Bassura, if. lower pi ice, lowland, low- 

Basta, if. basting, séam with long stitches 
— , adv. enough, hold, slop, sufficiently 

Bastibile, a. .{ant.) lasting, durable, suf- 
fiastigio, tm. {ant.) man of ill work, V. 

Baslajo, ba stiro," tm. pack-saddle miker 
fiastaléna; a —, adverb, with all one's 

Bastante, a. suOicient, enough, competent 
Bastantemente, adv. sufficiently, enough 
Baslinxa, if. dnrition, sufficiency, V. Ab- 

Bastarda, tf. smill galley, broth-pot, kettle 
Bastardiccio, bastardèlle, tm. mean bas- 
Bastardèlla, if. stew-pan, siuce-pan, skillet 
Bastardigia, bastardaggine, «/. bastardy 
Bastardi™, tm. 3. to degenerate, V. Im- 
Bastirdo, -a, tmf. and a. bastard, illegit- 

Bastardume, tm. race of bastards, useless 

Bastare, van. i. to suffice, satisfy, last; 
pòco mi basta, I am content with little; 
mi basta d'essere stito ingannito una 
Tòlta, I hiYo been cinghi once, it is 
enough; fatelo se ri basta l'animo, do it, 
if you hire the courage; una risma mi 
basta nn mése, a ream lists me a month 
Battito, -a, a. long, protracted 
Bastona, tf. light pack-saddle 
Bastèrna, if. incient chiriot 
Bastévole, a. sufficient, competent 
Basteroléua, tf. sufficiency, competence 
BasteTolménte, adv. sufficiently, enough 
Bastia, if. bastion, rampart, bulwark 
Bastiére, tm. pack-saddle maker, V. Ba- 
Bastiménto, tm. ship, Teasel 
Bastingare, tm. .{mar.) barricading; netting 

—, va. 4. {mar.) to birricade 
Bastionare, va. 4. to fortify with bastions 
Bastionilo, -a, a. fortified, strengthened 
Bastoncèllo, tm. small bastion, bulwark 
Bastióne, tm. bastion, bulwark, rimpart 
Bastire, va. 3. (aite.) to build, V, Fabbri- 

Bastila, a/, rimpart, fortress, fortificilion 
Basto, tm. pack-saddle, pinnel; ice of clubs; 
non son uòmo da portir —, I am not a 
man to pocket an affront; serrire il — ad- 
dòsso ad uno, to press, urge one, lo lie 
bird upon him; — rovèscio, a Tilley be- 
tween two mountains; chi non pud dire al- 
l'asino di al —, prov. exp. he who can- 
not rerènge himself on the strong, tents 
his rage on the weak 
Bastonicelo, tm. club, chdgel, bludgeon 
Bastonamene, tm. V* Bastonatura 
Bastonare, va. i. to cudgel, criticise; — 

1 pésci (burl.) to row 
Bastonila, if. drubbing, cudgelling ;. —ite 
da cièchi, hèa?y blows, sound cudgelling; 
son dne cièchi che finno alle —ite, they 


108 — 


are bandying words without knowing whit 

they are trying 
Bastonato, a. chdgelled, drubbed 
Bastonato™, -trice, tm/. cudgeller, one who 

Bastoncèllo, bastoncino, tm. small stick 
Bastóne, tm. stick, staff, clob, truncheon 

(baldo); — di comando, staff of command; 

il — della vecchtaja, the support or old 

àge; egli non si cura del — , he is cùdgel- 

Bastóni, tmp. clùbs (at ea ds) 
Bastoniére, tm. mace-bearer, béadle 
Baslracóne, tm. {burl.) fat lùsty man, V. 

Bastuda, •/. fish-net (wed in salt pools) 
Batacchia, batacchiata, t/. bastinado 
Batacchiare, va. 1. to cudgel, beat with a 

Batacchio, tm. stick, clnb, cudgel, long 

Baialo, tm. {ant) làppel (or a hood) doctor's 

Batassàre, va. {ant.) i. to shake, agitate 
Batata, a/, batata, swéet potilo, polito 
Batista, a/, cambric, litro; fazzolétto di —, 

cambric handkerchief 
Batistéo, batistério, tm. baptistery 
Batòcchio, am. blind'mans staff, bell -clipper 
Bàtolo, tm. làppet (of a hood), doctor's 

Batòsta, •/. qnirrel, uproar, noise 
Bat ostare, tm. 1. to qnirrel, wrangle 
Batrichio, tm. {hot.) crów- foot, bolter-cop 
Balrachite, t/. (min.) batrachito, variegated 

'«^-Batracomiomachia, */• bàtrachomyòmachy, 

the battle between the frogs and mice (a 

burlesque poem ascribed to Homer) 
Bat Udóre, tm. thrasher, who thrashes corn 
Battaglia, a/, bàtlle, fight, encounter; — 

campale, pitched battle ; — navile, séa 

fight; campo di —, field of battle; schie- 
rare in —, to draw up in order of bài tie, 

in battle array; presentare la —, to offer 

battle; appiccare, dar —, to give battle; 

A il sno cavai di —, it it his hobby-horse 
Battagliare, van. 1. to fight, give battle 
Battagliata, $/. fighting, battle, conflict 
Battagliato™, tm. combatant, warrior 
Battaglière, battaglièro, tm. combatant 
Battaglieróso, baltaglièsco | -a, a. martial, 

battaglievole, (ant.) \ warlike 
Battagliétta, t/. sktrmish, slight fight 
Battaglievole, a. martial, warlike 
Battaglievolmènte, adv. {ant.) in a fighting 

Battaglio, tm. clipper, tongue of a bell 
Battaglióne, tm. (mil.) battalion 
Battagli òso, -a, a. (ant.) warlike, martial, 

Battaglista, tm. painter of battles 
Battaglinola, battagliata, tf. skirmish 
Patteggiare, «a. 1. {anU) to b&ptixc, christen 

Battegglàlo.-a, a. (atti.) baptised, christened 
BatteggiatÓre, tm. (ant.) baptist 
Battellànli, tmp. boat-men 
Baltellata, a/, boat's load, bó at- full, Are 
Baltellètto, tm. small boat, skiff 
Battellière, tm. boatman, waterman 
Battèllo, tm skiff, ship's boat, canoe; —a, 

vapóre, steam-boat, steamer 
Battènte, a. beating, palpitating, etc. 
— tm. filding-dóor, frame of a door, 

Bàttere, van. S. to beat, strike, knock; — 
alia porta, to knock of the dóor; — 
l'acqua nel mortàjo, to beat the ilr; to 
strive, to labour in vàin; — il butirro, 
to chùrn; — la campagna, to seoHr the 
country ; — il grano, to thràsh corn; — 
monéta, to coin money; — i dènti, to 
shake with cold; — le mani, to clap, 
appliud; — il nemico, to fight, beat the 
enemy; — it taccone, bàttertela, to pack 
off; bàttersi, vrf., (far duèllo), to fight a 
duel; bàttersi le guància, to repént; bàt- 
tersi il petto, to beat one's brèast, to 
erf peccavi; intèndo dóve egli vuol — , 
I hnów what he aims at, 1 tèe his drift; 
bàttono le dièci, it strikes ten; in un — 
d'occhio, in a wink; non — paròla, noi 
to spéak a word 
Batteria, a/, battery, kitchen utensils 
Battesimale, a. baptismal, of baptism 
Battésimo (pott, battésmo) tm. baptism ; 
tenére a —, to stand godfather, god- 
fiattozzaménto, tm. christening, baptism 
Battezzante, a. christening, baptbiog 
Battezzare , va. i. to baptize , christen, 

Battezzato, -a, tmf. and a. baptized 
Battezzatóre, battellière, tm. biptiier 
Battezzatòrio, sm. V. Batttstério 
Battezzóne, tm. old Florentine coin (having 

on one side St. John the Baptist) 
Battibécco, t. bickering, squabble, scuffle, 
wrangle, brawl, petty qnirrel; diminutive 
Ballibuglio, tm. hurly, hurly-bhrly, tó mult, 

bustle, confusion, row\ uproar 
Batticóda, sf. {orn.) wagtail 
Batticulo, tm. hind part of an armor; (mar.) 

driver; sort of childish play 
Batticuòre, tm. palpitation, beating 
Battifianco, tm. stable-rail 
Batiifólle, tf. ràmpart, V. Bastia 
BattifréJo, tm. (fort.) wooden to*wer, bit- 

Battifuòco, tm. steel (to strike a light) 
Battigia, tf. epilepsy, filling-sickness 
Battilano, tm. wòol-carder, wool-stapler 
Battilégno, tm. (tnt.) tèrmos, termite, white 

Battilòro, tm. gòld-béater 
Battimano, tnu clap, clapping, a striking 
of hands to express approbation 



— 109 — 


Battiménto, «ai. beating, striking, clapping; 

— di cuòre, tm. palpitation 
Battìnsécca, tm. cóìoer, minter 
Battipalle, «ni. cannon ràmrod, rammer 
Battipòrta, tm. plank or entrance of the 

Battiscarpa; mangiire a —, to éat in baste 

and standing 
Batliségola, e/, {bot.) bluebottle, blùebòn- 

Battisóffia, batUsófflola, tf. {burl, ant.) 

fright, ttlrt 
Battistéo, battìi Urlo, — èro, tm. baptistery, 

Battistrada, tm. fóre-rùnner, harbinger 
Bàttito, mi. beat, trémor, trembling, pal- 
Battitóia, a/, plainer (frame of printers) 
Battitóio, tm. leaf, rabbet (of a dóor or 

-window), frame of the dóor 
Battitóre, -trice, tmf. beater, striker; — , 

-trice di stride, scent 
Battitura, tf. beatine, stroke, thrashing 
Bàtto, ava. roving boat, small ship 
BaUdccbio, tm. blind man's staff, bcll- 

Battologia, a/, tautology 
Battòlof o, -a, a. Uuto logic, tautological, 

tautólogous; am/, tantològist 
Battuta, a/, beating, time (in music), way; 

accomodarsi alle batto te, to follow the 

opinion of others, to cringe; andar per la 

— , to follow the beaten pith 
Battito, ant. platform, leads (of a house) 
— -a, a. beaten, trodden, frequented 
Battneebieria, a/, sophistry, sbbtilty, craft 
fiatone, batuffolo, am. heap, pile, hoard 
Bin, tm. scare-crow, tain terror, Ogre; fire 

— — , to pretend, as children do, to 
frighten by bellowing like the ógre or any 
such imaginary monster; V. Bio bio 

Baile, am. trnnk, chest; fire il —, to pro- 
pare (one's trunk) for departure; Rag- 
giare come un —, to travel like a trunk 
Baulétto, tm. small trunk, portmanteau 
BaélU, tf. sort of Venetian mask or dress 

of a masker 
Bate, a/, sliver, drivel, slabbering; far la 

— , to fóam with rage. V. Bavèlla 
Bavàglio, am. bib, slibberiog-ololh 
Barare, va. 4. to drivel, sliver, slabber 
Bavèlla, (bava), </. coarse outside of the «ilk 
Bàvero, am. cape of a cloak 
Baratta, tf. scum, dross, excrement 
Bavièra, a/, visor (of a head-piece); man- 
giar sótto la — , to èat in secret 
Bavoso, -a, a. slimy, slabbering 
Basir, am. basir, bazaar 
Bina, a/, good lùck, good fortune; aver di 
—, to obtain by good lùck; èssere di —, 
to get the better 
Banana, a/, tanned sheep skin, leather 
Basxarrire, va. L to truck, F. Barattare 
Basaarratore, -trice, tmf. birterer, trucker 

Bazxirro, Basir, am. basir, basiar 
Bazzècole, t/p. trifles, biwbles, toys 
Baszósco, -a, a. coarse, V. Ruvido, Gros- 
Baxrica, a/, conversation, company, intim- 
acy; (uòmo famigliare), in limite friend 
Bazzicare, va. i. to frequént, visit 
Bazzicature, a/p. trifles, biwbles, toys 
Bazsicheria, tf. knicknack; small trifling 

Bazzòtto, -a, a. half done, not dene too 

Bdèllio, tm. bdellium (a gum-resin pro- 
duced by a tree in the East Indies) 
Bè, cry of the sheep, bia 
Be', abbrtv. of bèlli, etc. 
Bean if, a. beatifying, givin? felicity 
Beare, va. 1. to bless, beatify, imparadiso 
Boa ta men to, adv. in a state of felicity 
Bealinsa, beatéua, «/. (ant.) V. Beatiti- 
Beatificante, a. blissful, heavenly 
Beatificare, va. i. to mike hippy, beatify, 

— , (gloriare), «a. 1. to glorify, praise, 

Beatificato, -a, a. blessed, hippy, beati- 
Beatiflcatóre, -trice, tmf. {poet) that bless- 
es, mikes very hippy 
Beatificazióne, if. beatification 
Beatifico, -a, a. beatific, blissful, heavenly 
Beatitùdine, a/, beatitude, felicity, bliss 
Boato, -a, a. blessed, hippy, fortunate 
Beatone, -a, am/. V. Bacchettóne, Bac- 
Beatrice, «/. (woman) who makes hippy 
Bebu, am. bleating, V. Belito 
Becca, a/, silk girter, list, band, tie 
Beccabunga, tf. {bot.) beccabunga, brook- 
lime, speed-well 
Becciccia, tf. (orn.) wóod-cock 
Beccaccino, tm. {orn.) snipe, young wood- 
Boccaccio, tm. lirge ugly goat; lirge beak 
Beccafici a, tf. annual feast o" fig-péckers 
Beccafichi, tm. eater of fig-peckers 
Beccafico, tm. {orn.) fig- pecker 
Becc'a fòrbice, tm. {orn.) ivoset, avosètta 
Beccijo, sm. butcher, cruel man 
Beccalaglio, tm. sort of play like blind 

man's buff 
Beccalite, tm. chicaner, wrangler, caviller 

Beccamèoto, tm- picking (bill-full) 
Beccamòrto, tm. grave-digger, raven 
Beccante, a. pecking, striking with the bill 
Beccare, va. i. to peck, pick up with the 

Beccàro, tm. V. Beccijo 
Beccarsi, vrf; — il cervèllo, to puzzle one's 
brain; — i geli, to tiko usoles pains; — 
uoa còsa, to get, gain something through 


— 110 — 




Becearèllo, em. kid 
Beccastrino, em. mattock, pickaxe 
Beccita, ef. stroke with the bill, bit, bite 
Beccatélla, ef. trifle, thing of no vilue 
Beccatèllo, em. bracket, supporter, corbel, 

Beccatina, tf. little stroke \riih the bill, 
main-point; aver sulla —, to touch upon 
the mainpolnt 
Beccatòjo, em. drawer (of a bird cage) 
Beccheggiare, vn. (mar.) to pitch (to rìse 
and fall, as the head and stern of a ship 
passing over waves); to heave and set, to 
Becchéggio, fin. {mar.) pitching, sending, 

hearing and setting 
Seccherèllo, am. kid, small bo-goat 
Beccheria, ef. sliughter-héuse, butchery 
Becchetto, em. flllet, hole (for shoe-tie); 

Becchioo, «a, a. pectoral, for a cough 
Becchino, em. V. Beccamórto 
Bécco, am. béak, bill, head of a ship; he- 
goat; still's pipe; immolare il —, to drink, 
tipple; méttere il — in mòlle, to prat* ; 
dirissare il — àgli sparvièri, to attempt 
Beccofrusóne, $m. (orn.) hóoded-cròw 
Boccóne, am- great buck-góat, blóckéad 
Beccostòito, am. V. Becc'a fòrbice 
Beccùccio, im. gullet, spout (of a jug, etc.) 
Bécero, -a, em/, man or woman of the low- 
est populace (in Florence) 
Bedeguàr, $m. bèdeguar 
Bee (for beve), 3. he drinks 
B< è (for bevve) 3. he drank 
' Beéntc, a. drinking 
Befana, a/, {corruption of Epifania, Epi- 
phany) Sincta Clius ; a puppet of rags 
which on the ève of Epiphany was for- 
merly carried through the streets, and on 
the day of Epiphany was placed at the 
windows by women and children; imagi- 
nary being said by silly people to come 
on the night before Epiphany, and bring 
presents for children; puppet, doll, gòblin; 
bugbear, fright (ugly woman) 
Belaniccia, a/, hideous spectre, phantom 
Befania, a/. V. Epifania 
Bèffa, a/, trifle, nonsense 
Beffibile, a. V. Beffévole 
Beffardo, am. jester, joker, bànterer 
Beffare, va. 1. to quii, liugh at, ridicule; 
sovènte chi cérca — rèsta beffato, prov. 
exp. the cheat often fills upon the cheater; 
—àrsi di, vrf. not to caro f r, liugh at 
Beffato, -a, a. ridiculed, linghed at 
Beffatóre, -trice, am/, jeer, mocker 
Bèffe, a/p. jeering, mocking; (arsi — di, to 

jéer, banter, quii 
Beffeggiaménto, am. ridicule, derision 
Beffeggiare, va. 1. to mock, ridicule 
Beffeggiatone, -trice, emf. scornar, scoffer, 

Beffévole, a. despicable, contemptible 
Bèga, a/, dispute, contention, V. Briga 
Beghina, */. beguine, one of a congregation 

of half nuns in Flanders 
Beghino, bighfno, tm. bèghird, beguin, 

hypocrite, cànter 
Begliòmini, 9m. (bot) balsam, balsamine 
fiégole, efp. fifles, V Bagatélla 
Bellóre, em. drinker, V. Bevitóre 
Bèi, a. m. ting, beautiful, fair, fine; il — 
móndo, the fashionable world; il — sèsto, 
the flir sex; fa — tèmpo, it ù floe wea- 
ther; ho — dire, — fare, it is useless, in 
vain for me to say, to do; è un — che, 
cèrto, da farne Unto strèpito! a great 
matter, indeed, to make such a noise! 

— bèllo, adv. idftly, gently 
Belam'nto, b'lato, ttn. bleating, bleat 
Belindra, belinda, a/, bilander (small 

Belante, a. bleating, erf In g, whining 
Belare, va. 1. to bléat, chatter, erf 
Bel bèllo, adv. exp. gèntly, softly, dis- 
Belgi vino, tm. benioin, aromitic gum 
Bella, a/, fair lady, beauty, sweet heart; la 

— dormènte, the sleeping beauty 
Belladònna- ef. {bot.) bella-donna, deadly 

Bellamente, adv. gently, admirably 
Bellatóre, am. {poet) warrior, V. Guer- 
Bella-sissera, a. {ant) that hat fine ring- 
Bellétta, tf. mud, mire, filth, slime 
Bellétto, em. rouge, paint (for the face) ; 
darsi il —, to roùge, to paint the cheeks 
wi'h rouge 
—, -a, a. pretty, genteel, passable 
BellettÓne, em. muddy, miry, slimy ground 
Belléssa, a/, handsomeness, comeliness» 
beauty, perfection; è una — a vedérlo, 
it is a fine thing to see it; fire del ben 
—, to do a great deal of good ; egli ebbe 
una — di regali, he had a number of 
Bollicato, -a, a. placed in the middle, 

Bellico, am. {anat) nivel, centre 
Bèllico, -a, bellicóso, -a, a. warlike 
Bellicónchio, em. (anat) umbilical string 
Bollicene, em. Urge gòblet, bumper, brim- 
Bellicosamente, adv. valiantly, bravely 
Bellicóso, -a, a. warlike, mlrtial 
Belligerante, a. belligerent, waging Tir, 

carrying on war 
Belligero, -a, a. V. Bellicóso 
Bellimbusto, em. dandy, fop, a handsome 

but good for nothing young fellow 
Bellino, -a, a. pretty, smart, pleasing; 
fire il bèllo —, or il belila — eon ai- 
còno, to dissemble with one, to deceive 
one by fair words and feigned affection; 



— Ill — 


esile Mila belline, adv. exp. by fair j 
wérde and wiys • 

Mirteo, tm. dried Indian pioni, myròb- ! 

Bèlle, Mm. beauty, the beanti fai, the anil- 
ine, the opportune ; nel —, tnl — dei- 
reti, io the prime of life; fare il —, lo 
trai; fore il — con alcuna, lo cónrl a 

— , -a, a. beautiful, well made, fair, fine, 
gridoni, genteel, agreeable; farsi — di, 
lo pinne «ne's self with, on; è nn bel 
dire, it is stringe ; ad ogni uccèllo «no 
lido é —, prov. esop. home is home be 
it ère* so homely 
Bellocchio, su», {min.) atir-ttone 
Bellòccio, -a, a. beautiful, well made, Utl 
B«llÓBe,-a, a. fine, very handsome, beautiful 
Beli6re, ffwt. (ant.) V. Bellézza 
Bellone), belloccio, -a, a. prèUy, néat 
BelluiÓre, e», wag, drill, facetious, lively, 

fièle, ms. bleating 

Belóne, et*, crying, whining child 

Beiti; {poti.) -ile, -ade, a/, beauty, V. 

Beltréeca, e/. V. Bertésca 
Bèlva, e/, {poet.) wild béast 
Belvedére, ras. (are*.) belvedére; (hot.) 

belvtdére, góoeefoot, wild òrach 
fielvieida, ra*. wtld-béast-hdnter 
Belletta, ras. Beelzebub (a prince of devils) 
Belznino, «us. benzoin, aromatic drug, rèsin 
Bembé (for bene bent), adv. well well 
Benamiéne, ras. chief man, V. Maggiorènte 
BeasnóUe, bemòlle, em. {mm.) B flat 
Beauaolliuire, ed. 1. {mu$.) to mirk with 

a Bat 
Benaceonciamcnte , a. very iptly, fitly, 

properly, justly, pertinently 
Benaffètto, -a, a. affectionate, fond 
Beoanfurataioénte, adv. iuspiciously 
Bcnangnrito, -a, a. auspicious, fortunate 
Benallevato, -a, a. well brought up, edu- 
Benandata, e/, firewall- money (to servants) 
Benavvenlorataménte, adv. luckily 
Bemarveotnrito, —òso, -a, a. lucky 
Ben bene, adv. very well, extremely well, 

very mach, guile, entirely 
Bearenire, va. 1. to sup well 
Banche, conj. although, though 
Beacreato, -a, a, well-bred, polite, weU- 

Bénda, sf. band, flUet, veil, nun's stoma- 
Bendare, va. I. to bind, to blinfóid, to 

Bendatura, a/, the act of binding 
Beaddlla, benderéìla, a/, smill band, fillet 
Bandone, ras. lippets, mitre-band 
Bendacelo, rat. child's handkerchief 
Bene» ens. good, profit, advantage, utility, 
property, wealth, happiness; voler — ad 

uno, to wish a person well, to like him; 
volére un — matto ad uno. to dòte upòn 
a person; condurre a — un' imprésa, to 
bring an enterprise to a prosperous issue, 
aver —, to hive peace ; aver — di nno, 
to tarn one to good account; non potére 
aver — di uno, to be constantly an- 
noyed, provoked by a person ; se la (a 
—, he is well off, he giins pretty well ; 
i e l' avete per —, if you like it, if you 
are pleased with il; un uòmo da —, an 
honest upright man ; aver per —, to 
tike in good part, to tike it well of; 
bèni stibili, bèni immòbili, ostites, hous- 
es and lands; bèni mòbili, chatties; far 
del —, to do good; dir del — di qualche- 
duno, to speak well of one ; chi ben fa 
— aspètti prov. exp. dò well and hivo 
— adv. well, justly, rightly, right; hen 
tornito, welcome home; — arrivilo, wel- 
come to town, etc.; —, si —, yes, indeed, 
most certainly; ben vi sta, you richly 
deserve it ; di — in mèglio, better and 
better, — spésso, very often; ha guada- 
gnilo ben dièci mila lire, he has made at 
least ten thousand francs (serves 

Benedétta, a/, electuary, honey of con- 
Ben ed Ottino, -a, a. Benedictine; $mf Be- 
nedictine, monk or nun of St. Benedict, 
blick friar 
Benedétto, si», filling-sickness, lenitive 
— , -a, a. blessed, much wished (or 
Benedicènte, a. priising, speaking well of 
Benedicere, va. % V. Benedire 
Benedicite, em. priyer before meals, grice; 

dire il —, to >ay grice 
Benedire, va. 3. irr. {V. Dire) to bless; 
Dio vi benedica, God bless you ; — uno, 
to cell one hippy; va a farti —, go to 
the devil, plague upon you ; gli dette 
tanti pugni quinti ne può — un prète, 
he give him a shower of blows; ce n' è 
da — e da santificare, there is a great 
pléjty of it 
Be uditóre, -trice, sta/, blésser, priiser 
Benedizióne, */. benediction, blessing 
Benefatlivo, -a, a. beneficiai, beneQcient, 

Benefilto, ra*. {pott) benefit, service, 

Benefattóre, -trice, imf. benefactor, pitron, 

benefactress, pitron ess 
Beneficare, va. 1. to benefit, do good lo 
Beneficilo, am. beneficiary, incumbent 
—, -a, a. benefited, obliged 
Beneficalo re, -trice, $mf. he, she that confers 

a benefit 
Beneficènte, a. beneficent, liberal, kind 
Beneficènza, e/, beneficence, doing good 
Beneficiale, beneficate, a. beneficiai 
Beneficiare, va. i. to benefit, serve, oblige 
Beneficiario, -a, a. beneficiary; rat. bene- 
ficiary, one who holds a benefico 


— 112 — 


Beneficiata, a/, {theat.) benefit, benefit 

ni bt 
Beneficiato, am. beneficiary, incumbent 
Beneficio, beniflciO, un. benefit, kindness, 

— em. living, benefice; far le cose a — di 
natura o di fortuna, to do things at ran- 
dom, carelessly 
Beneficióne, mi. good benefice, fat living 
Beneficiótto, beneficiétto, em. poor living 
Benèfico, -a, a. beneficent, liberal, gene- 

Benefiziare, vis. L to be useful, advanta- 
Benefiziata, a/, benefit-night; prize-ticket 
Beneflsio, tm. benefit; benefice; kindness, 

service, favor 
Benemerènte, a. meritorious, deserving of 

Benemerènza, $/• desèrt, mèrli 
Benemèrito, -a, <s. well deserving, that has 

veil deserved of 
Beneplàcito, am. option, good vili, conve- 
nience; farete a vòstro —, yon* vili do as 
yon may like best, as yon will 
Benèesore, sm. welfare, «éll-béing, pros- 
Benestante, a. in easy circumstances, well 
off, healthy; am/, independent gentleman, 
Bene fiso, -a, a. V. Benvisto 
Benevivere, vn. %. irf. (F. Vivere) to lead 

a happy life 
Benevogliènte, a. benevolent, kind 
Benevogliènsa, a/, benevolence, good-will 
Benevolentemente, adv. benevolently, with 

good will 
Benevolènza, «/. benevolence, kindness 
Benèvolo, -a, a. affezionate, kind, benign 
Benefaciènte, a. beneficent, doing good 
Benfatto, -a, a. well made, elegant 
Bengalino, sm. (ens.) bengàly 
Beniamino, am. pin- basket; (youngest cjiild) 

Bonificante, beneficante, a. beneficent, 

Beoilicéoza, beneficènza, a/, beneficence, 

disposition to do good 
Benignità; (ani.) —àie, —ade, «/. benignity 

Benigno, -a, a. benigi affable, obliging 
Benino, adv. well, tolerably well 
Beninsième, culo, harmoniously; am. {fine 
arto) ensemble; uniformity, harmony; 


Benintenzionato, -a, a. well-intentioned, 

Benintéso, -a, a. well understood 

Benissimo, adv. tuper. very well, exceed- 
ingly well 

fienivogliènza, V. Benevolènza 

Benlavoràto, -a, a. well wrought, perfect. 
Beomontàto, -a, a. well-mounted, riding a 

good house 
Bènna, t/. slèdge» low carriage, càrt 
Bennato, -a, a. well-born, noble, lucky 
Benóne, $m. (burl.) well» with groàt lève 
— , adv. very well 
Bonsai, bensi, adv. exp. yes, certainly, 

truly, but 
Benservito, am. testimonial, character (given 

to servants) 
Btntenjuto, -a, a. well-kept, well-main- 
Bentornati, sm, welcome, welcome hone 
Bentòsto, adv. very seen, quickly, shortly 
Benvisto, -a, a. griteJul, V. Accètto 
Benvogliénle, a. benevolent, kind 
Benvolentièri, adv. very willingly, heartily 
Benvolére, va. to wish well; pigliare or 
prèndere a — uno, (o begin to lève one, 
jtf> tàké a liking to one; sm. benevolence 
Benvolu}*, -a, a. be'éved, dear, darling 
Bensoato, sm, (ckem.) bèosoàte 
Benzòico, -a, a. (chem.) benzoic; àcido 

—, benzoic acid, flowers of benzoin 
Benzoino, am. benzoin, benjamin, gum ben- 
Bèola, a/, {hot.) V. Bétula 
Beone, sm. great drinker 
Berbéna, a/, (boi.) vervain, V. Verbena 
Berberi, bèrbero, sm. (bot.) bàrberry-bù>h 
Barbico, a/, (ant.) sbéep, V. Pecora 

Sercilòechio, em. squint ejed person 
érf, bévere, va. 2. tir. to drink, swallow; 
dare a —, to make (one) believe ; — o 
affogare, to be obliged to dò; — con gli 
òcchi, to devour with one's eyes; — 
bianco, to bé disappointed ; — gròsso, 
not to bé nice, not view clòsoly; — un 
affrónto, to swallow an affroot; — no 
uòvo, to sip up an egg ; bérsi, vrf. to 
swallow, drink; bérsi una còsa, to believe 
something implicitly; non sapere che 
acqua si —, not to know what course to 
take; — bianco, to meet with failure 
Berenice (chiòma di), a/, (oatr.) Berenice's 

Berettino, bertioo, -a, a. gray, grey, grey- 
ish, ish-còlored 
Bérga, sm. dyke, steep bank, towering 

Bergamòtta, e/, bèrgamot (pear); essence) 
Bergamotto, sm. (bot.) bèrgamot- tree 
Berghinélla, berghinellùzza, a/, low woman 
Borgo, sm. sort of grapes and vine 
Bergolinàre, va. i. to pun, quibble, rally 
Bèrgolo, -a, a. light, tickle, lively 
—, tm. basket 

fiericuòcolo, V. Confortino, am. ginger- 
Berillo, am. {min.) borii (precious atone) 

Fate, méte, bite, nòte, tfibe; 

fieno, viso, lai, roma, fiumo; 

- Càt, met, bit, nòt, tùb; • fir, plqttt, 
patte-petto, pott* * I» netto, —tfi 



— 113 - 


Berlin», tf. pillory» bèrlln (coach);, méttere 

alla — , to pillory 
Beri i afa, !/. old milanése còìn 
ivlìog àccio» am. shròve-Tuesday 
rWungajuòlo, berlingato™, tm. bibbler 
Berliogaménto, am. prète, tittle, nonsense 
Berlingare, vn. i. to prète, tittle, bibbie 
Berlioghiéra, a/, babbler, talkative woman 
B< ringhière, tm. great talker, glutton 
Berlingò***, a/, coontry-dàoee 
fitrliagòzio, tm. puff- pi» try, pnff-tirt, pie 
Bermadiin*, «/. (bot.) bermodiina 
Beraàela, bornicca, brènta,- tf. barnacle 
Bernardino, fin, Bernardi oé, monk of the 

order of St. Bernard 
Bernésco, -a, a. borlèsque, in Berni's style 
Bern», a/, riding hood (formerly worn by 

bVrnieggiàre, vn. to borlésqne, to Imitate 

Berni's stylo 
Bernòccbto, bernòccolo, mn. boss, hump, 

BeraocevlutOi -a, a. fall of knobs, bumps 
Berrétta, a/, berrétto, tm. bonnet, cap, 
hat; — da nòtte, night-cap ; — da prète, 
birètla ; (fort) priest's bònnet; trini la 
—, liar di —, to pall off one's hat, to 
doff one's beater ; avere il correi sópra 
la — , to bé passionato, histy, hot-héaded 
Rerrettàecia, a/, ugly old cap, bònnet 
Berrettajo, am. cap, bònnet-màker, seller; 
menar lo mini come i berrettai, io bé 
qaiek, expeditions in dia pitching basi- 
Berrettina , berrettòccia , a/» small cap , 

Berrettine? «in. calòtte, calete, colf, smeli 

—, -a, a, malicious, roguish; (ant) dirk 
B*rreU6na, —One, a/m. Urge bònnet cap 
B.rrinòla (berétU da notte), tf. (ant) 

B-rro vàglia, a/. V. Sbirràglia 
Ferrovière, tm. ruffian, bully, bailiff 
Bersagliare, va. i. to shoot at a mark 
Bersagliato,-*, (da), a. tormented by, made 

a mirk for 
Bersagliere, tin. sharpshooter 
Bersàglio, «m, mark, target, bntt, peril; ès- 
sere il — della fortuna, to bé the sport 
of fortune; méttere a —, to put in danger 
Bèrta, a/, «hat, raillery, r miner, beetle; 
6%Tt la —, to banter, «cheat, impòse 
npòn (fish 

B»rtabéllo, am. net for catching birds or 
arieggiaménto, am. mockery, raillery 
Berteggiare, «a. t. to mock, ridionle, «nit 
BerteggiatAre, -trice, em/, mocker, F. Bel- 

Bertollo, tfp. brace-bands, braces (straps 
to sustain trousers) 

Bertésca, if. (fort.) mantelet, movable par- 
apet, portcullis, pèriloos-spot 
Bértescire, va. 1. [fort.) to portcullis, to 

fortify Willi. parapets 
Berleseóoe, tm. large mantelet, moveable 

Berlina, tf. (orn.) jay, jàck-diw 
Bertolòtto; a — t adverb. without any expense; 
mangiire a — , to éat at irée cost, to be 
Bertóne, am. keeper of a whore; cròpped- 

Bertovèllo, tm. net of twigs, bów-net, bow- 
Bertùcci, imp. (mar.) tracks 
Bertùccia, a/, bertuccio sm. (zooL) monkey; 
pigliar la —, to get drank ; dire le ora- 
zióni, i paternòstri della —, to sweir, 
blaspheme, murmur (against); la — ne 
pòrta l'icona, prov. «xp. light còme, 
light go 
Bertuecino, aw», amili monkey, ipe 
Bertuccióne, tm. baboon, ugly fellow 
Berusxo, berustolo, tm. peasants' breakfast 

in the fields, sip, small draught 
Bérsa, «/. shin, shank; levire le bèrte, to 

run awiy 
Borsiglio, tmi mirk, peril, V. Bersàglio 
Béscio, besso, tm (ant.) simpleton, V. 

fiéssa, besaeria, | stnpidity, foolishness, 
Bessàggine, tf. (awkwardness, silliness 
Bestémmia, tf. bestommiaménto, tin. blas- 
Bestemmiare, van. i. to blaspheme (corse) 
Bestemmiato, -a, a. blasphemed 
fiestemmiatoraceio, tm. great blasphemer 
Beste Miniatóre, -trice, am/, blasphemer, 

impious wretch * 
Béstia, tf. beast, irrational animal ; en- 
trare in —, to fty Into a pission 
Bestiàecia, «/* nasty beast; great blockh- 

Bestiijo, tm. herdsman, gràtier: 
Bestiale, a. bestial,. brutal, beastly 
Beslialeggiire, vn. i. to say, do hiatal 

Bestialità; (ant.) —ite, —ade, tf. bestiali l y, 


Bestialmente, adv. like a brute, filthily 
Bestiame, 9m. cattle, herd, flock 
Bestiàrio, tm. wild-béàst keeper, - fighter 
Bosliccindla, tf. small animal, young fóal 
Bestiolina, bestiòlnòcii, tf. j little créa, 
fiestiolino, besliòlo, tm. \ tore 
Bcstiolaeetaccia, tf. nasty little beast 
Bestione, bostionaccio , tm. great dirty 

beast - 
Bcstiuòla, bestiòla, tf. J small animal, in- 
Bestiaòlo; tm. \ ■***» » jll T person 

Bètel, tm. (boi.) bétle, bètel (Indian plant) 

nor, ride; - fill, son, bull; » firs, do; - b«, lfmph; pòlis, b$s, foul; fowl; gem ai 

fart», reo»; - ***** —*f$ wll*, • «b*, rag»; • 1*1 e, 1; poi feuitoi ' guani*, row 

Vi* Hai. Ingl. - Edit. VI. Voi. II. 


— 114 — 

BIB \ 

BélloU, $f. ale-héuse, public-house, cook's 

shop, tivern 
Bettolante, a. haunting ale-houses, public 

houses; tin. tavern-hiunter, tavern-man, 

pot-man, ale-knight 
Bettolétta, a/, small public house, pot- 

Betloliire, tm. tivern keeper 
Bcttóuiea, «/. (boi.) bétouy; {fa.) excellent 

Bétula, betulla, e/, (bat) birch-tree 
Bevanda, «/. drink, draught, potion 
Bevandiccia, tf. bed drink, sorry liquor 
Bevandfna, bevandàccia, t/. smeli draught 
Beverigg io, tm. beverage, drink-money 
Beveratóio, am. bórsepond, V. Abbevera- 
fiefort, von. *. ttr. (pott, beffi, ber*! or 

bevétti) to drink 
Bevcréccio, -e, a. that Is drank -with plea- 
Beverìa, a/. drumkeness. V. Sbevauaaéuto 
Beverino, beverino, bevirélo, sui. small 

drinking fésse! (for birds in a cage) 
Bévero, m. beaver, V. Castòro 
Beveronaedo, beveróne, am. hófle-béverage; 

prèndere on beveróne, lo drink against 

one* s mill (when bathing in the sea or 

in a river) 
Bevibile, «. drinkable, potable 
Bevilàcqua, am. witer-driaker, member of 

the temperance society, teetotaler 
Bevtménto, em. drinking 
Bevitóre, -trice, am/, drinker, tippler 
Bevitóre, bevisióue, a/, drinking 
Bevono, -a, tm/. great drinker, V. Beone 
BeàU, bevala, e/.- drinking-bout: ad ogni 

—, at each draught, at every glass 

evuto, -a, a, drnnk, swallowed 
Bey. tm. bey 

Bollicante, a. picking, disputing, scolding 
Besiicire, va. t. to peck, bill, dispute, 

Beuicila, tf. V. Beeeita 
Bezxtcaio, -a» a. hen-pecked, found fault 

Besiieatdra, «/« pecking, nibbling, wound 
Bèni, imp. money . nou aver —, to have 

no money 
Beno, em. Venetian flrthing 
Bexiuirico, beioarlco. besoardico, -a, a. 

(pharm.) besodrdic 
Bexsuirro, bexoar, besoirdo, mi. (mad.) be- 

soar (a concretion in the stomach and 

intestines of animals) 
Biacca, «/. cerase, white lead; male da —, 

an evil easily remedied; alla — ce ne 

avvedremo, pro», txp. we must see the 

end, before we judge 
Biacco, a. (tool) adder; —, -a, a. irascible 

as a serpent 
Biada, a/, biado, tm. {ant.) standing corn, 

corn, oats 
Biadaiuolo, am, corn-chandler 

Biadétto, am. irure-blùe 

Biadali, imp. the stumps of wheat, rje, 

etc. left by the scythe; stubble 
Biagiita, a/, silly thing 
Biaacare, V. Bianchirà 
Biancastro, bianchétto, -a, a. whitish 
Biancastroniccio, am. extreme whiteness 
Biancastròne, biancóne, am. deadly white 
Bianchehraccia, 4. white-armed 
Biancheggiamtnto, am, whitening, white- 
Biancheggiante, a. growing white, foaming 
Biancheggiare, vn. i. to grow while, fóam 
Biancheria, tf. linen, linen-clothes 
Bianchésia, e/, whiteness, paleness 
Bianchiccio, -a, «. inclining to white, pile 
Bianchiménto, aw», bleaching, whitening 
Bianchire, pan. 3. to bleach, wish, grew 

Bianciardo, -a, a. V. Biancastro 
Biancicire, wo. I. V. Biancheggiare 
Bianco, tm. white, whiteness, blaac; white- 
wash; — dell'uòvo, white of an egg; era 
vestite di —, she wis dressed in white; 
dire II — (ai muri), to white-wish (the 
walls); far vedére il — per néro, In mike 
believe; lasciare in —, to leave a blank; 
lotto —, blank (in the lottery) 
Bianco, -a, a. white, pale, griy, win 
Bianooaorito, -a, a. bearing white flowers 
Biaaeolfao, Mancacelo, -a, a. whitish 
Blaneomangiire, tm. hlaac-manger (ragout) 
Biancore, am. whiteness, V. Biuchéssa 
Biancòso, -a, a. very white, white as snow 
Biancospino, tm. (oof.) hawthorn, white 

Biancovestito, -a, a. dressed In white 
Biancume, tm. whitishness 
Binate, am V. Vagabóndo 
Biascire, biascicare, va. I. to mump, chaw 
Blasciarosari, «m/. F. Bacchettóne 
Biascicóne, tin. one who mumps, chews 
Biasimare, blasmire, va. 1. to blame, cen- 
Biasimabile, «. blimeabla, blame-worthy 
Biasimato, -a, a. hlimed, censured 
Biasimatóre, -trice, am/, blimer 
Biasimévole, a. blameable, reprehensible 
Biasimevolménte, adv. reprebensibly 
Biasimo, biasmo, tan. blame, reproach, 

fault; dégno di —, blameworthy 
Biastemmare J van. i. (anL) V. Beeuam* 
Biastemmiare I mlare 
Blivo, «. lided 

Bibace, e>. bibacions, load of drinking 
Bibbia, tf. Bible, holy scripture; non mi 
lire una —, pray none of your long sto- 
ries (or speeches) ; farin la — insieme, 
the old man will marry the young girl 
(alluding to the Old and the Mow Testa- 
Bibbio, em. (hot.) wild dùck 
Binare, (Lai.) va. 1. sir. (poet) to drink 
Bibite, a/, draught, drinking beat, cup 




— 115 — 


BMlòrié, em. (anas.) abdneent nàtele of 

Bàtico, -a, a. biblical, serìptoral 
BMlètio, m. léTtr of Moki, bibliophile 
BiMefrafta, e/, bibliography 
Biittègrafe, em. bibliographer 
Bibliomane, em. bibliomaniac, beokwtrm 
KtUeemafa, e/. Wbliominia 
BtlUetéca, a/, library; — ambulante, ltring 

hUioteeério, mi. librarian; adito — , rader- 

Bica» e/, rick, etaek, héap, pile; Montar 

iella -, to tf oot iato a passion 
Bicarbonato, tm. (cheta.) bicarbonato 
flkckkrije, tea. drtnkiog-glaea maker, aèller 
Bieehiacda, tf. trifle, F. BajAcola 
Bicchière, am. drinking.gliaa 
Biedierétto, bicchierino, tm. salili fitta 
Bkcaferéae, tea. largo glass, tnmhler 
Biecaiarétto, ama pretty Urge gliaa 
Bieciaeftlo, tea. twibil, twó-edged adi 
Bkdeéece, Bicòcca, e/, hamlet on a bill» 

Bfedethera, a/, réatife bone, mjole, ita, 

Bidiaeele, a/, eée-elw 
Bicipitale, «, bicipital, bidpitone 
Biefpila,em. (a* ai.) biceps; a. bicipital» 

akfiag two bèada 
Bicolore, o. bicolor, hiring two dialitici 

Keèrao, bicornuto, -a, a. biconi, bicòrn- 

Bieèrala, tf. bipaoted anril, blckern 

Bidilo, am. (a«i.) foot soldier 

Biàitte, mi. béadle, mice-bearer 

Bifealato, -a, a. bidéaUl, hiring two teeth, 

tutelate, two-tAolhed 
Bidéau, aia. pitchfork, plek-axe, mattock 
fiidetto, m. pony, pad, nag 
BMolle, m. (froC) F. fiéola 
Biecamente, aie. with an érti afe, aikew 
Bièco, -a, a. eqnintlng, griaa, bitter; rimi- 
rar eoa òcchio —, to look with a ren- 

eeroaa or malevolent eje 
Bieeaile, bienne, a. biennial 
Bièaaio, fa», two years, apace of twò fears 
Biéu, i/. y. Biètola 
Biètola, tf. (boi.) béet (root) ; lasero or 

'«Ire in —, to melt with ténderneaa ; 

e'i eome la — nei tortelli, he ia a mere 

etpher there 
Bietolaggine, a/, atnplditr, foolishness 
Bietologgiàre, w». 1. to bo enerrited, ef- 

ftmiaete, weak 
Bietolone, ana. booby, ninny 
KtUa» a/, wedge, basil; èssere ana mala 

-, to be a mikebiie 
Wettéae, am. big foot; wide chin 
BiOrlo, a, a. biHrlons, two-fold; (bos.) 

pealing twft ways 

Bifedd, -a, a. (boi.) bifid, two-deft 
Bifero, -a, a. {bet) biferona, bearing fruit 

twice a year 
Biffa, «/. èptic lèrci 

Biflòro, «a, a. bf fiorone, bearing twé lew>ere 
Bifólco* a/, acre, F. Babele* 
Bifolcheria, a/, tillage, husbandry, pléògb- 

Bifólco, bifolco, am. plAghmai, hheband- 

Biforcaménto, am. bifurcation, separation 
Biforcarsi, wr/. lo be biforcate, bifurcated, 

forked; (0/ rood*) to fork «. 

Biforcilo, -a, a. blfbreated, forked \ 

Bifbreasióne, biforcato™, a/, biforcati**. 

forking, division into two brindine 
Biforco, em. fork, pitch-fork 
Biforcato, -a, a. bi forcone, two-forked 
Bifórme, a. bifórmed, of two snipes 
Bifrónte, a. two-faced, decéitfal 
Biga, a/, two-whed-cirriage, car, cart 
Bigamia, tf. bigamy 
Bigamo, -a, am/, bigamist, one who has 

.committed bigamy 
Bigatto, bigftttolo, em. silk worm, carte» 

pillar; wicked man, fiscal 
Bigèllo, «in. Mése, coarse camlet 
Biiéooino, -a» (hot) bigeminal*; twin- 
Bigerégnolo, -a, a. somewhat gray 
Bigètto, -a, a. somewhat griy 
Bighellóne, am. blockhead, dance, dolt 
Bigherijo, awe. bnfloon, mèrry-indrew 
— tm. thrèad-lice-miker, seller 
Blgherito, -a, a. adorned with bone-lice 
Bigherino, am. narrow lice, edging 
Bighero, am. bone-lice, phrl, thréad-Uee 
Bighino, bighiótto, am. hypocrite, beghird 
Biglccio, -a, o. somewhat griy, griyiah 
Bigio, tm. griy color 
—, -a, a. griy, griyish 
Bigióla, tf. (cm.) torn-tit, tttmftse 
Bigione, am. bigia, a/, fig-pécker, beccafico 
Biglia, a/. (Tory-bill, btlliard-bill 
BigHirdo, tm. billiards, btlllard-tible; gtno- 

ciré al —, to pliy at billiards; fare ana 

partita al —, to pliy a game of billiards 
Bigliétto, tm. bill, note, cird, ticket 
Bigllóne, tm» debased coin 
Bigogliòne, bigolóne, am. blockhead, dunce 
Bigóncia, a/, rat, Urge tnb, pulpit, chair; 

montar in —, to mftnt ijie pùlpit, enact 

the moralist 
Bigoncina, blgoncétta, a/, amili rat, tab 
Bigóncio, tm. rat, Urge tub 
Bigoncióna, tf. Urge vat 
Bigónia, bignónla, #/. (boi.) trùmpet-flówor 
Bigordare, va. to tilt, F. Bagordare 
Bigérdo, tm. pike, linee 
Bigotteggiire, on. I. to be a bigot, to act 

Tike a bigot 
Bigotteria, a/, bigotry, tCt of bigotry 
Bigotto, -a, a, bigot; bigoted; am/* bigot, 



— 116 


Bilancèlla, tf. small pair of sciles, bai* 

Bilancia, tf. balance, béam and sciles ; 
dare il tratto, il tracòllo alla —, to 
turn the scale ; ripórre in — nna còsa, 
io weigh, examine, consider a matter ; 

. pesare colla — dell'orafo, to weigh most 
accurately, to examine very minutely; 
tenére pari la —, to be impartial 

— a/, squire fish-net, square hoop-fishing- 
net; swing-tree, har or swing bar of 
a coach ; èsser in —, to water, be irres- 

Bilanciajo; am. scale maker or seller 

Bilanciaménto, em. ponderition, weighing 

Bilanciare, va. 1. to weigh, examine, pon- 

Bianciato, -a, a. weighed, examined 

Bilanciatóre, -trfce, am/, ponderer, one 
who weighs in bis mind 

Bilancière, tm. pendulum, flier (of a watch) 

Bilancino, -a, tmf. small scales, splinter 
or, trice-bar of a cirriage; postilion's 
horse, leader, postilion 

Bilancio, am. bilance; ledger; parallel; il 
— bitte, the accettai is right 

Bilaterale, a. (laud) bilateral, (of eon- 

. tracts) reciprocal 

Bilbochétto, am. bilboquét, cup and bill 

Bile, a/Ubile, chóler, spleen., wrath; far 
montar la —, to provoke 

Bilènco, -a, a. bandylegged, V. Sbilenco 

Bilia, bilie, tf. picker's tightening stick 

Biliirio, -a, a. biliary, bilious 

Bilicare, va. i. to counterpoise, set in equi- 

Bilicato, -a, a. poised, weighed, eximined 

Bilico, tm. équipòlie, equilibrium; hinge; 
swipe; séo-siw; stire in —, to be in see- 
saw, ready to fill; méttere in —, to póìse, 
to plice in equilibrium; tenére in —, to 
poise, to hold in equilibri nm 

Biliettito, -a, a. billeted, quirtered 

Bilinguo, -a, better bilingue, a. double- 
tongued, false 

Bilióne, am. billion, a thousand millions 

BUiórsa, tf. chimera, bugbear 

Bilióso, -a, a. bilious, choleric, irascible 

Biliottilo, -a, a. speckled, studded 

Billóra, tf. jest, trick, wiggery, merry mis- 

Billo, urn. {local) turkey-cock 

Bilti, bielti, (ant.) V. Belli 

Bilurchia; fire —, to cheat, impóse upon 

Bilustre, a. of two lustres, ten years 

Bimano, a. (natural history) Mminous, 

. twò-binded 

Bimbo, ira. baby, plùmp chhbby child 

Bimèmbre, a. hiring two members; double- 

Bimèstre, a. of two months; — tm. (the 
spice of). two. months 

Bimólle, tm. (mat.) B flat 

Binare, tm. 1. to twin, bear twins, pair 

Binario, -a, a. binary, two. double; m 

(raittoayt) rail 
Bioascénia, if. the birlh of twins 
Binilo, -a, tmf. and a. twin, twin-born 
—, -a, a. of two natures 
Bindèlli, «/. ribbon, riband 
Bindolare, va. i. V. Abbindolare 
Bindoleria, a/, winding Artifice, cunning 
Bindolo,- am. swing, sée-siw, torn, de- 

Bindolòoe, tm. shirper, knirish flitlerer 
Binocolo, un. òpera glass; binocle, binoc- 
ular telescope 
Binòmio, tm. (alg.) binomial; — di New- 
ton, binomial theorem 
Bloccolito, bioccoluto, -a, a. fléecy, flòcky, 

Bioccolétto, ém. smill flock of wool, flake 
Biòccoli; lina in —, a/, fléece; raccògliere i 
—, ivulg.) to witch, to be on the witch, 
to look ftt, to be on the look fill 
Biòccolo, tm. flock of wool, tuft 
Biódo, am. rush (for miking mils) 
Biografia, if. biography 
Biografico, -a,. a. biographic, biographical 
Biògrafo, tm. biographer 
Biònda, tf. wish for. the hair 
Blond are,, «a. 1. to give a light golden hòe, 

to mike fair, yellowish 
Blondeggiinte, a. growing fair, yellowish 
Biondeggiare, wis. I. to grow, or be fair 
Biondèlla, if. (hot) centaury, sponge- 
. liurel 

Biondello, biondétto, -a, a. somewhat fair 
Biondézza, tf. flaxen color, fair complexion 
Biòndo, -a, a. fiir, light, flaxen 
Biordare, vn. (ant.) i. to tilt, revel, V. 

Bióslo, -a,, a. speaking indfstlncly; a —, 

adverb, at the worst 
Biòtto, -a, a. (ant.) poor, Indigent, niked 

V. Meschino 
Bipartibile, a. bipirttble, that may be di- 
vided into two 
Bipartire, va. 3. to divide into two part! 
Bipartirsi, vrf. to divide, pirt in two 
Bipartito, -a, a. bipartite, divided into 

Bipedile, a. bipètalous, of twd leaves 
Bipede, tm. and a. biped, two-footed 
Bipènne, tf. (poet.) twó-edged axe 
Biquadrato, -a, a. (alg.) biquadritlc, of 

the fourth degree 
Biquidro, bequadro, tm. (mui.) natural 
Biricchio, tm. rag. tiller, V. Brandèllo 
Birba, if. friod, malice, craftiness; phaeton 
(of a man) beggar, cheat, vagabond, 
thief; bitter la —, andare aUa -, to 
mump, beg 
Birbacchinóla, — òlo, tfm. little rogue 
Birbacclóne, tm. villain, scoundrel 
Birban tare,, vis. i. to live by begging 
Birbante, am. rogue, scoundrel, idle beggar 
Birbanteria, tf. knavery, roguery, rascality 


— 117 — 


fiatóne,, «to. big làzy beggar, mùmper 
Birboneggiare, van. 1. to mnmp, beg 
) Birboneria, birbonata, ef. roguery, knavery 
Bircio, -a, a. short-sighted, squinting- 
Biréme, «/. galley with two revs of rowers 
Binbara, «/. squabble, confusion, tumult 
Binbisso, «a. biribi (game of hazard) 
Biricfaiaàta, «/. knavish,, roguish, rascally 

Birichino.* ». àrchin, naughty bo?, low 

or good for nothing fellow, wretch 
Birilli, smp. Bine pins, skittles 
Biroccino, tut. phaeton, curricle, cabriolet 
Biròccio, as*, cirt, chariot, V. fiaròccio 
Birra, ef. beer, small beer 
Buricchio, mi. calf a year old; loin of 

Birrajo, am. brewer, beer seller 
Birraria, a/, brewery, beer-garden, ale- 

Birreria, ef. constabulary force 
Birresco, -a, a. bold, impudent; of beer 
Birra, birrovière, em. bailiff, sèrjant; dire 
le sue ragioni ai birri, to do séme thing 
quite useless; Are il — a una còsa, 
to tie something 
Birróne, em, strong beer, ale; surly police- 

Bis, adv. {Lat.) twice; (at theatre) encore 
Bisaccia, ef. wallet, saddle-bags 
BisaQftéo, bisantino, «a», bizantine, spàngle 

Bisiva, bisàvola, $/. greàt-grandmóther 
Biziv o, bisavolo, em. great-grandfather 
Bisbetico, -a, a. whimsical, moróse 
Btsbigliaoséato, em. whispering 
Bisbigliare, va. i. to whisper, speak low 
Bisbigliatóre, -trice, emf. whisperer, mux- 

Bisbiglio, «w*. whisper, marmar, rumor 
Bisca, «/• gàming-héuse 
Biscajaòlo, em. gamester, gambler, cheat, 
Biscaatare I va. I. to ham, sing low, 
Btscanterellire ( often, again and again 
Biscanto, em. corner, hiding-plàce; dùet 
Biscazza, Discaccia, a/, gàming-héuse, hell 
Biscazzare, v*. i. to game awày one's 

Biscazzière, em. gamester, V. Bieeajaólo 
Biscazzo, «as. btschénca, ef. dirty trick 
Biftcfeero, em. peg (of a stringed instru- 
Btecfeerwccio, biacherèllo, bischerellino, em, 

smaU peg, pin 
Biscfeetto, «ws. shoe-maker's tool-bénch 
Biscbizsare, vn. 1. to muse, V. Fantasti- 
Bischizzo, aws. invention, V. Invenzióne, 

Biscia, ef. (tool) snàke; camminare a — , 

to go winding about 
Biscióne, em. large snake, great serpent 
Biscàaóla, ef. little adder, worm 

Biscolóre, a. speckled 

Bisconldrto, -a, a. quite distorted, crooked, 

Biscottare, va. I. to bake hard (twice), 

Biscoitéllo, biscottino, em. sngar-cake 
Biscotteria, ef. place where biscuits are 

made or sold; confectionery 
Biscottinista, emf. biscuit maker, seller 
Biscottino, em. biscotin, sweet biscuit 
Biscòtto, em. biscuit, séa brèaàV sngar- 
cake; entrar in mare sènza, —, to put to 
sea without a compass 
— , -a, a. baked twice, revised 
Biscròma, ef. (mus.) demi-semiqnàver 
Bisdòsso; a — , adv. bare-backed, F. Bar- 
Biségolo, «01. polisher (shoe- maker's tool) 
BisesHre, vn. to bé leap year, bissextile 
Bisestile (anno), em. leap year, bissextile 
Bisesto, em. bissextile 
Bisforme, a. bifòrmed, of two shapes 
Bisgènero, em. grind-daughter's husband 
Bisillabo, -a, a. dissyllabic, of two syl- 
— em. dissyllable, word of two syllables 
Bislacco, -a, a. uncouth, disjointed, unac- 
Bisleàle, a. disloyal, faithless, V. Sleale 
Bislessare, va. I. to parboil, bòli a little 
Bislésso, -a, a. half done 
Bislungo, -a, a. oblong 
Bismàlva, ef. (boU) marsh-mallow 
Bismuto, sm. (min.) bismuth 
Bisnipóte, emf. grand-nephew, grand-niece 
Bisnònno, -a, emf. V. Bisàvolo, -a 
Bisógna, Bisognamelo, efm. business 
Bisognare, v. unip. i. to wint, need, must 
(This rerbs tikes after it che before the 
following Terb in the subjunctive mood, 
or it is preceded by the conjunctive pro- 
nouns mi, ti, etc., and the following 
verb in the infinitive mood without prep.) 
Example*, 1st. — Bisógna che io vada, 
I mast go ; — oh' egli Tenga, he most 
còme; — che noi lo facciamo, we mast 
de it; — che sappiate, yon mast know ; 
and. Mi — danaro, * wint money; tì bi- 
sognerà danaro, you will want, need, or 
require money 
Bisognévole, a. necessary, needful 
Bisognino, em. little want ; — fa l'uòmo 
ingegnóso, prov. exp. necessity is the 
mother of invention 
Bisógno, em. need, want, exigency, lack ; 
aver — di, to want, need, stand in need 
of ; al — si conósce an amico, prov. 
exp. a friend in need is a friend indeed 
Bisognóso, -a, a. needy, indigent 
Bisqaàdro, em. (mue.) natural 
Bissessoalc, a. bisèxoas, consisting of both, 

sèxes; (ooi.) bisexual, hermaphrodite 
Bissillabo, em. dissyllable 
J — , -a, a. dissyllabic *■ 




— 118 — 



Bisso, tin. tyssos, floe linen, or flex 

Bistollte, t/. (tnin.) bfssolile 

Bissóote, bisónte, tm. {wool.) bison; wild 

ox, buffalo 
Bistante, tm. mean time, F. Frattanto 
Bistécca, */. béef-stake - 
Bistentare, tm. i. to sutler from Vint, be 

Bistènto, tm. penary, indigence, distrias 
Bisticciaménto, tut. quarrel, dispito 
Bisticciare, bisticcici», tm. i. to dispito 
Bisticcio, bisticoico, tm. pio , quibble ; 
stare sul — con uno, to bandy words, 
to quarrel witb one 
Bistinto, -a, a. twice d+ed, F. Ritinto 
Bistondire, va. i. to mike roundish 
Bistóndo, -a, a. rather round, roundish 
Bistort, tm. bistoury, Incision-knife 
Bistornire, va. 1. to divert, deter, F. Slor- 

Bistòrta, «/, tortuosity, lixure ; (boi) bis- 
tort, snakeweed 
Bistòrto, -a, a. crooked, oblique, deceitful 
Bistrattiro, va. 1. to treat ill, F. Mai- 

Bisulco, *a, a. cloven-footed, forked, bifid 
fiisioto, -a, a. Tiry greasy, F. lasavar- 

Biternito, -a* [a* {bot.) nitirnate, doubly 

Bitórxo, am. bùmp, knob, wirt, timor 
Bitonolito, -a, a. fill of bumps, knotty 
Bitòrsola, bitorcolétto, «us. smill tumor 
Bitta, •/. (mar.) bile, bitt 
Bitontòne, out. very Urge flg 
Bituminare, va. 1. to bitumlnite, bitumi- 
Bitime, M. bitumen 
Bituminóso, -a, a. bituminous, unctuous 
Biota, «/. plistor (of coarto ingredients) 
Biutire, va. 4. to plistor 
Bivaccare, tm. 1 (mil.) to bivouac 
Bivacco, tm. (mil.) blvonac 
Bivalvo, -a, a. bivalve, having two valves 
BlTaro, tm. beater, castor, F. Gattiro 
Bivio, tm. parting of a road, cross roads 
Bivéntre, a. bivéniral, baring two billies 
Bfua, a/, wràth, rigo, F. Collera 
Bissarraroéntt, adv. oddly, strangely 
Bissarrétto, -a, a. irritable, somewhat odd 
Bisiarria, «/. anger, flish of wit, whim; 
entrare or montire in —, to grow angry, 
fly into a passion 
Biuirro, -a, a. passionate, irascible, odd 
Bluètte; a —, adv. tmp. In quantity, plenty 
Bixsócca, Disseccherà, biisoecòae, tfm. big- 
oted old mild, hypocrite, V. Bacchet- 
Biuùea, biatiga, «/. turtle, lòrtmtt, F.Te- 

Blandiménto, tm. blandishment, eóaiing 
Blandirò, va* 3, to flitter, wheedle, fondle 
Blanditilo, -a, a. of hit ndish monte, ca- 
rtaio* - 

Blandiste, «/. caresses, fondling, wheedl- 
Blindo, -a, a. blind, soil, mild, affable 
Blasfemare, va. (Lot poti.) F. Bestem- 

Blasfemia, a/, (ant.) F. Bestémmia 
Blasfèmo, tm. (pott) V. Bestemmiatore 
—, a, a. (poet) blasphemous 
Blasmire, va. 1. to blame, F. Biasimiro 
Blasonare, va. to bliaon, dook 
Blasóne, tm. bliioary, irt herildic 
BlatoaisU, tm. blaaoeer, one voned in 
blasone ry 

Blaterare, va. 1. te ebitter, prite, priltle, 
BlitU, «/. (uni.) calle* in Tamtanv ptat- 

toU, tf. in Homo bagheròsso, tm., in 

NapUt scarafóne, mi. cock-róach; mill- 

Blefarite, tyeforoflalmle, t/. inflammation 

of the eyes 
Blènda, t/. (min.) blindo, meek òro, native 

sulphurate of sine 
Blennorrtffa, blennorrèa, tf. (wttd.) bleo- 

oorrhota (Inordinate discharge of mucus) 
Blèso, -a, a. stuttering, F. Bilbo 
Blinde, tpf. (fort) blinds, pellsidoes 
BUto, tm. (bot.) bilie, strawberry spinach 
Bloccire, va. 1. to block up, blockade 
Bloccatura, */. blockide, shitting òp 
Blòcco, tm. siege; lump; blockhead 
Boa, tm. (soot.) bòa, boa constrictor 
Boarina, */. (oris.) witer-wig-tiil 
Boaro, boattiéro, tm.cò%-herd,rtitie4éaler. 


Boato, tm. bellowing, loving (of oxen, etc.) 
Bobòlco, tm. ploughman, V. Bifolco 
Bócca, «/. mouth; titte, aperture; (mar.) 
the extreme width of a ship; — del pfco 
(mar.) the cheeks of the gaff; — di fuoco, 
gun, cannon ; — dello stomaco, the pit 
of the stomach; andare in — ti tipo, to put 
one's self in the hinds of one's enemies; 
avere in — una còsa, to apeak of aim* 
thing; portare or menare per— uo, to 
apeak ill of a person; èssere male in — 
di alcino, to be spoken against, abused 
by a person; turare la — ad uno, to si- 
lence one; stiro e — aperta, to listen at- 
tentively; méttere di —, to say more than 
the truth; essere di buòna — ,4o be a 
great eater; essere largo di —, to talk 
at random; parlare a — apèrta, to speak 
too much; favellare colla — piccina, to 
apeak with caution; dire a -, to inform 
ty word of mouth; quando mi vide, fece 
— da ridere, he smiled when ho aiw me; 
ho dièci bócche da mantenére, 1 hive 
then mouths (people) to feed; in — chiòsa 
non entrò mai mósca, prov. tmp. noth- 
ing asked, nothing had ; — . a — , adv. 
—p. face to fiee ; a — baciata, adv. 
txp. easily, willingly 
fioecaccévole, beccaceiiae, a. in the style 
of Boccaccio 



— 119 


Beccaceewelaeato, exfo. in Boccaccio 't 

nWiecin, a/. Urge ugly month 
aeecalajo, ewa. potter, ose who makes de- 

càatere, jnge, mngs 
laccato, est. decantar, globular glass rèt- 
ni emtrtàiuiug at English pini; pint, 
pot» jng 
i-pòrti, empi, (mar,) hitches 

i. ea. 4. to BAU», Mix» with tiie 
ilh, ini 
i, e/. mAlhful, gulp, slap on the 
face; prèndere uà — d'Aria, to take an 
airing; non ut taper —, to knów nothing 
eTit, F. Acca 
Boccate, -a, a. mouthed, having a ménta 
Beeentftra, «/. (mar.) Ih» width of a ihip 
Beccoliate, am. sort of cake 
faccétta, a/, pnful; staili bad, bttton 
Bacete eYèelo, a/, pi. elafU ia the Botat- 
ala*, arem whence cóid winds ione 
BoccsWgfiaatéato, em. gAspiog, déath-gaap 
Boccnoggiénto , e. gAaplng, F. Agonix- 

■occaafgiira, om. 1. to gasp, bé djing; 

(évi) lo éat a slt Ut 
Bocchétta, a/, amili month; ear (of the 

Becchi; tor —, to mike months, wry 

Boeebfaa, */. bocchino, am. pretty little 

Bocchipénota, a/, {aool.) polecat 
Boccia, a/, bad, halloa; pimple; mitrata ; 
(play) bowl; gleocire alle bòceie, to 
play at bowls 
Bocciare, aw*, one who mikaa or eelle (play) 

Boecieato buccicAto, a/. F. Boccata; non no 

aapor —, to kaów aothiog of it 
Boccino, awa. amili bowl; non mi tar girare 

il — , don't rax me 
— , -a, a. of black-cattle, of òxea 
Beccaotoao, -a, «, full of bode 
Boccinolo, boccioliao, am. bad, réed, citala 
BotunnlAne, am. lirge bod, button 
Bòccola, a/, ear-ring; bow, stnd (amili orn- 
BecconcéUo, —Ino, am. bit, little month- 
Boecoao, am. mouthful: bit; pill; bait, 
brino; — ghiótto, nice dainty bit; — 
calla vergogna, bit toft in the dish for 
complimento; pigliare il —, to tike a 
bribe; prendere, chiappare ai —, to mike 
take the halt ; contare i bocconi ad 
», to giro one jatt whit it necessary 
—, bocconi, «e?*, flat on one's lice; cader 

—, te fill apòa oae's face 
Beccaccia, beecuxxa, */. pretty little month 
Beccato, -a, a. wide mouthed 
Beco, a/, roteo, word, noto, F. Vóce 
Bocjaeeia, a/, strong vesce, lond rOee 
Badare, «a. I. divulge, publish, trumpet 

Bodioo, em. pudding 
Bodriére, «m. shoulder-belt, F. findriére 
Bòffice, «m. paff, swell, hard bitcnit 
Bofficióne, em. plnmp, fat well-fed man 
Bofonchiare, on. I. to mutter, F. Borbot- 
Bòga, bòca, un. (icht.) hoops 
Bogara, a/, lirge net for catching boeps 
Bdgia, a/, {ant) slight disease, indispo- 

Bogliénto, o. boiling, Ardent, inconstant 
Bdja, §m* hangman, executioner 
Bojirdo, em, boyar, Haitian nobleman 
Bojera, a/. Flemish sloop, small tèssei 
Bojétta, a/, cruel woman, bingman's wife 
Bolire, a. bòiary, of the nature of hole 
Bolarménico, bolarmèno, am. (pharm.) 
Armenian bole 

Bolcionire, van. I. to bntt, ruin one 'a 

Bolcióne, am. (mil.) bhttofing-fam (an- 
cient war engine) 
Boldòne, am. black pudding 
Boldronijo, am. wool, blanket-merchant 
Boldrone, am. fleece, wool, blanket 
Bolero, em. bolero, a fàYoarile dance in 

Bolèto, em, (boi) bolétnt, n gonna of 

Bolgétta, em. little bag, raltse, willet 
Bòlgia, a/, ralite, willet, budget; bulge or 
crack in the ground, dirk hole; far bol- 
ge, to bulge out, F. Rigonfiarsi 
Bolgicchino, em, hAlf boot, F. Borxac- 

Bolgiccbira, em, F. Stivalétto 
Bòlide, am. bòlis (a Uro-bill darling through 
the air, followed bf n train of light or 
Bolina, «/. (mar.) bowline; boline di mae- 
stra, main bowls; boline larghe, stowing 
sheets ; andiro alia -, to sail with the 
Bolinire, va. (mar.) to lack, sail In the 

wind's e*e 
Bolioo, 8m. burin 

Bólla, a/, bubble, pimple, pustule, blister 
— a/, teal, tlamp, bull (pope't letter) 
Bollire, «a. I. to seal, stimp, brand 
Bollino, am. collection of bulls 
Bollito, -a, a. sealed, stimped, confirmed; 

carta bollila, stimped piper 
Bollènte, a. belling, hasty, fiery 
Bollétta, a/, billet, certificate of health 
Bollettino, em. tmill bill, note, schedule 
Bólli, bòtti, 9m. tó mutt, rumour 
BoUlcaménto, bollichio, em. slight bal- 
BoUicélla, a/, tmill bubble (of air or 

Bollicina, a/, little blister, pustule 
Bollicóso, -a, a. covered with polluter 
Bolliménto, em. baling, bubbling, ferment 
Bollire, vn. 3. to bai, bubble up, ferment 



— 120 — 



(qf «Mite, better) to work; — t scròscio, 

'a ricorsójo, to bai fast ; farla — t mal 

cuocere, to do something io a hurry and 

with&t dao consideration 

Bollito, $m. boiled meat; factitious crystal 

—, «a, a. boiled 

Bollitóra, «/. decoction, broth, ebullition 
BoUitiòne, $f. bollóre, m. boiling, ebul- 
Bóllo, m. slamb, séal 
Bolloso, tm. Urge nail 
Bellóre, un. bolllofr, impetus, rage 
Bollóso, -a, a. blistery, blistered, pimpled 
Bòlo. tm. bòle (kind of earth); pill 
Bologna ; la luna di —, one «bo makes 
himself quite a stranger («ho is missed 
in company); òro di — false gold 
Bolsaggine, if. asthma, pnrsiness 
Bolsfna, tf. pnrsiness, shortness of breath 
Bólso, -a, a. short-winded, aslhmitical 
Bolsonare, von. I. to bait, better, shoot 
Bolsonita, if. shoot of a •* bròad-headed 

Bollono, tm. battering-ram; broad-headed 

Bómba, tf. bomb ; butt, mark;' a pròva di 
— , bómb-preof; èssere a —, to be at one's 
ease ; per tornire a —, to return to our 

Boérfbanu, «/. feasting, extravagant living 
Bombarda, tf. mortar; bombard, bomb 

Bombardaménto, tm. bombardment 
Bombardare, va. 1. to bombard 
Bombardièra, tf. mortar platform, embra- 
Bombardière, bombardièra, tm. bombardier 
Bombare, on. i. V. Rimbombare 
— tm. 1. {from, bómbo) to drink, bib, sip 
Bombato, -a, a. convex, curved, swelled 

Bomberica, tf. a kind of gum 
Bómbice, tm. silk- worm 
Bombitare, tm. i. to bust (as bé^ 
Bomberò, -o, tm. (vulgj ploughshare/ V. 

Bombettire, va. 1. to sip, tipplo 
Bómbo, tm. drink (child's asking for drink) 
Bómbola, tf. pitcher, a pot for water 
Bombolétta, tf. small bottle, phial 
Bò mere, bòmero, tm. ploughshare, coulter 
Bomicire, vn. i. bomire, vn. 3. V. Vo- 

S.°XT I «*- (««"••) "'•» 1* 
Bonàccia, tf. dim, tranquillity, happiness 
Bonaeoiare, vn. 1. to grow cilm, still 
Boniccip, -a, a. good-natured; simple 
Bonaociòso, -a, a» tranquil, good-natured 
Bonaereménle, adv. (ant.) honestly, sincere- 
ly, V. Bonariamente 
Bonamènte, adv. seriously, in earnest 
Bonaparliino, -a, a. Bonapirlcan, pertain- 
ing to Bonaparte 

Bonapartfimo, am. Bonapirtism 
Bonapartista, tmf. Booapartist 
Bonariamente, adv. affably, kindly, good- 
Bonarietà; (ant.) —ade, —ite. tf. goodness, 

good nitnre 
Bonàrio, «a, a. good-natured, simple 
Bonaso, tm. {tool.) bonisus, bison, wild-ox 
Boncinèllo, tm. citeh, stipi e (of a lock) 
Bonétto, bonéila, tmf. bonnet; rails*, 
wallet (good 

Bonificaménto, ro. the bettering, miking 
Bonificare, va. i. to mike good, mend, 

mike up for 
Bonificarsi, vrf. to grow better, mend 
Bonificato, -a, a. improved, bettered 
Boni fi celióne, tf. accounting, melioration 
Boniti, —ite, — ide, bonitia, (ani.) I good- 
Bontà; (ani.) —ite, —lde, tf. | new, 

kindness, good- will, benignity 
Bono, «in. cheque, bond ; — del tesòro, 

treasury bond, exchèqoer-biU 
Bónxo, tm. bòni*, Chinese, Japanese priest 
Boote, tm. (attr.) Bootes, a northern con- 
Bòra, tf. serpent; bóreas (swot.), north- 
Borico, it», borax (artificial salt) V. Bor- 
ri ce 
Boricioo, borito, bòrico, a. (cAem.) boricic; 

icido —, boricio acid 
Borito, tm. {ehem.) borite 
R ór bigi, em. and a. simpleton, V. Balórdo 
Borbogliamene, tm. whisper, nease, tumul- 
tuous hòrly burly 
Borbogliare, vn. i. to whisper, mutter, 

speak lew 
Borboglio , tm. grumbling or rambling 

noise, uproar, quarrel 
Borbottaménto, tm. murmur, grumbling; 

tméd.) rambling noise (of the bowels) 
Borbottare, vn. i. to mùUer, grumble, 

Borbottato™, -trice , ens/, grumbler,' V. 

Borbottino, ani. narrow-nécked notile, góod 

Borbottio, tm. murmuring 
Borbottóne, tm. grbmbler, mùtlorer 
Bòrchia, tf. boss, stùd (small ornament) 
Borchiijo, tm. boss, stud, spingle-màker 
Borda, tf* {mar.) a kind of Latine sail 
Bordaglia, tf. (ant.) populace, Vi Bruì- 

Bordare, va. 1. to cùdgel; board, (cover 

with boards); còme on shore 
Bordata, tf. {mar.) bròad-side; prèndere 

una —, {mar. to tack 
Bordilo,- tm. striped, rariegited cloth 
Bordatura , tf. {mar.) shéathing, séaa. 

Bordeggiare, on. 1. to réer, taci about 
Bordelli™, vn, 1. to frequent hedges of ill 



— 121 — 


faMlirla, «/. trifle, foolish thing 
filière, #m. frequenter of bad houses 
E,'ùeUo, #». house of ill fame; tumult 
i '--io, m. border, hem; {mar.) board» deck 
fotas, m» staff (of a pilgrim); bass 
cari; gli fa— , ho pays him the accóm- 
paineat, he acta like him mi si riz- 
uroao i bordóni, mi Tennero i bordóni, 
■7 hair stood on end 
Perdóni, mp. flrst wing feathers, down 
fcrdora, if. (heraldry) border, bordure 
Iona, m. {poet,) bòrea», north wind 
£ -eile, bóreo, -a, a. boreal, northern 
Borfiu, */. borough, suburb, market town 
&**hése, tmf. bàrgess, citizen (classes 
B>r|ti«fa, «/. the citizens, the middle 
tacito, to. small borough, large village 
Brghieeiuolo, tm. hamlet; small Tillage 
B.:rjhi|iàuo, -a, tmf. burgher, villager 
B«rgo, tm, bòroogh, suburb, mirket-tAn 
Benóne, am. borgognótU, tf. burganet, 

kvionet, Spanish murrion 
Bagolino, m, gabardine, common people's 

Bortooastro, am. burgomaster, magistrate 
foni, t/. haughtiness, arrogance, conceit 
tonare, v*. —irsi, vrf. i. to be prtfud, 


B)ri6ae, m. prtfud man, glorious fellow 
Bwtosètto, .huo, tm. sèlf-coneéited fol- 

Boriosità, tf pride, self conceit, Tain glory 
Borióso, -a, . proild, puffed up, haughty 
wù. imp. corner stones, buttresses 
Bornio, -a, a. (ant.) snort-sighted , V. 

tonnòls, <f. nni^ decision, mistake, 

Bono, im. ( an< .) boundary, limit, bórun, 

"in, Dante 
5° re » «. (cam.) boron 
Bom. «A hair, etc. to stuff chairs, stuff 
WTieut,t/. Téry bad stuff, leather bottle 
Borraccina, # m triTelling-lèather-botlle 
J^««e. i*. borax, artificial salt 
JwiliM, borrina, tf. (opt.) borage 
wire, vn. i. to fr ée 16 g, y % Aggbiac- 


^rraWUo, borroocèllo, m. raTine, stream 
***,*•. natural ditch covered wit thorns 

or bóshes 
torróne, tm. ratn f w4U)rr Urge raTioe 

m 1 * f ' P&rw ' *»H*e; the exchange ; è 
jj* -i he is on change; avere una còsa 
J* -, to be sure to obtain something ; 
*"•» V) hoard money, to lay np money ; 
r* - «rótta, to be niggardly ; ayére 

>* n * -, to be rich 

2»je, .ibi. poise-maker, seller 

EH2 '•' **- col-pùrse, pick-pocket . 

£*£ * PùnefuU 

SU *' I * foD » «*U pocket 

■*«•. borsellino, wi. Utile purse, bag, 

Borsétta, tf. borsiglio, sm. fób, small 

Borsétto, tm. mÓney-bag, Urge-pùrse 
Boróro, idi. (chtm.) bóruret, a combination 

of bóron with a simple body 
Borzacchlno, tm, bùskin, half- boot 
Boscaglia, tf. woods ; underwood 
Boscaglióso, -a, a. woody, full or woods 
Boscaiuòlo, tm. forester, wood-ranger 
Boscita, tf. grove, boscage 
Boscilo, -a, a. woody, full of trees 
Boscheréccio, -a, a. rural, silvan 
Boschettiére , tm. woodman, sportsman, 

Boschettfno, tm. smill grove, thicket 
Boschétto, tm. grove, small-wood 
Boschivo, -a, a. wood-land, woody 
Bòsco, sm. wood, forest, plantation of trees; 

èsser da — e da rivièra, to be fit for 

Boscoso, -a, a. woody 
Bosforo, sm. (geogr.) bdsporus, narrow 

sea, strait 
Bòsman, tm. (mar.) boatswain's mite 
Bo ss ino', tm. small box-trie 
Bòsso, bòssolo, sm. (bot.) box-tréo 
Bossolajo, tm. box- maker, seller 
Bossolélto, bossolfno, tm. smill box 
Bòssolo, sin. box, dico-box, vote-box 
Bossolòtto, tm. ilms-box 
Bostrichite, tm. bòstrychite, a gem in the 

form of a lock of hair 
Botànica, if, bòtany 
Botinico, tm. botanist, herbalist 
Botanologia, if. botanòlogy 
Botire, V. Votare (tirsi 

Botarsi, vrf. to devòte one's self, V, Vo- 
Bòto, V. Vóto 
Bòtola, tf. cave, trap-dóor, place under 

Botolino, tm. nisty little cut 
Botolo, tm. cur, m&ngrol dog, égli ó di 

rizza di can — , he is very revengeful 
Bòtro, tm, gutter made by a flood 
Bòtta, tf. tòad; blow, hit, thrust; repartee; 

armatóra di tutta — , an armour musket- 
proof; ricévere una mila — , to receive a 

severe blow 
Bottacctno, tm. smalt fligon, flask 
Bottaccio, tm. millpond, fligon, flask, 

fiottaceiuòlo, -a, a. tick and short 
Bottiglie, tfp. boots, V. Stivali 
Bottijo, tm. cóoper; commèrcio del — , 

cooperage ; lavóro, prèzzo di lavóro di —, 

Bollirne, sin. V. Bottame 
Bottina, tf. sort of linen-cloth 
Bottarga, boltarfca, tf. sort of caviare 
Bótte, if. cask, barrel tun, pipe (of wine, 

etc.); luògo ove si fibbricano le bòtti, 

cooperage; la — non può dire se non del 

vino che élla ha, prov. exp. you may 

know the horse by his harness 




— 122 — 


Bottéga, gf. shop ; — a rènio, — posticcia, 
still; a tiscio e — , adv. txp. next door, 
«lóto tf; siimo a usdo e —, wo lire 
close bj; rittar —, to Open or tot op a 
shop; fiorino di —, shop-bo?; commesso 
di —, shop-man; marinàio che roba nelle 
botteghe, shop-lifter; andare in giro di 
— in — (por fare acquisti), to go shop- 
ping; stire a —, {fig.) to mind one's bu- 
Bottegaio, -a, am/, shop-keeper, retailer 
Botteghetta, botteghina, tf. small shop, 

Botteghino, am. pèdlar's boi; hawker, ped- 
lar; lottery office; lottery office keeper 
Botteguecla, a/, shed, still, pèdlar's stand 
Bottèllo, tm. libel; giudicar dal — , to 

judge by the libel 
Botticèlla, a/, small birre!; small toad 
Botticéllo, am. amiti barrel, cask 
Boltieino, -a, tmf. small barrel; amili tóad 
Bottiglia, a/, bottle 
Bottiglie, ifp. (mar.) quarter galleries 
Bottiglière, am. butler, steward 
Bottiglieria, tf. butler's pantry, place for 

Bottinaio, am, nightman, cleaner of chess- 
Bottino, a», booty, plunder, pillage; mét- 
tere a —, to pillage, plunder; andare a 
—, to be pillaged 

Bòtto, tm. blow, strove; toll (of a bell); 
di —, suddenly, directly 
Bottonaio, tm. bùtton-màker, seller 
fiottonatnra, bottonièra, tf. buttons (of a 

Bottoueéllo, bottoncino, 9m. small button 
Bottóne, 9m» button, bud; non tile nn —, 

it is not worth a pin 
Bottoneria, a/, button-trade 
Bottonièra, if. button-hole 
Bottonière, am. F. Bottonijo 
Bottame, am. groit number of casks, bar- 
Bòve, buóra tfp. (ant.) fetters, shackles 
Bòre, 9m. (poet.) 01, V. Bue 
Bovietda, am. ox-killer, slaughterman 
Bovile 9m. ox still, eovr-hoese 
Bovina, buina, a/, cow's dung, sett 
Bovino, -a, a. of oxen, of the breed- of 

Bòisa, a/, swelling, blotch; rough draught; 
corrègger le bótte (di stampa), to cor- 
rect the proofs, V. Bótte 
Botiacehio , baxtacchidne , am. blasted 

Bottacchlre, 01s. 3. to grow stunted, decay 
fiotiacchiùto, -a, a. stunted, deformed 
Boriicela, e/, large swelling, blotch 
Bosiigo, ©onagro, am. (om.) boasard 
Boxtare, V. Abbonire 
Botte, if p. proofs (print); hostage relief 
Bottèllo, tm. (mar,) shell of a block, top 

Bonétto, tm. roagh-skitch; weaver's starch; 

bud, button 
Bottina, tm. wearer's stirch, gam-water 
Botaimire, va. ft. V Imbottinare 
Bottina, a/, (ani.) boiling, V. Bollitura 
Bosaininga, a/, (tool) rattle snake 
Bono, am. rough stone, block, free-stone; 

pool of spring-water; (ant.) cuckold 
Bottolarija, a/, woman that tells cakes in 

Bosaoliro, «a. 1. to taste, pick np 
Botsoliro, tm. seller of Venetian cakes 
Bottolétto, em. small swelling, timor 
Bòssolo, tm. swelling, cocoon, timor; mil- 
ler's peck or fee 
Botsolóso, bottolftte, -a, a. full of timore 
Braca, a/, (mar.) stopper, (rudder), span, 
breeching, stirs r ^' 

Bracito, -a, a. as fat as a mink, very fit 
Braccare, braccheggiare, va. 1. to scent 
Braccétto, am. small arm; andare a — . to 

walk arm in arm 
Braccheggio, tm. scenting, quest, Inquest 
Braecheria, a/, pack of dogs, hounds 
Bracehétto, tm. pointer, sitting dog 
Bracehiéro, am. huntsman, keeper of doga 
Brieei, tmp. (mar.) braces; — sécchi, 
cross-jack-braces; — di maèstra, mila 
briees; — di gabbia, main-top braces; — 
di trinchétto, fóre-brioes; — di pappa- 
fico, main-top-gillant-briees; — di par- 
rocchétto, fóre-top-brieee; — di laotiana 
mitten-brices; — di eontramenana, mix- 
len-top-briees; — di belvedére, mitten- 
top-gAUant-bricea; - di «rida, sprit» 
Braccia dell'incora, tfp. (mar.) the foukjt 

of the anchor 
Bracciajuòla, a/. I armlet, armor for too 
Bracciale, am. { arm, leather cuff * 
Braccialétto, tm. bracelet, V. Smaniglia 
Braccialétti, tmp. (mar.) braoepindanU 
Bracciante, am. hiadcraftsmaa , day-ii- 

Bracciiro, va. (mar.) to brace tao yards: 
— in cròco, to square tao yard; — to- 
prawénto, to brace the yard; — sotto- 
vènto, to brico a-loe ; — in faccia, to 
back the sail; — lo volo in pinna, to 
bring to 
Bracciita, a/, irmful, embrace, huf 
Bracciatillo, -a, am/. Urge cricking ette 
Bracetére, am. lidy's gentleman isher 
Braeciéseo, -a, a. brachial, of the irsn 
Braccio, am. braccia, tfp. arm, ambit; 
brace, orasse; (mar.) fathom; — eeeo- 
lire, secular power; a fona di briaci», 
with main strength; spèndere a braccia 
quadre, to Uriah, squander; stir collo 
braccia in cròco, to stand, ait with ome'e 
inns folded, to be Idle, to look on; Ore 
alio braccia, to wrestle; trattenére il — 
ad ino, to hold back oaa'a irm ; atom- 
doro ad Ano lo braccia* to hold emt eve's 




— 123 — 


Iras to om; predicare a braccia, to 
preach «tèmpore; buttarti neUe braccia 
d' une» to throw one '• self into one '• 
binds, to pat 111 one's trust in a person; 
gli cauearea la braccia, be grew dis- 
coèrafod; caspa salle braccia, ba earns 
bis own livelibéod; ci vorrebbero più 
braccia in questo cotonificio, mora bands 
(workmen) woald ba required in this 
Braccieltne, am. little arm 
Bracciadlo, em. the Arm of a chair; sèdia 

a bracciadli, Arm chair 
Bracco, -a, em/, (kind of short-tailed) set- 
ting dog; — da séguito, blood-hound; — 
da Oralo, pausar; — da Uva, questing 
Brace, a/, barniag dnders, red-hot cóals 
Brache, §fp. small clothes, breeches, hose 
Brachéatt, a/pL (buri.) V. Brache 
Brachétta, a/, ced-piéce 
Braeaeràjo, am, trass-maker; (iron.) aim- 

Brachiéro, am. trass, biadato, suspensory, am. short-hand writer 
Bricia, a/, rad-hot céals, cinders, ceka 
Braciaìaélo, am. cóal-merehant 
Bracière, am. braaier, pan for boning 

BracmoU, </. chop, steak, eètlet 
Braeiaelo, am. coka-mikar or seller 
Bracsaaao, am. Briamin, Indian philoso- 
Braco, am. dirt, mira, mud, slfma 
Bracano, em. big breeches; bóutor, coward 
Bradipo**, am. (cool.) bridypus, the sloth 
Brado, -a, a. unsubdued, wild (speaking 

Bradeae, am (ami.) epaalétte, sbóulder- 

dnéémm, am. crowd of oxen, calves 
Braghe, braghésee, e/p. breeches, hose 
Braghiéro, am* trass, bindage 
Bragia, a/, rad hot coals, burning cinders 
Brago, am. sand, mire, stimo, bog, mirsh 
Brama, a/, strong desire, ardent wish 
Bramitilo, a. desirable 
Bramaafiare, am relishing dish 
Bramiate, a. wishing, longing for, desir- 

Bramare, va. I. to wish, long for, desire 
Bramato, -a, a. àrde ally wished for, eèv- 

Brameggiare, va* I. to desire, wish again- 

and agata 
Bramino, am. F. Braeaano 
Bramirò, sra. 3. to howl; to hiss 
Bramito, em (ant.) the erj of many ani- 

Bramooamdate, ado. eagerly, wishfally 
Bramonia, a/, earnest desire, Ardent wish 
Bramóse, -a, a. desirous, eager 
Briaca, a/. eUw, talon, gripe, fang, dutch, 
paw, grappling iron, branch; scala a 

brioche, a branching or double stair- 
case; — orsina, a/, ((of.) bear's foot, 

Braneire, va. 1. to gripe, séìxe, F. ab- 

Brancita, a/. hAndfnl, small number 

Branebétto, em. small flock, herd, drove 

Branchiale, a. of the gills 

Brinchie, if. gills of fishes 

Brancicamene, am. touch (action), handl- 

Brancicare, va. 1. to handle, toèch, mal. 

Brancicato, -a, a. handled, touched, felt 
Braneicatòra, brancicóne, am. who handles 
Brancicóne, adv. groping, crawling* 
Brineo, sm. flock, herd, drove, pack, etc. 
Brancolare, en. 1. to grope along, fomble 
Brancolóne, brancóni, adv. groping in the 

Brancuecia, a/, branchlno, $m. small talon 
Brinda, a/, (mar.) hammock, swinging 

Brandèllo, am bit, rag, tatter, piece 
Braadiménto, §m. shaking, brindishing 
Brandire, van. 3. to brandish, wag, tremble; 

— il dito indice vèrso uno, to threaten 

Brindo, em. (poet.) swórd 
Brandòne, am. bit, pièce, rag, titter 
Brino, m. bit, pièce, part, rag, passage; 

fare a —, laoerire — a —, to teir to 

{liéces ; firsi a —, to be torn to pieces ; 
orare i brani di che che sia, to speak 

against something, to vilify it 
Brisca, a/, cibbage (of the early growth) 
Brasile, m. Brasll, BraalLwood (for dyeing 

red); sort of snuff 
Brasilétto, em. Bratilètto, an inferior kind 

of Brastl-wèod 
Bramire, ea. (mar.) to All the sails braced 

Brattila, a/, fithom, measure of six feet 
Britta (spalmatura), i/. mixture of pitch 

and tir 
Brittea, a/, (eoi.) braetea, brict 
Brattcola, a/, (bot) brieteole, little bract 
Bratteato, -a, a. (òof.) bratteate, briefed; 

(of medals) overlaid with gold or silver 
BriTa, a/, (bot.) kind of vetch ; sort of 

Bravaccio, bravano, em. blèstarer, bully 
Bravaccióne, em. F. Bravastdne 
BraTaménte, adv. brivel?, valiantly, stonily 
Braviate, a. braving, daring, affronting 
Bravare, va. 1. lo brave, threaten, defy 
Bravata, a/, bravido, bullying, Tapering 
Bravatèrio, -a, a. threatening 
Bravaxtéae, am. nsssy swaggering fellow 
Braveggiare, ea. 1. to bluster, to eniet 

the bully 
Braveria, a/, courage, valor, brivery 
Braviére, an. (ora.) calandra (species of 





— JL24 ^- 



Bravo, am. brave, hector, cut-throat, ruffian, 

_ f .a, a. brave, valiant, courageous 
Bravane, am. swaggerer, bully, cat- throat 
Bravura, a/, bravery, valor, spirit 
Brazzétta, if. (mar.) bràcepéndant ; — del 

parancbinétto di rito, reef tickie-tye 
Bréccia, a/, breach, gap, hole ; far —, to 

persuade, imprest 
Brefotròfio, em. prephòtrophy, orphanòtro- 

phy, hospital for orphans 
Brénna, $f. jade, sorry horse, old nag 
Bresciilda, —ana, — ólda, a/, demirep 
Brettélle, t/p. brice bands, straps, braces 
Brattine, $fp. (ant.) reins of a horse 
firétto, -a, a. barren, niggardly, covetous 
Breltonica, •/. V. Bettònica 
.Brève, em. brief, Pope's mandate; small 

relic (worn round the neck) 
—, brieve, am. brief, short inscription 
— , a. brief, short, concise 
—, adv. briefly; fra —,. shortly 
Brevemente, adv. briefly, in short 
Brevétto, (rescritto), em. writ, brevet 
Breviare, va, i. to abbreviate, abridge 
Breviàrio, breviale, breviare, ens. breviary 
Breviaxióne, a/. V. Abbreviamone 
BrevicéUo, brevicfuo, em. little relic, 

Breviloquènte, a. concise, comprehending 
. much in few words 
Breviloquènza, tf. brief, forcible eloquence 
Brevilòquio, $m. short discourse 
Brevità; (ant.) —àte, —ade; #/, brevity, 

Brézza, a/, little cold wind, breeze, gentle 

Brezzeggiàre, va. to blow a sharp breeze 
Breszolina, $f. gentle breeze 
Brezzolòne, $m. cold wind, (bad cold) 
Bria, a/, (ant.) measure, rule, order • 
Briachézza, a/, drunkenness, ebriety 
Briaco, -a, a. drhnk, inebriated, in liquor 
Briacóoe, am. drunkard, tippler, toss pot 
Bricca, </. steep craggy place 
Bricchétto, am. little Ass 
Bricco, $m. ass; Urge coffee pot 
Briccola, a/, catapult (war engine) 
Bricco lire, va. 1. to hùrl, shoot, throw 

Bricconata, a/, roguery, cheat, vlllany 
Bricconcèllo, $m. little rógne, libertine 
Briccóne, -a, am/, rogue, rascal, vaga- 
Bricconeggiare, va. 1. to lead a dissolute 

Bricconeria, a/, róguishnesa, knavery, vii- 

Bricia, a/, crumb, ehippings, raspings 
Briciola, Briciolétta, a/. I small 

Briciolo, Briciolétto, BricioHno, em. (crumb, 

mandare in bricioli, to break into the 

minutest pieces 
Brieve, V. Brere 

Briffàlda, a/, woman of ill fame, V. fisi. 

Briga, a/, trouble, uneasiness, pàin 

— a/, quarrel, dispute, "business, aflair • 
dar —, to barrasi, be troublesome; dirsi 
—, vrf. to work hard, to take pains • a 
gran -, ado. exp. with difficulty ' 

Brigadière, $m. (mil.) brigadier 

Brigantàggio, a», brigandage, ruffianly act, 

robbery, plunder 
Brigante, a. industrious. Intriguing, offl. 


— am. brigand, bandit; party-man. lac- 
tionary, ruffian 

Brigantina, a/, coat of mail 
Brigantino, em. brigantine (small-vessel) 

il^ l**' /'* ,ollcit ' ,lriTe ' ir J l <> 
obtain by indirect means; to sue or can- 
vass for 

B W *f i * m l I Aop ' band ' « on »P«7. crew, 
brigade; andar di -, to go together; tro- 
vàrsi in -, to meet together; — di star- 
ne, cdvey of partridges; pòca — vita 
beala, proo. exp. the fewer the belter 

Brigattccia, a/, bad company, crew, sot 

BrigatéUa, a/, small company, small 

Brigatòre, em. canvasser, competitor, can- 
didate, busy-body 

Brigidino, em. small càke made with sugar 
and ànice-séed; il — del tre colóri (poet.) 
the three coloured cockade 

Briglia, a/, bridle, reins, curb, check, re- 
straint; a — sciòlta, hètdlong, rashly; 
córrere a tutu — , to run full speed; 
lasciar la — in ani còllo ad uno, to 
leave one to himself, to gira him rope; 
tirar la -, (fig.) to hold a tight rein 
over, to keep a tight hand over; dir la 

— al cavallo, to give a horse the bridle; 

— del bompresso (mar.) the bòbstay 
Brigliàjo, em. bridle-maker, seller 
Brighèlla, a/, small, light bridle, sniffle 
Brigliòne, em. great, heavy bridle 
Brigliòzzo, em. civezon, eivesson, nose 

band, m&szle 
Brigoso, -a, a. quarrelsome, litigious 
Brillaménto, »m. brilliancy, splendor, Ins- 


Brillantare, va. 1. to eat a diamond into 

Brillante, $m. brilliant (diamond); — falso, 

false, imitation brilliant 
-, a. brilliant, sparkling, brfght 
Brillantano a. somewhat shining 
Brillare, tm. 1. to enfne, spirkle; thrill 
Brillato, -a, a. cleansed, pore, clean 
Brillatóio, Mm. sieve, séarce, bóulter 
Brillo, -a, a. tipsy, merry, half seas over 
Brimbala, a/, the brake or handle of a 

Brina, brinila, a/, white-frost, rfmo 
Brinare, va, 1. to rime 




— 125 — 


BrìaajBsU, */. (boi,) white conch grass, 

d<*'s piss 
Basito, -, a. griy, whitening, variegated 
Ertaceli, mp. (local) counters, tokens 
(it cards, etc) 

E'tndif», **. i. to toast, to name when a 
talth is drank, to drink to the health, 
ia honor of 

E'iidiiare, vn. i. V. Brindare 
Dnadùéroie, a. Ut for a toast 
c-!Bdin, sa», toast, health (in drinking) 
Brini», -a, a. hoary, *hite wit frost 
fri», s*. vivacity, sprighUiness, spirit, 

Maia, if. (boi.) bryony, white jalap 
f n'.io, •*, a. lively, brisk, clever, spirited 
Si'eiuéoto, *». shivering, V. Trèmito 
filali, */. game at cards; contare quanto 
il tw di —, to hive no authority, to be 
a Bére cipher; briscole, pi. blows, beat- 
ill; cudgelling; ebbe certe —, che se 
it ricorda per on pétso, he got a chd- 
pOiag he «ill long remember 
Britoosatia, e/, divi d iti on by dréams 
fcnndo, tm. shivering, igne, piercing 

fimiolito, -a, a. speckled, freckled, spot- 

BrinoUtftra, a/, speckle, spèckledness 
Brobbio, bròbbrio, aas. (ant ) ignominy, V. 

Brocca» a/, pitcher, jng, wàter-pot, jar; pit* 
«serial; bosh, verdure; mark; andare alla 
-» to perch, light on trees (said of birds 
°f H*J)i dare in — (imbroccare), to bit 
ito nìrk; andare di —, to happen ac- 
cfctjsg to one's wishes; di —, adv. tap. 
at ènee 
firoceardo, tm, (law) moot-case, moot- 

Joed», ««. 1. to ùrge, re 

woceita, •/. encounter, fight (first essay) 
taciitlle, am. variegated marble 
fcctttso, $m. sort of brocade 
eccito, in. palisade, fence; brocade 
» ■»» a. foil of prickly wood 
sheila, a/, small niil 
oetaiere, brocehidro, am. small buckler 
Crocciare, va. 1. (one.) to spur, prick with 

frfeco, am. splinter, shoot or rush that 
pricks; skewer; peg, tack; stud, nail; dar 
sei -, to hit the nail on the head 

&'oecole,fjit. sproni; bròccoli, amj>. brdcoli 

Braccato, broceolóso, broecòso, -a, a. 
touj, sprouted 

***», t/. iwiU, hog -wish, dirt, mul, 
bUv»; versar la — addosso altrùi, (wig.) 
to lty the bUme upon another 

Brodija, a/, thin soap, slop; {fig.) dull 
snlix speech er. writing 

fodsjo, brodaiuòlo, am. friend to broth; 
(ft.) a prolix, dull writer 

rot, s». hordes, plat bandi (in gardens) 

Brodettilo, -a, a. done in broth, gravy, 

Brodétto, em. broth mixed with eggs, since 
Brodiglia, e/, (vulg.) muddy water 
Brddo, »m. broth, soup 
Brodolóso, -a, a. dirty, prolix, greasy 
Brodóne, §m. sleeve-ornament 
Brodóso, -a, a. abounding with broth; with 

plenty of broth 
Brogiòtto, am. black September fig 
Brogliare, vn. 1. to rise, revolt, embroil 
Bròglio, am. bròli, tumult, nóìse, slander 
Bròllo, -a, naked, poor, V. Brullo 
Bròlo, tm. garlands, kitcken garden, grounds 
Bròmo, am. sort of fish; (hot.) bróme- 

Bronchi, amp. bronchia 
Bronchiale, brònchico, -a, a. bronchial; 

Bronchite, a/, (tned.) bronchites, inflamma- 
tion of the bronchial-membrane 
Bróncio, tm. anger, poTtt, pouting; fire il 
—, portare, tener il — , tò pout (at one); 
pigliire il —, to get in a passion 
Brónco, am. trunk, stnmp, stem 
Broneoeeie; tm (mod.) bronchocéle, goiter; 

Derbyshire neck 
Broncóne, am. big branch, prop (for vines) 
Brontolamento,, am. grumbling, muttering 
Brontolare, am. 1. to matter, grumble 
Brontolio, $m. mhrmnr, low muttering 
Brontolóne, $m, grumbler, briwler, scold 
t man), brontolóne, «A grumbling, brawl- 
ing woman; scold (woman) •shrew 
Brónzeo, -a, a. of bròmo 
Bronzino, -a, a. bronzed, brown, sun-burnt 
Bronzista, tm. mèi ter, founder (of brass) 
Brónzo, $m. bronze, cast copper, brass; i 

sacri —, the bells (of churches) 
Bròsza, a/, {loto Ttttcan) pimple 
Brucamàglia, */. nest of caterpillars 
Bracare, «a. .1. to browse upon, strip off 

the leaves, take one's self off 
Brocca, a/, (bot.) brown-wort 
Bruciacchiare, va. 1. Abbruciacchiare 
Bruciiglia, of. all manner of chips, shiv- 

ings, only fit for burning 
Bruciante* a. burning, inflamed, hot 
Bruciapélo; a —, adverb, with one's gun, 

pistol close tap 
Bruciare, van. I, to burn, (consume with 
fire); to itch sorely, to smirt; to be 
without money ; to want, be in want 
Bruciata, of. roasted chestnut 
Bruciatajo, am. chestnut-roaster, V. Cal- 
Bruciaticcio, em. burning (to the taste or 
smell); ha un sapóre di -*, it his a taste 
as if it was burnt; ha un odoro di —, it 
snélls of burning -, 
Bruciato, -a, a. burnt, of chèstnut-cftlor 
Brucio, tm. grub, caterpillar, vòrm 
firuciolito, -a, a. worm-eaten enamored 
.Bruciolénte, a. burning, fiery, hot 

-J A 


— 126 — 


Brìciolo, am. chip, sharing; small worm 
Bfocióre, tm. smart, burning, itch 
Braco, tm. (int.) grab, caterpillar; tassel 
brughièra» t/. héath (slice overgrown 

irith héath or fhrobt of any kind) 
Brugna, tf. pinta, prone, F. Prugna 
BrAgno, tm. (oof.) heath (shrub growing nat- 

arali y on waste land) 
Bruire, tm. 3. (ant.) to ramble (of the in- 
testines) F. Gorgogliare 
BrnlAaao, -a, a. (ami.) biénr-efed, F. Ci- 

Brulic&me, mi. source, spring; svini, F. 

Brulicare, «an. L to swirm, stir op 
Brulichio, tm. bAsxing, hnm, swèraing 
Brullamente, adv. {ant,) poorly, io bad 

Brullo, -a, a. ragged, naked, destitute 
Brolétto, ttm. fire-ship 
Brama, a/, mid-winter; (ent.) seatworm; 

Bramale, a. brumal, of winter; wintry 
Bramiste, aramAsto, tm. {bet.) sort of 

wild Woe 
Brina; alla —, «do. io the night-time 
Bronali, amp. {mar.) scuppers, acApper- 

Branimonto, am. the action of burnishing 
Branaato, brooétto, brandito, -a, «. brown- 
BraoAisa, a/. swlrthiness v brown oilor 
Bronfre, pa. S. to burnita, polish, correct 
Bronflo, -a, %. burnished, polished, re- 

Brooitójo, am. bfcrnishing-stick, bnrnisher 
B unitAre, om. bnrnisher, polhner, glosser 
BranitAra, a/, burnishing, polish, gloss 
Bruno, tm. mourning, mourning-clothes; 

essere a —, to be in Dooming 
—, -a, a. brown, dirk, gloomy 
Brandsso, -a, $mf. dArk man, brunette 
Braòlo, tm. (ant.) kitchen garden ; gir- 

land, wreath 
Brasca, a/. (boi.) brash, knée-hólly 
Bruscamente , adv. abruptly, biàntly, 

BruscAre, va. I. tò prone; — lo amandole, 

il caffè, etc., to toast almonds, coffee, 

etc. F. Debroscare 
Broscéllo, tm. (local) chattering, babble 

or gabbling of children 
Bruschétto, if. F. Boschétto 
Bruschétto, -a, a. sourish, tirt, acid 
Broschéua, a/, rudeness, roughness 
Bruschino, -a, a. of the colour of deep red 

Brusco, tm. (hot.) F. Pagnlldpo; smill 

bit, F. Bruscolino 
Brusco, -a, a. seur, stern, Mont, rough 
Bruscolino, bruscolo, braseoloiso, am. 

slip ot straw, trite; ogni — gli nan nna 

tran, he makes mountains of mole- 

Brosfo, tm. noise, bustle (of many people 

Brusta, tf. lighted coal (for toasting) 
Brustolare, va. L to grill, brUt; toast 
Brotiglia, a/, mnltitode of beasts; (Jig.) 

rabble, mob 
Brutale, a. brutal ferodo*, passionate, 
Brutalità, tf. brutality, harshness 
Brotalménte, adv. brutally, churlishly 
Broteggiire, wis. 1. to be brutal, grow sAy> 

Bruto, am. brute, bout, irrational Animal 
Bruttamente, new. shamefully, meanly, 

Bruttamente, am. fllthiaess, nAstmess, dir- 

tineas, dishonesty 
Brattare, va. to sell, F. Imbrattare 
Bratterfa, tf. (anas.) F. Bruttura 
Bruitene, Bratterà, a/, ugliness, filth 
Bratto, -a, <*. ugly, filthy, shAmefol ; — 
da far paura, — come il peccato, as 
Ugly as sin; brutta axióae, Tillanoas,base, 
wicked action; — costerna, shAmefol cus- 
Bruito, tm. F. Bratteata 
Brusio, bruitolo, tm. twilight, F. Crepu- 
Bòa, tf. (a word «ted Ay children) aa, 

Buaccio, buacciòlo, am. great ox, blockhead 
Buaggine, boassaggine, if. F. Balordaggine 
Baballno, am. yoAng bAffalo 
Babaio, V. BAfalo 

Bubbola, a/, (om.) tuft-pewet; §b, sham 
Bubbolare, en. 1. to bhbble, cheat, swindle 
BnbbolAne, tm. babbler. Swindler 
Bobboncole, am. (med.) buboneele, tngulnsl 

Bubbóne, am. bAbo, swelling (In the from) 
BubAlca, bnbolcAta, a/. Acre, F. Jagoro 
Babaio, -a, am/, wild boil or cow, F. 

BAca, a/, hole, hollonr, cite; — •epolcnle, 
the grate ; Are nna — io tèrra, to die ; 
fare nna — , to embectle ; dot* A la 
— A il granchio, prow. twp. no fire with- 
out smóke 
Bucacchiare, va. 4. to piAroo, F. Forac- 
Bucacela, tf. greAt bgly bolo, lirge cave 
Bucaneve, a/, (hot.) enóen-drop 
Bacare, no. 4. to pionoo, bòre, make holes 
Bucato, -a, a. pierced, bóred, hAled 
— am. wash, lie, washing, tho quantity of 
linen washed at a timo ; grembiale di 
—, dean Apron; risoiacoiiAro on — a Ano, 
to gi?e one a sevAre acAldiog 
BocoAUa, a/, crest of brand 
Baccherò, em. chinu-jir 
Bacchio, em. boccia, a/, rted, mirk, skia, 
peel; tutti d'una — , ill of the fttov 
cask; rivedére or riandai* lo bucale, te 
examine hypererttlcnlly in «relet to lad 



— 127 — 


Bsotieaia, a/. ; aea ne 
eethiaff «fit 

saper — , to knew 

ml (as*.) batcher, F. Bseeaje 
BÉeeìna, a/, trimpet 
Boedamre, aa. I. to trimpet, disélgo 
Beeetnatece, tat. mnaig or, sUaderer 
aeceiaélle, ass. net (to catch patridges) 
Bteetoliea, if. thin saia, péHiete 
Bteaele, san. rood, leagth of a joint 
eteioee, -a, a. thick, sUaaed, barky 
Bsodadto, eat. peek; (of a botUa) «pelt 
Beccala, a/- earl, lock; riaglet 
Beeeeliea, a/.baeolie, pastoral p6oa;rtnl 

Bneeelieo. -a, a. baeolfe, rani, agrestic 
fieeésala, tsn. Beeepaalas (eJexaader 's 

borea); {bmrL) jàde, sorry kèm 
Bacillo, osa. (aia.) yeieg ox 
BoeoBtdffo, beeintire, fat. baceataar, stato 

reseat or the Bega of Vietee 
Beeasriane, eat. beekram (strong liaoa 

bacherai*, a*. 1. fa pierce; seek; ciaTass 
Bucherato, becaoratfccio, -a, a. full or 

Bochertttele, -a, se*/, tarili bela 
Baeaotailito, -a, a. pierced, bóred, bólod 
Bucherella, bachino, mm. small bòia 
BneiàeehtO, beeello, sat. young ox 
Baeieara» aw. i. to snore, stir, F. Mao- 

se*, betting, whispering 
i. I. to wiseer, bass f ban 

Baasaatdra, osa. Bows-meager, besy-bbdy 

Bade*, am. aet, partridge-oet 

Béco, «a. bolo, airily, kfdiag placo; — 
dell'ascio, key-bole ; fare aa — nell'àc- 
aaa, to bàia aao*s linear for oao's pitas 

BeceHae, «av small bolo 

Bada; sudare a —, to dio; gli par d'arfr 
présa — , ba seems to tbiak bo bas set 
tb« Thames ea firo 

Bodoniane, mm. botolo; entrails 

BadaTJfaa, sat. small gat 

Bedell*, se*. (badèlU, t/p.) gat, iatésUno 

Badriarav set, cress-belt, shóalder-beli 

Bee. eon. (eoe*) ox; diaee, block» F. Bab- 
baeataao; di — fate e* berbero, to mike a 
au af wortb oat of ilUy bmb; cad- 
eara — . aot to understand what one Is 
riadtag ; to frot ; farà il — alla capaa- 
aaccfa, to pretend to aot taderstand: 
darà il — par la ear** ad ana, to di 
good to oaa beyond bis desert; andare 
a —, to go io ritta ; atto* eoa rasino e 
eoi —, to bo good for érery tbing; an- 
dare a — qeéJtto a carino eoa alcino, 
to ba like oao la all things, both good 
ami bad; ftre I bnoi di Nofcrt, to bo 
taatnifged, diesappetated ia oao'sioagUigs; 
goamsre il —, to boat one seeadly; mét- 
tala H aarro inaiati i beai, to di first 
worn! sboaid be dona after; gli é come 
cavita ajn aito a no —, it it a yiry I 

«rifling expense sor eao se rich; perdili 
i badi, serrila la staila, aro», e». 
*hea tao stood is stoica, abat tbo stable 
Baiata, e/. cew; tgaoraat visual 
Bifala, osa. F. Bùfolo 
Bafira, if. harrieiae, whirlwind 
Beta, «/. blast; Idia staff; aoaseaao; risor 
(tba perforated part af a bolaiot); faro 
iaa -, to pliy a trick; prendere a —, 
to tike la jest; tirar gii la —, to lay 
aside all modesty 
Baiare, va. I. to blow a sanili, toll Idle 

Balata, e/, pes? (of vied) 
Balenare, a*. I to paff, blow 
Balenato, »f. fillip 
Buffétto, tat. fillip, ride-board, buffet; 

Froach-roll; paff 
Biffo, tao. ▼biff, paff, gasi; edrnic actor 
Baffoaire, aa. 1. to pliy tbo balloon 
Bnffoaito, t/. buffoon's trick, scurrility 
Boffoncillo, tat. poor jester, simpleton 
Baffóne, mm. buffoon, jèitor; far dòsso di 

—, to pocket aa affront 
Buffoneggiare, va. I. to pliy tha buffoon 
Buffoneria, «/. buffoonery, drollery 
Buffonescamente, adv. in a lidicroos 

Buffonésco, -a, a. drill, lidieroas 
Boeeairole, baleaeggiiato, a. jéstiag 
Bafoiita, if. baffalo-raee (anciently ran in 

Bafoloae, tat. unwieldy biffale or man 
Bofonchiare, aa. I. to grimblo, F. Bor* 

Bnfoacbiéllo, ( F. bróncio), tat. ill-hitnor 
Bufóne, tat. F. Rospo 
Buffa, t/. falsehood. He; flat eindlestiok; 
dire ina — to tell a lie; lo bugle sono 
tòppe, proa. e*p. a liar will niter pros- 
per; le bogie hanno le gimbe corte, 
area. easp. a liar is seen feand oat 
Bngiadro, -a, (eat.) F. Bugiardo 
Bugiano, -a, a. un genteel, V. Malcreato 
Bagiardiccio, tat. greit Yillanoui lfar 
Bugiardamente, adv. falsely, wilhoat trith 
Bagiardo, -a, set/, lfar; a. tying 
Bogiardine, tat. greit lfar 
Bagiare, van. I. to piéree, bore; lfe, fib 
Bugigitto, bugigàttolo, am. small bole 
Bigio, -a, a. pierced, bored, F. Forilo 
Bngióno, tat. greit lie, falsehood, entrila 
Bogiisia, t/. white He 
Begliire, «a. I. to cime to blows, roTòlt 
Butilène, sat. (oaf.) broth, sòap; confused 

Boriinolo, mm. small barrel; tab, backet 
Beglossa, a/, (boi.) bigioss, ct-tongue 
Bigno, tat. bee-hire 
Bugnola, bigna, a/, straw basket ; èssere, 

entrare in —, to be, or get angry 
Begneliae, tat. large basket, hamper 
Bagnino, tee. bush, brier, brimble 
Batraae, tat. buckram (strong linen eloth) 


— 128 — . 



Balccio, bujélto, «a, a. darkish 

Buina, e/, cóvr-dung 

Baino, -a, a. of òxcn, of the breed of 

Bujiccio, ft», thick dirkness 
Bojo, ft» obscurity, dirknes s, night; èssere 

- al — di, to be Ignorant of; méttere al 
-, to put Into Jail; è - che ai affètta, 
or - pésto, it is thick darkness; stare 

. al — . to be in darkness, in the dark; 

fare le còse al —, to de things in the 
. dark, to act inconsiderately; farsi —, to 

get dirk 

— -a, a. dirk, gloomy, abstruse 
Bojóre, ft», {ant.) dirkness, obscurity 
Bnjóse, if p. (a cant word far) prisons 
Bulbaro, ft», (ickt) cirp 

Balbetto, em. smell bulb, onion 
Bulbo, tm. bulb, onion, bulbous root 
—, -a, <*. morose, V. Bùrbero 
Bulbóso, -a, a. bulbous 
Buldriina, if. prostitute 
Balésia, if. (vet.) pastern, fetlock 
Bulicame, em. source, spring; swarm 
Bulicaménto, ft», bolting, bubbling 
Bulicare, van. 4. to bai, bubble, well up 

(if iprtngi ) 
Bnlichlo, fin. purl, purling 
Bolfma, f/. <srowd, throng, press 
. Bulimaca, bulimicola, a/, (hot.) cammock, 

Bulimia, bnralgia, if. (mid.) btìlimy, bulim- 
ia, Toracions appetite (a disease) 
Bulimo, ft». V. Bulimia 
Bulinare, va. i . to engrive, grive 
Bulino, ft», burin, griving-tóol, graver 
Bulla, f/. bubble; pimple; seal 
Bullétta, if. permit, lottery-ticket; tàck, 

Bullettame, im. mixture of tàcks or bùllen- 

Ballettato, -a, a. studded with ballon- 

Bullettin&Jo, im. office keeper in a theatre 
Bullonino, f«n. safe conduct, pass, billet; 

Bullettóne, am. register for deeds and con- 
Botsfno, bolsàggine, am. heaves, asthma, 

broken wind 
Bunio, sm. earth-nut, bun in m 
Buoniccio, -a, a. good-natured, simple 
Buonaccòrdo, ft», (rotta ) hàrpsicord 
Buonamino, f/. small gratuity, drink-men* 

ay, F. Mancia 
Buonamente, adv. certainly, truly, indeed 
Buonavòglia, f*»* volunteer ; free rower 
Buondalo, im. pl*oty ; in —, adv. exp. 

—, -a, a» copious 
Buondì, am. good day, good morning 


Buonfitto, am. (ant ) bèncGl; kindness 
Buongustaio, m. gastronomer, gastronomist 
Buongusto, ft», good Uste; taste; nice per- 
ception (in the fine arts) 
Buonioo, -a, a. .pretty good, good-na- 
Buòno, an. the good ; — per vói, per lai, 
etc., it is well for yon, for him, etc.; è 
— prepararsi alla mòrte, it is a good tbing 
to - prepare for death ; aver — in mino, 
{Jig.) to have good cards to play; méttere 
del — , to resort to strong means or 
- measures; nel —, sal — di ana còsa, in 
the best of il; dire or menare il — 
•per la pace, to waive a claim for the 
^ sake of peace ; giuocare di —, to play 
money; ci vuol del — a Ario, it tikes 
pila and libonr to do it; di — in diritto, 
better and better 
—, -a, a. good, kind, fit, proper, able; eon 
buòna grisia, with permission, by your 
leave; alla buon'ora, well and good; lo 
comprila boon marcito, f bought it cheap; 
gli fecero buon viso, they received him 

kindly; di buòna vòglia, willingly; non 6 

a nulla, it is good for nothing; di buon'ora, 
èarly; tratterò eòlie buòne, lo treat with 
mildness; dirsi buon tempo, to lead a merry 
life, a life of pleasure; buòne paròle, fair, 
. fine words; èssere in bnòn sénno, to be io 
one's right mind, senses; stire a buòna 
sperinsa, to- hope well; èssere In buòna, 
to be in a good humor; buòna nòtte, 
boon ripòso, good night, I wish you a 
good night's rest 
Bnon prèsso, bompresso, jm. (mar.) bow- 
Buontèmpo, ft», ease, feasting, pleasure 
Buontempóne, im* lounger, merry Greek 
Buonuòmo, ft», good easy man; superin- 
tendent in certain offices 
Buonvischio, tm. (boL) a kind of mallow 
Buprèste, a/. (*»&) bupreste*, bora-cow 
Baranése, a/, sweet white grape 
Buratterò, va. i. V. Abburattare 
Barattèllo, ftn. bolter; sieve, searee 
Baratteria, if. bolting-room, sifting-pl&ce 
Burattinaio, tm. popper-player, puppet- 
man, puppet-master 
Burattinata, a/, puppet-play, peppet-ehow 
Burattino, im. puppet 
Buratto, ft», bombesin, sieve, bolter 
Barbarne, f/. overbearing pride, ostentation, 

Burbansare, tm. I. to boast, be vàia-glò- 

Burbantésco, bnrbaniiére J a. prS&d, 
Burbanzóso, bnrbanxiéro, -a | haughty, lofty 
Burbansosaménte, adv. proudly, haughtily 
Bùrbera, a/, crane, capstan, windlass 
Bùrbero, -a, a.' surly, austere, cribbed 

Fitf, méte, bite, note, tube; - fit, met, bit, not, tub; - fir, plqusv 

Tioo, 1*1, roma, flan»; - patto-pttto, patto, t, I, notu, —*fi • *mao, **o, 




— 129 — 


Burchia, a/, plagiarism; andare alla —, to 
parlata, to copy after another 

Sarchièllo, sm. wbérry, light boat, ferry 

Bsrchio. am. handle (of a plough, etc.) 

tore, «n. pldùgh-bàndle 

Burèlla, a/, (ant.) dungeon, dark prison 

- sf. piebald horse 

Barello, sm. coarse stuff, limey wòolsey 

Barf rat iato, am. burgraviato 

Birfrivìo, «m. burgrave 

Baajna, a/, hurricane, violent storm 

Bunioo, «m. sweet wine (of the Bnranese) 

tariaaao, sm. herald 

Berla, a/, trick, wàsgery, fan, joke; fare 
or dire qnàlche còsa da — or in —, to 
de or say something in jest; pigliarsela 
in —, recarsi in — una còsa, to take 
something as a joke, to laagh at sòme- 

Burlare, va. 1. to quiz, burlèsque, ridicule 
Karlarai, vrf. to Hugh at, not to mind 
Bjrlato. -a, a. lioghed at, quisled 
burlatóre, -trice, am/. jester, wag, qois 
Burlescamente, adv. in a ludicrous manner 
Biriésco, -a. a. burlesque, ludicrous 
BerlétU, sf. burlétta, comic òpera 
Barlévolo, a. wretched, despicable, quii- 

Burlóne, — 6na, smf. quia, jester 
Barò, «sa. bureau, office 
Burocratico, -a, a. bureaucratic 
Barocraaia, sf. bureaucracy; influence of 

clerks in public offices 
Barrijo, sm. bùtter man, dealer in bù ter 
Barrisca, sf. tempest, storm, hurricane 
Burrasca re, va. 1. to debate, discuss 
Barrascoao, -a, a. stormy, tempestuous 
Borro, sm. butler, V. Butirro 
Burrone, burraio, sot. precipice, ratine 
Bo iróso, -a, a. buttery, full of butter 
Ba*arde, s/p. (mar.) breast-hooks 
Boar», w«. *. to pierce, V. Bucare 
Bisbaceare, va. 1. to cheat, swindle, cajole 
Basbaeeherfa, busb.rfa, sf. cheating, fraud 
Basbàeeo, busbaccòne, am. cheat, swindler 
B jsca, a/, search, inquest, quest, seeking ; 

indire alla —, to go begging 
Bucacchiare, va. 1. to hunt after, trick 
Buicalfana, */. worthless nag 
Bateare, va. I. to endeavour, to get, to 

prrvL, to get by Industry, or cunning 
Bateatore, -trice, 9mf. searcher, prowler 
Barbétte, «/p. little sticks, straws, lots ; 

tirar le — , to draw (straws) lots 
Sécchia, •/. nothing, V. Nulla 
Hascióne, *«*• bush, bù«hy place, jàngle 
Bosco, boscolino, an». V. Bruscolo 
Baméccbia, a/, entrails, tripes 
Bmseechione, 9m. garbage òffal, bowels 
Bacilli, busillis, am. trouble, difficulty 
Hàaoa, a/, buso ne, am. sort of trumpet 

Buso, -a, a. empty, pierced, bored 
Bussa, sf. stroke, tràrail, affliction 
Bussaméoto, sm. thump, blow, knock 
Bussare, va. 1. to thump, beat, rap, knock 
Bussata, */. knock 

Bussa tore, -trice, tmf. knocker, thumper 
Busse, sfp. blows, beating; per paura delle 

—, for fear of a beating 
Bassétto, $m. polisher (tool), mallet 
Basso, sm. nSlse, bustle; (bot.) box-trée; 

Bùssola, if. mariner 's compass, magnetic 
needle; covered gallery, entry; pèrder la 
—, to lose one's reckoning, be quite fòt 
Bnssolétta, sf. a mariner's pocket compass 
Bussolòtto, sm. box-tree ; dice-box ; vote- 
Bussòne, sm. wind instrument, bassoon 
Busta, sf. envelope; book-case (inclosing 

one volume) 
Bustino, sm. bodice, corset; slight stays 
Busto, am. bust; corset, stays (body) 
Butirro, sm. butter 

Butlirróso, -a, a. as soft as butter, V. Bar- 
Buttàgra, sf. botargo, caviare, caviar, stur- 
geon's eggs smoke-dried 
Buttare, va. i. to throw, fling, thrust out ; 
— la lincia in mare (mar.), to héave 
out the boat, to Hunch the boat; — via, 
to throw away 
Butterato, -a, a. pock-marked, pitied 
Bùttero, sm. top or pock mark; stud-kéeper, 

Buluro, sm. bitumen, kind *f fat cliy 
Buzzicare, on. i to mff ., speak softly, 

sneak along 
Buszichéllo, buzzicliio, sm. little noise, buss 
Bòzzo, sm. (vulg.) belly; pin-cushion 
Buzzóne, am. (vulg.) big-béllied man 

G third Utter of the alphabet. As nu- 
meral C stands for 100 
Ca, sf. (vulg.) htòse; — del diàvolo, hell 
Cabala, a/, cabal, secret science; evasion 
Cabalétta, sf. (mm.) pretty simple air 
Cabalista, sm. càbalist 
Cabalistico, -a, a, cabalistic; mysterious 
Cabotàggio, sm. coasting, cruising 
Cacacciàno, sm. great coward 
Cacadubbi, sm. (vulg.) raiser of dóubte 
Cacarrétta, sm. restless officious person 
Cacajuóla, cacàja, cacacciòla, sf. diarrhea 
Cacalerià, sf. (iron) knighthood, cavalry 
Gacalòcchio, inlerj. (of wonder) hey- day I 
Cacào, V. Caccio 

Cacapensièri, am. (vulg.) raiser of difficul- 

ner, rtóa - mU 9 son, bull; - fare, dò; - bf, lymph; poise, boys; fóul, fowl; gem, ai 
rwa»; • torte, «W» «*IU: * «*•» rnft; - W •• k pott boato; |*no», rod*, 

JHs. ItaL IngL - Edi*. VL Vol. 11.' 9 

CAC — 130 — 

1. (vulg.) to evacuate, void, 



Cacaro, van, 
go to stool 
Cacasàngue, tm. dysentery 
Cacasénno, tm. (vulg.) wiseacre, wise-siyer 
Cacasòdo, tm. {vulg.) self-conceited upstart 
Cacastécchi, tm. niggard, pinch-penny 
Cacala, f/. the easing one's self; failure, 

no go 
Cacataménte, adv, slowly and awkwardly 
Cacatéssa, tf. lev prostitute 
Cacatójo, $m. water-closet, privy, n. 400 
Cacatura, tf. evacuation, discharge 
Cacavincigli, tm. clown) V. Malnato, rù- 
Cacazibétto, tm. fop, dandy, swell, musk- 
Cica, cacca, tf- excrement, filth, ordure 
Caccabàldole, i/p. caresses, blandishments; 

dar —, to fondle-caròss 
Caccio, cacao, tm. {bot.) cacào, chocolate- 

tree; chòcolate-iiut 
Caccaro, tm. (mar.) mizzen-top-gallaot- 

Cacchiatdlla, a/, thin cike 
Càcchio, tm. first shoots of a Tine 
Cacchióne, tm. whitish maggot drone 
Cacchionóso, -a, a. crawling with worms 
Càccia, t, chase, hunt, hunting, hunting 
parly, game killed; avete avuto buòna —, 
you have had good sport; fateci gustare 
della vòstra — (cacciagióne), let us taste 
sòme of your girne; dar — , to give chase; 
córrere in —, to flée, fly from ; andare 
alla — collo schiòppo, to go shooting ; 
tu vai a — di bastonate, you w&nt to get 
a thrashing ; chi va a — sènza cini torna 
a casa sènza lèpri, prov. exp. he who 
undertikes a thing without duo prepara- 
tion is suro to fail; in — e in fùria, 
adverb, in histe, bustle or confusion 
Cacciad tavoli, tm. Scongiuratóre 
Cacciaffànni, a. enlivening, merry 
Cacciagióne, tf. game, venison 
Cacciamili, a. driving awày care and evils 
Cacciaménto, tm, expulsion, driving out 
Cacciamosene, tm. fly-flap, pùnka (in Bin- 

Cacciinte, a. hunting, pursuing 
Cacciapàssere, tm, scàre-crów, bog-béar 
Cacciare, vn. I. to chase, hunt, pursue, 
drive, expel, banish, thrust, shoot Otit, 
turn e*ul; — un vascèllo, to give a ship 
the chiso; — fuòri di casa, to tarn out 
of doors ; — un grido, to cry, or scream 
out; un chiòdo càccia l'altro, prov exp. 
one nail drives another 
— collo schiòppo, van. to fowl, shòot; go 

—irsi nel c&po, to tike it into one's head; 
—irsi in una compagnia, to intrude into 
a company 
Cacciata, tf. expulsion, driving fòt 
Cacciato, -a, a. driven, turned fòt; hunted 
Cacciatóra, tf. driver, pincers, puncheon 

". W 

Cacciatóre, -trice, ttnf, hunter, sportsman, 

huntsman, huntress, espèller, driver 
Cacciavite, tf. screw-driver 
Caccia, tm. cishow, cishote, catechu, Jap'.n 

Ciccole, tf. bleared n ess, viscous matter 
Caccolóso, -a, a. blear-eyed 
Cacherèllo, tm. dung (of sheep, rabbits, 

Cachcria, */. nauseous affectition, effemi- 
Cacheróso, a. prim, nice, mincing; jealous, 

Cachessia, a/, (med.) cachexy, bad habit of 

Cachèttico,, -a, a. cachectic, consumptive 
Cachinno, tm. lóud, unrestrained laughter 
Caciajuólo, tm. chéese-mònger, miker 
Caciàio, -a, a. seasoned with rasped che e so 
Càcio, tm, cheese ; cascare il — su' mac- 
cheróni, to be or cóme quite in season, 
to suit one's purpose; confessire il — , to 
tell the troth of ihe milter; èssere pa. do 
e —, to be intimile; mangiare il — 
nella tràppola, to commit an offòoce in a 
pi ice whore there is no escaping pun- 
Caciolino, tm, small new cheese 
Cacióso, -a, a. cheesy, cheese-like 
Caci i) ola, tf. flat round cheese 
Cacofonia, tf. cacophony, want of hirmony 
Cacofónico,-a, a. discordant, inharmonious 
Cacografia, tf. error of orthography 
Cacologia, tf. cacology, bad speaking 
Cacotrofia, tf. cacò trophy, bad food, bad 

Cacume, tm. summit, top, pitch 
Cadauno, -a, proti, every one; each 
Cadàvere, cadàvere tm. corpse, dead body; 

— ambulante, walking ghost; dissotlera- 
tòre, ruhatóre di cadàveri, resurrection- 
man, bòdy-snitcher 

Cadavèrico, cadaveróso, -a, a. cadaverous 

Cadènte, a. filling, declining, weak; età —, 
decline of life 

Cadènza, «/. fill, cadence, cidency, pàuse, 

Cadére, vn. 2. irr. {pott, caddi; /h*. cadrò; 
part, caduto) to fill, happen, befall; — 
di ménte, della memòria, to forgèt; — del- 
l'amóre, della grizia, dell'affezióne di 
uno, to lose one's love, grace, affection ; 

— nell'animo, to còme into one's mind ; 

— per mino, to còme into one's hands ; 

— in pensièro, to fill into one's thoughts; 

— in discórso, to cóme to talk; — in tà- 
glio, to suit one's purpose; — dalla pa- 
dèlla nella brice, lo fall èùt of the frying 
pan into the fire; — dal suo àsino, to 
blunder in the éasiost things, in whit 
one is most conversant with 

Cadétto, tm. cadet, younger brother 
Cadévole, a. transient, perishable, frail 
Cadi, «m. cidi (Turkish judge) 


— 131 — 


V.Mm. fall. overthrow, ruin, fault 
^ $fp. embrasure*. bittlemcnts 
.ù' tf. («ft».) brass stone (resom- 

i ', m. {min.) cadmium, a white metal 
r. sm. {myth.) caduceus, Mercury s 

^ \i, tf. fragility, caducity 
, -a, a. frail, infirm, decrèpid; la 
;aa è fior -, beauty is a fading 
-'.r nal —, falling-sickness 
<i'tf. fill, ruin, misfortune, disgrace 
. , -a, a. ffllen; ruined, disgraced 
,:. (ant.) prep. part, {instead of 
•••ilio), seeking # 

r.-.'e, ca. 1. to mike boles in the 
bi for planting trees 
.dj, am. caftan (Persian, Toxkisb gar- 

r-,' va. t. to bring dut an odd number 
•>, in. coffee (drink); coffee-house, cófféc- 
ri; l'albero del —, (hot.) the còffée- 
e; prèndere il -, to take coffee; an- 
»fi al —, to go to thi cóffee-hduse 
i f f». regolar cóffóe-drinker 
•.'ò;a, tf. coffee- pot 
i i-lr?, am. còffée-hrose-kéeper 
.'. is», odd nomber; a. «. unique. 
filled, incomparable; giuocire a 
. . e a —, to play at odd and even 
:m,»/. V. Gin flora 
: ate, a. (ant.) filling, declining 
: re. m. 1 ftr. {ant.) V. Cadére, to 

. Tiffifoto, tm. occasion, càuse 
:!■-.!, iute, a. causing, occasioning 
; ose, va. i. to eanse, occasion, Impute 
;! :ito, -a, a. occasioned, caused 
i ['.t-ióre, -trice smf. ciuser, author 
. ccèila, tf. a slight cinse, motive 
i'.u, tf. cause, reason, motive, pretext. 
,% i5 se; pórre o cògliere — ad uno, to 
*tì ut* to a person» lay to one's charge ; 

* - di, on account of, in consequence of; 
iitif) lavoratóre ad ogni ferro pon — , 

, v. tzp. a bad workman finds fault 

• '«. every tool 

.. ù*>ole, a. sickly, infirm, weak 
•- fiso, -a, a. taint, languid, infirm 
: aua, tf. very slight cinse 

- '. injunctive of calére, to care 

. ife, «a. i. to fail in courage, féar 
t-. io efcdle, V. Quagliare 

• «to, -a a. curdled; struck with féar 

• '•• la. rennet, coagulating ingredient 
•'- ^ tf ytool.) bitch; la — frettolósa fu 

stonai cièchi, jjror. txp. basto 
»■« »à*t« 

• 'no, sm. great rlllanous dog 
'• «m, a. dóglike; ugly, lìvhl 

- 'Maro, va. i. to mari, gnash, bluster 

- '> unente, adv. in a sbrly manner 

■• -*\ -a, a. currish, furious, sùrly ; 
"Hire in -, to look surlily 

Cagnòtto, am. lit Ho <!og 

Cagnina, cagouolina, s/. Utile bitch 

Cagnolétti, cagnolini, amp» puppies, little 

Cagnolino, am. pretty little dog, lapdog 
Cagnòtto, am. hector, blusterer, bully ; — 
di córte, a mean court favorite, cringe- 
Caicco, am. caique, pinnace, ketch 
Cairn acàn, am. Caimacin (Turkish digni- 
Calmine, am. {tool.) alligator, crocodile 
Caina, af. traitors' place (in hell) Dante 
Cila, sf. bay, road (for ships); ducking 
Calabresèlla, tf. a girne at cards 
Calabrino, am. policeman, shoulder-clipper, 

bùm-bailiff, V. Sbirro 
Calabróne,, am. (ent.) drone, hornet 
Calafio, —ito, am. (mar.) oakum, cilkor 
Calafatire. va. i. to calk, pitch, tir 
Calamàjo, cai a miro, 5m. inkhorn, inkstand; 

(moUuaka), cilamary 
Calamandrèa, calamandrfna, af. (bot.) ger- 
Calameggiire, van. i. (ant.) to play upon 

Calamina, tf. (min.) calamine 
Calamistro, tm. curling-tongs, crisping-pin 
Calamita, af. load stone, attraction 
Calamiti; (ant.) —ite, — ade, af. calimi ty 
Calamitire, va. i. to magnetize 
Calamitato, -a, a. magnetic, attractive 
Calamitosamente, adv. calamitously, mis- 
Calamitóso, -a, a. ealimitous, miserable 
Calamitra, af. (ant.) loadstone, V. Cala- 
Cilamo, am. (bot.) reed, cine; pen (arrow) 
Calinca, Calincar, am. printed calico 
Calindra, */. (oro.) wóod-lark 
Calandrèlla, af. (orn.) mèadow-Urk, amili 

Calandrino, am. simpleton, ninny 
Calante, a. wining, light (not of full 

Calàppio, am. snare, gin, trap, nóose 
Calire, van. to lower, go down, let down, 
strike siil, decrease; sul — del giórno, 
at the close of day, at nfghtfall; la luna 
cila, the moon wines ; i prèzzi cilano, 
the prices ire filling; —irla ad Ano, to 
pliy one a trick; questo pèzzo da vénti 
Trinchi cila, this twenty franc pièce is 
light; —, or —irsi a una còsa, to stoop 
to sómothing, to be previiled upon to do 
something; —irsi al fischio, to accept the 
iavitation, be decoyed ; —irsi a un lom- 
brico, (fig ) to accept the smallest gain 
Calascióne, am., V. Colascióne 
Calita, af. descent, slope, declivity, dince 
Calato, -a, a. lowered, descended, cist 

Calca, af. crowd, throng, multitude, press; 
in —, in a crowd; mescolarsi nella — , to 




I I 


— 132 — 


mix in the crowd; uscire dalla —, to get 
fòt of the crowd 
Calcàbile, a. that may be trampled upon 
Calcagnare, va. 1. (vug.) to take to one'i 

Calcagnino, tin. heel (of a shoe, boot, etc.); 

andare a calcagnine to walk slip shoe 
Calcagno, em. héel; voltar 1 calcagni or lo 
calcagna, to rùn awày, to tike to one's 
Calcagnndlo, am. a sculptor's short chisel 
Calcaléltere, am. lètter-prèsser 
Calcamènto, am. trampling, treading upon 
Calcare, a/, calcinatory furnace, glass fur- 
Calcare, va. 1. to tread apòo, crowd, crush; 
(drawing) to trice, ctfunterdriw ; — sul 
tètro, to cdunterdriw on glass 
— , calcàreo» calcarlo, -a, a. ealoirious, 

chalky; piètra — , (min.) limestone 
Calcatamene, adv. closely, in a crowd 
Calcateli», a/, slight pressing, treading 
Calcito, -a, a. pressed, crowded, trodden 
Calcatóre, -trice, tmf. trèader, prèsser 
Calcatréppe, calcatréppolo; am. (bot.) star- 

Calcatura, a/, treading, pressing, trampling 
Cilce, am. shaft, pole, butt-end, bottom 
— sf. V. Calcina 
Calcedònio, am. (min.) chalcedony, white 

Calcèse, am. (mar.) scuttle of a mist, 

rftnd top 
Calcètto, tm. sock, pomp; catare i cal- 
cètti altrui, to pump a person 
Calciinte, tm. player at foot bill 
Calcicare, va. 4. to kick, V. Calcitrare 
Calcina, a/. Urne, mòrtar; — vira, quick- 
lime; — fiorita, slacked lime; piètra da 
—, limestone ; fornice da —, lime-kiln 
Calcinatile, a. calcinable, that may be cal- 
Calcinàccio, em. rubbish, ruins 
Calcinija ; mandare a —, to turn off with 

Calcinante, a. calcinating 

Calcinatilo, -a, a. calcinatory, calcining 
Calcinato, -a, a. calcined, pulverised 
Calcinatdrio, -a, a. calcining; fórno — , 

calcio er 
Calcinatura, calcinatane, */. calcination 
Calcino, am. contagious disease among silk 

Calcio, tm. kick, foot-pole, staff; — di foci- 
le, butt-end or stock of a gun ; dir càl- 
ci, to kick; —, (game of) fòot-balt; dar 
calci ai rènto, to kick the air, to bo 
hinged ; méttere il — sul cèllo ad uno, 
to pùt a foot upon one's neck 
Calcitrante, a. kicking, restive, cross- 

Calcitrare, van. i. to kick, refisa to obey 
Calcitratone, a/, kicking, réstiveness, re- 

Calcinóso, -a, a. apt to kick, stifloic 

Cilco, tm. outline or sketch in chalk 

Calcografia, a/, calcógraphy 

Calcolabile, a. calculable 

Calcolaj nòlo, «m. weaver 

Calcolare, va. i. to calculate, reckon 

Calcolatóre, -trice; tmf. calculator-aces^ 

ant, compiler | 

Calcolazióne, if. calculation, computiti 
Càlcolo, tfp. weaver's treadles 
Calcolarla, calcai eria, */. ciphering 
Calcolètto, calculetto, tm. small stoi 

Càlcolo, sm. calculation; (turg.) gravel, l 

stone; (math.) calculus 
Calcolóso, -a, a. troubled with gravel 
Calcósa, */. beaten pith, road 
Cilda, a/. V. Caldina ; bàtter due chi 

ad una —, to kill two birds with i 

Caldiccio, tm. very great heat 
Caldàjo, -a, $mf. small boiler, copp 

Caldaróne, un. large boiler, copper 
Caldajoóla, a/, kettle, small boiler, cóp 
Caldamente, adv. wirmly, with ardor 
Caldina, tf. meridian heat; pleurisy; proud 

una —, to overheat one's self; mi pr 

una — , e non lo so nemmén io quel i 

dicessi o facessi, I flèw into a pàssi 

and I don't know myself whit I said 

Caldanino, am. small stove, warming ti 

Caldino, am. stove, brialer to warm ró< 
Caldanószo, tm. small stove, brazier 
Caldiro, sm. small boiler, V. Caldàjo 
Caldarrostiro, tm. roaster, siller of cb 

Caldarròste, a/p. roasted chestnuts 
Caldeggiare, va. i. to foster, protect, eg] 
Caldeggiato, -a, a. protected, litored 
Calderàjo, sm. briaier, tinker 
Calderèllo, calderioo, am. {orn.) góld-fl 
Calderóne, sm. copper, boiler. Urge kill 
Calderòtto, tm. téa-kèttle, pot 
Calderugio, tm. (om.) góld-flneb (sing 

Calderuòla, a/, smill bòiler, kétUe 
Caldètto, -a, a. rilher warm 
Caldètsa, a/, heat, wirmth, teal 
Caldiceiuólo, tm. low fever, beat 
Caldièra, tf. sailor's broth-pot, stew^ 
Caldino, -a, tmf. sunny slope, warn 
Calditi, tf. (ant.) heat 
Cildo, tm. heat, ardor, fire, vigor; U 

gran —, it is very warm 
—, -a, a. hot, warm, ardent, fervent; c 

allèsse, hot, boiled chestnuts ; calde 

ròste, hot roasted chestnuts 
Cildo, cildo, adv. e*p. immediately, 

Caldiccio, tm. moderate heat 

-, -a, a. lukewarm 


— 133 — 



ra, tf. hot weather; V. Gildo 
*3tit«, a. heating, winning 
t'itirt, to. i. to càlk, pitch, F. Cala- 

-univo, -a, a. e&lef&cttve, heating 

'"ifóre, mi. steam-kitchen 
•iinóBe, */. ealefiction, heating 

irr, t». 1. (out.) to laugh at, V. 

'.•«copio, tm. ealeidoseope 

•: ac, im. eilambac, ealambour (wood 

■•'2 in cabinet making) 

: irto, am. calendar 

•3'f./p. ealéndi, mp. calends; aggior- 

Jt. riméttere alle — greche, to put off 

• ct?r 

>: Jala, */. (tot.) marigold (dower) 
:ie, a. (alwaye stacd negatively) non 
-, rireless 

'•-a:a, tf. (m«4,) calenture 
nolo, ito. (or».) green-finch 
pno, *m. copious dictionary, àlbum 
•'f, p. imp. t. *>r. (mi càie; past, cài- 
', nbjundive. ciglia) to care, be coo- 
sraed for, take an interest in; il vòstro 
l -re ai cale, 1 take an interest in, I 
d jealous of your honor; se ri cale di 
t, if yon eire for, or feel concerned for 
r, lo métto in non Cile, I eire nothing 
:ftt it; non me ne cale, I dónt mind it; 
qiel the non ti cale, non ne dir nò 
■a né male, prov. exp. mèddle not with 
hit don't concern yon 
"", J*, calàsh (small carriage) 
-'irò, tm. stony, barren ground 
■^ tf. small bar. slfee, bit, V. Fétta 
ture, (carpentry), va. I to fasten 
arls and timbers together by tenons, 
' otherwise 

itatnra (carpentry), tf. the act of jfln- 
i by tenons, or otherwise; the junction 
in Bade 

*. »f. gold-filings; nothing, tittle, jot 
*e, {Lai.) am. {mid.) steel 
-ito, -a, a. {med.) chalybeate 
L rare, va. L to measure the calibre 
>it,jo, calibro, am. calibre, bore 
^. tm. chalice, commùnion-cup; (hot.) 

** , tm. small chalice or cnp 
t-a, a. {boi.) càlycloe, calcinai 
tm. asireh-pine; Urge chalice 
"• «. calico (white or imprinted cot- 

* «Ml) 

i; («a.) -iu, -ade, I/. F. Cal- 
'"', m. càlitate, caliphate, kàlifato 

'"■ dignity or gorernment of a Calif) 
*>. m. Càliph, Calif, Kàlif 
a tf. Roman military boot 
• •»", tan. 1. to darken, see dimly 

-«. tf. dlrkness, mist, obscurity 
1 '<*>, -a, a. callginous, obscure, dim 
"*-. tf. cheap serge (stuff) 

Calla, t/. 7. Callija 

Callàja, if. breach, gap, entrance, passage; 
èssere alla —, to be at the end ; tornare 
alla —, to còme back to the purpose or 

Callajaola, a/, purse-net 

Callire, {ant.) V. Calla 

Calle, tmf. {poet.) way, road, path 

Callidamente, ado. cunningly 

Callidità, tf. cunning, artifice. V. Sagacità 

Càllido, -a, a. sty, crafty, dexterous 

Calligrafia, a/, the art of writing well, pen- 

Calligrafo, am. writing-master, penman 

Callista, em. corn-cutter 

Callo, tm. corn, induration ; fare il — ad 
una còsa, to grow inured to something 

Callóne, tm. passage, opening, hole, gap 

Callosità; {ant.) -àte,— ade, tf. callosity 

Callóso, -a, a. callous, hardened 

Calma, a/, calm, tranquillity, coolness 

Calmante, a, assuàsire, lenient 

Calmare, va. 1. to càlm, appease, quiet, 
still, allay; soothe, pàcify; —àrsi, vrf. to 
become cilm, appeased 

Calmato, -a, a. calmed, appeased, quiet 

Calmo, -a, a. cilm, still, qnfet 

- , calmèlla tmf. twig, graft 

Càlmuci tm. sort of shaggy cloth, plush, 

Càio, tri. descent, diminution; — di flùme, 
di mónte, current of a river, declivity of 
a mountain; — di prèsso, lowering or 
abatement of price 
Calòcchia, a/, top of a flail (fastened to 

the handle) 
Calógna, tf. {ant.) calumny 
Calomelano, tm. (pharm.) calomel 
Calóre, tm. heat, irdor, affection 
Caloria, tf. manor©, fit state for sowing 
Caloricità, a/, property of producing heat 
Calorifico, -a, a. calorific, heating 
Calòrico, tm. beat, caloric; —, -a, a. ca- 
Calorifica™, va. 1. to beat, càuse, produce 

beat M . 

Calorificatióne, «/. calorification, production 

of beat 
Calorimetro, tm. calorimeter 
Calorosamente, o. ardently, tigorously 
Caloróso, -a, a. fiery, ardent, glowing 
Caloroccio, tm. slight feverish heat 
Calòscio, -a, o. soft, tènder, weak 
Calòtta, a/, inside case, cap of a witch 
Calpestaménto, tm. trample, trampling 
Calpestare, vn. 1. to tread, trample upon 
Calpestata, «/. béaten road, high-wày 
Calpestatóre, -trice, tmf. tràmpler, tréader 
Calpestio, tm. stamping, clattering 
Calpésto, calpestato, a. trampled upon 
Calterfre, va. 3. to excoriate, scratch the 

Calterito, -a, a. galled, seared, hardened 
Calteritura, tf. scratch, excoriation 



— 134 — 


Caluco, -a, a. (ant.) miserable, V. Me- 
Calùggine, caligine, a/. down 
Calumare, pa. i. to idàcken the rope 
Calunnia, if. calunniamene, aro. càlumny 
Calunniare, va. I. to calumniate, slander 
Calunniato, -a, a. slandered, accused 

Calunniatóre, -trice, tmf. slanderer 
Calunniasene, «/. calumny, impntition 
Calaoniosaménte, adv. falsely, slanderously 
Calunnióso, -a, a. calumnious, slanderous 
Calura, a/, héat. V. Caldézza 
Calarla, tf. manure, manuring, compost 
Cai vare, van 1. to mike or grow bald 
Calvàrio, am. cài vary 
Calvèllo, am fine barley 
Calzétta, */. baldness, want of hair 
Calvinismo, tm. Calvinism 
Calvinista, tmf. Calvinist; a. Calvinlstic, 

Calvo, tm. bàld part of the head, baldness, 

loss of hair , , 

— -a, a. bàld, without hair, hairless 
Casa, tf. stocking; blow-pipe, strainer; 
fatto di — disfatta, flimsy, weak, spirit- 
less; faro calte e scarpe, or calze e scuf- 
fini di ana còsa o persóna, to handle 
roughly, ill treat, abase a person or thing; 
nuòra da calze, welcome news ; tagliare 
le calzo ad ano, to spéak ill of a per- 
son; tirate le calze, to die ; tirar su le 
calze, or tirare le calze ad nno, to wring 
or worm dùt a secret from one 
Calzaiuòlo, aro. hosier, stòcking-màker 
Calzante, a. that fits on easily and well, 

suitable, rfght, proper 
Calzare, t. V. Caliaménto 
- va. a. to put on shoes and stockings; ciò 
non mi calza, that is not to my mind, I 
dónt like that 
Calzari, tmpl. boots, shoes and stockings 
Calzato, -a, a. Tilted with shoes, stockings 
Calzatójo, am. shòeing-horn, prop 
Calzatura, a/. V. Calzaraérito 
Calzétta, tf. silk stocking, fine stocking 
Calzettàio» aro. hosier, siòcking-mènder 
Calze; mézze —, «/pi. socks, short stòck- 
Calzino, tm. hàlf-stockiog, hose; tirare il 

— (vulg.), to die 
Calzo, tm. the fitting well of shoe», etc. 
Calzolàio, calzolaro, tm. shóe-màker 
Calzoleria, a/, shóe-màker's shop 
Calzóni, tmp. breeches, small clothes 
Calzuòlo, tm. chape of a scabbard, etc. 
Camàglio, tm. neck-piéce of a cóat of mail 
Camaleónte, camaleónte, rm. (tool.) ca- 

Camaleon tèssa, tf. female caméleon 
Camamflla, camomilla, tf (bot.) càmomilo 
Camamillino, -a, a- of camomile 
Caroangiàre. tm. esculent herbs, vegetables, 

pulse, dishes 

Camarlfnga, a/, waiting woman (ant.); tr 

surer (woman) in a nunnery 
Camarlingato, tm. the Pope's great ch 

berlain's office 
Camarlingo, tm. the Pope's great cb 

beri ai n 

Camarlingóna, tf. (ant.) hfòse-màid 

Carnato, tm. switch, slender pole, atick 

Camàuro, tm. the pope's cap I 

Cambellòlto, tm. camlet, cimelot (stuff) ' 

Cambiàbile, a. changeable, fickle, vòlnbi] 

Cambiadóre, tm. cambist, mòney-chàngorl 

Cambiale, tf. bill of exchange; — per l'ii 

tèrno (com.) inland bill; — per l'è* ten 

foreign bill; — a lunga scadènza, loc 

bill, long-dàted bill; — a brève scadenzi 

short bill, short-dated bill; — da pagan 

payable bill; — pagàbile al portatór 

bill payable to bearer; — pagabile 

presentazióne, bill payable on demand 

— pagàbile a vista, bill payable at sigh 
scadènza di una — , expiration, maturi) 
of a bill; accettare ona —, to accept 
bill; scontare nna — , to discount a bil 
trarre ona — so, to drico a bill oi 
upon; girare ana —, to endorse a bill 
èssere detentore d'una — , to hold a bil 
onorare una —, to honour a bill; passai 
una — all'ordine di, to make a bill pài 
able to; pagare, estinguere una — , t 
take up a bili 

Cambiaménto, tm. change, mutation 
Cambiamonéte, tm. móney-exch anger 
Cambiare, va. 1. to change, barter, tran 
form; — di camicia, to change shirts; - 

— la guàrdia, {mil.) to relieve guard 

cambiato in un laóro, changed or tuna» 

into a làurei; —àrsi, vrf. to change c< 

lor; —àrsi in sé slésso, to change one 

Cambiàrio, -a, a. of exchange ; opera»» «S, 

cambiàrie, exchange-operations; effètto — 
bill; effètto — da scadére, running bilJ 
Cambiato, -a, a. changed, displaced 
Cambiatóre , -trice , tmf. he , she wrl 

Cambiatura, a/, change, relay 
Cambiavalute, sm. V. Cambiamonéte 
Càmbio, tm. change, barter, exchange; fai 
un —, to make an etchànge; in — «*«ji 
instead; lèttera di —, bill of exchax>g< 
rèndere il —, to render like for liko, 
be even with one; — marittimo, bottomi 
Cambista, tm. eàmbist, stock-broker 
Cambràgio, Cambràja, tmf. cambric, là wx 
Cambrossóne, tm. privet, V. Ligustro 
Camèdrio, tm. (bot.) germander, Englh 

Camèlia, tf. (bot.) spurge -laurel, camel 03 
Càmera, a/, chamber, room; — da lèti 
bed-room; — terréna, parlor; — 1 
cànda, furnished lodgings; — di pò 
pa (mar.) after -cabin; — delle p 
mene, the càble-tiér; — delle Téle, \j 




— 135 — 


(ifl-reom; — delle bagàglio, the sloop- 
rtom; cimare di rispètto, store-rooms; — 
di commèrcio, chamber of commerce; — 
■•luca, oscura, dark chimber {camera 
otcvra); la — del Pari, the House of 
Peers; 1* — dei Comuni, the of 
Qamons; la — dei Deputati, the Cham- 
ber of Deputies ; fare — in un luògo, to 
dwell or lire in a plica; fare — di cbe- 
cWU, to ose immoderately of, to abuse 
i settling ; — adórna fa dònna siria, 
prov. tx p. a comfortable home makes 
a good housewife; —accia, Urge, ogly, 
incòmfortable room 
librile, a. belonging to the chamber 
uoerita, «/. dab, society; room-full; tm. 

urne retta, tf. small room; closet ; witer- 

Cizeriéra, Sf. lady's màid, witing-wòman, 

aoase-nàid, chimber-miid (to a hotel) 
Ciaerière, «an. Tilet, gentleman 's sèrtant, 
-waiter (tie a hotel}-, — del Pips, Pope's 
Camerino, sm. lmill room, closet, cabin 
Caaerista, •/. maid of honor 
Ciaerlfsgo, am. the Pope's chancellor 
Cameróne, am. Tory Urge room 
Cameròtto, am. camarilla, tf. song room, 

Cat: ce, am. àlb, surplice, priest's vestment 
Ccicétta, a/, small shirt, or shift 
Cvsieétto, am. small Alb, surplice 
Captcia, camlscia, a/, shirt, shift, chemise; 

n mànica di —, in shirt sleeve 
Ciaiciajo, am. shirt or chemise maker 
Ciancione, camiciòtto, sm. under-wiist- 

Ci oicJ nòia, a/, under or flannel waistcoat 
Omino, tm. chimney, ehimoey-piéce,hearlh, 

C? timonière, sm. eamel-drWer 
Cim anellino, tm. camlet, eimelot 
Ci-sméllo, -a, tmf. (tool.) camel 
Cammello pardo, sm. (soot.) camèlopard, 

F Giraffa 
Ciamellòtto, tm. V. Gambellòtto 
Ian. mèo, a cornelian, cameo 
f sminante, tm. tra roller, wayfarer 
i-atmtoire, fait. 4. to t ràtei, walk 
Ca a a io ila, tf. walk; hill; fare una — 

Getter passeggiata), to tike a walk 
Camminatóre, -trice, tmf. walker, rambler 
C camino, tm. road, way, journey, mirch ; 

F. Camino 
Cimo, am. bridle, halter, rope 
Camojirdo, tm. kind of eimelot, camlet 
'inizia, tf. moth, F. Tarlo 
dmorro, am. rùstie, eldwn, F. Villino 
Camosciare, vs. I to dress shimmy-lea- 

Caaoseiaiura , tf. dressing of shammy- 
Camoscino, -a, o. of shimmy-lèather 

Camòscio, tm. {tool.) chamois (wild he- 
— -a, a. flat-nosed, F. Carnóso 
Camòxza , a/, wild she -goat , chamois, 

Campaechiire, tm. 4. to live poorly, rnb on 
Campagna, tf. country; campaign; andiro 
in —, to go into the country; méttersi 
in —, (mil.) to tike the field; entrare in 
—, to begin the campaign; — rasa, plain, 
open country 
Campagnuòlo, -a, tmf. countryman 
Campajnòlo, -a, a. rural, of Uie couotry 
Campile, a. pertaining to the battlefield» 

arrayed; battiglia —, pitched battle 
Campaménto, tm. encampment, camp 
Campina, #/. bell, alembic, cùrfew; — 
della pendola, clock-glass; — dell'argano, 
(mar.) the birrel of the cap stero; fonde- ■ 
ria di campine, bell-fóundry; suonare le 
campine, to ring the bells ; snonir le 
campine a fèsta, to chimo; snonir le 
campine a mortòrio, to toll the knell ; 
far la — d* on pèzzo, to do a thing at 
once; arér le campine gròsse, to be hard 
or dfall ot hearing 
Campaoàccio, tm. small bell (to hang at a 
cow's or ram's neck); montóne del — , 
Campanijo, tm. bell-ringer; bell-founder 
Campanèlla, tf. campanellino, campanèllo, 
tm. small bell, hand-bell , door-bell ; 
knòcker, dòor-clapper (in the form of a 
riog); attaccare i pensièri alla — del- 
l' uscio, to give np ill thoughts of; ba- 
ciare la —, to leave a plico for ever; 
to give np an enterprise; attaccare altrùi 
nna —, to slinder a person; sonare la 
-> {fig) to backbite; —, (bot.) bell-flower, 
Mae-bèll; calzo a campanèlle, stockings 
that hang down 
Campanile,, em, steeple, bòlfry; lanciare 
campanili, to be hyperbolic; to boast, 
Campatone, tm. great bell 
Campànula, sf. (hot.) campànula 
Campanulato, -a, campanifórme, a. (bot.) 
campanulate, eampàniform, in the shape 
of a bell 
Campire, va. i. to save, rèsene, shun 
— vn. to escape, save one's self, live; non 

ne campò uno, not one escaped 
Campeggiaménto, tm. camp. F. Accampa- 
Campeggiare, vn. i. to encimp, tike the 
field, scdur the country; to soil, fit, be- 
come, shine, set o(T, figure, make a fig- 
ure, stand out; argoménto che fece — 
la sna eloquènza, a subject on which he 
made a display of his eloquence 
Campéggio, tm. log-wood (for dyeing) 
Camperéccio, -a, a. rustic, rural, wild 
Cam perei lo, caropicéllo, tm. small field 
Campèstre, a. campestral, rural 



— 136 — 


CAN \ 

Campetto, tm. (agr.) furrow 
Campidòglio, Campi-lò'io, tm. Càpitol 
Caro pio, a. flit, smooth, of the plain ; be- 
longing to fields 
Campióne, tm. champion; pattern; day- 
Campionéssa, «/. (burl.) chàmpioness, a 

female champion 
Campire, va. 3. to paint the gritad (pic- 

Campo, tm. field, plain, space, camp; — 
sin to, cemetery, borial-grdund, church- 
yard; dar —, to give room, gire an op- 
portunity; dar — apèrto, to give free ac- 
cess ; méttere in — , to propóse, to in- 
troduce; a —, Alt of town ; levar il —, 
to decamp; prènder -, to acquiro vigor; 
uscire in —, to take the field 
Camperéccio, -a, a. rùstie, F. Campe- 
Camuffare, van. ]. to disguise, dissemble 
Camuffato, -a, «. disguised, feigned 
Carnóso, -a, tmf. flat-nosed person 
Caniccio, am. big ùgly dog, traitor, villain 
Canàglia, eanagliiecia, tf. rabble, canaille 
Canagliume, am. the. dregs of the people 
Canajoólo, -a, tmf. black gripes 
fonale, tm. canal, pipe, channel 
Canalétto, canalino, tin. little canal, gutter 
Cànapa, tf. (bot.) hemp (fibrous plant) 
Canapiccia, */. (bot.) V. Artemisia 
Canapsja, tf. field of hemp, hemp field 
Canapajo, t. hèmp-drèsier, seller 
Canapàie, tm. rope, hàlter, wicked fellow 
Cànape, tm. hemp-twist 
Canapé, tm. sofa, settee 
Canapéllo, tm. smlll rope 
Canapiglia, tf. {tool.) wild duck 
Canapino, -a, a. of hemp, hempen 
Cànapo, tm. cable, cordage, ropes, tackle 
Canapùccia, «/. hemp-séed 
Canarino, tm. (orn.) canary-bird 
Canata, tf. greit scolding 
Canattoria, tf. pack of dogs,- number of 

Canattiére, tm. dog-keeper 
Canavàccio, canovàccio, am. canvass, towel 
Canavàjo, tm. bùtler» steward of the table 
Cancellàbile, a. that may be cancelled 
Cancellaménto, tm, cancellatane, tf. re- 
Cancellare, va. 1. to cancel, rail in, erase 
Cancellata, s/. ràil-fence, railing 
Cancellato, -a, a. cancelled, railed off 

or in 
Cancellatura, cancellazióne, tf. cancelling 
Cancellerésco, a. belonging to chancery 
Cancelleria, if. chancery (court of equity) 
Cancellierato, sin. tm. chancellorship 
Cancellière, tm. registrar, notary; chan- 
Cancèllo, tm. rails, làttico, grating, balus- 
trade, chàncelbar 
Cancellóne, am. greit bar, railing 

Cincliero, tm. cancer; sounds! the deuce I 
Cancheróso, canceróso, -a, a. cancerous 
Cancrèna, cancherélla, */. gangrene 
Cincrenire, va. 1. to gangrene, mortify 
Cancrenóso, -a, a. gangrenous, mortifying 
Cancro, tm. cancer, crab (tign of zodiac) 
Candéla, a/, candle, light; — di céra, wax- 
candle; — di sevo, tàllow-càndle; accèn- 
dere una —, to light a càndle; lèggere 
al lume di —, to read by càudle -light 
Candelabro, tm. chandeléer 
Candelétta, «/. amili wàx -light, taper 
Candelière, tm candlestick, chandeléer 
Candellaja, can doll ara, tf. candlemas 
Candelière, tm. V. Candelière 
Candelottàjo, tm. tallow-chandler 
Candelòtto, tm. short thick candle 
Cadènte, a. ardent, burning, shiniog 
Cindi; toccherò —, am. sugar cindy 
Candidamente, adv. candidly, sincerely 
Candidamene, tm. whiteness, V. Bian- 

Candidilo, am. cindidate; — , -a, a. made 

Candidatura, a/, cindidatfire, candidatesbip 
Candidétta, «/. whiteness, V. Candore 
Candiéro, am. sort of drink made of eggs, 

milk and sugar 
Candificire, va. I. to inflame, mike red 

Candire, va. 3. to càndy, eonfect 
Can -lito, tm. cindied fruits, preserves 
Cando, -a, a. {ant.) white, candid, V. 

Candore, tm. shining or snowy whiteness, 
purity, sincerity, ingenuousness, candor 
Cine, am. (tool.) dog; instrument for draw, 
ing teeth; instrument used by coopers; 
{of Jive armt) cock; Kin, Rina, Khan 
(Persian governor ; Tartar chief) ; (attr.) 
the dog-stir; — arrabbiato, mad dog; — 
di guàrdia, wàtch dog; — di cisa, di cor- 
tile, h<fflse-dog; — barbóne, witer-dog; 

— da férmo, pointer, setting dog; — da 
ciccia, htfund; — levrière, grey hound ; 
di mire, dog-figh, séa-dog; orécchi di — 
(in a book), dog 's ears; èsser trattato 
da —, to be treated like a dog; aizzare 
un —, to set on a dog; menare il — per 
l' àja, to go ablut the Wish ; raddrizzar 
le gambe ai cani, to wish a Moor whit»; 
aver rispètto al — per amor del padróne, 
love me and love my dog; destare il — 
che dorme, to awike the sleeping dog; a 

— che lécchi cénere non fid ire farina, 
prov. exp. he that will steal a pin, 
will aléal far better thinga; — che ab- 
bàja pòco mòrde, prov. exp. a birkiog 
dog seldom bites 

Canéfora, tf. canèphora [pi. canèphora), 
yonng lady carrying on her head in a 
basket various things destined for sacri* 

Can astricelo, tm. ùgly old bisket 



— 137 — 


Canastrélìo, caaestrettino I am. small 
Cauestrétto, canestrino | basket, pannier* 

Ciaestriéra, canéfora, if. bà*kot woman 
Canèstro, -a, amf. pannier, basket, hamper 
Canevaccio, am. F. Canavàccio 
Cànfora, «/. camp hire 
Canforato, caofòrico, -a, a. càmphorate 
Cangiàbile, a. changeable, mutable, fickle 
Cangiaménto, am. change, mutation 
Cangiante, càngio, -a, a. changing 
Cangiare, va. I. to change, alter, shift 
Cangiàro, cangiàrro, em. sort of Turkish 

Cangiato, -a, a. changed, altered, turned 
Càngio, am. V. Càmbio 
Cangrèna, a/, gangrene, F» Cancrèna 
Caotbale, am. V. Cannibale 
Caniccio, em. hurdle (texture of twigs) 
Canicidio, am. canictde, dog killing 
Canicola, canicola, a/, dog-star; dog days 
Caoicnlàre, canicolare, a. canicnlar 
Canile, am. dog kènnel ( dirty house 
Canio amen te, adv. like a mad dog, furi- 
Canino, am. small dog, puppy, whelp 
— , -a, a. canine, doggish, currish; dènti 

canini, eye-teeth 
Caciaie, a/, white hair, Aid age, F. Canu- 
Canna, a/, cane, rèed, wind-pipe; ell ; — 
di facile, barrel of a gun ; — d* òrgano, 
pipa of an organ; — da pescare, fishing- 
rod; — da serrisiàle, cluster-pipe; giu- 
dicare gli altri con la sua —, lo méa- 
aara another man '« corn by one 's own 
bushel ; prèndersela a un tanto la —, to 
be careless; pòvero in —, very poor; — 
vana, a weak man 
Canoàjo, fm. wearer's drawer; hùrdle to 
dry fruit on; éel -basket; wiser- pfpe- 

Caaeaméle, a/, (boi) sugar-cane 
Cannata, a/, càning, blow with a stick 
Cannèlla, a/, switch; small water-pipe; 

spigot, cock of a barrel; (bot.) cinnamon 
Cannellato, -a, a. cinnamon-colored 
Caaaellétto, cannellino, am. tube, syringe 
Caaaallina, eanneliélla, sf. small pipe, 

Cannellino, -a, seasoned with cinnamon 
Cannèllo, am, pipe; réed; spigot; siphon 
Canaellòne, am. great pipe, rèed, etc. 
Caaoellnzza, $/. cock, spigot, spout 
Cannéto, am. cane brake, cane field, rèedy 

Cannibale , am. cannibal, savage, rough 

Cannibalescamente, adv. càonibally 
Cannibalismo, am. cannibalism 
Cannocchiale, canocchiale, am. spfgUs* 
Caanoechio, sm, shoot, sucker of a rèed 
Cannonamene), aia. F. Cannoneggiaménto 
Cannonata, af. cànnon-shot, eànnonàda 

Cannoncéllo, am. small cannon 
Cannóne, am. cànnon, great gun, bobbin, 
tube, leaden pipe; — a retrocàrica, bréech 
loader; — del còllo ianat.), collar bone; 
cannóni di pro a [mar.) bówchàses; palla 
di — cànnon-bàll; cólpo di — cànnon 
shot; pólvere a — gun -powder; a portata 
di — wilhio gnn-shot; fuòri del tiro del 
—, ó"ut of gun-shot; appuntare un —, to 
level a gnn; scaricare, sparare un —, to 
fire off, discharge a gun; inchiodare un 
—, to spike a cànnon 
Cannoneggiaménto, sm. cannonade 
Cannoncino, sm. V. Cannoncéllo 
Cannoneggiare, va. i. to cannonade, to 
bàtter with ordnance, to work the great 
Cannonièra, a/, embrasure, pórt-hòle 
Cannonière, am. cannonièr, artillery-man 
Cannóso, -a, a. full of réeds, reedy 
Cannùccia, cannuccina, af. small cane ; 
star sulle cannóccie, to stand on a weak 
Cau Docciale, a. living in marshy places 
Càno, -a, a. gray-bèaded, F. Canuto 
Canòa, af. canòe, small boat, ship's boat 
Canòcchia, af. {icht.) shrimp (small séa- 
Canocchiale, am. V. Cannocchiale 
Cànone, am. canon; rule, church- l&w 
Canònica, af. canon's rèsidenco; cànoness 
Canonicale, a. canonical, spiritual 
Canonicamente, adv. canònically 
Canonicato, am. cànonry, cànonship 
Canonichéssa, af. eànoness 
Canonicità, af. canònicalness 
Canònico, sm. canon, prebendary 
— , -a, a. canonical; diritto —, canon Uw 
Canonista, am. canonist 
Canoniuàre, va. 1. to canonize, declare a 

Canonizzazióne, af. canonization 
Canòro, -a, a. canorous, harmonious 
Canòtto, am. canèe, skiff 
Cànova, af. celiar, tàvern 
Canovàccio, am. canvass, towel 
Canovàjo, am. bùtler, steward (of the table) 
Ca osare, va. i. to remove, shelter; — di pe- 
ricolo, to remove or rescue from danger 
Causarsi, vrf. to retire, escape from 
Cansalójo, -a, amf. shelter, refuge, asylum 
Cantàbile, a. that may be sung, musical 
Cantacchiàre, va. i. to sing low, hum 
Cantafàvola, af. fobie, story, tale, romance 
Cantaféra, af. ballad, ditty, F. Cantilena 
Canlajnòlo, am. càll-bird, treble siring 
Cantambanco, -a, amf. mountebank, impos- 
Cantaménlo, sm. ringing, tone, air 
Cantante, a. singing, that may be sung; 

tmf. professional singer 
Cantare, wan. to sing, warble, crow; — bene 
e ruzzolar male, to speak fair and act 
ftul; — a orécchio, to sing by the ear; 


— 138 — 



— una e fire un' altra, to say one thing 
and do another; - il vèspro a qualcuno, 
to reprimand, scold a person; far - l òr- 
bo, to gite sòme m6ney 

Cantarèllo, sm. small (chamber) pot 
Cantarèlle, sfp. (mar.) stern light P^ts 
Cantàride, «/.càntharis, {pi. canthandes, 

Cantt- CS inèa.nro ot 150 lb., hundred- 

weight {abbr. Cwt.) 
Cantastòrie, sm. story-singer 
Cantata, sf. Italian song *ilh a ^^cilatiTi . 
Cantato, -a, a. sung ; méssa cantata, high 

Cantatore, -trice, smf. «ioger, songster, 

CuliuSirw? va. 4. to sing often and ill 
Canterano, sm. chest of ****** 
Canterèlla, sf. càntharis; cà I'bird 
Canterellare, tro. I. to sing low, hnm. wir- 

Canterello, sm. tinsel, V. Orpèllo 
Canterino, -a, f m/. singer, niaslcian 
Càntero, càntaro, am. clóae-stóol basm 
Canteruio. -a, a. àngulous, having ^corners 
Càntica, sf. p6em (in cantos), song of Sò- 

CantTcchiàre. vn. 4. to sing 1^, h um chirp 
Càntico, am. canticle, bymn r holy song 
Cantière, sm. duck-yird èA j JiVna 

Cantilèna, ./. song. Ulte ™* ^u™ 
song, dràwl; sèmpre la stéssa -! always 
the 6W «tory, the sàme.stóry over agàio 
'Cantilenacela, a/, bad song 
Cantilenare, ran. 4. (iron.) to sing, make 

Ca'nTimplòra. a/, wfne-còoler, «ce-pail 
retina *f- cellar, cave, cavern, gròtto 
Can Inéita-; «/. small cellar ice-pail, cooler 
Cantinière, cantinièro, sm. bWw. Tlotew 
Cantino, tm. treble string (of a violin, etc.) 
Canto, sm. singinK, chini, canto, song; - 
d'amóre, lève song; - funebre, dirge, fu- 
neral dirgo; - férmo (gregoriane), chant, 
plain singing; - del gallo, crowing, crow 
(of the cock); scuòla di -, singmg-schòol; 
maestro di -, singing-mister 

- sm. side, pàrt, party, corner, angle; - 
di sopravvènto, (mar.) wèathcr-sido ; dal 
— mio, tuo. as lor me, thée; da -, adverb. 
àoàrt. aside; giùgncre alcuno al, -,to catch 
one; to impóse upon one; lasciare da -, 
to leave *side; métter da -, to put by; 
dare un — in pagaménto, to run away 
with<Sùt paying one's creditors 

Cantonale, a. cantonal 
Cantonàre, vn. 1. to retiro, F. Incantuc- 
Cantonata, sf. corner, angle 
Cantoncèllo, cantoncino, am. little corner, 

angle „ , . . 

Cantóne, sm. corner; i Cantóni Svizzeri, the 

Swiss Cantons; piètra del —, corner-stone | 
Cantonièra, sf. street- walkor, prostitute 

Cantonière, am. mountebank, quack 
Cantonnto, -a, a. {ant.) ingulouf, hiving 

Cantóre, sm. chorister, singer, poet 
Cantoria, sf. singing-gallery 
Canlucciàjo, am. biscuit-bàker, pislry-còok 
Cantùccio, am. corner, hiding place; biscuit 
Cantuccinto, -a, a. («ut.) angular, hiving 

Canutamente, adv. prudently, discreetly 
Canutézza, a/, hóariness, gray bàirt 
Cannlfglii, a/, tinsel, silver-spangles 
Canato, -a, a. hòary, gray-headed, white 
Canzona, a/. V. Canzóne 
Cauzon&ccia, a/, bad song, poetry, singing 
Canzonare, va. 4. to tell Idle stories, fibs, 

to quiz, liugh at 
Canzonatura, a/, mockery, banter, raillery, 

jéer, scoff, derision 
Canzoncino, -a, smf. canzonet, little song 
Cantóne, «A song, ode, ballad ; métter* in 
—, to liugh at, to banter; èssere in —, 
to bo liaghed at, to be the laughing- 
stock; — dell'uccellino, tale of a tub; 
dar —, to gire fair words 
Canzonétta, sf. canzonet, little song 
Canzonière, em. song-book 
Cansonina, canzonnccia, sf. canzonet 
Caologia, a/, chiology, treatise on chaos ; 

confused treatise 
Càos (caòsse, poet.) sm. chios, confusion 
Capaccbióne, sm. great nonsense, absurdity 
Capaccio, sm. large bgly head, thick skull 
— , -a, a. obstinate, stubborn 
Capace, a. capable, ibi», fit, àmpie; ó 
— ci si trovi anch' égli, he miy be 

there too 
Capacità; {ant.) — ade, —ite, sf. capacity, 

power, extent 
Capacitare, va. 4. to enable, quali If, con- 
vince, persuade 
Capacitarsi, vrf. to be convinced, persuaded 
Capacitato, -a, a. convinced, sensible of 
Capaguto, -a, a. pointed, sharp (of arm) 
Capanna, sf. cottage hut, lodge, biro ; — 

del camino, man tei- piece 
Capannèllo, -a, smf. I small cottage, hut, 
Capannétto, -a, smf. { troop, bind, gang 
Capannlscóndero, sm. hide and seek (play) 
Capanno, sm. collage, cabin, thatched hot 
Capanndla, *f. assembly of people, elnb 
Capannóne, sm. cottage bonfire 
Capannuccia, sf. little cottage, hat; minger 
(representing that where our Lord was 

born) , 

Capannuccio, sm. smill cottage; sort or 

turret on the top of a cupola; bonfire 
Caparbioria, sf. \ abati- 

Caparbietà; {ant) — ide, —ite, sf. \ nacy, 

Capàrbio, -a, a. obstinate, stubborn 
Caparra, sf. earnest 
Caparramene, am. V. Caparra 
Caparrare, va. 4. to give earnest, security 




— 139 — 


Caparróne, capassóne, sm. blockhead 
Capila, tf. blow irilh the head, salute 
Captare, vn. I. {mar.), (colla trinchettina, 
e Téla di striglio di maèstra), to try 
under the fore stay -sail, and main-stay- 
Capecchticeio, $m. hùrds, refuse of hemp 
Capécchio, sm. cóarse tów, wadding, trash 
Capélla, a/, (poet.) yoÙDg (she) góat 
Capelliecio, am. head of hair 
Capellaménto, sm. bùsh of hair ; filaments 

of trees or roots 
Capellatura, capigliatura, sf. head of hair 
Capellièra, sf false hair, curls, ringlets 
Capellino, -a, a. chestnut or bàir-còlored 
Capéllo, sm. hàir; capélli posticci, riméssi, 
false hàir; pettinarsi i capélli, to comb 
one's hiir; mi si arricciarono i capélli, my 
hiir stood on end; aver le mini ad nno nei 
capélli, tenére alcuno pei capélli, to hóld 
noe by the hair, to* prevent one from offer- 
ing the least resistance; avere alcuno solla 
pan ta dei capélli, te hite one; i vòstri capél- 
li sono tròppo luoghi, your hair is too long; 
aréte alcuni capélli bianchi, yon hive 
tòme grey hairs; tagliatemi i capélli, cnt 
my hàir; a — , advtrb. exactly, to a hair, 
— di fontina, V. Capelvènere. 
Cipollóso, -a, a. thin as a hàir 
Capelluto, -a, a. hairy, long-hàirod 
Capelvènere, «m. (bot.) màfden-hàir 
Cipero, wan. J. irr. to hóld, V. Capfre 
Caperóizolo, sm. còno, pin's head 
Capestreria, sf. action deserving punish- 
ment by the baiter; licence in writing; 
piquant morsel 
Capèstro, sm. hilter, villain, hang-dog 
Capestruszo, sm. swindler, rascal 
Canévole, a. cipablo, capacious, apt, fit 
Capezzale, sm. neck- handkerchief (for wo- 
. men); bolster, bed-side; al —, adv. exp. 
at the point of death; èssere al —, to 
be on one's deathbed 
Capézzolo, sm. nipple 
Capieério, $m. déan, vèstry-kéeper 
Capiddglia, sf. capidoglio, sm. kind of 


Capirono, sm. chief driin 

Capifuòco, sm. andiron 

Capigli*- */• *chfllo, sinibbio, scrape 

Capigliatura, sf. head of hair 

Capillare, a. capillary (resembling hairs) 

Capillarità, a/, capillarity 

Capillizio, sm. (ant.) V. Capellatura; (astr.) 
còma, hàir 

Capiménto, sm- capacity, comprehension 

Capinascénte, sm. wig like nature 

Capi néro, -a, smf. (orn.) tom-tit, black- 
hooded wren 

Capipirte, Capipopolo, sm. head of a party, 
of the people 

Capfre, «aw. 3. to contiin, comprehend, un- 
derstand; vi capisco, I understand you; 
me godo tinto che non cipo in me stésso, 

(nella pèlle), I am so glad of it that I 
am tful of myself, overjoyed 
Capisòldo, stn. bfnnly, gratuity 
Capitale, sm. capital, fund, stock, principal 
— , a. capital, principal, chief, miin; stire 
in —, neither to win nor lèse; Iato — 
de. la mia amicizia, depend on my friend- 
ship; faccia — di me in tutto, dispòse of 
me in every thing 
Capitalista, smf. capitalist, moneyed indi- 
vidual; fund-holder 
Capitalmente, adv. capitally, with death 
Capitana, sf. admiral's ship 
Capitan rinza, capitaneria, sf. chief com- 
Capitanare, van. I. to appoint chiefs, com- 
Capitanilo, sm. captaincy, chieftainship 
— , -a, a. commanded, headed 
Capitan eggiire, va. i. to lead, command 
Capitino, sm. captain, commander (troops 
Capiterò, van. i. to arrive at, conclude, 
finish; — bene, mile, to cònio off well 
or ill, bo successful, unsuccessful; fite — 
quésta lèttera, causo this letter to còme 
to hand, bo delivered 
Capitato, -a, a. arrived at ; chanced ; be- — 
fàllon; hiving a head; growing with a 
head (as garlic, etc.) 
Capitazióne, sf. capitation, poll-tax 
Capitèllo, sm. capital of a column, head- 
band (ot a book) 

Capito, -a, a. comprehèndod, understood^ 

Capitolante, aro. capitulitor; member of a N 

chapter, voter 
Capitolire, tro. 1. to capitulate, treat 
Capitolire, a. capitulary; — sm. capitular, 
capitulary; i capitolari di Carlomagno, 
the capitularies of Charlemagne 
Capitolilo, -a, a. capitulated, agreed 
Capitolazióne, sf. capitulation, agreement 
Capitolino, -a, a. Capitoline, of the Capitol 
Capitolo, sm. chapter, (of a book); chipter 
(of friars or canons); chàptcr-hóUse, héad- 
' band (of a book) 

— sm. old póem composed of triplets; aver 
voce in —, to have credit, interest at 
the board; non ha voce in —, ho is a 
mere cipher 
Capitoli, smp. convention, accord, agree- 
ment; — matrimoniali, marriage-Articles 
Capitombolare, vn. to tumble, fill headlong 
Capitombolatòre, -trice, smf. tumbler 
Capitómbolo, sm. tumble head over heels 
Capitóne, sm. coarse silk, silk-wad 
Capitózzolo, sm. V. Collotórto 
Capitòso, -a, a. obstinate, headstrong 
Capitòzza, sf. pollard (oak lopped) 
Capitudine, if. meeting of guilds in Florence 
Capitato, -a, a. Urge-headed (of cabbage, 
Capirono, sm. V. Capoverso (etc.) 

Cipo, sm. head, chief, beginning, ond ; — 
maèstro, head mister; da — a piede, 
from head to foot, from top to too; mi 




— 140 — 


\ », v. 

gira il —, I Tcel giddy; vi Angara (o ti do) 
il buon — d'inno, I wish yon a happy 
new year; in — doll'ànno, at the end of 
the year; non ho altro in —, 1 think of 
nothing else; si mise in — che, he has 
taken it into his head that; — per , 
item per item; dieci capi di bestiame, ten 
head of cattle; — della via, end of the 
street; da — , again; venire a —, to bring 
about; métter -, (of riviri) to empty, 
discbarge itself; far —, (of paths, roada) 
to end in; (mtd.) to draw lo a head; far 
— ad uno, to applf to one; bàttere il — 
nel muro, to knock one's head against 
the will; non sapere dóve si dar di — , 
not to know which way to turn, what 
shift to make, to be put to one's shirts ; 
non ne trovar né — , né còda, to make 
neither head nor tail of a thing; fare a 
suo —, to have one's way, to follow one's 
mind; lavare il — ad uno (fig.), to spéak 
ill of a person, to scold one ; — di latte, 
créam of milk; calzétte ad un —, a due 
capi, single, double-threaded stockings; 
rimaner col — rótto, to have the worst 
of it, to còme off with a broken head ; 
non mi rompete il —, don't téase me; 
còsa fatta — ha, prov. ezp. a thing done 
has an end 

Capobanda, am. head-director (of a musical 

Capobandito, am. chief of bandits or ban- 
XCafiòcàfccia, am. chief hunter, huntsman (of 
a prince) 

Capòcchia, af. head of a stick, pin, nàil, 

Capòcchio, -a, a. dull, stupid, heavy 
Capòccia, am. head shepherd ; head of a 

peasant's family 
Capocénso, am. poll-tax, capitation 
Capochino, sm. nod, slight b<5w 
Capocòllo, am. chitterlings 
Capocòmico, sm. head, director of a com- 
pany of stage-players 
Capocróce, 9m. cross-way, cross-roads 
Capocuòco, am head-cook, kitchen-steward 
Capo d'opera, sm. màster-pièce 
Capofamiglia, am. head of a family 
Capofila, am. first soldier of the file, line 
Capofitto; a —, adverb, head down, head- 
Capogitto, am. vertigo, the staggers 
Capogiro, am. giddiness, dizziness; (fig.), 

whim, freak 
Capolavoro, sm. masterpiece 
Capolétto, am. head-board hangings 
Capolevàre, vn. i. to fill héad-fóremost 
Capolevàto, -a, a. fallen héad-fóremost 
Capolino, sm. little head; far —, to peep, 

spy through a hole etc. 
Capolista, fin. he whose Dime it signed first 

in a list 
Capolo, sm* handle 

Capoluogo, $m. chief-residence, chief- town, 

city; (of England) county. town 
Capomaéstro, am. architect, superintendent 
Capomàndria, am. inspector of the stnds 
Capomése, am. the first day of the month 
Capo mòrto, am. (chem.) sediment 
Capóna, af. headstrong, obstinate woman 
Caponiggine, af. obstinacy, stubborness 
Caponaménte, adv. obstinately, stubbornly 
Caponàr l'incora, va. (mar.) to cat the 

Caponcéllo, am. sèlfwilled little fèllo** 
Capóne, am. Urge head, obstinate man 
Caponeria, af. obstinacy, stubborn ess 
Cipoparte, am. bead, leader of a party 
Capoparto, am. V. Secondina 
Capo piede, am. error, topsy-turvy 
Capopòpolo, am. popular chief (poral 

Caporale, am. chief commander; (mil.) cór- 
— a. chief, principal, capital 
Caporano, am. (ant.) principal man» head, 

Caporiccio, am. (ant) fright, V. Raccapric- 

c laménto 
Caporióne, sm. chief, alderman of a ward 
Caporivèrso, adv. V. Caporovèscio 
Caporovèscio, ado. tòpsy-tùrvy, upside down 
Caposcali, am. top or head of the staircase 
Caposcuòla, am. founder of a particular 

Caposétta, sm. founder of a sect 
Caposòldo, am. bounty, remuneration 
Caposquadra, am. commodore, commander 
Capostipite, tm. head of a race or family 
Capolista, tm. peg (of a stringed instru- 
Capotruppa, am. chief captain of the band 
Capòtta, af. cloak (women's) 
Capoverso, tm. beginning of a verse 
Capovòlgere, va. t. irr. (pott, capovòlti» 
part, capovòlto) to turn upside down» 
put on the wrong side 
Capovoltare, va. I. V. Capovòlgere 
Capovòlto, -a, a. turned upside down 
Capoxucca, am. imbecile, dòlt, blockhead 
Cappa, af. Spanish clóak, Cardinal's minile, 
churchman's cap, hood, cape, scollop 
(shellfish); màntle-trée; (mar.) primage; 
— degli àlberi, the coat of the mist; — 
del timóne, the coat of the rudder; stare 
alia—, to bring (a vessel) to; perno 
punto Marlin perde la —, prov. exp. the 
merest trifle is often a bar to success 
Cappàre, va. i. to choose, select, piek Sài 
Cappato, -a, a. picked 6ut, selected 
Cappèlla, af. chàpel, musicians (of a church); 

maestro di —, am. leader of the choir 
Cappellaccio, am. Urge old hat, coarse hat 
Cappellàio, -a, amf. bàtter 
Cappellata, af. chàplainship 
Cappellano, am. chaplain, almoner 
Cappellata, af. cap in hand, cringing b*"w 
Cappellétta, af. amili chàpel, oratory 
Cappellétto, cappellino, tir . small hat, cap 



— 141 — 

Cappellièra, tf. hat-box, casa 
Cappellina, if. small chapel, small hat 
Cappeilinajo, «in. hat-stand, rack for hats 
Cappèllo, tm. (/or men) hat; (for women) 
bonnet; (0/ Cardinali) bat; wreath of 
flowers (for the head), wreath; (/alconery) 
hoed; {0/ mushrooms) pileus; {distillery) 
cap; — di castòro, castor hat; — di piglia, 
straw hat; cordóne di — , hat band; le- 
varsi il —, to tike off one's hat; mettéte- 
vi il —, put on your hat ; aspettare il —, 
(/alc&nery) to submit tamely to the hood; 
{Jig.), to be le l by the note ; abbasso i 
cappèlli! hats off! col —in mano, hat in 
hand ; col — in testa, with one's hat on; 
calcarsi il — fin sògli òcchi, to pull one's 
hat over one's eyes; prèndere il —, {fig.) 
to lake it ill 
Cappellóne, am. Urge hat; (vulg.) policeman 
Cappell ùccio, tra. old hat, mean, coarse 


Cappellàio, -a, a. tùfted, tàfty, crested 
Càpperi, inter j. dear mef wonderful! 
Càppero, am. (bot.) caper (pickle); caper- 
Capperóne, tm. hood, carrier's cloak 
Capperaccio, <m. short cloak with hood, 

Cappiètto, tin. loop, narrow band of silk 
Càppio, am. knot; — corsójo, running knot 
Capotta, interi. V. Càpperi 
Capponàja, tf. càpon-cóop, hen-coop 
Capponare, va. 1. to capo a, cat off, e or tàil, 

disfigure ; {mar.) to cat the anchor 
Capponata, $f. birth-diy feast on capons 
Capponato, -a, a. caponed, curtailed 
Capponcéllo, am. small young capon 
Cappóne, am. capon; (vulg.) soprano 
Capponièra, if. (mil.) eaponniére, covered 

Cappòtta, if. cloak (women's) 
Cappòtto, am. cloak, riding-hood, capote; 
(mil.) frock coat, guard, witch*cóat; fare 
un — , to capòt (at picket); far far — (a 
un bastiménto), to overset 
Cappuccetto, em. small cowl, capuchin 
Cappueciàjo, am. hood, eòwl, clóak-màker 
Cappuccino, am. capuchin monk; little 

Cappùccio, ni. cowl; (bot.) cabbage, lettuce 
Capra, tf. (mooI.) she goat; cavalcare la — 
al chino, to ran headlong, to hùrry in a 
breakneck ruinous manner, to have (he 
worst of it, to cóme off with a broken 
bead ; salvar la — e i càvoli, to save 
one's bicoo, to run wilh the bare and 
bold with the bounds; chi ha capre, ha 
coma, prov. cxj>., no gain without pains 
Capràjo, eapràro, am. goatherd* 
Caprària, —aggine, if. (bot.) goat's rue, thorn 
Capreolàre, a. (bot.) claspered 
Caprioli, imp. (arch.) càuticoles 
Capriolo, §m. (bot.) cirrous tendril, clàsper 
Capmteria, tf. frolic, wantonnc»j, freak 

Capresto, -a, tmf. ròpe, bàog-villafes 
Capèstro ^ 

Caprétta, tf. yoùng she góat, kid \ 

Caprétto, caprettfno, tm. young kid, kid - 
Caprézzo, am, (ant.) caprice, V. Capriccio,^ 

ribrézzo (V. Raccapricciare 

Capricciàre, on, 1, (ant.) to quake with fear, 
Capriccio, tm. caprice; cold shirering; arer 
— d'nna còsa, to have a fancy for a thing 
Capricciosamente, adv. capriciously 
Capricciosità, tf. capriciousness, strangeness 
Capriccióso, a. capricious, whimsical 
Capricòrno, tm. Capricorn (sign oi the zodiac) 
Caprifico, tm. (bot.) wild- Ug. tree 
Caprifòglio, tm. (bot.) eglantine, honey- 
Caprigno, caprino, -a, a. goatish; disputar 
della lana caprina, to dispute abòHt a 
Caprile, tm. fold or pen for góats 
Ciprio, tm. (tool.) róe-bùck, wild góat 
Capriòla, tf. caper, jùmp, capriòle; fare or 

trinciar cap. iòle, to cut capere 
Capriolare, tm. 1, léap, cut càpers 
Capriolerò, tm. yoùng ròe-buck, fàwn' 
Capriòlo, capriaólo, tm. (zooL) róe-bùck; 

Capripede, a. góat- footed 
Capriuóla, tf. (tool ) dóe, róe 
Capriolante, a. irregular (pulse) 
Capro, am. (tool.) bùck-góat; (mar.) pri- 
vateer; — emissàrio, scàpe-góat 
Caprone, am. largo he-góat, old debauchee 
Caprngginàre, va. i. to stave barrels 
Caprugginatójo, tm. cóoper 
Caprùggine, tf. the notches of the staves 
Càpsula, tf. càpsule, pod (cài 

Capsnlàre, a. capsular, hóllow 
Captivàre, va. I. V. Cattivare 
Capto, -a, (ant.) a. taken, smitten, euàmored 
Capòccia, tf. cabbage lettuce 
Capòccio, tm. little head 
Capzióso, -a vj> captions, fraudulent 
Carabàttole;* „ . riff-raff, trifles, bàwbles 
Carabo, tm. yellow* àmber 
Carab na, sf. carabine 
Carabinàta, tf. carabine shot 
Carabineria, sf. gendarmery, armea police- 
fórce, the body of carabinière 
Carabinière, tm. (mil.) carabiniér 
Caracal, tm. (tool.) caracal (a species of 

Caracca, tf. (mar.) e arac, càrak, a Port- 
uguese lndiaman 
Caracollare, vn. 1. to caracole, to wheel 

Camcòllo, tm. caracole, wheeling about 
Caraffa, tf. decanter, V. Guastàda 
Caraflino, -a, smf. small decanter, cruet 
Caraffóne, tm. Urge decanter 
Cara ita, smf. Caraile (Jewish sectary) 
Caràmbola, tf. (billiards) eànoon 
Carambolare, vn. I. (billiards) to cannon, 
to make a cannon 





— 142 — 


- / 


ella, 0/. caramel, burned sugar 
«bénlo, adv. dearly, ton lerly 
J&mógio, «m. ugly dwarf, shrimp 
^ ara muss àio, «m. Turkish merchantman 
/'Caratare, va. 1. to weigh, carerai ly examine 
Caratalo, -a, a. weighed rain tely 
' Caratèllo, am. keg. cask, small barrel 
Carato, am. carat (weight of four grains); 
uno sciòcco di ventiquattro carati, àrch- 
fòol, greàt fòol 
Carallore, sm. character, disposition, mirk, 
print, hànd-wrfling; — di una lingua, the 
genius of a language; 6 scritto tutto di 
suo — , it is all in his (or her) hand- 
Caratterismo, am. impression, characterises 
Caratteristica, af. characteristic 
Caratteristico, -a, a. characteristic 
Caratterizzare, va. i. to characterize, mark 
Caravèlla, af. {mar.) Portuguese gàlley, 

Carbonàia, af. cóal-pit; dungeon 
Carbonàjo, sm. chàrcóal-màker, cóal-man 
Carbonarismo, sm. èarly fréemàsonery (in 
Italy), the association or principles of 
• the Carbonari 
Carbonaro, sm. èarly Freemason (of Italy), 

Carbonata $f. pórk chop broiled, pimple 
Carbonàio, am. (chtm.) carbonate 
Carboncèllo, am. I carbuncle, morbid swéll- 
Carbóuchio, am. \ ing, small cóal 
Carbonchióso, -a, a, burnt, scorched; ter- 
réno —, gitty ground 
Carboncino, carbonétto, am. small cóal 
..yTJaT>rt>óne, am. cóal; carbuncle; mildew; — 
aiòssile, pit-cóal; — di legna, charcoal; 
Cn'misùra di carbóni, in abundance, pressed 
down and running over; negro di —, blàck 
f like charcoal, very black; èssere corno il 
— che scòlta e tinge, to delight in mis- 
chief; 6 da segnarsi col — bianco, it is 
very extraordinary luck 
Carbonèlla, af. small coals 
Carbònico, -a, a. {chtm.) carbònio 
Carbonièra, af. cóal-pit 
Carboniggia, af. charcoal-powder 
Carbònio, am. {chtm.) carbon 
Carbonizzare, va. 1. {chtm.) to carbonize; 

to chàr 
Carbonizzazióne, af. {chem.) carbonization 
Carbùncolo, am. carbuncle, cóal 
Carburo, am. (chem.) carburet 
Carcame, am. carcass, skeleton, circanet 
Carcàre, va. i. {pott.) to charge, load 
Carcassa, af. carcass (bomb), skeleton 
Carcàsso, am. quiver, hull, hulk 
Carcàto, -a, a. {ant.) óaded, burdened 
Carcerano én to, am. imprisonment 
Carcerare, va. i. to Imprison 
Carceràrio, -a, a, carcerai, belonging to a 

Carceralo, -a, amf. and, a. prisoner, impris- 

>, poll 

Carceratóre, am. bailiff, constable, 

Carcerazióne, af. incarceration, imprison- 
ment, confinement 
Carcero, amf. prison, jàil (gaol) 
Carcerière, am, jailer, prison-keeper 
Carcinòma, af. carcinoma, cancer 
Carciofàia, af. ground planted with arti- 
Carciófo, carciófo lo, am. {bot.) artichoke, 

simpleton, ninny 
Carclofoleto, tm. V. Carciofài a 
Carco, am. {pott.) charge, load, burden 
Carco, -a, a. weighed down, loaded 
Cardàjo, am. maker or seller of carders* 
Cardajuólo, am. V. Cardatóre (combs 

Cardamindo, am. {bot.) Indian cresses 
Cardamòmo, cardamòne, am. {bot ) cird- 

Cardare, va. 1. to card, cómb wool, slander 
Cardato, -a, a. carded, clean, neat 
Cardatóre, -trice, amf. carder, wóol-stàpler, 

Cardatura, af. wool combing, carding 
Candeggiare, va. i. (to cardi, backbite 
Card è l la, af. small cirding-brnsh 
Cardellétlo, —ino, am. {orn.) gold-finch 
Carde to, am. groUnd covered with Ih is ties 
Cardiaca, af. (bot.) mother- wort, wild palm 
Cardiaco, -a, a. cardiac, cardiacal, cordial, 

Cardialgia, •/. {mad.) cardialgia, càrdialgy 
Cardinalato, cardinal àtico, sm. cardinalato, 

càrdi nalship 
Cardinale, am. Cardinal; hinge, pivot; (orn.) 

— , a. cardinal, principal, chief 
Cardinalésco, -a J a, of a Cardinal; colore 
Cardinalizio, -a { —, red 
Cardinalizzàto, -a, a. made a Cardinal 
Càrdine, am. hinge, pivot, pole (of the axis) 
Cardite, af. {mtd.) carditis, inflammation of 

the heart 
Cardo, am. {bot.) thistle, carder's comb, 
cird; dare il —, to traduce, scandalize, 
Card on cello, am. {bot.) groundsel 
Card one, am. {bot.) thistle; carrier's comb 
Cardo -sal vàlico, sm. (bot.) wild prickly 

Cardosànto, sm. (bot.) hollyhock, róse* 

Careggiare, va. 1. to caress, cajole, flirt 
v ith, prize; le còse lungo tèmpo desiderile 
più si careggiano quando si ricévono, tho 
more we wish for a thing, the more we 
value it, when we have it; —irsi, vrf. to 
pamper one's self 
Careggiato, -a, a. caressed, esteemed 
Carèllo, am. cushion, pill >w; the cover of 

a close-slòol, V. Guanciale 
Carèna, af. (mar.) kéel of a ship; (bot.) ca- 
rina, kéel; dar — (marJ), to careen 
Carenaggio, am. (mar.) careening, calking 




— 143 — 


Cirenftre, va. 4. to careen» stop up leaks 
Caratilo, •&, a. (hot.) cannate, carina ted, 

kéeled, kéel-shiped 
forcale, a. (Latin) needy, destitute 
Carestia, */» dearth, famine, scarcity; faro 

— d'una cesa, to ose something sparingly, 
to give something grudgingly ; tempo dl 

— pan veccióso, prov. exp., a hungry 
dog will éat dirty pudding 

Carestoso, -a, a. necessitous, in want 
Careno, tm. (bot.) aédge, narrow flag, rush 
Carèna, #/. caress, endearment, fondness; 

far earésie, to caress 
Carezzaménto, tm. flattery, coaxing 
Careniate, a. fond, flittering, caressing 
Cireiiare, va, 1, to caress, flatter, cóax 
Carenato, a. caressed, fondled 
Carenato», -trice, tmf. wèlcomer, fòndler, 

Carenérole, a. flattering, attractive 
Carezzevolmente, adv. kindly, lovingly 
Caratine, */. endéarmeuts, kind caresses 
Carezzòccia, a/, clownish caresses, hags 
Cariare, va. 1. to rot, to make, render c4- 

rioas; —arsi, vrf. to rot, to become, get 

Cariàtide, a/, (arch.) caryatid, earyat; ca- 

mudi, */p. caryites, caryatides 
Ciri a to, «a, a. carious, rotten 
Caribo, sei. dance, bill, circular dinee 
Càrica, «/. charge, load, burden, care, office; 

dar la —, to charge (the enemy) 
Caricante, a. charging, aecósing 
Caricare, va, i. to load, cbirge, burden , 

eiasgerate, blame; (paint) to overcharge, 

overdraw; — la mino, to increase the dòse, 

to give a strong dose; [fig») to overburden; 

— la nemo' i a, to load the memory; — un' 
arma da fuòco, to load a fire-arm; — nn 
bastiménto, to tide a ship; — un orinolo, 
osa pèndola, to wind np a watch, a clock; 

— il nemico, to charge, attick the enemy, 
te Oil upon the ènemy; — uno di basto- 
nate, to give one a sound beating; —irla 
ad 6no, to play one a trick; —àrsi lo sto- 
maco, to clog one* stomach 

Caricato, -a, a. loaded, charged 

Carieatojo, am. chirger 

Caricatóre, -trice, am/, loader, freighter 

Cincatora, tf. caricature 

Carice, tf. (boi.) sèdge, n ir row flag, rush 

Carichino, am. small chirge 

Ctnco, ito. load, charge, ciré, blame; nave 
di —, mèrchant-man, mèrchant-ship; dire 
il — d'osa còsa ad alcuno, to intrust one 
vith something; dire nn — di bastonate ad 
uno, to cudgel, beat one soundly 

Carico, -a, a. loaded, full, charged 

Cariddi, «/. Chartbdts; cader da Scilla in 
-. te fill from Scilla into Charybdis 

brìi», f/. càries, rottenness, cariousness 

Lineilo, tm nirrow silk and thread ritiand 

Canno, -a f «m/. and a. my darling, my dear 

Canofo, -a, o. carious, rotten; worm-eaten 

Carisma, tm. (eccletiattical style) gracious 

fivor, girt (of the holy Ghost) 
Cariti; (poe*.)— ite,— ide, a/ charity, love, 
affection; — pelósa, selfish charity; man- 
cima di —, nnchiritableness; per —, for 
charity's sake! Lo fece per —, he did it 
6"ul of cbàvily; d man darò la —, to ask 
charity; fire la —, to give alms; la prima 
— è l'aver cura di sé, prov. txp. charily 
begins at home 
Cari tate role, a. chiri table, immane, kind 
Caritatevolmente, adv. charitably 
Caritativo, -a, — óvole, a. charitable, kind 
Carli a, «/, (bot.) sów-thistle 
Carlinga, tf. (mar.) kò son 
Carlino, tm. cirlin, small Noopólitan coin 
Cartista, (pi. Cartisti, -e); $mf. Cirlist (par- 
tisan of Charles); a. Cari is t 
Carlóna; alla, — adv. txp. carelessly, coar- 
Carmagnòla, «/. carmagnòle (jacket^; carma- 
gnole (revolutionary song of 1790); carma- 
gnole (revolutionary dance) 
Carme, tm. (poet.) verso, póem; lay, strain 
Carmelitano, tm. Cirmelite-mónk 
Carminare, va. i. to card, còmb wool, etc. 
Carminativa, -a, a. carminative 
Carminilo, a. cirded, trimmed; èssere — 

sènza pèttine, lo be soundly beaten 
Carminio, tm. bright red, cochineal 
Carniccia, a/, bad flesh, coarse móat 
Carnaccióso, -a, a. fleshy, plump, chubby 
Carnacciùto, -a, a. plump, full, fleshy 
Carnàggio, tm. provision of meat, flesh 

Carnagióne, a/, carnation, flesh color ; — 
frésca, rosy cheek, blooming complexion 
Carnijo, tm, charnel-house, churchyard 
Carnaiuòlo, tm. V. Carnière 
Carnàio, a. carnal, akin, sensual, humane; 
fratèllo, sorèlla —, one's own brother, 
sister; dilètti carnili, carnal pleasures; 
amor —, sensual love; peccito —, forni- 
Carnalità; (ant.) —ite, —ide, tf. sensual- 
ity, lust 
Carnalmente, aw. carnally, sensually 
Carname, tm. a miss of putrefied flesh 
Carnascialire, carnescialire, va. i. to riot 
Carnasciale, carnovale, tm. rirnival 
Carnascialésco, -a, a. V. Carnovalésco 
Carnatura, a/. V. Carnagióne 
Carne, tf. flesh, meat, pnlp; — gròssa, 
butcher meat; — di castrilo, mùtton; — di 
minzo, béef; — di vitèllo, vóal; di pé- 
sce, fish; — della fruita, pulp (the soft, 
succulent part of fruii); — col bécco, 
birds, fowls; èstere in —, to be plump, 
fat; tornire, riméttersi in —, to got flesh, 
to pick up flesh; tagliare fin alla — viva, 
to cnt to the quick; métter tròppa — al 
fuòco, to undertake too much; mostrar 
le cimi, to be in rags, ilmost naked ; 
non- èssere né — né pésce, to be neither 



— 144 — 

CAR \ 

fish, flesb, nor fowl ; far —, {burl.) to 
kill, slaughter ; tono come — e ugna in- 
sième, they are like hand and glove; tra 
— e ugna non sia nomo che vi pugna, 
prov. txp. nòbody should meddle with 
another's family affairs 
Carnéfice, tm. hangman, executioner 
Carneo, -a, a. eàrneous, fleshy, of flesb 
Caroeggtire, vn. i. {vulg.) to éat mucb 
meat (<*<;• 

Carnesaìàta, carnesécca, «/. pickled pork, 
Carnescialósco, -a, a. of earn it al, merry 
Carnevale, sm. V. Carnovale 
Carneraleggiàre, va. i. to riot, rèvel 
Carniccio, tm. fleshy side (of a raw skin) 
Carnicino, -a, a. of flesh, of fleah-còlor 
Carnièra, a/, carnière, carniéro, tm. gàme- 

Carnificàre, vn. {med.) to càrniff 
Carnificazióne, tf. {med.) carniflcàtion 
Carnificlna, «/. torment, place of execution; 

{ant.) murder, slaughter 
Camile, a. {ant.) of meat; of a flesh-day 
Carnivoro, -a, a. carnivorous, voracious 
Carnosèlto, -a, a. rather fleshy, plump 
Carnosità, #/, carnósi'y, plumpness 
Carnóso, -a, a. fleshy, muscular 
Carnovale, am. carnival 
Carnovaleggiàre, vn. i. to rèvel, to act tbe 

Carnovalèsco, -a, a. of carnival 
Carnùme, tm. {turg.) fleshy excrescence 
Carnuta, tf. an iron box or safe for the 

dinner of Cardinals sitting in conclave 
nàto, -a, a. plump, fat, jolly 
CàrVfW. déarness (of provision), scarcity 
— , ado. dearly, dear, at a high price ; vl 

costerà —, it will cost you dear 
— , -a, a. dear; costly, agreeable, beloved; 

mio —, mj dear; mi sarebbe più — , it 

would be more agreeable to me, I should 

prefer; aver —, tener —, to value, to 

Caróba, if. V. Carruba 
Caróbolo, tm. V. Carròbbio 
Carógna, «/. càrrion, carcass, jade, slut 
Carognaccia, «/. old worn fòt jade, hack 
Caròla, a/, dance, riog-dànce, bàli ad-d anco 
Carolare, vn. i. to sing and dance in a 


Carol étta, $f. little ring dance in singing 

Carolingio, Carlovfngio, Carolino, -a, a. 
Carlovingian, of Charlemagne 

Carosèllo, carrosèllo, tm. tilt, tournament, 

Caròta, a/, {bot.) carrot; fib, story, falsehood; 
piantare, cacciare, ficcar caròle, to fib, 
tell stories, impóse upon; a me non pian- 
ter é te caròte, you shall not make me 
belié ve that the moon is made of green 

tkf\A N 

Caroticela, a/, notórias falsehood 
Carotàjo, sm. carrot seller, fibber, quick 
Carolare, tm. i. to fib, tell stories, boast, 

draw the long bòw 
Caròtidi, a/p. {anat.) the carotid arteries 
Carotière, am. (carrot-seller) fibber, quick 
Carovana, tf. caravan, quantity, convoy; 

fare la sua —, to serve one's apprentice- 

Carpieco, sir. fur cap (Greek) 
Carpire, va. 1., better, carpire, va. 3. to 

snap, snatch from, seize upon; vn. to 

walk on all fours 
Carpenteria, a/, ship carpentry 
Carpentière, tm. cart wright, carpenter 
Carpènto, am. V. Carràia 
Carpicelo, sm. greit quantity, a great many; 

dire un buon — , to give a shower or 

volley of blows, to bang, a sound 

thrashing % 

Cirpico, -a, a. (anal.) carpal 
Carpine, carpino, am. {bot.) lime-tree, horn* 

Carpióne, tm. {ieht.) carp (pond-fish) 
Carpire, va. 3. to snatch awiy, wrest from, 

Carpita, $f. coarse counterpane, rug 
Carpitèlla, if. thin light blanket, civer 
Carpito, -a, a. carried off, stolen 
Carpo, tm. (anal.) wrist; {icht.) carp 
Carpolito, tm. cirpolite (petrifaction of 

Carpóne, carponi, adv. on all fours, on 

hinds and feet 
Carradóre, carrijo, am. clrt-wright, càrter 
Carrija, a/, cirt-wiy 
Carrata, «/. cart-load 
Carratèllo, sm. barrel, hogshead 
Carreggiàbile, a. that may be passed with 

carts; strada —, cart- way 
Carreggiare, va. ft. to drive a cirt, waggon, 

Carreggiata, tf. cart róad, càrt wày; uscir 

dalla —, to mistake, to be At 
Carreggiatóre , -trice, *mf. carter, wag- 
Carreggio, tm. number of cirU together 
Carrétta, tf. cart, car carriage (of a cannon); 

tirare la —, Jig. to drudge, do laborious 

work; to pander 
Carrettaio, tm. càrter, drfvor, wi; goner 
Carrellare, vn. 1. to draw or drive the cirt 
Carrettata, «/. clrt-fùll, cart-load, tumbrel 
Carrettèlla, tf. sort of gig or chaise 
Carrettiere, tm. càrter, waggoner, carrier 
Carrettino, tm. small whéel-bàrrow, driy 
Carrétto, tm. whèel-bàrrow, brewer's driy 
Carrettóne, tm. large covered waggon 
Carriàggio, tm. baggage, equipage 
Carricèllo, tm. small car, chariot 
Carrièra, a/, career, coarse, race, life; mine 

Fate, méte, bite, note, tube; 

Beno, viae, hi, reou, flan*; • 

- fit, met, bit, not, tub; - far, pique, & 
pstto-pctto, petto, e, U nette, e#Vi - nun©, vino, 


— 145 - 


(of m*tal«); quarry; fare —, or la —, to 
róo one's race ; dare — a ano, to leave 
cob free, unrestrained ; dirai — , to -ct 
according to one's own will or inclina- 
''initio, rn. (m(i m ) ci r t barricade it a camp 
aminola, tf. tròckle-bed, calash 
k"©. m. car, waggon, cart-load ; (attr.) 
Ch»rl«*wàin; — trionfale, triumphal cir; 

- di traspòrto (on railways) lówry, 
trbck; méttere il — innanzi ai badi, to 
put the cirt before the hone ; fare il — 
colla véla {mar.) to shift the sail; a 
cirri {adv. exp.) in lots, in abundance 

Carroccio, tm. carroccio, a chariot of war 
aod triumph (in the Italian republics of 
the middle ages) 

Carrozzi, tf. carriage, éqaipage, cóach; te- 
ner -, to keep one's carriage, to ride in 
a carriage 

CarrozzAbUe, a. through, along or by which 
» cóich may go 

Curouijo, tm. cóach-màker 

Carrozzare, vn. to go io a coach, to coach it 

Cozzata, tf. cóach-fùll, cóaeh-lóai 

Carrozzière, «m. coach-man, V. Cocchière 

Carronfao, tm. curricle, small carriage 

Carruba, tf. (bot.) càrofr 

Marrùbio, carròbbio, carrubo, tm. {hot.) 

Carrobbio, m. gó cirt 

Cimicela, carròca, #. pulley, weather- 

Cirracolire, va. I. to hoist with pulleys, 


CarrucolélU, carrucolina, tf. small pulley 

krta, f. piper, page, bill, bond, map, 

lull of fire; — da navigare, chirt; — 

mareuita, marble piper; — pècora, parch- 

■eat, TèUam ; — stràccia, wiste piper ; 

- sacchia, soginte, blotting piper; — da 
lèttere, Utter piper, post piper ; — da 
dittgno, drawing- piper ; — da petizióni, 
fial's cap piper; — da in rolli, bró*wn piper, 
•rapping- paper; — con còlla, sized piper; 

- bollita, stamped piper; — da scrivere, 
vrilisg-piper ; — da stampa, printing- 
paper; — pista, pipier miche; — velina, 
* ne piper; — monetila, piper-money; — 
co Stazionai e, ehirte, constitution, funda- 
mental law; the Greit Charter or Magna 
Coarta; giuocare alle cirle, to pliy cirds, 
w at cirds ; dire le carte, to deal the 
cards; scambiare le carte in mino, to 
gire or mike believe one thing for anoth- 
er; far —, to gire a bond; imbrattar — 
l*) blot, waste pipor ; far le cirle alia 
scopèrta, to speak freely one 's mind; 
&re una partita alle carte, to pliy a 
fame of cards; mescolare le cirle, to 
ibèffls the cirds; diro — bianca ad al- 

cun , to give, to throw one a carte bUn* 
che (unlimited power) 
Cartabèllo, am. scirce book, manuscript 
Cartàccia, tf. bad paper, wiste piper 
Cartàcei», -a, a- of piper, piper-like 
Carta jo, carlaro, tm. piper-maker, seller 
Cartàio, tm. (bot.) bastard, wild saffron 
Cartanonnita, tf. Yirgin-pircbmcnl 
Cartata tf. page 

Carlatnccia, tf. better, cartàccia, tf. car- 
tridge; stracciar (coi dènti) la — (mil') 
to bite the cartridge 
Carteggiare, va. i. to glance over a book 
or chirt, point, correspond, pliy at cirds; 
cartéggio co' signóri B. C. e C, I corre- 
spond, or keep up a regular correspond- 
ence with Messieurs B. C. and Co. 
Cartéggio, tm. correspondence (by letters) 
Cartèlla, tf. sit-hel; cartouch; roll or scroll; 

inscription, libel; portfolio 
Cartellare, va. i. to publish manifestos 
Cartellina, tf. small linei, inscription, etc. 
Cartèllo, tm. bill, libel, challenge, mani- 
Cartellóne, tm. placard, large, posting-bill 
Cartesianismo, am. (jphil.) Carlésianism 
Cartesiano, -a, a. (phil.) Cartesian 
Cartièra, tf. piper mill, piper warehouse 
Cartilàgine, tf. cirlilage, gristle 
Cartilagineo, -a, cartilaginóso, -a, a. carti- 
Cartina, tf. small pièce, or bit of piper 
Cartismo, tm> political doctrines of Spanish 

Cartista, tm. Spanish Constitutionalist 
Carloccière, am. cartóuch-box 
Cartòccio, tm. piper cup, cornet of piper 

used by grocers; cirtridge, cartAuch 
Cartolàio, tm. piper merchant, stationer 
Cartolare, va. i. to pige an acctfut book 
Cartolare am. ship's journal, log-book, 

diary . 

Cartoleria, tf. stitioner's shop, stitionery 
Cartolina, tf. libel, inscription; — postile, 

C.rtoniccio, am. bad piste-board 
Cartoncino, am. thin piste-board 
Cartóne, tm. piste-board; cartóni, mpl. 
(paint) cartoons; dire il —, to give the 
lustre to cloth; i cartóni di Rafaèllo, 
Raphael's cart&ons__ _ 

Cirtonétto, V ~ ,f * f,éaco 

Cartùccia/cai- .*a, tf. small bit of piper; 

(mil.) cirtridge 
Carùba, tf. V. Carruba 
Caruncola, tf cirbuncle- «mill excrescence 
Cirvi, tm. (bot.) cirawiy, carawiy seed 
Casa, */. house, homo, family; (Jlfl.) country; 
— di campagna, coùnlry-hóuse, country- 
seat; — di città, town-house; — di com- 


**>*, ride; - GUI, són, bull; - fare, dò; - by, ljmph; póìse, b«y<, fdul, fowl; gem, ai 
** «!■. -forte, omf; eoli»; - «be, rag»; lai, e, I: poi, »uito: graia», ros» 

&*. Jngl. Jtal. - Edit. VI. Voi. II. 40 


— 146 — 



" * A 



mèrcio, commercial, mercantile e3lablisH- 
meot, firm ; — di correzióne, bridewell ; 

— di salute, p ri rato hospital; amico di 
—, friend of the family; faccènde di — , 
household affairs; èsser di —, to he inti- 
mato, well acquainted with; f$re gli onori 
di — , to dò the honours of the house; 
restare, trattenérsi in —, to remain at 
home, to keep within doors; uscire di —, 
to go from home, out of doors; tornare a 
—, to return home, to go homeward; {fig.) 
to cóme to the purpose; aprir —, to begin 
hduse-kéepiag; star con ròcchio a —, to 
mind one's business; dorè stile di — ? 
where do yon lire? È in - Roberto? Is 
Robert al home? è faóri di —, he is out of 
doors; andate a — maledétta (a casa del 
diàvolo),, (wig.) go to the devil; chi fa la 

— in piazza non può soddisfare ognuno, 
prov. txp. a man in public business 
cannot pléase every body 

Casacca, tf. jacket, surlóut; rollar —, to 

turn one's coat 
Casaccia, af. ugly house, dirty hdTlse 
Casaccio, am. unlucky event, strange icci- 
Casaceóne, am. great jacket, surtout (dent 
Casale, am. hàmlet, village 
Casalingo, -a, a. domestic, fond of home, 

sedentary; pine — { household bread 
Casalino, am. small hàmlet, village 
CasaUne, am. old ruinous house 
Casamatta, af. casemate, soldier's prison 
Casaménto, am. Urge htfuse, handsome 

Casaro, van. i. to marry, begin hiSnse-kéep* 

in?; to mike a point (backgammon) 
Cawellfna, a/, small house 
Gasateli», af. excellent small cheese 
Casato, -a, tmf. stimarne, house, family, 
Cascàggine, tf. drowsiness, sleepiness (race 
Cascaménto, am. fill, filling 
Cascamorto; fire il —, to mike despe- 
rate love to, a voman 
Cascante, a. tilling, weak; — di vézzi, 

dying with affectation 
Cascare, vn. 1. to fill, lose courage; — 
le braccia, to be discouraged, d is heart* 
ened, to be fòt of heart; — (altrui) le 
vestiménta di dòsso, to be tattered, rag- 
ged, in rags; — li càcio su' maccheróni, 
to chance most luckily; — di vézzi, lo 
be lackadaisical, to die with affectation; 

— dalla fame, di sónno, to be djing 
with sleep; le sono cascati tutti i dènti, 
she has lost all her teeth; il vènto casca, 
the wind fills, abates; cascai dalle no* 
vole, I wis quite astonished 

Cascarilla, cascarla, tf. (pharm.) casca* 

Cascata, a/. Oil, cascade, water- fill 
Cascaticcio, -a, a. weak, friil, fickle 
Cascato, -a, a. fallen, cist down 
Cascatójo, -a, a. {little need) apt to All 

in lóva 

Cicchétto, am. hèlmet, càsque, héad-piéce 
Cascina, s/. dairy, cows' pasture grounds 
Cascinàjo, am. dairy-man 
Cascino, am. wooden form for miking cheese 
Cascinòtto, tm. watch-càbin in a field or 
vineyard, lodge composed of stakes and 
Càscio, am. cheese 

Cisco, tm. helmet, casque, bead- piece; gli 
venne il —, he lost his courage, his 
Cascare, va. 1. to mike ciseoui (ciseons 
Cassazióne, a/, cheese- miking; the making 
Caseggiato, tm. large house or building 
Casèlla, tf. small, small squire, cell 
Casellina, tf. little cell 
Càseo, tm. casein 
Caseoso, cacióso, a. cheesy 
Casereccio, -a, a. domestic, household 
Casèrma, if, barrack, soldiers' bulldling 
Casetta, casorélla, casellina, «/. amili house 
Caseltfno, -a, tmf. smiil country-house 
Casidra, «/. htfuse-kéeper, woman -servant 
Casière, tm. mean habitation, F. Casipola 
Casimiro, sin. càssimére, kèrseiméro 
Casina, caainina, tf. small house, cottage 
Casino, tm. smill coùntry-bóx, summer- 
house; club 
Casipola, casnpora, tf. dirty amili bluse, 
Casiràto, -a, a. chéseed, rice (hut 

Casista, tf. càsnist 

Ciso, tm. case, accident, adventure, chance; 
a —, per —, by chance; — che, In case 
that; dato il —, put the case; non fa —, 
no matter; far — di una còsa, to value a 
thing; èssere in — di mòrte, to be at the 
point of death; l'immaginazióne fa —, 
imagination makes that seem true, which 
is not 
Casóecia, tf. Urge dirty house 
Casolina, tf. sort of apple 
Casol ariccio, tm. old ruinous hduse, hovel 
Casolare, tm. old uncomfortable house 
Casóne, Sm. large house 
Casóso, -a, a. fearful, uneasy, anxious 
Casòtto, -a, tmf. snug hóTkse, sentry-box 
Cassa, tf. chest, box, ease, coffer, safe, 
trunk; frame; treasury; stays of a loom; 
stock of a gun; bee-hive; (printing) close; 
— di rispàrmio , savings-bank; — d* am- 
mortizzazióne, sinking-fund; conto di —, 
càsb-acctfunt; — da morto, còfiin; tener 
la —, to act as cashier; bitter la — 
(mil.) to beat the drum, to enlist; bitter 
la — addòsso ad uno, to traduce, revile, 
defime, backbite a person 
Cassijo, tm. V. Casse Uà jo 
Cassile, a. deadly (fever, etc.) 
Cassamàdia, tf. kneading-trough 
Cassaménto, am. annulling, V. Cassazióne 
Cassapànca, tf. chest in the form ol a bench 
Cassare, va. i. to annul, abolish, cancel 
Cassatura, tf. erasure, crossing At. oblitera- 




147 — 


Cassava, tf. (hot.) cassavi, arrow-root 
Cassazióne, tf. cassation, abolition, an- 
nulling; córta di — , cónrt of Cassation; 

ricórrere in —, {law) to sne for a writ 

of error 
Casserétto, tm. chest, fòrt, cistle 
Cassero, it», chest, fortress; (mar.) quarter 

deck (man 

Casseròla, Mi. sauce-pan, small copper 
Cassétta, «/. càskot, small boi, aim» box, 

cóachbn*; — da viaggio, dressing-case; 

— da sputarvi, spitting-box; — da pécchie, 

bee-hfvo; andare, stiro a — , to drive a 

Cassellajo, tm. trunk, box-mikcr, seller 
rassettino, -a, tmf. casket, case, drawer 
Cassettóne, tm. chest of drivers, bureau 
C>ssia, #/. (pharm.) càssia (purgative) 
Cassière, «ut. cashier, rash-keeper 
Cassiligine, a/, {bot.) henbane 
Càssillgm-a, tf. [bot.) bastard cinnamon 
Casso, tm. breast, ehost, shirt-breast 
—, «a, a. broken, vain, annulled 
Cassoniccio, tm. Urge old trnnk, coffer, box 
Catoncèllo, tm. small trunk, chest, box 
Cassonclno, tm. small sepolcro, tómb 
Castóne, tm. great chest, trunk, coffer; 

mandare al —, to kill; andare al —, to 

Casta, tf. eiste, distinct order of society (in 

Castigna, a/, ehèstnnf; (mar.) pani, pivi; 

castagne verticali, hinging pin is; cavir 

la — cólta aim pa altrùi, prov. ttep. to 

mike a cat's paw ot a person 
Castagnacfiijo, am. seller of chestnut cikes 
Castagniccio, tm. chestnut-bread 
Castagnaio, tm. one who gilhers or sells 

Castagnaio, -a, a. planted with chéstouts 
Castagnéto, tm. gróve of chèstout«trées 
Castagnétta, tf. «mill chestnut; (dance) 

Castagufno, -a, a. chestnut color 
Castagno, tm. (bot.) chèstnut-trée; bran- 
colo r; — d'India, horse-chéstnut-trée 
Castagnuolo, -a, ehèslou' -colored, brown 
Castatuoólo, *m. (bot) chestnut tree 
Castalda, tf. nun who has the ehirge of 

the household fornitone ; farmer's wife; 

Castalderia, tf. the managing of a firm 
Castaldo (castaldióne), tm. biiliffof i minor, 

steward of a minor-house 
Castamente, adv. chastely, modestly 
r-attellana, tf. castellan's lady 
Castellaneria, tf. càstellany, chitellany, 

risile lands 
CiUellanta, tf. office, dignity of a castellan 
stellano, tm. castellan, lord of a manor, 

keeper, governor of a cistle, wird 
—, -a, a. of, or to a cistle 
Castellare, twt. old ruinous cistle 
Castellétto, .a, tmf. smill castle, fort 

Castellino, tf. cobnut (boy's game) 
Castèllo, tm. cistle, hamlet; village; rimner, 
heavy club, capstan ; (mar.) deck; — di 
prua, fóre-deck; — di póppa, quiiier- 
deck; méttere in — , to éat; fir ca- 
stelli in ària, to build castles in the iir; 
— che di orécchio si vuol rèndere, prov. 
exp. she who listens is going to yield 
Castellétto, tm. borough, Urge village 
Castollóccio, tm. smill cistle, fortress 
Castigare, va. i. to chastise, correct, punish 
Castigato, -a, a. chastised, corrected 
Castigazióne, castigo, tmf. correction, pun- 
Castiglione, tm. borough, Urge village 
Castimònia, tf. pudency, pudicity, shims* 

Castità; (ant.) -tile, -tide, tf. chastity, 
Cisto, -i, a. chaste, modest, pure (purity 
Castóne, tm. bezel, collet (of a ring) 
Castore, tm. (attr.) Castor 
Castore e Polluce, tm. (meteorology) Cas- 
tor and Pollux, Saint Helen's, Fermo' s 
(Ire, corposant 
Castòrio, tm, clstor-óll, castóreum 
Castòro, sm, (tool.) cistor, béaver 
Castraflca, tf. trick, waggery, frolic 
Castramentaxiòne, if. castramentitioo, irl 

of oncimping 
Castraporcélli, castrapórci, tm. gèlder 
Castrare, va. 1. to castrate, gèld, curtail 
Castrato, am. mùtton; eunuch 
—, -a, a. castrated, gelded, curtailed 
Castratura, castrazióne, tf. castration 
Castrènse, a. earned in military service 
Castro, tm. (poet.) cistle, fortress, citadel 
Castroniecio, tm. Urge wèther, blockhead 
Caslroncéllo, tm. I young wether, young fool, 
Caslrontfno, tm. ( hàre-briined yoùng man 
Castróne, sm. wèther, niony, dunce 
Castroneria, castronàggine, tf. stupid talk 
Castruccino, tm. ancient coin of Lucca (so 

called from Castricelo, lord of that city) 
Casuale, a. casual, accidental, fortuitous 
Casualità, tf. casually, accident, chance 
Casualmente adv. casually, by chance 
Casiccia, tf. thatched cottage, hut 
Casucciiccift, sf. ruinous old cottage, hut 
Casuccioa, a/, smill thatched cottage, cibin 
Casùpola,!/. Ugly smill house, dirty cottage 
Casuro, -a, a. ruinous, filling to rùin 
Casus foederis (Latin), the case stipulated 
Casùzza, tf. V. casuccia (by treaty 

Calaciustica, */• (geom.) cataciustic curve 
Cataclisma, tm. inonda' ion, deluge 
Catacómba, i/. catacomb, sepulchral viult 
Catàcrèsi, «/. calachrésis 
Cataeustica, tf- iphyt.) catacduslics, the 

doctrine of reflected sounds 
Catadiòttrica, tf. (phyt.) caladiòptrics 
Catadàòttrico, -a, a. (phyt.) catadidptric, 

eatadióptrical, reflecting light 
Catadupa, tf. ylocal) sluice, flood-gate, 


— • 148 — 



Catafalco, tm. catafalco 

Catafascio; a —, adverb, tòpsy-tùrvy 

Catafóra, tf. lethargic complaint 

Catafratta, a/, cóat of mail 

Catafratto, am. cuirassier, soldier io Armor 

Catalessfa, tf. (met.) catalepsy, catalftpsis, 

Catalèttico, -a, (med.) cataleptic 
Catalètto, am. bier, litter 
Catalogare, va. to iosèrt in a catalogue, to 

Catàlogo, am. catalogne, list, roll 
Catapécchia, a/, desert, wilderness 
Cataplasma, am. poultice, cataplasm, plAs- 
Catapulta, t/. (»«.) càtapnlt (ter 

Cataratta, a/. V. Cateratta 
Catarrale, a. catarrhal 
Catarro, am. catarrh, deflation, cold; a? ere 
il — di una cosa, to think one' s self able 
to do a thing 
CatarronAccio, am. Tory bad rheum, etc. 
Catarróne, am. great cold, rheùm, catarrh 
Catarrosamente, adv. with a cold, rheum 
Catarróso, >a a. catarrhal, subject to, or 

troubled with catarrhs 
Catàrtico, -a, a. cathartic, purgative 
Catino, am. waste eilk, dirth, filth 
Catasta, a/, pile (of wood), funeral pile 
Catastare, va. i. to heap up, tax, V. Ac- 
Catastasi, tm. division of ancient tragedy 
Catasto, tm. tithe, tax-book, tax, impost 
CalAstro, am. rent-roll (of a manor) 
Catastrofe, tf. catastrophe, fatal end 
Cataono, -a, pro», mf. (ant.) each, V. Cia- 
Catechismo, tm. catechism, principles of 

Catechista, am. cAtochist 
Catechistico, -a, a. catechlstical, instructive 
Catechizzare, va. 1. to catechise, interro- 
Catecismo, tm. V. Catechismo 
Catecùmeno, catecumino, em. catechumen 
Categoria, if. category, predicament 
Categoricamente, adv. categorically, for- 
Categòrico, -a, a. categorical, categoric 
Catela, tf. a sort of line attached to a fish- 
Catalano, em. garment worn by the Cata- 

lonians ; a kind of plnmtrée 
Cat eli ino, am. little puppy, whelp 
Catèllo, tm. little dog, whelp 
Catellóne, tm. very Urge whelp; catellon 

—, stealing along, step by step 
Catena, #/. chain, bond, fé iter, ridge; — di 
mónti, chain, ridge of mountains; — da 
fuòco, pot-hànger, pot-hòok; — di scògli 
sott'acqua, (mar.) réef, ridge; — del còllo, 
the bones that bind the neck; — di fèrro, 
an Iron chain; anello di —, link of a 
chain; passo da —, stark mad; non lo 
terrebbero le caténe, nothing could prevent ' 

him (from doing what he is bent open); 
i>rsi — al collo, to make one's self a 
slave; roder la —, {fig.) to fret, chafe 
(with rage); tenére uno a —, to keop 
one tight, low, in strict subjection; spez- 
zare le caténe, to break one's chains; ès- 
sere condannilo Alla — , to be sent to 
work at the óar (on board of a galley) 
Catenàccia, a/. Urge heavy chain 
Catenàccio, tm. padlock, bolt 
Catenàre, va. 1. to chain, fetter, shackle 
Catenaria, tf. catenary, catenarian vinlt 
Catenèlla, catenuna, tf. small chain 
Cateratta, a/, sluice, flood-gate; {med.) cat- 
aract; por tedili»; cascade; le —Atte del 
cielo sono apèrte, it ràins pàilfnls; levar 
la — da un òcchio, (turg.) to couch an 
Catèrva, a/, crowd, pack, multitude 
Catetere, am. (turg.) catheter 
Catéta, a/, sort of fishing-line 
Catèto, tm. {geom.) càthetns 
Catinajo, tm. pòtter, éarthenware-màkor 
Catinèlla, a/, wash-hand-bàsin, V. Bacino 
Catinellétta, —ina, —tua, tf. vèry ami il 

Catino, et», éarthen-bàsin; kitchen-vessel ; 
avere le budella or le intestina in un ca- 
tino, to be mortally wòttnded ; trovare il 
diàvolo nel —, to arrive too late for 
Catopléba, tm. a kind of serpent 
Catòrcio, tm. bólt, bar, V. Chiavistèllo 
Ca tòttriea, a/, catoptrics, eatòptrieal optica 
Catrafòsso, am. precipice; giddy height 
Catragimòro, tm. (ant.) ditsioees, whim. 
Catramare, va. i. V. incatramare (freak 
Catrame, tm» tir, liquid pitch 
Catriòsso, tm. carcass of a fowl, etc. 
Cattanrfga, tm. litigious wan, chicaner 
Cattaneo, cattano, tm. (ant) V. Castellino 
Caltàre, va. I. to captivate, win by flattery; 

— la limosina, to go begging 
Cattedra, tf. chàir (university); pùlpit; 

pApal see; ex —, with authority 
Cattedrale, tf. cathedral, episcopal ohoreh 
— a. of a chair or professorship 
Cattedrante, cattedràtico, am. lecturer, pro- 
Cattivacelo, am. great rascal, scoundrel 
CattirAggio, tm. captivity, V. Prigionia 
Cattivamente, adv. bàdly, wickedly; max». 

giare —, to fare poorly 
CattivAnsa, tf. captivity, wickedness 
Caltivansnòla, tf. knavery, frolic, trick 
Cattivare, vs. 1. to take prisoner, captivate; 
—Arsi la stima di uno, to win or capti* 
Tate a person's esteem 
Cattivato, -a, a. captivated, subdned 
Candeggiare, *». I. to grieve, lead a 0*4 

CaitivellAecio, tm. poor wretch 
Cattivèllo, -a, tmf. and a. miserable, pit. 
iful; poor wretch, cunning little rasc*£ 





— 149 — 


Cattiveilóeeio, -a, a. lean, weak, watt 
Cattivèria, cattivézza, tf. bondage, malice 
Cattività; (ant.) —àte, —ade, a/, captivity, 

wiekedoess; recarsi la — in ischèrzo, to 

Mug h at justice 
Cattivo, -a, am/, and a. captive, slave 
—, -a, a. wretched, bad, wicked, paltry; — 

a me, wóe is me ; eon le cattive, with a 

Hero and threatening manner 
Cattivuszo, -a, a. roguish, mischievous 
Catto, -a, a. (ant.) captive, ravished 
Cattolicamente, adv. in a Catholic manner 
Cattolici* mo, am. Catholicism 
Cattolicità, tf. CAtholic faith (adherence) 
Cattòlico, -a, tmf. and a. Catholic, pions 
Catterà, a/, capture, seizure, apprehension 
Catturare, va. L io capture, apprehend, 

Catino, -a, pron. (ant) each, V. Ciascuno 
Caudatario, a», tràin-beàrer, page, attend- 
Candito, -a, a. tailed, that has an addition 
aule, aw». (oot.) càulis, herbàcions stem 

or stock 
Caolino, -a, a. (hot.) ciuiine 
Causa, tf. cinse, motive, reason, origin; — 

fisica o morale, physical or moral càuse ; 

sottenére, difèndere la buòna —, to stand 

for the good close 

— tf. (fair) cinse, law-suit, action ; difèn- 
dere, patrocinare una —, (law) to plead 
a càusa; avere, non avere interèsse in —, 
te be, not to be concerned in a suit, to 
recover; parlare con cognizióne di —, to 
speak from experience; rinnegare la prò- 
pria —, to apostatize from one's own 


— che, a — che, conj. because, .for this 

Causale, a. causal 

Causalità; ianU) -àie, — ade, a/, causality 
Causalmente, adv. with cause, reason 
Cassante, a. einsing, occasioning 
Causare, va. i. to càuse, occasion, pro- 
Causativo, -a, a. causative 
Causato» -a, a. caused, occasioned 
dosatore; -trice, tmf. author, causer; 

Causidico, am. counsel, pleader, advocate 
Caustica, a/, (gtom.) caustic curro 
Causticità, a/, causticity 
Caustico, mi. caustic, burning application 
— „ -a, a. caustic, burning, biting 
Cautamente, adv. warily, silly, craftily 
Cautèla, tf. circumspection, caution 
Cautelare, va. i. to caution, answer for, 

Cautelai*, -a, a. assured, safe, prudent 
Cauterio, tm. cautery, powerful, caustic 
Cauterizzare, va. to cauterize 
Cautézza, a/. V. Cautèla 
Càuto, -a, a. wiry, prudent, cautious 
Cauzionare, va. I, to ba or become surety 

for; (lose) to bail (a person), to replevy (a 

Cauzióne, a/, (law) bail, security, surety, 
warranty; — sussidiària, counter security; 
dar —, to givo bail ; am < èttere alla —, 
to admit to bail, to replevy 

Cava, a/, cave, cove, hole, mine, quarry; 
d'antichi manoscritti qua ce n'è la —, 
ancient manuscripts are very abundant 

Cavadènti, tm. tooth-drawer, dentist 

Cavàgno, tm. basket, pannier, hamper 

Cavagnudlo, am. muzzle 

Cavajuòlo, am. miner 

Cavalcàbile, a. that may be ridden 

Cavalcamene, tm. riding, going on horse- 

Cavalcante, tm. rider, postilion, horse 
Cavalcare, tm. to ride, cruize, domineer; 

— còlle stalle córte, alla turca, to ride 
with short stirrups; —a bisdòsso, a bar- 
dòsso, to ride bire-bàcked ; far — la ca- 
pra ad uno, to make one believe that the 
moon is made of green cheese 

Cavalcata, tf. cavalcade, riding mounting-block, horse- block 
Cavalcatóre «trice, tmf. horseman; horse- 
woman; cavalier, rider 
Cavalcatura, a/, any beast for the saddle 
Cavalcavia, a/, union gallery over an àrch 
Cavalcheremo, -a, a. V. Cavalleresco 
Cavalciàre, tm. 1. to ride, sit, stand 

Cavalcione, adv. astraddle, astride 
Cavaleggièro, tm. light horseman 
Cavaleréssa, tf. {burl.) a knight's lady, 

Cavalierato, am. knlgthood; promòsso al 

—, raised to the dignity of knighthood 
Cavalière, tm. cavalier, hnfght, horseman; 

— delia Giarrettièra, Knight of the Garter; 

— errante, Knight errant; cavalièr ser- 
vènte, a lady's admirer, a lady's favorite; 

— d'indùstria, sharper, fortune-hunter ; 
da —, nobly, like a gentleman; — tm. 
(mil.) raised platform to plant cannon 
upon-, stare o èssere a —, to domineer, 
command, be or stand over; fare, armare, 
creare —, to knight 

Cavalieròtio, tm. squire, gentleman 
Cavalla, tf. (tool.) mare 
Cavallàcci, tf. jade, hack 
Cavallaro, tm. muleteer, horse-boy, sergeant 
Cavallàla, tf. ancient horse militia 
Cavallerèccio, -a, a. portable by horses 
Cavallerescamente, adv. nobly, gallantly 
Cavalleresco, -a, a. noble, chivalrous, 

Cavalieréssa, tf. (burl.) V. Cavaleréssa 1 
Cavalleria, tf. knlgthood, horse, civalry 
Cavallerizza, tf. riding-school 

màster of the horse 
Cavallétta, tf. (erti.) grasshopper; locust; 


— 150 — 



cheat; fare una — ad uno, to play oue 
a trick 

Cavaliétto, tm. small bórse; tròssle, hobby 

Cavallierito, tm, knighthood 

Cavallina, «/.filly, yoùog mare; debauchery; 
scórrer la —, to live a lewd life, lo bo 
a debauchee 

Cavallino, tm. cóli, fóal, pony, nag, cob 

—, -a, a. hórse, of a hórse 

Cavallivéndolo, aro. hòrse-dóalor, jockey 

Cavallo, tm. (zool.) bórse; sand-bink; knight 
(at chess); — bàrbero , barb , birbary 
hòrso; — marino, séa hórse; — ombróso, 
restive or skittish home ; — intéro, en- 
tire hórse; — da carròzza, cóach bórse; 

— da tiro, d'atliràglio, dia fi hórse; — a 
dóppio uso, a hórse filled to rido or drive; 

— di ratta, a blóod-hòrse; — di eórsa, 
rice-hòrse ; — da càccia, hùnter ; — da 
sèlla, saddle-horse ; — delle stanghe, 
whéel-hórse; — del postiglióne, leader; 
d'affitto, hàckney hórse, hack; erróro 
da —, egregious blunder; negoziante di 
cavalli, hórse-déaler ; le guàrdie a — , 
the hòrse-guards ; mediatóre di cavalli, 
hòrse-jòckey ; córsa di cavalli, horse- 
race; fèrro di —, hórse-shoe; Anime oli 
di —, horse-tripping; montare a —, to 
mount a hórse, to get upóa one's hórse; 
smontare da —, to alight from one's 
hórse; attaccare i cavilli, lo put the hors- 
es to; dire nn —, to bórse- whip, lish; 
faro una córsa a —, to tike a ride; fare 

~~ una eòsa a —, to do a thing in a hùrry ; 
vi andai a —, I went there on horseback; 
cader da —, to fall from One's hórse, to 
fall off one's hórse; conóscere i cavalli 
allo sèlle, to know a hórse by his harness; 
lasciarsi levare a -, to let one's self be 
imposed upon; ossero a — (Jig.)% neither 
to lòie, nor win; pàscersi come il cavai 
del Ciòlle, to feed upon air; il — fa an- 
dar la sfèrza, pro v. exp. the thing goes 
the wrong way, is begun by the wrong end; 
andar sul - di s. Francesco, to go on fool; 
a — donato non si guarda in bócca, prov. 
exp. look noi a gift hórse in the nwSuth 
Cavalocchio, tm. (ent.) wàsp, hòrnet; 

Cavallóne, sm. greàt-hórsé* surge, breaker 
Cavalluccio, am. little nag, cob, pad 
Cavamàcchie, tm. scourer (of clothes) 
Cavamènto, sm. cavity, excavation 
Cavana, a/, cove, covered boat, mooring 
Cavare, va. i. to tike off, draw up, dig, pulì, 
pluck, wring, wrest; — un dènte, to 
draw a tooth; — il cappèllo, to tike off 
one's hat; — acqua, to draw wiler; — 
sangue, to let blood; — utile, to reap 
or gii'i profit; — gli òcchi, to pull the 
eyes fòt ; — una fò sa, to dig a grave ; 
— • di bocca un segréto, to wrest a secret 
from one, to get a secret (Jut of a person; 

— denari da qualcheduno, to get money 

from one; — le mini d'un affare, to make 
an end of a business ; — uno di cervèllo, 
to léaze one to death; — i calcétli ad 
uno, to pump a person; — uno dal fingo, 
to raise one fiora the dirt; — buòno o 
mal viso di un affare, to succeed well 
or ill in a business 
Cavastivili, tm. boot-jack 
Cavaslricci, v m. gùn-wòrm, cork-screw 
Cavila, sf. dilcb, móat, pit, digging 
Cavatappi, am. cork-screw 
Cavaticcio, sm. earth removed in digging 
Cavatina, a/, short air, song, iòne, ariétta 
Cavito, sm. cavity, hóllow, hóllowness 

— , -a, a. dug, concive, extricled 
Cavatóre, tm. digger, dèlver, miner, ditcher 
Cavatura, sf. cavity, bole, hollow, digging 
Cavatnriccioli, tm. cork-screw 
Cavazióne, sf excavilioo, cavity, hollowncss 
Cavédine, sf. (icht.) loach 

Cavèdio, tm. (ant.) court-yard, V. Cortile 
Cavélle, sfp. (vulg.) trifle, something, any 

Cavcrélla, if. small hole, cave, cavity 
Cavèrna, tf. cavern, intre, den, cave 
Cavernélla, cavernétla, •/. small cavern 
Cavernositi; (ant.) —ade, sf. depth, coi 
Cavernóso, -a, a. cavernous, hóllow (càvily 
Cavernuzza, Cavcrózzola, sf. smill cave- 
Cavétto, tm. (arch.) cavétto, gòrge 
Cavézza, tf. hai ter, hinging, rope, bridle; 
lev r la —, to free, mike fréo; tirare 
una —, to be hinged; méttere la— alia 
góla, to force one to do something; to- 
nerò a — uno, to keep a light rein upon 
one; firsi pagire sulla —, to get paid 
immediately, at once 
Caveszfna, sf. bridle, reins, restraint 
Cavezzóne, tm. civesson, nose-band 
Cavezzuòla, sf. smill bailor, wig, róguo 
Caviile, tm. caviary 
Cavicchio, -a, tmf. peg, pin, spigot 
Caviglio, -a, tmf. peg, pin, inkle 
Cavillinolo, tm. smilzi peg, pin, spigot 
Cavillare, va. i. to civil, wriagle, càrp at 
Cavillatóre, -trice, tmf. caviller, chicaner 
Cavillasene I tf. pettifogging, civili ing 
Cavillili (ant.) \ sophism, subtlety, quirk 
Cavillo, tm. civil 

Caviliosamente, adv. captiously, with civils 
Cavilióso, -a, a. civillous, captious 
Caviti; (ant.) — ade, sf. civity, hole. 

Civo, tm. cible, rópe (to fasten a ship) 

— «in mould, engraving, mortise; cape 
— , -a, a. hollow, deep, còncave 

— , -a, a. (cavito) dug, èxcavited 
Cavolésco, -a, a. of or like cibbage 
Càvolo, sm. (bot) cibbage; — fióre, ciuli- 

fl<5wer; andire a ingrassare i càvoli, to die; 

tu non hai mangiato il — co' cièchi, prov. 

exp. yon hive to deal with ono who is 

not a fool; portare il — a legai j a, to 

carry coals to Newcastle 



— 151 — 


Carolò oe ( sm. Urge càbbape 
Carrétto, sm. cbérriJ, kid', V, Caprétto 
Carriòla, cavriuòla, tf. caper, capriòle 
Cavriòlo, -a, ivi/- {tool) hé-góat, shó góat 
Caiióio, -a, a. V. Capzióso 
Casta, a/, crucible, làdle, pòtstick 
Cazzabaglióre, tm. (ironie.) dazzling, diz- 
Cazzare, va. i. (mar,) to haul the cable 
Cizza-scòtta, sm. (mar.) the màio sail rope 

Culatello, tm. (vulg.) short Ihick-iet man 
Cina vélo, -a, smf. (orn.) sea-gùll, séa-mew 
Cazzottare, va. i. (vulg.) lo box, fist, 

Cazzòtto, $m. thwàck, caff, blow with the 

Cazzuòla, •/. trowel; perfume, scent-bottle 
Ce (for ci before, ne, lo, etc.) pron. to 

ti, as 
O, adv. here, there 
Cecàggine, tf. cecity, blindness 
Cecamente, adv. blindly, groping along 
Cecarr, va. i. to blind, obscure, clfòd 
Cecaròla, #/. (mar.) little sail 
Cecito, -a, a. blinded, darkened 
Cecca, a/, magpie (bird) V. Gazze r a 
Oce, am. [hot.) chick- pease, rètch; inse- 
gnare a ródere i cécf, (tulg.) to show 
one his fault ; egli è an boi —, ho is a 
fop; egli è — da far quésto, he is ca- 
pable of it (in a bad sense) 
Cecepréte, tm. (hot.) thistle if e 
Ceccrèllo, em. kind of vetch 
Cécero, em. (ant.) swan V. Cigno 
Cechéseo, -a, a. dirk, obscure, blind 
Ceckézxa, ceehità; {ant.) -ite, —ade, tf. 

Cècia, a/, south east wind 
Ceciato, -»# *• vèteh-còloured; of dduòtfal 

Cecino. *m. chick pease; swan; my little 

Odia; (ant.) —ate, —ade, a/, blindness, 

Crcolina, #/. grig, small éel 
Ocolino, am. blind young man 
Olènte, a. flexible, yielding, ductile 
CMere, vasi. 2. irr. (past, cèssi, or ce- 
detti ; pari, cesto or ceduto), to yield; 
submit, gire np ; non ri cèdo in nulla, I 
am not inferior to yon in anything, I 
am as good a man as yon ; ri cedo il 
mio Isògo, I resign my place to yon 
Olèrno, 5m. {ant.) lemon, citron, citron - 
C«ttrole, a. flexible, pliant, docile (tree 
C-deroléaza, tf. flexibility, V. Arrendevo- 
Cediglia, #/. (s/ram.) cedilla 
Coli meato, em. sinking, subsidence, subsi- 

deocy (of gronnd, etc.) 
Cetìiziòne, if. cession, giving op 
Odd a, tf. Mil, promissory nòte 
violóne, tm, placard, posting bill 

Cedornélla, tf. (bot.) bàlm-mint, V. cedro- 
Cedràngola, tf. (bot.) sainfoin, lacerne 
Cedrai e, va. t. to season with lòmdu 
Cedrato, tm. (bot.) I/me, lime-tree; lime- 

—, -a, a. lémon-tàsted 
Cèdria, tf. gnm of the cèdar-trèe 
C drino, -a, a. cedrine, made of cèdar 
Cedrluòlo, tm. cucumber (plant and fruit) 
Cedro, Sm. (bot.) cèdar, limo, citron, li me- 
trò e 
Cedróne, tm. (tool.) hèalh-cock; (bot.) V» 

Cedronèlla, *f , (bot.) bllm-mint 
Céduo, -a, a. fit to bo cat down 
Ceduto, -a, a. yielded, given up 
Cefaelióne, tm. (of palm-trees) pith 
Cefalalgia, tf. (med.) cèphalalgy, accidental 

Cefalea, tf. (med.) headache 
Cefàlica, tf. (anat.) cephalic vein 
Cefalftico, a, cephalic, good for he ad -àe he 
Cèfalo, sm. (ieht.) mullet, miller's thumb 
Cefalòptde, ant. (natural history) cèpha- 

Cèfeo, tm. (attr.) Cephèus 
Celiare, va. 1. to catch, snatch, V. daf- 
Ceffata, tf. box on the ear, cuff, slap 
Ceffalélla, —ina, tf. slight slap on the 

Celiatone, -a, tm. terrible slap, heavy blow 
Geffantto, tm. blockhead, muzzle 
Cèffo, sm. snout, muzzle, figly face; far —, 

lo make faces 
Ceffóne, sm. slap on the molltb, hard caff 
Ceffo to, -a, a. having a large broad face 
Colaménto, sm. concealment, hiding 
Celare, va. 1. to conceal, secrete, disguise 
Celarsi, vrf to hide, conceal one's self 
félàta, tf. ambuscade; helmet; salad 
Colatamente, adv. secretly, finder hind 
Celato, -a, a. concealed, occult, latent; in 
—, adv. exp. clandestinely, by stealth 
Celatone, tm. great helmet 
Celat6re,-trfce, sinf. one who hides, conceals 
Célcbe, smf. V. Cèlibe 
Celebèrrimo, -a, a. very famous, renowned 
Celebràbile, praiseworthy, làudablo 
Celebrarne», < *». celebration, colèbrily 
Celebrante, sm. Officiating priest 
Celebrare, tm. 1. ti» celebrate, extol, praise; 
— a cielo, to cry np; — le fèste, to 
keep the holidays; — an contratto, to 
covenant, enter upon or stipulate an 
Celebrato, -a, a. celebrated, praised 
Celebratole, -trice, tmf. exlòUer, pràfoer 
Celebrazióne, tf. celebration 
Célèbre, a. famous, celebrated, illustrious 
Celebrévole, a. worthy of being celebrated 
Celebrità; (ant.) — àte, —ade, s/. celebrity, 
Celere, a. swift, fleet, nimble (festival 


— 152 — 



Celerilà, sf. celerity, swiftness, velocity 
Celèste, a. celestial, divine, sky blóe; i 
celèsti, smp. (poet.) tho celestials, the 
inhabitants of heaven 
Celestiale, a. celestial, heavenly 
Celestialmente, adv. celestially, divinely 
Celestino, -a, a. blóe, azure, sky-bine 
Célia, a/, waggery, jest, joko, playfulness, 
trick, quizzing, raillery; règgere alla — , 
to know how to tike a joke; règgere la 
— , to keep up the fun 
Celiacela, a/, bad joke, unhandsome trick 
Celiaco, -a, a- celiac, of the lower belly 
Coliirca, am. commander of 1000 soldiers 
Celiare, van. i. to jest, jóke; sport, quii 
Gettatóre, -trice, smf. quiz, jester 
Celibato, sm. celibacy, single life 
Cèlibe, smf. unmarried man or woman 
Celicolo, -a, a. inhibiting heaven 
Celidònia, sf. (bot.) celandine, swallow- 
wort, horned or prickly poppy 
Cèlla, a/, cell, cellar, cite 
Gellijo, cellario, am. cellar, V. Cellière 
Celieraja, a/, cellari» t (in a nunnery) 
Celleràjo, celleràrio, sm. cèllarist 
Cellererfa, a/, office, duty of cèllarist, 

Collètta, «/. small cell, socket (of teeth) 
Cellière, am. cellar, vinlt, pintry, buttery 
Cellòria, sf. (burl.) noddle, pite, head 
Cèllula, cellùzza, sf. small cellar, cell, 

Cellulare, a. I cellular, full of little 
^sllolóso, -a, a. \ cells, honey-combed 
Celonijo, am. upholsterer, cirpet-miker 
Colone, sm. quilt, rug, cover, cirpet 
Celsitùdine, a/. (Latin); (little used) emi- 
nence; (ant.) Hiithne*s,Kxcellency (a title) 
Cèltico, -a, o. Celtic, pertiining to the 
Celts; il —, am. Celtic, the language of 
the Celts 
Cèmbalo, sm. piino-fórte, cymbal, tabor; 
andir col — in colombaja, to blab out 
one's business; figura da cèmbali, frightful 
figure, ill-looking man 
Cembanèlla, a/, small pipe, V. Cennamèlla 
Cembanèllo, em. small tibor, tibret 
Cembolismo, am. (better embolismo) emb- 
olism, intercalation, insertion 
Cémbolo, tm. V, Cèmbalo 
Cèmbra, sf. (arch.) apòphyge 
Cementare, va. i. to calcine, purity, cement 
Cementato, -a, a. purified, cemented 
Cementatdrio, -a, a. purifying, purificati to 
Cementazione, sf. purification, cementing 
Ceménto, am. sort of sling, cement 
Cemmanélla, sf. V. Cennamèlla 
Cempennare, van. i. to stumble, V. Ince- 

Céna, sf. sopper; la santa — , the Lord's 
supper; pore! a —, to sit down to supper; 
fare da —, to prepare supper ; andare a 
lètto sènza —, to go to bed sù-pperless 
Cenacolo, am. sùpper-room (scriptural) 

Ceninte, em. supper-eater, sapper-guest 
Cenare, va. 4. to sup, éat supper 
Cenila, sf. supper; (ant.) simpleton 
Ceoceréllo, sm. small rag, titter 
Cenceria, sf. heap of rags, titters, etc. 
Genciiccio, sin. filthy dirty rag, bad clothes 
Cenciàja, sf. worthless thing, thing of no use 
CenciAjo, cenciajuólo, sm. ragman, rag- 
Cenciame, sm. quantity of rags 
Cenciata, sf. slap with a rag or dish-clfflt 
Cencinquinta, a. a hundred and fifty 
Cèncio, am. rag, titter, dish clrffU ; non dir 
fuòco al —, not to lend the least assist- 
ance; venir dal —, to loathe, despise, 
disdiio; uscir di cènci, to mend one's 
fortune ; i cenci vanno all' aria, prov. 
exp. the weak go to the will 
Cencióso, -a, a. rigged, in titters 
Cenerò, sm. (nool.) venomous speckled 

Cenericcio, sm. lie-ashes, essence of ashes 
Ceneracciuólo, am. cóarse bùcking-tub cloth 
Cenerindolo, sm. purchaser of à*hes 
Cenerario, -a, a. cinerary, pertain g to Ashes 
Cenerata, sf lie, lixivium 
Cénere, smf. ishes, dust, cinders ; il giór- 
no delle céneri, ish- Wednesday; color di 
—, ish-cólor; di color di — Ashy, Asb- 
cóloured; covare sótto le céneri, (of /Ire) 
to sleep in its ishes, to smoulder ; co- 
Tire, guardarla— , to keep the fire warm ; 
andare in —, to be burnt or reduced to 
ishes ; ridurre in —, to barn or reduce 
to ashes 
Cenerei la, sf. light sapper, small company 
Cenerèntola, sf. cinder-wench, cinder-wo- 
man, scullion 
Cenerino, cenericcio, -a, a. ish colored 
Cenerógnolo, -a a. of ish-cólor 
Ceneróso, -a, a. cinemi eoi, fùil or ishes 
Cenino, cenétta, smf. little supper 
Cennamèlla, sf. bag pipe, flageolet, piper 
Cennire, V. Accennare 
Cennito, -a, a. hinlnd, V. Acecnnito 
Cènno, sm. sign, wink, beck, nod, signal, 
commind; far — di una còsa, to bint at, 
allude to or touch lightly apòn a mat- 
ter; intèndere a cènni, to understand, to 
take a hint 
Cennovinta, a. a hundred and ninety 
Cenobio, am. monastery, convent 
Cenobita, sm, friar, monk 
Cenobitico, a. cenobitica!, monastic 
Cenotifio, sm. cenotaph, empty monument 
Cenquaranta., a. a hundred and forty 
Censalfto, -a, a. (ant.) rigged» V. Cen- 
Censessaata, a. a hundred and sixty 
Censettinta, a. a hundred and seventy 
Censito, V. Ccnsuirio 

Censo, am. rent, tribute, rew/Ard, census 
dar danari a — , to put ó"ùt money to 


\ ^ 




— 153 


Censorire, 9a. 1. to criticise, censure 
Csasorato, em, censorship, office of censor 
CensAre, «in. censor, cènsurer, critic, in- 
Censoria, •/. censore, V. Censura 
Censorio, -a, a. censòrlan, censorious 
Censuàle, a. feudal, pertaining to tenures 
O usuàrio, em. còpy-hòlder, tenant, renter 
Ce dì ai to, -a, a. taxed, assessed, rated 
Censura, •/. censore, critique, censorship; 
censura ecclesiàstiche, ecclesiastical cen- 
Censurabile, a. censurable, reprehèniiblo 
Censurare, va. i. to censure, find fault 

Ceesarato, -a, a. Mimed, criticised 
Gè oé aratore, -trice, emf. cènsorer, reprover 
Ccotauréa, ef. {bot.) centaury 
Cf-LUar», em. {my Ih.) Gèntanr; {a tir.) 

OnUllàre, va. to sip 

Centellino, «entèllo, «to. sip, small draught 
Centenaria, sf. {lato) centennial prescrip- 
Od tenàrio, -a, a. centenary, centennial; — 
su. centenary; —, a, smf. centenarian 
(a person a hundred years old) 
Centesimo, sm. centime, farthing, cent (Ame- 
rican efin) 
-, -a, a. hundredth, centesimal 
Centigrado, a. centigrade; termòmetro — , 
centigrade thermometer 
. Ceo tig ram mo, em. centigramme, the hund- 
redth part of a gramme 
Centilitre, ins. centiliter, centilitre, tbe 

hundredth part of a litre 
CenUmano, a. {myth.) hiving a hundred 

hands (a* Briareue) 
Oatiraelro, sm. centimeter, centimetre, the 

hàadredtlt part of a metre 
Ootimòrbia, sf. < bot.) V. Centonddi 
Ostina, if. {arch.) mould, the semicircular 
aóodea frame on which a new arch is 
taro ad 
Ccotinajo, Mm. (pL centinàja, «/.); a hhnd- 
red ; a centinàja, by hundreds, in great 
C* minare, va. L to arch, vault, curve 
■>:. Unito, -a, a. vaulted. Arched, circular 
C.&Uaatóra, (centina) #/. {arch.) a mould 

f -r an 4rch 
C--.tipede, mm. {ent.) céntiped 
O.t-», «a*, and a. a hundred; lo scónto del 

teri per —, discount of ten per cent 
Ce^egambe, em, {ent.) wóod-lótlse, f*rty- 

> j to mila, a. a hundred thousand e 
l ^6 tao chi o, «ut. {bot.) chick-weed 
>*lóae, «ss. patchwork, rhapsody 
C v^uodiy 9m. {bot.) knot- grass 
> tirile, a. central, of the centre 
>s*./eggUre, wis. to centre, tend to the 
-'ance, -a, e% centrical 


Centrifugo, -a, a. (phye.) centrifuga 
Ce n trina, -o, sfm. (tool.) porpoise, sea-hog 
Centripeto, -a, a. (phys.) centripetal 
Cèntro, em. centre, middle, bottom, heart 
Centumvirale, a. centumviral, pertaining 

to the Centtamviri 
Centumvirato, em. centumvirato, office of a 

Centumviri, Centoviri, emp. Centum virs 
Centuno, em. a. a hundred and one; (Jig.) 

a thousand and one 
Centópede, em. (ent.) centipede, millepea 
Centuplicare, va. to centuplicate 
Centuplicataménte, adv. a hundred-fold 
Centuplicato, -a, a. made a hundred fold 
Centuplo, sm. centuple, a hundred fold 
Cantoria, ef. (century) company of 100 men 
Centurióne, am. Centurion, captain of 100 

Centina, ef. little supper 
Coppàia, ceppata, ef. rooty stump (of a tree) 
Ceppare, wis. 1. to take root 
Ceppatèllo, em. small stump, trunk 
Céppo, em. the lower part of the trunk of 
a tree, stump, block, log, stocks, fetters, 
chains, stock, origin ; — d' incùdine, tho 
block of an anvil ; — di case, block of 
houses; céppi amorósi, the chains of love; 
—, blockhead; Christmas-box; il — di Na- 
tale, the Christmas yule; — dell'incora 
{mar.) the ànchor-stock; la schéggia ri- 
trae del —, prov. exp. he is a chip of 
the old block 
Céra, ef. wàx, wàx-càndle, taper, face, look,- 
appearance, mién, chéer; far buòna —, 
to feast, entertain ; di buòna —, adv. 
exp. merrily, with jef; mi rallegro vedérla 
con quella buòna —, I am glad to soe 
y»u look so well 
Cerajuòlo, em. wàx-chàndler 
Ceralacca, ef. séaling-wàx 
Ceramèlla, ef. pipe, V. Cennamèlla 
Céràsa, ef. (bot. better ciriégia), cherry 
Cerasta, sf. (zool.) cerastes, horned serpent 
Cerate, efp. {mar.) tarpaulins, tarp&wlings 
Cerato, -a, a. cérated, cored 
Coràunio, ceràuno, em. (min.) thunder- 
Cerbàja, ef. plantation of Oaks, V. Cerreto 
Cerbiatto, evi. (zool.) fawn, young deer 
Cèrbio, em. (zool.) stag, hart, male red 

Cerbouéca, (cerbonéa, ant.) ef bad mix- 
ture of wine 
Cerbottana, ef long tube, éar-trumpet; sa- 
pere, o intèndere per —, to hear at sec- 
ond hand, indirectly 
Cérca, sf. cercaménto, em. sèacb, inquiry; 

andar alla —, to beg, to go begging 
Cercante, a. seeking, inquiring, begging 
Cercare, va, 1, to seek, search, (stroll); — 
d'alcuna còsa col ruscellino, to seek a 
thing diligently; — il nòdo nel giunco, to 
conjure up difficulties ; — d'uno, to on- 



— 154 — 


quire After one; — on partito, to look, or 
geek After a good mdlch; — brighe, lo 
seek trouble 
Cercato, -a, a. searched, sought 
Cercatore, «trice, tmf. seeker, inquirer 
Cercalura, */. research; perquisition, inquest 
Cérehia, tf. V. Cérchio 
Cerchiàjo, tm. hoop-maker, cooper 
Cerchiaménto, tm. the hooping 
Cerchiare, va. I. lo hoop, encircle 
Cerchiàio, -a, a. hooped, surrounded 
Cerchiatura, if. hooping, encircling 
Cerchioliao, tm. very smill circle, assem- 
Cerchièllo, cerchiétto, tm. small circle 
Cerchiettino, tm. very smill circle, plain 

Cérchio, sot. circle, hoop, iron ring, gar 

— tm. circuit, enclosure, assembly; dare un 
cólpo quando in sul — e quando in sol- 
la bótte, to give ono knock on the hóop, 
another on the barrel; a —, in —, adverb. 
round, aróùnd, about 
Cerchiolino, tm. small circle, small hoop 
Cércine, tm. slight riog-liko cushion for a 
seat, for the head (of a porter), a child's 
padded cap or head protector 
Cérco, sin. (j>oef.) circle, enclosure, circus 
—, -a, (for cercato), a. searched, sought 
Cerconcéllo, tm. (ant.) V. Crescióne 
Cercóne, tm. sour vioe 
Cercnito, tm. circuit, circumference, com- 

- pass 
Cereale, a. of Ceres, of bread; i —ili, grain 

of every sort 

Cerebèllo, Sm. (anat.) cerebellum, little 

Cerobrile, a. cerebral, of the briin; conge- 
stióne —, (med.) congestion of blood in 
the brilns 

Cérebro, sot. (anat.) the briin 

Ceremónia, tf. V. Cerimònia 

Ceremoiiiile, sm. V. Cerimoniale 

Ceremoniére, tm. V. Cerimonière 

Ceremoniosaménle, adv. V. Cerimoniosa- 

Ceremonióso, -a, a. V. Cerimonióso 

Cèreo, -a, a. vixen, made of vix; tm. 
tiper (for churchet), vix-tiper, ciérgo 

Cèrere, tf. (myth.) Céres; (attr.) Cores 

Cerorfa, s/. vàx manufactory; vax chandler's 

Cerfòglio, tm. (bot.) chèrvil 

Cerfoglióne , tm. curl of hair ( hinging 
loose), V. Cerfòglio 

Cerimònia, tf- ceremony, formality ; maè- 
stro delle cerimònie, Mister of ceremo- 
nies ; star sulle cerimònie, to bo cero* 

Cerimoniale, sot. ceromónial, ritual; a. ce- 
remonial, formai 

Cerimonière, am. mister of ceremonies 

CerimoDiGnnicnto, adv. ceremoniously | 


Cerimonióso, -a, a. ceremonious, formal 
Cerlnta, tf. (bot.) bòney-suckle 
Cerinolo, tm. impostor, swindler 
Cermalòre, {ant.) V. Ciurmatóre 
Cèrna, tf. refuse, òffal, scum; a nòvice (at 
play); pikings, selection; far —, to make 
a selection, to choose 
Cernecchiire, va. 1. to choose, pick often 
Cernécchio tm. euri hinging, over the ears 
Cernere, va. S. | to chóose; pick; séo 
Corni re, t>a.3. (ant.)l clearly, cull, sift, 

Cernito, -a, (cornuto, -a); a. set ap 

Cerniéra, */. hinge, turning-joint 
Cernilojo, sot. slick nsed in sifting 
Cornitóre, -trice, tmf. sifter 
Céro, tm. Urge vix candle, ninny 
Coróna, tf. broad llughiog face 
Ceróso, -a, a. vixen, made of vix 
Cerottino, ceròttolo, tm. little cerate 
Ceròtto, tm. vix taper, cerate, pilsler 
Coròzza, tf. face, air; look, appearance 
Cerpellóne, sot. great blunder, V. Scerpel- 
Cerracchióne, fi». Urge greon óak 
Cerrire, vn. I. to fringe ; (Jig.) to boast, 

Cerretino, tm. charlatan, quack, juggler, 

Cerretanóne, tm. quick, great empiric 
Cerreto, tm. vòod, forest of green óak trees 
Cerro, tm. (bot.) green óak; fringe; lock of 

Cernito, -a, a. full of groon oaks 
Certame, sot. (poet.) combat, vir, fight; 

singolir —, single combat, dóol 
Certamente, adv. certainly, sorely 
Certaménto, tm. (ant.) certainty, assurance, 

V. Accertaménto 
Certino, -a, a. (ant.) certain, sure 
Cenare, va. i. (poet.) to fight, combat 
Certézza, (certinia, ant.) 9 *f. certitude, 

Ce r ti Qc a mento, tm. confirmation, assurance 
Certi tìcàre, va. L to certify, attest, confirm; 
il sottoscritto certifica che, etc, the 
undersigned certifies that, etc. 
Certificato, tm. certificate, confirmation 
— , -a, a. certified, attested 
Certificazióne, tf. testimony, attestation 
Certissimamente, ado. most certainly 
Certissimo, -a, a. most certain 
Cerliludino, tf. certitude, full assurance 
Cèrto, sot. certainty, certain; piglia il — e 
liscia l'incèrto, seize tho certain, leave 
the uncertain 
— , -a, a. certain, indubitable, pósi tire; far 
— d'una còsa, to assure (ono) of some- 
thing; Tirsi —, rèndersi — di ana còsa, to 
become assured of a thing; è còsa cèrta, 
it is certain ; di -, al —, per _ f adv [ 
exp. most certainly; un —, a certain 
man, a person 




— 155 

Certosa, */. Carthusian monastery 

Certosino, un. Carthusian mónk 

Certnoo, -a, pron. inde/, sòme, somebody 

Croleo, -a, a. sky-bine 

Orarne, im. cerumen, éar-wàx 

Cervia, a/, (aa*.) surgery. V. Chirurgia 

Cerusico, m. surgeon, V. Chirurgo 

Cerussa, */. white lead céràse 

Cerva, cèrvia, if. (*ooi ) hind i female of 

the slag) 
CcrTcllaccio, am. bad head, bad memory, 

madcap, ecce o trie person 
Orrrll aggine, if. whim, folly, caprice 
Cmellàta, gf. thick short sausage 
Cerveliétto, if. lively genius, wit; {anat.) 

cerebellum, little brain 
Onellièra. if. helmet, casque, head-piece 
Orvellioàggine, «/. giddiness, freak 
C^r cellino, sto. (woman's) cap; odd man 
—, -a, a. hare-brained , giddy 
Cervèllo, em. brain, brains, gènio*, judg- 
ment, wit, talents, ability; stillarsi or bee- 
carsi il — , to rack one's brains; avere 
il — sopra la berrétta, or nelle calcagna, 
or nelle gomita, to be half-wilted, light- 
headed; èssere fuòri di — , lo be fòt of 
one's wits, or beside one's self; stare in 
—, to hive one's wits about one; méttere 
il — a partito ad uno, to bring a person 
to reason; pòco —, little brains; bru- 
ciarsi il —, to blow 6ftt one's brains; — 
balzano, light-headed, half-witted fellow; 
chi non ha — abbia gambe, prov. exp. 
want of attention brings additional labour 
Orrellóne. su», great genius; singular fellow 
Orvellótfeo, -a, a. Ught-bràined , hare- 
brained, odd, eccentric, mad 
Cervelluto, -a, a, of sound judgment 
(«rrétta, »f. young hind, deer 
Cerreti©, cerriàtto, «m. young slag, fàwn 
Cenriatléllo, aw, rèry yoùng fàwn 
Cervicale, a. cervical, belonging to the neck 
Orviedso, -a, «• stiff-necked, stubborn 
<>rriee, if- neck, back of the neck 
Cerner*, Lapo —èro, em. {tool.) lynx; òc- 
chio cerriéro, lynx-efed 
Otrriétto, Jflt. joitng stag, fawn 
Cervia», -a, a. of a stag, tawny, déer-còl- 
Cénrio, córro, im. (zool.) stag, hart (ored 
— volante, am. piper kite, flying top 
Grvogia, if. beer, drink of herbs and grain 
Cerziorare, »*• 4. (law) to inform, acquaint, 
ui tract, certify; verify, attest 
inerito, -a, a. assured, certified, attested 
^nioraaióne, if. [law) testimony, atlcs- 

'^*are, em Caesar, emperor; o — o niènte, 
o — o Niccolò, vulg»), either ill or nòlh- 

'-«sarta, -a, a. imperial, cesarian; opera- 
cene cesarea; iiurg.) cesarian section 
»«ae taking of a child from the womb 
fej cauiog); poèta —, pòet laureate 

■diarie, tf. {poet.) head of hair, bush of 


Cesella mento, im. carving, sculpture (hair 
Cesellare, va. i. to chisel, carve, sculpture 
Cesellato, -a, a. chiselled, carved, sculp- 
Cesellatura, if, carved or chiselled work; 

(of metali) chasing 
Cesellatóre, im. carver, engràror, enchaser 
Ccsellétto, cesellino, tm, small chisel, graver 
Cesèllo, im. chisel, graver, borio 
Cèsio, -a, a. blue, azure (blue-eyed) 
Cesòje, «/p. scissors 

Cespi caro, va. I. to stumble, V. inciam- 
Colpita, if, a glutinous herb 
Cèspite, cespo, im. tùrf, bush, sod, furze 
Cespitóso, -a, a. briery, full of brambles 
Cespugliato, -a, a. bushy, briery 
Gespugliótto, sm. small bash, brier 
Cespùglio, am. tùrf, sod, bush, tuft 
Cespuglióso, -a, a. bushy, full of bushes 
Cessazióne if. intermission, cessation 
Cessarne, tm. filth, ribaldry; ràbbie, scùm 
Cessaménto, im. discontinuance, pause 
Ce wàn te, a. ceasing, that céases, remila 
Cessare, vn. i. to cease, discontinue, stop; 
il temporale cesserà tòsto, tho storm will 
sòon be over 
— , va. i. to avoid, escape, avert, dispel; — 
la fatica, to shun work; per — mali pi Ti 
grandi, to avoid greater évils; i lenitivi 
cessano il dolóre, lenitives ease (or assu- 
age) pàin; — èrsi, vrf. to forbear, keep 
from, abstain, refrain; non si può — dal 
bére, he cannot forbear drinking 
Cesselo, -a, a. ceased, stopped 
Cessazióne, a/, cessation, interruption 
Cessino, sm. matérial removed from pools 
Cessionàrio, im. cessionary, bankrupt, as- 
Cessióne, if. cession, conveyance, transfer, 
assignment ; — di bèni, (lato) surrender, 
surrender of property; èssere ammésso al 
beneficio di —, (iato) to take the benefit 
of the insolvent Act; far —, to make 
a surrender of property, to transfer, as- 
Cèsso, sm. ceasing, putting off, giving up, 
(ant. in thii sense); privy, necessary, 
Cèsta, if. basket, flshing-bàsket; a cèsio, 

ado. exp. plentifully, abundantly 
Costacela, if. great, ugly old basket 
Ceslarolo, tm. basket- maker, seller 
Cestèlla, cesterélla a/, j hand basket, small 
Cestèllo, costellino, im. \ flat ba*kel 
Cestino, «m. small basket, dóve-col; [child'*) 

Cestire, vn, 3. to sprout, shoot, grow bushy 
Cestito, -a, a. thick, bushy, tufted 
Cèsto, im. bush, tuft, clamp; bel —, (tront'e.) 

fine fellow, nice man 
Cèsto, im. cèstus, marriage-girdle (among 

the Greeks and Romans) 
Cesto a o, tm, largo wicker-basket, hamper 



— 156 — 


Ce* lóto, -a, a. tu fled, headed, thick 

Cesura, if. cesura, pauso ia a vèrta 

Ce Ucoo, -a. a. cetaceo as 

Cetera, cétra, sf. cith.rn, harp, lyre 

—, occdttera, ado. el cetera, and so fórlh 

Ceterànle, im. player on the hlrp, hlrper 

Ceteraióro, ceterista, sm. harper, hirp- 

Celerizzare. cetereggiire, va. 4. to hàrp 

Celina, a/, charcoal burning pit 

Cèto, am. (social) class; il mèdio —, the 
middle classes; (tool.) whale (fish) 

Cetologia, if cetólogy 

Cétra, sf. amili harp, V. Cetera 

Cetràcca, tf. (bot.) cèterach 

Cetràngolo, sm. (boU) citron 

Cotrarciére, sm. one with bow and cithern 

Celrina */. (bot.) bilia 

Cetriaòlo, sm. cucumber, V. Cedriuòlo 

Che, pron. relat. that, who, whom, which, 
what; la signóra — canta, the lady who 
or that sings; l'accollo — canta, the bird 
which or that sings; il signóre — vedo, the 
gta'leman whom or that I sée; non so — 
fare, I dò not know what to dò 
•• pron. inter rog. what? — dite? what dò 
you say? — e* è? whit is the matter? 

Che, U che, pron. rei. which; il — mi di- 
spiace, which displeases me 

-, eonj. that, because, than, whether; spéro 

— verrete òggi, I hope ikat yon will còme 
to-dày; — se non venite prèsto, me ne 
vado, because if you dònt't còme sòon, I 
will start; — veniate o no, whether you 
còme or not; più coraggióso — prudènte, 
mòre courageous than prudent 

—, adv. when, as sòon as, After, till, until; 
finita— avrò quésta lèttera anderò, when, 
or as sòon as I have finished this lettor 
I'll go; aspetl&te — io venga, wait till I 
còme; — ? why; — non parlate? why 
don't you spóakt non... —, but, only; non 
ha — una camera, ho has only one room ; 
—, tò; ditegli — venga, téli him to còme 
—, sm. matter; un bel — a great matter 
Che che, checché, pron rei. whatever; — 

— diciate, whatever you (may) lay 
Chèle, sfp. scorpion's claws 
Chelidònia, tf. (bot.) high celandine (plant) 
Chelidro, sm. séa-tòrióìse, water- serpent 
Chelonile, tf. (min.) tóad-stóno 

Chénte, a, (ant.) what, how 
Chetunque, pron. (ant.) whoever, V. Qua- 
Chéppia, if. (icht.) shad (lunque 

Chére, or chicre (for cérca), 3. pers. ting, 
pert. ind. of, chérere, ( ant.) requires, etc. 
Chérere, va. 8. irr. (poet.) to require, de- 
Chérica, */. tonsure, shaven crolrn (mind 
Chericàle, a. clerical, of the priesthood 
Chericato sm. the condition of an ecclesias- 
tic; clergy 
Cherichétto, tm. young priest, clerk 
Chérico, tm. clerk, priest, learned man; da 
bere al prete che il — ha séte, prov* 


exp. ask for another whit you want for 
Onericene, tm. great clerk, very learned 

Chericùto, -a, a. who has the tonsure 
Chericuxxo, sm. poor, ignorant priest 
Chéripo, tm. (an Indian word) mother of 

Cherisla, if. (ant.) clergy 
Chèrmes, tm. còchinéal ; kermes 
Chermisi, tm. crimson; furbo in —, an arrant 

Chermisino, -a, a. crimson -colored 
Chéro, or chiéro (poet, for cérco), 1. pers. 

ting. pert, of chérere, I seek, etc. 
Cherùbico, -a, a. cherubic, angelical 
Cherubino, sm. chèrub 
Chéita, sf. (ant.) demand, question, F. 

Chetamente, adv. quietly, noiselessly 
Chetinza, if. receipt, V. Quilanza 
Chetare va. I. to appease, calm, silence; 

—àrsi, vrf. to grow calm, be silent 
Choi èssa, sf. silence, tranquillity 
Chetichèlla, chelichélli, adv. (vulg.) silent- 
ly, softly 
Chéto, -a, a. qufet, still, nóìsoless; acqua 
chéta, standing or stagnant water; — ! 
state —, hold your tongue, be quiet; 
l'acque chéte rovinano i pónti, prov. 
exp. still waters are deep 
Chéto chéto, adv. quietly, softly, gently, 

Chetón chetóne, adv. exp. noiselessly 
Chetóne, a. silent, gloomy, reserved 
Chi, pron. who, whom, whoever; sòme, he 
who, she who, they who; — e li? who is 
there! — avete invitato? whom hive you 
invited? chionque siate, whoever you may 
be ; a — ? to whom ? da — ? from or by 
whom? di — A quésta pènna? whose pen 
is this ? — fa bene, bène avrà, he who does 
well, will have well (do well, and hare 
well); — diceva una còsa, — an' altra, 
sòme said one thing, sòme another; — 
(for chiunque) , whoever , any person 
whatever; élla non aveva — la conso- 
lasse, she had no one to consòie her 
Chiabèllo, sm. (ant.) nàil, V. Chiavèllo 
Chiacchiera, sf. idle talk, chit-chat; non- 
Chiacchieraménto, tm. prate, chat, prattle 
Chiacchierare, tm. i. to prate, chit, little 
Chiacchierata, sf. empty talk, tittle-tattle 
ChiacchieratÒre. -trice, trnf. chatterer, tit- 
Chiacchierélla, if. prattle, chit-chat (tier 
Chiacchierina, */. the prattling of child- 
Chiacchierino, sm. silly-etérnal-talker (rea 
Chiacchierio, tm. V. Cicaléccio 
Chiacchieróne, am. great babbler, romancer 
ChiacchiUare, vn. I. to pxite, chat, chatter 
Chlaito, am. (ant.) F, Briga, piito 
Chiama, if. {ant.) appeal, cài , calling, vo- 




167 — 


Cfctaniménto, em. »ho calling, invocation 
Chiamante, a, invoking, calling upon 
Chiamare, va. i. to call, name; còme ti 
chiamate T whit is yonr name? mandar 
a — to tend for; cóme chiamate quésto? 
bow do yon call this t lo chiamerò fuòri, 
1' 1 challenge him; egli n fari — in giu- 
diiio, alla córte, he will summon yon, 
cite yon, send yon a summons; piacque 
a Dio di —ària air altra vita, God wis 
pleased to call her to him; - in di- 
sparte, to call aside; — in testimònio, 
to call to witness; — in ajuto , to call 
for help; — a raccòlta (mil.) to beat 
the dram; —irsi contènto, to be content- 
ed, satisfied; —irsi offeio da altri, to 
think one's self wronged by another; 
—àrsi vinto, to yield, give in, surrender 
Chiamila, «/. appeal, nomination, celling, 
reference, note, election, vocation; far la 
—, to cill over the names; (mil,) to call 
the roll, to muster, muster up, cill over 
the sister-roll; to sound a parley 
Chiamato, -a, a. called, named, sent for 
ChUmatóre, -trice, tmf. he, she that calls 
Cbiamasiòne, «/. V. Chiamata 
Chiana, «/• standing pool, mirk 
Cbiaoàre, va. i. to polish coral beads 
Chianatore, sm, one who polishes coral 

Ch untare, va. i. V. Accoccare 
Chiappa, f/. hold, citch (ant. in this 

sen**); buttock, bréecb, fleshy part 
Chiappare, va. i. to snatch, citch, strike 
Cuppito, -a, a. einght, struck, found 
Chiappino, fin. monkey 
Chiàppola, ehiappoleria, tf. trifle, binble 
Caiappolare, va* 4. to reject, discard, liy 

ChiappoMflO, sm. silly thoughtless man 
Chiappolo, em. refusal, refuse, òffals 
C&iàra, a/, white of an egg, glaire 
Chiaramente, adv. clearly, plainly, hon- 
Chiarire, va. I. to clear up, resolve, explain 
Chiarirsi, vrf. to grow bright, clear, shine 
Chiarita, a/, medicament of white of eggs 
Cttaréa, a/, medicinal potion (made of 

brandy, «agar and doves) 
C lareggiare, va. ft. to mike clear, to en- 
lighten, light 
Citar «la., a/, (wig.) wine and water 
U aréUo, *m. (vulg.) witer 
C aarentftna, a/, eoontry dance, round dance 
OSiarétl»,-a, a. light pale, reddish 
Cùiaréssa. a/, light, splendor, brightness 
— . «A clearness perspicuity, evidence 
^uriicara, va. 1. to clear, expliin, clarify 
•Purificato, -a, a. explained, clarified 
Ciani eazióne, a/, i clarification , proof, 
-lixrifiòne, #/. [ explication, decla- 
-Uaraenénto, am. J ration, demonstra- 
tirino, -a, $fnf. (mu$.) clarion, hiutboy 

Chiarire, van. 3, to clear up, mike clear 
Chiarità, •/. light, splendor, explanation 
Chiarito, -a, a. clear, bright, luminous, 
public, enlightened, disabused (known, 
Chiaro, em. light, clearness, brightness; — 

di luna, mòon-shine 
— , -a, a. clear, bright, seréne, evident, 
manifest, clear, noble, illustrious, honest, 
sincere, true ; far —, to enlighten, to 
light; far — alcuno d'una còsa, to cer- 
tify, to inform one of a thing; méttere in 
—, to clear, to settle; comincia a far — , 
it is day-light, the day begins to appear 
—, adv. clearly, plainly, evidently 
Chiaróre, sai. brightness, lustre 
Chiaroscurare, va. to paint in claro-ob- 

Chiaroscuro, sm. clàre-obscure, light and 

shade (in painting, etc.) 
Chiaròso, -a, a. clear, bright, V. Chiaro 
Chiassaj nòlo, -a, tmf. gutter, farrow, trench 
Chiassata, tf. uproar, clatter, riot, scrape 
Chiassatéllo, sm. I line, blind alley, 

Chiasso, chiassétto, sm | house of ill fame 
— , em. uproar, noise, riot, clatter; darla 
pe' chiassi, to flóe, dòdge ; andare in —, 
to be ruined ; fare il —, to romp, sport, 
frolic, pliy (of children); faro —, not 
to be in earnest, do sày or do something 
in jest ; to be the run, the rage of the 

Chiassolfno, chiassuòlo, sm. blind-alley, 

Chiassóna, tf. ròmpish, boisterous woman 
Chiassóne, sm. noise-maker, boisterous fel- 
Chiatto, -a, tmf. flat-bottomed boat, fer- 
Chiavacela, </. lirge old key, bald key 
Chiavàccio, sm. padlock, bolt, V. Chiavi- 
Chiavacuòre, em. stomacher, bòddice 
Chiavàjo, chiaviro, J keeper of the keys, 
Chiavajuólo, tm. \ locksmith 
Chiavirda, a/, bolt, iron pin 
Chiavar darò, va. i. to lock, fasten with a 

Chiavare, va. 4. to nail, pierce, drive in, 

Chiavilo, -a, a. niiled, pierced, driven in 
Chiavatura, a/, nailing, fastening, shoeing 
Chiave, if. key, clef, tuning-key, stop-cock 
— comune, maèstra, if. mister-kéy; sono 

la — e il materòzsolo, they are always 

fóùnd together 
Cbiavellire, va. 4. to niil, V. Conficcare 
Chiavellita, */. wound caused by a nàil 
Chiavellito , -a, a. niiled, fastened with 

Chiavèllo, chiavo, em. (ant.) nail, V. 

Chiaveriua, if. jàvelin, péar, half-pike 
—, if. small key, scutcheon 
Chiàvica, tf. common sewer, sink, drain 


— 158 — 



Chiavicàccia, af. fillby deep tower, sink. 

Chìavichètta, chiavichioa, af. imill drain 
Chia?icina, chiavi coita, af. «mill key 
Chiavicene, am. very largo and deep sewer 
Chiavistèllo, am, padlock, boll, screw-vice; 
baciare il — , to bo refused admittance; 
dare il — alla pdrta v to bolt the dóor 
Chiassa, af. scab, spot (on the skin) scar 
Chiassare, va. i. to speck, speckle, to stain 

in spots 
Chiassilo, -a, a. spotted, speckled 
Chicca, af. cake ; chicche, sfp. dainties, 

Chicchera, af. cop (for tea, coffee, etc.) 
Chicchi bichiacchi, am. nonsense, prate; an 

— , a nonsensical fellow 
Chicchiriata, af. crow or crowing (of the 

Chicchirili ire, vn. 1. {ant.) to prate, jab- 
ber, trifle 
Chicchirichì, sm. (familiar) chanticleer; 

crowing (of a cock) 
Chicchirillo, am. [ant) I prate, chat pràt- 
Chicchirléra, af. (ant.) j lie, nonsense, idle 

Chicco, aw. grain, seed 
Chi che, pron. whoever, whosoever 
— che sia, chiccheiia, pron. whoever, any 

Chiedente, a. requesting 
Chièdere, va. 2. irr. (pott chièsi; pari. 

\ chièsto) to àsk, beg, sue, inquire; yi 

chièggo una gratia, 1 bèg a favour of 70a 
Chiedibile, a. demandante, requirable 
Chiedimènto, am. demand, question, entreat 
Chieditórc, -trice, §mf. demànder, àaier, 

Chièggia, •/. rock, precipice 
Chièlla; avere della —, to be conceited, 

haughty, proUd 
Chièrere, va. t. irr. (poet.) to ask, seek 
Chièrico, «m. clergyman, clerk 
Chièsa, sf. church; — cattedrale, cathedral; 
la — Cattòlica, the Catholic Church ; la 
— Greca, the Greek Church; la — Angli- 
cana, the Church of England; la — domi- 
nante, the established Church; gli antichi 
stati della —, the ancient Ecclesiastical 
States, the ancient Stales of the Church; 
fuòri del grembo della —, without the 
pale of the Church ; in fàccia della —, 
with all the ceremonies of the Church 
Chiesettlna, chieslccinòla, af. Ismail church, 
Chiosino, -a, chiosinola mf. \ chàpel, ora- 
Chiesol&stico, chùsoUstro, tm. church -goer 
Chièsta, sf. demand, request, petition 
Chiesto, -a, a. requested, sought 
Chiesticela, chiesuòla, af. little church 
Chiglia, Bf. (mar.) keel, bottom of a ship 
J^Chiliadf, af. chiliad, a thousand years 
bn .Nlifero, -a, a. chf lifer out , bearing or 
De> insmitting ctyle 

Chilificàrc, va. I. to form into chyle, digrst 
Chilifioatiooe, af. chyliflcation 
Chilo, am. chjle, white juice (in the stom- 
Chilògono, am. chili agon, piane figure of a 

thousand angles and sides 
Chilogramma, tm. kilogram, kilogramme 
Chilolitro, am. kilòliter; kilolitre 
Chilòmetro, am. kilometer, kilometre 
Cbilòso, -a, chylous, chyl&ceoos 
Chimèra, af. chimèra, wild fancy, illusion 
Chimèrico, -a, a. chimerical, wild 
Chi m erissare, va. 1. to build cistles in the 

Chimerizzatóre, am. visionary, dreamer 
Chimica, sf. chemistry 
Chimicamente, adv. chemically 
Chimico, -a, a. chemical, pertaining to 

ChimiQ care, tm. i. to chfmlty, to form or 

become chf me 
Chimificazióne, Sf. chymificition (the pro- 
cess of becoming or being formed into 
China, af. declivity, slope; a —, adv. exp. 
in a sloping inclined manner; lasciate an- 
dar l'acqua alla —, let things take their 
course • 

— china, chinchfna, $f. (bot.) chincòna, 
cinchon, birk tree; (chem., phar.) qnin- 
quina, Peruvian berk, Jesuits' -birk, 
Chinaménto, Sm. declination, inclination 
Chinare, va. i. to bend, stoop down ; — il 
il riso, gli òcchi, to look down ; — la 
tèsta, to bów submission, to submit; il di 
—ava, the day was on the decline 
Chinata, af. declivity, descent, valley 
Chinatamente, adv. aslope, obliquely 
Chinatézsa, af. inflèzioo, curvature 
Chinato, -a, a. bènt, bowed, east down 
Chinatora, af. curviiy, bending, inflexion 
Chincaglia, chincaglieria, af. hardware 
Chincaglière, sm. hàrdwareman 
Chinchessla, pron. {ant.) whoever; V. Chic- 
Ghinèa, tf. ambling pad, cob, pacing nag 
Chinèvole, a. pliant, supple, flexible 
Chinevolmènle, adv. respectfully, humbly 
Chirfina, af. (chtm. phorm.) qmntaa, qninia, 

no, fin. declivity, slope, bent, hollow 
— , -a, a. bent, bowed, cast óGèu , low, 
deep ; cammina sempre col capo —, he 
always walks with his bead dow>n 
Chin tana, af. qointin, tilting post 
Chiocca, if. cuff, stroke, thump 
Chioccare, va. i. (vulg.) to cuiT, thump, 

Chiocchétta, af. small tufi (or hair), Utile 

Chiòccia, tf. brood-hen 

Chiocciare, vn. i. to cluck, cackle feel 
unwell ' 1 




— 159 — 


Chiòccio, -a, a. hoarse; glare, èssere —, to 

Gel unwell 
Chiòcciola, «/. snail, shell; female-screw; 
icila ft — , winding 'stair-càse ; soldato, 
pittóre da chide iole, etc., freshwater sol- 
dier, dinner, etc.; far cóme le chiòcciole, 
fig. to draw in one's horns ; a —, adv. 
ezp. screw-like 
Chioceiolétta, chiocciolina, a/, small snail 
CMocdoltno, $m. «mail screw, cake, biscuit 
Chiocco, am. fjpl. chiocchi) smack or crack 

(of a whip) 
Chiodagióne, a/ ill the nails, iron work 
Chiodaja, a/, nail- mo aid 
Chiodaiuòlo, am. nailer, nail -maker 
Chiodame, am. somber of nails 
Chiodare, va. 4. to nail op, V. lochi od are 
Chiodato, -a, a. nailed, fastened with nails 
Chioderia, a/, nail manufactory, trade, work 
Chiodétto, tm. small nail, spigot, peg, pin 
Chiòdo, am. nail, stnd; — sènza testa, clasp- 
headed nàil, clasp -nail; — con vite, clin- 
cher-nail; cose da chiòdi, ròba da chiòdi, 
stringe or absnrd things, hòge blunders ; 
quello o chiòdi, Hòbson's choice, either 
that or nothing; méttere nn —, far de' 
chiòdi, fig. to rùn loto dobt ; estrarre, 
cavare nn —, to tàke «fòt a nail ; confic- 
care an —, to drive a nail; ribadire nn 
—, to rivet, clinch a nail; battere, far due 
chiòdi ad nna calda, to kill twò birds 
with one stone; aver fisso il — , to hare 
made op one 's mind, resolved ; nn — 
ciccia l'altro, prov. exp. one nail drives 
eat another (new things or persons make 
old ones be forgotten) 
Chiòma, tf. bead of hair 
Chiomante, a. hairy ; fig. llafy, ' full of 

le» re* 
Chiomato, -a, a. hairy, fibrous, leafy 
Chiosnazznrro, -a, a. àzure-hifred 
Chiomindorato, -a, a. golden-haired 
Chiominevóso, -a, a. hóary-héaded 
Chiomóso, -a, a. V. Chiomato 
Chiòsa, tf. glossary, comment 
Chiosatóre, an», glòsser, commentator 
Chiòsco, -a, am/, kiosk, Turkish summer- 

Chiòstra, */. dwelling, abode, habitation 
Chios trino chiostriefno, am. small cloister, 

rhi^tro, #m. cloister, convent, monastery 
C r i lòtto, -a, a. (burl.) silent, taciturn 
1 Sragióne, tf. all the nàils (in a work) 
Chiavare, va. 4. to nail, lame in shooing, 

to nail up 
r>i4Tatóra, tf. prick of a nail (In shoeing) 
a.»*Tellato, -a, a. pierced with nails 
Giorello, ehiòvo, am. nail ; èssere or To- 
rnire al serrar del ehiòvo, to còme to the 

'j-.yao, sm. {ieht.) ghdgeon; simpleton 
ocrxgra, a/, (sued.) gent in the hands, 


Chiragrato, cfairagròso, -a, a. (med.) having 
the goTH in the hand, or subject to that 
Chirigrfco, a. (med) chiràgrical 
Chirintàna, chirinz&na, a/, cotintry-dance 
Chirògrafo, am. chirograph, bond under 

one's own hand 
Chiromante, am. chiromancer, pal mister 
Chiromanzia, a/, chiromancy, palmistry 
Chirurgia, a/, surgery, external operation 
Chirurgo, tm. surgeon, chirurgoon 
Chisciàre, va. 1. (agr.) to weed, root At 
Chitàre, va. i. (ant.) to qnit, leave, cease 
Chilarrfglia, —ina, tf. smill guitar 
Chitarra, a/, guitar 

Chitarrista, tm. gnitarist, guitar-payer 
Chiucchiurlaja, sm. confused noise, nonsense 
Chiudènda, tf. enclosure, hedge, palisading 
Chiudere, va. 2. irr. (patt, chiosi ; part. 
chiuso) to shot, close, enclose, foncé; — 
il pbgno, to clinch the fist ; — la via, il 
passo, to bar, stop up the way or passage; 
chiudete la pòrta, shut the door; chiude- 
tela a chiaro, lock it; il dolóre mi chiòdo 
il cuòre, I am ready to die for griéf; non 
avrò chi mi chiùda gli òcchi, I shall not 
have any ono to close my of es; perduti i 
buoi, chiòsa la stilla, prov. ex p., when 
the horse is stolen, the dòor is shut 
Chiudiméolo, tm. enclosure, shotting np 
Chiunque, pron. whoever, any body 
Chiurl&re, tm. i. to hoot like the cat-owl 
Chiurlo, tm. bird-catching with bird-lime ; 

(orn.) curlew; stupid fellow, dolt 
Chiòsa, tf. enclosure, fortification, prison; 

the conclusion of sonnets speeches, ole. 
Chiusamente, adv. secretly, by stealth 
Chiusino, tm. cover, lid, stopple, stopper 
Chiùso, tm. close, enclosure, fence 
— , -a, a. shut np, enclosed, covered 
Chiusura, tf. enclosure, close, lock, closure 
Ci, pron. us, to us, tfursèlves; amateci, lève 
' us; mandateci, send us ; (send to us); ci 
inganniamo, we deceive ourselves; ci 
amiamo come sorèlle, we love one anoth- 
er (each other) like sisters 
— adv. bére (there), veniteci (for venito 
qua) cóme bére; vi ci condurrò, I'll bring 

Jon there 
, a/, tea, V. Tè 
Ciabatta, tf. old shoe, old rag 
Ciabattajo, tm. seller of old shoos 
Ciabatteria, */. trifle, worthless thing 
Ciabattìére, Ciabattino, tm. cobbler, botcher, 

Ciaccherino, tm young pig 
Ciacciamellàre, vn. 1. to prate, V. Ciara- 
Ciacco, tm. hog; sponger, freebooter 
Ciaccóna, tf. chacoon (Spanish dance) 
daffare, va. i. to drag the anchor 
Cialda, tf. wafer, thin crackling cake; in- 
ciampar nelle cialde (or nei cialdóni) to 
get drowned in one '0 own spittle; non è 



A ■ t 



— 160 — 


farina da cialde, fig. he is not quite 
Cialdétta, tf. cialdoncioo, tm. small wafer, 


CUldonajo, tm. wafer-maker, seller 

Cialdóne, sm. thin crisp cake rolled up in 
the form f a cornet or paper cop 

Cialtróne, tm. rogue, swindler, cheat 

Ciambèlla, if. small delicate cake, roll; 
fare la —, fig. (qf horàe$) to prance; 
tutte le ciambèlle non riescono col buco, 
prov. txp. no one is successful in all 

Ctarabellàjo, tm cake-biker, pà*try-cook 

Ciambellótto, sm. camlet (tuff) 

C amberlàno, ciambellano, ti», chamber- 

Ciamberlàto, -a, a. (ant.) adórnod with 

Ciamméngola, sf. trifle, biwble; silly wo- 

Ciampanéila, tf. foolish thing, wild prank; 
dare in —èlle, to do foolish things 

Ciampicare, ciampàre, vn. 4. to stumble 

Ciancerélla , — ulla, tf. b&wble , child 'a 

Ciancétta, a/, trifle, to?, gewgaw, plaything 
Ciancia, a/, jest, banter, chat, chit-chat, 

fiddlefàddle, nonsense, sport, triflos; dar 

la — , to quiz 
Cianciafroscolo, tfp. trifles, jests, fooleries 
Cianciaménto, am. sport, joke, prattle 
Cianciare, vn. to prate, trifle, talk idly 
Cianciatóre, -trice, tmf. babbler, joker 
Ciancicare, vn. 4. to lisp, drawl, stammer, 

Ciancióro, -a, a. droll, prattling, chattering 
Cianci oli na, a/, little joke, jest, sport, trifle 
Ciancióne, am. ribald, chatty fellow 
Cianciosaménte, ado. in jést, waggishly 
Ci an ciò. io, -a, a. play fai, dróll, pràtiog 
Ciancivéndolo, tm. bambooxler, swell 
Cianciugliare, vn. 4. to pronounce badly 
Cianciarne, am. swàggery, empiricism 
Cianfrógna, tf. nonsense 
Cianfrusaglia, Cianfruscàglia, if. trash, stuff, 

Ciangbollino, tm* improper conduct 
Ciangola, if. chattering, nonsense 
Ciangolare, vn. 4. V. Chiacchierare 
Ciangottare, va. 4. to tilk idly, at random 
Ciano (Pèrsico), tm. (bot.) corn-flower, 

weed, blue-bottle 
Ciappcróne, sm. (ant.) chàperon, hóod 
Ciapporótto, am. cloak, mantle 
Ciàppola, if. round or flat graver 
Ciappolerà, if. small graver 
Ciaramella, tmf. tattler, babbler, idle 

Ciaramellare, vn. to tattle, speak at ran- 

Ciarla, tf. idle talk, prating, chat; le ciar- 
le non s'ioffUano, prov. exp. deeds are 
male and words are female 
Ciarlaménto, am. idle talk, nonsense 
C arlànte, a, full of prate, chatty 
Ciarlare, tm. i. to pràttl , stun with tilk 
Ciarlatane ia, tf. quackery, empiricism, lo- 
Ciarlatanismo, tm. V. Ciarlataneria 
Ciarlatanésco, -a, a. quàckish, ignorant 
Ciarlatano, am. quack, mountebank, cheat 
Ciarlatóre, -trice, smf. babbler, tattler 
Ciarleria, if. chit-chat, prate, tattle 
Ciarliero, ciarliere, am. idle talker, babbler 
Ciarlóne, tm. everlasting talker, romancer 
Ciarpa, if. rags, tatters, old clothes, frip- 
pery, scàrf, sbóulder-bèlt, sling 
Ciarpame, if. heap of rags, tatters 
Ci ar pare, van. 4. to botch, F- Acciabat- 
Ciarpiére,ciarpóne, tm. bungler, spoil- trade, 

busy-body, shuffling fellow 
Ciarpame, tm. V. Ciarpame 
Ciascheduno, -a, pron. each, every one 
Cibàccio, tm. bad or coarse food 
Cibaménto, tm. the nourishing, nutrition 
Cibare, va. 4. to food, nourish, give food; 
— uno di sperànxa, to feed one with 
Cibària, if. victuals, food 
Cibarsi, vrf. to eat, feed upon; — di fratti 
to live upon fruit ' 

Cibàrio, -a, a. cibarious, nourishing, of 

Cibato, -a, a. fed, nourished, filled with 
Ci bastóne, tf. eating, food, nourishment 
Cibo, cibare, tm. food, victuals, aliment 
Ctbor o, tm. pyx, box, sàcred vase 
Cibóso, -a, a. fruitful, bearing fruit 
Cibrèo, tm. ragout, fricassee, made dish 
Cica, if. nothing; adv. not at all 
Cicala, cicada, tf. (ent) cicàda, ricade, 
tree-hòpper, frog-hopper; chàtteror; (mar. ) 
anchor-ring; tórre la vòlta alle cicalo, to 
make no end of babbling, to talk inces- 
santly, to stun with tilk 
Cicalacela, tf. great chatterer, great talker 
Cicalaménto, tm. prating, chatter, Mio tilk 
Cicalante, a. chattering, prating, timing 
Cicalare, va. 4. to prate, chatter; blab 
Cicalata, tf. chit-chat, prattle, long story 
Cicalato™, -trice, tm. chatterer, prater 
Cicalatório, -a, a. talkative, apt to prate 
Cicalcria, tf. talkativeness, prating 
Cicaléccio, cicalicelo, tm. prattle, chit- 
Cicalélta, tf. small grasshopper 
Cicaliéra, k/. talkative woman, gossip 
Cicallóre, cicalino, tm. babbler 
Cicalio, tm. idle tilk, prate 
Cicalóne, cicalo u àccio, tm. great tilker 

Fate, méte, bite, note, tube; • fat, met, bit, not, tub; - fir, pique, 
•tao, vino, Ul, forai, flam*; • pttto-pette, p«Uc» * i, sotto, —nf, • anno, vfstt 



— 161 — 


Cicatrice, ef. cicilrix, cicatrice, seir 
Cicatrizzare, vo. 1. to cicatrize, heal up 
Cittaatóoa, ef. stréet-wàlker, allurer, de- 
ceiver, siren 
Ciccaolóne, em. quack, mountebank, cheat 
Ciccherà, ef. cup, V. Chicchera 
Ciccia, ef. (puerile) meat, flesh 
Cicciolo, em. «mill bit (of juiceless meat); 
fare ciccioli d'ano, to cut one into small 
Ciccióne, mm. whitlow, tumor, b6H 
Ciccióso, -a, a. fleshy, plump 
Ckciòllolo, em. fleshy excrescence 
Crnólo, -a, a. fat, plump, full of flesh 
Gcérbita, ef. (pot) loir-thistle 
Cicérchia, $f. (bot) vetch, sweet-scented 

Cicerfae, em. pica (type). Ciceróne 
Ckeroneaménte, adv. like Cicero 
Ciceroniano, -a, a. Ciceronian, resembling 

Cichiao, em. very little, ever '0 little 
Cidjraa, ef. newt, eft (small lizard) 
€i-i.<i>éa, ef. coquette, fay flaunting woman 
Cicisbeare, va. i. to court the ladies 
Cicisbeato, «us. Cicisbeata™, ef. cicisbeism, 

C.rUbéo, em. cicisbèo, gallant, Lothario 
Ciclamino, m. (bot.) cyclamen, sow-bread 
Cklo, ef. cycle, geomèlricai curve 
udometria, sf. (geom.) cyclometry (the 

art of measuring eycles or circles) 
Ciclope, em. (myth.) Cyclop; i Ciclopi, pi. 

the Ciclopi 
Ciclopico, -a, a. cfclopéan, ciclopie, per- 

Uiaing to the Cyclops 
Cicufna, ef. (oris.) stork; beam (of a boll) 
Cicogaioo, em. young stork 
Cicoria, cicória ef. {boi.) endive, succory 
Cica/ire, —fro, va. to tamo 
Cheta, ef. (bot.) hemlock 
C*caaéate, ade. V. Cecamente 
Ciecàre, va. 1. V. Cecaro 
Cjecbésco, -a, a. V. Cechésco 
Ci^lutà; (ami.) -ito, —ade, ef. V. Cecili 
Cùeo, -a, a. blind ; inconsiderate, dlrk, 
oh* ère, glóomy, mysterious, hidden; an 
— , ti» a blind man ; nna cièca, ef. a 
blind woman; ubbidiènza cièca, implicit 
obedience ; — d* an òcchio, blind of an 
eye, one-efed; lantèrna cièca, dlrk 14 •• 
tei; bastonile da —, a amerei fai blows; 
alia cièca, adverb, like a blind person, 
Uiadly; ginoeire alla cièca, to play blind 
aaa's buff; i cièchi, tbo blind ; giudicare 
Illa cièca, to judge by the libel; in tèrra 
di cièchi ehi ha an òcchio è signóre, 
pw. exp. in the land of the blind one- 
ej«d péoplo aro kings 
Citculiaa, ef. V. Ceeolfna • 
Cuealtno, em, V. Cecolino 

Cielo, em. bòaven, paradise, sky, day-light, 
country, climate, air, ceiling; — azzurro, 
blue sky; — limpido, seréno, clear sky; — 
nùvolo, nuvolóso, oscuro, cloudy, dlrk, 
heavy sky; o — ! good hèavensl volesse il 
— ! would to Hèaven; grazie al —, thanks 
to Hèaven; il — me ne guardi, Hèaven for- 
bid! gli uccèlli del —, the birds of tbe air; 
il — del letto, d'una stanza, the tester (of 
the bed), tbe ceiling of a room; cambiar —, 
to remove (to another country); toccare il 
— col dito, to compass one's utmost wishes, 
(to be overjoyed); movere— e terra, to move 
Heaven and earth (to leave no stone un- 
turned); lodare a —, to praise to tbe skies; 
èssere come dare un pégno in —, to be 
absolutely impossible ; attaccarsi alle 
foni del —, to catch at razors, resort to 
extreme measures; rinnegare il — in far 
eh echeggia, to labour hardly, to have 
great pains to succeed in anything; non 
stire né in tèrra, né in —, to be absurd, 
Ciéra, céra, ef. look, countenance, face, 
appearance, cheer ; non avete buòna —, 
you dont't look well 
Cifera, cifra, ef. cipher, device, name (in a 
ring); favellare in —, to speak myste- 
Ciferista, si», writer in ciphers 
Cifrare, va. 1. to cipher, writo in ciphers 
Cigirro, em. segar; porta —, segar- 

Giglio, em. (pi. ciglia, /.) brow, ef e-brow, 
sight, view; aguzzar le ciglia, to look 
steadfastly; inarcar le ciglia, to bend or 
raise the brows; increspare, aggrottar le 
ciglia, to knit the brows 
Ciglióne, em. edge of a ditch or hill 
Cigliato, -a, a. héavy-eje-browed 
Cigna, ef. girth ; stire sulle eigne, to be 
hardly ible to stand (eaid of sick hors* 
ee, and also of pereone) 
Cignalaccio, am. Urge wild boar 
Cignale, em. (tool.) wild bóar 
Cignere, cingere, va. 3. irr. (past, cinsi; 
part cinto) to gird, embrice, inclose; — 
le braccia al còllo ad uno, to throw one's 
irms réund a person's neck; eignerla ad 
uno, to pl<«y one a trick 
Cigno, em. (orn.) swin; (Jig.) poet 
Cignóne, am, ùnder-girth, bèlly-band, girth 
Cigolaménto, sm. rittling, clittering 
Cigolare, vn. 4. to rattle, crackle, creak; 

to hiss, whiz (as green wood burning) 
Cigolio, em. erickling, creaking, whizzing 
Cigolo, cigolo, -a, a. (ant.) little, small, 

V. Piccolo 
Cilécca, ef. bilk, trick, disappointment; fa- 
réte —, yon shall not catch me 
Cilestrino, ciléstro, -a, a. slrf-còlored 


**r, ride? - Oil, son, bull; - fare, do; • hj , ljmph; polio, boys; foùl, fowl; gem, as 

*"* «*»: - torte, —mf, «alla; • eri», rot»; - lai 

M. JiaL Jngl. • Bdin. VL Vol. II.» 


pen boato; g tana, row, 





— 162 — 


Cilicino, -a, a. like or of hair-cloth 
Cilicio, sm. sàck-cloth, hair-cloth 
Ciliègia, */. cherry, V. Ciriégia 
Ciliègio, tm. {hot.) chèrry-tree, V. Ci- 
Cilindrare, va. to calender 
Cilindrétto, am. amili cylinder, roller 
Cilindrico, -a, a. cylindrical 
Cilindro, tm. eflinder, roller 
Cilizio, tm. sackcloth, hair-cloth 
Cilóma, sm. (ant.) long harangue, V. Sci- 

Cima, sf. summit, top, head, ridge, height; 

— d* uomo, eminent man ; — di ri- 
baldo, arch, Arrant rógne; andar in per 
le cime degli àlberi, to eivii, to frame 

Cimare, va. 1. to shear (cloth), behead, lop 
Cimasa, sf. {arch.) small fillet, ogée, mould- 
Cimata, sf. the process of shearing cloth 
Cimato, -a, a. crafty, cunning, Artful, si? 
Cimatóre, -trice, smf. shearman, clipper, 

CimalAra, sf. down, shearings or fine of 

cloth, the act of shearing cloth 
Cimitio, em. (arch.) small moulding, ogée 
Cimba, «/, (poet.) birk, boat, ferry-boat ; 

la — di Carónte, Chiron's bark 
Cimbalo, sm. cymbal, tabor, labro t 
CI m bell arc, vn. i. V. Cimbottolire 
Cimberli; io —, odo. txp. in a good humor, 

half seas over 
Cinmbottolire, vn. 4. to fall (on one's face) 
Ciombòtiolo, cimbólto, sm. fill, tumble 
Cimeliirca , am. (little used) ciméliarch 

(the chief keeper of the things of vaine 

belonging lo a church) 
Cimentare, va. to attempt, risk, venture, %rj; 

— la propria riputazióne, to expose one's 

Cimentarsi, vrf. to face, encounter, engage 
Cimentato, a. tried, risked, yèn tu red 
Ciménto, »m dinger, attempt, trial, essay; 

méttere a — >, to hazard, expose, endanger; 

venire a —, to cóme to a trial 
Cimentóso, -a, a. hazardous, dangerous 
Cimice, sf. (ent.) bog; {fig.) great coward, 
Cimiciijo, am. nest of bogs (poltroon 

Cimicciittola, sf. reddish gripe 
Ciancióne, sia. greit overgrown bug 
Cimièro, cimièro, sm. crest (helmet); aver 

— ad ógni elmétto, to b* fit for every 

Cimino, am. (bot.) cómin, V. Cornino 

Cimitério, cimitèro, am. cemetery, church- 
yird, buryieg-grdund; piatir co' cimitèri, 
to be weak and infirm, to drop into the 

Cimmèrio, -a, a. (post) dirk, gloomy, ob- 

Cimórro, cimfirro, tm (otter.) strangles, 
glinders; avere il —, (fig.) to be cross, 

Cimóssa, sf. selvage, list (qf clofhs) 
Cina, if. (bot.) cinchona, ihe Peruvian 

birk tree, V. China 
Cinabrése, sm. red chalk 
Cinabro, tm. cinnabar, vormilion 
Cincia, cingiallégra, sf. (om.), 

Cincfglio, Ms. ornamental fringe of a belt 
Cinciglióne, am. Urge fringe <f armor 
Cincinno, sm. curl, lock of hair 
Cincischiare, va. 4. to hick, cut; — le paró- 
le, to hesitate, stimmer, flutter, to be at 
Cincischiito, -a, a. hacked, cut (a stand 
Cincischio, am. si Ashing, stammering 
Cinèdico, -a, a. win ton, lecherous, bawdy 
Cinèdo, tm. a gélded youth, a catamite ; a 

wanton dancer 
Cinerario, -a, a. cinerary ; urna cineraria, 

cinerary urn 
Generazióne, a/, clneration, reduction by Are 

to Ashes 
Cinerizio, -a, a. Ash-cólored, griy 
Cinfolire, m. i. to utter a shrill whistling 

Cinforniita, sf. V. In temerità 
Cingallegra, if. (om.) tit-mfòse, tom-ttt 
Cingere, va. S. irr. {past, cinsi; part, cin- 
to) to gird, enoióse, embrice 
Cinghia, if girth, cinglo fof a horse, etc.) 
Cinghiija, if. (vet.) vein near the girthing 
Cinghiale, am. (aool.) wild bóar (place 
Cinghialino, -a, a. of the wild boar 
Cinghiare va. 4. to gird, enclose ; sm. (ant.) 

V. Cinghiale 
Cinghiiu, sf. stroke with a strap, lash 
Cinghiato, -a, a. girthed, girded 
Cinghiatura, sf. girthing- place 
Cinghio, sm. circle, enclosure, dreni t 
Cingolélto, sm, small girdle, cincture 
Cingolo, tm. girdle, belt; cincture 
Cinguettaménto, sm. prattle, tittle-tattle, 

Cingnettire, va. 4. to stutter, lisp, chirp, 

chatter (as birds do), to chat, prate 
Cinguettato™, -trice, smf. silly priter 
Cinguetterà, «/, prizing, gossip, chit-chat 
Cinico, sm. and a. etnie, ef aleni, satirical 
Cinigia, sf. Ambers, hot cinders 
Ciniglia, sf. silk velvet-twist 
Cinismo, «A ctnicalness, cynicism 
Cinnamo, cinnamòmo, am. {bot.) cinnamon 
Cino, tm. (bot.) dóg-róse 
Cinocèfalo, sm. (nool.) cynocèphalus 
Cinoglòssa, sf. (but.) hound's tongue, dog's 

Cinosnra, sf, (astr.) cynosure, una minor, 

the little bear 
Cinquadèa, sf. (burl, and vulg.) swórd, long 
Cinqointa, a. and am. fifty («word 

Cinquantésinto, -a, a. fiftieth 
Cinquantina, sf. fifty, fifty (things) 
Cinquantino, tm. (agr.) sort of Indian corn 
Cinque, a. and sm. fire 
Cinqueccntesimo, -a, a. five hundredth 

\ N 


— 163 


CraqsaceaUsU, am. writer of the 16th. 
eoo Ivy 
Cininseiolo, a. and tm. five hundred 
Cioqsefòglie, cinquefògiio, a/, {bot.) cin- 
quefai (kind of clover) 
<"m -menila, a. and am. five thousand 
Ciaqsennla, am. space of fire years 
Cinquina, a/, five, five (things); five numbers 
is i line at the fame of Lotto 
Goqifoo, am. two fives, or cinqnes {at diet) 
Cicli, a/, eoelésare, circuit, girdle, belt; 
(sor.) vale; — prima, the main wàle; — 
della monda copèrta, the channel wale 
CJQtiflo, em. under petticoat 

Goto, a*, girdle, cincture, halo, amili close 

-, -a, «. girded, surrounded 
Qatola, a/, girdle, waist, cincture, belt, 
.•lib; starsi còlle mani a —, to stand idle 

Ciatolioo, am. amili band, girdle, girt or; 
iTére il — rosso, to hive the preference 

Cintolo, a», band, girdle, liat (of cloth) 

OntoncMo, am. V. Centónchio 

uatòra, a/, cincture, girdle ; string 

Chiarèlla, tf. gmill girdle 

ùn'arétto, cinturino, am. smill belt, girdle 

Gatoróne, am. wiist-belt, swdrd-belt 

Ciò, pros. m. this, that, whit; con tatto —, 
with ill that, After ill ; — non ostante, 
»4 jet 

Dòmi,!/. bnnch,clùater of flowers, fruirete,. 
a toft or lock of hair; ciòcche di capélli 
d'oro, golden locks ; — a — , one lock 
after another, loek by lock 

Cicche, prom, whit, that which 

C Ghétta, tf. smill tuft, lock (of hair) 
«-co, tm. log, billet (of wood), blòck- 
toa4; reati on — pare nn fiòcco, prov. 
sp. no well-dressed man or woman is 


acoliti, «/, chocolate {drink) 

i>:«ilàte, tm. chocolate (pente) 

: oculate, am. V. Cioccolita 

tiXMlitie, «us, V. Cioccolate 

CicccoUtiira, a/, chocolate* pot 

-> ecolatidre, am. maker, seller of choco- 

Cxcéto, -a, a. full of clatters or flowers 
Uao, -a, eioefno, -a, a. {vulg.) dear, 

bei&fod; — mio, mf lore, my belòrod 
' 'A erf», that ia, that is to siy, namely 
"^•o, am. sloven, mean fellow 
C- lUbite; eiamo al tèmpo di — ; chi ha 

da dare addimiada, that's fine indeed ; 

the debtor dans 
- abolire, vis. 1. to tipple, drink to ex- 

r aperta, e/, mean, bite Action 
'-*po, tm. cArder, méan féllow 
; v -cire, ns. 1. to tipple; mingle, fell 

-rito, -a, a. drank; cat, maimed 
11 ^lore, -trice tmt. toper, drunkard 
•v.ce, .a, a . drank; cot off, mutilated; 
>x.iie — d'un bràccio, be had an Arm 
** off, he came off with the loss of an 

Arm; an coltèllo colla pùnta ciónca, a 

blunted knife 
Cioncolàre, tm. 1. to wàddle, toddle 
Ciondolaménto, am. dangling, hanging 
Ciondolare, va. Ì. to hang dangling, bobbing 


Ciondolino, tm. ear-ring, drop, bob, pendant 
Cióndolo, em a thing that hangs dangling 
Ciondolóne, tm. trifler, lounger, idler 
Ciondolóne, -óni, adv. in a dangling man- 

Cidnno, -a, a. iaiy, simple, low, despicable 
—, tm. a good for nothing-fellow 
Ciónta, «/. (an*, and vulg.) blow with a stick, 

Ciòppa, a/, (ant.) pètlicóat, ttìnic, béd-gówn 
Cioppétta, if. gmill petticoat, bed-gdvn, 
Ciòtola, tf. cap, góblet, bówl (tunic 

Cotolétta, tf. smill cup, góblet, bówl 
Ciotolóne, tm. Urge cup, góblet, bówl 
Ciottire, va. i. {ant.) to flog, whip, lash 
Ciottito, -a, a. {ant.) whipped, lAshed, 

Ciòtto, tm. pebble, stone, flint, cripple 
Ciòtto, -a, a. lime, maimed, imperfect 
Ciottolare, va. I. to throw stones at, pire 
Ciottolila, tf. blow or hit with a stone 
Ciottolito, sm: paved road, highwiy 
—, -a, a. pared, stoned 
Ciottolétto, tm. amili stone, flint 
Ciòttolo, tm. flint, flint stone, pebble; la- 
rare il cipo co' òttoli, to backbite, 

Ciottoline, tm. Urge atone, flint 
Ciovétta, tf. {ant.) scréech-ówl, V. Ciré Ita 
Cipariaso, tm. {bot.) sort of tithymal 
Cipigliare, vn. I. to efe askance, to look 

at with an évil efa 
Cipiglio, am. rancorous look ; guardar con 

—, to frown, to eye askince 
Cipiglióso, -a, a. irascible, passionate 
Cipòlla, tf. {hot.) onion; head ; è più dóppio 

d'una — , he ia a gréat double-déaler; 

mangiir pane e —, to fire very póorly; 

èssere come an rei di —, to be very 

thin; pigliatevi il sacco e le cipóllo. 

tike ill yon can 
Cipoilita, if. ragout of onions and gourds* 

{fig.) silly things 
Cipollétta, tf. léek, scallion, cfves, onion 
Cipollino, -a, ero/, cfves, scallion, shilot 
Cipollòtto, tm hair-bag 
CI pòrro, tm. lobster, V. Grancipòrro - 
Cippo, tm. cippus, hilf column, index 
Cipresséto, am. plantation of cypress-trees 
Cipressino, -a, a. clòre-taited, spfced 
Cipresso, tm. {bot.) express; iftg.) nape of 

the neck 

Cipri, Cipro, tm. Cyprus wine 
Ciprigna, tf. {myth.) Venus (bora in Cy- 

Ciprino, tm. {icht.) chub, millcr-s thumb 
Cirigra, tf. {ant.) gftt in the hinds, chi- 
rigra, V. Chiragra 




— 164 — 





Circa, prep, about, concerning, near 
Circaintellezióne, tf. (jphil.) full compre- 
Circènse, a. of the circuì, of wrestling 
Circo, «m. circus 

Circolante, a. circulating, that circulates 
Circolare, tm. 1. to circulate, roll, go round 
—, va. i. lo dispute, oppóse, discuss 
—, a. circular, round, circulatory 
Cicolarmònte, adv. circnlarly, rÀLnd 
Circolato (circulate, ant.)tm. circle, crówn, 

Circolato, -a, a. rtfund, circular, rotatory 
Circolatolo, tm. circolatory, circular vessel 
Circolatòrio, -a, a. circolatory, circular 
Circuizióne, a/, circulation, rotation 
Circolétto, tm. small circle 
Circollocuiione, tf. circumlocution 
Circolo, tm. circle, revolution, circuit; club; 

il — Filològico, the Philològic Club 
Circoncidere, va. 9. tir. (post, circoncisi; 

part circonciso) to circumcise 
Circoncidiménto, tm. circumcision 
Circoncignere, va. 1. irr. (posi, circoncin- 
si; part, circoncinto) to enclose, gird 
Circoncinto, va. a. surrounded, enclosed 
Circoncisióne, tf. circumcising, circumcision 
Circonciso, -a. a. circumcised 
CircondamenJto, sm. encompassing, circuit 
Circondante, a. surrounding, round 
Circondare, va. 1. to enclose, surround, 

environ, gird, border 
Circondàrio, tm. circuit, district 
Circondato, -a, a. surrounded, environed 
Circondatòre,-trice, ttnf. one who surrounds, 

Circondatone, a/, surrounding 
Circondótto, -a, a. (pott.) drawn ardund 
Circondurre, va. 3. irr. (pott, circondussi; 

part, circondotto), to lead ardund 
Circonferénsa, tf. circumference, circle 
Circonferenziale, a. circumferential 
Circonflessióne, «/. clrcumfiexion, taming 
Circonflèsso, -a, a. bent, circumflex 
Circonflèttere, va. 2. irr. (past, circonflèssi; 

part, circonflèsso)! to bend, bów 
Cireomfluèoia, tf. circù influence 
Circoofóndere, va. 2. to diffuse around 
Circonfulgere, va. 2. irr. (pott, circonfulsi; 

part, circonfulso), to shine round 
Circonfuso, -a, a, spread around, ambient 
Circonlocuzióne, tf. circumlocution 
Circonscritto, -a, a. circumscribed 
Circonscrivere, va. 2. irr. (past, circon- 
scrissi; part, circonscritto) tò circum- 
Circonseriaióue, tf. circumscription, limit 
Circospètto, circospètto, -a, a. circum- 
spect; uomo — , considerate man; andar 
—, to proceed, deal, or act with caution 
Grconspeiióne, tf. circumspection 
Circostante , tm. by-stander, V. Circo- 
—, a. surrounding 

Circonstania , tf. circumstance, vicinity 

neighbourhood, V. Circostanza 
Circonstaoziàre, vn. i. to circumstantiate 
Circonvallare, va. i. (to cireumvàllàle) to 

surround with a rampart 
Circonvallazióne, tf. circumvallation 
Circonvenire, va. 3. irr. (pott, circonvenni), 

to circumvent, deceive 
Circonvenuto, -a, a. circumvented 
Circonvenzióne, tf. circumvention, fraud 
Circonvicino, -a, a. circumjacent 
Circonvòlgere, va. 2. irr. (patt, circon- 
vòlsi; part, circonvòlto) to circumvdlve, 
to roll round 
Circonvoluzióne, tf. circumvolution 
Circoscritto, -a, a. circumscribed, limited 
Circoscrivere, t»a. 2. irr. V. Circonscrivere 
Circospètto, -a, a. cautious, wary 
Ci cospezióne, tf. wariness, caution 
Circostante, a. surrounding, present 
Circostante, tm. bf-stinder, spectator 
Circostanza, tf. circumstance, particularity; 
- aggravante, aggravation; — attenuante', 
extenuating circumstance; con — anse ag- 
gravanti, (lato) compound; in tali —anse, 
under snch circumstances 
Circostanziare, va. I. to circumstantiate 
Circuimènto, tm. circuition, going round 
Circuita; (ant) —ite, —ade, tf. circuit, 

Circuire, van. 3. to enclose, go round 
Circùito, tm. circuit, compass, turn; — dì 
paròle, circumlocution; questa città ha 
10 miglia di —, this city is ten miles in 
Circuito, -a, a. surrounded, encompassed 
Circuizióne, s/.cirenilion, compass, preamble 
Circumambient*, a. (phys.) circumambient 
Clrcumcignere, va. 2. irr. (pott, circum- 
anal; part, circumcinto) to sorroUnd, 
Ciregèto, tm. (agr.) plantation of cherry- 
Ciridònio, am. V. Cirindóne 
Ciriègia, tf. (hot.) chèrry; ciriège néra, 
black cherries; ciriège duràcine, hard- 
flèshed cherries; nocciuóla, òsso di — , 
chèrry-stóne; le paròle son cóme le ci- 
riège, che i'una tira l'altra, prov. eccp m 
words are like cherries, that one draws 
Ciliègio, tm. (hot.) cherry-tree 
Ciliegiuòlo, -a, a. of cherry-color or taste 
Cirimònia, tf. V. Cerimònia 
Cirindóne, tm. new-year's gift, handsel 
Ciruòla, tf. grig, small èel 
Ciromanzfa, tf. chiromancy, palmistry, V. 

Cirro, tm. light cloud; curl, V. Riccio 
Cirurgia, tf. (ant.) V. Chirurgia 
Cisàle, tm. land-mlrk, boundary, ridge 
Cisalpino, -a, a. (gtogr.) Cisalpine, oa the 

south of the Alps 
Ciscranns, tf. folding-chair, worn out things 



— 165 — 


Ciserinoo, tin. {ant.) book shelf, V. Scisma 
Carni tf. {ani.) schism, disunion, discord» 
Cispa, tf. bléarednoss, viscous matter 
Cnpadàno, -a, a. {geogt.) Cispadane, on 

this si • of the Po (with regard to Rome) 
Cispàrdo, elspic6so, -a, a. blear-eyed 
Cisposità, t/. bléaredness 
Cisiòule, tf. (gtom.) cissoU (nedictine 

Cistercense, tm. Cistercian, reformed Be- 
Culérna, tf. cistern, tank 
Ciuernétta, tf. smill cistern, reservoir 
Cisti, ciitide, tf. (turg.) cyst, cystis 
Calico, », a. biliary, cystic 
dsiio, sui. (bot.) rock-rose, hip, hàw 
Gsli'ile, f/. {mid) cystitis, inflammation 

of the bladder 
Ciuoeéle, cistocélia, «/. {turg.) ertocele 
ùsioionia, tf. {mrg.) cystotomy, I he lrt 

or practice of opening cysts 
Citar», i/. {poet.) lute, guitar, harp, V. 

Ci uri, va. i. to cite, summon, allege, 

Citareggiare, vn. I. to play on the harp, etc. 
Citarèdo, —fata, am. player on the harp, 

Citaristica, t/. (flint.) Art of playing on the 

Ciurmare, vis. i. to play on the harp, etc. 
Citato, -a, a. cited, summoned, quoted 
Citatore, mi. qaóter, clter, I enumerator 
Citatòria, «/. summons, writ 
Citartene, t/. citation, summons, quotation 
Cu»ra, t/. (ant.) lot*, hlrp, F. Cetra 
Citeriore, a. near, hither, hithermóst 
Cituo, m. (bei.) cttiim. heath, broom, 

ftrie, farn 
Ci'ràcea, tf. {hot) milt-wort 
Curatine, tf. {bot.) bairn, mint 
Citrico, -a, a. citric; ieido —, citric acid 
ùtrioézza, eitrinita; {ant.) —ite, -ide, tf. 

Citrino, -a, a. lémon-tasted, eftlored 
Curinolo, citriòlo, tm. eùcamber 
Gironiéra, tf. orangery 
Citralio, tm. dolt, blockhead, dance 
utu, tf. girl, liss, miid, V. Zitèlla 
Otta; (poet.) —ade, «/. city, town; la 
citta dolènte {pott.) hell; in — e in 
oitc, in pèa o and in wir ; — affamata 
tosto espago ita, prov. exp. a starred 
F \\j n sóoo reduced 
altaléna, »f. small tdwn, borough, citadel 

'itatfoa, a/, citizen* • wife; cóach for 


1 'iHnaménto, odo. politely, citizen -like 
r --UadiBioia,*y. freedom (guild), denizition, 
otizeos, «Ttlity, politeness, abode; am- 
atttere alla —, to déntxen, to grant the 
freedom of the city; èssere ammésso alla 
-, to be denizened, to reeéire the freedom 
«f the city 

**diaare, pa. i. to people a town, city 
Gnatico, tm. the right of a burgess 

Ciltadindllo, em. little burgess, cilixen 
Ciltaiiiocscaménto, adv. like a citizen, 

Cittadinésco, -a, a. of a citizen, ciril 
Cittadino, -a, tmf. citizen, burgess, pitriot 
—, -a, a. of a citizen, civil, polite 
Ctltadinozzo, tm. low mean citizen, burgess 
Ciltadóne, tm. very Urge city, town 
Citto, tm. (vulg.) boy, lid, young man 
Cittola, a/, little girl, liss 
Cfttolo, tm. little boy, lad 
Gioca, t/. (tool.) she ass 
Ciuco, tm. (xool.) ass 
Giù (Tigno, -a, a. griping, ready to seize 
Cinffire, va. i. to catch, gripe, snitch 
Cinffétto, tm. smill tuft, lock of hair; tener 
la fortuna pel —, to be fortunate, to fix 
the wheel of fortune; pigliar il tempo 
pel —, to tike time by the forelock 
Ciuffo, tm. tuft, lock of hiir, toupet 
Ciuffolo, tfp. trifles, nonsense 
Ciurlo, tm. pirouette, whirling or turning 

abfòt on the tòes 
Ciurma, a/, ill the slaves of a galley, crew, 

ship's crew, mob, rtfut 
Cinrmabórse, tm. cut- purse, pick-pocket 
Ciurmadóre, tm. enehinter, impostor, cheat, 

•windier, quack 
Ciurmàglia, «/. mob, rabble, blackguards 
Ciurmiate, tm. a. impostor, cheating 
Ciurmare, va. 1. to chirm, enchint, conjure, 
cheat as mountebanks do ; — irsi, vrf. 
to get drunk 
Ciurmato, -a, a. chirmed, invulnerable; 
sono - a tutti i vostri inganni, I am 
proof agiinst ill your deceit 
Ciurmatóre, -trice, timf. wizard, witch, clféat 
Ciurmerla, «/. chirm, quack, tricks 
Cioschero, -a, a. tipsy, half seat over 
Civada, tf. (mar.) sprit-siil 
Civija, tf. all kinds of pulse; Tote, suf- 
Civinza, a/, bè ìefit, profit, gain 
Civanzire, va. i. to provide, procure 
Civanzirsi, vrf» to supply one's self with 
CivinsO, tm. advantage, profit, gain 
Cive, tm. (ant.) citizen, polite person 
Clvéa, a/, civéo, tm. {ant.) slèdge (rustic 

Civétta, a/, (oris.) screech owl; coquette; 
schiacciare il capo alla —, impaniir la 
—, to catch one in bis ówn snire ; fare 
—, to bfw one's head to shun a blów, 
or simply to bdw, to make bóws ; toccare 
a —, to give a drubbing; òcchi di — , 
(injett) gold pieces (of coin); far come 
la —, to éat without drinking; far la —, 
to coquet, flirt 
Civettare, van. 1. to coquet, deceive, flirt, 
dingle After, be a coquette, play the 
win ton 
Civetteria, «/. coquetry, flirtition 
Civettina, tf. smill owl, little coquette 
Civettino, tm. fop, gallant, dindy 


— 166 — 



Girellismo, im. coquòuish arts 
Civettóne, tm. Urge owl, swell, exquisite 
Civettatila, civettnzza, if. little coquette 
Civico, -a, a. civic, uf tbe town, city; la 
guàrdia civica, the national guard, the 
Civile, tm. register, control (book) 
— a. civil, polite, decent, long 
Civilista, ini. civilian, jurisconsult 
Ci vi l ita; (ant.) -àie, —ade, if. civilitj, 

Civilizzare, va. I. to civilize 
Civilmente, adv. civilly, politely, affably 
Civiltà; (ant.) —ile, —ade, tf. civility, 

Civire, va. 3. to provMe, V. Acci vi re 
Civòrio, em. pix, V. Cibòrio 
Cina, if. (ant.) V. Póppa, mammèlla 
Ciacche, tfp. clogs, galóches 
CLàde, if. (poet.) slaughter, carnage 
Clamare, va. i. (poet.) lo cry aloud 
Clamaxióne, if. clamor, crj, invocation 
Clàmide, tf. Roman soldier's clóak 
Clamóre, tm. clamor, dtitcry 
Clamoróso, -a, a. clamorous, noisy, turbu- 
lent, boisterous 
Clandestinamente, adv. clandestinely, by 

Clandestino, -a, a. clandestine, secret 
Clangóre, tm. clangor, flourish (of trumpets) 
Clarétto, im. claret (light French wine) 
Clarifieàre, va. i. to clarify, V. Chiarifi- 
Clarinétto, clarino, <m. clarion (trumpet) 
Classe, tf. class, order; (poet.) fleet ; bric- 
cóne di pfima —, àrch-rógue 
Classicismo, tm. classicàlity, ciàssicalnéss 
Clàssico, -a, a, classic, classical 
Classificare, va. i. to diss, classify 
Classificazióne, if. classification 
Claudia, a; sasina — . green gàge 
Claudicante, a. (Latin) halting, limping 
Claudicare, vn. i. (Latin.) to hilt or limp 
Clàusola, clausula, tf. clause, stipulation 
Claustrale, a. ci austral, monàstical 
Clàuttro, am (poet.) cloister, monastery 
Clausura, tf. enclosure, monastery {of nuns) 

Clava, if, (pott.) club, bludgeon 
Clavicembalo, tm. hftrpsicord, pianoforte 
Clavicola, $f. (anat.) clavicle, clavlcola, 

Clavifórme, a. (boi.) davate, clàvaled, club- 

Clavigero, -a, a. keeping the keys (little 

Clivo, tm. (poet) rudder, nail, knob 
Clemàtide, a/, (bot.) periwinkle, cotto o- 

Clemènte, a. clement, humane 
Clementemente, adv. mérdfally, humanely 
Clementine, if p. Pòpe Clement's constitu- 
Clemènza; (ant.) -énzia, if. clemency 

Clericalismo, im. the principles of the cler- 
ical party; high ehbrchiim 
Clericale, a. V. Chericàle 
Clerìcàto, Mm. Chericàto 
Clèro, am. clergy 
Clessidra clépsidra, if. clepsydra, hydraulic 

Cliènte, tm. client, dependent 
Clientèla, tf. patronage, clients, partisans 
Cliéntolo, ciiéntulo, $m. client, dependant 
Clima, tm. climate, clime, region 
Climate, clfmato, climo, tm. (ant.) climate 
Climatèrico, -a, a. climacteric, climactérical 
Clinica, if. clinical medicine, clinical sur- 
gery ; lesióni di —, clinical lectures 
Clinico, -a, a. clinical, clinic 
Clipeato, -a, a. (poet.) armed wilh a shield 
Clipeo, sm. (pott.) shield, buckler, target 
Clistere, clistòro, tm. clyster, injection 
Clistorizzàre, va. to clysterixe, to appfy a 

Clivo, tm. (poet.) hill, declivity; slope 
—, -a, a. declivioos, sloping 
Clizia, if. (bot.) sun-flower, heliotrope. 

Cloaca, if. sewer, drain, sink 
Clorato, tm. (ehem.) chloral 
Clèrico, -a, a. (ehem.) chloric 
Cloro, tm. (ehem.) chlorine, chiaria 
Cloròsi, if. (med.) chlorosis, green sickness 
Cloruro, sm. (ehem.) chlórid 
Clóne, if. (LaU poet.) V. Nàtica 
Co* (for eoi, con i, con li), prep, and dtf. 

art. with the 
Coabitare, vv. I. to live together, cohabit 
Coabitato™, -trice, tmf. cohabitant 
Coabitazióne, if. cohabitation 
Coaccadémico, tm. fellow-academician 
Coaccusato, tm, (law) person accused of 
the same offense; fellow-prisoner (for 
the tame offence) 
Coacervare, va. I. to heap up, pile 
Coacervasene, if. heaping up, pile 
Coadiuméato, tm. joint aid, mutual assist- 
Coadiutóre, -trice, tmf. coadjutor, helper 
Coadjutoria, sf, coadjùtorship, mainai help 

coadjutor's office 
Coad jut rice, */. helper, aider, assistant 
Coadjuvàre, va. i. to help, assist, succor 
Coadiuvato, -a, a. assisted, helped 
Coadunàre, va. i. to collect, hoard up 
Coadunasióne, if. collecting into one miss 
Coagulàbile, a. coàgulablo, con'géalable 
Coagulaménto, tm. coagulation, curdling 
Coagulare, van. i. to coagulate, curdle 
Coagulativo, -a, a. coagulative 
Coagulato, coagolàto, -a, a. coagulated 
Coagulazióne, a/, coagulation, congelation, 

Coàgulo, fm. rennet, runnel, coàgulàtor 
Coalescènza, */. coalescence, union, con- 
Coalizióne, tf. coalition, league, conspiracy 




— 167 — 


Coartare, van. i. to restrict, limit, contract 
Coartatfvo, -a, a. astringent, restrictive 
Coartazióne, af. contraction, straitening 
Coattivo, -a, a. coèrcire, compulsory 
Coatto, -a, a. forced, compelled 
Coazióne, e/, eoàction, force, compulsion 
Cobalto, am. {min.) cobalt 
Gòbio, am. (icht.) gudgeon, V. Ghiduo 
Còbola, a old Provéncfal ballad 
Còcca, a/, notch of an arrow; arrow, shaft; 
cock- boat; tip of a spindle; ecco fatta 
la — al fuso, the task is aecòmpnished ; 
in — in —, néar the end 
Coccarda, a/, cockade 
Coccàre, va. 1. to- notch the bow-string, put 

the arrow on the bów-string 
— on. i. to make faces, play a trick 
Coccbétta, am. little notch 
Cocchiata, a/, serenade (in a coach), coach- 

Cocchière, am. coachman 
Cocchina, a/, country dance 
Cocchio, am. coach, carriage, chariot, car 
Coechióne, am. large coach, carriage 
Cocchiumare, •». 1. to mock, trick 
Cocchiume, $m. bang, bung-hole 
Còccia, af. pimple, hilt (of sword), noddle; 

— d'uòvo, shell of an egg 
Cocciniglia, af. cochineal (red color) 
Coccio, am. pot sherd, fragment 
Coceiuola, af. small pimple, burn, scald 
Cocciàio -a, «. headstrong, obstinate, stub- 
born (bot.) cocoa 
Coco, am. cochineal, scarlet, egg, dlrling; 
Coccodrillo, em. (tool.) crocodile, alligator; 

làgrima di — , treacherous tears 
Còccola, af. {bot.) berry ; pate, noddle 
Coccolila, af. small berry, hooping-cough 
Coccolóne, -i, adv. squit ; éssore, star —, 

to lie or sit sqnit 
Coccovéggia, tff. {orn.) screech-owl; co- 
Coceoreggiire, va. t. to lie In wait, coquet 
Cocènte, a. burning, lrdent, smarting, 

Còeere, va. I. to cook, burn, V. Cuòcere 
Cocblglia, eochflla, tf. {ant.) V. Con- 
Cocimenlo, am. beat, digestion, smlrt 
Cocióre, am. burning, smarting 
Coeitójo, -a, a. easily cooked 
Codiare, a/, decoction, eAoking, burning 
Còclea, af. screw-nut; female, hollow screw; 

ian+t.) còclea of the ear, helix 
Cocleària , a/, (bot) spoon-wot t, scarry- 

Cocolla, af. cowl, hood, frock (af a monk) 
Cocotlato, am. friar wearing a hòod, etc. 
CoeoUo, anu kind of cowl 
Còcema, af. kettle, boiler 
Cocomeràio, sm. (ogr.) witer-mélon bed; 

water-melon seller 
Coeomorello, am. witer-mèlon, wild cu- 

Cocómcro, sm. wiler-mèlon; non tenére Un 

— all'èrta, to keep nothing secret 
Cocuzza, if. V. Zucca 

Coco zzo | am. crown of the head, top of a 
Cocuzzolo Ì spire, of a mountain, etc. 
Còda, af. tail, the end, train, series, stalk; 

— intera (of horstt) , switch tail; — 
mózza, bobtàil; — di róndine, (carpentry) 
dóTe-tail; — cavallina, (bot.) hòrse-tail; 

— dì vólpe (bot.), tailed amarànthos, fox- 
tail-grass, fòx-tail; - di lióne (bot.), 
motherwort; — di tòpo (bot.), mouse-tàil; 
(mar. of cables) point; dalla— lunga, 
long-tàiled; dalla — mózza, bob -tail ed; 
far — romàna, to follow one laughing 
at him; méttere la — dove non va il 
capo, to in tród e one's self every where, 
to try to get by hook or by cròok ; guar- 
dare colla — dell'occhio, to ógle (one), 
to glance silly, to cist a sty glance at a 
person; guastar la — al fagiài.o, to forget 
the cream of a story ; lisciare la —, to 
flatter, cajole; far —, to attend, to follow; 
nella — sta il veléno, prov. exp ; the 
vénom lies in the tail (the difficulty often 
lies at the end); chi ha — di pàglia ha 
sempre paura che il foco non l'arda, 
prov. exp. a guilty conscience is in 
constant drèad (of punishment) 

Codardamente, adv. in a cowardly manner 
Codardia, af. cowardice, pusillanimity 
Codardfgia, tf. V. Codardia 
Codardo, -a, a. cowardly, pusillanimous 
Godalo, -a, a. having a tail, tailed 
Codàna, tf. tail end, extremity (train) 
Codazzo, am. retinue, train, attendants; far 

—, to follow in tho train 
Codcrino, -i, a. of the tail, having a tail 
Codesto, -a, pron. this, that, V. Cotesto 
Codétta, $f. little tail 
Codiare, va. i. t> dodge, spj, witch, prf 
Codiato™, -trice, amf. dodger, spf , informer 
Codicàlca, *f. (burl.) sweeping train of a 

lady's dress 
Còdice, sm. code, manuscript; (pharm.) dis- 
Codicillàre, a. or the còdici! (pènsatory 
Codicillo, am. codicil, appendage to a will 
Còdico, am. (ant.) V. Còdice 
Codiglio, sm. codille (a term at ombre when 

the game is won) 
Codilungo, am. (om.) long-tàiled tomtit 
Codimózzo, -a a. docked, without a tail 
Codino, -a, amf. little tail (of a periwig); 

adherent to the party of reaction 
Codióne, am. rump 

Codirósso, am. (om.) kind of flg-péekor 
Coditrèmola, af. (orn.) wàte -wàg-tàil 
Codognàta, tf. quince marmalade 
Codóne, am. crupper-strap; (orn.) long-tailed 
Codnto. -a, a. tailed, hiving a tail (dock 
Coefficiente, am. (alg.) coefficient 
Coeguale, a. coequal, alike 
Coepiscopo, am. assistant bishop 
Coequal e, a. (ant.) V. Coeguale 


— 168 — 


Coércere, va. 2. [Latin) to coèrce, repress, 

compel, constrain 
Coercibile, a. coercible, thai may be re- 
strained or compelled 
Coercitivo, -a, a. coercive, restràinable 
Coercizióne, tf. coercion, restraint, check, 

com pulsion 
Coerède, «m. coheir, joint heir 
Coerente, a. coherent, consistent, united 
Coerènza, tf. coherence, consistency 
Coesióne, tf. cohesion, connexion, adhesion 
Coesistènte, a. coexistent, coexisting 
Coesistènza, t/. coexistence 
Coesistere, vis. 2. irr. {part coesistito) to 

Coetàneo, a. eoetineons, contemporary, of 

the same age or century, equal in age 
Coetèrno, -a, a. co-eternal 
Coóto, -a, a. coeval, contemporary 
Cofaccia, i/. (ant.) ( V. Focàccia) ban, cake 
Cofaccina, cof accètta, tf. (ant.) small ban, 

Cofanàjo, am. basket-maker, trunk-maker 
Cofanétto, em. amali basket or trunk 
Còfano, sm. basket, chest, trunk, eòQor 
Còffa, t/. (mar.) the roaud top, basket 
Cogitabondo, -a, a. musing, thoughtful 
Cogitare, vis. 1. (poet.) to think, muse 
Cogitativo, -a, a. cogitative, pensive 
Cogitazióne, e/, thought, meditation 
Cóglia, if. (anat.) scrotum, the bag which 
contains the testicles; fop, dandy; fare 
la —, to dices foppishly 
Cogliarélla, a/, contemptible fop 
Cogliàta, tf. fòppish thing, deed 
Cògliere, va. 2. irr. (pre*, còlgo, có'gono; 
past, còlsi ; part còllo) to gather, take, 
catch, hit; — il tèmpo, to choose the 
proper time; — in fscàmbio, to mistake; 
— sol fatto, to catch in the deed; — ca- 
gióne, to find a pretence, an excuse; — 
il fratto delle sue fatiche, to reap the 
fruit of one's labour; te mi avesse a — 
qualche disgràzia, should any misfortune 
befall me; la nòtte ci còlse a méssa 
strada, ve were overtaken by the night 
at half- way ; per la ròsa spésso la spina 
si còglie, prov. exp. the thorn is often 
plucked for the rose 
Còglio, sm. (of a serpent), slough (pro- 
nounce slò0) V. Scòglio 
Cogliòla, «/. sort of plnm 
Coglióne, sm. (vulg.) V. Testicolo 
Coglionare, va. (vulg.) V. Beffare, deri- 
Coglitóre -trice, amf. gatherer, reaper (dere 
Cognata, a/, sister-in-law 
Cognatizio, -a, a. (late) cognate, proceeding 

from the same stock 
Cognato, em. bròlher-in-làw 
— , -a, a. allied, akin, related, kindred 
Cognazióne, tf. kindred, relation, affinity 
Cògnito, -a, a, — known 
Cognitòre -trice, amf. he who knows; (late) 

Cognizioncélla, if. slight knowledge 
Cognizióne, if. knowledge, science 
Cògno, am. (ant.) wine measure of the 

Cognóme, ini. surname, family name (nate 
Cognominare, va. i. to surname, denòmi- 
Cognominarsi vrf. to take the surname 
Cognominato, -a, a, snrnàmed, called 
Cognominatone, if. surname, family name 
Cognóscere, va. 2. irr. (ant.) to know, V. 

Cogoliria, «/. swéep-net, wide-méuthed net 
Cògoma, tf. kettle, bòiler 
Coj àccio, am. bad leather 
Cojàjo, sm. -tanner, leather cutter 
Cojàme, em. quantity of leather, hides 
Cojétto, sm. leather jèrkin 
Coincidente, a. coincident, concurrent 
Coincidènza, tf. coincidence, concurrence 
Coincidere, vn. 2. sir. (pott, coincidétti, 

coincisi; part, coinciso) to coincide, 

Còito, em. coition, copulation 
Coitóso, -a, a. (ant.) V. Pensieróso 
Cól (for con il), prep, and art. with the 
Colà, adv. there, in that place, yonder; 

ciò succèsse — per Pasqua, it happened 

towards Easter; cosi —, adv. exp. so so 
Cóla, tf. strainer, colander, filter 
Colabròdo, sm. bròlh-stràiner 
Colafizzàre, va. 1. (Lai.) to cuff, slap, box 
Colaggio, colaggiuso, adv. down there, 

Colaménto, sm. the straining through, run- 
ning, draining, flux, flow, leakage 
Colanti, $mpl. (mar.) running knots 
Colare, van. 4. to strain through, filter, 

drain, drop ; — a fóndo una nave, to 

skuttle a ship 
Colascióne, am. (mua.) Italian lute 
Colassa, colassòso, adv. there above 
Colata, tf. (mar.) fair curve, hollow floor 
Colaticcio, am. strainings, percolation 
Colatio, colalfvo, -a, a. liquable, dissoluble 
Colato, sm. percolation, straining, filtration 
— , -a, a. strained, Altered; ària colata, a 

wind that comes through cracks; draught 

oi air; vino —, smooth wine 
Colatójo, $m. strainer, colander 
Colatóre, tf. filtration, colature 
Colazioncfna, tf. little breakfast 
Colazióne, tf. breakfast, V. Colazióne 
Colcàre, va. i. to lay down, stretch 
Colcàrsi, vrf. to He down, go to bed 
Colcàto, -a, a. reclined, V. Coricato 
Colèi, pran. f. she, that woman, that 

woman there; io son — che, I am she 

Colendissimo, -a, a. most worshipful 
Colente, a. respectful, reverent, honoring; 

(poét.) inhabitant 
Coleòptero, coleottero, em. coleòpteran (pL 

coleo ptera, insects having wings covered 

with a case or shéath) 





/ COL 

\ s 


— 169 — 


Còlerà,! /. inger, V. Còllera; (med.) chol- 
era; — morbus, cholera mórons; accèsso 
di — , attack of cholera 
Colera, va. 3. {poet.) to worship, revere 
Colericamente, adv. V. Collericamente 
Colèrico, -a, a. 7, Collèrico; (med.) chol- 
eric, of cholera 
Coleroso, -a, tmf. {med.) person affected 
with cholera, ehòlera-morbus; a. choleric 
(of cholera), affected with cholera, chòler- 
a-mdrbus, V. Colleróso 
Colazióne, s/. breakfast, luncheon, cold 

collation ; far —, to breakfast 
Colibèto, am. little story, tale 
Colibrì, «as. (am.) hfcmming-bird 
Còlica, a/, (mtd.) colic, bowel eompliint 
Colico, -a, a. affecting the bowels, griping 
Colimbo, am. (orn.) plung eon, direr, (sea- 
Colino, tin. cullender (tfwl 

Colio, am, continued straining (as in miking 
Colìséo, Culiaéo, am. V. Colossèo (lfe) 
Colla, am. glue; cord, scourging; — di pésce, 

— » «rep. and art. f. ting, with the 
Collaborare, va. I. to associate in libour 

(particularly literary or scientific) 
Collaboratóre, -trice, am/, collaborator, as- 
sociato in literary or scientific labor 
Collacrimare, tm. I. to mourn or weep with 
Collana, tf. necklace, string of pearls, etc. 
CoUamuecia, eollanuzza, tf. small necklace 
Collariccio, am. Urge neckband 
Collar», ««. 1. to rack, tórtore, to gire the 

strappado, scourge 
—, *a. to lower or heist with a rope, to 
upraise; to glue, piste together, join, stick 
— , ana. collar, neck-band, ruff; prènder uno 
poi —, to collar one, to take, seise one 
by the collar ; méttersi fi —, to put on 
the habit of a priest, to enter holy orders; 
buttare il — sur un fico, buttire il — 
siilo ortiche, to doff the hibit of a priest, 
to roaéunee hóly orders 
Collarétto, am. cape, collar, shirt-collar 
Collarino, am. small collar, neck-band, ruff 
Collata, a/, blow or cuff on the neck; acco- 
lade, embrace; dire la —, to dub a knight, 
to confer an order of knighthood 
Collaterale, am. pay-master general; am/, rél- 
—, a. collateral, indirect, near (atire 

Collator», -trice, $mf. (law) adrewée, col- 
lator, patron, patroness 
Collattaneo, tm. foster-brother 
Collatori» Ms. pi. (mar.) linyards 
Collaudare, va. 1. to land, praise together, 

Collasjdaaiòne, tf. praise, approval, appro- 
CoUaxioDire, va. I. to collite, compare 
Collazioacfna, a/. V. Colaiioncina 
CoUaziofke, a/, conference, parley; (Iato) 

conation, confronting, collation or bestów- 
tmj of » benefice 

Una, ama. hill 

Collega, $m. colleague, associate, adjator 
Colléga, (one.); Colleganza, a/, league. 

Collegaménto, am. bfndiog, anion 
Collegare, va. i. to bind, connect, unite 
Collegirsl, vrf. to confederate, league 
Collegatàrio, tm. (lato) col legatary 
Collegato, tm. confederate, ally 
— , -a, a. allied, confederate, united 
Collegatóre, -trice, tmf. leaguer, binder 
Collegacióne, a/, onion, connexion, junction 
Collegiale, tmf. collegian; a. collegiate. 

collegia! * 

Collegialmente, a. in common, unanimously, 

with the consent of the whole college 
Collegiare, tm. 1. to consult, decide together; 
hold a consultition (as physicians, etc.) 
Collegiata, a/, collégiate-chùrch 
Colleglito, -a, a. collegiate, of a college 
Collègio, tm. college, community, assembly; 
— convitto, college of boarders; — per gli 
estèrni, college of day scholars; il Siero 
—, the Cirdinals ; entrare in —, to enter 
college; scacciare, espèllere dal —, to 
expel college, to expel the college; uscire 
di —, to leave college; caricare a —, (mar.) 
to take in, to load a mixed cirgo 
Colleppolare, van. —irsi, 1. vrf. to leap for 

joy; to join; to steal 
Còllera, a/, bile, ingrr, wrath, passion; ac- 
cesso di —, fit of inger; èssere in —, to be 
angry; an dire in -, to get ingry, to pnt 
one's self into a passion, to fill, fly into a 
passion; far saltare in —, to make angry v 
to put in a passion, to incense, to provoke 
(one) to inger 
Collericamente, adv. angrily, in a passion 
Collèrico, -a, a. choleric, histy, irascible 
Colleróso, -a, a. bilious, good for the bile 
Collètta, a/, collection; b ir vest; collect 
Collettijo, am. collar-maker or seller 
Collettire, va. 1. to collect, obtiin by 

Collettivamente, adv. collectively 
Collettivo, -a, a. collective, apt to gither 
Collettizio, -a, a. collected here and there 
Collétto, tm. collar; tippet; little hill 
Collettóre, -trice, tmf. collector, githerer, 

Collettoria, tf. collectorship, tax, the lèr- 

ylng a tax 
Collezióne, tf. collection 
CoUtcéllo, am. little bill, hillock 
Collidere, va. S. irr. (pott, collisi ; part 

colliso) to elfish (against each other) 
Colligiano, tm. mountaineer, highland» 
Colligine, tm. (icht.) cuttle-fish 
Collilongo, -a, a. long-nècked 
Collimare, vn. 1. to aim at, point, strive 
Collimazióne, tf. eollimition; linea di — , 

(optict) line of eollimition 
Collina, tf. hill, little hill 
CoUIne, tfp. row of small hills 
Collinette, -a, tmf. little bill 




— 170 — 



Collfno, am. lillle collar (fire 

Colliquare, va, i. to liquefy, melt, V. Lique- 
Colliquativo, -a, a. (med). colliquative 
Colliquazióne, if. melting, V. Liquefazióne 
Collirio, am. (pharm.) colljrium, eye-witer 
Collisióne, a/, colliiion, clash 
Còllo, prep, and art. (for con lo) with the 
Còllo, am. neck; bale; — del piede, instep; 

— di monte, top of a mountain; rom- 
persi il — , to break one's neck, decay, 
Till of; portare in —, to carry on one's 
shoulders or back; avere il bràccio al —, 
to have one's àrm in a sling; allungare o 
del on gare il — ad uno, lo keep a person 
rèry long wailing for dinner or for any 
thing, to give him to know how bitter is 
hope deferred ; gettar le braccia al — ad 
uno, to clasp one about the neck (to em- 
brace him); cader di — , to be put At of 
favour; tirare il — ad una gallina, to wring 
the neck of a hen ; fare il — tòrto, to as- 
sùme devotion, devdùledness, godliness, to 
be a bigot; a fiacca —, a rompi —, a 
scavézza —, adv. txp. headlong, rashly, 

Collocàbile, a, that may he placed, situated, 

Collocaménto, am* the placing, disposition, 

Collocare, va. 1. to place, arrange, settle, 

— una figlia, to marry or settle a daugh- 

Collocato, -a, a. placed, situated, settled 
Collocat6re,-trice y e/m. one who places, set- 
tles; arranger 
Collocazióne, collocatóri, a/, the placing 
Collocutóre, -trice, smj. collocutor, one of 

the speakers in a dialogue 
Collocutòrlo, %m. parlour of a convent 
Collocuzióne, a/, conference, interview 
Cotloqufnlida , a/, {pharm.) bittler apple 

Collòquio, am. interview, conversation, talk 
Còllora, a/, {ant) anger, F. Còllera 
Collóso, -a, a. glutinous, sticky 
Col lor torto, am. hypocrite, bigot 
Collòttola, a/, (anal.) nape of the neck 
Collidere, on. J. irr. (pott, collósi, part. 
colluso) to collùde, impóse upon; {lato) 
to prevaricate 
Collusióne, %f. {law) prevarication, collusion 
Collusivamente, adv. eollusively 
Collusivo, -a, a. collusive; fraudulent 
Collùvie, a/, {lat.) crowd, mob, multitude 
C limare, va. 1. to fill to overflowing, pile 
up; — alcuno di favóri, di benedizióni, 
to load a person with favors, with bless- 
ings; — di giòia, di dolóre, to overwhelm, 
overflow with joy, grief 
Colmata, a/, the act of filling up or heaping; 

mound, embankment, bank 
Colmato, -a, a, filled up, loaded with 
Colmatóre, -trice, em/, that fills to overflow* 

Colmatura, a/, óverlùlness; over-measure 
Colmétto, -a, a. little raised, embossed 
Colmigno, ant. ridge (of a roof), top, summit 
Cólmo, 9m. height, summit, roof, top; nel 
— della còllera, in the height of anger 
— , -a, a. overfull convex, loaded with 
Cólo, am. sieve, bóulter, sèarce, strainer; fan 
Colocasia, a/, {bot.) colocàfia, Egyptian 
Colofònia, $f. colophony (resin) (beau 

Colómba, a/, (or*.) (female) dóve, pigeon; 

{mar.) keel 
Colombàccio, am. wood-pigeon, ring-dove 
Colombàjo, -a, em/, pigeon-house, eòlum- 
bary; sviare la —, tirare 1 sassi in —, to 
disoblige or turn away customers 
Colombina, a/, {agr.) sweet white grape 

Colombàra, a/, dove-cote, plgeon-hAee 
Colombàrio, em. còlumbary, pigeon-holed 

Colombèlla, $f. wood-pigeon ; yobng pigeon 
Colombina, a/, pigeon's dung; (boa.) Terrain 
Colombino -a, a. of pigeons, pigeon-colored 
— , $m. {min.) limestone; young pigeon 
Colómbo, em. {om.) pigeon, dove; — tor- 
raj nolo, rock-dove; — torquito, selvàtico, 
ring-dóve; stock-dóve; pigliar due colómbi 
ad una fava, to kill twó birds with one 
atone; èssere come pàssere e colómbi, to 
be, lire in perfect agreement; èssere come 
i colómbi del Rimboesàto, to mope, drowse, 
be very dull 
Colon, am. {anat.) colon (the largest of 

the intestines) 
Colonario, -a, a. of a colony 
Colònia, a/, colony, settlement, settlers; 
fondare, stabilire una —, to plant or set- 
tle a colony 
Coloniale, a. colonial, of the colonica; gè- 
neri coloniali, colonial goods 
Colònico, -a, a. colonial*; relating to hiu- 
banJmen (colony in 

Colonizzare, va. 4. to colonise, to plant a. 
Colónna, a/, (arch.) column, pillar, bed 
post, file, {of $oldior$); — scanalata» 
fluted column ; - tórta, spirale, wreathed 
column ; — voltiàna, electrical, galvanic 
battery; le colónne d'Ercole (gtog.) Hèr- 
cnles' pillars; le colónne d'un letto, the 
bed posts; formato a colónne, columnar 
Colonnare, va. to adórn with columns 
Colonnato, em. Spanish silver coin 
Colonnato, -a, em/, colonnade, rango of 

onnèllo, m. (mil.) colonel , (jwomrnce 
càrnei); little column 

Colonnétta, a/, little pillar, prop, supporter 

Colonnino, em, V. Colonnetta 

Colòno, em countryman, husbandman, plant- 
er, colonist, settler 

Coloquintida, a/. (boi.) coloquintida, the 
eolocynth or bitter apple 

Coloraménto, vm. dye, color, tint, tincture» 
dimness (of the eyes) 





— 171 — 


Colorir*, va. i. to color, dyo, paint, stiin, 

tinge, adoro, toìI palliate, disguise 
Cloratamente, adv. feignedly, plausibly 
Colorito, -a, a. colored, painted, glóze.d 
over, plausible; colorito ragióni, specious 
Colorazióne, tf. coloring, te il, disguise 
Colóre, sm. color, complexion, appearance; 
— chiaro, light eòlor; — cangiante, change- 
able colour; — permanènte, durévole, 
permanent, fist color ; — che sbiadisce, 
svanisce, fidìng color; — oscuro, cirico, 
dark, deep colour; — appariscènte, che di 
nell'occhio, shó wy, gàudy colour; colóri al- 
l' acquarèllo, witer-còlours ; colóri ad 
Alio, ai colours; venditóre di colóri, 
color-man ; fazzolétto di —, séta di — , 
colored handkerchief, colored silk ; sènza 
— , colorless; sótto — di, under color, 
pretext, pretence of; macinare i colóri 
{paint.), to grind colours, pàints; dar — 
(carda)» to follow suit; diventare di mille 
colóri, to chinge colour; la gioventù vede 
tutto — di rósa, youth sees every thing 
in iu brightest colours 
Colorélto, am. slight color; blush; pretence 
Colorisco, -a, a. colorific 
Colorire, va. 3. to color, V. Colorire 
Colorista, tm. {pi -isti) cèlorist, painter 

who excels in coloring 
Colorito, tm. coloring, complexion 
— , -a, a. colored, djed, painted 
Coloritóre -trice, tmf. painter, limner 
Colóro, prom, dem. per», they, them, those 
Col ossile, a. colossal, huge, gigantic 
Colossèo, am. Colosseum, Coliseum (the 

amphitheatre of Vespasian at Rome) 
Colossicòtera, a/, machine for raising Urge 


Colòsso, am. colossus, enormous size, giant 
Colòstro, am. (mad.) colostrum, first milk 

after child-birth 
Cólpa, a/, unit, offence; error, crime; — 
mia* my fault ; dar la —, pórre la — , to 
lay the fault (or blame) on ; chiamarsi in 
—, rèndersi in —, to confess one's self 
guilty; io non vi ho —, it is not my 
Colpibile, a. culpable, faulty, blimeable 
Coìpabilménte, adv. culpably, criminally 
Colpire, van. 1. to sin, blime, accaso 
Colpito» -a, a. criminal, guilty 
Colpeggiare, va. i. to hit, strike, thump 
C)1 pettino, am. blow, little driught 
Colpévole, a. culpable, criminal, faulty 
Colpevolmente, ado. culpably, criminally 
Colpire, va. 3. (—Iseo, — itei, fsce, iscono) 

to strike, bit the mirk, succeed 
Colpito» -a, a. struck, béaten, succéedod 
Colpitóre, -trice, tmf. he, she who bits, 

Célpo, sm. blow, stroke, hit, act, wound, 
iiot; — fortunato, lucky hit; — di or 
èa maestro, masterly stroke ; — di mire, 

sàrge, breiker at séa ; di pistòla, pistol 
shot; — di fucile, shot, gunshot; — di 
pugno, blow with one's fist; — di vènto, 
squill or gùst of wind; — di ritiro {mar.) 
the evening wilch-gnn; di —, ad un —, 
adv. exp. at once, ill at once 
Colpóso, -a, a. V. Colpévole 
Còlta, a/, collecting (of taxes), gathering a 
crop; mill-dam; far — , to bit, wound, to 
draw to a head 
Coltire, va. V. Coltivare 
Coltèlla, s/. coulter, cùtlas, digger, dirk 
Coltellàccio , am. cleaver , chopper, any 

greit ugly knife; old studding sail 
Coltellijo, am. V. Coltelli oàjo 
Coltellata, tf. cot, stab with a knife; fire 

a —ite, to fight with swórds or knives 
Coltellièra, coltelle**, tf. shéath, knife- 
Colteliétto, tm. fólding-knffe, small knife 
Coltellinijo, tm. cutler, seller of knives 
Coltellino, am. smill knife, fólding-knffe 
Coltèllo, tm. knife, digger; greit grief; 
(bot.) palm-branch; (oftoingt) the longest 
feathers; — affililo, sharp knife; — ot- 
tuso, spuntilo, blunt knife ; — a mòlla, 
clisp-knife; — da tàvola, tibie knife; — 
da trinciare, carviog-knife ; lima di —, 
knffe-blide ; arrotare, affilare un —, to 
sharpen, whet a knife; mattóni per —, 
bricks placed on their narrow side; ser- 
vire alcuno di còppa e di —, to be the 
constant attendant (cupbearer and carver) 
of a person 
Coltellone, sm. cirving-knife 
Coltivàbile, a. arable, tillable, cultivable 
Collivaménto, tm. culture, tillage, worship 
Coltivare, va. 1. to cultivate, till, exercise 
Coltivato, -a, a. cultivated, improved 
— tm. plo*u bed land, field 
Coltivatore -trice, tmf cultivitor,pltfughman, 
encoùrager, fom enter; chérisher, promoter 
Coltivalura, a/, culture, tillage, ploughing 
Coltivazióne, a/, cultivation, husbandry, 

culture; {ant.) worship 
Coltivo, -a,- a. tilled, ploughed 
Cólto, tm. ploughed land; {ant) worship, 

V. Cullo 
— , -a, (from coltivare), a. cultivated, refined 
Còlto, -a, (from co Here), a. githered, caught 
Collere, tm. husbandman, V. Cultóre 
Coltrire, va. I. to plough with the coulter 
Cóltre, tf. coverlet, quilt, counterpane 
Cóltrice, sf. feather-bed, mattress 
Coltrice, tf. V. Coltivatrice 
Coltricétta, coltricina, tf. smill feather-bed 
Coltricióne, tf. lirge feather-bed; mattress 
Cóltro, tm. {agr.) coulter, ploughshare 
Coltroncino, sm. light cóuterpàne, quilt 
Coltróne, tm. coverlet, cóu terpine, quilt 
Coltura, tf. culture; tilled land; worship 
Colubrina, tf. eulveriog (piece of ordnance) 
Colubro, tm. (poet.) adder, snake 
Colui, pron. pert. dem. he, that 


— 172 — 




Colombiro, fin. (bot.) sort of olire 
Colombària, e/, (bot.) Terrain, pigeon-foot 
Coloro, am. (attr.) coloro (circle of the 

Com (ant* for c me) adv. how? u 
Còma, s/. (poet.) head of hair; còmma 
Comidre, «/. 7. Commare 
Comandaménto, #m. command, order; i 
dièci —ènti, (relig.) the ten command- 
ments ; fire il — or le comandaménta 
d'alcuno, to obey one's commands; far 
— ad alcnno, to eommind one 
Comandante, tm. commander, chief; —, *f- 

Comandila, a/, the king's command 
Comandativo, -a, a, impera tire 
Comandilo, -a, a. comminded, enjoined 
Comandatole -trice, tmf. commander, com- 

Comandila, tf. (lato) V* Accomandita 
Comindo, «/. eommind, vili, injunction; 
(mar.) spun-yarn ; — di doe, {mar.) twò- 
yirn, rópe-yàrn; non ha dièci franchi al 
too —, he cannot command ten francs; 
a' vòstri comandi, yours to command, 
at yonr service 
Comandire, va. I. to eommind, drdor, rule, 
bid ; — a. bacchétta, to rule with a high 
hand ; — il rómbo, (mar.) to shipe the 
Comirca, $f. the territorial district of the 

city of Rome (Comarea) 
Comare, a/, midwife, gossip 
Comire, va. i. (ant.) V. Ingannare 
Cornilo, -a, a. (poet.) hàiry, V. Chiomato 
Combaciaménto, am. joining together 
Combaciare, va. I. to join, fit, unite together 
—irsi, vrf. to kiss one another, meet 
Combaciito, -a, a. fitted, joined together 
Combagliménto, tm. V. Combaciaménto 
Combagiire, va. V. Combaciare 
Combigio, tm. V. Combaciaménto 
Combattènte, am/.and a, combatant, fighting 
Combinerò, va. 2. to fight, combat, besiege, 

— tu». J. to contradiet, dispute 
Combattibile, a. combitable, that may he 

disputed or opposed 
Combattiménto, tm. flvht, bittle, combat 
Combattitóre -trice, tmf. combatant, fighter, 

virago, fighting woman 
Combattuto, -a, a. fòught, disputed 
Combibbia, tf. (ant.) noisy revelry (at an 
Combinàbile, a. combfnable (inn, etc.) 
Combinaménto,, tm. combinition, union 
Combinare, va. 1. to combine, join together 
Combinatóre, -trice, tmf. he, she who com- 
Combinatone, tf. combinition, nnion; 
ehince; se per — lo Todéte, if you chince 
to sée him 
Combinato, -a, a. combined, assembled 
Combriccola, a/, cabal, conventicle, secret 

Combriccolire, tm. i. to cabàl, plot» in- 
Comburènte, a. burning 
Combustibile, a. combustible 
Combustibilità, tf. combàstibleness 
Combustióne, \f. combustion, conflagration 
Combattivo, -a, a. combustible, disposed 

to take fire 
Combùsto, -a, a. burnt, consumed 
Combutta; a —, or in —, (vulg.)in common 
Cóme, adv. eonj. and prep, to, as, like, 

as soon as 
— , interr. how? whft whit? — slite? 
how do you do? — f siete ammalilo? 
how I yon are ill ? — siete tóo amico, 
as you are his friend; rite — se avesse 
mille lire s torli ne all'inno, he lives as if 
he bad a thousand a year; l'oro, — il 
fuòco, è buon servitóre, ma cattivo pa- 
dróne, gold, like fire, is a good servant 
bat a bad mister ; ditemi il — ed il per* 
che, teli me tbe hd"w and the why, the 
means and the motivo 
Comeché, conj. however; though 
Comechessfa, adv. anywise, in iny wise 
Comèdia, tf comedy, V. Commèdia 
Comediinte, tmf. comedian, V. Comme- 
Contentare, tra. and deriv., V. Com mentire 
Cómere, (Lai.) va. 3. (ant.) lo adora, beau- 
Comèta, tf. (attr.) còroet ; — crinita, haired 

cómet ; — codila, tailed còrnei 
Cometario, -a, a. còmetary, of a cómet; — f 

am. (attr.) cometaria m 
Comiito, tm. léave, V. Commiato 
Cometóide, tf. cómet supposed to be i star 
Comicamente, adv. comically, merrily 
Còmico, tm. comic writer, póet, actor 
—, -a, a. comical, ludicrous, merry 
Comignolo, tm. ridge (of a roof), top 
Cominciaménto, am. beginning, opening 
Comineiinte, wmf. beginner; a. b. ginning 
Cominciare, va. 1. to begin, commence; — 
una lite, to commence proceedings, an 
iction at liw; — a fire il mèdi- o, to 
commence a Doctor 
Comineiirl, *m. pi. first dishes at a dinner 
Cominciito, tm. commencement, beginning 
— , -a, a* begun, commenced 
Cominciatòre, -trice, tmf. founder, beginner 
Comincio, tm. (ant.) commencement 
Cominèlla, tf. (bot.) bishop-wèed 
Cornino, tm. (bot.) cumin 
Comi tinte, am. and a. attendant 
Comitito, tm. committee ; un — della Ci- 
merà dei Comuni, a committee of the 
House of Commons ; èssere del —, to be 
on a committee; formarsi in — (compó- 
sto) di tutta la Cimerà, to form itself 
into a commlttoe of the whole House 
— am. (poet.) comitiva, tf. tri in, rèttane; 
attendants (slivee 

Cernito, tm. (mar.) ciptain over the galley- 



/ COM 

— 173 — 


Comiziale, a. comitul; mòrbo — , (mei.) 

Comfzj, smp. comilia or popular assemblies 

of the Romans 
Comizio, ts». meeting; indire or convocare 

no — , lo call a meeting; tenére an —, to 

hold a meeting 
Comma, sf. comma; (gram.) this point (,); 

(*««.) th« interval between the major and 

minor tone 
Commaeolàre, va. 1. to stain, spot, toil 
Commallevadore, sm. joint bail 
Commandaménto, a/. V. Comandaménto 
Commandànte, em. V. Comandante 
Coramandàre, va. 1. V. Comandare 
Commare, sf. F. Comare 
Commèdia, a/, comedy, fàrce, piày-hóuse 
Commediante, smf. comedian, actor, actress, 

player, bufloon 
Commediàre, va. I. to write, act comedies 
Commedfna, commedióla, tf. little comedy 
Commediògrafo, eommediàjo, sm. writer of 

Commemoràbile, a. commèmorable 
Commemoraménto, em. commemoration 
Commemorare, va. i. to commemorate 
Commemorativo, -a, a. commemorative 
Commemorato, -a, a. commemorated 
Commemoration?, a/, commemoration, pub- 
lic celebration 
Commènda, tf. commàndery, commendata 
Commendàbile, a. commendable, laudable 
Commendabilmente, adv. commèndably 
Commendaméoto, tm. praise, eulogy 
Commendare, va. i. to commend, recom- 
Commendatàrio, em. commèndatary 
Commendatila, sf. letter of recommendation 
Commend a tizio, -a, a. recommendatory 
Commendato, -a, a. praised, extolled 
Commendatóre,-trfce, smf. commander, com- 
màndress ; one who commends or praises 
Commendatorta, tf. eommtndery 
Commendazióne, sf. commendation, enco- 
Commendévole, a. praise-worthy, laudable 
Commensale, $m. table companion, one who 

éats at the same table 
Commensuràbile, a. commensurable 
Commensurabilità, a/, commensurability 
Commensurare, va. t, to proportion, com- 
Commentar», va. I. to comment, expound, 

Commentario, em, commentary, book of 

comments, memoir 
Commentato, -a, a. commented, annotated 
Commentatóre, -trice, smf, commentator, 

cemmenter, ànootàtor 
Cemmeatazióno, tf. (little uted) V. Com- 

C-mmeato, tm. comment, annotation, expo- 
tasMrefcabile, a. negotiable 

I Commerciale, a. commercial, merchant 
Commerciante, smf. trader, dealer, trades- 
man, tradeswoman 
Commerciare, vn. 1. to trade, traffic, deal, 

carry on trade 
Commèrcio j tm. commerce , trade, 

Commento (ant.) \ intimacy, habit, affair, 

Commescolàre, va. i. to commingle, mix 

Comméssa, tf. (ant.) commission, order, 

charge, V. Commissióne 
Commessaria, Commessari&to, smf. co mm is - 

Commessàrio, commissàrio, sm. commis- 
sary, executor, trustee, justice of the 
Commessasióne, tf. revelry, debauchery 
Commessióne, tf. command, order, charge 
Commésso, tm. clerk; boarder; mosaic 
Commésso, -a, a. done, committed 
Commessura, sf. joint, séam, junction 
Commestibile, sin. eatables, victuals, food 
—, a. eatable, fit for food 
Commestióne, sf. mixture, compound 
Commettente, sm. employer, constituent 
Comméttere, va. J. irr. {past, commisi; 
part, commésso) to order, give a com- 
mission, intrust, commit; — un delitto, 
to commit, perpetrate a crime ; — una 
còsa ad uno, to commit, intrust a thing 
to one 's care ; — discordie, to sow dis- 
cord, to set at variance; — un cavo, (mar.) 
to lay a rópe ; — una on la creanza, to 
be guilty of a breach of manners ; — 
uoa quistióne, to compromise a question 
to refer a question to an umpire; ho com- 
mésso al vènto le mie fatiche, all my 
pàins are cóme to nothing 
Commettimale, sm. fire-brand, disturber 
Commettitóre, -trice, smf. employer, per- 
petrator; fo mèn ter of quarrels 
Commettitura, tf. joining, setting (in met- 
Commezzaménto, commésso, sm. equal di- 
Commiatare, va. i. to dismiss, to give leave 

(of departure) 
Commiato, sm. leave, permission, dismissal; 
dar — , to dismiss; chièder -, to d>k 
leave to go ; prènder —, to take leave; 
bid farewell 
Commilitóne, sm. fèllow-sóldier, comrade 
Comminare, va. i. (law) to thréathen, de- 
nounce (punishment) 
Comminato, -a, a. prohibited with threats 
Comminatòria, comminazióne, sf. throat, 
commi nation 

Comminuzióne, sf. eommloution 
Commischiaménto, sm. mixture, compound 
Com mischiare, va. mix togéiher 
Commiseràbile, a. worthy of compassion 
Commilerabilmente, adv. pitifully, wé fully 
Commiscrare, van. i. to pity, commiserate 



— 174 — 



Commiseralivo, -a, a. compassionate 
Commiseratóre, -trice, tmf. commlseràtor, 

one who pities 
Commiserazióne, «/. compassion, pity 
Gommiserérole, a. sad, deplorable 
Commise, -a, a. F. Commésso 
Commissaria, */. commissariato, tm. com- 
missariat, commissaryship 
Commissariale, a. commissariai 
Commissàrio, tm. F. Commessàrio 
Commissionàrio, tm. agent, commissioner ; 
fare il — , to transact business as a com- 
Commissióne, </. commission, order, power; 
casa di —, (agenxfa), commission -agency 
Commistióne, •?. mixture, compound, in- 
Commisto, -a, a. mixed, confflanded 
Commistura, */. commixture 
Com misturare, va. 1. to commix, blend, 

Commissora, a/, fitness; sjmmetry 
Commisurare, va. i. to proportion, to adjust, 

to temper; to be equal to 
Commisurazióne, if. commensuralion 
Commodaménte, adv. conveniently, easily 
Commodante, tmf. (law) lender 
Commodàre, va. (lav.) i. to lend, accom- 
modate, fit 
Commodaménte, adv. commódionsly, fitly 
Commodalo, tm. (law) gratuitous loan, 

Commodalóre, -trice, tmf. (law) V. Com- 
Commoderolménte , adv. F. Commoda- 
Commodézxa, */. convéniency, proximity 
Coiumodilà, tf. convenience, convéniency, 
opportunity, occasion; la — d'una casa, 
the accommodations, conveniences of a 
hfòse; la — fa l'uòmo Udrò, prov. exp., 
opportunity makes a thief 
Corn modo, tm. convenience, ease, leisure, 

—, a. convenient, useful, easy, fit, good, 
commodious, opportune ; èsser -r, to be 
in easy circumstances; con —, a vòstro 
—, àt your leisure, at your perfect conve- 
Commodòro, tm. (mar.) commodore, the of- 
ficer who commands a squadron or detach- 
ment of ships 
Com m orante, a. dwelling, residing 
Commoràre, tm. i. to live or dwell to- 
Commòsso, -a, a. moved, affected, stirred 
Commotivo, -a, a. moving, touching 
Commòto, -a, a. (poet.) moved, V. Com- 
Com movere, va. 3. V. Commuòvere 
Commoviménto, am. tumult, commotion 
Commovitóre, -trice, tmf. mover, exciter 
Commovilùra, commovizióne , «/. {little 
u$id) commotion 

Commozióne, if. emotion, commotion 
Commozioncélla, a/, slight emotion, etc. 
Commune, a. and dtriv. F. Comune, co- 
munale, etc. 

Communire, va. 3. to fòrtiff , F. Rinfor- 

Commuòvere, va. % irr. (patt, commòssi; 
part, commòsso) lo mova, affèct, touch, 
agitate, disturb, stir, vex ; —6 veni, vrf. 
to be moved, féel agitated 
Commutabile, a. commutante 
Commo laménto, am. change, commutation 
Commutare, va. i. to exchange, commute 
Commutativo, -a, a. commutative 
Commutato, -a, a. commoted 
Commutazióne, a/, commutation, change; 
— di pena, commutation of punishment 
Comodamente, adv. V. Commodaménte 
Comodante, tmf. (law) lender, F. Com- 
Comodare, va. 1. F. Commodàre 
Comodataménte, adv. F. Commodataménte 
Comodatàrio, tm. (law) borrower 
Comodato, tm. (law) lóan, F Commodàto 
Comodatóre, -trice, tmf. V. Commodatóre 
Comodino, tm. nfght-tàble; (theatre) drop- 

seen?; fare da —, to pimp, pànder 
Comodità, a/. V. Commodità 
Còmodo, etc., F. Còmmodo, etc. 
Com padre, tm. (vulg.) F. Compare 
Compadróne, tm. joint màster, joint or 

neighbouring landlord, etc. 
Compaesano, tm. fellow-countryman, com- 
Compàge, a/. V. Compagine 
Compaginare, va. 1. to compaginate, join 
Compaginato™, compàgine, tf. ompàges, 
structure, frame, connection, contexture 
Compagna, */. female companion (company) 
Compagnàre, va. i. V. Accompagnare 
Compagnésco, -a, a. of a companion, eó- 

Compagnéssa, «/. (burl.) companion, pàrt- 

Compagnévole, a. sociable, companionable 

Compagnia, t/. company, society; compan- 
ions; far —, tener — ad uno, to kéep 
one company; frequentare buòna o cat- 
tiva —, to kéep good or bad company ; 
èsser piacévole in —, far buòna —, to 
be good company; una — di commedianti, 
a company of stage-plàyers; — di fante- 
ria, (mil.) company of foot soldiers; — 

di negozianti, trading company ; la 

delle Indie Orientali, the East India 
Company; la ditta di Brown, Black e — . 
the firm of Black, Brówn and Company 
(abbrev. Co.); le cattive — ie corrómpono 
i costumi, prov. exp. evil communica- 
tions corrupt good manners 

Compagno, -a, smf. companion, comrade, 
mate, associate» pàrtnor, the equal, the 
like; quésti guanti non sono —agni, these 
glòves are not fellows 



— 175 — 


Compagnóne, tm. boon campànion, till 

Compagna ho, tm. little companion 
Companàtico, -a, tmf. victuals eaten with 

Comparabile, a. comparable 
Comparabilità, */. the qoilily or state of 

being comparable 
Comparàggio, em. V. Comparàtico 
Comparatone, tf. comparison, similitude 
Comparare, va. i. to compare, assimilate 
Comparàtico, tm. spiritual parentage 
Comparativamente, adv. comparatively 
Comparativo, -a, a. comparative 
Comparato, -a, a. compared, assimilated 
Comparaxioncina, tf. slight similitude 
Comparazióne, e/, comparison 
Ompàre, tm. gòd-fàther, compeer, jolly 

Comparigione. «/. appearance (in a court) 
Comparire, wis. 3. irr. (past, comparvi, 
comparsi and comparii; part, comparilo 
and comparso) to appear, show one's 
Compariscènte, a. making a figure 
Comparìaeènsa , tf. beauty, appearance, 

Compariscióne, (ant.) tf. V. Comparizióne 
Comparila, tf. appearing, shewing of one's 

Comparisióne, tf. V. comparigione 
Compirla, tf. appearance, dutsfde, show ; 
far — , to make a figure or show ; — 
io giudizio, appearance in a court of 
justice; comparse, tfp. (theatre) silent 
Compano, comparito, -a, a. appeared, seen 
Comparteeipasióne. tf. copartnery, joint 

concern; società, in —, copartnership 
Compartécipe, ***/. sharer, copartner 
Com partici pare, va. I. to share with 
Compartimento, em. compartment, division 
Compartire, «a. 3. to distribute, divide 
Compartito, -a, a. dirt-led, shared (vider 
Compartitóre, «trice, tmf. distributer, di- 
Comparto, tm. V. Scompartiménto 
Com paten o, tm. common, public pasturage 
Compassare, «a. i. to measure with com- 
passes, pènder, consider, duly weigh 
Compassato, -a, a. considered, measured 
Cempaasioaaménto, tm, compassion, pity 
* om passionali te, a. compassionate, humane 
Umpaseionàre, va, i. to pity, commiserate 
L30paseioaat6re,-trice, tmf, compassionate 

man, woman 
t:m passióne, tf compassion, pity, mercy; 
che ha — , compassionate; sòma — , 
Pitale**, pitilessly; per —, from pity, oUt 
of pity ; aver — d* ano, to hive or take 
compassion, pity upon one; muòvere a —, 
te mova with compassion, pity; far —, to 
raise or excite compassion, pity; è meglio 
tostare in ridia che —, pro v. exp. it is 
tetter to be envied than pitied 

Compassionévole, a. exciting pity, moving 
Compassionevolmente, adv. compassion- 
Compassfvo, a. compassionate, humane 
Compasso, tm. compass, compartment, pair 

of compasses; — rotóndo, callipers 
Compastóre, tm. fellow shepherd 
Compastorélla, #/. fellow shepherdess 
Compatibile, a. compatible, excusable 
Compatibilità, «/. compatibility 
Compatimento, am. compassion, patience, 

indulgence, forbearance, excusing 
Compatire, va. 3. to pity, commiserate, ex- 
cuse, be kindly indulgent towards 
Compatito, a. commiserated, eicósed 
Compatriòta, -oto, -a, tmf. compatriot 
Compattéssa, tf. compactness 
Compatto, tm. compact, covenant, contract 
—, -a, a. compact, firm, solid 
Compaziente, a. suffering together 
Com pasien temente, adv. patiently 
Compaxióne, tf. V. Compattezza 
Compéllere, va. 9. irr. (pott, compulsi; 
part, compulso) {Latin) to compel, forco, 
constrain, oblige 
Compendiabile, a. that may be abridged, 
epitomised, reduced to a smaller com- 
Compendiare, va. 1. to abridge, retrench 
Compendiario, -a, a. of a compendium 
Compendiato, -a, a. abridged 
Compendio, tm. abridgement, compendium; 

morire in —, to die of a sudden death 
Compendiosamente, adv. compendiously 
Compendioso, -a, a. abridged, summary 
Compenetràre, va. and vn. 1. to penetrate, 

piérce, pervàde, permeate 
Compenetrazione, a/, penetration, piercing- 

ness, permeation 
Compensàbile, a. compensable, rewàrdable 
Compensalo o e, tf. compensation, amends 
Compensaménto, sta. reward, atonement 
Compensare, va. i. to compensate, atone 

Compensatamente, adv. prudently, cau- 
tiously, warily 
Compensato, -a, a. compensated 
Compensatore, -trice, tmf. rewàrder (lent 
Compensazione, tf. compensation, equiva- 
Compenso, tm. compensation, expedient, 
remedy, way; in —, by way of compen- 
sation; in — di, as a compensation for; 
métter —, to tad remedy, to satisfy 
Compera, tf Comperamene, tm. purehaso; 
bargain; ho fatto una buòna —, I have 
made a good bargain or purchase 
Comperàbile, a. purchasable, that may be 

Comperare, va. 1. to bu£, purchase; — 
caro, to buf dear; — a buon patto, to 
buy cheap; — a contanti, to buy for 
cash; — a crédito, to boy on credit; — 
la gatta in sacco, to boy a pig in a 



— 176 — 

COM \ 

Comparito, -a, a. bought; purchased 
Comperatóre, -trice, tmf. buyer, purchaser 
Comperazióne, Com pera torà, if. V. Com- 
Compero, Compro, a. bónghi, purchased 
Competente, a. competent, qualified, fit, 

suitable, reasonable 
Competentemente, adv. competently 
Competenza, «/. competency, competition 
Competere, va. 2. to compete, be compe- 
tent, convenient, to suit, belong, dispaio 
Competitore, -trice, tmf. competitor, com- 

pélitress, rival 
Compiacente, a. complaisant, polite 
Compiacenza, a/, complacency, complai- 
Compiacére, va. %. irr. (pre*, compiaccio, 
compiici, compiace; pott, compiacqui; 
part compiaciuto) to please, comply 
Compiacérsi, vrf. to take pleasure in, de- 
light, deign, condescend 
Compiacerle, a. agreeable 
Compiacimento, tm. complaisance, satis- 
Compiaciuto, -a» a. contented, satisfied 
Compiagnere, Compiangere, va. J. irr. (past, 
compiansi; part, compianto) to bewail, 
pity, lament 

C'impiagnitóre, -trice, tmf. complainer, la- 

Compianto, tm. lamentation, complaint 
—, -a, a. lamented, bewailed 
Compiegare, va. Ì. to fold together, to in- 
close, to forward (inclosed) 
Compiegato, -a, a. inclosed, complicated, 

Compiere, va. 2. irr. (pret. compio or 
compisco; part, compito, compiuto) to 
accomplish, finish, end, complete; — on 
Tdto, to perform a tow; — 1& proméssa, 
to fulfill, or keep one's promise; — il 
pròprio dovére, to de one's doty 
Compieta, tf. compline, complétory, list 

evening prayers 
Compigliire, va. 1. to embrice, compre- 
hend F 
Compigliirsi, vrf. to coigulate ; congeal, 

Compiglio, em. (ant.) bée-hive 
Compilare, va» i. to compile, compóse 
Compilaméoto, am. compilation, collection 
Compililo, -a, a. compiled, composed 
Compilatore» -trice, tmf. compiler, col- 
Compilatore, compilazione, tf. compilation 
Compiménto, tm. fulfilling, finishing; dar 

*- ad nn lavóro, to finish a work 
Compire, va. 3. to finish, perfect, complete 
Compitamente, adv. completely, civilly 
Compitare, va. i. to spell, compute, reckon 

Compitazione, tf. spelling 
Compitezza, .•/. politeness, refinement 
Compito, tm. task, reckoning, accent 
Compito, a. complete, accomplished, po- 
Compiterò, -trice, tmf. finisher, pèrfecter 
Compiterà, if. (vet.) seed, sperm 
Compiutamente, ado. completely, perfectly 
Compiuto, -a, a. complete, ended, finished 

perfect, formed, ripe, accomplished 
Com place ozia, if. (ant.) V. Compiacenza 
Complanazióne, a/. V. Appianaménto 
Compleinno, tm. birth-day, birth-night 
Compleménto, if. complement 
Complessionile, a. complèxional 
Complessionire, va. i. to form the consti- 
Complessioni to, -a, a. of a constitution; 
ben —, of a good constitution; mal — , 
ill-made, weakly 
Complessióne, tf. constitution; tempera- 
ment, hibit of body, condition, nitore 
Complessivamente, adv. altogether, totally, 

Complessivo, -a, a. comprehensive, extens- 
ive, total, general 
Complèsso, tm. complication, assemblage, 
miss, total; —, -a, a. fleshy, mascolar, sin- 
ewy, well-knit, well-limbed, powerful; 
nel — , in the lamp, in miss; il gran —, 
(anaU) the greit complex (muscle of the 
Completaménto, em. completion, fulfill- 
ment, ace mplishment 
Completare, va. i. to complete, make op, 

fill op 
Completivo, -a, a. completing, completive 
Complèto, -a, a. complete, perfect, whole 
Complicare, va. to complicate, to make or 
render intricate ; —irsi, vrf. to become 
or get complicated, intricate 
Complicato, -a, a. complicate, complex 
Complicazióne, if. complication, mixture 
Complice, tmf. and a. accomplice, acces- 
Complicità, if. iccetsoriness, accomplice- 
ship, parteeipition in a crime 
Complimentare, va. i. to compliment, 

Complimentàrio, tm. (com.) head partner 

(in a firm), principal 
Complimentatóre, -trice, tmf, complimèoter 
Compliménto, am. córap imeni, fare nn — , 
to pay a compliment; sènza —ènti, 
with nit iny complimenta 
Complimentóso, -a, a. complimentary 
Complire, va. J. to sail, fill up, fulfill ; 
ciò mi compie, that just suits me, it is 
just whit 1 wint 
Complorire, v*. i. to lament together 
Com più rio, tm. implòviam, shallow reeer- 

Fite, méte, bite, note, tube; - At, met, bit, not, tub; - fir, piqae, 
Beno, viso, tei, ron», flan»; • patto-petto, petto, e, U notte, «ntf - mm, vtat» 




— 177 — 


vfir for raia-wàter (io the houses of an- 
dent Rome) 
Componente, a. component, sm. composer 
Compòoere, va. 9. irr. V. Compórre 
Coraponiechiàre, va. 1. to compóse little, 

badly and with difficulty 
Componiménto, am. composition, modesty 
Componitóre, -trice, tmf. author, authoress, 

composer, composer of music 
Componista, am. composer of music 
Compùnto, -a, a. grieved, V. Compùnto 
Compórre, va. 9. irr. (pre*, compóngo; 
post, compósi; part, compósto) to com- 
póse, write, compound, adjust, dispóse, 
arrange, reconcile, conciliate, finish, ter- 
minate, settle 
Compóni, vrf. to compound (with credit- 
Comportàbile, a. tolerable, supportable 
Comportabilmente, adv. tolerably 
Comportaménto, am. behaviour, conduct 
Comportare, va. i. to tolerate, endure, 
bear ; il mio stato non comporta siffatte 
spése, my circumstances do not allow of 
such expènees 
Comportarsi, vrf. to conduct one's self, be- 
have, aet 
Comportatóre, -trice, smf. one who toler- 
ates, endures; bearer 
Comportévole, a. tolerable, supportable 
Comportevolméote, adv. tolerably, pretty 

Comporto, am. indulgence, respite, delay 

of payment, (accorded to a debtor) 
Compòsito, am. (arch.) composite order 
Compositóio, $m. composing, setting-stick 
Compositóre, -trice, am/, compositor 
ComposiaJoncélla, $f. little composition 
Composizióne, «/. composition, agreement, 
adjustment, settlement; — all'amichévole, 
(feste) amicable composition; venire a —, 
{law) to compound 
Compósta, a/, mixture, composition; stewed 

fruit, stew 
Coapoataménte, adv. politely, with calm- 
ness and self possession 
Compostézza, $f. modesty, sedatene», self 

possession, dignity of demeanor 
Compósto, am. composition, mixture, com- 

—, -a, a. composed, adjusted, fòrged, sedite, 

grave, modest, collected 
Compotaxióne, $f. drinking bfòt, debauch 
Cómpra, a/, eompraménto, $m. purchase 
Comprare, va. i. to buf , purchase; — caro, 
to bay dear; — a buon pitto, a buon 
mercato, to buj cheap; — a coo tinti, to 
baf for cash, with ready money ; — a 
crédito, to buf on crédit; — la gatta in 
sacco, to buy a pig in a poke 
C4mpraio,-a, a. bought, purchased; etc 

Compratóre, -trice, $mf. buyer, purchaser 
Comprendénza, «/. (ant.) comprehension, 

V. Copro odi men to 
Comprèndere, va. 2. irr. (past, comprési; 
part, compréso) to comprehend; èssere 
compréso di amóre, d'ira, etc., to be in- 
flamed with love, anger, etc. 
Comprendibile, a. intelligible 
Comprendiménto, »m. comprehension, cir- 
ComprendiUvo, -a, a. comprehensive 
Comprenditóre, -trice, smf. who compre- 
Comprendendo, -a, a. (vulg.) witty 
Comprendònio, m. (vulg.) judgment, wit 
Comprensibile, a. comprehensible 
Comprensibilità, «/. comprehensiveness 
Comprensióne, «/. comprehension 
Comprensiva, comprensivi là, «/. apprehen- 
sion, (faculty) comprehension, under- 
standing, intelligence, intellect 
Comprensivamente, adv. comprehensively 
Comprensivo, -a, a. comprehensive 
Comprensóre, tm. one who comprehends ; 
comprensòri, $mp. the blessed in flea- 
Compréso, $m. (better circuito) circuit, cir- 
cumference, compass, extent 
— , -a, a. comprised, included 
Compressibile, a. compressible 
Compressibilità, a. compressibility, com- 

Compressióne, */. compression, pressing 
Compressivo, -a, a. compressive, having 

power to compress 
Comprèsso, -a, a. compressed, close, strong; 

nébbia —, thick fog 
Compressóre, am. pressor 
Comprimente, a. compressing, restraining 
Comprimere, vn. 3. irr. (past, comprèssi; 

part, comprèsso) to compress, restrain 
Compro, pa9t part, (for comprato) bought 
Comprobàre, va. i. V. Comprovare 
Comprofèsso, am. professed monk of the 

same order 
Compromésso, $m. compromise, arbitration; 

méttere in — to expose, hazard 
Comprométtere, va. 9. irr. (poet, com- 
promisi; part, compromésso) to compro- 
mise, expose, risk; — l'autorità, l'onore, 
etc, to expòse one 's authority, honor, 
etc.; — éttersi, vrf. to compromise one's 
self, be compromised, to engage, promise, 
take on one's self 
Compromissàrio, comprom ossàrio, tm. u ra- 
pire * 
Compromissòrio, -a, a. compromissórial, 

relating to a compromise 
Comproprietà, «/. (lato) jòìnt-pròperty 
Comproprietàrio, -a, am/, joint-proprietor, 

aèr, ride; - fill, sin, bull; - Are, dò; - bf, ljmph; pòìic, bóys, fóul; fowl; gem ai 

- *"•» «*V*, «•**■• • •**•• "f*; • »•» •» ir • poi f»Mt#, gemma, nam 


iX*. nàL Ingl. - Edi». VI. Voi. II. 



— 178 — 

CON \ 

Comprovamene, tm. approbation, attesta- 
Comprovare, va. 1. to approve, prore, ac- 
cept, admit 
Comprovalo, -a, a. approved, admitted» etc. 
Com provatóre, -trice, am/, approver, com- 
Comprovazióne, a/, approbation, proof 
Comprovinciale, a. of the same province 
Còmpto, -a, a. {ant.) decked, trimmed 
Gompùgnere, va. S. irr. (pret. compóngo; 
patt, com pà mi ; part, compùnto) to af- 
flict, pierce, vex 
Compogniménto, am. V. Compunzióne 
Compulsare, va. i. (law) to compel, force 
Cimpulsória, a/, warrant, compulsion 
Compungere, va. 9. irr. (pa$t 9 compùnsi; 

part, compùnto) to afflict, sting, vex 
Compartivo, -a, a. elating remòrse, moving 
Compùnto, -a, a. contrite, grieved, stnng 
Compunzióne, if. compunction 
Compatibile, a. computable, that may be 

calculated, reckoned 
Compotaménto, am. computation, reckoning 
Compatire, va. i. to compute, count, reckon 

amongst, place, in the number of 
Compatito, -a, a. reckoned, counted 
Competitore, -trice, tmf. eompoter, reckon- 
er, calculator 
Computazióne, a/. F. Computaménto 
Computista, am. calculator, reckoner (ing 
Computisteria,s/. accountant's ònice, cipher- 
Cómputo, tm. cilcalition, reckoning, ac- 
Com putrire, vn. 3. to rot or become putrid 

Comuna, «/. (ant) I corporation, 
Comùne, tf. | mùnity 

Comunale, a. common, vulgar, trifling; in 

— , adv. exp. commonly, generally 
Comnnalménte, adv. usually, commonly 
Comnnalili, «/. (ant) V. Comunima 
Comunanza, a/, commonalty 
Comunire» van. i. V. Aecomonire 
Comune, tm. common people, commons, 
public; dire contro alla —, to go against 
the stream (of common practice or opinion); 
règgersi a —, to be a commonwealth ; a 
— rótto, with anarchy, without laws 
—, a. common, that belongs equally to 
all, usual, ordinary, indifferent, vulgar, 
trivial; luògo —, necessary house, privy; 
in —, in common 
Comunèlla, a/, community, V. Accomuna- 

Comunemente, adv. usually, generally 
Comnnicihile, a. communicable, affable 
Comunicabilità, a/, commonicability 
Comnoicaménto tm. communication 
Comunicante, tmf. communicant 
Comunicinza, a/, communion, participation 
Comunicare, van. 1. to commùnicite, im- 
part, partecipate, mike common, to fre- 
quent, to pùt in eèmmoo, to administer 

iho sicrament of the Lord's sapper; 
—àrsi, vrf. to receive the communion, 
or the Lord's supper 
Comunicativa, a/, facility of explaining 
one's self in teaching, power of convey, 
ing instruction 
Comunicativo, -a, a. communicative 
Comunicatore, -trice, am/, he, she who 

Comunicazióne, a/, communicition, com- 
Comunichino, tm. host, cònsecriled wifer 
Comunióne, tf. communion, partecipition 
Comunismo, tm. communism, agrarian lam, 

Comunista, tmf t communist, one who hold» 

the principles of communism 
Comnniti; \ant.) — ide, —ite, a/, com- 
munity; in —, in common 
Cornano, am. (ant.) common people, V. 

Comùnque, eomunqueménte, adv. how/éver 
Con, prep, with 

Conito, tm. (poet) effort, attempt 
Cuoca, </• Urge wooden or earthen oblòng 
wishing vessel, Wide «billow trough, ba- 
sin, hollow cove, civity, shell, canal, 
lock; èssere una — fèssa, to he sickly 
or infirm; basta più una — fèssa che 
una silda, prov. exp. a sickly person 
sometimes outlives a robust man 
Concàmbio, tm. exchinge, return 
Coooamerito, -a, a. volùted, arched 
Concatenaménto, tm. co oca ten it ion, series 
Concatenante, a. joining; binding together 
Concatenare, va. i. to ehiin, unite together 
Concatenato, -a, a. linked, joined together 
Concatenazióne, */. con eaten ition, chain 
Conciusa, §/. joint cinse 
Concavatfvo, -a, co nei ve, hòllow 
Concavire, va. i. to hollow fòt 
Concavito, -a. concaved, made hollow 
Concaviti, tf. concavity, hòllowness 
Còncavo, tm. hòllouraess, còncive surface 
—, -a, a. còncave, hòllow, vaulted 
Còncavo-còncavo, a. eóncavo-còneave 
Còncavo-convèsso, a. concavo-convex 
Concedènte, a. granting, allowing 
Concedere, va. 3. irr. (pott, concèssi; part. 
concèsso) to concède, grant, permit; to 
lend, give, prodùce, piss (grin tabi e 

Concedibile, a. that can or miy be conceded, 
Coucediménto, tm. concession, consent, gift 
Conceditóre, -trice, am. grinter 
Coocedùto, -a, a. conceded, granted 
Concènto, tm. concent, harmony, concert 
Concentraménto, am, concentration 
Concentrare, va. I. to concentrate, contract 
Concentrilo, -a, a. concentrated, concealed 
Concentrazione, a/, concentration, medita- 
Concèntrico, -a, a* concentric (cap tre 

Concépere, va* 1. irr t to conceive, V. Goat- 
Concepibile, a. conceivable, imaginable 


— 179 — 


Concepigióne, concepixióne, sf. {ani.) con- 
Concepiménto, sm. conception; idèa, notion 
Concepire, va. 3. (part, concepito and 
concètto) to conceive, understand ; — 
òdio per una còsa or persóna, to like 
hatred to a thing or person ; — amóre 
gelosia, to become euimoored, jealous; 
__ on' idea, nn' opinióne, to form an 
idea, an opinion 
Concepito, concepàto, -a, a. conceived 
Conceria, sf. tannery 
Concernènte, prep, concerning, upon 
—, a. belonging to, relative to 
Concernènza, a/, connexion, affinity, rela- 
Concernere, va. S. to concern, relate to 
Concernévole, a. concerning, reglrding 
Concertare, va. 1. to concert, settle, adjust 
Concertato, em. intelligence, agreement 
—, -a, a. concerted, contri red 
Concertatóre, -trice, smf. concertar, con- 
Concèrto, am. concert, harmony, agreement, 
convention; di —, adv. exp. with com- 
mon accord, unanimously 
Concesttbile, concedibile, a. grintable 
Concessionàrio , am. receiver by grant , 

Concessióne, sf. concession, grant, per- 
Concèsso, -a, a. conceded, granted, given 
Concessdrio, -a y a. eoneèssory 
Concetticelo, sm. bad idèa, conception 
Concettare, vn. t. to invent or siy witty 

Concettino, tw. conceit, concètto, witticism, 

frothy wit, false wit, tinsel 
Concettizzante, a. full of flashes of wit 
Coaeettisiire, vn. 1. to be fanciful, witty 
Concètto, am. coocéit, thought, flash of wit, 
conception, imagination, idèa, esteem, 
re pete, crédit, fame; èssere in — di, to 
hive the reputation of, to be looked 
npoa as; ha perduto il — apprèsso di 
me, he has lost his crédit with me; a. 
Concettane, em, (ironie.) brilliant thought 
Concettosamente, adv. in a witty manner 
Concettóso, -a, a. full of pleasant fancies 
Conce* tonile, a. belonging to conception 
Concezióne, #/. concepiménto, sm. con- 
ception; thought 
G»cbeUa, sf. small tub, trough (jw. trof) 
Cooebtarfre, va. 8. to mike clear, to show 

Coeefefglia, sf. sea Shell; conch shell 
Gooeaitliaeoo, -a, a. formed of shells 
CoeefclVliétta, •/. small shell, conch 
Coechicltologia, sf. eonchòlogy, the natural 

history of shells 
frBcfcfUforaie, a. formed like shells 
ìanehiadénte, a. conelusive, decisive 
Ceaefciadere, «a. 1 tVr. (part, conchiusi; 

pari, conchiuso) to conclude, infer, end; 

resolve, convince, shut up 
Concbiasióne, a/, conclusion, consequence 
Conchióso, -a, a. concluded, settled, ended 
Cóncia, sf. tio-h<ftse, tinning, seasoning; 

tenóre or trattenére in — alcuno, to 

arnése, beguile one ; to keep one at bay 
Conciabròcche, em. mender of broken wire 
Conciaealzètte, smf. stocking-mender 
Conciàja, sf. tin-pit 

Conciaménto, em. mending, V. Conciatura 
Coneiàro, va. 1 to dress, adorn, trim, mend; 

— pèlli, cuójo, to dress skins, tan hides, 
leather; — rio!, to adulterato wines; — 
la tèrra, to manure land ; — tino pel dl 
delle fèste, to give one a good dressing 
or drubbing 

Coneiatétti, sm. sliter, tfler, thilcber 
Conciato, -a, a. repaired, set off, neat 
Conciatóre, sm. currier, tinner 
Conciatura, a. adjusting, dressing 
Conciaiióne, sf. mending, sewing, dressing 
Concfdere, va. 8. irr. {past, concisi ; j>erf. 

conciso), {poet.) to cut in pieces 
Conciéro, em. mending, adjustment, repiir 
Concfglio, sm. (poet.) council, assembly 
Conciliabile, a. reconcilable, that miy be 

Conciliàbolo, conciliàbulo, am. conventicle, 

assembly of scismitic prelates 
Conciliaménto, am. conciliation 
Conciliare, va. to conciliate, reconcile; — 
la fame, il sónno, to procure an appetite, 
induce sleep; —irsi, vrf. to cipthrate, 
get one's self good will, be or become 
—, a. consf storiai, of the council (reconciled 
Conciliarmente, adv. in a council, consistory 
Conciliativo, -a, a. conciliating 
Conciliito, -a, a. conciliated, reconciled 
Conciliatóre, -trice, am. peace-maker 
Conciliatòrio, -a, a. conciliatory 
Conciliasióne, a/, agreement, reconciliation 
Concilio, am. council, assembly, consistory; 

— ecumènico, generale, ecumenical, gen- 
eral council; convocare, un —, to call 
or convéne a Council 

Coocilinxxo, em. s?nod, clerical assembly 
Concimare, va. 1. to manure, improve (land) 
Concimato, -a, a. mano red, fattened 
C incimatóre, -trice, smf. manurer, one who 

manures lands 
Concime, sm. manure, mending, compost 
Concinnità; {ant.) —ite, — ade, sf. èie- 
Concinno, -a, a. elegant (gance 
Cóncio, sm. agreement, ornament, attire, 
manure, compost; venire in —, to be 
proper, suitable, expedient, seasonable; 
in —, adv. exp. ready, in readiness 
—, -a, a. dressed, set off, elegant; mal —, 

ill-used, in a bad plight 
Conciofosseehè, Cònciofossecósa ) , * a 
Conciossiachè, Coneiofosse- f ,Ince » •*•* 
cosaché, Conciossiacosaché, ( "Jìk"^ 
€onj. ì m06n M 


— 180 — 


CON \ 

Concionante, tm. orator, harànguer 
Concionare, van. I. io harangue, preach 
Concionatòre, tm. harànguer, preacher 
Conciono, tf. harangue, speech, sérmon 
Concisamente, ado. concisely, briefly 
Concisióne, tf. cutting off, concision 
Conciso, -a, a. concise, laeónic, short 
Concistoriale, a. consistórial 
Concistòrio, concistoro, tm. consistory 
Conci laménto, tm. emotion, incentive, tumult 
Concitare, va, 1. to stir up, excite, provoke; 
—àrsi alcuno contro, to mike one an 
ènemy; —irsi òdio, aborriménto da un 
altro, to mike one's self hated, abhorred 
by another 
Concitativo, -a, a. incentive, encouraging 
Concitato, -a, a. stirred, moved provoked 
Concitatóre, -trice, tmf. instigator 
Concitatane, tf. concltàtion, V. Concita- 
rne d to 
Concittadino, -a, smf. fellow citiien 
Conclamazióne, tf. Sblcrf, shout, hubbub 
Condivo, tm. conclave, close assembly 
Conclivio, am. cibinet, closet, smill room 
Conclavista, tm. member of the conclave 
Concludènte, a. conclùdent, decisive 
Concludentemente, adv. conclusively (nets 
Concludènza, tf. conclòdency, conclusive- 
Conclùdere, va. 9. (post, conclusi; part 
conclùso) to conclùde, fix, end, shut up, 
confine, include 
Conclusióne, tf. conclusion, consequence; 

in —, in conclusion, in short, finally 
Conclusionétta, tf. little inference, thesis 
Conclusivamente, ado. conclusively 
Conclusivo, -a, a. conclusive, decisive 
Conclùso, -a, a. concluded, shut up 
Concoidile, a. (min.) conchòìdal 
Concòide, tf. (geom.) conchoid 
Cóncola, •/. V. Catino, bacile 
Concolóre, a. of one color 
Concomitante, a. concomitant, concurrent 
Concomitanza, tf. concomitance, union 
Con cordiale, a. concordant, conformable 
Coneordan temente, adv. V. Concordevol- 

Concordinza, concord agi one, tf. agreement, 

conformity, concordance, fitness 
Concordare, va. 1. to reconcile, mike friends; 

— ««. to concòrd, agree together, be unan- 
imous, conform 

Concordatamente, adv. unanimously 
Concordatilo, -a, a. apt to agree 
Concordilo, tm. convention, compact, con- 
cordat (between the Pope and a temporal 
—, -a, a. unanimous, agreeing 
Concòrde, a. conformable, like, similar; di 

— parére, of the same opinion (accord 
Concordemente, adv. nninimously, with one 
Concordévole, a. conformable, agreeable 
Couoordovolménte, adv. agreeably, conform- 
ably, unanimously 

far —, to pacify ; ossero or rimanére in 
— , to be agreed; méttere a —, to recon- 
cile, mike friends ; di pari —, with one 
consent; di —, with one accord 
Concorporire, va. I. to concórporite, Incor- 
Concorporito, -a, a. incorporated, embodied 
Concorrènte, a. concurrent, co-operating 
— , tm/. competitor, rival, opponent 
Concorrènza, tf. competition, rivalsbip 
Concórrere, vn. 2. irr. (pott, concórsi; part» 
concórso) to floes to (a place), concur, 
co-òperate, dispute (a thing) with; to com- 
pete for; concorreranno alla medàglia 
quelli 8 o Iti n lo che, etc, the medal will 
be competed for only by such as, etc. 
Coneorriménto, tm. concourse, confluence 
Concorrilo™, -trice, tm/. one who concurs 
Concórso, em. concourse, crowd, throng; 
meeting, competition; lo stato di — del 
fallito, (law) the bankrupt* s estate; an- 
dare a —, to compile (for a place, prize, 
etc.); dar per —, to give awày by compe- 
tition; méttere a —, to put up for compe- 
— , -a, a. met, agreed, united (titloa 

Concètto, -a, a. done, digested, concocted 
Concozióne, tf. concoction, maturation 
Concreate, va. 1. to create, produce together 
Concreato -a, a. innate, inherent, natural 
Concreazióne, tt. joint creation, production 
Concrédere, va. 2. {ant.) to believe with, 
intrust (intrust* 

Concreditóre, -trice, tmf. joint-creditor, who 
Concretare, va. 1. to con créte 
Concrèto, -a. a. concréte 
Concrezióne, tf. concretion, coagulation 
Concubina, tf. concubine, kept mistress 
Concubinato, tm. coneùbinary, who keeps 

a concubine 
Concubinato, am. eonctbioage 
Concubinésco, a. of a concubine 
Concubinétta, tf. little concubine, miss 
Concubino, tm. conce binary 
Concùbito, sin. lying, sleeping together 
Conculcarle, a. deserving to be trampled oa 
Conculcamene, tm. trampling with the feet 
Conculcare, va. i. to trimple upon, spòra 
Conculcato, -a, a. trampled under foot 
Conculcatóre, -trice, tmf. oppressor, sponsor 
Conculcazióne, tf. trampling upon, spòra ine 
Concuòcere, va. 2. irr. {patì, concòssi; part*. 

concòtto) to concoct» digest 
Coneuociménto, tm. V. Concozióne 
Concupire, va. 1. (poet.) to còvet, destre) 
Concupiscenza, tf. concupiscence, last 
Concupfscere, va. 2. irr. {poet.) to long for 
Concupiseérole, — ibile, a. conca pisciblo 
Concupiseibiliti; {ant.) —ite, —ade, qf m 

Concupiscfvo. -a, a. concùpiscible 
Concussire, va. i. to shake, move, agitato 
Concessalo™, -trice, tmf. shaker, eoi 

Concordia, tf. concord, unanimity, harmony; Concussionario, tm. extortioner, exactor 




— 181 — 


Co aeau ita e, tf. concussion, extortion, shock 
Coocussivo, -a, a. eoncùssive, snaking 
Concèsso, -a. a. concussed, shaken 
Condanna, tf. condemnation, sentence; pro- 
nunciare — , to pisi sentence; subire — , 
to suffer judgement; subire la pròpria — , 
to undergo one's sentence 
Condannàbile, a. condèmnable , culpable 
Condannagióne, tf. V. Condanna 
Condannamene, tm. sentence, doom 
Condannare, va. i. to condèmo, sentence; •— 
ìd contumàcia, (law) to give judgment a- 
gainst one in a state of contumacy; — 
opinióni, dottrine, to explode opinions, 
doctrines; — ad una multa, to fine 
Condannato, -a, a. condemned, blamed 
Condannatore, -trice, am/, condemnor, judge 
Condannatòrio, -a, a. condemnatory 
Condannazione, #/. condemnation, doom 
Condannévole, a. condémnable, biàmeable 
Condebitóre, tm. (law) joint-debtor 
Condecènte, a. decent, becoming, proper 
Condeeenteménte, adv. decently, properly 
Coodeeoràre, va, i. to decorate, adorn, deck 
Condegnamente, adv. worthily 
Condegnita, a/, dignity, worth, condigness 
Condégno, -a, a. condign, worthy 
Condennire, va, i. (ant.) V. Condannare 
Condannazióne, tf. V. Condanna 
Condensàbile, a. condensable 
Condensabilità, a/, condensability 
Condensaménto, m. condensation, thickness 
Condensare, va. 4. to condènse, thicken 
Condensarsi, vrf. to grow thick, condènse 
Condensato, -a, a. condensed, thick, dense 
Condensatóre, -trice, imf. (pkyt.) condenser 
Condensazióne, a/, condensation, thickening 
Condenso, -a, a. (poet) condènse, thick 
Condonatalo, ras. léllow-dèpnty 
Condeseendénte, a. V. Condiscendènte 
Condcecondénxa, tf. V, Condiscendènza 
Condeseéndere, va. i. irr. V. Condiscéndere 
Condeaconsióne, a/. Condiscensióne 
GondeseonsiTO, -a, a condescending 
Condoscéso, -a, a. V. Condiscéso 
Condicévole, a. convenient, becoming 
Condiménto, tm, seasoning, since, condiment 
Condiro, va. 3. (pres. condisco, etc.) to 

season, pickle, preserve 
Condiscendènte, a. condescending, affable 
Condiscendènza, «/. condescendence, conde- 
scension, compliance 
Condiscéndere, va. %. fir. (post, condiscési, 
port- condiscéso) to condescend, yield; 
to descend with 
Condiscasdimento, am. condescension; dél- 

eronce, descent with 
(^•discensióne, tf. condescension, affability 
Condiscéso, -a, a. condescended; complied 

Condiscépolo, tm. school-fellow, condisciple 
Conditi, «as. (hot.) white hellebore 
Condito, -a, seasoned, dressed, pickled; — 
ii séono, judicious 

Condito, -a, a. (poet.) built, raised, erected 
Conditóre, -trice, (Lai.) tm. fóunder, iuthor 
Conditura, a/, seasoning, V. Condiménto 
Condividere, va. 9. irr. (past, condivisi, 

part, condiviso) to share with others 
Condivisióne, tf. division among several 
Condisiooale, $m. {gram.) conditional; — 

a. conditional, restrictive 
Condizionalmente, odo. conditionally 
Condii ion ir e, va. i. to enable, qualify 
Condizionarsi, vrf. to qualify one's self 
Condizionatamente, ado. conditionally 
Condixioncélla, tf. pretty good condition 
Condizionato, -a, a. fit, able, qualified, 

conditioned; ben —, well conditioned 
—, tm* condition 
Condizióne, tf. condition, rank , situation; 

— implicita, sottintésa, implied condition; 

— resolutòria, (law) condition subsequent; 

— sospensiva, (law) condition precedent: 
violazióne d* una —, breach of a condi- 
tion; osservanza d'una —, performance of 
a condition ; inosservanza d'una —, non 
performance of a condition ; sótto — che, 
on, upon condition that, with a proviso 
that; sènza —, unconditional, uncondition 
ally; fare una —, to make a condition; 
osservare una —, to perfòm a condition; 
nessuna — va esènte dal dolóre, no degree 
is free from sorrow; a —, adv. ezp. 
upon condition 

Condoglianza, condogliènza, condolénza, tf. 
condolence; lèttera, visita di —, letter, 
visit of condolence; debbo fargli le mie 
—anse, I must condole with bim, I must 
offer him mf condolence 

Condolérsi, vrf. 9. irr. (patt, mi condólsi) 
to cómplàin, griève, condole (with) 

Condominio, am. (late.) joint-property, joint- 
power, joint-dominion 

Condòmino, tm. (law) joint-owner, joint- 

Condonàbile, a. pardonable, excusable 

Condonare, «a. i. to pardon, forgive, excuse 

Condonatóre, -trice, am/, forglver, pardoner 

Condonazióne, tf. pardon, forgiveness 

Condóre, tm. (ora.) còndor 

Condótta, tf. conduct, deportment, escort; 

— disordinata, disorderly conduct; — re- 
golare, normale, orderly, steady conduct; 

— franca, leale, round dealing; — da 
galantuòmo , fair dealing ; cattiva - , 
misconduct, misbehaviour; certificato di 
buòna —, testimonial of good conduct; 
èssere uòmo di —, to conduct one's self 
well, properly 

Condottiero, a/, conductress, manager 
Condottièro, tm. conductor, leader, carrier 
Condótto, am. conduct way, róad, path, 

conduit, canài, àcqueduct, pipe 
— ,-a, a conducted, done, followed, V. Con- 
Conducènte, a. conducing, contributing 
Conducere, va. 2. irr, K. Condurre 


— 182 — 


Conducévole, a. conducive, favorable 
Conducibile, a. conducibile, conducing * 
Conducimene, tm. conduct, management 
Conduci 16 re, -trice, tmf. conductor, teacher, 

captain ; conductress, governess 
Condnplieaiióne, tf. duplicate, repetilion 
Condurre, va. 3. irr. (patt, —assi; part. 
—òtto) to conduct, lead, bring, steer; to 
persuade, induce, bring to, accompany 
to; — al pascolo, to graie, to tend 
(grating cattle) ; — a spasso, lo take one 
out (for a walk); — a fine, a compiménto, 
to finish, complete, accomplish; — a boon 
pòrto, to bring safe into harbour; i/ig.) 
to accomplish happily, prosperously ; — 
in an luògo, to go or còme to a place; 
—irsi, vrf. to conduct one's self, to be- 
have; —àrsi alla presenta di ano, to wait 
upon a person (conduci ed 

Condotti bile. a. (phy$.) capable of being 
Graduiti bililà, iphyt.) conduetibility 
Condut litio, -a, a. conductions, hired 
Condótto, tm (ant.) conduct, direction, care 
—, -a, a, (pott.) conducted, carried 
Conduttóre, -trice, tmf. conductor, leader, 
guide, guard, mònitor, tòtor, tenant, lòdger 
Conduttura, tf. journey, transport, carriage 
Condusiòne. tf. F. Conducimene; (law} lo- 
cation, leasing on rent 
Cones Ubi le, tm. lord high constable 
Conoslabileria, «/. high cònstableship 
Confabulare, va. i. to confabulate, chat 
Confab alatóre, -trice, tmf. prattler, one who 
talks familiarly (talk 

Confabulatolo, -a, a. belonging to familiar 
Confab al eliòne, tf. confabulation, confab 
Confacentc, a. suitable, convenient, proper 
Confacénaa, a/. V. Confaciménto 
Confaeévole, a. lit, proper, just, suitable 
Confacevoleua, tf. suitableness 
Confaciménto, ft», fitness, suitableness, pro- 
Confalòne, tm. V. Gonfalóne 
Confarràre in», i. to perfòm the rite of con- 
Confarsi, vrf. 1. irr. (V. Fare) to become, 
suit, agree, lit; siffatto discórso non si 
confà ad un par vòstro, sùch talk dònt* t 
suit, or don't become a person like you 
Confarratiòne, e/, confarreàtion (the solem- 
nization of marriage among the Romans, 
by a ceremony in which the bridegroom 
and bride tasted a cake of flour) 
Confaslidiàrsi, vrf. 1. to tire, V. Annojirsi 
Confederamene, tm. alliance, league 
Confederando, -a, a. that should be alile 1 
Confederarsi, vrf. to confederate 
Confederativo, -a, a. confederative 
Confederato, a. confederate, leagued 
—, a, am. confederate, ally 
Confederas'.òne, «/. confederacy, alliance 
Conferente, a. conferring, bestowing 
Conferénta, if, conferiménto, tm. conference 
Conferire, tm. 3. (pres* conferisco) to confer 

with, consult, impart, bestow, confer, col- 
late, do good, be beneficial: la cavalcata 
— Iseo più al cavallo che al cavalière, rid- 
ing is more beneficial to the horse than 
to the rider 
Conferitóre, -trice, tmf. conferrer, one who 

confers, bestows 
Conforma, confermazióne, tf, confirmation 
Confermamene, tm. sanction, approbation 
Confermare, va. i, to confirm, ratify, ap- 
Confermatfro, -a, a. confirmatory 
Confermato, «a, a. confirmed, approved 
Conformatóre, -trice, tmf. eonfirmer, at- 
Conformazióne, tf. confirmation, appro- 
Conférmo, -a, a. V. Confermato 
Confèrva, tf. (boi) confèrva (tubular, joint- 
ed water-weeds) 
Confessamene, tm. confession, declaration 
Confessare, van. 1. to oonfòss, acknowledge, 
own, avow ; —àrsi, vrf to confess to a 
priest, to coofòss one's self 
Confessato, -a, a. confessed, declared 
Confessatòre, -trice, tmf. confessor, V. Con- 
Confessionale, — àrio, tm. confessional, 

conféssionary, confession-chair 
Confessionale, a. conféssionary, pertaining 

to confession 
Confessióne, tf. confession , declaration. 

Confésso, -a, a* con leased, acknowledged 
Confessoràto, tm. office of confessor 
Confessóre (confessòro, ant.), tm. confessor 
Confettare, va. i. to confect, preserve, 
sweeten ; — uno, to fawn upon a person; 
—àrsi, vrf. (of land) to be ameliorated 
by frost 
Confettato,-», a. con footed, preserved, mixed 
Coofettatòre, -trice, tmf. V. Confettière 
Confettièra, tf. swéet-méat boi, crystal jar 
Confettiere, tm. eòmfit-màker, confectioner, 

dealer in preserves 
Confètto, sin- swéet-méat, sugar-plum, etc. 
— a. conflicted, preserved, pickled 
Confettura, tf. preserves, swéet-mèats, com- 
fits, sugar-plums, mixture; make 
Confettureria, tm. confectioner* 
Confetturière, tm. eoofèctiooer 
Confezióne, tf. V. Confetterà 
Confezionare, va. i. to confèct, protèrve, 

mix; to màke 
Conficcamene, tm. the driving in nàile 
Conficcare, va. I. to nàil, fasten, throat in» 

drive in, fix (in the memory) 
Conficcato, -a, a. nailed, fixed, impressed 
Conficcatura, tf. the nailing, fastening. 

Conficere, va. 2. Or. to consecrate; to eon 

Confidamene, tm. I strong hope, trust, eon- 
Confidanza, tf \ (idonee, faith, parol* 



— 183 — 


Coni lire, vn. 1. to trust, con fi de, rei} 

Confidarti, vrf. to giro one '• self op to, 

relj oo, confido 
Confldatamén.te, adv. with certain assur- 
Confidato, -a, a. confided, assured 
Coofidejnseóro, em. (Iato) eobiil, cosurety 
Confidènte, a. confiding, confident 
-, tmf. confidant, trust-wérthy friend 
Confidentemente, ado. confidently 
ConfiJénsa, */. confidence, trust, assurance, 
•are and certain hope, intimacy, secrecy 
Confidenziale, a. confidential, trusty, secret 
Confidenziaho, #m. he who holds in trnst 
Confido, am. {ant.) confident, V. Confidènte 
Configgere, va. % irr. {past, confissi; part, 
eontftto) to nail, pierce, fix with nails, 
V. Conficcare 
Configurare, va, ft. to configure, form, dis- 
pose in a certain figure or shape 
Configurarsi, vrf. 4. to take the form, figure 
Configurato, -a, a. like, made like 
(jonflgurasiòne, ef. configuration 
Confinante, a. contiguous, bordering 
Confinare, van. i. to confine, limit, bAnd, 
set hounds, border upon, he contiguous, 
banish; eon confinato nel lètto da tre 
mési, I have been confined to bed these 
three months 
Confinarlo, -a, a. of the confines 
Confinirsi, vrf. to confine, limit one's self 
Confinato, -a, a. confined, bounded 
Confinatone, «/. the establishing of limits 
Confine, am confine, boundary, limit 
Coofiofere, to. 9. irr. (pa$t, conftnsi; part. 

confinto) to counterfeit 
Confirmare, va. 1. V. Confermare 
Confisca, a/, confiscation, forfeiture, forfeit; 
soggetto a — , (toco) liable to confiscation, 
forfeiture; incórrere la — di, pèrdere per 
-, to forfeit 
Conoscibile, a. confiscable forfeitable 
Confiecaméoto, sto V. Confiscaxlóne 
Confiscare, vis. I. to confiscate, forfeit 
Confiscato, -a, a. confiscated, forfeited; — 
a profitto dello Stilo, confiscated lo the 
king, quéea 
ContHeaxióne, «/. confiscition, forfeiture 
Confitènte, a. confessing, acknowledging 
Confitto, -a, a. pierced or fixed with nàils, 

stack, imprinted, engraven, crucified 
CootUtjraiióoe, tf. conflagration 
Gonfiatile, a. that miy be melted (by heat) 

ftònded (in a mould), cist, smelted 
Conflato, -a, a. (poet.) joined together 
Coafiftto, «vs. conflict, contest, combat, fight 
Confluènte, am. and a. conflux, confluent 
Oaflaéma, «/. confluence, junction, Union 
Goafoodere, va. 1. irr. (pott, confasi; part. 
confuso) to eonfouad, jùmble, mix; lo con- 
tusa, perplex, discompose, abish; to de- 
stri?, precipitate, waste 
C«*ttadersi, vrf, to get confused, perplexed 

Confondibile, a. that miy be confounded, 

confused, perplexed 
Confondiménto, asis. confusion, trouble, ruin 
Confonditóre, -trice, emf. confounder, de- 
stroy or 
Conformare, van. i. to conform, assimilate 
Conformarsi, vrf. to conform one's self 
Conformatiro, -a, a. conformable, similar 
Conformato, -a, a. conformed, regular 
Conformaslóne, ef. conformition, disposi- 
Confórme, conformemente, adv. conforma- 
bly to, agreeably to, in conformity with, 
pursuant to 
ConlorméTole, a. conformable, agreeable 
Conformista, am/, conformist 
Conformili; (ant.) «-ite, — ide, tf. con- 
Confortabile , a. admitting comfort, that 

miy afford comfort, consolition 
Confortagióne, a/. I comfort, assistance, 
Confortaménto, im. \ ease, relief 
Confortante, a. comforting, heirteniog 
Confortare, va. I. to comfort, console, 
heirten, corroborile, fortify, incite, egg 
on; — il cine all' èrta, to egg one on to 
do a thing; —irsi, vrf. to hope strongly, 
to flitter one's self that ; —irsi con gli 
agliétti, to feed npòn vain hopes 
Confortatilo -a, a, strengthening 
Confortilo, -a, a. comforted, strengthened 
Cod forta tore, -trice, emf. comforter, consoler; 
a buon — non dolse mai la tèsta, prov. 
exp. it is easy for a hippy man to gite 
(good) advice to the unfortunate 
Confortatòrio, -a, I a. consolatory, comfort- 
Confortevole, I afcle, strengthening 
Confortatone, tf. | comfort, heartening, 
Confòrto, tm. \ ease, encouragement 
Conforteria, «/. place where persons sen- 
tenced to death receive the comforts of 
Confortinijo, im. ginger-bread, biker, seller 
Confortino, im. ginger-bread, spice cakes, 

Confòsso, tm. (fart.) birbacan 
Confrite, confratèllo, tm. friar, brother 
Confratèrnita, if. fraternity, brotherhood 
Confrediglia, a/, assembly of bad people 
Con fri ciré, van. «-arsi, vrf. i. to rub, fret 
Con fri ci to, -a, a. rubbed against, fretted 
Confricasene, tf. confricition, friction 
Confrontamene, confrónto, tm. comfront- 

Con fro olire, vn. 1. to confront, compare 
Confrontilo, -a, a. confronted, compared 
Cunfrontasióoe, a/, the confronting 
Confuggire, vn. 9. to fly for help, V. Ri* 

Confuscménte, adv. confusedly, pell-mell 
Confuséito, -a, a. somewhat confused 
Confusióne, a/, confusion, trouble, disorder; 

Confuto, -a, a, cnnriised, obscure, indistinct, 


— 184 



abashed; all» —usa, adv. txp. confus- 
Confutàbile, a. that can he refuted 
Confutamento, un. confntaaióne, *f. refu- 
Confutare, va. i. lo confate, dispròve, re- 
Confatati™, -a, a. V. Confutatòrio 
Confutato, -a, a. confuted, disproved 
Confutatóre, -trice, ttnf. disprove* 
Confutatòrio, a. proper to refòle 
Congaudére, vn. 2. (poet) to rejoice to- 
Congedare, va. 4. to dismiss, give leave 
Congèdo, am. leave, permission, farewell; 
(mil.) discharge, furlough, fùrlow; in — 
(mil.) on furlough ; dar —, to dismiss, 
send awày, {mil.) to discharge, to fur- 
lough; prèndere — , to tike one's leave, 
bid farewell 
Congegnamene, am. collecting, onion 
Congegnare, va. i. to connect, join, intrust 
Congelatole, a. congéalable, that may be 

Congelaménto, am. congelation 
Congelare, van. 4. to congeal, coagulate, fix 
Congelato, -a, a. congealed, concréte 
Congelazióne, a/, congelation 
Congélido, -a, a. fròien 
Coogéneo, congènito, -a, a. cognate, be- 
gotten or born together 
Congènere, a. of the same kind, congener- 
Congentdra, s/. (ant.) V. Congiuntura 
Congèrie, a/, (poet.) heap, masi, congeries 
Congestióne, a/, (vied.) oongèstion 
Congettura, a/, conjecture, supposition 
Congetturàbile, a. co njèct arable, that may 

be conjectured, guessed 
Congetturile, a. conjectural, hypothetical 
Congetturare, va. 4. to conjecture, suppóse 
Conghiettùra, «/. conjecture, guest; falsa 

—, miscoojèctore, wrong surmise 
Conghietturale, a. conjectural, hypothetical 
Conghiotturàre, va. 1. to conjecture, guess 
Conghiettùra to, -a, a. conjectured, guessed 
Conghietturatóre, -trice, em/, conjèctarer, 

Congiario, am. gift to the Roman soldiery 
Congiato, cangio, am. (ant.) leave, V. Con- 
Congiofre, vo. 3. (pr$t. congioisco) to re- 
joice together 
Congiugare, etc. V. Coojugare, etc. 
Congiugnitela, -trice, am/, he, she who 

joins, unites 
Congiugnitura, $f. joint, ream, juncture 

va. 2. trr. (poet, congiùnsi; 
part, congiùnto) to join, 
match, annex, cohabit, 
be near; — in matrimònio, 
to an ite in marriage, to 
conjoin; congiùngersi, vff. 
to unite, be united (in marriage) ; eoa- 


giùngersi con alcuno, to become one's 
follower or disciple 
Congiungiménto, em. junction, union 
Congiungitóre, -trice, am/. V. Congiugoi- 

tòre, -trice 
Congi ungitura, a/. V. Congingnitùra 
Congiùnta, a/, wife, consort, pàrtner 
Congiuntamente, adv. together, jointly 
Congiuntivo, -a, a. conjunctive, jòinod 
—, em. conjunctive (mood of verb) 
Congiùnto, em. relative, relation, kinsman; 

i —ùnti, the near and dear 
—, -a, a. joined, related, allied 
Congiuntura, a/, union, joint, juncture, 

Congiunsióne, a/, conjbnction, conjuncture 
Congiura, «/. Congiuraménto, em. conspir- 
acy ; fare, ordire nna —, to form a con- 
Congiurante, am. and a. plòttor, conspir- 
Congiurare, van. 4. to conspire, plot, con- 
Congiurato, -a, a. conjured, conspired 
—, congiuratóre, am. conspirator • 
Congiurasene, a/, conspiracy, conjuration 
Conglobare, va. 4. to conglobate, conglobo; 

—arsi, vrf. to conglobo 
Conglobato, -a, a. conglobate, accumulated 
Conglobatane, a/, conglobation, accumu- 
Conglomerare, va. 4. to conglomerate, to 
collect, gather into a round body or 
Conglomerato, -a, a. conglomerate 
Coogloriflcire, va. i. to glorify together 
Congloriflcatòre, -trice, em/, joint glòrifter 
Conglntinaménto, am. conglutination 
Conglutinare, va. 4. to conglutinate 
Conglntinativo, -a, a. adhesive, viscous 
Conglutinato, -a, a. united together, glued 
Conglntinasióne, a/, conglutination, slicking 
Congratulare, van. 4. to congratulate, re- 
joice with; —irsi (rallegrarsi) con alcuno 
delle sue felicità, to congratulate a per* 
ton on hit happiness, good fortune 
Congratulatòre, -trice, a*»/, congràtulalor, 

one who offerì congratulations 
Congratulatòrio, -a, a. congratulatory 
Congratulazione, a/, congratulation 
Congrèga (congregarne, ani,)*/, congregation. 
Congregibile, a. that may be congregated» 

gathered, assembled 
Congregaménto, em. assembly, meeting 
Congregare, va. i. to assemble, congregate 
Congregato, -a, a. congregated, assembled . 
Congregatone, a/, congregation, assembly 
Congréuo, «m. congress, meeting, assembly; 
il — Americano, the American Congress* ; 
il — degli Sciensiàti,the Scientific CÒngrem* 
Cóngro, $m. (teht.) cònger-eel 
Còngrua, a/, income (of a rector» corate^ 

Gongraaménte, o4v, congruously, suitably 




— 185 — 

Congruènte, a. congruent, soluble 
Congruènza, tf. suitableness, congruence 
Congruità, tf. coogràity, fitness 
Congruo, «a, a. còngnio a», fit, becoming; 

jus —, (lato) the right of neighborhood 
Conguagliare, va. 1. to equalize, make even 
Conguagliarsi, vrf. to become equal 
Conguaglio, «m. levelling, balancing, equal- 

Conia, tf. (vulg.) sport, fun joke, jest, 
rèrel; nomo di —, merry man, cardoser, 
reveller; far la —, to dò or say something 
jestingly, in jest; règgere alla —, to take 
a jest, a joke 
Coniare, v<s. i. to coin, bind, tighten 
Coniato, -a, a. coined, struck, bound 
Coniatóre, «trice, am/, coiner, author, in- 
Coo iasióne, tf. coinage 
Cònica, tf. (gcom.) conies 
Conicamente, adv. in form of a cóne, con- 

Cònico, a. cònio, conical, in the form of a 

Conjetlnra, a/, conjecture, V. Conghiettora 
Conffero, am. (bot.) conifer ; coniferi, tmp. 
(bot.) conifera; —, -a, a, {bot.), conifer- 
ous, bearing cones 
Co ni tórme, a. coniform, conical 
Coniglièra, a/, warren, rabbit borrow 
Coniglio, tu», (tool.) ràbbit, cóney, cóny; 
avere i conigli in còrpo, to be as timid 
as a hire 
Co Diglielo, —ozio, am. yoùng rabbit 
Cònio, am, wedge, coin, puncheon; fémmina 
da —, wbóre; cónj dei pennóni, (mar.) 
cléats of the yard arms 
Cooizaa, «/. ibot.) fléa-pine 
Confettura, etc. V. Congettura, etc. 
Coniugàbile, a. {gram.) that may be conju- 
gated (mónial 
Conjuaàle, a. conjugal, connubial, matri- 
Coniugare, va. 1. to conjugate, join, unite 
Co e ju gaio, -a, a. conjugated, married 
Conjogazióne, «/. conjugation, Anion, joining 
ConjDge, a/it/. {Lat.) consort, partner 
r. /r.javio, em. (poet.) marriage, matrimony 
Lo a mèco, con esso mèco, prep, and per». 

pron- with me 
C n naturale, a. connatural, natural, con- 

form, suitable 
CsQBaturalixsare, va. 4. to connaturale, 

to connect by nature 
r Boataraliizito, -a, a. naturalized 
C&anaUiràre, va. i. to mako of the same 

'"•e nazionale, a. of the same nition 
'>* intesamente, adv. connectedly 
«oemóne, connessiti, a/, connexion 
'oécso, -a, a. connected, joined, linked 
testàbile, am. marinali, V. Conestabilo 
tènere, va. S. irr. {poet, connèssi, 
y*rt. connèsso) to connect, join, link, 
v?, no» —, to talk nonsense 


Connina, a/, (bot.) wild-órach, goose foot 
Connivènte, a. conniving, closing the eyes 

against finita 
Connivènza, a/, connfranee, forbearanco 
Connòcchia, a/, distaff; Olire colla — to 

spin with a distaff 
Connocchiata, tf. distaff full 
Connotiti, $mp. description ; prèndere i — 

di uno, (police) to take the description 

of a person 
Connovfsio, em. fellow novice 
Connubiale, a. connubial 
Connubio «m. {poet.) marriage, matrimony 
Connumerire, va. 1. to reckon, number 
Lonnumcrito, -a, a. reckoned, numbered 
Cono, tm. (geom.) cóne 

^SSKw* ( "" MW ° co, ' adal • *-"*• 

Conòide, tf. (geom.) conoid 
Conoscènte, a. knowing, griteful, easily 
recognised, known; uo -, an acquaint- 
ance, a well informed person, connoisseur 
Conoscenza, a/, knowledge, intelligence, 
acquaintance; far — con alcuno, to «ret 
acquainted with one, to make acquaint- 
ance with one; godo assai di aver fatta 
la sua —, happy to have mide your ac- 
Conóscere, va. «. irr. (post, conóbbi; part. 
conosciuto) to know, understand, try. 
liste, relish ; to tike cognizance (riconó- 
scere), to acknowledge; — di nóme, di 
fama, to know by name, by reputation • 
— di vista, to know by sight; - d'amóre', 
to have carnal knowledge (of a woman); 
dirsi a —, to make one's self known; far 
—, to make appear, to pròve; conóscersi 
di (for intèndersi) vrf. to understand, to 
be skilled or a connoisseur in, to be con- 
versant with 
Conoscibile, a. knówable, easily known 
Conosciménto, tm. knowledge, judgment 
Conoscitivo, -a, a. F. Discernitivo, intel- 
Conoscitóre, -trfce, am/, connoisseur (in) 

good judge {of) 
Conoscitura, a/, knowledge, sense, judgment 
Conosciutamente, adv. knowingly 
Conosciuto, -a, a. known, noted, notorious 
Conottibile, tm. (ant.) V. Conestabilo 
Conquassatole, a. that may be shaken 
Conquassamene, tm. V. Conquasso 
Conquassare, van. i. to shatter, bruise, 

skiver, crush, squish, crash, ruin 
Conquassilo, -a, a. shattered, crushed, 

Gonquassatóre, -trice, tmf. one who shatters, 

crushes, ruins 
Con quassazióne, a/. ) crash, crush, shock, 
Conquasso, tm. > shattering, havoc, ruin; 

andare in —, to fill to rùin ; méttere, 

mandare in —, lo shatter, break to pieces, 

destro^, ruin, waste 


— 188 — 


Consorteria, ef. society, family, conformity 
Contòrto, em. (ant.) companion, pàrtner, 

Consòrzio, fi» partnership, firm, society 
Conspérgere, va. 9. irr. (paet, conspérsi; 

part, coospèrso) (poet.) to besprinkle 
Conspétto, am. V. Cospètto 
Conspicere, va. i. (Lat ) to look round, 

Conspfcno, -a, a. conspicoons, V. Cospicuo 
Conspirare, van. i. to conspire, complòt 
Conspiràto, -a, a. conspired, conjured 
Cospiratóre, -trice, emf. conspirator 
Gnnspirazióne, ef. conspiracy 
Constare, vn. monopertonal, t. to appear, 
bo evident; to consist, to be made of; ciò 
consta di diverse parti, it is made np or 
several parts 
Constatare, va. i. to ascertain, establish, 
verify, prove ; to state, authenticate ; — 
legal mónte, to assign 
Constornasióne, ef. consternation, dread 
Constipato, -a, a. close, crowded, costive 
Constituent*, a. constituent, constituting 
CoDStituire, va. 3. {pre*, constiluisco) to 

constitute, appoint 
Constituito, -a, a. constituted, determined 
Gonstitutfvo, -a, a. constitutive 
Constitutor^ -trice, am. constitutor, ap- 
Constiinxióne, ef. constitution, order 
Constrétto, -a, a. constrained, bftnd 
Conslrignere l va 9. trr. (post, constrinsi; 
Constringere ) part, constrétto) to con- 
strain, force, oblige, compel, tie, bind 
Gonstringimeuto, #m. constraint, violence 
Construfre, va. - 3. (pre», costruisco) to 

construct, build, construe 
Construlto, am. advantage, prdflt, effect, 

gain, cons true lion; in — , in effect 
— , -a, a. built, raised, constructed 
Construttura, consunzióne, ef. structure 
Consuetamente, adv. as usual» commonly 
Consuetare, on. 1. to be accustomed, used to 
Consuèto, -a, a. accustomed, usual 
Consuetudinàrio, -a, a. habitual, customary 
Consuetudine, «/.custom, hàbit, òse, practice 
Consalare, a. consular, V Consolare 
Consulènte, a. that is consulted; avvocato 

—, counsellor 
Consulta, «/• consultation, consult, council 
Consultare, van. 1. to consult, deliberate; 

— insième, to concert, contrive 
Consultativo, -a, a. V. Consultivo 
Consultato, -a, a. consulted, deliberated 
Consultatóre, -trice, gmf. consnlter, one who 

consults, asks cousel or information 
Consultatone, tf. consultation, consulting 
Consultivo, -a, a. fit to be consulted; aver 
vóto —, to bave a right of discussion 
(without deciding) 
Consulto, em. counsel, advice, consultation, 
(of barristers, physicians) ; un — d'avvo- 
cato, counsel's opipioa 

Consultóre, -trice, «m/.conshlter, counsellor, 

Consultoriaménte, adv. prudently, maturely 
Consultòrio, -a, a. able to give, take advice 
Consuma, e/.(ant.)consùmption, absorption, 

Consumàbile, a. consumable 
Consumamene, em. consumption, affliction 
Consumante, a. consuming, wasteful 
Consumànaa, ef. (ant.) wasting; spending, 

Consumare,***, i. to consume, lavish, waste; 
to consummate, perfect, finish; —àrsi, 
vrf. to pine awày, waste, long for 
Consumativo, -a, a. consumptive, consuming 
Consumato, em. jélly-broth, soup 
—, -a, a. consumed, used, accomplished, 

experienced, consummate 
Consumatóre, -trice, emf. consumer, waster 
Consumazióne, ef. consumption, waste 
Consumo, em. consumption, waste, decay; 
— intèrno, home consumption; — estèrno, 
foreign consumption 
Gonsuntibile, a. consumable, that may be 

Consuntivo, -a, a. consuming, exhausting 
Consunto, -a, a. consumed, destroyed, wast- 
ed, worn At, consumptive 
Consunzióne, ef. consumption, waste, con- 
summation, end ; dare in —, (med.) to 
be in a consumption, to become consum- 
ptive; tendènza alia — , (mod.) consti m- 
Consuòcero, am- the wife's father with 
regard to the husband's father and vice- 
Consuonare, am. V. Consonare (versa 

Consórgere, vn. 9. irr. {poet, consorzi ; 
part, consórto), (poet.) to arise, proceed 
Consussistente, a. existing together 
Consustanziale, a. (thtol) consobstantial 
Consustanzialità , if. (thcoL) consubsan- 

Consuitanxialménte, (theoU) adv. consab- 

Consustanziazióne, ef. (theol.) consubstan- 

Contàbile, em. accountant, calculator, reck- 
oner, bookkeeper 
Contabilità, ef. accounts, book-keeping, ac- 
counts* office 
ConUdina, ef. country-woman; sort of 

Contadinàccio, -a, emf. great clown, rustic 
Contadiname, em. dregs of country popu- 
lation; coùntry-bùmpkins, e. pL 
Contadinélla, ef. pretty little country girl 
Contadinéllo, em. smart country lad 
Contadinescamente, adv. V. Villana ménta 
Coutadinésco, -a, a. rùstie, rural ; alla — , 
adverb, aitar the manner of country 
Contadino, em. coùntry-man; contadini, 
scarpe gròsse e cervél fini, prov. ea?p. 
country people aro rough but sharp 



— 189 — 


Gonladtnótto, «m. Ano yoùog country fellow 
Contado, jm. country, fields, eéùnty, shire 
Contage, e/, (poet.) contagion, piagno 
Contàgio, **t. contagiane, e/, contagion, 

Contagióso, -a, a. contagions, infectious 
Contamente, ode. (ant.) V. Acconciaménto 
Contamente, $m. account, number, recital 
ConUm inabile, a. thai may be contami- 

Cootaminaménto, tv», pollution, defilement 
Contaminare, va. i. to con tòmi otte, defile 
ConUsninateménte, adv. V, Bruttamente 
Contaminato, -a, a. contaminated, defiled 
Contaminatóre, -trice, sia/, polluter, cor- 
• raptor 

Contaminazióne, if. contamination, infection 
Contante, a. counting, ready, prompt; da- 
naro — , or contanti, ready money, cash; 
a —, in ready money 
Contenta, a/, {ant.) V. Contéssa, knowledge, 

notice, intimacy 
Contiro, van. I. to count, cileni ate, reckon 
tiloo, eateem, prise, repute, be esteemed, 
recount, relite; —irla gròssa, to relate 
something incredible; — seosa l'oste, to 
reckon without one's host 
Conteeterole, a. (ant.) litigious, quarrel- 

Contito, -a, a. mentioned, tóld, counted 
Contatóre, -trice, em/, accountant, teller; 

{machinery) tell-tale 
Contatto, am. contact* touching, touch, 

Contazióne, a/, eomputition, V. Conta- 
Cónto, am. count (foreign UUe). iarl; - 

senza contea, — che non cónta, beggarly 

Contea, if. county 
Con loco, pr§p. and pron. with thée, 

Conteggiaménto, contéggio, mi. calculation, 

reckoning, account 
Conteggiare, va. I. to count, compote 
Contorna, a/, (ant) haughty look, proud 

Coniofnénta, a/, (onf.) clrcnit, environs (of 

a town) 
Contégno, m. behaviour; circuit, nook, 

iepeet, appearance; pomp, pride,' gravity, 

cooeéit; camminar in —, to walk with a 

measured hiughty pace ; stire in —, to 
look dottóre, distant 
Contegnóso, -a, a. staid, reserved, proud, 

frnro; per mio — , for my guidance 
Contosnpfer aménto, am. I doe propórtion,con- 
Contonaperinia, if. ( stitution, temper 
Conteuaperire, va. i. to temper, proportion 
Conioanperito, a. tempered, proportioned 
Coniosnplibile, a. that may be, or worthy 

to ho contemplated 
Contosnplaménto, *m. contemplation 
Cstttoanplinte, a. contemplating, musing 

Con Jem piare, va. 1. to contemplate, behold, 

Contemplativa, a/, contemplative faculty 
Conlcm piatirò, -a, a. contèmplatire 
Contemplilo, -a, o. contemplated, beheld 
Contemplatóre, -trice, tmf. contéraplitor 
Contemplazióne, a/, contemplation 
Contemporàneo, -a, a. contemporary 
Conlemprare, va. i. V. Contemperire 
Contendènte, $mf. contèndent, antagonist, 

a. contending, opposing 
Contendere, van. 2. irr.(past, contési, part 
contèso) to contend, strive, contest; va. to 
prohibit, blr, hinder 
Contendovol ménte, adv. contentions! y 
Contendiménto, sui, dispute, debite, effort 
Contenditóre, -trice, em/, quarreler, wran- 
Contenente, a. conti ining, V. Continènte 
—, adv. directly, V. Incontanènte 
Contenènza a/, contents, c ft n ten ance 
Contenére, va. *. irr. (pott, contenni) to 
hold, include, comprehend, contain, re- 
Contenersi, vrf. irr. (pa$t, mi contenni) to 
stop, forbear, refriin, abstain, to contain 
one's self, to preserve a serious or grave 
manner; — dal bére, dal ridere, to for- 
bear drinking, llughing 
Conteniménto, am. capacity, continence, for- 

boirance, self-possession, mién 
Contenitóre, -trice, em/, container, re- 

Contennendo, -a, a. (Lat.) contemptible 
Contennero, va. 1. (poet.) to contemn (isffod 
Contentàbile, a. that may be contented, sit- 
Contentaménto, adv. with pleasure 
Contentaménto, am. content, joy, pleasure 
Contentante, a. satisfying, pleasing 
Contentare, va. 1. to content, satisfy, gratify 
Contentarsi, vrf. to be satisfied, content; 
chi si contènta gode, prov. exp. a con- 
tented mind is a perpetual feast 
Contentato, -a, a. contented, satisfied 
Contentatura, a/, contentment; di facile 
—, easily satisfied; di difficile —, bird 
to please, V. Contentaménto 
Contentérole, a. {ant.) satisfying, sufllcient 
Contentexsa, if. contentment, satisfaction 
Contentibile, a. V. Oispresxàbile 
Contentino, am. whit is given into the 

Contentivo, a. that contains or restrains 
Contènto, am. content, joy ; avere or tenére 
in —, to despise; méttere in —, to mike 
despicable; a mio —, a suo —, adverb 
according to ruf wish, to his wish 
—, -a, a. contained, comprised 
Contenzióne, l/. contention, contest, dobàto 
Contenziosamente, adv. eonténtiously 
Contenzióso, -a, a. contentious, litigious 
Contorta, if. jet, glass-ware 
Conterminile, contermino, a. contiguous 
Conterminare, va. I. to border upon 


— 190 — 



CON \ 


contèrmine, sm. union, junction of confino», 

uontérmino, -a, a. conterminous, contèr- 
minal» contigoom 
Conterràneo, -a, tmf. and a. fèllow country- 
man, countrywoman, compatriot, of the 
same country, toil (raneo 

Conterrazaàno, -a, tmf. and a V. Con ter* 
Contésa, if. debite, contest, strife, dispute; 
venire a —, to fill out, quarrel, begin to 
Contèso, -a, a. prohibited, hindered 
Contéssa, a/, countess 
Contèssere, va. 2. to interweave, intwfne 
Contessfna, «/. little or young countess 
Coo tesso lo, -a, a. woven, joined togethor 
Contestàbile, sm. lord high cons' Able 
Contestare, va. 4. to contest, strive, contend; 
(lavo) to bring the plaintiff's declaration 
and the defendant's answer into con t, to 
refer a càuse 
Jontestazióno, «/. debate, contest 
Contèsto, tm. context, concatenation, series 
-, -a, a. interwoven, formed 
contézza, tf. knowledge, notice, advice 
Conticfnio, sm. dead of night, deep silence 
Jonticfno, tm. small account, bill 
Conflgia, «/. ornament; contfgie, a/p. ad- 
orned shoos 
Contigiàto, -a, a. adorned, embellished 
Contusióne, #/. | rimityÉ con tiguity; 
Contiguità ; {ant.) \ v TÌdnil J netrnew 

—ade, —àie / * 

Contiguo, -a, a. contiguous, adjacent 
Contina, tf. (ant.) intermittent féver 
uon lineatale, a. continental 
Continènte, a. containing; continent, chaste 
-, am. continent, mainland 
Continentemente, adv. chastely 
Continènza, tf. continence, containing, chas- 
tity, deportment 
Contingente, a. contingent, casual, eventual 
-, tin. contingent, shire, quota, dividend 
Jontingenteminte, adv. contingently, cas- 
Contingènza, a/, eontlngence, casualty 
Contingent va. 1. irr. (pott, continsi; part. 

continto) to happen, fill out 
Contingibile, a. casual, fortuitous, eventual 
Contingibilità, a/, casualty, eventuality 
Jontinova, if. continual féver, V. Continuo 
Jon tino virr, and derio. V. Continuare 
juntinuibile, a continuable (uable 

Continuabiliti, a/, the state of being con tin - 
Continuamente, adv. continually, always 
Conlinuaménto, am. continuation, continuity 
Conttnuinza, a/. V. Continuazióne 
Continuare, van. L to continue, last, per- 

Continuativo; -a, a. eontinuiting, St to 

continue; — tm. continuative 
Continuato, -a» a. continued, uninterrupted 
Continuatóre, -trice, tmf. continaàtor, suc- 

Continuazióne, «A \ conl j oaaUon> dnrtlion 

- He, ^ -ade I • Mld6tt ' • c6MUnC * 
Continuo, sm. continuity, connèiion 
— , -a, a. cnllnaous, continual; di —, del 

—, adv. e&p. continually, always 
Contista, tm. (pi. —isti) V. Computista 
Cónto, tm. accèunt, reckoning, bill, compu- 
tation, calculation, relation, story; — 
apèrto o accéso, opened or open account; 

— spénto, closed account ; — corrènte, 
aecóùnt current; portate il —, bring the 
bill or account; fo — di partire domani, 
I intend to start to-morrow; in verte —, 
on no account, by no means; dugento 
franchi a —, two hundred franca on ac- 
count; uòmo di —, a man of weight; sal- 
dire un —, to balance an account; veri- 
ficare un —, to indit an account; fire 
un —, to cist up an account; — di vén- 
dita, account sites; libro di cónti, ac- 
count book; per — di, on account of; non 
far — di, to despise, mike no account 
of; non mi tóma a —, I don' t find my 
aeeennt in it; rendete — di, give an 
account of; a boon —, in the mean time; 
al far dei cónti, (Jig.) after ill, every 
thing calculated, when all comes to ill; 
fate — di, relf upon; il — bitte, the 
account ii accurate, right; conti chiari 
amicizia lunga, prov. exp. (clear ac- 
counts) short reckonings mike long friends 

—, -a, a. known, manifest, polite, pleas- 
ing, ready, expert, informed 
Contòrcere, va, 1. irr. {pott, contòrsi; peri. 
contòrto) to twist, writhe, contort, to thro 
against one's self; — óroersi, vrf. to writhe 
(with agony) 
Contorciménto, am. contortion, twisting, etc. 
Contoréso, tm. V. Rendiconto 
Contornare, va. I. to sketch, trace Ine con- 
tours, draw the outline* of a picture 
Contornirsi, vrf. to have recourse to 
Contornito, -a, a. sketched, outlined 
Contó circuit, circumference, ehtltne; 
i contórni, or dintórni della città, the en- 
virons of the city 
Contorsióne, a/, contortion, convulsion 
Contòrto, -a, a. twisted, crooked, wicked 
Contra, prsp. against, Opposite to, facing 
-, tf. {mar.) tack; — carèna, keelson; — 
fiòcco, middle-jib; — lande, lower links 
(of the chains); — maèstro, boatawain; — 
marciapié, stirrups of the yards ; — mez- 
zina , mizzen top sail ; — pappafico di 
maèstra, main top-gàllant-sail; — pappa- 
fico di trinchétto, fòro top-giflant tail; 

— patarassi, preventer back-stays; — 
portèlli, dead lights, ahàm-pértt ; — 
scólta, clueliuess, cine gamete: — spor- 
tèlli, hitches ; - stalli*, óver-lày-diy»; 

— strallo, preventer-stay; — trigàate, 
hèlmport-trènsom ; — bitte), standards 
against the bit»; — capione, atèamson; 



191 — 


— marèa, counter-tide; — asta, the back 
of the alerà post; — asta interiore dì 
poppa, inner post; — tròzza, preventer, 
Contrabbandare, va, 1. to smuggle 
Contrabbandière, sm. smuggler, interloper 
Contrabbando, sm. contraband goods ; en- 
trare di —, to be smuggled in ; intro- 
durre, far passare di —, to smuggle in; 
fire II —, to smuggle; di — , adv. exp. 
clandestinely, silly 
Contrabbasso, t/n. («tut .) coùnter-biso, bass, 
double base ; fare il — a nno, to second 
or back one, to express approval of one's 
saying or motion 
Contrabbatlènte, a. percussive 
Contrabbatteria, a/, {mil.) cross battery, 
crfunlerbattery (ing the cable bits 

Contrabbldlte, a/, [mar.) standards soppórt- 
Contrabbilanciire, va. i. to coounter-bil- 

Contraccambiito t -a, a. exchanged, rewarded 
Contraccambio, sm. exchange, reward, re- 
tain; rèndere il —, to gire like for like, 
to be even with one ; raddoppiare il —, 
to repay twofold 
Contracciva, sf. countermine; stratagem 
Ceotracchiive, sf. false key 
Contraccicalare, va. 1. to prate against 
Coatraccicalata, sf. prating against 
Conlraeeifera, — i/ra, sf. key to ciphers 
Contraccólpo, am. repercussion, rebound, 

Contraccuóre, am. àngnish, heart-breaking ; 
av —, adv. exp. reluctantly, unwillingly, 
against the grain 
Contrada, sf. country, region 
Contraddanza, a/, country-dance 
Contraddetto, -a, smf. contradiction, denial 
— , -a, a. contradicted, denied (riire 

Coatraddiare, va. 4. to oppóse, V. Contra- 
Conlraddicénte, a. opposing, contradicting 
Coatraddiciménto, sm. contradiction 
Comtraddieitore, -trice, smf. contradictor, 

Ceasraddio, sm. and a. (ant) V. Contràrio 
Contraddire, va.3.(pres. contraddico; past, 
contraddissi; part, contraddetto) to con- 
tradict, gainsay, to be contradictory to, 
or inconsistent with, to disprove, speak 
a* aixat, oppóse, thwart • 
Contraddirti to, /in. fine, penalty, mulct 
Coocxaddistfnguere, va. 4. irr. (past, con- 
traddiatiosi ; part, contraddistinto) to 
mark, note, libel, contradistinguish 
GsetraddisUngoersi, vrf. to signalise one's 

C:«*radd astinto, -a, a. contradistingalshed 
Cjairadditore, -trice, smf. contradictor, op- 
pose*-, ftainsiyer 
Ceatradditdrio, a. contradictory, opposed 
r -sttradd stara, sf. V. Contraddizióne, etc. 
V-afraddsviéto, »m. prohibition; prohibited 

Contraddizióne sf. 

contradiction, op- 

C.nlr.ddici.nent...»,) 15% «K 

trariely, obstacle ; ciò implica —, it im- 
plies, involves contradiction : intollerante 
di qualsiasi —, impatient of contradiction 

Contraddòte, sf. (lato) join tore, dolfrer (the 
gift of a busband for a wife) 

Contraènte, a. contracting ; smf. (parte — ) 
party, contracting party, contractor, sti- 
pulator ; (law) covenanter (trarre 

Contriere, va. %. irr. to contract, V. Con- 

Contraffacente, smf. and a. one that coun- 
terfeits, mimics, or infringes; counter- 

Contraffaciménto, sm. counterfeit, forgery 

Contraffaci tore, -trice, smf. falsifier, imi- 

Contraffare, va. i. irr. (pres. contraffaccio 
or contrailo; past, contraffeci; part, con- 
traffatto) to counterfeit, falsify, adulterate, 
Imitate, ape, infringe; — i cièchi, — le 
nèspole, (slang) to sleep 

—irsi, vrf. to disguise one's self 

Contraffatto, -a, a. counterfeited, altered, 
disfigured, disguised, imitited 

Contraffatóre, -trice, smf. counterfeiter, 

Contraffatora, sf. counterfeiting 

Contraffazióne, sf. counterfeiting, counter- 
feit (thing); forgery (action)-, (of copy 
right) piracy (action), pirated copy; 
(of manufacturer's marks) imitation; 
(of patent right) infringement; fire, 
comméttere una —, to make a counterfeit, 
imitation, infringement; to commit a 
forgery, piracy 

Contraffòdera, sf. stiffening, lining 

Contraffòrte, sm. counterfort, prop, iron- 

Contraffarla, sf. re-àction, counter-force 

Gontraffdsso, sm. counter-drain 

Contraffoga, sf. edunter-fùgue (in music) 

Contraggénio, sm. antipathy, disinclination, 
dislike, aversion 

Contragguirdia, sf. counter-guard 

Contraimene, sm. the contrae ting, oppos- 

Contraire, van. 3. to resist, be contrary 

Contralégge, sf. opposing law 

Cootralléttera, sf. countermand; (law) de- 

Contrallume, sm. false light; (paint) 
counter light; a —, adv. exp. (paint.) 
io a counter-light, against the light 

Contraltare, sm. counter-attraction, coun- 
teraction; cdunter-mioe, counterplot, coun- 
terwork ; fire un —, to etfuotermino, 
counteract, counterplot, counterwork 

Contralto, sm, (mus.) edun ter- ténor 

Cootromalia, sf. cdunter-chirm 

Contrammirca, sf. counter- mirk, check 

Conlram mandare, va» 4. to cdunlermind 



— 192 — . 



ContrammandAto, ttn. countermand 
— , -a, a. countermanded 
Contrammàrcia, tf. {mil.) cdùnter-mirch, 

Con tram marèa, t/. unusual tide, center 

Contrammfna, tf. contermine 
Coolramminare, va. 4. to contermine, 

Contrammiraglio, tm. rear admiral 
Contrammomónto, tm. counterpoise, equi- 

Contramùro, fin. {fort.) ccìlntennure, con* 

Contrannaturale, a. contrary to nitore 
Con tran (so, tm. V. Contrasfóreo 
Contraoperaiióne, a/, contrary action, con- 
trary effect 
Coutrapàrte, if. cd&nterpàrt, second part 
Contrapertura, #/. (turg.) tori of incision 
Contrapotènza, «/. resistance, opposition 
Contrappassàre, vn. i. to retaliate, to re- 
turn like for like 
Contrappasso, tm. retaliation, like for like; 

{dancing) c6Hnter-pace, cdunter-step 
Contrappelo, am. wrong side, against the 
(hair) grain ; andare a —, to go against 
the grain (hair) 
Contrappesaménlo, am. equilibrium 
Contrappcsare, va. 1. to counterbalance, 

to weigh, compensate; examine 
Contrappcsato , -a , a. counterbalanced , 

weighed, examined 
Contrappéso, tm. counterpoise, weight 
Con trappolila, t/. counter bond 
Contrapponiménto, am. opposition, parallel 
Contrappórre, va. 8. irr. (pret. contrap- 
póngo; pati, contrappósi; part, contrap- 
pósto) to oppóse, compire 
Contrapporsi, vrf. to cross, thwart, oppóse 
Contrapporxióne, if. opposition, obstacle 
Contrapposizióne, if. V. Contrapponiménto 
Contrappósto, tm. resistance, opposition, 

—, -a, a. contrary, opposed 
Contrapprdcci, imp. (fort.) counter ap- 
Contrappuntista, tm. composer (of muiic) 
Contrappunto, am. counterpoint, compo- 
sition (another 
Contrarine, tm. dike or bank parallel to 
Contrariamente, adv. in a contrary manner 
Contrariente, a. contradicting, opposing 
Contrariare, va. 4. to contradict, thwirt 
Contrariato, -a, a. contradicted, opposed 
Contrarietà; (ant.) —tate, —tide, if. con- 
trariety, opposition, spite, inridiousness, 
Contràrio, tm. contrary, mèrse; tornire 
al —, to hire a contrary effect; recirsi 
nna còsa a —, to take something ill 

—, -a, a. contrary, adverse, untoward; per 
lo —, al —, adv. exp. on the contrary 
Contrarispóndere, va. % irr. (pott, con- 
trarispósi ; part, contrarispósto) to rejQn 
Contrarispósta, tf. cóunterpléa, rejSinder 
Contrariroluzionàrio, -a, a. csHnter-rerolu- 

Contrariroluiióne, if. counter wolotion 
Contrarre, va. 2. irr. (pret. contraggo; 
patt, contrissi; part, contratto) to con- 
tract, unite, giin ; — matrimònio, débiti, 
to contract marriage, debts, to run in 
debt; — abitùdini, to contract hibits; — 
amicizia, to contract, engige, knit friend- 
Contrirsi, vrf. to shrink np, grow short 
Contrirte, if. counter plot, cross-bite, art- 

titfee opposed to another 
Contraruóta di póppa, if. (mar.) inner post; 

— di prua, àpron 
Contrascambiaménto, tm. exchange, truck 
Contrascirpa, if. (fort.) counterscarp 
Contrascrftta, if. mtitual written agreement 
Contrascritto, -a, a. written against 
Contraserirere, va. 1. irr. (pott, contra- 
scrf ssi ; part, contraseritto) to write a- 
Contrasfórso, tm. opposite force, repulsion 
Contrassènso, tm. contrary sense, miscon- 
ception, misconstruction, misinterpreta- 
tion; nonsense 
Contrassegnante, a. indlcatire, pointing dot 
Contrassegnare, va. 1. to mirk, countersign 
Contrassegnato, -a, a. countersigned, noted 
Contrassegnatura, if. cwUnter signature 
Contrasségno, tm. mirk, nòte, token, sign 
Contrassigillire, va. 1. to collnUneal 
Contrassigfllo, tm. ctiln tersemi 
Contrastàbile, a. contestable, disputable, 

Contrastamene), tm. dispute, debite, con- 
Contrastampa, tf. cdunterproof (trast 

Contrastante, a. opposing, contending, dis- 
Contrastania, if. V. Contrasto 
Contrastare, va. 1. to resist, oppóse, contèsi 
Contrastilo, -a, a. contested, disputed 
Contrastatóre, -trice, mmf. opponent, dis- 
Contrasto, tm, contestation, opposition. 
Contrattàbile, a. negotiable (contrast 

Contrattagliire, va. t. to cddnter-ètch 
Contrattagli, tm. earring, engraving 
Contrattamente, adv. in a contracted manner 
Con trattaménto, tm, V. Contrattaxiòne 
Contrattinte, a. contracting, in treaty 
Contrattare, va. i. to contract, negotiate; 

— débili, va. to contract debts 
Contrattasene, tf. the bargaining déalitd 
Contrattèmpo, tm. nn toward erént 'un plea* 

Fitt, mète, bite, nt\e, tabs; - fit, met, bit, ndt, tub ; - far, piqst*, 

ai, NM, Sum; . patW-prtW, -MtU, «, i, «tit*, •*,;* . m-k^, rim% 




— 193 — 


ant unforeseen circumstance; fare on 
—, lo perplex a bosiness; di — , a — , 
adv. exp. unseasonably 
Contràttile, a. contractile, self-contracting 
Contrattilità, «/. contractility, contractibil- 
Ny (céstire 

Contratti™, -a, a. astringent, binding, 
Contratto, tnu contract, bargain, agreement; 
— pòro e sémplice, {law) absolute con- 
tract; — formale, express contract; quasi 
—, implied contract; — bilaterale, si- 
naUamatico, reciprocal contract; — nullo, 
Toid contract; — solènne, contract under 
féal; redigere un —, to draw up a eon- 
tract; fire eseguire un —, to enforce a 
contract; addivenire ad un —, to enter 
into a contract; eseguire un —, to perform 
a contract; fare on —, to make a con- 
tract; firmare un —, to sign a contract; 
sottoscriversi come testimònio ad un —, 
to witness a contract 
-, a, a. contracted, impotent, that has lost 

the use of his limbs 
Contrattura, «/. contraction, shrinking 
Conlraurtare, va. I. to hit against 
Contrarralére, van. a. irr. (poet, contrar- 
rai»* ; part. contrarvalso) to be equira- 
lent to 
C ntrarallaxióne, */. contrarai lation 
Cod trarr edere, va. % irr. (patt, contrar- 
ridi ; part, contrarrtelo) to look at with 
aa éril efv 

Contrarrelèno, sm. cfànter-p&ìson, anti- 

Cootrarrenfre, vn. 3. irr. {pre», contra v- 
réago; pa$t, eontrarrdnni) to contraréne, 
infringe; to break, ridate, transgress, offend 
against; — ad una légge, to transgress, 
to break or riolàte a làv 

Coctnmrentore, -trice, am/, infringer, rio- 
li tor 

C Dtrarrersità; {ant.) —àte, —ade, «/. 

CeatrawTonzione, a/, contrarèntion, infrac- 
tion, offence (against the regulations of 
the police); èssere in —, to infringe the 
regulations; comméttere una —, {law) 
to commit an offence 

astrazióne, a/, contraction, shrinking 

\.:Ltr9, ifp. {mar.) tacks of the main and 
fjre sail 

:* tri boia to, -a, a. afflicted 

..virilmente, a. contributing, concurrent; 
— emf. contributor 

^tnbafre, va, 3. {pre», contribuisco) to 
r .strinate, concur 
iztnbafto, -a, a. contributed, concurred 

>:Wbatiro, -a, a. contributire, tending to 

tributo, im. I contribution, quota, pro- 
- -dazióne,!/. ( portion, lèry, tax; 

contribution! dirètte, direct taxes, asses- 
sed taxes; — 6ni indirètte, indirect taxes, 
excise; uffizio delle —6 ni indirètte, èxcise- 
òfBce: esattóre delle — óni, excise man; 
impiegato delle —óni indirètte, tax-gith* 
erer; soggètto alle —óni indirètte, excis- 
able; esigere le —óni, to collect taxes 
Contributor, -trice, »mf. contributor, co- 
Contrimboscata, a/, ambush opposed to 

Contr'impannàta, t/. / counter window,cdun- 
Contr'inrelriàta, a/. | ter-frame 
Contrirsi, vrf. 3. to be contrite, repent 
Contristaménto, am. sadness, sorrow 
Contristare, va. i. to grieve, afflict, sadden 
Contristarsi, vrf. to be afflicted, cast down 
Con tri ila tiro, -a, a. afflicting, grievous 
Contristato, -a, a. afflicted, sorrowful 
Contristatóre, -trice, tmf. afflicter, vexer 
Contristazióne, $f. V. Contristaménto 
Contritamente, adv. contritely, penitently 
Con tritare, va. 1. to pdund, grind, phlrerixe 
Contritato, -a, a. poinded, bruised, erbshed 
Contrito, -a, a. contrite, bruised, crushed 
Contrizioncélla, a/, slight contrition 
Contrizióne, a/. {theoU) contrition; far l'atto 
di —, {fig) to gire one's self op for dead, 
to prepare for imminent death 
Cóntro, prep, against, opposite to; pro e 
—, pro and con, for and against; darsi 
—, to falter, contradict one's self 
Controcritica, *f. critical observations on a 

piece of criticism 
Controfirmare, va. i. to countersign 
Controllare, va. i. to orersée, control or 

verify accounts 
Controllo, sm. control, counter-register, 

audit of accounts 
Controllore, sm. controller 
Contropròva, controstampa, if. counter-proof 
Contrórdine, am. cóUnter order 
Conlrosénso, sm. V. Cootrasénso 
Controstampato, -a, a. {printing) slurred, 

Controstòmaco ; a —, adverb. V. Contro- 
Controràre, va. 1. {ant.) to in rent, suppóse, 
Controràto, -a, a. feigned, fabricated (forge 
Controrérsia, a/, controversy, dispute 
Controrerslsta, em. (pi. —isti) con Irò ver list; 
{on religion) controversialist, controversy- 
Controvèrso, -a, a. debated, doubtful 
Controvèrtere, va. ft. irr. {poet, controvèrso) 

to controvert 
Controvertibile, a. controvertible, disput- 
Controvertibilità, f. the being controvert- 
Controvertibilmente, adv. contro vért ibly 

»*, rude; • fill, son, bull; - fare, do; - by, l}mph; poise, boys; foùl, fowl; gem, as 

*> i»r • fete, o*h/, eolia; • erba, ruga; - lai », 1; poi. frutac guaina, rea», 

PiM. JUL Ingl. - Edi*. Y\ Vol. 'V 13 


— 194 — 


Controvolonià, adv. against one's will 
Coni rug lol are, va. 1. {ant.) to chop 
Contubernale, a. (Latin) con tùbero al, per- 
taining to fellowship in a mess or lodg- 
Contubèrnio, un. (Latin) fellowship in a 

mess or lodging 
Contumace, a. contumacious, refractory; 

«/. (ant.) V. Contumàcia 
Contumacemente, adv. refractorily 
Contumàcia, t/. {law) contumacy, contempt; 
(mar.) quarantino; far — , to be in quar- 
Contumaciale, a. pertaining to contumacy 
Contumèlia, «/. contumely, abuse 
Contumeliosamente, adv. contumélionsly 
Contumelióso, -a, a. contumelious, abusive 
Contùndere, va. 2. irr, (past, contósi; part. 
contuso) to contùse, to brùise by beating 
Conturbagióne, */. I perturbation, trouble, 
Conturbaménto, tm. \ disturbance, agitation 
Conlnrbanza, if. (ant.) uneasiness 
Conturbare, va, 1. to disturb, perturb; — 
le orécchio altrui con parole, to annoy 
or scàndali™ people by one's talk 
Conturbati™, -a, a. disturbing, perturbing 
Conturbato, -a, a. disturbed, perturbed 
Conturbatore, -trice, tmf. perturber 
Conturbazióne, a/. V. Conturbaménto 
Contusióne, tf. contusion, brùise 
Contùso, -a, a. bruised, contused 
Contutóre, -trice, tmf. (law) jóìnt-gusrdian 
Contuttoché, con tutto, conj. although 
Contutlociò, adv. however, nevertheless, yet 
Contuttosiaciocché, V. Benché, quantùnque 
Convalescènte, a. convalescent, recovering 
Convalescènza, tf. convalescence, con vai ès- 
concy, recovery ; èssere in — , to be con- 
valescent, to be in a state of convales- 
cence; entrare in —, to become or get 
Convalidare, va. i. to strengthen, confirm 
Convalidarsi, vrf. to recover one's strength 
Convalidato, -a, a. recovered, corroborated 
Convalidazione, tf. (late) rendering, making 
Conràlle, tf. dale, valley, vale (valid 

Convégna, if. (ant.) convention, engagement, 

Convégno, tm. appointment, meeting, assem- 
bly, congregation 
Convèllere, va. 2. (med.) to càuse distention 
Convenénte, tm. agreement, engagement, 

fact, state, moans, way, proportion 
Conr cnente mén te, ado. V. Conveniente- 
Convcnénza, if. convention, agreement, pro- 
portion, conformity 
Convenévole, a. suitable, just, convenient ; 
il —, tm. conformity, the decent, the suit- 
able, the requisite; far i — évoli, to pay 
compliments; stare sol —évoli, to stand 
upon ceremony 
Convenevolézza, if. propriety, decency 
Convenevolmento, adv. in a proper manner , 

Conveniènte, a. convenient, Gt, decent, il 

— , tm. the suitable, the just 
Convenientemente, adv. conveniently, fitly 
Conveniènza, */, convéniency, conformity 
Convenire, va. 3. irr. (prti. convengo; 
patt, convenni; part, convenuto) to agree; 
suit, become, be proper, requisite, fit, 
convenient, expedient; ci conviene par- 
tire, we mnst set fòt; conviene eh* egli 
lo fàccia, he must dò it, it is right or 
proper that he should do it 
—, va. 3. to convéne, cite, summon 
Convéno, tm. (ant.) convention, V. Con- 
Conventàre, va. 1. to confer a doctor's 

Conventazióne, if. the crowning of poets, 

Convenlicolo, -a, tmf. conventicle, meeting 
Conventigio, -a, tmf. (little tued) conven- 
tion, agreement 
Conventino, conventùecio, im. small convent 
Convènto, tm. meeting, agreement, convent; 
frate sfratato non loda il —, prov. exp. 
a riin-awày mònk never praises his con- 
Conventuale, a. conventual, monastic 
Convenuto, -a, a. agreed on, settled; il —, 

il roo —, (law) the defendant 
Convenzionale, a. conventional, belonging 

to a convention 
Convenzionare, vn. i. to aeree, stipulate 
Convenzióne, if. covenant, contract, agree- 
ment; convention (French hitt); -6ai 
matrimoniali, (law) marriage irticles 
Convergènte, a. converging, tending to one 

Convergenza, if. (geom.) convergence 
Convèrgere, tm. 9. to converge, to tend to 

one point 
Convèrsa, e/, lay sister in a nunnery 
Conversamente, adv. on the contrary 
Conversaménto, tm. V. Conversazióne 
Conversante, a. conversant, familiar 
Conversare, va. 1. to convèrso, frequent, keep 

company with, be familiar with 
Cenversativo, -a, a. sociable, affable 
Conversatóre, -trice, tmf. visitant, speaker 
Conversazióne, if. conversation, evening 

party, soirée, assembly 
Conversévole, a. sociable, companionable 
Conversióne, if. conversion, transmutation 
Con versi vo, -a, a. fit to convert or to be 

Convèrso, -a, $mf. convert, serving friar or 

nun; il —, the converse, the contrary 
— , -a, a. converted, changed, turned; per 

— , adv. exp. on the contrary 
Con vèrtere, va. J. irr. (pott, convèrsi, part. 

convèrso) V. Convertire 
Convertibile, a. convertible, transformable 
Convértiménto, tm. change, V. Conversióne 
Convertire, va. 3. to convert, make a eòa- 

vert, change, turo; la religione converte 


— 195 — 


in bène i mali della vita, religion con* 
Tèrt» the evils of life into blessings; — i 
peccatóri, to convert sinners 
Con Ter tirsi, vrf. to tarn, be converted 
Convertito, -a, a. converted, changed 
Convertitóre, -tr ce, em/, convèrter 
Convertivole, a. (ant.) V. Convertibile 
Convessità, a/, convexity, convex 
Convèsso, fui. and a. convex, convèxed ; 
— concavo, convéio còncave; — —, con- 
vèxo-eónvex (gliàre 

Conviire, va. i. (ant.) to cónvo?, V. Convo- 
Convicino, «a, a. adjacent, V. Circonvi- 
Convineénte, a. convincing, clear (cino 
Convincentemente, adv. convincingly 
Convincere, vis. 3. irr. (past, convinsi; port, 
convinto) to convince, persuade, overcome 
Convincimento, em. conviction, persuasion ; 
aver l' intimo —, to be positively con- 
Onnneilfvo, -a, a. persuasive, convincing 
Convinto, -a, a. convinced, persuaded 
Convinzióne, a/, conviction, confutation 
Convisitatore, -trice, em/, companion on a 

Convitante, #m. inviter, host, or hostess 
Convitare, va. 1. to invite to a feast 
Convitilo, em. guest, one invited to a feast 
_ f -a, a. invited, asked to dinner, etc. 
Concitatóre, -trice. em/, inviter (to a repast) 
Convitigli, sf. (ant.) cóvetousness, V. Cu* 

Convito, $mf. banquet, feast, repast 
Convitto, em. boarding; boarding-house, 
boarding-school; the living together; the 
place, wherein several eat or live togeth- 
er; refectory; college 
Convittóre, -trice, em/, fèllow-cómmoner, 

boarder; boarding-school miss 
Conviva, em. (ant.) guest, mess-mate 
Convìvale, a. convivial, of a feast 
Convivere, v». to èat at the same tibie 
Coovivatóre, -trice, em/, (ant.) guest, fellow 

Convivente, a. living together 
Convivere, vis. 2. irr. (past, convissi; part. 

convissuto) to live together 
C nfivio, em. banquet, V. Convito 
Convittore, va. i. (Lat.) to outrage 
Coot ixi ilo, -a, a. offended, outraged 
Conviaiatnre, -trice, f mf. iosulter, slanderer 
Convitto, «m. (poet.) insult, reproach, taunt 
Convixioso, -a, a. injurious outraging 
Ccnvoeabile, a. convénable, that may be 

Convocamento, em. the calling together 
Convocare, va. I, to convoke, assemble 
C-.nvocato, -a, a. convoked, called together 
Giocatóre, -trice, #*•/. who convokes, calls 

Convocazióne, t/. convocillon, meeting 
Convogliare, va. 1. to eonvo?, escort 
Convoglio, em. cónvó?, escort ; — ftnebre, 
antral process ioa 

Convoitóso, -a, a. (ant) V, Cùpido, àvido 
Convolare, vn. i. to go swiftly, marry again 
Convolare, va. 2. irr. (pott, convólsi; part. 

convóllo) to wrap, roll, wind 
Convólgersi, vr/. to wallow, wèlter, gróvel 
Convólto, -a, a. rolled, soiled, plunged 
Convòlvolo, em. (bot.) bind- weed, convol- 
Convulsibile, a. liable to convulsione 
Convolsibiliti, •/. liability to convulsions 
Convulsionàrio, -a, em/, and a. convnlsion- 

Convulsioncèlla, «/. slight convulsion 
Convulsióne, e/, convulsion, spasm, commo- 
tion; accèsso di — óni, fit, paroxysm of 
convulsion; far venire ad uno le —óni, 
to throw one into convulsions; cadére in 
un accèsso di —óni, to be taken with 
Convulsivo, -a, a. convulsive, spasmodic 
Convulso, -a, a. convulsed, crimped, shrunk 
Coobbligirsl, vrf. to enter into a bond 

with another 
Coonestibile, a. that may be palliated, ex- 
tenuated, excised 
Coonestamènto, em. veil, glóxing over, pal- 
liation, excuse, subterfuge 
Coonestare, va. 1. to color, palliate, veil, 
give an air of decency and j àstice to an 
Coonestatole, -trice, tmf. extenuitor, one 

who palliates 
Cooperamene, em. co-operàtion 
Cooperante, a. co-operating 
Cooperare, vn. i. to co-óperàte 
Cooperarlo, em. fellow workman 
Cooperativo, -a, a. coóperitive; magaxifno 

—, coóperitive magazine 
Cooperatóre, -trice, em/, co-operator 
Cooperatane, e/, co-óperition 
Coordinare, va. i. to set in good order 
Coordinilo, -a, coordinate, set in good 

order, arranged 
Coordinatóre, -trice; em/, wise disposer, re- 
gulator, arringar (ringement 
Coordination», «/. coordination, order, ar- 
Coortire, va. i. to exhort, heirten 
Coòrte, e/, cohort, body of infantry, troop 
Coperchiare, va. I. to cover, put the lid on 
Coperchiato -a, a. covered, with the cover 
Coperchièila, sf. evasion, sly deceit, shift 
Coperchino, em. small cover, lid 
Copèrchio, tm. cover, covering, lid; il so- 
vèrchio rompe il —, (ogni troppo è 
troppo) prov. exp. too much of one thing 
is good for nothing 
Copernicano, -a, a. Cópèrnican, pertaining 

to Copernicus 
Copèrta, tf. cover, wrapper, pretence, pre- 
text; — da letto, coverlet or quilt; — di 
lana, blanket; — di un libro, binding 
or cover of a bóok; — di nere, deck; 
sotto — (Jig.) under the pretext 
Coperticela. $f. bid cover; cóarse wrapper 




— 196 




Copertamene, adv. secretly, by stealth 
Copertina, tf. small cover, wrapper, etc. 
Copèrto, tm. cóvert; al —, sheltered; met- 
tiamoci al —, let as take shelter 
—, -a, a, covered, obscure, hidden; close; 
parlar—, ambiguous words; adv. secretly 
Copertojo, «m. oòrer; roof, trammel (net) 
Copertura, «/. cover, covering, lid, mask 
Còpia, «/. plenty, abundance, riches; far — 
di sé {of women), to grant one's list fa- 
vour (to a man) 
— , «/. copy, transcript, imitation ; — con- 
fórme —, true copy ; tener — di» to keep 
a copy of; prènder — di, to take a 
eopy of 
Copialèttere, tm. letter-book; copying-ma- 
chine, copying-press ; letter-writer (an in- 
instrument for copying letters) 
Copiare, va. i. to copy, transcribe, imitate 
Copiato, -a, a. copied, imitated, extracted 
Copiatóre, -trice, sn\f. copier, transcriber, 

Copiglia, «/. peg, pin, brad (glio 

Copiglio, em. {ant.) bee-hive, F. Compl- 
Copiosaménte, adv. co pio osi y, in abundance 
Copiosità; {ani.) -ite, -ade, tf. abund- 
ance, plenty 
Copióso, -a; a. copious, abundant, rich 
Copista, «in. copyist, imitator 
Copoluto, -a, a. having a convex top 
Còppa, «/. back of the head, cop, bówl; ser- 
vir di —, to be a cop «bearer; servir uno 
di — e di coltèllo, to fag for a person, 
be one's drudge ; èssere ana — d'oro, to 
be worth one's weight in gold ; coppe, 
suit of cirds (marked with a cap), one of 
the colors (salts) of Italian cirds 
Ceppano, tm little boat, canoe 
Coppàrósa, «/. copperas, sulphate of iron, 

or green vitriol 
Co ppan, tm. {tot.) eopàiva, copàiba; bàl- 
samo di — (pharm.) copàiva balsam 
Coppèlla, tf. cdppel, crucible, earthen-pot 
Coppellare, va. i. to refine, purity, assay 
Coppellato, -a, a. purified, refined, tested 
Coppétta, «/. cupping-glass 
Coppettóne, »m. large cupping-glass 
Còppia, tf. couple, pair 
Còppie, ifp. {mar.) frame, frames 
Coppière, coppiéro, tm. cup-bearer 
Coppiette, if. small couple, pair 
Còppo, «in. pitcher, tile, cavity, hollow (of 

the cfes) 
Coppóni, «mp. chips, shavings 
Coprente, a. covering, hiding, dissembling 
Copriménto, «m. covering, the act of cover- 
ing, copulation of animals 
Coprire, va. 3. irr. {past, copersi; part. 
copèrto) to cover, mask, dissemble; — 
una giuménta, to cover, leap, serve, horse 
a mire; — la vóce, to drown the voice; 

— (il tétto) di tégole, to tile; — di ar- 
dèsia, to slite; — di piglia, to thatch; 

— la ritirata, {mil) to cover the retreat 

- irsi, vrf. to pat on one's hat; si còpra, 

put on your hat; si còpra bène 11 séno, 

cover up your bòsom; il cielo si còpre di 

nùvoli, the skf gets véry clòudy 

Copritóre, tm. that covers, entire horse, 

etc.; — di tétti, titer, slater, thitcher 
Copritura, if. covering, cover, pretence 
Còpula, tf. copulation, conjunction, union, 


Copulare, va, i. couple, conjoin, unite 
Copulativamente, adv. conjunctively 
Copulativo, -a, a. conjunctive, copulative 
Copulato, -a, a. paired, conjoined, coupled , 
Coribile, a. F. Cordiile 
Coriggine, tf. {hot.) V. Bugldssa 
Coraggio, tm. courage; heart, boldness, brav- 
ery, daring, will; far —, to encourage, I 
to give courage to, to inspire with courage 
firsi —, to pluck up courage, to tike 
heart; rianimare il —, to reuse one's 
courage, to stir one's spirit; armarsi di 
—, to summon up all one's courage; avere 
il — di, to find, have the heart to; pèr- 
dersi di —, to lose one's courage; su vial 
—I courage! cheer up I 
Coraggiosamente, adv. courageously, boldly 
Coraggióso, -a, a. courageous, bold, màoly 
Corale, a. choral; cordial, hearty, affection* 

Corallijo, tm. coral cutter, polisher 
Coralléssa, tf. bad coral 
Corallifero, -a, a. coralliferous, abounding 

in corals 
Corallina, a/, coralline, séa noti 
Corallioo, -a, a. {poet.) coralline, of coral 
Corallizxaziòne, «/. coral formation 
Corallo, tm. coral (sea-plant) 
Corallume, tm. quantity, nature of coral 
Coralmente, adv. cordially, sincerely; cho- 
Corame, sm. ill sorta of leather, raw-bides 
Coram pòpolo, adv. tap. {Latin) publicly, 

Coramvòbis, tm. {Latin) portly man 
Corano, tm. kóran, àlkoran (the Habòm- 

medan book of faith) 
Corata, •/. pluck, milt, liver and lights, 
haslet, parts near the heart; scemar la 
—, to pine awày 
Coratèlla, tf. liver and lights, chitterlings 
Coratellioa, tf. entrails, intestines 
Corazza,*/, cuirass, cuirassier ; tòglier la 
— per móglie, to five one's self op to 
the profession of Arms 
Corazzàjo, tm. maker, seller of cuirasses 
Corazzière, tm. {mil.) cuirassier 
Corallina, tf. small cuirass, breast plate 
Corazsóno, tm Urge cuirass, breast plate 
Còrba, tf. basket, basket- rail, curbs; eòrbe 

di una nave, ribs or skeleton of a ship 
Corbacchióne, tm. great raven, crów 
— df campanile, tm. cunning blade 
Corbàccìo, «m. ugly bad riven 
, Corbare, vn. I. to puff, swell with pride 



— 197 — 


Corbellare, va. 1. to quiz, io mike fan of, 

Hugh at, rally, baoter 
Corbellatóre -trice, tmf. mòcker, jèster 
Corbellatura, tf. mockery, quizzing 
Corbellerìa, tm. trifle, idle talk» «luff, fudge 
Corbèllo, tm. basket, «mail basket 
Corbellóne, tm. large basket 
Corbézzola, tf. (oot.) irbute berry, tree- 

•tra* berry 
Corbézzolo, tm. (hot.) irbute, striwberry- 
Corbieiao, tm. smill yoùng crów (tree 
Corbioa, tf. kfnd of black gripe 
Corbtae, •«». kind of black fig 
Córbo. tm. {poet.) riven, crow; aspettare 

il — , to wait in vain 
Corbolfno, tm. sort of September fig 
Corbóna, tf. common purse (of priests offi- 
ciating a church) ; méttere in —, to put 
aside, to keep for one's self 
Corcare, corcarsi, V. Coricare, coricarsi 
Corda, a/, rópe, string; — d'arco, a bow- 
string ; ballerino da —, rópe dancer ; — 
per ballare, dancing rópe, tight rópe; —, 
the strappado; — magna, (anat.) tèndon 
of the leg; palla —, tènnis; a —, straight- 
way, directly, in a line; struménto a cor- 
de, stringed instrument; méttere in còrde 
uno struménto, to string a musical in- 
strument; fire alla —, to pliy at tènnis; 
tener ano sèlla —, to keep one in sus- 
Cordaggio, cordame, tm. cordage, rigging 

Cordijo, tm. rópe-miker 

Corteggiare, va. 1. to be in a Une, éven 

Cordèlla, cordellina, tf. tipe, «mill eord 
Cordellare, va. 1. to twist, twine, interweave 
Corderia, tf. ròpe-manofactory, rópe-wilk 
Cordiaeo, -a, a. of the heitt 
Cordiale, tm. cordial, slrèngtheniny driogbt 
—, a. cordial, heirty 
Cordialità, a/, cordiality, heartiness 
Cordialmente, adv. cordially, heartily 
Cordicèlla, —ina, tf. small cord, pick- 
thread (yard 
Cordiéro. tm. superintendent of a rope- 
Cordiglièro, tm. cordelier (friar) 
Cordiglio, tm. girding rópe* (of friar), band 

Cordino, tm. cobbing board, flat bludgeon 
Cordof Hire, van. i. {ant.) to pity, lament, 

Cordòglio, tm. ingnish, heirt-griéf 
Cordogliosaménte, adv. sorrowfully, bitterly 
Gordoglióso, -a, a sorrowful, li men table 
Cordonare, va. i. to surround, bind, gird 

wfch a eord or rópe 
Cordonilo, -a, a. edged round 
Cordoncino, CordonceUlno,tm. smill string, 

twist, lace 
Com one, tm. string, bat-bind, loop, line; 
ribbon (worn by knights); — ombelicale 
(anat.) umbilical cord, narel string; (bot.) 
fenicie» ronicnloua, fonicle-chord; — sa- 

nitàrio, sanitary cordon ; — del campa* 

nello, bell-pull, bell -rope 
Cordovaniére, tm. (ant.) cordwiiner, shoe- 
Cordovino, tm. Spanish leather, Cordovan 
Core, tm. (poet.) beirt, core, V. Cadre 
Coréggia, tf. leather girdle, leather belt, 

leather tongue, leather strap; firt; tirar 

una —, to let a firt 
Coreggiijo, tm. miker of leather girdles, 

belts, strips 
Coreggiile, tm. V. Staffile 
Coreggi into, Coreggiéra, tm. blàckfrfar 
Coreggiilo, sto. flàil ; dar la benedizióne 

del —, to send to ruin, perdition 
Coreggluólo, sto. leather strap, leather tongue; 

(bot.) sort of olive-tree; V. Crogiuolo 
Coreografia, tf. chòregraphy 
Coreogrifico,-a, a. coregriphic, coregriphi- 

Coreògrafo, tm. cbóregrapber, ballet com- 
Corepiscopo, tm. shflragan, local bishop 
Coretto, tm. sort of breast-plate or armor 

for the breast 
Coriindolo, tm. (bot.) coriinder seed 
Coriindro, tm. (bot.) coriander (plant) 
Coribinte, tm. frintic priest of tybele, eo- 

rybànte (U« dòwa 

Coricare, van. (little uted) to go to bed, 
— va. 1. to liy the sugar-cane, vine, etc. 

in furrows or under ground, to liy any 

thing at its length 
Coricarsi, vrf. to lie down, stretch one* s 

self horizontally, stoop; si corica a sóle, 

the sun goes down, is setting, disappears 
Coricida, tmf. (poet.) breiker of heirts 
Coriclno, tm. little heart 
Coridilio, tm. (bot.) rtmiter, fumitory 
Corifèo, tm. chief, leader, principal man 
Corilélo, tm. hizel grove 
Cerilo, tm. (bot.) filbert or hisel-nut tree 
Corimbifero, -a, a. (poet.) bearing ivy. 

Corimbo, tm. (poet.) duster of ivy-bèmes 
Contestatrice, tf. beàrt-tormèntor 
Corintio, Corinto, tm. and a. (arch.) Co- 
rinthian order, Corinthian 
Cèrio, tm. skin, hide, V. Cnójo 
Corista, tmf» (pi. coristi, coriste) chorister, 

Corizza, tf. (med.) bad cold in the head, 

Corna, tfp. (of còrno, tm.) horns 
Corniccbia, tf. (orn.) rook, smill crów; 

Cornacchiaménto, tm. chit-chat, prattling 

Cornacchiire, vn. to chitter, prittle, prate 
Cornacchino, tm. young crow 
Cornacchióne, tm. great bibbler 
Corn aménto, tm. a tiogliog in one's ears 
Cornamusa, */. bag-pipe 
Cornamusire, va. 4. to pliy on the bag- 



— 198 — 


Cornare, va. i. to blow (or wind) the horn 

(ant. in thit téme) ; — gli orécchi , to 

tingle, to féel a kind of thrilling sftnd 
Cornata, tf. blow with the horns; menare 

una —, to bit wilh the horns 
Coniatóre, tm. who bl6ws, sounds the horn 
Cornatura, tf. set of horns 
Còrnea, «/. (ant.) còrnea (of the efe) 
Corneggiare, tm. to butt, brandish the 

horns, shoot ont horns 
Còrneo, -a, a. horny; corny, callous 
Conélta, tf. horn (bogle), cornet, standard 

of a troop of horse 
Cornettatòre, tm. blower on the hòrn 
Cornettino, am. small horn osed to polish 

the heels of shoos 
Cornétto, tm. little horn, cornet, bomb 

boss, cornicle, gherkin, cupping glass 
Cornice, */. frème (of a pletore etc*); (arch.) 

cornice ; cornice, */. (little vted) crow 
CornicéUo, -a,. tmf. small hòrn, comet 
Cornicino, -a, tmf. cornice, gherkin 
Cornicióne, tm. entablature, Urge frame 
Cornicolare, a. horned, shaped or bent like 

a hòrn 
Cornicolato, cornicolato, -a, a. like a horn, 

V. Cornicolare 
Cornifero, -a, a. horned, with horns 
Corniòla, cernia, tf. còrnei, cornelian cherry 
— f */• (mfn.) cornelian (precious stone) 
Còrniòlo, eòrnio, tm. (hot.) còrnei, corni- 

Corniolotxa, e/, small cornelian (stone) 
Còrno, tm. (corna, tfp.) hòrn, pride; — di 

cèrto (pharm.) hart's hom; — d'nn esèr- 
cito, the wing of an army ; — d'nn flume, 

arm of a river; — dell' abbondanza, d'A- 

maltéa (myth.), cornucòpia, hòrn of plen- 
ty ; — ducale, the eap worn by the Doge 

of Venice; corna di lumaca, snail's horns; 

recirsi uno sulle — , to hate one; far le 

— ad uno, to make one a cuckold; portar 
le —, (fig.) to be a cuckold; fiaccar le 

— ad uno, to humble or bring down one's 
pride; suonare 11 — , to blow (or wind) 
the horn; ritirare le —, to draw in one's 
horns; non vale un —, it is not worth a 

Cornucòpia, tf. cornucòpia, the hòrn of 

Cornuto, -a, a. horned, hiring horns 
Còro, tm. chorus; choir; (north-west-wind) 
Corografia, tf. chorògraphy, description of 

a country 
Corograficamente, adv. ehorogriphically 
Corogràfico, a. chorogriphical, descriptive 

of a country 
Corolla, «/. (hot.) còroi, corolla (the inner 

covering of a flower) 
Corollario, am. corollary, addition 
Comitato, -a, a. (boi.) coronile, còrollited 
CorolMfero, -a, a. (hot.) bearing corollas 
Corollifórme, a. like a corolla 
Corona, tf. crown, diadem, ropal dignity, ' utensils of husbandry/ shipa's rigging and 

glory,, honor, circle, wreath, chiplet; 
(of the nobility) coronet; òpera a — , 
(fort.) crówn-wòrks; successióne alla —, 
descent of the crown; far —, to surround, 
attend; dir la —, to siy over one's beads 
Coronijo, tm. chàplet-màker, teller 
Coronale, a. of a crown, coronal 
Coronaménto, tm. coronation, ornament 
Coronire, va. i. to crown, adorn, encircle 
Coronilo, -a, a. crowned, surrounded 
Coronazióne, #/. coronation, ornament 
Coronefna, coronétta, a/, small crown, circle 
Coronciòne, tm. Urge crown, girland, rosary 
Corpacciata, «/. belly-full 
Corpaccio, am. big bulky body 
Corpacciuto, -a, a. corpulent, big-bellied 
Corpacciutóne, -a, o. very corpulent, bulky 
Corvettino, corpétto, stn. small doublet 
waistcoat; — di flanèlla, flannel shirt 

Còrpo, stn. body, bulk, mata, society ; bello 
di —, well made ; combàttere — a —, to 
fight hand to hand; nàscere ad un —, to 
be bòra at once (twins); — di naviglio, a 
ship's hulk; — di guàrdia, corps de guard ; 
andar del —, to go to stool; ha il diàvolo 
in —, the devil is in him; a — mòrto, 
adverb., desperately; a — pièno, filled 
to satiety, glutted; a — vóto, fasting; 
mangiare or bere a crepa — or scòppia 
—, to glut or gòrge one's self, to tope, 

Corporale, tm. corporal, fine linen used at 

the altar 
— , a. corporeal, bodily, mortal 
Corporalità, corporeità, a/, corporàlity, ma- 
Corporalmente, adv. bódUy, really, actually 
Corporation©, a/, corporation, corporate 

body, body corporate 
Corporatura, a/, corpulence, site, figure, 
Corpòreo, -a, a. corporeal, in body (form 
Corpulènto, -a, a. corpulent, fleshy, plump 
Corpulènza, tf. corpulency, plumpness 
Corpùscolo, Corpuscolo, «««.corpuscle, atom 
Corpuscolare, a. corpuscular, of bodies 
Corpusdòmini, tm. Edeharist, Corpns-Christi 
Corputo, -a, a. V. Corpacciuto 
Corpusxo, am. corpuscle, atom, small body 
Córre, (contraction of cògliere), va. 2. trr. 
(pret. còlgo; pott, còlsi; part, còlto), to 
gather, reap 
Corredare, va. to furnish, equip, decorate; 

— una cisa, to furnish, or fit up a hduse; 

— un bastiménto, to equip or fit ònt a ship; 

— un libro di note, to enrich a book with 
notes (med, enriched 

Corredato, -a, a. equipped, fitted up, trim- 
Corredentóre, -trice, tmf. one who coope- 
rates in redeeming 
Corredino, tm. baby-linen 
Corrèdo, tm. furniture, household goods. 


— 199 — 


tackling, complète equipment, bride's 
dress, ornaments, etc; (ant) banquet, 
feast, repast 
Correggente, a. correcting, chastising 
Corrèggere, va. J. irr. (pati, corrèssi; part, 
corrètto), to correct, revise, redress, chas- 
tise, gòTera ; — éggersi, vrf. to get cored 
of, mend; — del bere, to leave off drink- 
Correggerle, a. {ant.) corrigibile, alter- 
able, V. Correggibile 
Corrèggia, correggine, %f. lèather-thong, 

strap, shoe* tie 
Correggiijo, §m. harness, strap-maker, seller 
Correggiamo, am. frfar -wearing a leather 
Correggiato, un. flail (girdle 

Correggibile, a. corrigible 
Correggimènto, §m. correction, direction 
Correggiòla, Corregganola, a/, small leather 

Corraggióne, Sm. Urge lèather-thòng, strap 
Correggitòre,- trice, imf. corrector, revisor, 

pùnisher, prince, mister, lord 
Correggitun, •/. revisal, amendment; re- 
Correggiodla, a/, (hot.) knot-grass 
Corregginòlo, am. crucible, V. Crogiolo; — 

delle scarpe, làtchet of the shoes 
Corregoare, va. 1. to reign together 
Correlativo, -a, a. correlative 
Correlazióne, «/. mutual relation, conform- 
Correligionario, am. one of the same reli- 
Corrènte, i/. current, stream, use; am. 
rafter, small joist; — elèttrica, electric 
current ; — submarina , underset ; — 
d'Aria, draught; — d'acqua dólce, (mar.) 
fresb; andare colla — , to go with the 
stream ; andare cóntro la —, to go against 
the stream, to oppóse the stream 
Corrènte, a. current, general, swift, running, 
usual, common; acqua —, running water; 
conio — , account current; prètto —, price 
current, current price; ai due del —, on 
the second instant; uomo —, accomodat- 
ing man; — (corrivo), hasty, prone; a 
pènna — , with ease 
—, adv. fluently, glibly, with facility 
Correnteménte, adv. currently, hurriedly 
Correntia, a/, centre or current of a river 
Correntia, a/, headlong course, rash of 
Còrrèo, am. accomplice (waters 

Córrere, vn. irr. (pati, córsi; part, córso), 
t» run, flow, glide; piss on; — a fùria, 
to act rashly; — un cavallo, to run a 
horse; — il pillo, to run a race; córre 
il mio trentesimo inno, I am in my 
thirtieth year ; — addòsso altrui, to fall 
upon one; — la pósta, to ride or drive 
post; al tèmpo che córre, as times ire 
(or go); — rischio, fortuna, etc, to run 
tue risk; — nella ménte, per 1* ànimo, 
to cerno into one's head; to strike one; 

córre vóce, It is reported ; fire — voce, 
to spread a report; córre differènza, 
there is a difference; ci córre, there is a 
great difference; monéta che córre, money 
that is current; — la giòstra, l'aringo, to 
joust, tilt, run the gauntlet; — una for- 
tuna di mire, (mar.) to scud, to run be- 
fore the wind; —, con fona di véle, to 
crowd all tails; — al lirgo, to stand 
for the òffing; — il mire, to infest the 
seas, to cruize; — una bordata, to run 
on board in ticking 
Correria, a/, iocnrsion, inroad, attick 
Corrospettiramènte, adv. corrélatirely, cor- 
Correspeltiviti, a/, relation, conformity, af- 
finity, reciprocal correspondence 
Correspettfvo, -a, a. correspondent, con- 

Correttamente, adv. correctly 
Correttivo, -a, a. corrective, assuislve 
Corrètto -a, a. corrected, correct, exict 
Correttóre, sin. corrector, reformer, rector 
Correttola, if. office of corrector 
Correttriee, if. mònitress, cènsurer, fault 

Correzionale, a. (law) relative to misde- 
meanors; péna —, penalty by fine or im- 
prisonment; tribunale —, court for the 
trial of misdemeanors 
Correzióne, a/, correction, reform, (print.) 
reading, correcting; casa di —, house 
of correction, bridewell; fire una —, to 
make a correction 
Corridójo, corridóre, am. corridor, gallery 
Corridóre, am. scout, ròver, courser, ricer 
Corrièra, a/, mail-coach; (mar.) advice- 

Corrière, am. courier, messenger, mail 
Corrigénte, sm. and a. (med.) corrective 

Corrigibile, a. corrigible, mèndable 
Corriménto, am % course, rice, running 
Corrispettivo, -a, a. V. Corrispettivo 
Corrispondènte, am. correspondent, trustee 
—, a. corresponding, suitable 
Corrispondentemente, adv. suitably, fitly 
Corrispondènza, a/, correspondence, fitness; 
èssere in —, to carry on, keep up, hold 
a correspondence 
Corrispóndere, vn. 2. irr. (past, corrispó- 
si ; part, corrispósto) to correspond, suit 
Corrisponsile, a. and $mf. (law) that is 

surety with another, cosurety 
Corrisponsióne, if. remuneration, reward, 

Copritóre, -trice, tmf. rover, V. Corridóre 
Corrivo, a. too histy, over credulous; un 

—, a silly follow, a dupe 
Corroborante, a. corroborating, fortifying 
Corroborare, va. i. to corroborile, strength- 
Corroborativo, -a, a. corroborative 
Corroborato, -a, a. corroborated, comforted 



— 200 — 

Corroboratóre, -trice, tmf. fortifier, strength- 

Corroborazióne, tf. strengthening, strength 
Corrodènte, a. corroding, wasting, biting 
Corródere, va. S irr. {past, corrósi; part. 

corróso) to corróde, gnàw, waste 
Corrodimene, tm. corrosion, wearing sway 
Corrompente, a. corrupting, vitiating 
Corrómpere, va. 2. irr. {past, corruppi; 
part, corrótto) to corrupt, infect, spoil, 
deprave, debinch, seduce, bribe; corróm- 
persi, vrf. to change, to putrity 
Corrompe vole, a. corruptibile, perishable 
Corrompimónto, tm. corruption, depravation 
Corrompitóre, -trice, tmf. corrupter, seducer 
Corrosióne, «/. corrosion, we4riog away 
Corrosivo, -a, a. corrosive, wearing awày 
Corróso, -a, a. corroded, éaten awày 
Corrottamente, adv. corrbptly, vitiously 
Corrotlibile, a. V. Corruttibile 
Corrótto, tm. mourning, sorrow, grief 
—, -a, a. corrupted, bribed, vicious 
Corrucciàre, va. 1. to torment, afflict, vex; 
—arsi, vrf. to be in a passion ; perchè 
mai vi corrucciate? why are yoa àngry 
(in wrath), with me? • 

Corracciatamènte, adv. in a passion, angrily 
Corrucciato, -a, a. full of anger, wrathful 
Corrùccio, tm. writh, passion, ftìry; — di 
fratèlli fa più che due flagèlli, prov. 
txp. the hatred of brothers is the worst; 
— è vano sema fòrte mino, prov. txp. 
rage is vain without strength 
Cornicciosamente, adv. wràthfully, angrily 
Corniccióso, -a, a. choleric, pettish 
Corrugare, va. I. lo corrugate, wrinkle 
Corrugato, -a, a. wrinkled, corrugated 
Corrugasióne, tf. contraction into wrinkles 
Corruscare, vn. 1. V. Coruscàre 
Corruttèla, tf. corruption, depravation 
Corruttibile, (corrnttévole, ant.) a. corrupti- 
Corruttibilità; (out.) — àtc, -ade, #/. cor- 
Corruttivamènte, adv. V. Corrottamente 
Correttivo, -a, a. vitiating, seductive 
Corruttóre, -trice, tmf. corrupter, seducer 

COR \ 

Corsésca, tf. dèmi-lànce, spóar, jàvelin 
Corsescàta, tf. thrust, wound from a jàve- 

Corsia, tf. current of a river, stream; (mar ) 
cóorsey of a gàlley; wide street or passate, 
outlet, thoroughfare 
Corsière, tm. courser, stèed, wàr-hórse 
Corsivamente, adv. cursorily, hastily 
Corsivo, -a, a. running, flowing ; stile —, 

flowing style ; caràttere —, italics 
Córso, am. course, flow, tide, career, pro- 
gress, ràce-cóurse, long broad street, 
thoroughfare; andare in — (corseggiare», 
to cruise about, pirate; fare il - degli 
8tudj, to follow a regular course of 
study, or studies ; — delle monéte, cur- 
rency (o/ coin) ; — legale, legal tènder; 
aver —, to be (or pass) current; non 
aver —, to be uncnrrent, not to be cur- 
rent; aver - legale, (fln.) to be a legal 
tènder; dare un - di lesióni, to deliver 
a course of lectures 
—, -a, a. ran, elapsed; fallen dàe, io arrears 
Córso, tm. Córsican wine, Córsican 
Corsojo, -a, a. sliding, running: càppio 

—, running knot * r 

Cortàldo, tm. (vtf.) decked or cropped horse 
Cortamente, adv. briefly, in snort 
Córte, a/, court, banquet, bill, tribunal, 
cóurt-yàrd; dama di -, Court Lady; al- 
levato in —, cóurt-bred; tener —, — 
bandita, to kéep open htfuse ; la — 1» ha 
assòlto, he has been acquitted by the 
Court; domattina vi sarà riceviménto alla 
—, the Queen {or King) will hold a 
Lévec to-mórrow; jeri sera vi fu ricevi- 
mento alla —, the Queen held a drawing- 
room yesterday 
Corteàre, va. I. to attend, to follow in a 

bride's train or retinue 
Cortéccia, •/.bark, crust, rind, rough-cast, 

dutside, exterior, appearance, skin 
Corteccluóla, tf. pellicle, small crust 
Corteggiaménto, tm. courting, train, retinae 
Corteggiare, va. i. to court, pay one's ad- 
dresses or one's court, to attend, fàwn 

— „.. ---, — --"-, w.. v . wviiuptn, «ouucBr I Upon 

Corrutióne.corruttura, t/,corrùption, breach Corteggiato, -a, o. courted, sought after 
Córsa, tf. course, race, rnnnin». m» h£«». p^»--»5«.a m ' — _ _T u » . * m 1IW 

Córsa, tf. course, race, running, run, heat; 

— di cavalli, hòrce-ràce; — a campa- 
nile, stéepte-chase ; — per sómme scom- 
mésse, sweep-stàke; — all'ora (of hired 
coachtt), fare by time; — a piedi, foot 
race; alla — (of hired coachet), by 
the fare; cavallo da —, race bórse; ràcer; 

— di due miglia, a twó mile héat ; a —, 
in running 

Corsale, corsaro, tm. corsair, pirate 
Corsalétto, «vn. córsalet, light breastplate 
Corseggiamene, tm. piracy, pillage 
Corseggiare, van. I. to pirate, cruise, 

Corseggiato, -a, a. pirated, pillaged 
Corseggiatone -trice, tmf. corsair, pfrate 

Corteggiatóre, tm. one who courts 
Cortéggio, tm. train, suit, retinue 
Corteglanaménte, ado. in a courtly manner 
Cortegianésco, -a, o. of a courtier 
Cortegiania, tf. finesse, V. Cortigianeria 
Cortegiàno, tm. V. Cortigiano 
Cortèo, tm. bride's train, christening, feast, 

princely retinue 
Cortése, a. courteous, kind ; èssere — a 
uno di checchessia, to provide one wilh, 
to lend one something; starsi —, recarsi -, 
to stand with one's arms folded on one's 
breast; alia —, adverb, kindly, courte- 
ously ^ 

Corteseggiaménto, tm. Urgess, generosity, 
great expense, splendid living, train 


— 201 — 


Corteseggiare, van. i. to lire, entertain 

Cortesemente, adv. courteously, affably 
Cortesia, a/, courtesy, politeness, favor; in 

—, per —, pray; freely, as a free gift; 

— schiètta domanda non aspetta, prov. 
exp. true kindness gives without waiting 
for prayers 

Cortézaa, sf. brevity, shortness; conciseness 
Còrtice, «m. bark, rind, crust 
Corticélla, a/, corticfno, «in. little cónrt 
Cortigiana, $/. cónrteaan (court-lady); (ani.) 

Cortigianamente, a. in a courtly manner 
Cortigianéllo, —étto, tm. little courtier 
Cortigianeria, tf. finesse, tact, cóurt-intrtgue 
Cortigianésco, -a, a. insincere, Air and 

Cortigianétto, — uxxo, tm. small courtier, 

would-be- courtier 
Cortigiano, am. courtier; (ant) 'judge, mag- 
—, -a, a. of the court, courtly 
Cortile, tm. courtyard, firm-yird; pisciare 

nel — , to be a spj, an informer 
Cortiletto, cortilùixo, tm. smàll-cónrt-yird 
Cortina, tf. curtain, veil; pix-cftver 
Cortinàggio, tm. bed -curtain 
Cortinito, -a, a. enclosed with curtains, 

Córto, -a, a. short, brief; — di vista, short- 
sighted ; alle córte, in short ; di — , 
shortly, soon 
Cortola, tf. (boi.) auricula, bear's Oar' 
Corucciire, va. i. to irritate, V. Crucciare 
Constante, a. coruscating, flashing 
Coruscire, vn. i. to coruscate, flash 
Coraseatione, •/. coruscation, flash of light 
Corasco, -a, a. coruscant, flashing 
CorriU, $f. {feud, law) base service, stat- 
ute labour, contribution in forced labour, 
corvée, (obligation to repair the roads) 
Corvétta, a/, curvet (the curvetting of a 

horse); (mar.) advice-boat, sloop 
Corvettare, vn. 1. to cùrvet, prince, frisk 
Concitatóre, tm. curvetting, bounding horse 
Còrvo, tm, (orn.) raven (carnivorous bird); 

aspettare il —, to expect in vàin 
Còsa, a/, thing; — rara, curiósa, cariosity; 

— da nulla, trifle; — giudicala, (law) 
final judgment; — di pòco rilièvo, slight 
natter; che — avete? (che c'è?); what is 
the matter with you? che — vi fa! (che 
ve ne impòrta?) Whit matters it to you? 

Cosicela, a/, great thing, bad thing 

Cosacco, tm. Cossack 

Cosacelo, tm. good for nothing fellow 

Coscéodere, vn. 2. irr. V. Condiscéndere 

Coccia, tf. thigh, hàuncb; — di castrato, 
leg of mutton; — di minio, rftnd of 
beef; — di pollastro, leg of a fowl 

Cosciale, tm. cuisses (greaves); eóach-àx- 

Coseiénxa, (coscéniia, ani,), tf» conscience, 

scruple; — larga, accommodating con- 
science; — strétta, guardinga, scrupolósa, 
tender conscience;— nélta,cléarcònscienco; 
farsi — di, to make it a case (matter of 
conscience; in — , in conscience, indeed; 
senxa mia —, without my knowledge, 
unknown to me 
Coscienziàto, —òso, -a, a. conscientious 
Coscienxiosaménte, adv. conscientiously 
Coscinétto, tm. V. Cuscinétto 
Coscritto, tm. conscript (young soldier); a. 
m. (Rom. hiit.) conscript; Padri Coscritti, 
Conscript Fathers (the Senators of Rome) 
Coscrivere, V. Conscrivere 
Coscrisióne, a/, (mil ) conscription 
Cosellina, if. Cosellino, m. ìtrifle,mére nòth- 
Coserélla, cose t tin a, a/, j ing, gewgaw, 
Cosetti, if. cosétto, m. J plày-thing 
Cosi, adv. so, thus ; la còsa è —, the matter 
is so; — ricco cóme voi, as rich as yon; 

— tosto come, as soon as; — come, as, 

just as ; sta , he is so so ; — antichi 

come modèrni; both ancient and modern; 

— o —, so and so ; — fatta gènte, such 
people; — fattaménte, in such a manner; 

— non fòsse, 1 wish it were not so; — non 
t'avessi conosciuto mai, would that I had 
never known you 

Cosmètico, -a, a. cosmetic, beautifying ; — 
tm. cosmetic 

Còsmico, -a, a. cosmic, còsmical; (aitr.) 
edsmical (rising or setting with the sun) 

Còsmo, tm (Greek) the universe, the whole 
system of visible bodies (including the 
earth and stars) 

Cosmogonia, a/, cosmogony 

Cosmogònico, -a, a. cosmogonie 

Cosmografia, tf. cosmography 

Cosmogràfico, -a, a. cosmogràphic, cosmo- 

Cosmògrafo, tm. eosmògrapher, describer 
of the uni verse 

Cosmologia, a/, cosmology, physical l&ws 
of the world 

Cosmològico, -a, a. cosmològica! 

Cosmopolita, tm. cosmopolite, citixen of 
the world 

Cosmopolitico, -a, a. cosmopolitan 

Cosmopolitismo, tm. cosmopolitism, cosmo- 

Cosmorima, tm. cosmorima 

Cosmoràmico, -a, a. cosmoràmlc 

Còso, tm. silly fellow 

Cosóffiola, tf. busy-body, intruder, intriguer 

Cosò ne, tm. great thing, great silly fel- 

Cospàrgere, va. 2. irr. (pa$i, cospàrsi; part. 
cospàrso) to sprinkle, strew 

Cospàrso, -a, a. sprinkled, studded 

Cospèrgere, va. 2. irr. (patt t cospèrsi; pari. 
cospèrso) to sprinkle, strew 

Cospèrso, -a, a. sprinkled, strewed 

Cospettàcclo, tm. bully, blusterer, swag- 
gerer; lare il —, to bully, bluster, swagger 


— 202 — 



Cospètto, am. aspect, presence, sight, view 
— ! inter, zonndsl plague on iti 
Cospettóne, sm. blusterer, bully 
Cosptcere, va. 8. {poet) to look, ?iew, mind 
Cospicuità, sf. conspicnoasness, brightness, 

Cospicuo, -a, a. conspicuous, eminent, 

Cospirare, vn. i. V. Conspirire 
Cospiratóre, -trice, smf. V. Conspiratóre 
Cospirazióne, sf. V. Conspiraxlóne 
Còsso, itti, bumb, pimple, wirt, knob 
Costa, sf. rib, side, coast, hillock, the back 

of a knife; navigare — —, to coast 

Costà, adv. there, in that place beside you, 

where you ire ; via di —, iir off 
Costaggiù, adv. yonder, there below 
Costante, a. constant, firm, stable, certain 
Costantemente, adv. constantly, steadily 
Costanza, sf. constancy, steadiness 
Costare, va. I. to cost; vi costerà caro, it 

will cost you dear 
Costassù, ado. there above 
Costato, em. breast, side, ribs, flank 
—, -a, a. cost, paid for, obtained 
Costeggiare, va. 1. to coast, go side by side 
Costeggiato™, sm. {mar.) cóast-pilot, coaster 
Costeggiatura, sf. {mar.) the coasting along 
Costèi, pron.f. she, this woman, this girl 
Costellato, -a, a. grouped like a constel- 
lation . 
Costellare, vn. i. to shine with united ra- 
diance; va. to unite (aererai shining 
bodies) in one splendor 
Costellazióne, sf. constellation 
Costeréccio, sm. pickled ribs of pork (chop 
Costerèlla, sf. hillock, little hill; pórk- 
Costernàre, va. 1. to impress consternation, 
dismay, astonish, strike with terror; 
—àrsi, vrf. I. to be dismayed, affrighted, 

Costernato, -a, a. astonished, dismayed 

Costernazione, sf. consternation 
Costi, adv. there, in that place, near you 
Costièra, sf. shore, length of coast, coast 
Costière, sm. coasting pilot, coaster 
Costièro, -a, a. sidelong, obltqne, aslant, 
Costinci, adv. from where you are 
Costipaménto, am. cóstiToness, stoppage 
Costipare, va. I. to bind, make costive 
Costipativo, -a, a. binding, astringent 
Costipato, -a, a. constipated, costive 
Costipazióne, sf. {med.) constipation, ob- 
stipation, cóstiveness 
Costituènte, a. constituent, that constitutes; 

smf. constituent, elector, nominator 
Costituire, va. 3. {pre$. costituisco), to con- 
stitute, appoint, elect, establish, place, 
fix; — una dòte, to settle a dòìrry; irsi, 
vrf. to constitute one's self; —irsi pri- 
gióne, to surrender one' self, to fire one's 
self up 
Costituisti; èssere al — , to be going to die; 

venire al —, to surrender one's self forced 
by necessity 
Costituito, -a, a. appointed, placed 
Costitutivo, -a, a. constitutive, essential 
— em. essence, nature, existence 
Costituto, am. examination, interrogatory 
Costitutóre, -trice, smf. constitutor, appoint- 
or, constituent 
Costituzionale, a. constitutional 
Costituzionalità, a/, constitutionality 
Costituzionàre, va. i. V. Costituire 
Costituzióne, sf. confutation, statute, liw, 
creation, habit or temperament of body 
Còsto, am. cost, expense; aenza —, gratis, 
for nothing ; torre denari a —, to borrow 
money on interest 
—, am. (bot.) còstmary 
Costola, a/, {anat.) rib; — di coltèllo, the 
back of a knife; stare alle costole d'al- 
cuno, to be always at one's elbow 
Coslolame, am. costolatura, a/, all the ribs 
Costoliére, am. wood knife, hanger 
Costo! ina, a/, small rib, chop, cutlet 
Costóro, pron. mfp. these, those, these fel- 
lows, those fellows 
Costretti™, -a, a. costringono aatrictive 
Costretto, -a, a. constrained, forced, obliged, 

bound, tied up, confined, close 
Costrignere, va. %. irr. {past, costrinsi; 
part, costretto), to constrain, compel, 
bind, tie, shut up, lock up 
Costrigniménto, sm. constraint, contraction 
Costringente, a. costriogent, binding 
Costringere, va. %. irr. (past, costrinsi; 

part, costretto), to constrain, oblige 
Costringi mento, sm. compulsion, binding 
Costrizióne, a/, constriction, contraction 
Costruire, va. 3. (pres. costruisco), to con- 
struct, construe 
Costruito, costrutto, -a, a, constructed 
Costrutto, am. profit, advantage; construc- 
tion, order ; sènza —, adverb, uselessly, 
to no purpose whatever 
Costruttóre, -trice, smf. constructor, builder; 

sm. (mar.) shipbuilder, ship-wrfght 
Costruttura, sf. structure, building, fabric 
Costruzióne, sf. construction, order, aense 
Costui, pron. m. this fellow 
Costuma, better costumanza, sf. custom, 

hàbit, òse, ósage, way, politeness 
Costumare, vn. 1. to be accustomed, tstd, 
wónt, in the hàbit of; queste còse non 
si costumano in Frància, these things are 
not customary in France 
— va. 1. to frequent, Tisit, practise; to in- 
struct, polish, civilise 
Costumatamente, adv. politely, genteelly 
Costumatézza, sf. politeness, good manners 
Costumato, -a, a. polite, civil, accustomed 
Conumazióne, sf. instruction, teaching 
Costume, sm. custom, hàbit, practice, man- 
ner, costume (dress); come è il — , as 
the custom is, aa customary; avere in — 
(or per — ) di, to be in the bàbit of; l'im- 


/ COS 

— 203 — 


paratóre vestiva il — ungarése, the Em- 
peror wore the Hungarian costume 
Costura, tf. séam; spianar le —tire ad al- 

còno, to gire one a sfònd dressing 
Cosuccia, —ossa, tf. trifle, thing of no value 
Colai (for colili), pron. mp. such, etc. 
Cotale, a. and pron. such a one 
—, dotalmente, ado. in such a manner, so 
Cotangènte, tf. (geom.) cotangent 
Cotanti (dae), mp. twice as much; tre — , 

three times as mach, as many 
Cotanto, -a, a. much, many 
—, adv. so mnch, so long, so, so rery; ricco 

—, so very rich 
Còte, cota, if. whetstone, whélter 
Coténna, Cótica, tf. skin of the bead, rind; 
(med.) buff, buffy coat of blood, buffy coat; 
— infiammatòria, (tned.) inflammatory 
crust; far —, to get fat 
Cotennóne, colicene, tm. thick-headed fél- 
Cotennóso, -a, a. (med.) buffy (low 

Cotesto, -a, dem. pron. and. a. that, this; 
prendete quésto libro e quello, e datemi 
—, like this book and that, and gire me 
that (other) one near yon 
Cotestóro, pron. m. plur. these, those 
Cotesloi, pron. m. ring, this man, this one 
Cotidiina, «/. quotidian, quotidian fever 
Cotidianaménte, adv. daily, every day 
Cotidiano, -a, a. quotidian, daily, everyday 
Còlila, tf. (anat) còtyla, cótyle; (Or. Bom. 

ant.) còtyla, cótyle (measure) 
Cotilèdone, 9m. (bot.) cotyledon, seed-lobe, 
nivel-wdrt, kidney- wòrt; (anat.) cotyledon 
Cotiledòneo, -a, a. (bot.) cotyledon 
Cotilòide, tf. (anat.) cotyloid 
Cólo, $m. (ant.) thought, V. Pensièro 
Cotógna, if. quince (fruit) 
Cotognate, am. quince marmalade 
Cotognino, cotògnolo, -a, a. like a quince 
Cotógno, sin. (bot.) quince tree 
Cotonilo, -a a. stuffed with cotton 
Cotóne, tm. còtton; -r- esplosivo, fulminante, 
explosive, fulminating cotton; bilia di —, 
bale of còtton; téla di —, coarse còtton 
cloth; réfe di —, se wing còtton; l'albero del 
—, (bot.) the còtton-plant,-trée; tessuto di 
—, còtton fabric; filatójo di —, còtton 
factory ; filatura di —, còtton-spinning ; 
mòrbido come il —, còttonous, còttony 
Cotonélla, if. (bot.) còtton-grass 
Cotonificio, $m. còtton-mill 
Cotonina,!/. coarse calicò, coarse còtton cloth 
Cotornfce, if. V. Coturnico 
Cótta, if. surplice; drunkennes; intoxicition; 
dótage (excessive fondness); — d'irmi, 
cóat of arms; è come la — dei prèti, he 
Is very pliant, without conscience; pigliire 
la —, to get drùnk; furfante di tre còtte, 
Arrant knave; mitto di sètte còtte, rav- 
ing mad; succherò di tre eòtte, (fig.) ex- 
cellent thing or person 
Gottardila, if. incient upper girment 
Cotticelo, -a, a. half seas over, half hiked 

Cóttimo, un. contract (at a stipulated price, 
whether the contractor lose or gain) job; 
pigliire a —, to undertake a job; lavorare 
a —, to wòjk by the job 
Còtto, tm. batch, cooking, dressed victuals; 
lavóro di —, brick work, stone or biked- 
clay work 
— , -a, a. cooked, dressed; ubbriaco — , 
quite drùnk; innamorato —, desperately 
Cottója, if. V. Cocitura (in lore 

Cottòjo, -a, a. easily cooked, or smitten 
Cottura, if. the cooking 
Coturnato, -a, a. weiring buskins, bùskined 
Coturnice, a/, (orn.) quail, partridge 
Coturno, tm. buskin, cothurno, tragedy 
Cóva, tf. cove, den, lair, tortoise shell 
Covicelo, — icciolo, tm. borrow, cave, den 
Covante, a. brooding, hitching, devising 
Covare, va. 4. to sit (on eggs), sit brooding, 
hitch, warm up, foment, brood, plot, de- 
vise; tm. to lie abed lazily; (of water) to 
stignate, stand; — il fuòco, la cénere, 
never to stir from the chimney-piéce 
Covata, tf. brood, còvey, hitch, progeny 
Covaticcio, -a, a. ready to sit or hatch 
Covatura, tf. hitching, time of hitching 
Covasióne, tf. the sitting on eggs, incobition 
Covizxo, at», (vulg.) home, nest, native coun- 
Covélle. tfp. something, V. Cavelle (try 
Coverchiire, and deriv. V. Coperchiare, etc 
Covérchio, tm. V. Copèrchio 
Covertfna, tf. horse-cloth, saddle-cloth 
Covidóso, -a, a. (ant.) covetous, V. Cùpido 
Covigliirsi, vrf. to cróùch, lie squit 
Coviglio, tm. bee-hive 
Covile, tm. den, cave, haunt, resort, lair 
Cóvo, còvolo, tm. den, lair, borrow, kénnel 
Covoncóllo, —ino, tm. small sheaf 
Covóne, tm. shéaf (of corn, etc.) 
Covrire, va. 3. (post, covrii and coversi; 

part, coverto) to cover, V. Coprire, etc. 
Coiióne, if. boiling, cooking, concoction 
Coxsire, van. 1. to butt (as rams do), contend 
Cozzita, tf. blow with the horns, shock 
Coxzitóre,-trfce,*m/.one who butts, contends 
Còzzo, *«». butting, shock, horns, elisaci ash- 
ing; dar di —, to strike, hit, hit upon, meet 
Cozzóne, tm. horse-dealer, jockey, igent 
Crab róne, tm. V. Calabróne 
Cracri, tm. the cawing of rooks 
Crii, tm* and adv. (ant.) (Lat. eras) to- 
Crinio, tm. skull (morrow 

Craniologia, crenologia, if. craniòlogy, cra- 
Craniometria, if. craniometry (niògnomy 
Craniómetro, tm. craniòmeter 
Cripula, tf. habitual debauch 
Crapulare, va. I to lead a debiuched life 
Crapnlóne, tm. glutton, debauchee 
Crapulositi, tf. habitual debiuch, gluttony 
Crassézza, if. gróssness, fillbiness 
Crassizie, tf. thickness, fitness, gróssness 
Crasso, -a, a. gross, fat, thick, coarse; 

ignorinsa crassa, gross ignorance 
Cristino, -a, a. (poet.) of to-morrow 

■ >»> 

J ■" - *J 

j. ! ; 

- W 



— 204 — 



Cratéra, sf. Cratère, un. crater, cop 
Cravina, if. (mar.) smill shell thai adheres 

to the bottom of ships 
Cravatta, sf. craTàt, stock, neck-kèrchief 
Grazia, if. Tuscan penny 
Creante, a. creitiog, producing, forming 
Creanza, sf. breeding, education; buòna —, 
. good-breeding, politeness; mala —, vulgar- 
ity , radeness; gli insegnerò io la —, I'll 
téach him belter manners 
Creaazire, va. 4 to teach good manners and 

good morals 
Creanzato, -a, a. well-bred, accomplished 
Creare, va. 4 to creile, prodùce, cinse 
Creativo, -a, a. creative, productive 
Creato, tro. servant, dependent; creatore; 

il —, creation, the world, the universe 
Crealo, -a, a. created, bred, formed 
Creatóre, m. creator, maker, Suprème Bèing 
Creatóre, -trice, a. productive, creative 
Creatura, #/. créature, favorite, hireling 
Creatttrélla, sf. little créatnre, poor créature 
Creaturina, sf. little créature, gòod créature 
Creazióne, if. creation, nomination 
Crèbro, -a, a. (poet.) thick, dense 
Credènte, a. and t. believing, believer; i 

—ènti, believers 
Credènza, sf. belief, faith, opinion, crédit; 
sideboard, buffet ; pèrder —, to lése one's 
crédit or good name; dire o aver —, to 
believe, give crédit to ; dare a -, to sell 
on crédit; far —, to trust; a —, upon one's 
credit or word ; lèttera di —, letter of créd- 
it; far la —, to taste 
Crede nzétta, if. smill cupboard 
Credenziale, a. of credit, of testimony; lèt- 
tere —ili, credentials 
Credenxióra, t/.sfdebòard, cùp-bóard, pàntry 
Credenzière, sm. butler, confidant, secretary 
Credenzóne, an. Urge sideboard ; man easy 

of belief, credulous man 
Crédere, van. 2. to believe, think,conflde;dare 
a —, to mike (one) believe, to impóse upon 
(one); farsi a —, to think, suppóse; 
crédo di si, I believe so ; crédo di no, I be- 
lieve not ; volete dirmi a — che, would yon 
hive me believe that, etc. ; chi desidera 
nna còsa, la créde facilménte, prov. exp. 
what a man desires he easily believes 
Credévole, a. credible, believable 
Credia, {poet. for credè va.credéa, i. or 3 per, 
Ming, imperf. of crédere), was believing, 
Credibile, a. worthy of crédit (believed 
Credibiliti, if. credibility, probability 
Credibilmente, adv. in a credible manner 
Crédito, am. crédit, trùs t reputation, power; 
dar — ad nno to credit one, give credit 
to one ; méttere in —, (com.) to credit 
(an account); véndere a —, to sell on cred- 
it; ho portato qnesta sómma al vòstro 
—, I hive carried this snm to your crédit 
Creditóre, -trice, $*nf. creditor, that believes 
Crédo, am. creed, irlicle of faith, belief 
Credulità; (ant.) -ite, — ide, *f. credulity 

Crèdulo, -a, a. credulous, unsuspecting 

Credulo, -a, a. believed, thought, reputed 

Crélia, sf. smart lively country lass 

Crèma, sf. cream 

Cremare, va. and vn. i. (Latin) V. Abbru- 

Cremazióne, sf. cremation 

Crèmisi, sm. crimson 

Cremisino, -a a. crimson-colored 

Cremóre, sm. the best of a thing, essence, 
flower, extract; cremór di tàrtaro, créam 

Cren, créen, sm. V. Armoriccio (of Urtar 

Creolo, -a, tmf. creole 

Creosòta (essènza).*/. (cAetn.) creosote, kréo- 
sote, flesh preserver 

Crèpa, if. crick, Assure 

Crepacciito, -a, a. cleft, cricked, fill of 

Crepicelo, -a, smf. cleft, crévice, crack, gap 

Crepacuòre, svi. broken heart, agony, grief, 
heirt sorrow, heart-breaking; mangiare 
or bére a —, to cram one'* self with food; 
to gazile, tòpe 

Crepiggine, if. (ant. and low) plague, voli- 
tion, ennui, weariness to death 

Crepapància, crepapelle; a —, adv. exp. 
(vulg.); mangiare a —, a crepapelle, to 
staff or cram one's self (with food); ridere 
a crepapelle, to split one's sides with 

Crepare, van. 4. to crack, chap, split, burst, 
die; — d'invidia, di ribbia, to burst 
with ènvy, with rage ; — dalle risa, to die 
with liughing 

Crepito, -a, a. burst, cricked, cleft 

Crepatura, if. crévice, deft, chink, rupture 

Crepitacolo, sm. rattle, clipper 
Crepitante, a. crackling, sparkling 
Crepitare, vn. 4. to crickle (as the fire) 
Crepito, sm. crackling; (med.) crepitition 

(of bona) 
Crepolire, van. 4. to crack, split, burst 
Crepolato, -a, a. burst, split, cricked 
Crepolfo, sm. crick, crackle, cricking, crick* 

ling (sound) 
Crepòne, sm. coarse woollen cripe 
Crepóre, sm. (ant.) hatred, spite» malice 
Crepùnde, sfp. plày-things, t6?s t biwbles; 

recognition-mirks of foundlings 
Crepnndi, imp. V. Crepùnde 
Crepùscolo, un. twilight, crepùscolo 
Cr> scéndo, tm. (mus.) crescèndo 
Crescènte, sm. crescent (of the moon) 
— a. increasing, growing 
Crescènza, sf. growth, increase, excrescence 
Créscere, van. 2. irr. (past, crébbi; pari. 

cresciuto) to grow, increase, expind; — * 

vista d'occhio, to grow apice 
Crescévole, a. susceptible of growth 
Cresci men to, créscere, sm. aagmentition 
Crescióne, am. (bot.) witer cresses, cresses 
Crescitóre, -trice, fin/, incróaser, grower 
Cresciuto, -a, a. increased, grown, grown 

up, brought up, adult 



— 205 — 


Crinièra, tm. horse's or lion's mane, e óarsa 

Crinito, crinito, -a a. hairy ; long-haired 
Crino, «7n. (commerce) bàir, horse-hair 
Crinolino, im. crinoline 
Criòcca, tf. disorderly crew, gang, clique 
Cripta, tf. crypt, subterranean chàpel 
Crisalide, tm. chrysalis, anrélia 
Crisantemo, tm. (boi.) chrysanthemum 
Crise, crisi, tf. crisis 
Crisma, tm. chrism, V. Crèsima 
Crisocòlla, t/.chr?socolla, gold solder, bórax 
Crisòlito, $m. (min.) ehr^solito, transparent 
Crisopàsso, tm. (min.) green émerald (tópaz 
Cristallino, -a, a. cristalline, translucent 
Cristalliuàre, va. i. to crystallize, congeal 
Cristalizzàrsi, vrf. to coagulate, concrèto 
Cristallizzazióne, tf. (ehem.) crystallization 
Cristallo, tm. crystal; (poet ) clear stream; 
— di mónte, — di ròcca, (min.) rock 
crostai ; il palazzo di —, (in London) 
the Crostai Pàlace 
Cristallografia, tf. crystallography 
Crislato, -a, a. (poet.) crested, tùfted, 
Cristèo, —ère, —èro, sm. cluster, injection 
Cristianàccio, $m. bad or ùgly Christian 
Cristianamente, adv. like a Christian 
Ontóso cresimo, -a, a. creswu, *«»«>« Cristianàrsi, vrf. I. to become a Christian 
CréU, i/.chàlk, clay. trgU. nnctnous èarth Crislianèlla. if. silly, foolish woman 
Xl.ilJn • a. ehilkr clàveT Cristianèllo, tm. silly or mean fellow 

Cretàceo, -a, a. enuij, «»J«X . ... rwi a «A.imV ~» rjiWiiiiit* rh^.» 

Crescintòccio, -a, a. pretty well grown np, 

rather plump, strong-limbed 
Creseolina, if. toast and 6ÌI with silt. etc. 
Crèsima, crèsma, if. chrism, confirmation 
Cresimàndo, -a, tmf. person to be confirmed, 

Cresimante, cresimatóre, am. anolntcr 
Cresimare, va. 1. to confirm, anoint (in bap- 
tism, confirmation, and extreme unction) 
Cresimato, -a, a. confirmed, anointed 
Crèso, -a, a. (ant.) (for creduto) hellered 
Créspa, «/.wrinkle, fold, plait, packer, gather 
Cmpaménto,m. crisping, plaiting, creasing; 

- di capègli, plait, curl, hraid 
Crespare, van. i. to twist, curl, shrink 
Crespèllo, tm. fritter, crisp cake 
Crespino, tm. (hot.) barberry (wild plum) 
Créspo, -a, a. crisped, curled, frizzled 
Crespane, tf. coarse woollen crape (stuff) 
Crespóso, -a, a. curled, frizzled, crisp 
Crésta, #/. cr«st,tuft, top, head, sbmmit; — 
di gallo, cock's cómb; rizzare, alzar la — , 
(vulg.) to become prflld, to get puffed np; 
abbassare la -, (vulg.), to be crest- 
Crestaja, s/. milliner, tire woman (fallen 
Crestomazia, if. (Greek) chrestòmathy, book 

of extracts 
Crostóso, crestato, -a, a. crested, tufted 

Cretinismo, tm. crétlnism,the state of a cretin 
Cretino, -a, $m. Cretin (one of certain de- 
formed and helpless idiots In the Tilleys of 

the Alpi) 
Cretóso, -a, a. cretose, chalky 
Cri, cri, im. the noise made by a cricket 
Cria, if- (risei.) concise narration 
Criire, and derivatei, V. Creare 
Cribrare,^. 1. (poet.)to sift, winnow, debate 
librazióne, if. cribràtion, sifting, discussion 
Cribro, tm. sieve, bòni ter, sèarce 
Cricca, tf. gamo at cards, flhsh of cards, 

pàir-róyal, eréek, band 
Criceh, tm. crack, sadden disruption 
Cricchiare, vn. i. to cróak, crack, clack 
Cricchio, tm. whim, caprice, V. Capriccio 
Crico, tm. (mech.) jack (a machine for rais- 
ing weights) 
Crimenlése, tm. high treason, great offence 
Criminale, a. criminal, culpable 
Criminalista, im. writer on criminal matters 
Criminalità, */. criminality, criminalness, 

Criminalmente, adv. criminally 
Crimioàre, va. i. to charge with a crime 
Criminatore, -trice, tmf. accusant, accuser 
Criminaxióne, tf. crimination, charge 
Crimine, im. crime, offènce, sin, fault 
Criminóso, -a, a. criminons, culpable 
Crina, a/, crest of a mountain 
Crinale, tm. ornament for the hair 
Crinatnra, if. (of wallt) decay occasioning 

hiir cracks 
Crine, tm. hair 

uiifuauviiU) 9ii». on.* j vi woau ibuuw 

Cristianésimo, tm. Christianity, Christian re- 
Cristianissimo, -a, a. most Christian ; il Re 
—, his most Christian Majesty (King of 
Cristianità; (ant.) —àte, —ade, tf. Christen- 
dom, Christianity, Christian religion 
Cristianizzare, va. 1. to christianize, convert 
to Christianity (ed to Christianity 

Cristianizzato, -a, a. christianized, convert- 
Cristiano, -a, tmf. Christian, believer; par- 
lare da —, to speak like a Christian; farsi 
—, to embrace Christianity 
—, -a a. Christian, pions, religions 
Cristianóne, tm. large tall man, simple man 
Cristo, tm. Christ; crucifix; non aver scon- 
fitto — di cróce, not to be guilty of a very 
heinous offènce; dir le piaghe di — di 
alcuno, to aspèrse, defame one; non da- 
rebbe nn — a baciare, he is niggardliness 
personified; lo farò stare in cristi, I'll 
keep him in awe ; non e' é — di po- 
térlo persuadére, there is no persuading 
him by any means ; èsser la vigna di —, 
to be a land flowing with milk and honey; 
chi vuol — se lo prèghi, prov. ezp. 
every one for himself and God for us 

Gritamo, im. (bot.) samphire, séa-sàmphire; 

marsh silt-wort, grass- wort 
Critèrio, tm. criterion, good sense 
Critica, tf. criticism, critique, censure 
Criticàbile, a. that may be criticised, cen- 





— 206 — 



Criticamente, adv. critically, judiciously 
Criticare, va. 4. to criticise, censure 
Criticato,-», a. criticised, censored 
Criticato™, -trice, emf. critic, censurar 
Cricchétto, am. ignorant, bad critic 
Criticismo, am. criticism, animadversion; the 

criticizing, animadverting 
Critico, am. critic, censurar, judge 
—, -a, a. critical, accorate, captions; oster- 

razióni critiche, critical remarks 
Crittògama, j/.(boi.)cryptogimia,cryptògamy 
Crivellajo, am. sieve or riddle maker 
Crivellare, va. 1. to sift, riddle, van, exam- 
ine, discuss, censore 
Crivellato, -a, a. riddled, sifted, discussed; 

— di palle, riddled with bills 
Crivellatóre, -trice, emf. sifter, one who rid- 
dles (grain) 
Crivellatùra, a/, riddling, sifting* 
Crivellatone, ef. (the actor process of) sift- 
Crivèllo, em. sieve, riddle (ing, riddling 
Crocaddobbato, -a, a. sàilron-còlored 
Croccire, tro. i. to crack, chat, chatter 
Crocchiare, va. 4. to strike, tattle, chat; clack 
Cròcchio, «m.méeting, clique, chatting pirty; 

stare a —, to chat, sit chatting 
Croccinone, em. prattler, great talker, blab 
Cròccia, a/, (ant.) oyster, V, Osteria 
Crocciare, V. Chiocciare 
Cròcco, sm. iron hook, crook 
Cróce, a/, cross; trouble, affliction; gran —, 
{knight) grand cross; il ségno della —, the 
sign of the cross; in —, in fórma di —, a 
mo'di —, crosswise, cross, in the form of 
a cross; farsi il ségno della —, to make (he 
sign of the cross, to cross one's self; por- 
re uno in — (Jig.), bandirgli la — ad- 
~ Iftssov to revile, detract, backbite ono, to 
cry him down; far delle braccia — , to cross 
one's arms; fare una — a un débito, to 
forgive, remit a debt; a òcchio e —, adv. 
exp.atràndom;la — dell'ancora (mar.) the 
crówn of the anchor 
Cro cell ina, a/, small-cross 
Cròceo, -a, a. saffron-colored 
Croceria, a/, multitude of crusaders 
Crocesegnare, va. i. to sign with the cross; 
—arsi, vrf. to assùme the cross (engage 
in a crueade) 
Crocesegnato, Crocesignito, em. crusader 
—, -a, a. marked with a cross 
Crocètta, a/, small cross, cròslet 
Crocevia, a/, cross-way, róad, street 
Crociare, va. 4. to sign or mark with the 

cross ; —àrsi, vrf. to tike the cross 
Crociata, if. crusade, crusades tax; cross-way 

cross-road; cruise 
Crociato, am. crusader 
—, -a, a. crossed 
Crocicchio, em. cross- ways, place where two 

or more roads cross each Other 
Crocidare, Crocitare, tm. 1. to cróak, caw 
Crocièra, ef. (oatr.) crosier, the Southern 
Crow; (mar.) cruise, cruising place 

Crocifero, em. eròss-beàrer; —, -a, a. (Oof.) 

Crocificcare, va. 1. V. Crocifiggere 
Crocifiggere, va. 2 . irr. (paet, crocifissi;,part\ 

crocifisso) to crucify, torment 
Crocifiggiménto, am. crucifixion 
Crocifissa] o, tm. cruci Gì- maker 
Crocifissióne, tf. crucifixion 
Crocifisso, em. crucifix; stare or mangiare 

alle spése del —, to spùnge, be t sponger, 
— » -a, a. crucified 
Crocifissino, em. small crucifix 
Crocifiasóre, —óra, emf. crùcifier, tormentor 
Crocfna, ef. (bot.) vervain 
Crociòne, em. great cross 
Crocisignato, -a, a. V. Crocesignato 
Crocinolo, Crogioòlo, am. crucible 
Cròco, em. (bot.) crocus, saffron 
Crocodilo, em. V. Coccodrillo 
Crogiolare, tm. 1. to bell, or dress nicely; 

—àrsi, vrf. to pamper one's self 
Crogiolato, -a, a. well cooked, delicately 


Crògiolo, em. gentle stewing, slow cooking 
Crogioòlo, am. crucible, melting-pot 
Cròjo, -a, a. hard, rough, coarse, vulgar 
Crollante, a. shaking, tottering, crumbling 
Croi lare, van.l. to crùmble,shike,jog,igitite, 
Crollata, tf. Cròllo, em. shake, toss, jog (toss 
Cròma, sf. quiver, crotchet, sharp (iu music) 
Cromàtica, ef. (mue.) chromatic 
Cromàtico, -a, a. chromatic, by semitones 
Cròmo, em. (min.) chrome, chromium 
Crònaca, ef. V. Crònica 
Crònica, ef. chronicle, history 
Cronicamente, adv. chronically 
Cronicaecia, ef. wretched chronicle, history 
Cronichista, cronista, em. chronicler 
Crònico, -a, a. chronic, of long standing, 

tedious or difficult of cure 
Cronografia, tf. chronógraphy, description 
Cronologia, ef. chronology (of time pist 
Cronologicamente, adv. chronologically 
Cronològico, -a, a. chronological, of time 
Cronologista, cronologo, em. chronòlogist 
Cronòmetro, em. chronometer, witch 
Cronoscòpio, Crondscopo, am. chrònoscope, 

Crosisso, em. crosido (coin with a cross) 
Crosciire, wi. 4. to ràin in torrents, póur, 

spftt, bubble up, crash, crackle 
Cròscio, em. bubbling up, crash, burst • — 

or scròscio di tuòno, di rU», wad clap 

of thunder, burst of laughter 
Cròsta ef. crust, scab, acùrf, surface; se- 
minare in -, to sow unplewghed ground; 

dar le cròste ad uno, (vulg.) to chastise 

.? e i »r« Ia CrÒSl i' (vul *) l0 b « <***- 

tized; l'asino non ha luògo in - 9r99% 
exp. one must not cist pèarla bifore 



— 207 — 


Crostila, •/. frùit-pfe, tirt, iny tort of pie 
Crostatura, tf. pavement, incrustation 
Crotlioo, tm. toast, small crust of bread, bunn 
Crostóso, -a, a. crusty, full of crust 
Cròtalo, $m. {mm.) cistanet, cithern; (tool.) 

Crovóllo, mi. {agr.) viae of an pressed gripes 
Cruceévole, a. irascibile, passionate, hasty 
Grnecevolménte, adv. in a passion, hastily 
Croccia, •/. pick-axe, mattock, hóe 
Cnicciaménto, tm. irritation, exasperation 
Cxocciire, va. to exasperate, incense, grieve; 

—arsi, vrf. to get angry, writhful 
Crucciatamente, adv. angrily, in a passion 
Crucciato, -a, a. angry, provoked 
Crocciato™, -trice, tmf. exisperitor, incen- 

sor, kindler of anger, wrath 
Crùccio, em. anger, writh, spite 
Crucciosamente, adv. passionately 
Cruccioso, -a, a, provoked, angry, hasty 
Crociaménto, cruciato, im. torment, pain 
Cruciare, va* 1. lo tórtore , excruciate ; 
—àrsi, vrf. to torment one's self; to tike 
the cross, become a crusader 
Crociato, -a, a. tormented, tor tared 
Oueifiggcre, V. Crocifiggere 
Crocio, tm. torment, tórtore, grief, pain 
Crudamente, adv. crudely, harshly, cruelly 
Crudelaecio, -a, a. cruel; barbarous, inhuman 
Crudèle, a. cruel, merciless, ruthless 
Crudelélto, -a, a. somewhat cruel 
Crudelexxa, «/. ) cruelty, 

Crudelili; (awi.) —ite, -ide tf. Jbarbirity, 
Crudeltà; (ant.) —ite, —ide, tf. /inhuman- 
ity, cruel action, rigor, inclemency 
Graderò, -a, a. [poet, ant.) cruel, rigid, 

raw, aAr 
Gradetto, -a, a. rither crude, unripe, raw 
Crude***, tf. I crudity, un- 

Crudità; (ant.) —ite, —ide ( ripeness, riw- 
nest, indigestion (cruel 

Crudivoro, -a, a. that eats crude things, 
Crudo, -a, a. raw, unripe, sellr, hard 
Cruentare, va. i. to stain, swear with blood 
Cruentala, a. blòody, góry, hórrible,dréadfal 
Crina, a/. I ejeofa needle, middle, bottom, 
Crùno,*». ( hollow (narrow path, Dante) 
Cruóre, tm. (Lat.) crnor, V. Singue 
Crop, sm. {ned.) croup {vulg. rattles) 
Crurale, a. (anat.) crural 
Crésca, $f. bran, refuse, dregs, dross 
—, gf. Florentine academy of letters 
Cruscijo, mi. brao-séiler, buyer 
Cruacinto, tmf. one who affects to speak or 
write the purest Tuscan; a speaker or writ- 
er blindly obsequious to the Academy 
della Crusca 
Cruscita, $f. cock and boll story, nonsense 
Cruscheggiare, tm. 4. to be fastidious in the 
ehfice of words; to speak or write with 
blind obsequiousness to the Academy della 
Cruschèllo, st». fine bran (Crusca 

Craschérole, a. (ironic.) affected in the choice 
Cruscóne, tm. coarse bran (of Tuscan words 
Cruscóso, -a, a. branny, full of bran 
Crusticeo, a. crnsticeous; — am. crusta- 
cean; pi. crostacea, V. Crostaceo 
Cabarè, tm. —irsi, vrf. to lie down, V. 

Cubitto, am. cubinola, $mf. bird-trap 
Cubatura, cubaiióne, if. (geom.) cubature 
Cubèbe, em. (©oc.) cubeb 
Cùbico, -a, a. cubic 
Cubicolo, em. {Latin) little bed-ròom 
Cubicolire, — irio, im. V. Camerière 
Cubitale, a. cubital, of the elbow 
Cubito, sm. cubit, elbow, bend, ingle 
Gubitóso, -a, a. (ant.)l desirous, V. Cùpido 
Cubo, sm. cube, die, body of six equal squires 
Cuccagna, if. land of delight, plenty 
Cuccija, if. nest, V. Nido, co ricciolo 
Cucchiàja, if. drag, drèdge, rammer, lidie 
Cnechiajdra, if. case for spoons 
Cncchiijo, im. spoon, spoonful; nn — d'ar- 
gènto, a silver spoon; prendete oe an —, tike 
a spoonful; imboccare or pàscere col — 
vnóto, {fig.) to téach useless things; avere 
la sentènsa nel —, to be condemned by 
a sentence; ho fitto dièci miglia, ma son 
pròprio da pigliarsi col —, I hive walked 
ten miles, but I am qnfte knocked up 
Cucchiaióne, tm. iirge spoon, soup lidie 
CucchiajàU, if. spoonful 
Cucchlira, if. trówel, rimmer, lidie 
Cucchiarino, tm. small spóon, tèa-spoen 
Cùccia, if. crfuch, dog's bed 
Cucciare, vanA. to liy down, extend, lie down 
Cucciato, -a, a. stretched, laid dtfwn 
Cuccio, tm. little dog, stupid fellow 
Cucciolfno, am. pretty little dog, lap-dog 
Cucciolo, tm. poppy, whelp 
Cucco, tm. torn.) cuckoo; egg; favorite, dar- 
ling; vècchio —, dotard 
Cuccnino, còccolo, tm. (orn.) cùckoo 
Cuccuma, tf. kettle; malice, wrath, rage 
Cuci men to, tm. seam, cicatrice, scar 
Carina,*/, kitchen, victuals, cookery; attrézzi 
di —, kitchen battery, utènsile; ròba 
di — (grascia), kitchen stuff; serva di —, 
kitchen wench, maid ; — di vascèllo, cùddy, 
cook room ; intèndersi di —, to understand 
Cocinibile, a. capable of being cooked 
Cucinire, van. 4. to cook, prepire, dress 
Cucinètta, tf. small kitchen, little cooking 
Cociniéra, tf. cook- maid, woman-cook 
Cucinière, tm. man-cóok, V. Cuòco 
Cucire,va.3. {pret. cucisco)to sew, stitch, tick, 
join together; una lingua che tiglia e 
cuce, a flippant tongue; — la bócca, to 
silence, to hush up ; — a réfe dóppio, 
(Jig.) to be a doable-dealer 
Cucito, -a; a. sewed, stitched 
—, tm. seam, autore 


— 208 — 

CUO \ 

Cucitóre,-trfce, tmf. sewer, tailor, seamstress, 

mender, dress maker 
Cocitura, a/, seam, sature, sewing 
Cuculiare, va. I. to mock, Hugh at, quia 
Cuculiatone «/. trick, waggery, quizzing 
Cuculiato, -a» a. hooded 
Cuculio, -a, tmf. hóod, cowl, V, Cocólla 
Cùcùlo, tm. (om.) edekoo 
Cucùrbita, a/, (bot.) cucurbite, gourd , 

Cocarbttàceo, -a, a. {bot) cacarbitaceous, 

resembling a gourd 
Gacorbftino, -a, a. bred in the bowels 
Cocuzza, «/. (bot.) gourd, pòmpioo; noddle, 

Cocóizoio, tm. summit, top, vertex, ipex 
Gufila, a/, coif, cap, head dress, bonnet; — 
da nòtte, night coir, cap; uscirne pel rótto 
della —, to cóme off, to sate one's bacon ; 
egli nàcque con la —, he was born to good 
lack (he was born with a silver spoon 
in his mouth) 
Cuffiàccia, tf. ugly coarse cap 
Cuffiire, va, 1. to gùzzle, to gormandise 
Cuffiétta, cufflna, «/. small biggin, child's cap 
Cuffióne, aro. Urge cap, coif, biggin 
Cuffiótto, tm. man's cap, bonnet 
Cùfico, -a, a. cóli e; caratteri cùfici, cùflc char- 
acters (cousin 
Cugino, -a, tmf. cousin; cuginómo, {ant,) my 
Coi, pron. rei. mf. which, whom; di —, 
of which, whom, whose; a — , to whom, 
to which; non sapeva la — casa fosse 
quella, he didn't know whose house it 
wis ; Dio acceca — vuol pèrdere, prov. 
txp. those whom God has a mind to 
destro? he first deprives of their senses 
Cujósso, tm. affected use of Latin words 
Culaccino, tm. the remains of wine in a glass 
Culaccio, tm. rùmp 
Culaja, «/. inside of a diseased fowl 
Cuttjo, -a, a. {vulg.) troublesome, tedious, 
Calila, a/, kick hehind (teasing 
Culatta, a/, posterior part or bréech of a 
cànnon, gùn, etc. ; arma che si càrica per 
la —, a breech-loader 
dileggiare, vn, i. to strut, walk affectedly 
Calétta, l/. blow with the back side, a 1411 

Càlice, am. (ent.) amili gnàt, little fl? 
Culinàrio, -a, a. of the kitchen; arte —ària, 

Galiséo, am. V. Colossèo 
Culla, a/, cradle, (Jig.) infancy 
Collare, va. 1. to rock (the cradle), loll, quiet 
Callàto, -a, a. rocked, lolled, qaieted 
Calléo, am. leather bag in which parricides 

were drowned by the Romans 
Culmifero,-a, a. calmlferoas, bearing culms 
Culminante, a. (attr.) culminating; highest, 

Culminare, vn. i. to culminato, bo vertical 
Culminazióne, a/, culmination, transit 
Colmine, tm. top, height, àpex 
Culmo, am. stem, stalk, straw (of corn, etc) 
Cólo, am. backside, breach, bottom of a 
glass, pot, etc ; dare del — sol petróne 
or lastróne, to fail, become a bankrupt; 
piantare il — in on luògo, to spùnge, be 
a sponger 
Coltèlla, and deriv. V, Coltèllo, etc 
Coltivaménto, tm. còl turo 
Coltivare, and deriv. V. Coltivare 
Cólto, tm. worship; cultivated land 
Cólto, -a, a. cultivated, improved, dressed 
Cultóre, -trice, tmf, cultivator, improver; 
cultóri delle lèttere o delle sciènze, men 
devoted to literary or scientific pursuits 
Col tara, tf. cultore, melioration, dressing 
Camino, tm. (óot.) xumin (plant) 
Com quibas, tm. (Latin; jo ko te) money 
Cumulare, va. 1. to accumulate, pile 
Camolatamente, adv. abundantly 
Cnmnlativaménte,ado. collectively, Ini heap 
Camolati vo, -a, a. cumulative 
Cumulatola, a. heaped, piled, accumulated 
Cumulatóre, tm, accumulator, hoarder 
Cumulazióne, a/, accumulation, heap, pile 
Cùmulo, Cu molo, tm. heap, pile, sloro 
Cuna, tf. cradle; (Jig.) abode, home 
Cuneifórme, a. cuneiform, coniform, wedge* 
shaped; caràtteri —ormi, cuneiform char- 
acters, arrow-headed characters 
Cùneo, tm. cóne, wedge 
Cunicolo, tm. mine, subterranean way, V, 

Mina; rabbit, V. Coniglio 
Cónta, tf. (ant,) delay, V. Uimoransa 
Cónsia, tf. (boi.) wild marjoram, sweet rush 
Cooziéra, tf. perfume-vise, perfàming-pan 
Cuòca, tf. cook-maid, V. Cucinìéra 
Cuòcere, va. %. irr. (pati, còni; part, còtto) 
to cook, parch, fret; Usciolo — nel sor 
bròdo, leave him to his obstinacy; cuò- 
cersi, vrf. to burn one's self; to ge* 
drunk; to fill in love; — di on» còsa, to 
be grieved at something 
Cnocióre, tm. «mart, Itching, burning 
Caocitora, a/, dressing of victuals, cooking 
Cuòco, am. cook, min-cook 
Cuojàjo, am. leather-dresser, carrier (a 1 
Cuojàme, am. leather-dressed hides (ingontr 
Coòjo, am. leather, skin, rind, parchment 
Cooprire, va. 3. to cover, V. Coprire 
Cuòre, tm. heart, life, mind, courage; di — 
di buon —, adv. txp, heartily; di tùlio 
—, adv. txp, most heartily; di mal —, a 
mal —, adv. txp. with reluctance; sènza 
—, heartless; far —, farsi —, to cheer 
op, to pluck op heart ; pregare al —, to 
entreat earnestly; opprimere, straziare il 
-, to wring one's heart; èssere di buon 
—, to be góod-bèarted ; far mangiare or 

Fate, méte, bite, note, tube; - fit, met, bit, not, tub; . fir, plq**, 
Seae» viae, hi, rom». Hum; • pattft-potto, petto, « i, notte, eotf . Mao , ^^ 




/ CUP 

— 209 — 


far ródere il — a odo ; to keep one in 
constant heartache ; spèndere il — e gii 
òcchi, to spend lavishly; ràcere il — 
e gli òcchi, to throw one 's very heart 
op; doro di — , hard-hearted ; di pò- 
vero — , fiacco di —, faint-hearted, chick- 
en-hearted; sentito all'imo del — , 
heirt-felt; dilatare il —, to expand the 
heart; le sae lacrime mi andavano al 
—, her (or his) tears vent to my heart; 
non mi soffre il —, I cannot And in my 
heart; Ti da il — di...? have yon the heart 
tot state di buon —, take courage; me ne 
dispiace insfno al —, I am heartily sorry 
for it; bàcio di bócca spésso cnor non tócca, 
prov. exp. a kiss of the mdulh often touches 
not the heirt 
Capere, va. 2.[Lat.) to desire, V. Desiderare 
Gopcrósa, */. co pp crass, ship hate of iron, 
Co péna, tf. depth, profundity (green Titriol 
Cupidamente, adv. greedily, eagerly 
Copidézza J if. {ant) cupidity, irdent desire, 
Cnpidigia ( còvetousness, greediness 
Cupldioe, #/. (ant.) V. Cupidigia ^ 

Copidioo, Cnpidétto, am. little Cùpid 
Cupidità; (ant.) —Ade, — ate, tf. j cupid- 
Copidizia, a/, (ant.) \ ity, im- 

mòderaU desire, cóvetonsness, greediness 
CopiJo, -a, a. desirous, covetous, eager 
Cupido, tut. (myth.) Cupid, love, god of love 
Capo, tm. depth, ab}ss, profundity, bottom 
—, -a, a. deep, hollow, pensive, taciturn, 

sombre, obscure, bleak, dirk 
Cèpola, a/, dome, cupola ; non aver pèrso 
la — di veduta, to hive never left one's 
native country 
CopoléUa, a/, cupolino, tm. small dome 
Cópreo, -a, a. (Latin) cupreous, coppery 
Caprétto, tnu (ant.) V. Ciprèsso 
Capro, ft». (cAem.) copper 
Céra, tf. eire, solicitude, treatment (in dis- 
eases); cnracy, parish; — d'animo, cure 
or care of sóuls; aver — d'una còsa, to 
take care of a thing; a voi ne commétto la 
—, I leave it to your ciré; lasciate pore 
a me It — di ciò, leave the care of that to 
Curabile, a. córsole, remediable 
CorabiliU, «/. carableness 
Condenti, «ni. V. Stuuicadéoti (disease 
Caragióne, tf. core, curing, treatment of a 
Conodàjo, am. bleacher, whitener (of linen) 
Cariate, a. attending, careful, attentive; 

non —, careless, heedless, negligent 
Curare, va. 4. to take ciré, to take care of, 
to care; mind, vaine, core; to bleach, whiten 
(linen in the tun)\ non me ne còro un fico, 
I don't care a fig for it; — (medicare) una 
piaga, to dress a round; — an ammalato, 
to attend a sick person 
Curata, a/, (anat.) V. Corata 

Curatèla, tf. (law) guradianship; (of idioti, 

lunatics) committeeship 
Coratèlla, tf. (ant.) V. Coratèlla 
Curativo, -a, a. curative, medicinal 
Curato, rate, parson, rector, parish priest 
— , -a, a. cored, attended to; taken care of 
Curatóre, -trice, tmf. (law) guardian, trustee 
Curattière, tm. (ant.) V. Rivenditóre 
Curasióne, a/, the coring (of diseases) 
Curcuma, a/, (hot) Indian saffron, gamboge 
Cureria, tf. administration, executorship 
Cùria, if, court of justice, bar, tribunal, hill 
Curiale, tm. and a. lawyer, of the court 
Curialiti, tf. (ant.) kindness, civility, F. 

Coriandolo, tm, V, Coriindolo 
Cnricciire, va. (ant.) V. Corrucciare 
Curicciittola, tf. little cure, remedy 
Curióne, tm, (Rom. hi$t.) curio 
Curiosacelo, tm. prying, inquisitive fellow 
Curiosamente, adv. inquisitively, curiously 
Curiosètto, -a, a. somewhat curious, prying 
Curiositi; (ant.) —ite, — ide, a/, curiosity, 

Curiositatóccia, tf- little curiosity, rarity 
Curióso, -a, a. curious, rare, comical 
Córro, tm. roller, whéel-barrow 
Cursóre, tm. runner, courier, messenger 
Curricolo, tm. curricle 
Conile, tf- curule chair, magistracy (ding 
Curvaccigliito, -a, a. stern-looking, forbid- 
Curvire, va. 1. to curve, bow, bend, crook 
Corvini, vrf. to stoop, bend 
Curvato, -a, a, cùrvited, bent, bdwod 
Curvatura, curvézza, a/, bend, crAokednoss 
Curvétto, -a, a. somewhat bent, crooked 
Curvilineo, -a, a. curvilioear, cnrvilineal 
Curviti ; (ant.) - ite, —ide, tf, carving, 

Curvo, -a, a. curved, crooked, beot, Arched 
Cusire, vn, 1. (ant.) to pretend to be in the 


Cusirsi, vrf. (ant.) to think, reckon one's self 
Cuscinétto, tm. small cushion, work-box 
Cuscino, tm. pillow, cushion, soft-pad 
Cnscire, va. 3. to sew, V. Cncire 
Cùscuta, Cùscute, tf. (hot.) monk's rhubarb 
Cusoffiola, tf. fright, start (from féar, etc.) 

V. Battisóffiola 
Cusoliére, tm. (ant.) spoon (idited 

Cuspidato, cuspidéo, -a, a. [cuspidate, cusp- 
Cùspide, if. (poet.) point, spear, javelin 
Custòde, tm. keeper, guardian, monitor 
Custòdia, tf, custody, keeping, care; case; 

dare in— , to commit to one's caro; avere 

in —, to hive under one's care or charge 
Custódio, tm. (ant.) keeper, guardian 
Custodire, tm. 3. (pret. custodisco) to keep, 

guard, preserve 
Custoditaménte, adv. carefully, sifely 
Custodito, -a, a. kept, guarded, preservai 

sèr, rhàe; • (all, son, bàli; - fire, do; - bf ; Itmph; poise, baps, «ul, fowl; gem, ai 

tota, rata, . fata, a*a/; mil»; - trba, roga; lai; a, I ; poi; faaito; aamna, roat 

Dia, Ingl. Ital. • Edit. VI, Voi. 11 ti 


— aio — 




Collocutóre, »trice, smf. V. Custòde 

Cutàneo, -a, a. cutaneous, of the skin 

Còte, sf. skin (of man only) 

Cutériola, sf. large winged Ant 

Cuticagna, sf. nàpe, V. Collòttola 

Cuticola, •/. pellicle, thin skin, cuticle 

Cutrétta, cutréttola, sf. (om.) wàter-wàg tail 

Cùtu, sf. (om.) jày, jack-daw 

Cutter, «in. (mar.) cutter 

CnvidÓ90,-a, (ant.) a. covetous, F. Cùpido 

Cùria, a/, (ant.) bitch 

Czar, sm. Czar, Tzàr, Emperor of Russia 

Czarina, sf. Czarina (in Russia 

Czarovitx, sm. Czarowits, the heir apparent 

D, am. (fourth Utter of the alphabet) d; (-Ro- 
ma» Utter representing SOU) D ; d" (con- 
traction of di), prep, of, in ; d'altri, of 
others (or others'); d'inverno, in winter 

Da, prep, from, bf ; vengo — Parigi, I còme 
from Paris ; scritto — Roberto, written by 
Robert; —, abtfut; vi èrano — venti, there 
were abóùt twenty; —, to, etc. {before a 
verb in the infinitive denoting fitness or 
adaptation); — mangiare, to 6at, fit to be 
éaten; gióje — dònne, women's trinkets; 
donzèlla — marito, marriageable girl; 
—, like (before a noun) ; — amico, like 
a friend ; — uòmo, like a man ; — (for di), 
before an adverb; —meno, of less value; 

— più, of mòre worth; — (for in casa di), 

— mio zio, at my ùocle's; — me, at mf 
house; — me, by myself; lo farò —me, I 
will do it by mysèlf, alóne; da' (abbrev. 
of dai), from the, by the; da (accented), 
he or she gives; give 

Da allóra, d'allóra innanzi, adv. exp. from 
that time forward ; d'allóra in poi, since 
that time; d'allóra in qua, from that time 
to tbe present 
Da banda, adv. exp. aside, apart, separately 
Da basso, dabbasso, adv. exp. V. Basso; 
parti —, pudènda, the parts of generation 
Da bèffe, adv. exp. in jest, not in earnest 
Dabbennaceio, -a, a. good-nàtured, kind 
Dabbenàggine, sf. good nature, simplicity 
Dabbène, da bène, a. good honest, upright 
Dabbenuòmo, em. good, honest man 
Dabbudà, am. (mus.) psaltery (kind of harp) 
Da canto, adv. exp. aside, apart 
Da capo, adv. exp. again, once more, over 

again; (mue.) di-cipo 
D'accordo, adv. exp. agreed ; done, granted ; 
peaceably, in concord, harmony, Anion, in 
keeping, in accordance with 
Dacché, da che, coni, eince, as 
D'addòsso, da dòsso, ado. exp. o f, from one's 
back ; gli tòlsero i panni — (or di dosso) 
they stripped him of his clothes, they took 
off his clothes; non lo come levarmi — 
questo seccatóre, 1 don't know hów to get 
rid of this bore 

Daddovèro, adv. in earnest, seriously, really 
Dadeggiare, vn. 1. (little used) to play at dice 
Dado, em. die, cube, pedestal; giuoeare ai 
dadi, to play at dice ; impiombare 1 dadi 
(méttere dadi falsi), to cog the dice; bòssolo 
da dadi, dice-box ; giuocalór di dadi, dice- 
player, dicer; il — è tratto, the die is cast; 
tirare un gran —, to run a great risk 
Dàine, tf. (bot.) swéel bày-trée 
Daga, tf. dagger, póniard, dirk, stilétto 
Daguerrotipàre, va. 1. to daguerreotype 
Daghcrrotipia, sf. daguèrreólypy, the daguèr* 

reian art or invention 
Daguerreotipfsta, sm. daguèrreotyper 
Daguerrótipo, sin. daguèrrotype 
Daghétta, sf. small dagger, dirk, póniard 
Da indi innanzi, adv. exp. thènce-fórward 
Da indi in poi, adv. exp. since that time 
Dàina, sf. (tool.) dèe, fémale dèer 
Dàino, sm. (tool.) dèer, back 
Dàlia, sf. (bot.) dàhlia (from the, b? the 
Dalla, dàlie, dallo, dagli, dai; prej».and art. 
Dallato, allato, adv. beside, néar, bj (cràdle 
Dalle fàsce (dalla culla), adv. exp» from the 
Dalli, dalli! interj. hit him! give it him I 
Dalmàtica, sf. dalmàtica 
Dal vedére al non vedére, adv. exp. in the 

twinkling of an eye 
Dama, sf. lady of rank; draughts; vuol far 
la —, she sets up tor a lady ; giuocàr a —, 
to play at draughts 
Damare, va. to crown a man (at draughts) 
Damascare, va. to dàmask 
Damascato, -a, a. damasked 
Damaschétto, sm. gold or silver cloth 
Damaschino, -a, a. dàmask, of Damascus; 

acciàjo —, dàmask stéel 
Damasco, sm. dàmask (flowered cloth) 
Dameggiare, va.l. to court the ladies, flirt, 
be a lady's man (of rank 

Dameria, tf. the dignified gravity of a lady 
Damerino, sin. would-bo-làdj's man, dandy, 

exquisite, coxcomb 
Damigèlla, sf. young lady, maid of honor 
Damigèllo, sm. handsome young man, page 
Damigiana, tf. large bottle containing aMut 
four gallons; fare una — , (Jig.) to fail 
completely, to meet with complete fail- 
Damfoa, tf. young lady (of rank), young 

married lady 
Damma, tf. (poet.) doe, deer, back, hind 
Dam màggio, sm. (ant.) V. Danno 
Damo, sm. lover, wéer, gallant 
Damnzza, Damuzzàccia, «/. mean lady, ftp* 

Dan aj àccio, sm. bad money 
Danàjo, am. V. Denaro 
Danajóso, -a, a. V. Denajoao, denaróso 
Danaro, sm. V. Denaro 
Dànda, sf. (arith.) sort of division; dande, 
sf. pi. bràce-bànds, brace* (to sustain 
Daneiéro, sm. (ant.) damage, V. Diano 


— 211 — 


Dannàbile, a. blimable, damnable 
Dannabilmente, adv. culpably, blamablj 
Daanaggio, tm. birm, F. Din no 
Dannaménto» tm. V. Dannazióne 
Dannare, tm. 1. to condemn, erase, damn; 
—irsi, vrf. to damn one's self, to go to hell 
Dannato, -a, a. condemned, damned, lost 
Daanatóre, -trice, tm/. eondémner, judge 
Danneggiamento, (dannio, ant.), am. damage, 
Danneggiare, va. 1. to dimago, hurt, in j ore 
Danneggiatola, a. damaged, hurt, impaired 
Danneggiatóre, -trice, mf. who causes loss, 

DannÓTole, a. blimable, hurtful, wicked 
Dannévolménte, adv. disadvantageous^ 
Dannifieinte, danneggiànte, a. hurtful 
Dannifieire, va. i. F. Dannare 
Danaio, -a, a. (ant.) hurtful 
Danno, tv*, damage, loss, prejudice, hurt; 
— eterno, eternal damnation; a mio, a 
Tòstro —, to mf, to your cost; suo — , so 
mach the worse for him (for her) ; danni ed 
interessi, {law) damages; recar — , to be 
prejudicial, to prejudice, to do damage, 
injury, hurt, harm ; èssere tenuto al risar- 
ciménto dei danni ed interèssi, (lato) to be 
liable to damages ; risarcire nn —, to mike 
good a damage; liquidare i danni ed inte- 
rèssi, to assess damages; domandare la ri- 
f salóne dei danni ed interèssi, to sue for 
damages; soffrire un —, to recéire, to 
sustain an injury, to sustain damage 
Dannosamente, adv. hurt fully 
Dannóso, -a, a. hurtful, pernicious, noxious 
Dante, em. and a. giver 
— em deer skin (kind of strong leather) 
Danteggiare, 9». 1. to imi tate the style of Dante 
Dantésco, -a, a. in the style of Dante 
Dantista, tm. imitator of Dante 
Dinza, tf. dance ; menar la — , to lead the 

dance, minage the affair 
Danziate, danzatóre, -trice, tmf. dancer 
Danzare, vn. 4. to dince 
Danzétla, a/, little, short dance 
Da òggi inninzi adv. exp. t from to-day, from 
this day, from this day for ward, for the future 
Da per tutto adv. exp. 9 every-whère 
Dàpe, a/, {poet.) viand, delicious meat 
Dappiè, dappiéde, adv. ezp., below; from 

the foot; farsi —, to recommence 
Dappocàggine,*/. | indolence,cowardice,care- 
Tuppochézza, tf. | lessness, helplessness 
Dappòco, -a, a. cowardly, lizy, helpless; nn 
—, a poor fellow; a lizy, spiritless, good for 
nòthiog fellow 
Dappòi, da pòi, adv. and prep, since, aAer 
Dappoiché, tùn}. since, in as much as 
Dappresso, da prèsso, prep, near, herd bj 
Da qui aranti, da qui tnoanzi, da quinci in- 
ninzi, da quindi inninzi, adv. exp., from 
this time forward, from this time forth, 
htaeefórlh, henceforward, in future 
Parteggiare, fa. i* to dirt, shoot, cist 

Dardiéro, tm. ircher, lineer 

Dirdo, iwi. dirt, javelin, spéar 

Dire, va. 1. irr. {past diedi or détti ; part. 
dito) to gire, present, grant, permit; to 
assign, appoint, constitute, commit; to 
yield, prodùce, show, declire, tell; to 
strike, beat, dirt, announce, bring; — ad- 
dòsso ad uno, to fill upon a person; — 
compiménto, to complete, finish; — da 
dormire, to gire a night's lodging; — da 
ridere, to give cinse of liugtber; — il buon 
viaggio, to wish (one) a pleasant journey ; 

— il ben venuto, to welcome ; — la buòna 
notte, to wish (one) a good night; — dei 
calci, to kick; — fastidio, to molest, annoy; 

— del tu ad uno, to thée and thrift a person ; 

— di còsso, to bhtt ; — di piglio, to catch, 
seize ; — in prestanza, to lend ; — in luce, 
to publish; — la bija, to jest, quiz; —a 
crédere, to make (one) believe; aver a —, 
to owe, be In debt; — che dire, to give oc- 
casion to tilk; — le carte, to deal the cards; 

— nel mitto, to pliy the fool ; — dei remi 
in icqua, to begin to rów; — alla binda, 
(mar.) to lie along, to héel, to liy gunwale 
to; — fondo, to cist inchor; — sopra an 
banco (di sabbia), to ran aground; — le 
▼eie ai vénti, to set sail; — la vòlta, to go 
abtflt; — la càccia, to give chase; — dei 
cilci a rovijo, to be hinged, to dance upon 
nothing ; dagli! dagli!, hit himl give it him I 
—, to incline to; questo pinno di nel ros- 
so, this cloth inclines to red, is reddish 

Dirsona, \f. wet-dock, dòck-yird 
Dirsi, tT*/. irr. ( F. dire) to give or addict one's 
self to; — la briga, to give one's self the trou- 
ble; — attórno, to look or search abdftt; — 
pensièro, to mind; — buon tèmpo, to live 
merrily and carelessly; —il cuòre, to find 
in one's heirt; — pice, to quiet one's self, 
to become cilm, composed, trinquil; dir- 
sela a gimbe, to tike to one's heels (rash 
Dirtro,eni.(med.)diséase of the skin, eruption, 
Dartróso, -a, a. {mtd.) herpetic 
Da schérzo, adv. exp. in jest 
Da sé e sé, adv. exp. by (or to) one's self 
Da sénno, adv- exp. seriously, in earnest 
Da sólo a sólo, adv. exp. téle a téle, alóne, 
in private (from head to foot 

Da sómmo a imo, adv. exp. from top to bottom, 
D'assil, a. very ible, greit, clever, emi- 
nent; adv. exp. by far; tenérsi — , to as- 
sume, to be assuming, conceited, to think 
one's self a "great man ; piò ricco —, richer 
by fir 
Dassajézsa, tf. (ant.) capacity, ability, skill, 

Dassézzo, da sèsso, adv. exp. at list, too lite 
Dita, tf. dito, blow, quantity, gift, kind ; la 
vostra (lèttera) in — ...., yours dated....; 
senza —, diteless 
Da tinto, adv. exp. of such capacity, tilent, 
skill, ability; egli non é— , this is beyond 
his ability, this, is more than he can do 

•■< - 


— 212 — 

DEC \ 

Datare, van. 1. to dite, write the data, reckon, 

begin, hive origin (Rome) 

Datarìa, dateria, tf. chancery (at papal 

Datario, tm. chancellor of the Pope (at Rome) 

Dativo, -a, a. dative; — tm. (gram.) dilive 

Dato, tm. datum (pi. data); (ant.) gift, 

present; ogni — ruóle il mandato, prov. 

exp. one gift begéts another 

— ,-a, a. given ; in buon —, in abundance; — 

che, sappóse that 
Datóre, -trice, tmf. giver, donor 
Dàttero, tm. dite (fruit); ricérere — per fico, 

to receive more hirm for harm done 
Dattilifero, -a, a. (bot.) bearing dates (tree 
Dattilo,m.dactyle (poetical foot); {bot) date- 
Dattilogia, tf. speaking with the fingers 
Dattórno, adv. abdut, V. Attórno, intórno 
Da ùltimo adv. exp. lastly, at last 
Davantiggio, adv. more, moreover, besides 
Davante, davanti, adv. and prep, before 
Davanzile, am. (jutting oUt) window-sill 
Davanzo, d'avanzo, adv. superabundantly 
Dàuco, #m. (bot.) wild carrot or parsnip 
Davidico, -a, a. of David (prophet) 
Davvantaggio, adv. more, moreover, besides 
Davvéro, da véro, adv. exp. indeed, in troth ; 

dite — t ire yon in earnest, serious T 
Daziatole, a. dutiable, subject to the impo- 
sition of dóty or customs 
Daziare, va. 1. to lay a dóty on (customs 
Daziario, -a, a. of (relating to) duties or 
Casière, tro. cùstom-ófficer, collector 
Dàzio, tin. tax, toll, dóty, impost, excise 
Daxióne, tf. surrender, giving up, donation 
Danajuólo, $m. rite- book (of the 

De' (contraction of Dei,, 
— (contraction of aere, 3. pera. Ming. pre». 

ind. of dovére), must, ought to 
Dèa, tf. goddess, beauty, mistress 
Dealbazióne, tf. dealbition, whitening 
Deambulare, vn. i. (Latin) to walk abroad 
Deambulazione, tf. deambulition 
Debaccire, vn. 1. to rage, storm, fume, rife 
Debaccatóre, $m. furious raging man (ashes 
Debbiare, tra. i. (agr.) to manure with wood- 
Débbio, tm.(agr.) wood-Ashes ( for manure) 
Debellamene, tm. V. Debellaiióoe 
Debellare, va. 1. to conquer, subdóe 
Debellito,-a,a.cónquered,snbdued (subdóer 
Debellasióne, tf. conquest, defeat, rdut 
Débile, a. feeble, V. Débole 
Debiliti; (ant.) -ite, —ade, tf. I debility, 
Debilitamene tm. \ weakness, 

Debilitare, va. i. to enfeeble, weaken 
Debilitilo, -a, a. weakened, deblliUted 
Debilitazione, tf. weakening, enervating 
Debitamente, adv. dóly, suitably 
Débito, tm. debt, due, dóty, obligation, debit; 
far débiti, to contract debts ; riconóscere 
vn —, to acknowledge a debt; condonare 
vn — , to forgive (or remit) a debt; portile 
questa sómma a mio — (com.), carry 
this svm to my dibit; è aio — U tar ciò, 
it ii my duty to di to 

— , -a, a. die, proper, fit, sóitablo; pena 
débita, condign punishment ; bisógna fire 
ogni còsa a tempo —, we ought to do every- 
thing in a convenient time ; mori sènza — 
successóre, he died without any lawful sue- 
Debitóre, -trice, tmf. debtor (céssor 

Debituòlo, debitnzzo, tm. smill debt 
Débole, a. feeble, weak, defective 
Debolétto, -a, a. a little weak, languid 
Debolézza, tf. weakness, debility, incapacity 
Debolmente, adv. feebly, weakly, languidly 
Dèca, dècade, tf. dècade, number of ten, ten 
Decacórdo, tm. psaltery (ten-stringed in- 
Decadènza, tf. decay, decline, Oil 
Decadere, van. 1. irr. (pott, decaddi) to fill 

off, decay, decline 
Decadiménto, tm. decline, dociy, All, ruin 
Decaduto, -a, a. fallen off, declined, ruined 
Decaèdro,*»*, (atom) decahedron, solid figure 

hiring ten side« 
—, -a, a. decahedral 
Decàgono, tm. (gtom.) decagon, figure often 

Decilogo, tm. decalogue, ten commandments 
Decalitro, tm. decaliter, decalitre 
Decalvire, va. 1. to shave, tear off the hair 
Decalvito, -a, a. grown, mide bald, shived 
Decameróne, tm. Decameron (the celebrated 

collection of tales by Boccaccio) 
Decampaménto, tm. decampment 
Decampire, van. i. to decamp, go awiy, be off 
Decanato, tm. deanery 
Decino, tm. dean, chief, senior, elder 
Decantare, va. t. to extol, erf up, write up 
Decantilo, -a, a. extolled, cried np 
Decantazióne, tf. the decanting, pouring off 
Decapitare, va. t. to behead, decapitate 
Decapitito, -a, a. beheaded, decipitided 
Decapitazione, tf. the beheading 
Decasillabo, tm. line of ten syllables; —, -a, 

a. decasyllabic 
Decistico, tm. décastich, póem of tan lines 
Decémbre, tm. decómber (month) 
Decemvirato, a. V. Decentrale 
Decèmviri, tmpl. V. Decdnviri 
Decèmviro, tm. decemvir, V. Decèmviro 
Decennale, a. of ten years, decennial 
Decennirio, -a, a. tenth, of ten 
Decènne, a. of ten years, decennial 
Decènnio, tm. spice of ten years 
Decènte, a. decent, becoming, decoro», fit 
Decentemente, adv. decently, becomingly 
Decen virile, a. decémviral (ten 

Decenvirito, tm. decemvirato, government of 
Deeènviri, tmp. decèmviri, decemvirs, ten 

Decènviro, am. decemvir 
Decènza, tf. decency, propriety, decorum 
Dècere, tm. 2. (JLatfn), V. Convenire 
Decérnere,i>a.2. irr. (poet.) to decree, appoint 
Decèsso, -a, a. departed, departed from life* 

deceased; tm. decease, death, demise 
Decévole, a. decent, becoming, suitable, fit 
Decevolézsa, tf. decency, propriety, civility 
Decevolménte, adv. decently, properly, fitly 



— 213 — 


Decezióne, tf. deception, cheat, surprise 
Peeh tarare, pa. i. V. Dichiarire (bending 
Dechioaménto, tm. dechinaztóne, f. decline, 
Dechinàre, vn. i. to lower, V. Dichinare 
Dechino, tm. decline, V. Dichino 
Decidere, tra. 3.irr.(z>a8<,deeisi, .par*, deciso) 
— va. to decide, di ride, cat 
Deeidiménto, em. V. Decisióne 
Deciditóre, -trice, tmf. decider 
Deeiierare, va. 1. to decipher 
Deciferatare,-triee, tmf. decipherer, explain- 
er of ciphers 
Decile, a. (attr.) distant from another plan- 
et a tenth part of the zodiac 
Dècima, tf. the tithe, tenth; andare per la 

— e lasciare il sacco, to lose while seek- 
ing to gain 

Declinabile, a. titheable, subject to tithe 
Decimale, a. decimal 
Decimare, va* 1. to tithe, decimate, steal 
Decimatóre, am. tithe-gatherer, assessor 
Decimazióne, t/.(mtf.) decimation, the select- 
ing by lot for punishment every tenth man 
in a company or regiment 
Decimetro, fin. decimeter, decimetre, the 

tenth pirt of a metre 
Decimino, -a, tmf. cess-book, tithe-book 
Dècimo, tm. tenth pirt; simpleton 
—, -a, a. tenth, foolish, giddy, thin 
Dedmondno, -a, a. nineteenth 
DeeimoprimO, -a, a. eleventh 
Decimoqnàrto, -a, a. fourteenth 
DecimoqViinto, -a, a. flflócnth 
Decimosecóndo, -a, a. twéltfth 
Decimosesto, -a, a. sixteenth 
Decimosèttimo, -a, sÓTantéenth 
Decimotórxo, -a, a. thirteenth 
Deeimottàvo, -a, a. eighteenth 
Decina, a/, hilf a score, ten, tithing 
Decifrala, tf. snare, gin, bird-trap 
Decisióne, '«/. deolsioo, judgment, decree 
Decisivamente, adv. decisively, positively 
Decisivo, -a, a. decisive, conclusive, final 
Decito, -a, a. decided, resolved 
Decisore, tm. decider, determinitor, jhdge 
Declamare, van. I. to declaim, inveigh 
Declamatóre, -trice, tmf. declàimer, ranter 
Declamatòrio -a, a. declamatory, expressive 
Declamazióne, tf. declamation, harangue 
Declaratòrio, -a, a. declaratory, affirmative 
Declinàbile, a. declinable 
Deeliaaménto, tm. slope, declivity, decrease 
Declinare, *».!. to decline, slope, decay, fill; 

— an pericolo, to avoid, shùn a danger; 

— U fòro, (law) to except to a judge, a 

Declinato, -a, a. declined, lowered (dialing 

Declinatóre, tm. declinator, instrument in 

—, -trice, tmf. declfner 

Declinatòria, s/.(tau>) exception, pléa to the 

Deelioatòrio, -a, a. (lato) declinatory; ec- 
cezióne —Oria, (late) declinatory pléa ; 
ago — , (phyt.) magnetic needle 

Declinazióne, tf. declination, declension 
Declino, tm. decline, decay, decrease, slope 
Declive, -o, -a, a. declivitous, shelving 
Declivio, tm. slope, steep, declivity 
Declività; {ant.) -àte, -ade, if. declivity 
Decollare, va. 1. to behead, decapitate 
Decollazióne, tf. beheading, decapitating 
Decomponente, a. (chem.) decomposing 

separating into constituent parts 
Decomponibile, a. decomposable 
Decomposizióne, tf. decomposition; nello 
stato di —, (chem.) under decomposition 
Decompósto, -a, a. decomposed, resolves 1 

into its constituent elements 
Decoramónto, tm. V. Decorazióne 
Decorare, va. to decorate, adórn, embellish 
Decorazióne, tf. decoration, embellishment 
Decòro, tm. decorum; decency; dignity 
Decoroso, -a, a. decorous, decent 
Decorogaménte, adv. in a decorous manner 
Decórrere, vn. % irr. {pott, decórsi, part, de- 
córso) to pass, elapse {at time); gli interèssi 
decorreranno dal 4° giugno, the interests 
shall be payable from the first June 
Decorrimene, tm. V. Córso 
Decórsola, a. past, elapsed (at Urne), last; 
la campagna decórsa, the last campaign 
Decórso, tm. course, stream, passage, lapse, 
past; il — della luna, the wane or decrease 
of the moon 
Decottfno, tm. light decoction 
Decòtto, tm. decozióne, tf. decoction, failure 
Decòtto, -a, a. boiled, decoded, digested 
Decottóre, tm. insolvent debtor; bankrupt 
Decreménto, tm. decrease, decline, decay 
Decrepità; (ant.) —àte, —ade, tf. decrepi- 
tude, old age 
Decrepitare, va. 1. to decrepitate, to drf salt 

till it crackles no longer 
Decrepitézza, tf. decròpidness, decrepitude, 

old age 
Decrèpito, -a, a. decrepit, worn out with age 
Decrescènte, a. decreasing, decrescent 
Decréscere, oan.i. irr. (pott, decrébbi; part. 

decresciuto) to decrease, diminish 
Decresciménto, tm. decrease, decline, decay 
Decretale, tf. decretal, decree, statute 
Decretalista, tm. V. Canonista 
Decretalménte, ade. decisively, peremptorily 
Decretare, va. 4. to decree, enact, establish 
Decretato, decréto, -a, a. decreed, enacted 
Decréto, am. decree, statute, ordinance 
Decretório, -a, a. decretory, judicial, dé&n* 

Decùbito, tm. decumbiture 
Dècuplo, tm. tenfold (quantity, number) 
Decuria, tf. (Roman antiquities) dècury 
Decurio, decurióne, tm. decòri on, corporal 
over ten men (curi on 

Decurionàto, tm. decurionate, office of a do- 
Dedaleggiàre, vn. 1. to soar, fly aloft and 
then sink and fall ; to imitate the flight and 
All of Daedal (applied to leaves) 

Dedàlèo, -a, a. D&edàlean; (pot.) daédaioa 



— 214 — 

Dódica.s/.dodicition {ofbook$ t tte.) t inscrip- 
Dedicaménto, tm. V. Dedicazióne 
Dedicare, va. 4. to dedicate, consecrate 
Dedicarsi, vrf. to devote one's self to 
Dedicatória» */. dedicatory epistle 
Dedicazióne, </. dedication, consecration (of 

churches), dedication- day 
Dedignazióne, •/. disdain, V. Disdégno 
Deditizio, -a, a. yielding, surrendering; that 

has yielded, surrendered 
Dèdito, -a, a. given, addicted, employed in 
Dedizióne, «/. yielding, surrender 
Dedótto, dedotto, -a, a. deducted, driwn 
D ed n cere, va. 2. V. Dedurre 
Deducibile, a. deducibile, inferable; that 

may be deducted, subtracted 
Dedurre, tm. 2. irr. (pott, dedussi; part, de- 
dotto) to deduce, infer, deduct; — una 
conseguènza, to dedùce, infer a conse- 
quence ; — una sómma da an' altra, to 
deduct one sum from another 
Dedursi, vrf. to resólte, detèrmine 
Deduzióne, «/. deduction, inference 
Deéssa, tf. goddess, V. Dèa 
Defalca mén lo, tm. defalcation, deduction 
Defalcare, va. 1. to deduct, V. Di (falcare 
Defatigare, va. to fatigue, tire, weary 
Defecare, va. 4. to defecate, to clear from 

dregs, to porge of lées or imparities 
Defecazióne, */. defecation, purification from 

Defensóre, tm. defènder, V. Difensóre 
Defensório, sm. defensive writing, apology 
Deferente, a. deferential, {attr.) deferent, 

{phyt.) conductor (of electricity) 
Deferènza, tf. deference, submission, respect 
Deferire, vn. 3. {pret. deferisco) to pay def- 
erence, condescend, defer, acquiesce, de« 
nfònce; — un giuraménto, {lato) to tènder, 
administer an óath 
Defésso, -a, a. tired, weary, fatigued 
Defettivo, -a, a. defective, V. Difettilo 
Defezionare, vn. 1. to fall off, desert, to for- 
sake one's party or càuse, to piss over to 
the enemy 
Defezióne, $f. defection, filling off, disloyalty 
Deficiènte, a. deficient, defective, wan ling 
Deficiènza, */. defìcience, deficiency, went, 

Definibile, a. definable, explainable 
Definire, va. 3. (pre*, definisco) to define, 

decide, end 
Definitivamente, ado. definitely, precisely 
Definitivo, -a, a. definitive, decisive 
Definito, -a, a. defined, definite, clear 
Definitóre, -trice, tmf. definer; he, she who 

defines, determines, ascertains 
Definizióne, tf. definition, decision 
Definitivamente, adv. definitively 
Definitionario, tm. book of definitions 
Deflagrazióne, «/. deflagration, sudden and 
sparkling combustion 

.) to dephltg 

Deflemmire, vn. 4. {ehim.) to dephlegmats 

deprive of superabundant water 
Deflessióne, tf. deflection, deviation, bending 
Deflèttere, van. 2. irr. (pott, deflèssi, part. 
deflèsso) to deflect, to lorn from or aside 
Defloràre, va. i. to deflower 
Deflorazióne, a/, defloration, deflowering 
Defluire, tm. 3. {prét. defluisco) to flow ddwn 
Deflusso, tm. deflation, flow of humors 
Deformare, va. i. to disfigure, deform 
Deformazióne, «/. the disfiguring, defacing 
Defórme, a. deformed, disfigured, ugly 
Deformeménte,a<io.defórmedly, disagreeably 
Deformità; {ant.) —ite, —ade, tf. deformity, 

Defraudare, va. 1. to defriud, frustrate, bilk 
Defraudato, -a, a. bilked, cheated 
Defraudatóre, -trice, tin/, defriuder, deceiv- 
er, cheat 
Defraudazióne, tf. deceit, iniflce, guile 
Defunto, -a, a. deceased, defunct; il — re, 

the lite king 
Degigna, tf. fishing-net 
Degenerante, a. degenerating, unw&rtby 
Degenerare, vn. 4. to degenerate, grow base, 
Degenerilo, -a, a. degenerate, base, un- 

Degenerazióne, tf. degeneracy, baseness 
Degènere, a. that degenerate* 
Degli, Degl', prep, and dtf. art. tnp. of the 
Deglutire, va. {pret. deglutisco) to «willow, 

V. Inghiottire 
Deglutizióne, a/, deglutition, salivition 
Degnamente, adir, worthily, justly 
Degnante, a. humane, affable, kind 
Degnare, van. i. — |rsi, vrf. to deign, 
Yóuchsife, condescend, be pleased to (ac- 
cept), esteem or mike worthy 
Degnazióne, tf. condescension, kindness 
Degnévole, a. affable, kind, condescending 
Degnevoléssa, •/. affability, condescension 
Degnevolmente, adv. condescendingly 
Degnificire, va. 1. to mike worthy 
Degniti; (ant.) -lite, -tide, «/. V. Digniti 
Dégno, -a, a. worthy, excellent (dition 
Degradamelo, tm. degradazióne,/, degra- 
Degradire, va. i. to degride, lessen, blend 
Degradinte, a. that degrades, degrading 
Degustare, va. i. V. Gustire 
Deb! inter j. ah priyl alas! ah but I 
Dei {for Devi), then shouldst, must 
Dei, prep, and dtf. art. mp. of the 
Dei tmp. {pi. of Dio) (heathen) Gods 
Deicida, tm. (pi. —idi) déicfde, one concerned 

in putting a God to death 
Deicidio, tm. déicfde, murder of a God 
Deicola, tmf. worshipper of God 
Deificandolo, tin. deification, deifying 
Deificare, va. i. to deify, worship 
Deificato, -a. a. deified 
Deificazione, a/, deification, apotheosis 
Deifico, -a, a. divine, holy, sacred 
Deifórme, a. déiform, of godlike form 
Deipara, a/, {theol.) mother of God 



— 215 — 


Deismo, tm. (ikeol.) déism 
Deisti, usi/, (theol.) déiit 
Deità; {ant.) -ite, —ade, tf. déity, Godhèad 
Dejétto, -a, a. dejècied, eist down 
Dejezióne, e/, dejection, lòwness of spirili 
Del, def. art, m. sing, of the; quésto non 
è — magistrato, thU does not become a 
magistrata; quésto segui del 1886, tbis 
happened in 1886 
Delatóre, tm. delator, informer 
Delazióne, tf. delation, secret accusation 
Del continuo, adv. exp. continually, Always 
DelèbUe, a. dèleble, that mày be blotted 

At, effaced, cancelled 
Delegare, va. 1. to delegate, depute, intrust 
Delegatalo, a. delegate, delegated, of de- 
Delegato, em. delegate, deputy, judge 
Delegato, -a, a. delegate, deputed, appointed 
Delegatòrio, -a. a. containing a delegation 
Delegazióne, f/. delegation, deputation 
Del etèrico, -a, a. V. Deletèrio 
Dcletério,-a,a.(tn«a\ and cium.) deleterious, 
Defettibile, a. V. Dilettabile (dèletery 
Deletlire, trass. 1. (ant.) to delight, V. Di- 
Delfinièra, a/, harpoon (Iettare 

Delfino, tm. (te**.) dolphin; diuphin (title) 
Dèlia, •/. (pott.) the mòon 
Delibaméoto, em. delibàiion, taste, éssay 
Delibare, va. 1. (poet) to taste, essày 
Delibilo, -a, a. tasted, tried, denied 
Deliberare, va. 1. to deliberate, hesitate 
Deliberatamente, adv. deliberately, warily 
Deliberativo, -a, a. deliberative 
Deliberi to, -a, a. deliberated, concluded 
Deliberatóre, -trice, em/, one who deliberates 
Deliberasióne, tf. deliberation, consul tition 
Delicaménto, tm. V. Delicatézza 
Delicatamente, adv. delicately, tenderly 
Delicatézza, —era, a/, delicacy, softness 
Delicito, -a, a. delicate, gentle, soft 
Delimare, va. 1. to consume, corróde, file 
Delineaménto, tm. delineation, sketch 
Delineare, va. 1. to draw, sketch 
Delineato, -a, a. delineated 
Deìineatòre,-trfce,tm/. delineitor, designer, 

Delinquènte, tin. delinquent, offènder 
Delinquènza, tf. delinquency, offence, crime 
Delinquere, van. 9. to transgress 
Deliquio, sm. fainting fit, swóon; cadére in 

— , to Oil into a swóon 
Deliraménto, tm. V. Delirio 
Delirante, a. delirious 
Delirare, tm. 1. to rare, be delirious 
Delirio, tm. delirium, riving madness 
Deliro, -a, a. delirious, mad, riving 
Delitto, *m. crime, misdeed; — di lésa mac- 

«ti, high treason 
Delittuóso, -a, a. criminal, guilty 
Delivrire, v«. (ant.) 1. to liberate, V. Li- 
Miua, #/. delight, pleasure, chirms 
Deviaménto, avi. delight, pleasure, jo? 

Deliziarejva. 1. to mike delightful, to delight 
Deliziarsi, vrf. to tike delight in, enjoy 
Deliziosamente, adv. deliriously, sweetly 
Delizióso (dolixiino, ant.), -a, a. delicious, 
sweet (loovel). of the 

Dell', comp. def. art. mf. ting, (before a 

Delle, comp. dtf. art. fern. pi. of the; some, 
any; vi sono — dònne che, etc., there irò 
sòme women whò, etc. 
Dello, comp. de/, art.rn.etng. (before t fol- 
lowed by a consonant) of the; some, any; 
mi occórre — spigo, I wint some pick- 
Del pari, adv. exp. equally, likewise (thread 
Del rèsto, adv. exp. V. Rèsto 
Dèlta, tm. dèlta ; il — di un fiume, the 

dèlta of a river 
Del tutto, adv. exp. V. Tétto 
Delóbro, tm. (poet.) tempie, chùrch 
Delucidazióne, tf. V. Dilucidazióne 
Delùdere, tm. 1. irr. (patt, delusi; part, de- 
luso) to delùde, beguile, trick 
Deludiménto, tm. delusióne, tf. delusion 
Deluditóre, -trice, tmf. deceiver, beguiler, 

Delùsola, a. deluded, deceived, bilked (Uve 
Delusòrio, -a, a. delusive,* delusory, decèp- 
Demagogta,e/.dòmagogy,dèmagogism, means 

employed by demagogues 
Demagogico, -a, a. demagogic, demagogical 
DemagogÌcaménte,a<Zv.demagógfcally, in the 

minner of a demagogue 
Demagogissire, vn. 1. to Influence or lead 

the populace, to act as a demagogue 
Demagogo, tm. demagogue, factious man, 

leader of the populace 
Demandire, va. i. V. Comméttere 
Demaniile, a. (of lande) belonging to 
Deminio, avi, cróirn-land (the crówn 

Demarcazióne, tf. demarcition; linea di —, 

line of demarcition 
Dementire, va. 1. to mike mad, in fi tn ate 
Dementito, -a, a. mad, infituitod, wild 
Deménte, a. mad, foolish, insine 
Demènza, deménzia (ant.) tf. madness; folly 
Demérgere, vn. 1. irr. (past, demórsi; part. 

demórso) to sink, V. Sommèrgere 
Demeriterò, van. 1. to forfeit, do amiss 
Demeritévole, a. unworthy, undeserving 
Demèrito (demérto, poet.), tm. domèrit, pùn- 
Demersióne, tf. V. Immersióne (ishment 
Demórso -a, a. (Lat.) overwhelmed, sunk 
Democritico,-a, a. democritical (eminent 
Democrazia, tf. democracy, popular gòv- 
Demolire, va. 3. (pret. demolisco) to demol- 
ish, destrop, rize 
Demolito, -a, a. demolished, destroyed 
Demolizióne, tf. demolition, destruction 
Dèmone, tm. V. Demònio (fùrions 

Demoniaco, -a, a. demoniac, demoniacal, 
Demònio, tm. demon, devil, evil spirit 
Demonolatria, tf. demonòlatry, the worship 
of demons \the morals of 

Demoralizzare, va, 1. to demoralize; corrupt 


— 216 — 


Demoralizz&tóre, -trice, smf. demoralizer 
Demoralizzazióne, sf. demoralization 
Den, (for debbono), they must, they should 
Denaj àccio, sm. bid money 
Denajàlo, a. worth a penny 
Denàjo, denaro, sm. pònny (pi. pence), mon- 
ey; avete del — ? hive you any money? 
— contante, ready money, cash; non ho 
denari in dòsso, I have no money about 
me; sensale di —, money broker; il valóre, 
l'equivalènte del —, money's worth; sónsa 
denari, moneyless; denari mòrti, money 
tying dead; méttere a guadagno I denari, 
to put fòt money to interest; col — si fa 
tatto, prov. exp., money makes the mire 
Denajòso, denaróso, -a, a. moneyed (go 
Dentrite, sf. {min.) déntri te, arborescent 

Dcnegamènto, sm. denegazióne, sf. denial 
Denegare, va. i. to deny, F. Dinegare 
Denigrare, va. 1. to blacken, tàrnish 
Denigrato, -a, a. i. blackened, tarnished 
Denigratóre, -trice, smf. detainer, slanderer, 

Denigrazióne, sf. blackening, defamation 
Dònno {for debbono), they mast, ought 
Denod&re, va. 1. to untie, nudò a knot 
Denominare, va. 1. to denominate, name, call 
Denominativo, -a, a. denominative 
Denominatóre, am. denominator 
Denominazióne, a/, denomination, name 
Denotare, va. 1. to denòte, mark, signify 
Denotativo, -a, a. expressing, indicating 
Denotazióne, sf. denotation, designation 
pensaménto, am. densaziòne, a/, dènseness, 

Dcnsaro, va. 1. to condense, F. Condensare 
Densità; {ant) —àte, -ade, sf. density, 

Dènso, -a, a. dènse, thick, compact, solid 
Dentaccio, sm. ugly bad tooth 
Dentale, am. coulter, ploughshare, shirk 
—, a. dental, pronounced with the teeth 
Dentarne, am. set of teeth 
Dentare, vn. 1. to teeth, to cut the teeth 
Dontarudlo, sm. F. Zanna 
Dentata, if, bite, nibble 
Dentato, -a, a. having teeth, indented; 

ruota — àta, cog- wheel 
Dentatura, sf. set of teeth 
Dènte, em. tooth; notch; — guasto, cariato, 
caries tòoth; — finto, false tòoth; — cani- 
no, eye-tooth; or di cane, {bot.) dog-grass, 
couch-grass; — cavallino {bot.) henbane; — 
di leone, {bot.) dandelion; dènti incisóri, 
incisivi, fóre téeth; dènti molari, back téetb, 
grinding téeth; dènti di saviézza (del giudi- 
zio), wisdom téeth; stridor di dènti, gnashing 
of the téeth; spaszettino dei dènti, tooth- 
brush; mal di dènti, tòoth-àche; spuntare i 
dènti, to breed tee thjcaràre (astrarre) un —, 
to draw a tòoth; farsi cavare un —, to 
bave a tòoth dràwn; bàttere i dènti, to 
chatter; bàtte i dènti dal fréddo, bis 


d; toccàrVcol — , 
il —, dàre\l por- 


téeth chàllor with cóld 
sbàltore il —, ùnger 
tante ai dènti, far ballare i dènti, {vulg.) 
to éat, tàke food; dire qualche còsa fuor 
dei dènti, to say something openly, plain- 
ly, without circumlocution; dire qualche 
cosa fra dènti, or fra — e —, to mnttersdme- 
thing; sènza dènti, toothless; tener l'anima- 
co'dénti, to be on the point of dying; mostra- 
re i dènti, to shew one's teeth, snarl, put 
on a threatening look ; pigliare il mòrso 
coi dènti, to be headstrong; stare a — 
asciutto, to be without eating, to bo starving; 
vi allegherà i dènti, it will set your téeth 
on edge; quésto è il — che più mi duole, 
this is what grieves me most; la lingua 
bàtte dove il — duole, prov. exp. whit 
the heart feels the tongue reveals 
Denteechiàre, denticchiare, vn. 1. to nibble 
Dentellato, -a, a. indented (cut in the edge 
into points,like téeth); {an at.) denticulated 
Dentelliére, am. tòoth-pick 
Dentèllo, am. indentation, edging of lace 
Dentièra, a/, artificial set of téeth 
Dentifricio, sm. dentifrice, tooth-powder 
Dentino, sm. small tòoth, notch 
Dentista, sm. dentist, tooth-drower; profes- 
sióne di —, dentistry 
Dentizióne, sf. dentition, cutting of the teeth 
Déntro, adv. within, inwardly; — o fuòri, 
within or without; yes or no; risòlvere o 
— o fuòri, to resolve one way or other (to 
cóme to a resolution) (Hon, making bare 
Denudamento, em. denudazióne, sf. denndà- 
Denudare, va. I. to divèst, strip, expose 
Denudato, -a, a. deprived, divested, stripped 
Denunziare, va. i. to denounce, accuse 
Denunsiatóre, -trice, tin/, denouncer, in- 
Denunztazióne, sf. denouncement, accusation 
Déo, sm. {ant.) V. Dio 
Deodàto, a. given by God 
Deonestàro, va. F. 1. Disonorare 
Déono (for devono), vn. 9 they moat, should 
Deortatòrio, -a, a. dissuasive, dehòrtatory 
Deosculasióne, sf. V. Bàcio, fiaciaménto 
Deostruire, va . (pre*, deostruisco) to deob* 

struct, to clear from obstruction 
Depauperaménto, sm. depauperation, impov- 
erishment, exhaustion, drain of wealth 
Depauperare, va. 1. to make poor, impoverish 
Dopendéote, a. depending, consequent, F. 

— , sm. dependent, V. Dipendènte 
Depéodero,vn.).to depend, V. Dipèndere 
DeperdimAnto, sm. loss, ruin, destruction 
Deperiménto, sm. perishing, dying away, 
withering, decline, dwindling awày, pining, 
pining awày, decay, rùin 
Deperire, vn. 3. (pres. deperisco) to perish, 
die awày, wither, waste, decay, decline, 
dwindle awày, pine away, go to ruin 
Depilatòrio, $m. depilatory 


/ DEP 

— 217 — 


Depilazióne, sf. (med.) depilàtion 
Deploràbile, a. deplorable, lamentable 
Deplorabilmente, adv. deplorably, wófully 
Deplorando, -a, a. deplorable, mournful 
Deplorare, van. 1. to deplore, lament, bewail 
Deplorato, -a, a. deplored, pitiod 
Deploratóre, -trice, smf. deplórer, deep 

Deplorazióne, sf. deploring, lamentation 
Deponènte, em. deponent, verb deponent 
Deponfménto, em. deposition, testimony 
Depopolare, va. i. V. Spopolare (zióne 
Depopulazióne, e/. V. Sacchéggio, spopola- 
Depórre, va. 1. irr. {prò*, depóngo, depón- 
gono; post, depósi; part, depósto), to de- 
pòse, deprive, degride, to quit, lày down, 
- van. irr. t. to depóse, bear witness, declare 
Deportazióne, sf. transportation, exile 
Depositare, va. i. to deposit, intrust, consign 
Depositaria, «/. cònfldant, depositary 
Depositàrio, em. trustee, depositary, con- 
Depositeria, «/. depository, treasury (fidant 
Depòsito, em. deposit, trust, charge; [min.) 

layer; méttere in —, to deposit 
Depositare, -trice, smf. depositor, one who 

makes a deposit 
Deposizióne, a/, deposition, evidence, sèdi- 
Depósto, em. V. Attestazióne (mont 

—, -a, a. deposed, displaced, laid aside; 
depósta ogni téma, ogni vergógna, having 
laid aside all féar, all shame 
Depravamene, sm. V. Depravazióne 
Depravare, va. 1. to deprave, corrupt, spoil 
Depravato, -a, a. deprived, spoiled 
Depravatóre, -trice, em/, depraver, corrupter 
Depravazióne, e/, depravation, corruption 
Deprecàbile, a. merciful, lenient, pitiful 
Deprecativo,"*, a. deprecative, entreating 
Deprecazióne, sf. deprecation, supplication 
Depredaménto, sm. depredation, pillage 
Depredare, va. I. to ravage, ransack, prey on 
Depredatóre,-trfce, smf. rivager, depredator 
Depredazióne, e/, depredation, spoiling 
De prèmere, va. 2. irr. V. Deprimere 
Depressióne, sf. depression, abasement 
Deprèsso, -a, a. àbject, lów, despicable 
Deprcssóre, sm. (aitai.) depressor 
Deprimere, va. 1. (post, deprèssi; part, de- 
prèsso) irr. to depress, depredate 
Depurare, va. 1. to purify; depurate 
Depurativo, -a, a. dépuratory, tending to 
Depurato, -a, a. depurated, purified (purify 
Depuratóre, -trice, smf. purifier 
Deporatòrio, em. vessel in which depuration 

tikes placa 
Depurazióne, sf. depuration, purifying 
De polire, va. 1. to depute, appoint, delegato 
D«putàto,-a, a. deputed, appointed, sent 
Depotato, em. deputy, delegate, la Camera 
dei Deputali, the Chamber of Depu- 
Deputazióne, sf. deputation, vicegérency 
Decedere, va, I. to disinherit 

Derelitto, -a, a. abandoned; forsaken, friend- 
Derelezióne, e/. V. Abbandonaménto (less 
Deretano, em. hind pari. V. Direlino 
Deridere, va. 2. irr. (past derisi; part, deriso) 

to deride, laugh at, mock 
Deridi tore, -trice, em/, derider, mocker 
Derisibile, a. laughable, ridiculous 
Derisione, sf. derision, scorn ; méttere in 
—, pigliare in —, to deride, langh to 
scoro, laugh at, mike sport of, ridicule, 
turn to ridicule, mòck, jéer 
Derisivamente, adv. with or through derision 
Derisivo, -a, a. ridiculous, ludicrous 
Deriso, am. derision; méttere, prèndere io 

—, to deride, to scorn 
Derìso, -a, a. laughed at, derided 
Derisóre, sm. derider, scoffer 
Derisorio, -a, a. mocking, derisive 
Deriva, sf. (mar.) lóe-wày, lóebóard 
Derivinte, a. deriving, coming from 
Deri rare, tm. 1. to derive (from), originate 
(in); to spring, issue, rush, flow; (mar.) 
to sag to leeward, to fall to lóe-wày; dal- 
l'ozio derivano tutti i vizj, idleness is the 
root of all vices 
Derivatamente, adv. derivatively, by dori- 

Derivativo, -a, a. derivative, derived from 
Derivazióne, sf. derivation, origin 
Derivióni, smp. windings, V. Andirivièni 
Dèrma, dérmide, sf. (anat.) dérm, the organ- 
ized integument or skin 
Demologia, sf. (anat.) dermatology, treat- 
ise of the skin and its diseases 
Dérmo, sm. ' ar.) will; issar la bandièra 

to —, to hoist the flan with a wàft 
Dèroga, sf. V. Derogazióne 
derogàbile, a. that may be derogated, dispir- 

Derogamelo, sm. V. Derogazióne 
Derogare, va. 1. to derogate, disparage; sénsa 

— al vòstro mèrito, without disparaging, 
derogating irom your merit 

Derogatóre, -trice, smf. one who dor ogates, 


Derogatòrio, -a, a. derogatory, detracting 

Derogazióne, sf. derogation, lessening 

Derrata, s/.mèrohandise, goods, wares, ware, 

commodity, dose, portion; quésta è buòna 

—, this is very cheap; fare grin — di una 

còsa, to sell something dòg-chéap; dire 

or tórre — per danijo, to sell or buy for 

cash; véndere or méttere addòsso la mila 

—, to sell goods of a bad quality; fire 

— di sé or di sua persóna, to prostitute 
one's self, to be a whóre 

Derubamene, sm. V. Rubaménto 

Derubare, va. 1. V. Rubare 

Dérvis, sm. dérvise (dorvis), Turkish or Per- 

Desalire, va. i. to clear, purge from silt 
Descendénte, em. and a. V. Discendènte 
Descénso, sm* descent 
Descèso, -a, a* descended, sprung from 


— 218 — 


Descheria, tf. chopping-tàble {for mincing 

Deschétto, tm. small table, bench, foot-stool; 

tòìlet, tòìlet-tàble, d resting- table 
Désco, tm. table, board, ordinary, dlnner-ta- 
ble. officers' mess table, butcher's chopping 
table, form, chiir; fate silènzio e riverite 
il —, keep silence, respect the chair; 
starsi, trovarsi a— mòlle, to eat at a table 
without a table-cloth; chi non mangia a — 
ha mangiato di frésco, prov. exp., he that 
does not éat at dinner-time has probably 
dined before (described 

Descriltibile, a. descrlbable, that may be 
Descrittivo, -a, a. descriptive 
Descritto, -a, a. described, represented 
Descrittóre, -trice, $mf. describer 
Descrivere, vn. irr. {patt t descrissi ;part. 
descritto) to describe (described 

Descrivibile, a. deseribable, that may be 
Deaerinone, e/, description, picture, sketch 
Descrtare, va. i. V. Disertare 
Dcsé desert, wilderness, waste country; 
predicare al — , to preach in the wilderness 
Deserto, -a, a. desert, solitary, laid waste 
Descrtórt\ em. V. Disertóre 
Deservire, V. Dissentire 
Diserzióne, tf. desertion, forsaking 
Desiàbile, a. {poet ) V. Desideràbile 
Desiànza, $f. {ant.) V. Desio 
Desiare, va. 1. to desire, V. Desiderare 
Desiato, -a, desiderato, -a, a. desired 
Desiccàre, V. Disseccare 
Desiccàto, -a, a. dried op, V. Disseccato 
Desideràbile, desiderevole, a. desirable 
Desiderabilmente, adv. ardently, eagerly 
Desideramene), am. desire 
Desiderante, a. desirous, longing for 
Desiderare, va. 1. to desire, wish, long for 
Desideratamente, adv. with desire 
Desiderativamente, adv. desirably 
Desiderativo, -a, a. desirable 
Desideratóre, -trice, tmf. desirer, wisher 
Desidèrio, tm. desire, earnest wish, longing 
Desidcrosaménto, adv. with desire, eagerly 
Desideróso, -a, a. desirous, eager, longing 
Desidia, if. {poet.) sloth, idleness, indolence 
Designare, va. i. to designate; to design 
Designazióne, tf. designation, design, sketch, 

first drlaght 
Desinare, vn. I. to dine, éat one's dinner; 
fare da —, dare da — , to prepare or give 
a dinner; venite a — con me, cóme and 
dine with me 
—, em. desinata, tf. dinner, repast; un 
dopo desinare, an after dinner; un tri- 
sto —, a poor dinner, a dull dinner-party; 
fare it —» to prepare dinner or supper 
DesinatAre, -trice, tmf. one who dines, guest 
Desinènte, a. dèsinent, ending 
Desinenza, tf. desinence, termination, ending {poet.) desióre, sm. {ant) desire, 
Desiosaménte,ade.srdenlly,èarnestly (longing 
Desióso, -a, a desirous, V. Desideróso 

r, foot*) 

Desipiènte, a. deslpient, trifling, fóóTNsh 
Desir, desire, desfro, sm. {poet.) desire 
Desiràre, va. I. {poet.) to desire 
Desistere, vn. 2. irr. {pott, desistei or desi 
stétti; pott, desistito) to desist, cease, for- 
bear (ined, afflicted 
Desolabile, a. that may be desolated, ru- 
Desolaménto, tm. desolation, destruction 
Desolare, va. I. to desolate, ruin, lay waste 
Desolato, -a, a. desolated, ruined, afflicted 
Desoia tore, -trice, tmf. désolàter, destroyer 
Desolazióne, tf. desolation, devastation 
Desolazióne, tf. dehortàtion, dissuasion 
Desperànsa, desperasióne, tf. V. Disperànza 
Dcspétto, -a, a. despised, V. Dispétto 
Despoteggiàre, vn. 1. to act or rule despot- 
Despoticaménte, adv. despotically (power 
Despólico, -a, a. despòtical, absolute in 
Despotlsmo, tm. despotism, absolute power 
Dèspota, déspoto, tm. despot, absolute prince 
Despomare, va. 1. to scùm, to take the froth 

from the surface of liquors 
Despomazióne,*/. despumàtìon, clarification, 

Dos quamasiÓne,i/.(m«d.)desquamition ( sep- 
aration of the cuticle in small scabs 
Déssa {uted only with èssere and parére), 

pron. f. she, she herself, the same 
Dessi, -e, pron. mfp. they themselves 
Détto, pron. m. he himself, the same; è —, 
it is he himself; non mi par quel —, I 
don't think this is the same 
Destaménto, tm. rousing, awaking 
Destare, va. i. to awake, reuse, revive; — 
il fuòco, il carbóne, to kindle a fire coals 
Destarsi, vrf. to awàke, resòme, begin again 
Destatojo, tm. alarm-clock, morning bell 
Destatóre, -trice, tmf. ròuser, inciter 
Desienti, tf. dexterity, skill, cleverness 
Destinare, va. i. to destine, design, intend 
Destinato, tm. {ant.) V. Destino 
—, -a, a. destined, fated, doomed 
Destinazióne, tf. destination, purpose, intent 
Destino, tm. destiny, fate, doom, lot 
Destituire, ca 3. {pret. destituisco) to dismiss 
{public functionaries), to remove (/rora 
Destitùto,-a, a. destitute, forlorn, poor{ojfftce) 
Destituzióne, tf. dismissal, dismission, re- 
moval {from office) 
Désto, -a, a. awaked, lively, brisk 
Dèstra, tf. right hand, side; {poet.) hand; a 
—, to the right ; sedére alla — 9 to sit at 
one's right hand 
Deslrale, tm. right hand, arm, ornament 
Destramente, adv. skilfully, expertly 
Desiràre, va. i. {ant.) V. Addestrar* 
Destreggiaménto, tm. V. Destrézza 
Destreggiare, va. i. to contrive skil fully 
Destrézza, tf. dexterity, sagacity, tact 
Destriero, -o, tm. courser, steed 
Dèstro, #m.opportónity,ópening,conTóniency, 
juncture; close-stool, water closet, privy; 
prèndere il —, to seise the opportunity ; U 



— 219 — 


Mi te ne avessi il — , I would do it, if I 
bad an opportunity 
•-, -a, a. skilful, clever, cunning, dexterous» 
right, upright, propitious; so avessi più dè- 
stra Tortona, if 1 was more lucky; egli è il 
mio braccio —, he is nty right àrm 
Destrocbério, fin. armlet for the right arm 
Dtitraénte, a. destructive, ruinous 
Deslraggere, va. 1. irr. V. Distruggere 
Destrottóre,-trfce, (distmggitòre,-trice), tmf. 

Detrazióne, */. destruction, desolation, rùin 
Deiodarc, va. 4. to transude, piss through 

the póres 
Desumere, va. 2. irr. (patt, desunsi; pari. 

destato) to infer, coojècture 
Dettato, -a, a. inferred, githered, deduced 
Detenére, va.t.irr. {pott, detenni; part, de- 
tenuto) to detain, hinder; stop (holder 
Detentore, • trice, tmf. detainer, wrongful 
Detonato, -a, a. detained, detained In cus- 
tody, in confinement 
Detenzione, */. detention, confinement 
Detergènte, a. detergent, cleansing 
Detèrgere, va. 1. irr. (post, detèrsi; pari, de- 
tèrso) to detèrge, cleanse 
Deterioraménto, am. deterioration 
Deteriorare, va* I. to deteriorate, waste 
Determinare, van. 1. to determine, decide, 

fix; —irsi, vrf. to determine, rosolie 
Determinatamente, adv. detérminately 
Determinativo, -a, a. definitive, decisive 
Determinato, -a, a. determined, resolved 
Determinatóre, -trice, tmf. detérminàtor, de- 
terminer, one who determines 
Determination e 9 «/.determination, resolution 
Detersivo, -a, a. detersive, purifying 
Detèrso, -a, a. cleansed, purified, washed 
Detestàbile, a. detestable, hateful, odious 
Detestabilmente, adv. detestably, hatefully 
Detestando, -a, a. abominable, execrable 
Detestare, va. 1. to detest, abhor, hate 
Detestatore, -trice, tmf. detèster, one who 

Detestazióne, tf. detestation, abomination 
Detonazione, a/, detonation 
n.H.*„.«~ Ì * a » *• irr * (JP*»*\ detrassi; pew*. 
n!2f!f ! detrattorio léssen,deduct,slàn- 
ueirarre ) de ^ detractf «èixe, carry off 

Detrattare, *a. 1. {ant.) V. Ricusare, Riflutire 
Detratto, -a, a. lessened, deprived, slandered 
Detrattore, -trice, tmf. detractor, slanderer 
Detrattòrio» -a, a. detractory, derogatory, 

Detrazióne, a/, detraction, lessening 
Detriménto, tw. detriment, hurt, injury 
Detrimento**, -a, a. detrimental, hurtful 
Detroncare, va. 1. V. Troncare 
Drtroninare, va. 4. to dethrone 
Detródere, va. % irr. (pott, detrnsl; part de- 

tróso) to thrust down, drive in 
Detraso,-a, a. sunk,driven In, turned éùt 
Détta, «/. debt, credit, good luck (in play); 

boooa o cattiva — , good or bad credit; 

stare a — di alcuno, to acquiesce in the 
opinion of a person; èssere in — con uno, 
to agree; aver —, èssere in —, to be lucky 
at play; tagliar la —, to còrno 
to an agreement; stire della — , to be bail 
(or surely) for another man's debt; a — sua, 
as he (or she) says (or said) 

Dettagliare, va. 1. to detiil, particularize, 
relate in detiil 

Dettagliatamente, adv. in detiil, minutely 

Dettiglio, tm. detiil, particular; detiilod 
particular, circumstantial account; entrare 
in — igli, to enter into detiil, to partic- 

Dettame, tm. dictites, precepts; contràrio al 

— della cosciénsa, contrary to the dictates 
of conscience; secóndo il — della ragióne, 
according to the dictates of reason 

Dettare, va. 4. to dictate, suggest, teach; 

— légge, to lord it over 

Dettato, tm. dictation, style; composition, 
àdage ; compórre con bel —, to write in a 
fine style 
—, -a, a. dictated, taught, suggested 
Dettatóre, -trice, tmf. who dictates 
Dettatura, a/, dictation; style; dictatorship; 
stire a —, scrivere a — di alcuno, to 
write from a person's dictition 
Donazióne, tf. V. Dettime 
Détto, tm. word, saying, màxim; dal — al 
fitto c'è gran tratto, prov. txp. siying and 
doing are twó things 
—, -a, a. said, spoken, called, named 
— fitto, adv. txp. no sooner said than done 
Detumescenza,*/, (med.) lowering, sinking (of 

a swelling) 
Deturpaménto, am. defilement, pollution 
Deturpare, va. 4. to dirty, disfigure 
Deturpatóre, -trice, tm. deffler, corrupter 
Deturpazióne, tf. defilement, corruption, pol- 
lution, foulness, dirtiness 
Deuteronòmio, tm. Deuteronomy, the fifth 

book of the Pentateuch 
Devastaménto, tm. havoc, wiste, rùin 
Devastare, va. 4. to devastate, plunder, waste 
Devastato, -a, a. laid wiste, ravaged 
Devastatóre, -trice, tmf. rivager, despòìler 
Devastazióne, tf. devastation, havoc, pil- 
Devenire, tm. 3. (pret. devéngo;pa«<, devén- 
ni ; part, detenuto) to proceed (from one 
thing to another), to proceed (to do a thing) 
Deviaménto, tm. the deviating, deviition 
Deviire, tm. 1. to deviate, go astriy, digress 
Deviito, -a, a. deviated, gone astriy 
Deviazióne, a/. devlàtion,swérving, deflection 
Devoluto, -a, a. devolved, transferred 
Devoluzióne, tf. devolution, transfer 
Devòlvere, van. 1. to devòlve, fill to 
Devotamente, adv. devoutly, piously 
Devòto, -a, a. devout, devoted, attached 
Devozióne, «/. devotion, piety, reverence; 
fare le sue devozióni, to òfler up, perform 
one's devotions; rompere la — a uno, to 



— 230 — 



trouble, anno?, bére, pester, plague * 
Di, prep, of, with, from, than, in, by, s'; le 
fòglie dell'albero, the leaves of the tree ; 
l'ombrèlla — Roberto Robert's ombrèlla; 
sopraccarico— epiteti, overloaded with epi- 
thets ; fa ferito — pugnale, he was wounded 
with a dagger; impeditele — farlo, prevent 
him from doing it ; più ricco — me, richer 
than I; ha cinque piedi — larghézza, it is 
five feet in breadth ; — giórno, by day ; — 
nòtte, by night ; d'infèrno, in winter 
Di, tm. day, light 
Diabéte, diabètica, tf. (mcd.), diabetes, 

excèsslre discharge of saccharine orine 
Diabètico, -a, a. (tncd.) diabetic 
Diabolicamente, adv. diabolically 
Diabòlico, -a, adv. diabolical, very wicked 
Diacalaménto, tm. stomachic electuary 
Diàcine, diaci n (!) inter, the deuce (I) 
Diacòdion, sm.(pftarm.) sjrup of poppies, dial 
Diaconato, tm. déaconship, déaconry (còdium 
Diaconéssa, */. deaconess, female deacon (in 

the primitive church) 
Diaconia, */. déaconry, déaconship, hospital 

(in the primitive church) 
Diàcono, am. deacon 

Diadèma, tm. diadem, crown, tiara, royalty 
Diafanità; {ant.) —ite, —ade, */. transpa- 
Diàfano, -a, a. diaphanous, transparent 
Diaforèsi, */. (mcd.) diaphoresis, augmented 

Diaforètico, -a, a. diaphoretic, sudorific 
Diafragma, diaframma, tm.(ant.) diaphragm 
Diàgnosi,*/, (mcd.) diagnosis, knowledge of a 

Diagnòstico, -a, a. (mcd.) diagnostic, indi- 
cating the nature of a disease 
Diagonale, a. diagonal, fr,om angle to angle 
Diagonalmente, adv. in a diagonal direction 
Diale, a. m. (0/ a Flamen) devoted to Jo oiler 
Dialéttica,«/.dialèctics,lògic,the dialectic art 
Dialetticamente, adv. dialectical! y, logically 
Dialèttico, -a, a. dialectical, logical 
—, tm. dialectician, logician, réasoner 
Dialetto, tm. dialect, idiom, style 
Dialoghétto, tm. short dialogue, conference 
Dialògico, -a, a. dialogislic, dialogistical 
Dialogismo, tm. dialogista 
Dialogista, tm. diàlogist, interlocutor 
Dialogizzàro, dialogare, vn. 1. to dialogue or 

discourse in dialogue 
Diàlogo, tm. dialogue, conference 
Dialtèa, */. (pharm.) dialthéa; ointment of 

Diamanlàccio, am. diamond of little worth 
Diamantàjo, tm. diamond cutter, jeweller 
Diamante, tm. diamond; — di prima acqua, 
diamond of the first water; un anello di 
diamanti, a diamond ring; incastonare un 
— , to set a diamond 
Diama olino, -a, a. of diamond 
— am. sm&U diamond 

Diamarinàta, «/. conserve of Kèntish Vhèmes 
Diametrale, a. diametrical 
Diametralmente adv. diametrically, directly 
Diàmetro, tm. (geom.) diameter (dickens (!) 
Diàmin, diàmine (!), interj. the deuce (!) 
Diana, tf. Diana, moon; morning star; Uro 

di — (mar.), morning witch-gun ; bàtter 

la —, to beat the day-break dram, the 

reréil (having two stamens 

Diandri, a. mpt (oot.)diàndrtan, diandroos. 
Diàndria, */. {bot.) diàndria, class of pianta 

having two stamens 
Dianzi, adv. before, just now, not long since; 

còme dissi —, as 1 said before 
Diapàlma, tm. (pharm.) ointment or de* 

co lion of pàlm leaves 
Diapapàvero, tm. (pharm.) strap of poppies, 

Diapason, tm. (mite.) diapason, diapase 
Diapènte,*/, (mti*.)diapéate, interval making 

the second of the concords 
Diapénto, tm, (pharm.) diapènte, a compo 

sition of five ingredients 
Diapràssio, tm. (pharm.) electuary made 

from hòarhdttnd 
Diapruno, tm. (pharm.) electuary made from 

dried plums 
Diaqailònne, sm. sort of plaster 
Diàrio, tm. diary, journal, day-book 
—, -a, a. dia ria n, daily 
Diarista, tm. diarist, one who keeps a diar 
Diarrèa, */. diarrhea, lax 
Diàscane ! diàscolo I interj. the deuce ! 
Diaspro, tm. (min.) jasper 
Diastemàtieo, -a, a. divided, separated 
Diàstilo, tm. (arch.) diastole 
Diàstole, tf. (mcd.) diàstole, dilatation o 

the heart 
Diatònico, -a, a. (mut.) diatonic, proceed 

ing by degrees and including both tone* 

and semitones 
Diatriba, •/. diatribe 
Diàvola, diavoléssa, tf. termagant, shrew 

devil in petticoats 
Diavolàccio, tm. great ugly devil, rascal 

buon —, gòod-nàtored fèllow 
Diavoleggiàre, en. i. to play the dòtil 
Diavoleria, tf. troublesome devilish affair 
Diavolésco, diabòlico, -a, a. devilish 
Diavoléto, diavolio, tm. (burl.) number of 

devils ; great, devilish confusion, noise or 

Diavolettino, diavolétto, tm. little devil, 

Diàvolo, tm. devil, evil spirit ; ha il — in 

còrpo, addòsso, the devil's in him; far il 

— e pèggio, il — a qnàtlro, to be furious; 

chi — l'avrebbe mai creduto? who the dèi il 

would have thought ilt sapere dóve il — 

tiene la còda, to be sharp and conning ; 

non fate il — più néro che non e, prov. 

exp. give the dot il his due; un — cacca 

l'altro, prov, exp. one nàil drives ólt 




— 221 — 


another; lisciare la còda al — , to do some- 
thing useless and perilous; dorè il — 
non può métterà il capo vi póne la còda, 
prov. exp. what cannot be got by strength 
is got by cunning; la farina dal — va in 
crusca, prov. exp. ill gotten, ill spent 
Diavolóne, tm. great dèvil, con At 
Di balzo, adv. exp. after a short interval; 

(taken) at a bound 
Dibarbare, dibarbicare, va. i. to uproot 
Dibarbicaménto, tm. the rooting op, uproot- 
Dibassamene, tm. V. Abbassaménto 
Dibassare, va. I. to debase. F. Abbassare 
Dibastàre, va. i. to take off the pack- 
Dibàttere, va. 1. to toss ab<Sut, shake, bandy, 
agitate, shuffle, beat, debite, bruise to- 
gether, pound; — alters i, vrf. to exert one's 
self, be agitated, violently shaken 
Dibattiménto, dibàttito, am. debate; shak- 
ing; i dibàttili delle càmere, the debates 
of the (tenses 
Di battitójo, am. cithern, Inte, Urge guitar 
Di battitóre, -trice, tmf. debater, cóntro- 

Dibàtto. tm. V. Dibattiménto 
Dibattala, a/. V. Dibàttito 
Dibattuto, -a, a. afflicted, discouraged 
Di bel nnÓTO, adv. exp. again, a second 

time, once more 
Diboecàre, va, 1. to take 6*ut of ono'a 

Dibonarlaménte, adv. graciously, affably 
Dibonarfeta; {ant) -ale, —ade, t/. affabile 

ity, kindness 
Diboscamento, tm. the felling trees, clear- 
Diboscare, va. va. 1. to cut dóvrn the trees 

of a wood, clear, make a clearing 
Diboscato, -a, a. cleared of trees 
Dibottàre, va. {ant.)i. to shake, V. Agitare 
Di bòtto, adv. exp. at once, on a sudden, 

Dibrucare, va. i. to dilate, V. Sbrancare 
Di brigata, adv. exp. together, in company 
Dibrucare, dibrucare, va. 1. to lop, prune 
Dibrociàre, va. 1. to burn, V. Abbruciare 
Dibocciaménlo, tm. barking (of trees), shell- 
Dibucciàre, va. i. to etrip off the bark, 

Dibueeiàto, -a, a. barked, peeled, shelled 
Dibucdo, tm. the act of peeling 
Di buona fède, adv. exp. faithfully, in 

good faith, honestly 
Di buon ànimo, adv. exp. heartily, willing- 
Di buon ària, adv. exp. blithely, cheerful- 
ly; a. pleasant, merry, jocund 
Di buòna Téglia, adv. exp. willingly, read- 
fly, with good will 
Di buon' ora, àdv. exp. early, betimes 
Dtrtce, a. chatty, glib, pert, talkative 

Dicacità, «/. garrulity, glìbness, pértness 
Dicadere, va. S. irr. to decay, V. Deca- 
Dicalvàre, va. 1. to shàve, make bàld 
Dicapitàre, va. i. to bebèad, V. Decapitare 
Dicàre, va. i. {Latin) V. Dedicare 
Dicastèro, tm. office, bureau, department 

(for the transaction of public affairs) 
Dicalo, -a, a. {poet.* dedicated, consecrated 
Dicco, tm. {ant.) dyke, V. Argine 
Dicèmbre, sm. decómber 
Dicénle, a. saying, who sàys 
Dicero, va. % irr. {anttq.) V. Dire 
Diceria, «/. wórdy harangue, prósy speech, 

sàying; tener — di una còsa, to talk long 

and prosily of a matter 
Di cèrto, adv. exp. certainly, assuredly 
Diceruzzo, tm. short but èmpiy speech 
Dicervellare, va. i. to rack the brains, 

bother; —àrsi, vrf. to bother, overwork 

or óverlàsk one's brains 
Dicervellato, -a, a. hare-brained, wild 
Dicessare, van. 1. {ant.) to lessen, V. See 

Dicévole, a. suitable, decent, becoming 
Dicevolézza, sf. decency, suitableness 
Dicevolmente, adv. decently, becomingly 
Dichiaragióne, Dichiaraménto, tfm. decla 

Dichiarante, tmf. declarer, he or she who 

Dichiarare, va. 1. to declare, explain, man 

ifest; —àrsi, vrf. to declare 
Dichiarativo, -a, a. declarative, explanatory 
Dichiaratóre, -trice, tmf, declarer, ex- 
Dichiara tòrio, -a, a. declaratory 
Dichiarazióne, tf. declaration, explication 
Dichiarire, va. 3. to enlighten, save from 

doubting, dissipate one's dtfubts 
Dichlnaménto, tm. stooping, going down, 

bending, slope, declination, decline 
Dichinàre, va. 1. to decline, go down, fill; 
il giórno dichina, the day begins to de- 
cline; —àrsi, vrf. to stoop down, to bend 
Dichino, tm. decline, bent, declivity, de- 
scent; le mie fòrze cominciano ad andare 
in —, my strength is beginning to de- 
Diciannòve, tm. and a. nineteen 
Diciannovtnnàle, a. of every nineteen years 
Diciassètte, tm. and a. seventeen 
Diciassettèsimo, -a, a. seventeenth 
Dicibile, a. that may be said 
Deciferàre, decifrare, va. i. to decipher, 

Dlciferàto, -a, decifrato, -a, a. deciphered, 


Dieiferatóre, decifratóre, -trice, tm. deci- 
pherer, explainer 

Dicioccare, va. I. to break off the clusters 
or tufts of fruits and flowers 

Diciottésimo, -a, a. eighteenth 

Diciòtto, tm. and a. eighteen 


— 222 — 




Dicitóre, -trice, $n\f. speaker, relator, orator, 

Dicitura, */. delivery (in speaking), speech; 
avere ana bèlla — , to hive a fine delir- 

Dicollàre, «a. 1. to behead, V. Decollare 

Dicòlto, -a, a. dried in the sun, boiled 

Dicoiióne, r/. V. Decosióne 

Dicréscere, va. 2. irr. to decrease, V- De- 

exp. suddenly, instantly, at 

exp. fòt of hand, off hand, 
in company, to- 
with common ac- 

Di cólpo, ode. 

Di còtta, adir, 

Di compagnia, adv. exp 

Di concèrto, adv. exp 
còrd, nnàoimonsly 

Di concordia, ado. exp. concòrdably, with 
agreement, unanimously 

Di continuo, ado. exp. continually 

Di consèrta, adv. exp. together, in com- 
pany (as a convoy, or caravan) 

Di cóntra, di cóntro, prep, and adv. exp. 
óror against, opposite 

Di córsa, di còrso, adv. exp. cursorily, in 

Di córto, adv. exp. shortly, in a short 
Urne; èsser vestilo —, {of priette) to be 
dressed in short clothes 

Di còsta, adv. exp. on one side, dose by; 
di — al flame, close by the river 

Dicotilèdone, dicotiledònio. -a, a. {hot.) di- 
cotyledonous, having two lobes 

Dicotilèdone {pi. dicotilèdoni), $mf. {hot.) 
dicotyledon, a plant whose seeds divide 
into two lobes in germinating 

Dicrollare, va. 4. to shake, V. Crollare, 

Dicrudàre, va. to sweeten, V. Disasprire, 

Dicnòcere, va. 1. irr. {ant.) {poet, dicòssi; 
pari, dicòtto) to make a decoction; to 
dry in the san 

Di caòre, adv. exp. heartily, from the 
heart ; v'amo —, 1 love you most sincere- 
ly; I dò love you 

Didascàlico, didàttico, -a, a. didactic, in- 

Didàscalo, §m. {Greek; little used) school; 

Didéntro, em. interior; il — di quella chièsa 
è magnifico, the interior of that church 
is magnificent 

Didiacciaménto, em. thawing, melting, li- 

Didiacciàre, tra. 1. to thàw, liquefy, melt 

Didiètro, tm. the hind part 

Didótto, -a, a. deducted, drawn, derived 

Die, tm. {poet.) day, light, sunshine 

Die, (for diede), gave 

Bièco, dièci, sui. and a. ten 

Diecina, V. Decina 

Dièresi, */. separation of wòwelf, dièresi» 

». *J 

Diéronsi (for diéronosi, 3. per». pX.perf. 
ind. of darsi, vrf), they gave themselves 
or one another 
Diesis, em. (m«s.) sémllóne 
Dièta, am. diet, regimen, dietary, assembly; 
tenére a —, to diet, to put upon a diet; 
stare a —, to be on a low diet; osservare 
la —, to observe, keep a regimen 
Dietaménte, adv. quicyly, nimbly 
Dietàre, va. i. to diet, keep to a regimen 
Dietètica, ef. (med.) dietetics, principles 

for regulating the diet 
Dietètico, -a, a. dietetic, dietèllcal 
Dietreggiàro, vn. 1. to go, fall or start 

Diètro, prep, and adv. behind, after, after- 
wards; pòrta di —, back dóor; venivano 

— a me, they came after me; farai in —, 
to draw back; — la pòrta, behind the 
door; — guàrdia, V. Retroguàrdia 

Dletrogaàrdìa, a/. Qie traguardo, $m. {mil.) 

rear guard 
Difalcàre, va. i. to deduct, abate, retrench 
Difalcatióne, a/. I retrenchment, diminution 
Di falco, a .it. | deduction, abatement 
Difalta, if. default, fault, defect, omission, 

breach, dearth 
Difaltàre, va. 1. to omit, fail, decrease 
Difendente, am. respondent, defendant, one 

who maintains a thesis 
Difèndere, va. 1. irr. {past, difési, part. 

diféso) to defend, protect, to prohibit, V. 

Proibire; —èrsi, vrf. to defend one's self 
Difendévole, a. defensible, justifiable 
Difendimelo, am. defence, V. Difésa 
Difendilivo, -a, a. defensive 
Difenditòre, -trice, emf. defènder, protec- 
Difendibile, a. defensible, main'.àinable 
Difeniira, a/, {mil.) defensive; stare sulla 

—, to stand upon the defensive 
Difensivo, -a, a. defensive, fit for defence 
Difensóre, tm. defènder, protector, guardian; 

— ufficioso, (late) defènder, appointed by 
the Con.t 

Dì feri re, va. 3. V. Deferire 

Di férmo, adv. exp. vòrily, certainly, for 

Difésa, difensióne, $f. defense, defence, re- 
sistance ; — personale, pròpria —, sélf- 
defénse; mèssi di —, (lato) justification; 
in pròpria —, per pròpria —, in self-de- 
fénse ; sénsa — , undefended, defenseless, 
unsheltered ; in istàto di —, defensible ; 
méttere, pórre in istàto di, — to make de* 
fènsible; stare sulla —, to stand upon the 
defensive; prèndere, intraprèndere, assù- 
mere la — di alcuno, to take one's part 
or defense; chi può far — cóntro i vostri 
vessi, who can resist your charms t 

Diféso, -a, a. defended, protected 

Difettante, a. defective, wanting 

— , «fit/, who fails, who is in win 

Difettare, van. 1. to stand in .need of» bs 



— 223 — 


in want of, be withfflt, need, wint 

Difettivamente, adv. io a defect! re manner 
Difettivo, -a, a. defective, imperfect 
Difètto, ««.defect, blemish, failing, wint; 
per — di esperiènza, Irom want ol expe- 
rience; adémpiere il — , supplire al 
—, to supply a deficiency; corrèggersi 
dei pròpri difètti, to mènd, reform; aver 

— di una còsa, to want or need a thing; 
far — , to fail in duty; impatire a —, to 
lay to one's blàme or charge 

Difettosamente, adv. defectively, in an im- 
perfect manner 
Difettóso, -a, a. defective, imperfect 
Di fattualmente, adv. defectively 
Difeltuccio, difettano, sui. slight defect 
Difettnosaménte, adv. defectively 
Dìfettuosità, «/. defectiveness, imperfection 
Difettuóso, -ft, a. V. Difettóso 
Diffalcare, va. 1. V. Difalcàre 
Di (laico, sm. V. Difalco 
Diffàlta, tf. fault, omission, V. Difilla 
Diffaltàre, va. i. V. Di fallire 
Diffamamènto, am. V. Diffamazióne 
Diiamire, vn. I. to defame, slander, belfe 
Diffamato, -a, o. defamed, slandered 
Diffamatóre, «trice, tmf. defimer, slanderer 
Diffamatòrio, -a, a. defamatory, calumnious 
Diffaaasióce, tf. defamation, calumny 
Differènte, a. different, unlike, various 
Differentemente, adv. differently, others fse 
Differènza, differenzia, tf. difference, dis- 
Differenziale, a. (math.) differential; quan- 
tità —, differential quantity; càlcolo —, 
differential calculus 
Differenziare, va. 1. to discriminate, distin- 
DiSerenziataménte, adv. with difference or 

Differenziato, -a, a. distinguished, mirked 
Differiménto, em. delay, respite, putting of 
Differire, va. 8. to defer, put off, delay, 

postpone, adjourn 
Difforsnaménto, tm. {little ut ed) refutation, 

Differmire, va. 1. {little need) to refute, 

Diffìcile, a. difficult, hard, puzzling 
Difficiletto, -a, a. somewhat difficult 
Difficilmente, adv. with difficulty; hardly 
Difficoltà ; {ant.) difficultà, —ite, —ade, 
e/, difficulty, trouble; — grave, serious 
difficulty; — leggiera, liève, trifling dif- 
ficulty; fare — , to object to a thing; far 
nàscere le —, to raise difficulties ; stu- 
diare in —, to lève difficulties 
Difficoltare, va. 1. to make difficult, hard 
Difficoltóso, -a, a. difficult, hard to please 
Diffidaméolo, sm. diffidenza, tf. distrust, 

diffidence, snspieion 
Diffidare, va. i. to distrust, doubt, suspect; 

— di alcuno, to distrust a person 

Diffidilo, -a, a. distrusted, suspected; — 

dai mèdici, given op by the physicians 
Diffidènte, a. diffident, mistrustful 
Diffidènza, (diffldénzia, ant.) tf. diffidence, 

dislrhst, suspicion 
Di (fini re, va. 3. to define, decide, detèrmine 
Diffioitaménte, adv. clearly, absolutely 
Difflnitivaménte, adv. definitively 
Diffinitfvo, -a, a. definitive, decisivo, ex- 
DiJfinfto, -a, a. decided, finished 
Diffinitóre,-trice, tmf. provincial's assistant, 

Difflnizióne, a/. V. Definizióne 
Diffóndere, va. *. irr. {past, diffosi; part. 
diffuso) to diffuse, shed, pónr fòt; diffónder- 
si, vrf. to dilite, diffuse itself; — ondarsi, 
sópra un argoménto, to enlarge, dwell 
upon a subject 
Diffonditóre, -trice, tmf. who sheds, diffuses 
Di (Tonnare, va. to disfigure, V. Diformàre 
Difformataménte, adv. defòrmedly 
Diffórme, a. dissimilar, different, unlike 
Difformità; {ant.) — àte, —ade, if. dissimi- 
larity, dissimilitude, difference, diversity, 
Diffrèdo; in —, adv. loosely (large 

Diffusamente, adv. diffusely, amply, at 
Diffusióne, tf. diffusion, effusion, spreading 
Diffusivo, -a, a. diffusi re, extending 
Diffuso, -a, a. diffuse, widely spread 
Di fianco, adv. exp. by the side, laterally 
Di filo, adv. exp. without intermission, 
one after another; pigliare uno —, to in- 
daco one to do a thing, without giving 
him time for any reply 
Dificàto, -a, a. built, V. Edificato 
Difllàre, va. 1. to fling a thing straight at 
any one; —àrsi, vrf., to throw at, or go 
straight and quickly up to any one, to 
fling, shoot far, Uoce 
Difllataménle, adv. quickly and straight 
Difilato, -a, a. gone straight against; adv. 
striight; córrere — alla méta, to rush 
striight and rapid (like an arrow) to 
the goal 
Difiniménto, tin. definition, conclusion 
Difinire, a. V. Definire 
Diformire, va. 1. to deform, disfigure 
Difo rinatamente, adv. defòrmedly 
Diformito, -a, a. deformed, disfigured 
Difórme, a. deformed, ugly, unshapely 
Diformità; {ant.) —àte, —ade I deformity, 
Diformaxióne, tf. i ugliness, 

Difornire, va. 3. to furnish 
Di fòrza, adv. tap. by main force, forcedly 
Difrenire, va. 1. to loosen 
Difréno; in —, od», loosely 
Di frésco, adv. exp. litely; newly, freshly 
Di frónte, adv t exp. over against, opposite 
Di furto, adv. exp. by stealth, stealthily 
Difesamente, adv* diffusely, F. Diffusa- 



— 224 — 


Difasióno, if. diffusion, V. Diffusióne 
Difnsivo, -a, a. V. Diffusivo 
Diféso, -a, a. T. Diffuso 
Diga, tf. dyke, bank, embankment, nòie 
Di galòppo, adv. exp. at a gallop 
Digenorare, vn. 1. V. Degenorire 
Digerènte, a. digesting 
Digerì tuénto, tm. digestion, concoction 
Digerire, va. 3. (pre*, digerisco) to digest, 
concoct; — an affrónto-, to brook an 
Digerito, -a, a. digested 
Digestióne, «/. digesliménto, m. digestion 
Digestire, va. 3. to digest, set in order, 

Digestivo, -a, a. digestive, disposing 
Digesto, tm. {law) digest, pandect of cifil 

—, -a, a. digested, methodised, in Arder 
Dighiacciamónto, tm. thàw, liquefaction 
Dighiarciàre, va. 1. to thàw, molt, liquefy 
Dighiacciàto, -a, a. melted, thiwed 
Di già, adv. exp. already 
Digiogàre, va. i. to unyòke, unharness 
Digiogito, -a, a. unyoked, unharnessed 
Digitalo, a. digital; a/, {bot.) fòxgloTe 
Digitato, -a, a. {hot.) digitate, digitated 
Digito, am. flnper, digit, inch 
Di giù, adv. exp. below, beneath, down; 

di sa, —, ap and down 
Digidgnere, va. 9. irr. V. DisgiAgnere, to 

disjoyn, separate, part 
Digiunare, tm. 1. to fist, abstain from food 
Diginnatójo, -a, a. failing; giórno — , 

fasting day 
Diginnatóre, -trice, tmf. faster 
Digiune, tf p. the ember-weeks, fist 
Digiuno, tm. fast, tasting ; rompere il —, 
(Tar coiasióne), to break one's fist; osser- 
Tire il —, to keep a fast; ò an bel pre- 
dicare il — a còrpo pièno, prov. exp. it 
is easy to preach to Others wbàt the 
preacher himself does not do 
—, -a, a. fisting (jejune, dry\ toid) 
Disgiuntola, a. disjoined, detached, pirted 
Dignità; {ant.) —ite, — ide, a/, dignity, 

rank, place 
Dignitàrio, tm. dignitary, he who holds a 

Dignitóso, -a, a. worthy, full of dignity, 
dignified, decorous; distinguished, noble 
Digocciolare, tm. to drop, V. Gocciolare 
Dig- zzare, va. i. to cat the throat 
Digradaménto, tm. gradual descent, blend- 
Digradare, tm. I. to descend gradually, 

— , va. to degrade, displace, blend 
Digradatamene, adv. gradually, by de- 
Digradato, -a, a. degraded, graduated 

Digradazióne, a/, gradual descent, blJMuv 
Di grido, adv. exp. willingly, with pleas- 
Digranàre, va. 1. to husk, V. Sgranare 
Di gran lAnga, adv. exp. by fir, a great 
deal, mach more, exceedingly, beyond 
Digrassare, va. to tike awiy the fat 
Di grato, adv. exp. of one 's Awn good 
pleasure, fréely, gratis, without rècom 
Di grazia, adv. exp. priy; favorisca, —, 

priy, còme in 
Digredire, tm. 3. to digress 
Digressióne, a/, digression, episode 
Digressivo, -a, a. digrossi to, wandering 
Digrosso, -a, a misled, led astray 
— , tm. digression, deviation 
DigressArio, -a, a. digrèssional 
Digrigninte, a. snarling, gnashing 
Digrignare, tm. 1. to gnash, grind the 

Digrossaménto, am. the (first) rough sketch 
Digrossare , va. I. to chip , roùgh-hew, 

Digrossilo, -a, a. formed, fashioned, civil 
Digrumile, tm. the first stomach (of ru- 
minating animals) 
Digrumire, tm. I. to chew, chew the cod; 

ruminate, ponder, muse on, consider 
Digrumato, -a, a. ruminated, mused on 
Digrumatóre, -trice, tmf. ruminitor 
Diguastire, va. i. {ant.) t to spoil, V. Gua- 
Diguaxzaménto, tm. the act of shaking, 

stirring up or mixing iny liquid 
Diguazzare, va. 1. to shake ap, stir, mil 

or agitate any liquid 
Diguazzila, a/. V. Diguazzaménto 
Diguazzato, -a, a. shaken, stirred, mixed 
Diguiaire, va. I. V. Trasformare 
Digusciire, va. t. to shell, husk (pease, 

Digusciàto, -a, a. shelled 
Di li, adv. that way, the other aide, be- 
yond ; se andate —, if you go that way; 
passate —, go on the Other side; Tengo —, 
I cóme from thénce; secóndo l'oso — , 
according to the custom of that country; 
— dal pónte, beyond the bridge; il cónto 
che dorremo rèndere — f the account va 
most give hereafter (in the Other world) 
DHaccire, va. t. {ant.) to cut off the legs, 
(of a beast); —irsi, vrf. to tear off 
one f s limbs 
Dilacciire, va. 4. to unlàce, untie 
Dilaceramene, tm. tearing, lacerating 
Dilacerare, va. 1. to tear, rend, lacerate 
Dilacerilo, -a, a. torn, rent, lacerated 
Dilagire, va. I. to overflow, V. Allagar» 
Dilagatamente, adv. impètuouslk, with fury 

Fate, méte* bite, note, tube; - lit, met, bit, not, tbb; • fir, plqse, 

gme, vino, Ul, roma, flume; • patto-p*tto, p«tto, ♦, i, notto, omfi • mino, vta^ 




— 225 — 


Dilagato, -a, a. overflowed; alia —ita, with 

fury, with impetuosity 
Dilajire, va. 1. (ant.), to delay, Y. Trat- 

Dilamare, va. i. F. Smottare 
Dilauiaménto, «m. laceration, the tearing 

in pieces 
Dilaniare, va, I. to lacerate, tear in pieces 
Dilaniatore, -trice, #m/. teirer, rènder, one 

who lieerites 
Dilapidamene, sea. dilapidation, vasta 
Dilapidare, va. I. to squander away, làYish 
Dilapidatóre, -frfce, smf. dilipiditor, squan- 
derer, litisher 
Dilapidazióne, s/. V. Dilapid smonto 
Dilarfàre, va. 1. V. Diradare 
Dilata, «/. {little used) delay, putting off, 

DilaUbUe, a. dilatable, extensible 
DiUUbilità, a/, dilatability 
Dilataménto, sm. dilatinza, a/. dilatition 
Dilatante, a. diliting, spreading dot 
Dilatare, va. 1. to dilite, extend, amplify 
—, v». to defer, pùt off, prolong, delay 
Dilatatilo, -a, a. susceptible of extension 
Dilatato, -a, a. dilated, extended, enlarged 
Dilatatore, -trice, smf. dilator, dilator 
Dilatazióne, sf. dilatation, extension 
Dilatòrio, -a, a. dilatory, slow, tardy 
Dilavamento, sm. dilatazióne, sf. wishing, 

the weir and tear by washing 
Dilavare, vn. 1. to wish dht, wish away, 

consume by wishing 
Dilavato, -a, a. washed awiy, pale, faded; 

color —, bleak, pale, faded color 
Dilazionare, tra. <md vn. 1. to delay, defer, 

DilaaioncéUa, if. short delay, stiy, stop 
Dilazióne, sf. delay, deferring, respite, stay 
Dilagare, vt. 4. to untie, V. Slegare 
Di eggiiblle, a. laughable, quizzical, odd 
Dileggiaménto, am. derision, laughing-stock 
Dileggiare, va 1. to laugh at, quiz, mock 
Dileggiatene, */. impudence, insolence 
Dileggiato, «a, a. quizzed, scoffed; shame- 
less {obsolete in this sense) 
Dileggiatóre, trice, sin/, derider, quii 
Dileggino, em. fop, gallant, quiz 
Diléggio, sm. deri'ion, scoff, mockery 
Diligine, a. soft, slight, thin (ol texture) 
Dileguaménto, sm. V. Dileguo 
Diletnare,9a. 1. —irsi, or/, to vanish, disap- 
pear, go off, melt awiy; si dileguò come 
da còrda còcca, he fled as an arrow 
from the bów 
Dileguato, -a, a. vanished, molted awiy 
Dili* ad, sm. the going off, disappearance, 
distance; andar in — , to finish, melt into 
air, disappear 
Dilemma, sm dilemma, difficulty 
Dileiicamóuto, am. V. Diletico 

Dileticare, va. i. to tickle, please, flitter 
Di letico, sm. tickling, titillilion 
Diletlcóso, -a, a. ticklish, difficult, nice 
Dilettabile, a. delightfol, delectable 
Dileltablllti; (ant.) «-ite, —ade, $f. do- 

Di let laménto, tin. (dilettanza, s/. ant») da. 

light, joj 
Dilettante, am. dilettiate, amateur 
Dilettire, va, i. to delight, rejoice, ricreate 
Dilettarsi, vrf. to Uke delight in, be 

Dilettilo, em. (ant) delight, pleasure, jój, 

V. Dilettamento 
Dilettatóre, -trice, sm/. rejòìeer. arnése 
Dilettazióne, sf. pleasure, satisfaction, de- 
Dilettevole, a. delightful, chinning 
Dilettevolmente, adv. delightfully 
Dilettissimo, -a, a. dearly beloved 
Dilettivo, -a, a. affectionate, foud, tender 
Dilètto, sm. pleasure, delight, jo?; a —, a bel 
—, at will, at pleasure, oo purpose; andare 
a — ,to gó walking; prèndere a —, to mike 
— , -a, a. beloved, dear (sport of 

Dilettosaménte, adv. agreeably, pleasantly 
Dilettóso, dilezióso, -a, a. delightful 
Dilezióne, s/. love, affection, benevolence 
Diliberaménte, adv. freely, F. Libera- 
Diliberaménto, sm. I deliverance, riddance, 
Diliberinza, a/. t deliberation, decision 
Diliberare, va. V. Liberare, to deliver, re- 
lease, rid of, deliberate, propóse, decide 
Diliberataménte, adv. deliberately, advis- 
Dilibi»rativo, -a, a. deliberative 
Diliberito,-a, a determined, resolved, fixed; 

con propòsito —, wilfnly 
Diliberazióne, sf. deliberation, resolve 
DiM hero, -*t a. determined, released 
Dilibrirsi, vrf. 1. to lose one's equilibrium 
Dilica men torn, dilicanza,/. (ant,) delicale- 

DUicaiaménte, adv. delicately, tenderly 
Dilieatésza, sf. delicacy, èxqnisiteness , vo- 
lò ptuoosness, effeminacy, softness 
Dilieito, -a, a. delicate, weak, nice, tender; 
mini -ite, soft hands; vivinde —ile, 
dainty bits 
Dilicaiora, sf. V. Deltcatóra 
Diligentire, va. i. to perform with diligence 
Diligènte, a. diligent, waWhful, careful 
Diligentemente, adv. diligently, carefully 
Diligènza, diligénzia, sf. diligence, ciré; 
stage-oóach; ufficio della —, coach office; 
— passa sciènza, prov. exp, diligence 
outruns knowledge 
Diligióue, sf. (ant. derision), V. Dileggia- 
Dilimirsl, vrf. 1. to gó dów* to the bottom 



nor, róde; - fill, son, bull; - fire, do; • of, ljmph; poise, boyi, fèlli; fowl; gem ai 

v«f»; - feri* —nf, ««1m, • «b*. rug»; • U» * i; p«4 u«mm, $• 

Dia. ItaU Ingl. - Edi*. VI. VoL IL 



— 226 — 



Dlliqeldare, va. i. to liquefy, meli, dis- 
Diliscire, va. 1. to scale fish (sòlro 

Di liticare. V. Diteticire 
Dilfzia. V. Delizia 
•Diloggiare, vn. i. to march off, remore, 

deca nap 
Dileggiato, -a, a. gone away, removed 
Ditombire, vn. i. —irsi, vrf. to break 

one's back 
Dilombato, -a, a. hipshot, brókenbàcked 
Dilo olino, adv* exp. at a distance, from 

Diluddaménte, adv. lucidly, clearly, pliin- 
Dilacidire, va. i. to dilucidate (ly 

Dilucidato, -a, a. explained, cleared 
Dilucidazióne, sf. elucidation, clearing 
Dilucido, -a, a. (ant.) clear, evident, lùcid 
Dilóculo, em. {Latin) dàwn, di oing,. 
daybreak, the first appearance of light 
in the morning 
Diluènte, sin, diluent, d ilo ting, attenuating 
Diluire, va. 3. (pret. diluisco), to dilute, 
wish, weaken ; to rènder liquid or more 
liquid, to make thin, or mère fluid 
Di lunga mino, adv. exp. long since, a 

long while ago 
Dilungamene, em. remoteness, distance,